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1 1 MEMPHIS 1.
(AbQ Rawssh to DahshQr)










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I. PYRAMID . Stone Pyramid of Zadefre' 11. NECROPOLIS West Cemetery, south-west of village Wadi Qaren, north-west of village . 111. MISCELLANEOUS FINDS .

P Y R A I M I D - F ~ L D EL-GLZA OF I. PYRAMIDS . Great Pyramid of Iihuiu (Suphis-Cheops) Second Pyramid. Khephren . Third Pyramid. Mencheres (Mykerinos) . 11. GREAT S P H I N X Chapel . Temple. . Found near Sphinx . 111. NECROPOLIS Cemetery west of Khephren Pyramid . Rock-tombs 10-13 of Lepsius . Graffiti of Mey . Great West Cemetery. (Harvard-Boston and Austrian Concessions) A. West Section . Mastabas 14-22 of Lepsius West part of German-Austrian Concession . Pennsylvania University Excavations . Harvard-Boston Excavations . B. Central Section Mastabas 23 and 24 of Lepsius (North part of HarvardBoston Concession). . Central part of German-Austrian Concession , Mastabas 48-5 I of Lepsius. (South-central part of Harvard-Boston Concession, formerly Italian), .

C. East Section Mastabas 25-47 of Lepsius . East parts of Harvard-Boston Concession . East part of German-Austrian Concession . Cemetery south of Khufu Pyramid South Austrian Concession (including mastaba 52 of Lepsius). . Mastabas 53-7 of Lepsius . Cemetery east of Khufu Pyramid Mastabas including 58-6 I of Lepsirrs and HarvardBoston Concession . Rock-tombs 63-80 of Lepsius . Cemeteries east of Khephren Pyramid Tombs of Saite Period, 81-5 of Lepsius . Rdwer and subsidiary tombs . Tomb of the 'Mother (?) of Khephren ' and associated remains . East group of miscellaneous tombs (including 94-100 of Lepsius) . Rock-tombs 86-92 of Lepsius . Cemetery east of Mencheres Pyramid Rock-tomb 9 3 of Lepsius . Quarry south of Pyramid-temple . Eastern Ridge, south of Arab Cemetery . Rock-tombs in east face. Dyn. V-V1 . Saite Tombs (including 101-106 Lepsius) . of Exact Position Unknown .

FROM E L - G ~ Z A TO A B ~ ? T ~ R Royal Mastabas (including Zawyet el-' AryAn) . Finds .


I. S U N - T E M P L E S Neuserr~',called also Pyramid of Riga or AbQ-GurAb Userkaf . 11. P Y R A M I D S Sahurec . Neuserre' Neferirkare' . . Unfinished Pyramid attributed to Neferfre'

111. NECROPO1,IS Dyn. V Mastabas . Dyn. V1 Mastabas and Tombs, built into and between Dyn. V Mastabas . Middle Kingdom Tombs, north and east of Mortuary Temple of Neuserre' . Late Burials . Cemetery over Mortuary Temple of Neferirkare' . Tombs in plain south-east of Pyramids


I. P Y R A M I D S Teti . . Queen Iput, mother of Pepy I Userkaf (known as Haram el-Maharbish) Zoser-Neterkhet (Step Pyramid) . Unis Pepy I . Merenre' . Kakarec Ibi . Pepy I1 . Queen Wezebten, wife of Pepy I I . Queens Iput and Neith . Shepseskaf (known a s M a ~ t a b e tFara'in) . Userkare' Khenzer

11. N E C R O P O L I S A. Northern Group On south slope of height west of Pond of A b Q ~ i r . Village of A b G ~ i r . Section south-west of village of A b Q ~ i r(including Archaic Cemetery) . Section north and east of Serapeum . South of Archaic Cemetery Late Tombs from Serapeum eastward . R. Round Teti Pyramid East of Pyramid Nos. I 2 and I 3 of Lepsius . Rliddle Kingdom Tombs . Stelae. Dyn. X . Offering-table, statues, blocks, small objects, &c. 3090.S b



Bes-chambers, on east side of the great mastaba. North-east of Pyramid . . Near Pyramid of Iput . . North of Pyramid . . Burials along north side . . Street of Tombs . . Mastabas west of Street of Tombs. Mastabas north-east of Kagemni . South-west of Pyramid . . Nos. 18-20 of Lepsius . . Dog-Cemetery . . Round Enclosure of Step Pyramid North of Pyramid . West of Pyramid . East of Pjrramid . . South of Pyramid . Round Unis Pyramid North-west of Pyramid . South of Pyramid . East of Pyramid Between Unis Pyramid and Monastery Monastery of Apa Jeremias . Round Pyramids of Pepy I , Merenre', and Haram eshShawAf West of Pyramid of E'epy I . North-west of Pyramid of Merenrec . . East of Pyramid of Merenrd . . North of Haram esh-ShawAf . . South SaqqAra North-east of Pyramid of Pepy I 1 . . West of Pyramid of Ibi . . East of Pyramid of Pepy I 1 . . South of Pyramid of Pepy I 1 . . West of Pyramid of Pepy I I . . East of Ma~tabetFara'Qn. . Near Magabet FaracQn . . Tombs, Position Unknown Old Kingdom . . New Kingdom and later . . Tomb of general Haremhab (afterwards King) . Tombs of the Priests of Memphis .
129 129 129 129 129 131 I34 I43 146 146 146 I47 I57 163 I73 I73 I73



E. F. G.

175 178

I79 181 182 182 182 184 184 187 187 187 188 189 191 I95 I97


Statues, stelae [&.],and offering-tables,from destroyed tombs . . Other tombs, probably from SaqqAra 111. S E R A P E U M Approach from the east . Temple of Nelctanebos I1 East part (inaccessible) . Isolated tombs . Lesser Vaults . West part (accessible) . Greater Vaults . Ptolemaic Monuments Finds .

Palace . Camp . K6m el-Nawa Temple of Pta h . I'ropylons, &c. . Chapels and Sanctuaries . Pond west of West Propylon . Finds. Buildings of Merneptah . Temple . Palace on east of Temple . Finds . Kdm el-Fakhri . Small building south of Temple o i Ptah Temple of Siaman . Miscellaneous (Provenance Unknown)

. .

North Brick Pyramid. Sesostris I I I Middle Kingdom Necropolis, north of Enclosure. Pyramid-enclosure . Early Old Kingdom Necropolis, south-east of Enclosure Pyramid City of Snefru . North Stone Pyramid. Snefru .

' White Pyramid. ' Amenemhet II . 234 Tombs in Enclosure . 234 Mastabas north of Enclosure . . 234 Middle Kingdom Necropolis, south of Enclosure . . 237 South Brick Pyramid (' Black Pyramid'). Amenemhet I11 (?) 237 Approach to Pyramid . 237 Tombs on north side of Enclosure . . 238 Old Kingdom mastabas, south of Enclosure . 238 Soutll Stone Pyramid (' Blunted Pyramid') . . 239 Various . 239

ADDENDUM TO P. 65 Tombs of Pedubaste and Ptahordais A D D E N D U M TO P. 66 Tomb of Prince Kha'emweset

. .


Kings, Periods [&C.] Private Names .

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NOTE This Bibliography takes note ovtly of omFnal copies and publications and does not include secondary reproductions and discussions. Finds of small objects are not recorded except in very special cases.

Map of Sites


Key-plan . 2 Pyramids Great Pyramid . 4 Necropolis. Great West Cemetery. Key-plan . . 10 West Section . 12-13 Tombs (Neferbauptah, Iymery, Iti, Per-son, Khufukairu) . - I4 Central Section . 24 Tombs (Nensezerka I, Kanenesut, Kaem'ankh, Kahif, Niuty) . . 28 East Section 32 Tombs (Hetep-ni-Ptah, Senezemib (26), Senezemib (27), Sethu, Re'wer, Seshethotp, Kaseza, Khemtni, Seshemnafer, No name, Thenti, Nesutnafer) . 34 Cemeteries south and east of Khufu Pyramid. Key-plan . 42 Tombs (Seshemnafer and Hetep-heres, Kha'efsnefru, Neferma'et) . 46 Tombs (Kar, Idu, Kha'efkhufu, Duaenl~or, Sekhem'ankh, Zadfmin, Kaernnefert, Nesemnau, Khefr~'-'ankh. Perseben) . 48 Cemeteries east of Khephren Pyramid. Key.plan. . - 56 Tombs (Nebemakhet, NekaureC, Per . . . , Sekhemkare', . 60 Debhen, Thery) .

Key-plan . Sun-Tern ples Neuserre' . Mastabas Ptahshepses






~QQARA Key-plan .
Pyramids Step Pyramid Enclosure . Unis, Pepy I, Merenre' . Pepy I I, Wezebten . Necropolis. Groups A and B. Key-plan . Tombs (Fetekta, Pehernefer, Sekhem'ankhptah, Kapure', . Sabu, Ptahshepses, Ptahhotp and Ptahhotpdesher) Tombs (Kaemnefert, They, Methen) . . Tombs north of Teti Pyramid. Key-plan Tombs (Neferseshemre*,'Ankhmahor, Neferseshemptah) Tombs (Kagemni, Mereruka, Watet-khet-Hor, Meryteti) Tombs (Hetep, Ihy, Thethu, Imhbtep, Apuia, Kaemhest) Group C. Key-plan . Tombs (Tepem'ankh I I, Pehnuika, Re'shepses, Neteruser, Kaemremt, Rd-emka) . Tombs (Khenenu, Kaemthenent, Akhtihotp-heri, Ptahhotp I , Akhtihotp and Ptahhotp 11) . Tombs (Maniifer, Nenkheftka, Sennu'ai~kh, Neferirtnef, Akhtihotp, Akh-hotp, Bokenrinf) . Groups D and E. Key-plan Tombs (Mey, Ptahhotp) . Group G. Key-plan . Serapeum



Key-plan . . North Brick Pyramid. Sesostris I11 White Pyramid. Amenemhet I1 . South Brick Pyramid. Amenemhet I I1 (?)

EL-G~ZA ADDENDA Fisher Excavations . Part of Reisner Excavations east of Mastaba


THE included in the necropolis of Memphis may be distinguished sites geographically by the six groups of pyramids on the edge of the western desert, from AbQ RawAsh in the north to DahshQr in the south, and the remains of the city of Memphis in the cultivated land below Saqqara. I. T h e Pyramid-field of AbQ RawAsh and its necropolis. This group is illustrated by a key-plan showing the positions of tombs in which inscriptions were found, the numbers being those of Bisson de la Roque. 11. T h e Pyramid-field of El-Glza, in which we deal first with the three great pyramids, each with its temples and subsidiary pyramids, and then the Sphinx, with the chapel between its forepaws, and the Mortuary Temple still in course of excavation. This is followed by the extensive necropolis which is grouped round the pyramids, and here we have found it convenient to follow the order of Lepsius, beginning with the four tombs in the rock-face west of the pyramid of Khephren, then taking the large cemetery west of the Great Pyramid, the row of mastabas immediately south of it, and the mastabas and rock-tombs on the east ; thence our catalogue proceeds southwards to the graves near the Sphinx, the rock-tombs below the Second Pyramid, the tombs near the Third Pyramid, and finally the Saite tombs on the high ground to the south. There remain three Old Kingdom mastabas of which we have been unable to discover the exact positions, two destroyed Saite tombs seen by Wilkinson south-west of the Sphinx in 1823, and a number of stelae, coffins, and inscribed blocks from various unknown graves in the Giza necropolis. A key-plan of the whole site is included, with a special one of the West Cemetery, and also more detailed plans on which the positions of all known tombs are shown with the names of the owners printed in the margin, and plans of individual tombs where the scenes are indicated by numbers. A word of explanation is necessary with regard to the cemeteries round the Great Pyramid. This part of the work is especially complicated, because the site has been subdivided by the Egyptian Government into concessions allotted to different organizations, and much of the material is published, if a t all, only briefly in annual reports of the societies concerned, and issued before the completion of the excavations. Thus no plan existed of the whole cemetery, and it is only through the kind co-operation of Dr. Reisner, Professor Junker, and Professor Steindorff that it has been possible to obtain a fairly complete survey of this part of the necropolis. We have given in the lists on these plans the names of all known tomb-owners, including some not yet published (any passing references to the latter in publications



being given in footnotes), and have marked the positions of almost all of them. In the case of two small areas where it proved impossible to show the tomb-numbers on the general plan, enlarged plans have been added a t the end of the volume. T h e governing numbers throughout are those of Lepsius and Reisner. I I I. From El-Giza to Abfi~ir. This section covers the area between the two pyramid-fields named, and consists of the Proto-Dynastic Royal Tombs, including the unfinished one a t Zawyet el-'AryAn. IV. T h e Pyramid-field of Abfi~ir falls naturally into three divisions : the Sun-temples, the Pyramids, and the necropoliswith its Fifth and Sixth Dynasty mastabas and later tombs in or near the mortuary temples. V. T h e Pyramid-field of SaqqAra. This section has been treated similarly to El-Giza, the pyramids with their temples and subsidiary buildings being dealt with first, and then the large cemetery of private tombs, which is divided into eight groups from north to south. T h e first group comprises all tombs north of the causeway to the Serapeum, while the next three surround the pyramids of Teti, Zoser, and Unis ; then follow the New Kingdom tombs near the monastery ofApa Jeremias, the blocks re-used in the monastery itself, the Old and Middle Kingdom tombs round the next group of pyramids, and the mastabas in the extreme south near the pyramid of Pepy I1 and the Magabet FarCaCln. Most of the SaqqAra mastabas, some 250 in number, are now sanded up and their exact positions unknown, except those near the pyramids of Teti and Unis, and the well-known tombs of Ptahhotp and They. T h e names marker1 on de Morgan's map are said to be untrustworthy ; nevertheless, as they seemed to correspond fairly well with evidence derived from other sources, de Morgan's plan, together with a plan published by Mariette in certain copies of his Les Masfabas de Z'Ancien Emfire, have served as a basis for our group key-plan, in which the approximate positions are indicated, the numbers used being those of Mariette and Lepsius. Finally, there is a miscellaneous group of monuments of which we have been unable to find the positions, consisting of tombs of various periods in cl~ronologicalorder, the tomb of Haremhab of which the fragments are dispersed among museums, blocks from the tombs of the Priests of Memphis, and a number of statues, stelae, and offeringtables from unknown graves. T h e third main division of this section is the Serapeum, where the monuments from isolated tombs, the lesser vaults, and the greater vaults, are given in chronological order. VI. Memphis. Here we have found it best to proceed geographically from north to south, beginning with the Palace of Apries and the

northern mounds, thence going to the Temple of Ptah with its propylons, small chapels within the temenos, and various finds, and afterwards to the buildings of Merneptah and the mounds and temples to the south. A group of miscellaneous stelae, statues, and fragments, in chronological order, completes this division. VII. Pyramid-field of DahshGr. This final section is a comparatively simple one, each of the chief pyramids with its enclosure and surrounding cemeteries being dealt with separately. I t must be borce in mind that excavations are still proceeding at various sites, so that much new material is continually making its appearance. At El-Giza Dr. Reisner is carrying out a systematic survey of the tombs east of the Great Pyramid, the Department of Antiquities is uncovering the Sphinx Temple, and Professor Selirn Hasan has discovered a number of new mastabas round that of Re'wer, for all details of which the impending publication by the discoverer must be consulted. At SaqqAra the results of last season's work under Mr. Firth and Monsieur JCquier for the Department of Antiquities are not yet made public. At the end of the volume are alphabetical indexes of royal and private names. Where these are differently transliterated by various authorities, or a man is known by several names, we have given a cross-reference to our spelling of the principal name. The transliteration of proper names presents endless difficulties, and it is almost impossible to be entirely consistent. Our usual method has been to give a literal rendering for Old and Middle Kingdom names, to retain the older literal forms in the New Kingdom although various sounds had by then dropped out or changed, but for all the later periods to use ' Copticized' forms. The titles added to the names are not intended to be complete, as only the chief ones, or those which were most intelligible or interesting, have been selected, in order to distinguish individuals. In the case of royal personageswe have had much assistance from Dr. Reisner's researches into Fourth Dynasty relationships, which supplement, and sometimes supersede, the information contained in Gauthier's Le Livre des Rois. As to the detailed cataloguing of scenes in tombs and temples, the same method has been followed as in previous volumes, namely to proceed from left to right round the walls of each room unless the scenes themselves are definitely in the reverse order, and to count the registers from top to bottom. This volume has profited by the recollections and experience of every living Egyptologist who has explored within its area ; they have 8099.8 c



all stood the fire of our queries. But we owe a special debt of gratitude to Dr. Reisner and Professor Junker, who have repeatedly helped us with identifications and material of every sort, and have supplied us with plans of the GPza necropolis, and to the late Mr. Firth for much assistance at Saqqsra. We also wish to thank Professor Steindorff of the German Concession at El-Glza, and the for details and staffs of the Cairo Museum, the Louvre, Hildesheim Museum, the Metropolitan Museum at New York, and the Boston Museum, for information concerning monuments in their collections. The authors will be grateful if those who make use of this Bibliography will send a note of any omission or error, to Professor Griffith's new address, Sandridge, Boar's Hill, Oxford. R. L. B. M. OXFORD, August 193 I .


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References to these manuscripts are distinguished by an asterisk.



ROQUE, RappDrt sur les Fouillcs 8Abou-Roasch, i, pl.

See L. D. Text, i, pp. 21-4. View, plan, and section, VYSE, Operatio~ts carried on
af the Pyramids o Gizeh, iii, p. 8 and two plates; PERRING, f The Pyramids o Gizeh, Pt. f ... 111,pl. iii ; rough plan, BURTON MSS.* 25618, 58 ; views, L. D. i. 12,13.


ramid id o f ~ a d e j u @ ~ - ] ~Dyn. IV. ~.

(ii of LEPSIUS.)

Description and plan, BURTON MSS.* 25618, 48, &c.

MORTUARY TEMPLE, east side of Pyramid. on

See CHASSINAT ComptesRendus, 1901,617-19 ; id. A propos d'une te'Ce en gr2s rouge in du roi Didoufdin MonumenfsPiot, vol. xxv, pp. 56-64; plan, id. ib. p. 57, fig. I.
Found in room at north-east angle of the court.

Statue of Prince Setka and bases of four statues of Princes Harnit and Baka see CHASU and Princesses Hetep-heres and Neferhetpes SINAT in Comptes Rendus, I 901, 61 7-18 ; names and titles, id. op. cit. in Monuments Piot, vol. xxv, pp. 65-8; statue of Setka, id. ib. p. 67, fig. 3. Torso of Neferhetpes found between base of statue and west wall of room, id. ib. pl. X, cf. p. 68. L'drchitecfure, i, pl. g [z] ; see CHASSINAT, cit. in op. Sphinx, in Cairo Mus., J ~ Q U I E R , Monuments Piot, vol. xxv, pp. 64-5.








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Fragment of diorite statue of King [cf. CHASSINAT Compfes Rendus, Igor, p. 61 7, in in Monuments Piot, vol. xxv, p. 621, PETRIE, The Pyramids a n d Temples of Gizeh, pl. xii [bottom right], cf. pp. 141-2.


West Cemetery, south-west of village.

Complete, BISSONDE LA ROQUE,Rapport sur Zes FouilZes d'dbou-Roasch, i (1922-S), op. ii (1924). Plans, L. D. i. I I ; BISSONDE LA ROQUE, cit., i, pls. i-V; ii, pls. i-iii.

KASEZA ull&, Chief of the Ten of Upper Egypt. Dyn. IV.

See id. ib. ii, pp. 3-10. Plans and sections, id. ib. pl. ii, and pp. 6, 8, figs. I, 2. Fragments of bas-reliefs, probably from South Chapel, id. ib. pl. xxx [29], cf. p. 5. Fragments of false door, &C.,and of two offering-tables, found in dkbris, id. ib. pls. xxix, vi [I, 21, and p. I o.


Abti Rawdsh-Necropolis King's son ; Priest of Zadefre'.

Plans and section, id. ib. pl. v, and p. 30, fig. 17.

See id. ib. i, pp. 28-30.

South Room.

West wall. Stela, id. ib. pl. xi. Fragment of bas-relief, id. ib. pl. xviii [3 j.

1 F 19. HEKAF 2 , Judge ; 'd-mr.

See id. ib. i, pp. 37-40, ii, pp. 43-53. fig.

Plan and section, id. ib. ii, pl. iii, and p. 48,

East Faqade.

Remains of relief of deceased with wife (?) and son, id. ib. ii, pl. xviii [z].


HEKAF & Director of interpreters ; &c. W,

See id. ib. ii, pp. 53-65.

Plans and sections, id. ib. pl. ii, pp. 60-1, figs. 15-16.

Remains of reliefs on north wall, id. ib. pl. xvii [S], cf. p. 56.
Inner Hall.

Tiny fragment of scene of butchers, id. ib. pl. xxx [27g], cf. p. 57.
South Chapel.

West wall.

Stela, id. ib. pl. xxxiii, and p. 58, cf. pl. xiv. Plan and section, id. ib. pl. xxv, and p. 56, fig. 27.

M. 5. SEHOTPU Overseer of cattle. Temp. Khephren. !2&,

See id. ib. i, pp. 55-6.

Found in various tombs. Fragment of bas-relief found in passage of F. I I, id. ib. pl. xviii L left], cf. p. 31. z z Lower part of stela of a woman, found i ~ situ in niche in F. I 2, id. ib. ii, pl. X [2]. Fragments of bas-reliefs, Dyn. V or VI, in debris near F. 3, id. ib. i, pl. X and p. 19. Fragments of inscribed blocks found in sepulchral chamber of F. 13 ; texts, id. ib. ii, p. 38; fragment of offering-table, id. ib. pl. xxx [445]. Fragments of bas-relief found in rock-tomb H. g, Old Kingdom, id. ib. i, pl. xviii [2 right, 41, cf. p. 62.

Wadi Qaren, north-wesfof village.

Block with cartouches of Nektanebos I1 (Nekbt-har-hebi), found in rock-tomb, id. ib. i, pl. xxxv [4], cf. pp. 4, 65-6.


Offering-table with titles of Nektanebos I1 (Nekht-har-hebi), inscribed for 'Anemho C Priest of Letopolis, in Cairo Mus. 23115, KAMAL, , : Tables dd'Ofrandes (Cat. Caire), pl. xxvii, cf. pp. 94-5. Statuette of youthful divinity with fragment of text, in Cairo Mus. 38226, DARESSY, Statues de Divinitk (Cat. Caire), pl. xii, p. 65.

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Views, L. D. i. 15-20; HAY*, 29812, 28, 58, 59, 66; view from air, CAPART and Memphis, plate on p. xv. Description of site in 1840, NESTOR WERBROUCK, L'HBTE MSS.* 20396, 320-2.


Great Pyramid ofKhufu (Suphis-Cheops)( G ] Dyn. IV. B o.

See BURTON 25618, 70-3.

Chambers of Construction. 2'Ze Plan and sections, Descr. de l1kgyp/e, Ant. v, pls. 14 [I-41, 15 [S-81 ; PERRING, Pyramids of Gizeh, Pt. i, pls. i-iv ;PRISSE, L'Art kgyptien, i, Architetfure, pl. 3, ' Coupes et details de la Grande Pyramide de Gizeh ' ; sections, DENON,Voyage (1802), 2 0 [S-10] ; VYSE,Operations [&C.],i, plate opposite p. 3, ii, plate opposite p. 158. Drawing in 1827, MSS.* 25619, 15-19. HAY*,29812, 63. Description with sketch of boat-pit, BURTON Views, CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, pp. 53; 58,59, figs. 50,55,56 ; of sarcophagus L'Art Agypfien ( ~ g o g ) , 5. pl. chamber, CAPART, A (' Campbell's Chamber '). North and south sides and east end with graffiti, PERRING, cit. Pt. i, pl. vii; op. LEPSIUS, end of LENORMANT, at Er~aircissements Z cermeildu roi memphife Mycei.inus,' sur e pl. ii (north side Nos. 22-5, south side Nos. 13-21, east end Nos. 26-g), cf. p. 46 ; north and south sides, PRISSE,op. cit. pl. 3 [lower middle], ' Coupes et details de la Auswahl,' vii [B] ; L. D. ii. I a, b. Grande Pyramide de Gizeh '; south side, LEPSIUS, B (' Lady Arbuthnot's Chamber '). North, south, and west sides with graffiti, PERRING, cit. Pt. i, pl. vi; VYSE,op. OP. cit. i, plate opposite p. 279 ; north and west sides, PRISSE,op. cit. pl. 3 [lower middle, 2nd and 3rd lines] ; LEPSIUS, AuswahZ,' vii [A, C, D,] ; L. D. ii. I C, d. e ;north and south in op. sides, LEPSIUS LENORMANT, cit.' pl. ii [7-121. C (' Nelson's Chamber '). North, south, and west sides with graffiti, PERRING, cit. Pt. i, pl. V [lower] ; VYSE, op. in op. op. cit. i, plate opposite p. 234 [right end] ; LEPSIUS LENORMANT, cit? pl. ii [2-61. D ('Wellington's Chamber *). West end with graffiti, PERRING, op. cit. Pt. i, pl. v [middle]; last stone to north, LEPSIUS LENORMANT, cit.' pl. ii [I] ; east end with graffiti, PERRING, cit. Pt. in op. op. i, pls. v [top], X, xi ; part, LEPSIUS, AuswahZ,' vii [E]. F (*King's Chamber '). Sarcophagus (uninscribed), PIAZZI SMYTH, @ and Work a t the Greaf Pyramid, i, pl. L I ; see HAY*, 29812, 65.

SOUTH SUBSIDIARY PYRAMID, attributed t o Henutsen

iE[l.-., Queen

(?) of

Khufu (REISNER). Plan and section, VYSE,op. cit. ii, plate opposite p. 66. Temple of Isis, on east side of pyramid. Dyn. XXI. Block with cartouches of Psusennes I, in Cairo Mus., MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pl. 102 [c] ; cartouches, DE R O U G ~ , Inscr. Hiei-o. xxxv [bottom] (wrongly labelled San). Bas-relief of King AmenemGpet, Dyn. XXI, wit11 Isis, in Cairo Mus., MARIETTE, OP. cit. pl. 102 [b] ; LEPSIUS, XXL Manethonische Dynastic in A.2. xx, pl. I [S], cf. p. 106. Die Jamb of same King, in Berlin Mus. 7973, id. I [6]; Aeg.Inschr.1Mus. Berlin, ii. 2 12,

From the original copies of VYSE and PERRING.

Stela of Princess Henutsen, Late Period, in Cairo Mus., MARIETTE,Mon. Div. pl. RIA 53 ; id. Album du Musk de Boulaq, 27 ; D E V ~ squeezes*, 61 66, i. 1-2 ; see MASPERO, L a Guide (1g14), pp. 65-7 with fig. 18 ; texts, DARESSY, a StLle de Z j l l e de Chlops in Rec. de Trav. xxx. 2-6 ; text round edge, and fragment from bottom register, DE ROUG%, Recherches sur Zes Monuments [&C.], pp. 46-7,4g ; text round edge, BRUGSCH, Thes. 1231. Statue of a seated prince, Dyn. IV, in Cairo Mus. 46, BORCHARDT, das Alter Uber der Chcfrenstafuen in kZ.xxxvi, p. 14, -4bb. 10 ; id. Sfatuen und Stafuetten (Cat. Caire), i, pl. 12, p. 42. Stela, year 3 of Ay, in Cairo Mus., DARESSY, Notes et Remarques in Rec. de Trav. xvi. I 23 (cviii) ; titles, LEGRAIN, R@ertoire, No. 3 18.

Second Pyramid

h A. Khephren.

HOLSCHER, Das Grabdenkmal des Konlgs Chephren, passim. Plan, id. ib. pl. ii ; plan MSS.* 25618, 65-6 ; and sections, Descr. de Pl?gypfe, Ant. v, pl. 16 [I-5, 7-81; BURTON section, HAY*,29812, 37. Description, BURTON MSS.* 25619, 2 2 verso-25 verso.

VALLEY TEMPLE GATEHOUSE OR (known alsoasGraniteTempleor 'SphinxTemple').

HOLSCHER, cit. pp. I 5-23, 37-49. Plans and sections, id. ib. pls. iii [lower], viii-X, op. xii, xvii. Plan, PRISSEMSS.* 20433, 76 ; WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. IT, 38. General views, JBQUIER, L'Architecfure, i, pls. 3 , 4 ; C A P A R ' ~ WERBROUCK, and Memphis, pp. 8,62, figs. 7,59.
Fagade (see reconstruction, HOLSCHER, cit. p. 15, Abb. 5). OP.

Fragments of text at base of doors, id. ib. p. 17, Abb. 7, 8, cf. pl. viii for positions.
Found in well.

Seated statues of Khephren, in Cairo Mus. 9-17, BORCHARDT, cit. in A:Z. xxxvi, p. I op. et seq., Abb. 1-12; id. Statuen undSfatuetfen (Cat. Caire), i, pls. 3-5, pp. 9-18 (cf. HOLSCHER, p. 10); texts of NOS.g, I O , I I , BORCHARDT, cit. in A.z. xxxvi, p. 1 2 ; NO. 14, op. BRUGSCH, Statue Kb.n&s Chephren in A.Z.ii, plate opposite p. 59 ; BORCHARDT, Die op. cit. in A.Z. xxxvi, p. 3, Abb. 2, with text p. 1 2 ; MARIETTE, Album du Musk de Botdaq, 26 (showing front); Capart, L'Arf kbTpfien (rgog), pl. I I; id. ib. ( I ~ I I ) ,pl. 108; BISSING, Denkmaler, Text to 10 [rst fig.] ; WEIGALL, Anc. Eg. Works o Art, 24, 25, 26 f and WERBROUCK, Memphis, pp. 144, I 64, figs. I 44, I 59 ; HALL [upper left] ; CAPART L'Avt kyptien, in Ross, Th A r t of Egypt through the Ages, p. I o r ; upper part, BOREUX, pl. xix ; head with falcon, DE R o u c i , Recherches sur les Monuments [&C.], pl. v ; BISSING, Denkmabr, 10 ; DE R o u c f , Album Photo. 91, 92 ; BORCHARDT REISNER,Works Of and Art, I; No. I g. DE Rou~i,Recherches ZesMonumenfs [&C.], pl. iv ;id. Album Photo. 93,94 ; sur BORCHARDT, cit. in A.Z. xxxvi, p. 2, Abb. I, with text p. I I ; No. 16, cartouches on op. back, id. ib. p. r I ; No. 17, headless statue, id. ib. p. 8, Abb. 7, with texts pp. 11-12.
Found in front of Temple.

Old Kingdom text concerning purchase of house, SETHE,Agyffische Inschrgf auf den Kauf eines Nauses aus dem alien Reich in Berichte iiber die Yerhandlungen d. K. Suchs. Gt~dl'.d. Lfiss. Zu Let$z& Phil. Hisf. Klasse, vol. 63, pp. 135-50, pl. V ; S'E~NDORF in HOLSCHER, cit. Abb. 164, cf. pp. I 11-12. op. Stelae of Sphinx, &C., Amenophis I11 and Tuthmosis IV, id. ib. Abb. 158-61, cf. pp. 107-10.
Found in ruins of houses in front of Temple.

Block, year


of Ramesses 11, id. ib. p.

I 14,

Abb. 167.

Found in buildings on north side.

Block with Bes and demotic inscription, id. ib. p. 115, Abb. 168.

Second Pyramid
MORTUARYTEMPLE, east side of Pyramid. on

Complete, HOLSCHER, cit. pp. 24-30, 50-8, 84. Plan and section, id. ib. pls. op. iii [upper], vi, xviii ; plan and views, HOLSCHER STEINDORFF, Ausgrabung des and Die Totentempels der Chephrenpyramide durch die Sieglin-Expedition 1909 in A.Z. xlvi, pl. i, pp. 3, 5, Abb. I, 2 ; plan, BURTON MSS.* 25620, 110 [right], 111[lower] ; view, CAPART and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 63, fig. 60. Block with fragment of text copied by Salt, PERRING, The Pyramids o Gizeh, Pt. ii, f p. I ; VYSE, O$emtions [BC.], i, P. 255.

See HOLSCHER, cit. pp. 30-4, 59-67. Plan and sections, PERRING, cit. Pt. ii, op. op. pls. i-iv ; views, id. ib. pls. v, vi; section, HOLSCHER, cit. pl. vii; BURTON op. MSS.* 25620, 113, 114 ; VYSE,OP. cit. i, plate opposite p. 5.
Central Sarcophague Chamber (' Belzoni's Chamber ').

Hieroglyphs on floor blocks, PERRING, cit. Pt. ii, pl. iii, figs. 8, g, op.


See HOLSCHER, cit. pp. 34-5, 67-9. op. ib. pl. xiii. Plan and section of Queen's pyramid, id.


Fragments of statues, mace-heads, &C., BORCHARDT id. ib. pp. 92-104; fragment in of head of King, in Leipzig University Mus. [BORCHARDT, CAPART, I], Documents [&C.], pl. 3 [A]; MOGENSEN, Fragment 8une ttfe [&C.] in Rev. de l'&. Anc. i, pl. viii [3] ; alabaster fragments in Berlin Mus., Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 2 ; No. 1165, L. D. Text, i, p. 126. Fragment of head of King, in Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg Mus., Burlington R n e Arts op. Club, Catalogue [&C.], 1922, pl. iv [right] ; MOGENSEN, cit. pl. viii [I, 21, cf. p. 228 ; id. L a Collection &ypfienne, pl. ii [A aa] ; CAPART, cit. pl. 3 [B]. op.

Third Pyramid

( 1

7 A.

Mencheres (Mykerinos).

Description, BURTON MSS.* 25619, 34 verso-38. Plan of enclosure, id. 25620, 75, Ant. cf. 73. Plan and elevation of Pyramid and Mortuary Temple, Descr. de f ~ g y p t e , v, pl. 16 [g, 101.

REISNER, Mycerinus [&C.], (in the Press) ; view, id. The Harvard University-Museum o fine Arts Egyptian Expedition in Boston Mirs. Bull. April 19 I I, p. 16. f Statue-group of King with Hathor and Hermopolite nome-goddess, in Boston Mus., id. ib. pp. 16-17 ; Handbook (rgzo), 25 ; (1930)~ 10. Three statue-groups of King between Hathor and nome-goddess, in Cairo Mus., MASPERO, Egyptian Art, plates opposite pp. 42, 46 [upper] ; group with Cynopolite nome, WEIGALL, Anc. Eg. WorksofArt, 29 ; CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 224, fig. 213 ; group with Aphroditopolite nome, HALLin Ross, The Art ofEgypt [&C.],p. 102. Statue-group of King and Queen, in Boston Mus., Handbook (rgzo), 17, 19, 2 0 ; (1930), 8, g ; WEIGALL, cit. 30 [upper]; MASPERO, cit. plates opposite pp. 44, op. op. 46 [lower], 48 ; REISNER,op. cit. pp. 18-20. Alabaster head of Prince Shepseskaf, in Boston Mus., id. ib. p. 13 ; Handbook ( ~ g z o ) , 23 ; (1930)1 14Alabaster head and statue of King, in Cairo Mus., MASPERO, cit. plates opposite op. pp. 38 [lower], 40 ; statue, WEIGALL, cit. 30 [lower] ; ENGELBACH, so-called op. The Hyksos Monuments in Ann. Sem. xxviii, pl. i [I].

MORTUARY TEMPLE, east side of Pyramid. on MSS.* 25619, 35, 25620, [&C.], (in the Press). Plan, BURTON REISNER,~Wjarinus I I o [left], r I I [upper]. 12 Statue of King, in Boston Mus., Handbook (1930)~ ; head, found just outside Temple, op. ib. (rgzo), 2 2 ; REISNER, cit. in Boston Mus. Bull. April I 911, pl. on p. 15, cf. p. 17.

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MIDDLE SMALL PYRAMID,south of the Third Pyramid. (xi of LEPSIUS, of VYSE.) 4

The Pyrallrids of Glieh, Pt. ii, pl. i (of this pyramid); Plan and sections, PERRING, VYSE,OP. cit. ii, plate opposite p. 41. Roofing block with cartouche of Mencheres, PERRING, cit. pl. i [middle bottom] ; op. VYSE,0pcratic)ns [&C.],ii, p. 48; NESTOR L'HBTEMSS.* 20396, I 18 verso; cf. BORCHARDT, Z u r Geschichte der Pyramiden in AZ. xxx, p. 101, note 6.

11. G R E A T S P H I N X
and WERBROUCK, Views, HAY*, 29812, 67-73; after complete clearance, CAPART Memphis, p. 64, fig. 61. Description and sketches, BURTONMSS.* 25618, 77-81, 256 I 9, 29-32 verso.

FOREPAU~S. CHAPEL BETWEEN Plan and sections, L. D. i. 30; plan, VYSE, Operatiotzs [&C.], iii, first plate opposite MSS.* 25618, 76; view, CAPART and WERBROUCK, p. 110. Reconstruction, BURTON Afemphis, p. 64, fig. 6 I.
Stelae in situ.

West end. Red granite stela of year I of Tuthmosis IV, L. D. iii. 68 ; YOUNG, Hierog~phics,pl. So; VYSE,op. cit. iii, p]. B opposite p. 115, cf. second plate opposite p. 29812, 75-81 ; D E V ~ R I A squeezes*, 5365, B, 6170, B, 25-35 ; top, WILKINSON r 10; HAY*, MSS.* iv. 74 ; cf. BRUGSCH, e r Traum Kones Thutmes IY bei der Sphinx in A.Z. xiv. D Die 89-95 ; ERMAN, Sphinxstele in Sifiungsb. d. k. Prtuss. Akad. (I go4), 428-36. South side. Limestone stela of Ramesses 11, VYSE,op. cit. iii, plate opposite p. I I 7, M cf. p. r r o ; WILKINSON S . * iv. 66 A. North side. Limestone stela of Ramesses 11, id. ib. 66 B. Found in Chapel. Fragments including pieces of beard of Sphinx with remains of sculpture, part of uraeus, and block with cartouches of Ramesses I1 (p), in Brit. Mus. 58, 1204, VYSE,op. cit. iii, plates between pp. 108 and rog, and p]. D, figs. 4, 5.


I n course of excavation.

Great Sphinx

Limestone false-door of Wazi Old Kingdom ; text, KAMAL, Notes prises au des inspections in Ann. Sem. ix. 88. year 4 of Tuthmosis I, in Louvre, Portion of shrine of Prince Amenmosi ' bought in Gizeh ', and evidently from near Sphinx ; text, GRBBAUT, 1nscn)tion inPdife dz~ dgne de Thotmls ler Rec. de Trav. vii. 142 ; SETHE, Urk. iv. 9 I (36) ; ERMAN, i n in E neues DenknzaL' von der grossen Sphinx in Sitzungsb. d. K. Preuss. Akad ( ~ g o q ) 1063. , Stela, Dyn. XVIII (p), in Cairo Mus. ; text, DARESSY, Alotes et Remarques in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 140 (clxx). Stela, year r of Ramesses 11, in Brit. Mus. 440 ; text, SHARPE, Inscr. 2 Ser. 33 [B]. Eg.


111. NECROPOLIS Map, L. D. i. 14; systematic description, L. D. Text, i, pp. 29-127. Plans showing hlSS.* 25620, 59, 64-5, 67 verso-74, 25621, 4. Plans, sections, elevatombs, BURTON tions, and sketches, of various tombs, WILD kISS.* i, A, iii, 4-73. as The order here is that of LEPSICS far as possible, his numbers being given in the margin. Most of the tombs are briefly described in MARIETTE, Mastabas de Z'Ancien Les Empire.

Cemetery west of Kheph ren Pyramid.

(In face formed by cutting down the rock for the platform. Rock-tombs 10-13 of Lepsius. See key-plan on p. 56.)

1. 0

SENEZEMIB good name INTI 8, under the King ; [l[Y&v, 29First Judge. Dyn. V. (cf. Tomb 27, infra p. 35.)
Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 30. Mastabas, 523 [upper] ; Architrave ; text, L. D. ii. 78 c, see Text, i, p. 30 ; MARIETTE, WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 81 [upper].


See L. D. Text, i, p. 30.



(Cf. Tomb 86, infra p. 61.) Architrave and plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 31 ; MARIETTE, cit. 523 [lower], j24; archiop. MSS.* xiii. 80 [lower]. trave, WJLKINSON

o&~s-, Mencheres and Meres'ankh 111. son of

13. NAME LOST. Intimate.

Drum, id. ib. xiii. 80 [upper] ; MARIETTE, cit. 524 ; see L. D. Text, i, p. 32. op.
Graffiti o f Mey.

(a), (b) Two graffiti of MEY

z9, Overseer of works in Heliopolis. 9

Temp. Ramesses 11.

View of inscribed rock-faces, PERRING,The Pyra?lzids o Gizeh, Pt. ii, pl. vii (of f Second Pyramid), figs. I and 2, and p. 5 ; VYSE,Operations [&C.], i, plate opposite p. 159, with texts p. 160; HOLSCHER, a s Grabdenkmaldes Konigs Chephren, 66-7; texts, L.D. iii. D 142 i, k ; BRUGSCH, Ihes. I 243 [ga-c] ; CHAMPOLLION, Descr. ii. 482 [top] ; BURTON Nut M%.* 25619, 24, 25620, 73 verso, 25618, 61, 63, 25621, 136 [2]; WILKINSON MSS.* iv. 72, xiii. 81 [lower]; of (a), Descv. de ?vt, ,'gp l e Ant. v, pl. 14 [IS] ; L. D. TExf, i, p. 32 ; NESTOR ' H ~ T E L MSS*. 20396, 334 ; of (b), BURTON, Excerpta Hiero. xxvii [z] ; BONOMI MSS.* Diary, May 15, 1827.


E L - G ~ Z A . GREAT WEST CEMETEKY. KEY-PLAN. (See detailed plans on pp. I 2-1 3, 24, 32, 241, 242.)

Great W e s t Cemetery- W e s t Section. Great W e s t Cemetery. (Harvard-Bostonand German-Austrian Concessions.)

Views showing positions, REISNER and FISHER, Preliminary Report on the Work o f the HamrardEoston Expedition in zgzz-1913 in Ann. Sem. xiii, pls. ii, iii ; view, CAPART and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 312, fig. 294. For excavations in the Austrian Concession, see JUNKER,V o r l a u f ~ Bericht iiber die Grabungen bei den Pyramiden von Gizeh in Anzeker d. K. Akad. d. Wiss. JKen (Phil. Hist. KI.), I 912 ; id. Vorbericht [&c.J in AnzeQer, Wien, 1913, 1914 ; id. Bencht uber dre agyptische Expedifion im Friihjahr 1 9 2 ~in Anzeiger, Wien, 1925 ; id. Vorlaufiger Benkht [&C.] in Anzeke+-, Wien, 1926, 1927, 1928 ; id. T ' Ausfrian Excavations, 1914, inJE.A. i, pp. 250-3, pls. X X X ~ X ,xl ; id. Gfza, i, passim. View of site, id. in Anzezger, Wien, 1912, pl. i ; id. op. cit. in J. E. A. i, pl. xxxix. Plan of west part, id. in Anzeker, Wien, 1927, at end. For excavations in the Harvard-Boston Concession between Nos. 26 and 23 of LEPSIUS (including 27 and 28), see REISNER, Scu@turesfrom the Excavations a t Gfzeh, 19o~-zgo6 in Boston Mus. Bull. June 1907, pp. 20-1 ; C. S. F[ISHER],T'eHarvard Lhiversify-Museum o Fine Arts Egyjtian Expedition in id. April I 9 13, pp. I 9-2 2 ; REISNER, f New Acquisitions o the Egrjtian Department in id. Nov. 1913, pp. 53-66; REISNER f and FISHER, Preliminary Report on the Work o the Harvard-Boston Expedztion in I ~ I Z - Z ~in ~ f I Ann. S e n . xiii, pp. 227-52 with twelve plates. View showing positions, id. ib. pl. i, cf. pls. ii, iii.

Mastabas 14-22 of Lepsius.

See L. B. Text, i, p. 33.

15-17. TRIPLE MASTABA. Dyn. V.

Plan and sections, L. D. i. 34, 38.

; plans, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 490 ; L. D. Text, i, pp.

15. NEFERBAUPTAH E 2,Prophet of Khufu, S a h u r E ' , N e f e r i r k a r E C , and Neuserre' ; &c. ; so11 of lymery. (6010 of REISNER.)
Plan showing positions of scenes, L. D. Text, i, p. 34; rooms I11 and IV, NESTOR L'HGTE MSS. * 20396, 315 verso.
Room 11.

(I)-(2) Second and third registers, men danclng, and donkeys bringing produce, L. D. ii. 56 a. (3)-(4) Three registers, agricultural scenes before deceased, L. D. ii. 56 a bis; inMSS.* xiii. 22-4 ; defaulter and scribes from top register, and decomplete, WILKINSON A ceased with titles, D E V ~ R Isqueezes*, 5370, 5371.
Room 111.

Pillars. ARastabas, 491 [bottom] ; (5)-(6) Architrave; text, L. D. ii. 55 [top] ; MARIETTE, NESTOR L'HGTE MSS.* 20396, 314 [middle]. (7)-(9), (10)-(12) Deceased with titles above, in Berlin Mus. 1114, L. D. ii. 55 [lower] ;MARIETTE, cit. 492-3; NESTOR ' H ~ T E op. L MSS.* 20396,315; titles, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 6-7 ; titles of deceased on (JO),SHARPE, Eg. Inscr. 2 Ser. 38, 11. 39-42. Entrance to Room IV. (13)-(16) Architrave and entrance, on one side scribe, on other Iymery and deceased,

Lepeius Yastabss 6010 (Leps. I 5) =Neferbauptah 6oao (Leps. 16) ~ I y m e r y 6030 (Leps. I 7)= Iti 6040 (Leps. 18) =Shepseskaf 'ankh Leps. 19=Ipi Leps. 20 =Per-son Leps. 2 1 = Khufukairu Weet part of Oerman-Austri~n 00ncession a = Inkaf b = Shetci c = Ptahshepses*' d = Nelerkhesef I e = K hnemhotp f = Meni g = Siniifer h=@ebi*S

U3 1

!9 m



1= Nebtpezu qaR4 = yetep-khnemt m = Neferkhesef II*' n = Sanen o =nemeg 4426 = Ithu p .- Sonb q = 'Ankhma'r? r ='Ankhu S = Irti t ='Ankh n = Neferidn Tyherkherui*8

D. 61 = Irkaptah D. .+=f f a ~ l l p t a h * ~



D. 9 = perhaps R e ' h ~ t p * ~
D. I 2 =Khera'*BLO


D. 1 ~ = 1 r k a ~ t a h * '

D. 15 =Khufu.


D I j B = Mereru*, .


Royal priest

D. 16 =No Name*O l1

1 See detailed plan of Fisher Excnvations on p. 24I. 3 Excavated by Junker. Anzezkr, V i m , 1926, pp. 105-6. Ib. I l l , 113. S Anaeipr, Wien, 1917, p. 154. Ib. p. 154, cf.pp. 133,136. 7 Ib. DD. Ias, 126, 129. -. . 8 Ib. p. I js. 9 Excavated by Steindorff. 10 Statue-group with wife and family, in Hildesheim Mus. 16. 1 Royal head found in sand at north1 west corner, Anaigzr, Ulien, 19261 pl. ix [b], cf. p. 105. 12 Lintel in Hildesheim Mus 3. 1s Statue-group with wile and son in Hildesheim 'MUS: 17. l4 Statues of deceased and of son Ma'etre' in Hildesheim Mus. 419, 420. 16 Ann. Srrv. xiii. a49.

s * Not mentioned in letterpress.




Leps. l4

Names are given in order of letterpress. Unnumbered tombs

D. 32 =Neferherenptah*S Memi




Pennsylvania University E x o a v s tions 2086 =R1lzl 2093 =Mededi' 2094=Khutl 2096 = Nezsu' 2097 = Nefer-hi1 2098 =Neferhetpes-werl 3004 = Khufumerneterul 3008 =Snefruhotpl 3oao= Semer-ka' 3033 =Sabef 1 jog 5 = Thenti' Hmvard-Boaton E r c a v a t i o n s 1008 = Shepseskaf 'ankh 1oa6 = Ma 10+7=Priest of Pyramid of Menkauhor*'s I I 5 r = Kedntifer I aor = Wepemnefert r 225 'Nefertyabt 1032 =Hetepib 1039 Ipi\vr 1206-Sennu 1 2 14.; Katheswer I 203 = Iianiifer 1205 = Khufunakht 1207 = Niifer ~aaj=Kem 1227 =Stth-Heknet I 235 = Iny 1 0 2 0 = Hetepi and Renpetnefert i l o g = M a n with wife Mertib 1402 Nisral 1221 =Shad

are indicated by letters.

D = German excavations.


Iti (6030 = Leps. 17). Erom L. D. Text,i, p. 38.



IV 21



19 17- -18

~2 0...


1 3

1 4






h 0 0 l

' 1 4

Neferbauptah (601o=Leps. 15). Adapted from L. D. Text, i, p. 34.


- ? %7 l 1 5

1 8

1 9

/41 l1
1 3


5 4

Iymery (6020= Leps. 16). From L. D. Tat, , p. 38. i

Per-son (Leps. 20) and Khufakairu (Leps. 21). From L. D. Text, i, p. 45.



Great W e s t Cemetery- W e s t Section


L. D. ii. 56 b ; BRUGSCH, lVonu?nens, X V ; NESTORL ' H ~ T E MSS.* 20396, 314 [bottom], 316 verso; omitting scribe, WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 19-21 [top]; architrave, MARIETTE, op. cit. 495 ; D E V ~ R Isqueezes*, 5368. A (14) and (15) The three men on either side of door, MARIETTE, cit. 493-4; heads op. of deceased and Iymery, L. D. iii. 289 [7, 81. (1 7). (18), (19) Thicknesses and drum, MARIETTE, cit. 495 ; thicknesses, deceased op. and wife with sons, L. D. ii. 57 a ; left thickness, titles of right thickness, and drum, NESTORL ' H ~ T E MSS.* 20396, 314 verso ; right thickness, WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 2 1 [left]; drum, L. D. ii. 56 b [middle]; DEVERIA squeezes*, 5367. Room I V . (20) and (21) Iloorway, and deceasedand wife receiving four registers of products, L. D. ii. 58 a ; deceased, wife, son, and two men, NESTORL ' H ~ T E RISS.* 20396, 316 [lower]. (22) Deceased before offerings, men with haunches below, L. D. ii. 57 b ; titles, WILKINSON * xiii. P I [right lower]. MSS (23) Deceased seated before offering-list and offerings, L. D. ii. 58 b; offeringlist, D E V I A squeezes*, 5369. R~ (24) Deceased and son receiving three bulls, L. D. ii. 57 c ; upper part (bulls omitted), MARIETTE, cit. 494 [bottom] ; NESTORL ' H ~ T E op. MSS.* 20396, 316 [upper].


IYMERY jpljlj, Prophet of Khufu ; Overseer of the Great House ;

(6020 of REISNER.) See NESTORL ' H ~ T E MSS.* 20496, 337. Plan, id. ib. 308 [middle] ; BURTON MSS.* 25619, 43 [lower] ; L. D. i. 21, and Text, i, p. 38. Entrance. MSS.* 25619, 47 [bottom]. (I) Drum, L. D. Text, i, p. 40; BURTON (2) Thickness; sailing-boat, L. D. Erganz. iv [a]; line of inscription, SHARPE, Eg. Inscr. z Ser. 39, 1. 8. (3) Thickness ; Shepseskaf'ankh in boat, L. D. Ergdnz. iii [c]. Room I . (4)-(5) Deceased receiving four registers of products, and scribes above doorway, L. D. ii. 49 a ; omitting pair of bulls, oryx, and ibex in third and fourth registers, NESTOR L'H~TE MSS.* 20406, 'Tombeau d e Imeri I11 ' three squeezes, ' Tombeau de Imeri I ', , one squeeze ; scribe with pens in hair, HAY,*2982 I, 92. (6) Five registers of industries, L. D. ii. 49 b ; omitting sculptor in fourth register, and vases in fifth, CHAMPOLLION, Mon. ccccxii [I], ccccxi [ 2 j ; first to third registers, NESTOR ' H ~ T E L MSS.. 20406, 'Tombeau d e Imeri I V Y , two squeezes ; BURTON MSS.' 25621, 26-9 ; first to third registers, carpenters, and metal-workers WILKINSON MSS.* ii. 5 [lower], vii. 42-3 [middle], 66-7 [upper left], xiii. 41 [lower]-42 ; two carpenters and overseer from first register, WILKINSON, and C. ii. 42 (No. 89)=ed. BIRCH,i. 306 M (No. 108). (7)-(8) Shepseskaf'ankh and deceased receiving four registers of cattle and cranes, with hyenas, gazelles, and men feeding bulls above doorway, L. D. ii. 50 b ; omitting oryxes and cranes, NESTOR L'HBTE MSS.* 20406, 'Tombeau d e Imeri IV', three squeezes, 'Tombeau de Imeri V,' one squeeze; third and fourth registers, oryxes and cranes, BURTONMSS.* 25621, 3 0 ; Shepseskaflankh and deceased, WILKINSON MSS.* iii. 17 verso A [right], vii. 42 [lower left], xiii. 43 ; texts in front of and above figures, Eg. Inscr. 2 Ser. 39, 11. 1-7 ; texts above deceased, VYSE,Operations [&C.], ii. 7. SHARPE, (g) Four registers, deceased followed by three sons and brother before Shepseskaf'ankh in palanquin, attendants. &C., and procession of estates, L. D. ii. 50 a ; NESTOR

son of ~ h e ~ s e s k'ankh af

(xg] Jf.


L'HGTE M S . * 20406, three squeezes; two servants from second register, and estates in fourth, DEV%RIA squeezes*, 5382 ; WILKINSON MSS.* vi. 219, vii. 69 [bottom] ; estates, BURTON MSS.* 25621, 31, 32; texts of estates, SHARPE, cit. 39, 1 . 9-18. op. 1 Room 11. (10)-(11) Upper part, three registers gathering papyrus, lower part, three registers, hlSS.* ii. 5 A [top right]. rowing-boat and feeding cattle, L. D. Erganz. v; boat, WILKINSON (12)--(IS) Five registers, cooking, cattle, milking cows, and part of boat, L. D. Rrganz. vii ; first register, bakers and men cooking fowl, WILKINSON MSS.* iii. I 7 verso D ; bull from first register, and cow suckling calf from fourth, HAY*,29821, 99, 98; third bull from second register, cow suckling calf from fourth, and cow calving from fifth, WILKINSON MSS.* ii. 5 B [bottom row]; fifth register, NESTORL ' H ~ T E MSS.* 20406, ' Tombeau d e Imeri I11 ', one squeeze ; HAY*, 2982 I, 94 ; birth of calf, CHAMPOLLION, iMon. ccccxi [4] ; ROSELLINI, Mon. Civ. xxvii [I] ; BURTON MSS.* 25621, 16, 19, 20. (14)-(IS) Five registers, festival and offerings before deceased, L. D. ii. 52 ; incomplete, WILKINSON MSS.* ii. 5 B [upper], vii. 66-7 [lower right], 68-9 [upper], 70-1 [left], xiii. 14-15 [left], 17 [right] ; group of butchers from second register, and cooking from third MSS.* 2562 I, 39, 44 [upper] ; third register, cooking scenes, WILKINSON, register, BURTON M and C. ii. 388 (No. 278)=ed. BIRCH, 35 (No. 302); one man cooking, CHAMPOLLION, . ii. Mon. ccccxiii [z]; ROSELLINI, Mon. Civ. lxxxiv [3] ; fourth register, male clappers and dancers in couples, CHAMPOLLION, ccccxiv [I, 2.1 ; ROSELLINI, Mon. Mon. Civ. c [I-51 ; BURTON MSS.* 25621, 40-3 ; one man omitted, WILKINSON, and C. ii. 337 (No. M. 240, lower row)=ed. BIRCH,i. 507 (No. 265, lower row); couples dancing, NESTOR L'H~TE MSS.* 20406, ' Tombeau de Imeri I V ', one squeeze ; two men bringing food, WILKINSON. and C. ii. 399 (No. 283)=ed. BIRCH,ii. 43 (No. 307); fifth register, M. four groups eating, CHAMPOLLION, Mon. ccccx [4]; ROSELLINI, Mon. Civ. lxxxiv [z] ; WILKINSON, and C. ii. 401 (No. 285)=ed. BIRCH,ii. 44 (No. 309); four women clappers, one of the male dancers, and musicians below deceased, id. ib. 233 (No. 184), 336 (No. 239) = ed. BIRCH, i. 437 (NO. 209), 506 (No. 284); BURTONMSS.* 25621, 37, 3 8 ; NESTORL ' H ~ T E S . * 20406, 'Tombeau d e Imeri III', one squeeze ; M omitting one clapper, ROSELLINI, cit. xciv [z], xcv [6]; musicians below deceased, op. CHAMPOLLION, ccccxviii [4], ccccx [I] ;various vases, id. ib. ccccxii [4] ; ROSELLINI, Mon. Mon. Civ. lxi [S-171. (16)-(17) Five registers, scaring birds, gathering fruit, and vintage, L. D. ii. 53 b ; MSS.* ii. 4 [lower]; second register, vineyard and omitting scaring birds, WILKINSON M. orchard, WILKINSON, a n d C. ii. 146 (No. rgz)=ed. BIRCH,i. 379 (NO. 152) ; second to fourth registers, vineyard, treading grapes, and wine-press, CHAMPOLLION, ccccxii Mon. [z, 31, ccclxxxix [2] (called ' Beni Hassan'); ROSELLINI, Mon. Civ. xxxviii [I], xxxvii [3] ; BURTON MSS.* 25621, 51, 5 4 ; treading grapes, and wine-press, WILKINSON, op. cit. ii, pl. X, figs. 2, 3 opposite p. 152 ; wine-press, CAILLIAUD, Arts et Mltiers, pl. 6 [z] ; fifth register, pouring wine into jars, CHAMPOLLION, ccccxiii [I] ; ROSELLINI, Mon. op. cit. xxxviii [4] ; WILKINSON, . a n d C. ii. 157 (No. 143)=ed. BIRCH, 387 (NO. 163). M i. (18)-(19) Five registers, agriculture, L. D. ii. 51 ;top register above door, two defaultMon. Mon. ers brought by overseer, and scribes, CHAMPOLLION, ccclxiii [4] ; ROSELLINI, MSS.* 20406, 'Tombeau de Imeri I V Y ,one squeeze ; Civ. cxxiv [z] ; NESTORL ' H ~ T E third register, two men piling grain, Descr. de ~ ~ B ~ ~ p t v, pl. 17 [IS] ; fourth and fifth Ant. e , registers, ploughing and rams treading in grain, &C., BURTON MSS.* 25621,44 [lower]-50 ; fourth register, two men ploughing with oxen, CAILLIAUD, Arts et fWt'tiers, pl. 31 [ 2 ] ; Descr. de L'Egypte, Ant. v, pl. 17 [16] ; bottom register, rams treading in grain, and men

EL-G~zA-NECROPOLIS 'Tombeau d e Imeri I11 ', one squeeze, ' Tombeau d e Imeri II',

17 hoeing, CHAMPOLLION, ccccxiii [3] ; ROSELLINI, cit. xxxii [I] ; NESTOR Mon. OE). L'HGTE MSS.* op. cit., one squeeze ; various details, WILKINSON MSS.* vii. 68 [bottom], 70 [top leftl, xiii. 17 [left) (20)-(21) Four registers, fowling, fishing, boat-building, and fighting in boats, before deceased, L. D. Erganz. vi; third and fourth registers (omitting second boat in third register), BURTON MSS.* 2562 1 , 33-6 ; fourth register, boatmen fighting, CHAMPOLI.ION, Mon. cccciii bis [bottom right] (called 'Koum el Ahrnar'), ccccxiv [S]; ROSELLINI, Mon. C v cvi [4]. civ [g] ; ~ ~ I L K I N S O N , a?& C. ii. 441 (No. 313)=ed. BIRCH, 74 i. M. ii. (No. 341) ; WILKINSON MSS.* ii. 5 [upper left]; NESTOR L'HGTE MSS.* 20406, 'Tombeau de Imeri I ', one squeeze. Room 111. Plan with diagram of scenes, CHA~IPOLLION, Descr. ii. 477. Not. (22)--(q) Four registers, scribes, and men bringing animals and fowl to deceased L'HGTE and wife with two daughters and sister, L. D. ii. 54, cf. ErgGnz. iii [b]; NESTOR MSS.* 20406, 'Tombeau de Imeri V', four squeezes ; texts of deceased and family, CHAMPOLLION, Descr. ii. 477-8, Nos. 1-10 ; third and fourth registers, bringing Not. bulls and fowl, RURTON MSS.* 25621, 52, 53 ; fourth register, bringing fowl and young gazelle, WILKINSON MSS.* iii. 17 verso F [right], vii. 72-3 [upper] ; bringing fowl, CHAMPOLLION, Mon. C C C C X ~[3], C C C C X I ~ ~ ; ROSELLINI, [4] Mon. Civ. Ixxxiv [ I , 5, 61 ; man with Mon. op. yoke, CHAMPOLLION, ccccx [2] ; ROSELLINI, cit. lxxxii [10] ; Descr. de 17&gypte, Ant. v, pl. I 7 [I z] ; ~VILKINSON,M and C. iii. 8 (No. 3 I g) =ed. BIRCH,ii. 82 (NO. 347). . (24) Offerings, two registers offering-bringers, four officials before Shepseskaf'ankh, and musicians below, L. D. ii. 53 a ; NESTOR L'HGTE MSS.* 20406, ' Tombeau de Imeri MSS.* iii. I 7 verso F [left], vii. 43 [upper right], 71 [right], V', three squeezes ; WILKINSON 72 [lower] ; texts (almost complete), CHAMPOLLION, Descr. ii. 478-9, Nos. 11-17, Nof. cf. titles, 482 [middle]; titles, VYSE, Operations [&C.], ii, p. 8 ; BURTON MSS.' 25619, Mon. 44 [upper]; second register, two men carrying food, C H A ~ ~ O L L I O N , CCCCX~[I]; ROSELLINI, cit. lxxxvii [I]; bottom register, musicians and dancers, CHA~IPOLI.ION, op. Mon. ccccix [S] ; ROSELLINI, cit. xciv [lower]. op. (25) and (26) Offering-list before deceased with butchers below, and four registers offering-bringers, L. D. Ergiinz. iv [b, c]; NESTORL ' H ~ T E kISS.* 20406, 'Tombeau de Imeri V', several squeezes ; offering-list, CHAMPOLT,ION, Descr. ii. 484 ; butchers, Not. WILKINSON MSS.* iii. 17 verso A [left] ; texts, BURTON MSS *25621, 24. (27) Four registers, offering-bringers, L. D. Erganz. iii [a].

Great West Cemetery- West Section

(6030 of REISNER.) See NESTOR L'HGTEMSS.* 20406, ' Tomheau de Ata' (fragments of squeezes). Plan, I,.D. i. 21, and Text, i, p. 38.

ITI 904, Overseer of music of the Great House.

(I), (2), (3) Drum and thicknesses with deceased and wife, L. D. ii. 59 b ; texts, SETHE, DTrk. i. 45 (28) b; of drum and left thickness, NESTOR ' H ~ TMSS.* 20396,308 [bottom]. L E

(4)-(5) False door ; architrave text, L. D. ii. 59 a ; CHABIPOLLION, Beso-. ii. 480 Not. [bottom] ;BURTON, Excerpfa Niero. xxvii [S]; BURTON MSS.* 2562 r, 55 [middle], 136 [ S ] ; WILKINSON MSS.* vii. 42-3 [top]; part, SETHE,Urk. i. 45 (28)a; bottom line, WILKINSON, M andC. iii. 280 (No. 381, I) = ed. BIRCH, 274 (NO. 420,1) ; cartouches, DE R o u ~ b , . ii. Insm Hicio. lxii [bottom]. North of 16 and 1 . 7 Drum from tomb of Tepem'ankh Royal acquaintance, in Berlin Mus. I 138, L. D. ii. 152 b, cf. Text, i, p. 44 ; text, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. BerZin, i. 27.

@& y,

5099 3

18. SHEPSESKAF'ANKH~ (6040 of Re~srtea.)

See L. D. Text, i, p. 84.


19. IPI 9 D 9.

Dyn. IV or V.

Plan, L. D. Texf, i, p. 44. Architrave of false door, L. D. ii. 82 e.


PER-SON EL, Chief of the Ten of Upper Egypt; Scribe of royal accounts ; &c. Dyn. I V or V.
Plan of double mastaba (Nos. 20 and ZI), L. D. Text, i, p. 45. Upper part, fish brought to deceased and wife, lower part, four registers, counting produce before deceased and wife, L. D. Erganz. viii. (2) Deceased, L. D. ii. 83 a. (3)-(4) False door with scribes, offering-bringers, &C., before deceased and wife, L. D. ii. 83 b.


KHUFUKAIRU @Fb]Lb, Overseer of the Pyramid of Khufu. Dyn. IV.

False door ; entablature, L. D. ii. 17 d ; name and titles, L. D. Text, i, p. 45.

2. 2

See L. D. Text, i, pp. 45-6.

West part of German-Austrian Concession.


Yo~laufiger Bericht in Anzeker, Wien, 1927, at end.

INKAF5 Overseer of artificers. 8

Stela ; names and titles, id. ib. pp. 149-50.

SHETUI Royal acquaintance; Royal priest. LateOId Kingdom. TB!,

Title from drum, id. ib. p. 144. Blocks with scene of procession of estates, and deceased before offerings, probably from east and west walls of chapel; texts, id. ib. p. 145.

NEFERKHESEF I --$&ffg--, Kingdom.

Prophet of Khufu; &c. Late Old

South false door ; names of deceased and family, id. ib. pp. 151-2.

KHNEMHOTP Prophet of Khufu ; Overseer of ka-servants ; &c. fi2, Late Old Kingdom.
Titles from south jamb, id ib. p. 144.

MENIL*;;=Q, SmSwpr.
See id. in Anzergcr, Wen, 1926, pp. 108-11.


-&E, Inspector of gardens (?) of the Great House.

I I 2.

East of

last. Title, id. ib. p.

Name taken from lintel.

Great W e s t Cemetery- W e s t Section


Statue of deceased, found in situ in serdab, in Hildesheim Mus. 3112,id. inAnze&er, Wien, 1927,pl. viii, cf. p. 141.

HETEP-KHNEMT Singer of the Great House. AB~,

False door : titles, id. ib. p. 152.

(4284 of REISNER.)

SANEN $ g . m
Drum ; name, id. ib. p. 152.

DEMEG m, Overseer of the boat of the Ten ; Overseer of the -h Seat of the Great House. Late Old Kingdom.
Upper part of false door found in sand near entrance to 4422 ; titles, id. ib. p. 150.

ITHU 4-1.

(4426 of REISNER.) Window with name, id. ib. pl. X [b]. Statue of male and female relations, id. ib. pl. vi, cf. p. 140. ( ~ 1 1reliefs in

SONB ' Belonging to the palanquin' ; Prophet of Khufu and IJ-B,

of Zadkare' ; Director of dwarfs' wardrobe; &c.
Cairo Mus.) Id. ib. pp. 100-22,cf. pl. i.

Plan, id. ib. Abb.

between pp.


and 102.

South jamb, inner side. Second register, deceased in sailing-boat, third register, papyrus-boat in marshes, id. ib. pl. iv, cf. pp. 117-18.

False door, cf. id. ib. pp. I 13-14. East side, inner jamb, top register, deceased receives account of estates, second register, wife with son and daughter, id. ib. pl. v [a] South inner jamb, deceased carried in palanquin, id. ib. pl. v [b], cf. p. 108.

Statue-group of deceased, wife Sent-tefes pls. ii, iii.

1, l ,

and children, in Cairo Mus., id. ib. Built

'ANKHMA'R~? - Royal priest. Late Old Kingdom. ZI, T

against east side of mastaba of Sonb. Name and title from offering-basin before south false door, id. ib. p. 154.

'ANKHU ?g'$, Belonging to the palanquin'; Overseer of the pool (?) of the Great House. Late Old Kingdom.
Titles from drum, id. ib. p. 153.

IRTI Leader of the draughts-players of the crew. Late Old Kingdom.

Plan and section, id. ib. Abb. 3 opposite p. 127.

99 z,

South false door ; texts, id. ib. pp. 146-7.

'ANKH ~ t w . ?y,
False door, in Hildesheim Mus. 3086 ; rear wall, two registers, deceased and wife, offering-bringersand scribe below, id. ib. pl. ix, cf. pp. 147-8.

SEDAUG /X&=, Priest of the Pyramid of SahurEt; Overseer of

sculptors ; KO-servant; &C. IMATENPTAH :A{>a.
A little west of south-west corner of LEPSIUS 23. False door ; name and titles, id. ib. p. I 51.

(D. 51 of STEINDORFF.) Lintel and false door, in Hildesheim Mus. 415,416 ; lintel, ROEDER, Schnzztckwerf Der der ligyjtischen Nierogbphen in Buch a n d Schrgf, ii, Abb. 3 opposite p. 84.
U Inspector of masons of the necropolis. (D. 61 of STEINDORFF.) Statues of deceased and wife Neferhetpes ~ & in ~ ~ ,Mus. 417, 418, Hildesheim IPPEL ROEDER, and Denkmaler Hildesheim, p. 51, Abb. 8.


. ..

Architraves of Iiu and Sheri and part of false door of Men-ib W O, m Prophetess of Hathor, from various tombs; names and titles, JUNKER, cit. p. 152. op.

4b 4


-Pennsylvania University Excavations.

Plan, FISHER,The Minor Cemetery a t Giza, at end.

Ruz 7 - 9Prophet of Khufu, of ZadefrE', and of Khephren; 1 , 6 Priest of the King's mother; &c. ; and wife MEST
(2086 of REISNER.)

m. s

Offering-basin found in situ, FISHER,^^. cit. pl. 46 [I], cf. pl. 20; textlid. ib. p. 141 [13]. Statuette of man (uninscribed), in Philadelphia Mus. E. 13521, id. ib. pl. 43 [I, 21, cf. p. 141 [IZ].
Entrance to Serdab.

Inscribed block from floor, in Philadelphia RIus. E. 13523, id. ib. pl. 48 [4], P- I43 [IS].

Libation-basin, in Philadelphia Mus. E. 13522, id. ib. pl. 46 [z], p. 142 [14].

MEDEDI &=Q, Aide of the commander of the army; and wife KHENEMT IzflZ. (2093 of REISNER.)

View showing west wall with two stelae in sifrr, id. ib. pls. 23, 24, cf. 25 ; stelae, id. ib. pl. 44 [I, 21, pp. 136-8 [4, 51. Statuette (uninscribed), id. ib. pls. 28, 43 [3].
Room north of Chapel.

Statuette of Mesytq,!& , Overseer of the boat cordage, in Philadelphia Mus. E. 135 14, id. ib. pls. 27, 42, p. 136 [2].


Overseer of the treasury.

(2094 of REISNER.)

Drum found in dCbris, in Philadelphia Mus. E. 13539, id. ib. pl. 50 [3], p. 154 [37].

Assistant. (2096 of REISNER.) Drum probably from south niche, found in dCbris north of tomb of Mededi, in Philadelphia &Sus.E. 13517; name and title, id. ib. p. 139 [7].



(2097 of REISNER.) Libation-table found in situ in front of north niche, in Philadelphia Mus. E. 135 18, id. ib. pl. 2 2 , p. I 39 (81.

Great West Cemetey- W e s t Section NEFER-HI Q, Royal acquaintance ; Royal ornament. &m


NEFERHETPES-WER Royal acquaintance ; Royal ornament. 2 [l h,

(2098 of REISNER.)
Original Chapel.

Basin of Ruz

5 8,from north niche, in Philadelphia Mus. E. 13524, id. ib. pl. 48 1

g\=, Ely,

[I], P- I43 [161.

Offering-basin of Iymerer father of Ruz, from south niche, in Philadelphia MUS.E. 13525, id. ib. pl. 48 [ S ] , p. 144 [17]. Basin of Per-sonet mother of Ruz, between the niches (not in original posi tion), in Philadelphia Mus. E. 13526, id. ib. pl. 48 (21, p. I44 [18]. Drum of Ruz, and text of cylindrical stand of Iymery found in ddbris, in Philadelphia Mus. E. 13527, 13545, id. ib. pl. 50 [6], pp. 145 [~g],155 [40].


Later East Fagade. Stela and libation slab below it, in Philadelphia Mus. E. 13519, 13520, id. ib. pl. 47 [I, 21%PP. 139-40 [IO, 1I].

@ n ] ~ ~ q q , Overseer of the boat.

(3004 of

REISNER.) Chapel. Niche in west wall. 45, PP. 151-2 [3'1. Stela-panel, deceased before offerings,and drum, id. ib. pls.


( $ % of the Pyramid of F Inspector of priests ] ,

Snefru ; Chief of the Ten of Upper Egypt ; and wife KHENUT Zzb, called INTI E]Q, Prophetess of Hathor. (3008 of REISNER.)
Entrance to Chapel. Fragment of jamb, found in shaft, in Philadelphia Mus. E. 13543, id. ib. pl. 50 [4], P. I54 [35].

East wall. Three registers butchers and bringing products to deceased, and three registers agriculture before deceased, id. ib. pl. 53, pp. I 59-61, cf. fig. 132. South wall. Deceased seated before offerings, and four offering-bringers, id. ib. pis. 16, 54, pp. 161-2, cf. fig. 133. West wall. Three registers offering-bringers, south stela of deceased, three registers offering-bringersand butchers, and north stela of wife, id. ib. pl. 55, pp. 163-6, cf. fig. 134 ; panel from stela of wife, found in chapel of 3030, in Philadelphia Mus. E. 13542, id. ib. PI- 49 [2], P. I53 [33I.

SEMER-KAProphet of Khufu. 1P T,

(3020 of REISNER.) Panel from stela, found in dCbris in chapel, in Philadelphia Mus. E. 13530, id. ib. pl. 50 [I], P. 146 [22]Lintel of probably same man, found at bottom of shaft of 3031, in Philadelphia MUS.E. 13536, id. ib. pl. 49 [3], p. 148 [28].


SABEF L, Ka-servant. 1

(3033 of REISNER.)

Lintel and drum (in one block) from south niche, in Philadelphia Mus. E. 13533, id. ib. pl. 51 [2], pp. 147-8 [zs], cf. pl. 18. Fragment of stela with name of daughter Meseht found in dtbris, in Philadelphia Mus. E. 13547 ; text, id. ib. p. I j5 [SS].


THENTI Judge ; Scribe ; and wife NOFRET =as,

(3035 of REISNER.)

&[z], Concubine.

North jamb.

Five offering-bringers (unfinished), id. ib. pl. 13 [3].

Druni from niche, in Philadelphia Mus. E. 13548, id. ib. pl. 51 [I], p. 149 [zg].

KHAUT . . y@and NEFERSEHETEP2 , Adorner of the King. . &1

Lintel found in dCbris between 3003 and 3015, in Philadelphia Mus. E. 13540; text, id. ib. p. 153 [34]. Offering-basin, perhaps of same Neferse[hetep], Inspector of priests, found in surface debris, in Philadelphia Mus. E. 13544, id. ib. pl. 47 [33, p. 155 [39].


&z, of the King in every place of his. Overseer

Fragment found in ddbris north of 3008, in Philadelphia Mus. E. 13546 ; name and titles, id. ib. p. 154 [36].

N ~ F E&=, R Director of a company of recruits ; Overseer of scribes of crews.

Drum re-used in roof of burial-chamber of 3015, in Philadelphia Mus. E. 13531, id. ib. PI. 50 [S], P. 147 [231.

NOFER&, Royal scribe.

Drum found in debris east of P. I47 [241.

in Philadelphia Mus. E. 13532, id. ib. pl. 52


'ANKH Ka-servant, and KHETY Lintels found in dtbris north of chapel of 2094, in Philadelphia Mus. E. 13528, 13529, id. ib. pls. 52 [2], 49 [I], pp. 145 [zo], 146 [21]. Stela of perhaps same man, with wife and children, found in 3050, in Philadelphia Mus. E. 13537, id. ib. pl. 51 [3], pp. 149-50 [so].


z9 Q.

SENKA Overseer of quarrying (?). A%,

Libation-basin found in dCbris in front of 2082 (probably from it), in Philadelphia Mus. E. 13515, id. ib. pl. 52 [S], p. 135 [I].

Harvard-Boston Excavations.
(1008 of REISNER.) Name, REISNERand FISHER,Preliminary Report [&C.] in Ann. Sew. xiii. 244. Lintel, probably from this tomb; text, DENNIS, New ofiin'als of the IVfh fo 1 t 7h Dynasties in P. S. B. A. xxvii, p. 33, No. 4.


MA +m, Director of royal scribes; Inspector of the garden.

Old Kingdom.
(1026 of REISNER.) op. Funerary statuettes, found in serdab ; texts, DENNIS, cit. p. 33, No. 6.

Great W e s t Cemetery- W e s t Sectzbn 23 K E D N ~ F E R Prophet of Re' in the Sun-temple of Neuserre'. Dyn. V. (1151 of REISNER.)


Name and titles from painted chamber, DENNIS, cit. p. 34, No. 10; name and op. and FISHER,op. cit. in Ann. Sew. xiii. 245. title. REISNER Statue-group of deceased and family, LUTZ,E g y ~ t i a n Sfafues [&C.], pl. 33 [a].

WEPEMNEFERT >y&&T, son; Prophet of the Northern King's Horus ; &c. Dyn. IV. (1201 of REISNER.)
Tomb Steles [&C.], pls. I [I], 48; CAPART False-door, in California Mus., Lu~z,Egyptia?z and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 364, fig. 351. (1225 of REISNER.) Block from false-door, in C~llection Curtis, ROREUX, has-reliefau nom d'une. p i n UTZ cesse royale [&C.] in Rev. de PEg. Ant. i, pl. ii, cf. pp. 5-14; SCHAFER, agypttischer Von Kunst, pl. 2 2 [I].

NEFERTYABT ,&a+=, King's daughter. Dyn. IV.

HETEPIB Inspector of artificers of the kitchen (?) ; Overseer of 50, Ten. (1032 of REISNER.)
Overseers Double-statues of deceased and wife, and of sons, both called Iunkaf pls. of the kitchen, in California Mus., LUTZ,E m f i a n Sfatues and Sfatz~effes, 35 [b], 31. Offering-table, id. Egypfian Tomb Sfeks [&C.], pls. 6 [11], 7 [12, 1 ~ 1 8 [ I ~ 151. , ,

, L :


(1039 of REISNER.) Statue of deceased, in California Mus., id. Egyptian Statues [&C.], pl. 23 [a].

Inspector of masons.

and group of Statues of Intkaes c;;* Prophetess of Hathor, of Inteska Mertash with son Sennu, from this tomb, in California Mus., id. ib. pls. 26 [bl-27 [a], 29 [bl, 36-7. (1206 of REISNER.) Double-statue of deceased and wife, in California Mus., id. ib. pls. 34, 35 [a]. Offering-table, found in front of serdab, in California Mus., id. Egyptian Tomb Sfeles [&C.], PI. 3 [41. (12 14 of REISNER.) Statue of deceased, uninscribed statue of man, and statue of woman Ithetak in California Mus., id. Egyftian Statues [&C.], pls. 18, 19, 28 [b]-29 [a]. False-doors of Kantifer

H F,


SENNU1Inspector of priests; Prophet of Khufu. 8 , 7


9 &D. T

(1205), N&r (1207), Kem -&b, King's son (1223), Seth-Heknet % (1227), and Iny Director of the cattle-herdsmen (1235), Dyn. IV; names and titles, REISNER and FISHER,op. cit. in Ann. Sew. xiii. 235-6; false-doors of Ntifer and Khufunakht, in California Mus., LUTZ, Egyjtian Tomb Sfeles [&C.], pl. z [2, 31. Offering-table of Iny, in California Mus., id. ib. pl. 5 [g]. Substitute-head of Kantifer, in California Mus., id. Eg-pfian Sfafues [&C.], pl. 38 [a].

&d z 0,

-% &

(1203 of REISNER), Khufunakht

1 : W-;.

and Renpetnefert (1020 of REISNER), statueand Double-statue of Hetepi group of man with wife Mertib \ ~ u A and family (1109 of REISNER), both in California Mus., id. ib. pls. 32, 33 [b]. Inscribed block, from dCbris near north edge of Fisher excavations, in Philadelphia The Minor Cemetery a t Giza, pl. 50 [2], p. 152 [32]. Mus. E. 13538 ; text, FISHER,



N o r t h p a r t of H a r v a r d Boston Concession. aroo(leps. 24) =Merib a IOI =Nensezerka I z~ro=Niifer 2041 = Sennuka or Keki l zoo9 =Ba-khu l 8& 2004 = Ptah-khenu * 11 2 a zoo1 =Ithu*l 2 0 1 I ='Ankh-haf* 2036 = Khesfy * l 21 jo=Kaniifer * S

Kh o


C e n t r a l p a r t of German-Austrian Concession. 4 ~ 0 = Hemyiinu 0 4150=Yur1u 4360 = Merhetepef 46 j o = Iabtet 4: j o = Akhi 4840 = \\'onzhet 4S70= Kanenesut I a = Kanenesut 11* 4 b =Kanenesut I I I * 4 c-Mekset d = Kapuptah e = Kaem'ankh f = Kai g=Niifer I h-Minw

k = ~ e r k a * ' S ~ l=Khepeteth rn=Kedf~*~ n = Kahif o = Nensezerka I1 p=Khui*" q = User * Overseer of &aservants r=iVeri * U D.I I 7 = Wehemka s =Sesliemu and Nofret * t = lchenu * l2 U; Set-ib * 1 1 v = Sensen * l2 D.215 =ImhGtep and Hathor-'ankh 1 3 ~ 1 5 = Nekaukhenemu and Seferes-ris X = Meri~ka 1-hesi. l* South-east of 3fernka y = Ne'ankh-Hathor D.zoo=Redyf D.201 =Senenu * l5 with son






$0, called 111ib D.202 -perhaps Khufu'ankh *l5 D. zo? =Niifer * l5

e A$
Ki a

D.208-Ihy *l5

419 i n d son

UAl &l ~ . a 1 3 = R u z i b * l ~ ~ ~ ~ a
D.2 I I =Annex belongs to Hetepi * 15

South-central p a r t of H a r v a r d Boston Concession. 4714 (Leps. 48) = Neferhetpes 4ilO (Leps. 49) =Setbu 461 I (Leps. 50) = Niuty 4410-4420 (1,eps. 51) =Sekhemka 4~40=Snefrusonb 4.izo=Khufu'ankh *l6





Names ale given inI order of letterpress.

Unnumbered tombs are indicated by letters.

D = German excavations.

25 Statues, &C., California Museum. in Statues of Paten nithdaughterNebt-taui (L. I), of ~ e m k a r e ' z U, ~3 Wigmaker of the Great House, with small son (G. 111), and squatting statue of a judge Egyptian Statues [&C.,] id. ib. pls. 20-1, 22, 25 [b]. and royal scribe (G. IS), LUTZ, Statue of Nisra 4 from tomb 1402, id. ib. PIS. 27 [b]-28 [a]. Stela of Shad found in niche of Tomb 1221, LUTZ, Egyptian Tomb SfeZes r&c.I, PI* 4 [ 71. Stela of Sahurer-yam Dyn. V, id. ib. pl. 9 [r6]. False door of Iy Dyn. VI, id. ib. pl. g [I 71.

Great W e s t Cemetery- W e s t Section

, S okF,
- L -

44 4,

E! T,

Offering-tables of Zadwa'i of Neb (?) W (?), Prophetess of Hathor, and of Sezemre ?Q-, Inspector of masons, id. ib. pls. 3 [S], 5 [S, 91, 6 [IO]. Altar of Zaduwa1fl&5, Prophet of Khufu, id. ib. pl. 4 [6].


Mastabas 23 and 24 of Lepsius. (North part of Harvsrd-Boston Concession.)



See L. D. Text, i, p. 46.

MERIB PT, Divine chancellor of various ships; son of Khufu.

(2 I oo of REISNER.) Plan, sections, and view, L. D. i.
Entranoe and Chamber.

; plan, Aeg. Inschv. Mzts. Berlin, i. 88.

In Berlin Mus. 1107, L. D. ii. 18-22 ; texts, Aeg. I~schr. Mus. BerZifz, i. 88-100; jambs and lintel, Aeg. und Vovderasiat. Alfevth2lmer, pl. g1 ; SCHAFER ANDRAE, and Die Kunst [&C.], 211 ; boats, DUEMICHEN, EZofte, xxv [4, g].

U, daughter of Merib. (2 I O I of REISNER.) View, JUNKER, Vorlazlfiger Beni-ht in Anzeiger, Wien, 1912, PI. ii; CAPART and WERBROUCK, Memphis, pp. 314, 316, figs. 298, 300. (I) False door, JUNKER, cit. in Anzeiger, Wen, 1912, pl. iii, and pp. 90-4. op.
(2110 of REISNER.) Jamb, and portrait-head, in Boston Mus., Handbook (1920), pp. 26-8 ; head, Bosto~t Mus. Bull June 1907, p. 20.


N ~ F E R Overseer of the Two Treasuries.



mid-town of Khufu.

z ,Royal scribe ; Overseer of the pyraq

(2041 of REISNER.) and OP. Titles, REISNER FISHER, cit. in Am. Sm.xiii. 248. In Boston Museum. West wall. North false door, Handbook (rgzo), 29.

BA-KHU $c+&, Gardener.

Dyn. V.

(2009 of REISNER.)

Statue of deceased and wife, and group of three boys Khufu-nebu Ptah-khu : e , and Hes W!--, found in serdab, in Boston Mus., Bosfo~tM M ~ . Z . W& B Z U June 1907, p. 21. 5099.3 E

@(& =g,

Central part of German-Austrian Concession. Plan, JUNKER, Gfza, i, p. 81, Abb. 7. Views, id. ib. pls. i, iii, iv; id. Yorlaujgeer Bericht [&C.] in Anzelger, Wien, 1926, pl. i. Great Dyn. IV Mastabas.

HEMYUNU King's son of his body; Vizier; Prophet of Bastet, of QA, Shesmetet, and of the ram of hlendes ;&c. (4000 of REISNER.)
JUNKER, Gfza, i, pp. 132-62, pls. XV-XX~V, xlii [a-C]. Plan and sections, id. ib. pp. 133, 135-6, 142, Abb. 18-21. Entrance. Right side, relief showing feet of deceased and titles, in Hildesheim Mus. 2380, id. Docuntents [&C.], ib. pl. xvii [a loner], p. 146, Abb. 23 [b] ; titles of deceased, CAPART, pl. 15 ; CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 277, fig. 259. Part of north jamb with offering-list, JUNKER, cit. pl. xvii [b], p. 146, Abb. 23 [C]. op. Serdab. Statue of deceased, in Hildeshei~n Mus. 1962, id. ib. pls. xviii [C, d]-xxii; id. Yorl~izqfgeer Bericht [&C.] in Anzeeer, Wien, 1912, pl. iv and pp. 96-7 ; IPPEL ROEDER, and Benkmaler . . Hildesheim (1921), p. 49, Abb. 7; CAPART and \ \ T ~ ~ n ~ o u ~ ~ , Memphis, p. 349, fig. 336 ; HALL Ross, The A r t o Egypt through the Ages, p. 104. in f Architrave from false door or northern serdab, JUNKER, Giza, i, pl. xvii [a top], p. 146, Abb. 23 [a]. Masons' marks on stones, id. ib. pl. xxiv, p. 159, Abb. 24.

YUNU105, King's son ; Overseer of the orders of Upper Egypt; Chief of the Ten of Upper Egypt. (4150 of REISNER.)
JUNKER, cit. pp. 169-81, cf. pls. xxv [b], xli [b]. Plan and sections, id. ib. pp. op. 170, 171, Abb. 29, 30. Stela, deceased before offerings, concealed in west wall behind chapel, now in Hildesheim Mus. 2 145, id. ib. pl. xxvii, p. I 75, Abb. 31 ; IPPEL and ROEDER, cit. op. pp. 6 c , 62, pls. 13, 14, cf. name on pl. I I ; ROEDER, e r Schmuckzuert der ag~.ptischen B Nierogl~phenin Buch und Schrqt, ii, Abb. 3 opposite p. 84 ; stela in situ, JUNKER, op. cit. pl. xxvi [b], cf. xxvi [a] ; id. op. cit. in Anzeker, Wien, 1913, pl. iii [b], cf. pp. 155-6. (4260 of REISNER.) JUNKER, Gfza, i, pp. 181-91, cf. pls. xxviii, xlii [d, e]. Plan and sections, id. ib. pp. 182, 184, Abb. 34, 35. Stela, deceased before offerings, from offering-place in east wall of mastaba, id. ib. pl. xxix [a], p. 186, Abb. 36. Fragments of reliefs from chapel, id. ib. pl. xxx, p. 189, Abb. 37, cf. p. 188.


MERHETEPEF L , Judge ; 'd-mr. Temp. Khephren. PA

REISNER.) Id. ib. pp. 198-203. Plan and sections, id. ib. p. zoo, Abb. 40.

(4360 of

Offering place, against east wall of mastaba. Alabaster offering-dish found in situ, id. ib. pls. xlii [f], viii [b], cf. p.

(4650 of REISNER.) Id. ib. pp. 216-27. Plan and sections, id. ib. p. 217, Abb. 50; plan, id. op. cit. in ,4nze$er, Wien, 1914, p. 145, Abb. 3.

IABTET King's daughter of his body. P:,

Nensezerka I (a 1 0 1 ) .

Kanenesut (4870). From J U N K E R , Die Kulfkamrner des Pm.nzen Kanjnjswt [&C.], Abb. 4 .

Kahif. Kaem'ankh.

Ninty (4611 =Leps. 50'. From L. D. Text, i, p. 73.

29 and four registers offering-bringersand men with cattle, DEMEL, cit. pl. i and p. 13, op. Abb. 7 ; omitting bottom register, JUNKER,Vorbenkhf in Aaze%w, Wien, 1913, pl, iv; part, id. Ktdfkammcv [&C.], Abb. 8, g, 10 ; text from upper register, and text of two offeringbringers, DE ROUGB,Inscv. Hikro. lxiii [bottom]. (5) South wall, offering-list and deceased (destroyed), DEMEL, cit. p. 11,Abb. 6. op. (6) Deceased and wife receiving sons and daughter, and three registers scribes and offering-bringers,between two false doors with deceased seated before offerings, id. ib. pp. 8, g, -4bb. 4, 5 ; part of first false door, with some scribes and offering-bringers, JUNKER, KuZtfiarnrner[&C.], Abb. 7 ;texts above and below deceased on first false door, DE R o u ~ b , op. cit. lxiii [top] ; titles and names of deceased and family, id. ib. 1xv [upper], lxiii [middle]. op. (7) Deceased and son, and three registers scribes, DEMEI., cit. p. 14, Abb. 8 ; omitting first and second registers scribes, JUNKER, op. cit. Abb 11, 12. Portrait-heads from Nos. 4160, 4350, 4560, and grave No. 984 east of 4840, names of owners unknown, id. Gfza, i, pls. xiii [c, d], ix [b], xii, xiv, XI [a]. Fragments of stela and offering-table(exact provenance unknown), and uninscribed sarcophagus from grave D. 100, id. ib. p. 230, Abb. 53 [a, c], pL. xxix [b], xi [b].

Greaf W e s t Cemetery- Central Section

Later Mastabas built between and north of great Mastabas.

MEKSET hC;ii)dg, Prophet of Khufu ; Overseer of the gardens of the

Great House ; &c.
Titles, JUNKER, Vo~ZisufigerBen'chf Anze%er, Wien, 1926, p. 92 ; see id. in Anzeker, in (Statue of deceased with wife, from serdab, is in Cairo Mus.) Wien, 1913, pp. 157, 184.

Old Kingdom.

Royal acquaintance of the Great House. Late

Title, id. in Anze&er, Wien, 1926, p. 87. Double-statue of deceased and wife, found in debris outside, now in Vienna Mus., see id. in AnaetIper, Wien, 1912, p. 98.



Inspector of prophets ; Overseer of the accounts of the Treasury ; &c. Dyn. VI.
op. cit. in Anxe&er, Wien, 1926, pp. 76-86. (I)-(2) View showing doorway with titles of deceased above, id. ib. pl. iv [a].



(3) Deceased in boat spearing fish, id. ib. pl. iv [b].

Sepulchral Chamber. (4)-(5) Top register, furniture and man making bed, second register, vases and box,

third register, dancers and clappers, id. ib. pl. vi [b]. (6) Top register, representation of store-rooms, id. ib. pl. vi [a]. (7) First and second registers, boats, and geese below, id. ib. pl. v [b].


Royal scribe of accounts ; son of Iabtet (cf. supra p.


West wall.

False door, id. op. cit. in Anzekev, Wien, 1914, pl. iii, cf. pp. 156-8.

N ~ F EI.R
See id. ib. 1912, pp. 94-6, 1926, p. go.


EL-G~zA-NECROPOLIS MINWttltlrAo$&,or Q&O,b&, Prophet of Khufu ; Gardener of the Great House ; &c. Dyn. V1 (?).
Name and titles of deceased from false door, id. in Anzeiger, Wien, 1926, p. 88.


E , E:, L or

Overseer of the magazine. Late Old

Offering-table; name and titles, id. ib. p. 89. Sarcophagus, id. ib. pl. v [a]. P G False door of lren-alihti e%,,,- or Iri good name Pepy-'ankh Oculist and Physician of the Great House, Magician, &C., late Old Kingdom, found in Die shaft south-west of Nafer I, probably from another mastaba, JUNKER, Stele des Nofarzfes ' r in A.Z. lxiii, pl. ii, and p. 64, cf. pp. 53-70; see id. op. cit. in Anzetger, li Wien, 1926, p. go.



KAHIF 19- Q . Late Dyn. V. U )

See id. op. cit. in Anzeker, Wien, 1913, pp. r 75-9.

(I)-(2) Remains of four registers bringing asses, harvest, leather-workers, &C., id, ib pl. vi. (3) Deceased receiving four registers animals and geese, id. ib. pl. vii.


BS-, acquaintance ; Concubine. Royal


Name, JUNKER, cit. in Anzeker, Wien, 1926, p. op.

WEHEMKA U, Royal acquaintance ; Scribe of royal documents. 1

(D 117 of STEINDORFF.)In Hildesheim Mus. 2970. Complete, ROEDER, Mastaba des Uhemka im Pel'izaeus-Museum zu Ui1'dtsshei?n, Die with twelve plates ; see JUNKER, cit. in Anzekev, Wien, 1gz5, p. 153. op. Entrance [ROEDER, 6, S, ROEDER, Schmuckwertder agyptrjchen Hierog&jhen pls. ] Der in Buch und SchnljF ii, Abb. I opposite p. 84.



Double-statue, in Hildesheim Mus. p. 53, Abb. 10.

(D 215 of STEINDORFF.) IPPELand ROEDER, Denkmale~. .Uiliteshinz,





re-used by MERU-

Names and titles of wife, JUNKER, cit. in Anzeiger, Wien, 1926, p. 99, cf. p . 95. op.

Statue of Nekaukhenemu, and group with sister, id. ib. pl. viii [a, h], cf. p. 101. Double-statue of Iuf Director of the fan, and Meri Concubine, found in serdab south of last, id. ib. pl. vii [b], cf. pp. 101-2, 99.

9, 7

2, 4

THESI ==-=Q, Royal acquaintance ; Overseer of artificers.

Stone with reproduction of door, found in mastaba, in Cairo Mus.; text of deceased , SETHE,Urk. i. 152 (41).

NE'ANKH-HATHOR Prophetess of Hathor.

Titles, JUNKER, cit. 1926, p. 98. op.


Great W e s t Cemetery- Central Section 31 Chief grain measurer. Late Dyn. V-early Dyn. VI.

(D 20c of STEINDORFF.) Statue, in Vienna Mus., JUNKER, cit. in Anzeker, Wien, 1914, pl. xi [right], cf. p. 177. op. Mastabas 48-51 of Lepsius. (south central p a r t of Harvard-Boston Concession, formerly Italian.) l View, REISNER, Accessions [&C.] in Boston Mus. Bull. April 1915, fig. I.



4A 1, daughter of Khufu.

(4714 of REISNER.)

Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 72. Drum of entrance; name and title, L. D. ii. 82



Director of the palace ; Secretary of the toilet-house; &c. Dyn. IV-V. In Berlin. (4710 of REISNER.)
Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 72. Lintel and drum with thicknesses, L. D. ii. 86 b.


Hall. West wall with false door, L. D. ii. 87 ; south thickness of false door, L. B, Ergdnz xxvii [b] ; architrave, upper north jamb, and south thickness, of false door, in Berlin Mus. I 149, I 125, I I 26, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 29.


NIUTY Director of the palace; Secretary of the toilet-house; &c. Dyn. IV-V. (461 I REISNER.)
Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 73.


( I ) Lintel and drum, L. D. ii. 89 a, cf. nxt, i, p. 73. Hall. (2)-(3) Three registers animals brought to deceased and wife, L. D. Ergunz. xxx. (4)-(6) Offering-bringers before deceased between two false doors, id. ib. xxxi. (7) Deceased seated, id. ib. X [c].

51- SEKHEMKA Secretary ; Lector ; &c. Dyn. IV-V. [lfe&Lf,

MUS. (4410-4420 of REISNER.) Plan, views, and sections, L. D. i. 24; plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 74.
First Room.

I n Berlin

West wall. Door to second room, in Berlin Mus. I 186, L. D. ii. 89 b, c ; deceased and son from right jamb, SCHAFER ANDRAE, Kunst [&C.), 246 ; texts, Aeg. Iaschr. and Die Mus. Berlin, i. 8-9. Mummy cartonnage, Late period, found in first room, L. D. Text, i, p. 75.

SNEFKU-SONB King's son of his body. IT,

(4240 of REISNER.)

Titles, REISNER FISHER, and Preliminary Report [&C.] in Ann. Sew. xiii. 242. Portrait-heads of the family of Khephren from tombs Nos. 4140, 4240, 4340, 4440, 4540, 4640, REISNER, cit. in Boston Mus. Bull. April 1915, pp. 33-5. op.
The finds from the Italian excavations are in Turin %Iuseum, but have not yet been published.

r----I I -1


L e p s i u s Mastabaa Lepe. 25 =Hetep-ni-Ptah 2376 (Leps. 26) =Senezemib (Mehi) 2374= Khnem-enti 2370 (Leps. 27) =Senezemib (Inti) Leps zS =S'ankhenptah 2340 (Leps. 29) =Sethu Leps. 31 = Zaty Leps. 32 = RC'wCr I 1 Leps. 33 =Senezemib Leps. 35 = Kakherptah Leps. 36 = Seshethotp Leps. 37 = Kaseza Leps. 38 = Khnemhotp 5230 (Leps. 40) = Kllnembaf 5330 (Leps. 41)=Ihy 52 10 (Leps. 43) = Khemtni j I 10 (Leps. 44) =DuaenrF 4940 (Leps. q j ) =Seshemniifer 4920 (Leps. 47) =Thenti ~ a s pta r t of Harvard-Boston Concession. 21~6=1asen*lQ 2197 = Penmeru 218~=Knniiter,re-used by Akh-nesutmeru 2 2 0 0 = Seshemniifer*' 2330 =Royal master-builder of Pepyw 2320 =Peh-en-ptah 5032 =Redenes




: 1

~ a sp t r t of German-Austrian Cona cession. 4970 =Xesutniifer a ~Snefruniifer 5 160 = Khufusonb 5 T 70 = Seshemniifer*' b = Heti c= ~ h e n i t * ' Z Q a d, e =Setka ancl Ptahhotp f=Idu I g = I d n I1 h='Ankhuza (Ithi) i = Merib j = Menhebu" k = Re'wEr X 1= Ptahshepses m then^*^ n =Khentitkaus*8






Names are given in order of letterpress.


Unnumbered tombs are indicated by letters.


S Ann. Sew. xiii. 249. Not mentioned in letterpress. l Ann. Serv. xiii. a50. h'osfonMus. Bull. April 1913,p. 20 Anzeigcv, Wien, 1914, p. 164; 1927, p. I 53. False door In Vienna Mus. Anzeker, Wien, 1914, p. 14s ; 1926, p. 73. Anzeigeel-, W'ien, 1914, pp. 143. I 6 5 Statue from niche in shaft, in Cairo hlos., An2zige)-,Wicn, 1914, p p 151-2, 177. Excavated by Junker.

Great W e s t Cemetey-East



Mastabas 25-47 of Lepsius.


HETEP-NI-PTAH :W%--., Overseer of the garden of the Great House ; &c. Dyn. V. (Destroyed.)
Plan and sections, L. D. i.
(I) and

; plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 49.

(2) Thicknesses; figure of deceased, L. D. ii. 71 c.


L. D. Erganz.

(3) Bearers of deceased (destroyed) in palanquin, and members of household, X [a l. (4) Harvest before deceased, L. D. ii. 71 a, 71 a bis. (5) Deceased receiving offerings, L. D. Erganz. X [b]. (6)-(7) False door, and three registers offering-bringersbefore deceased with children, id. ib. ix. (8) Deceased (head destroyed) receiving offerings, and butchers below, L. D. ii. 7 1 b. North and south pillars (destroyed). Scenes of deceased with wife, with son, and with priest, and texts, L. D. ii. 72 a, b.

26 and 27. FAMILY-GROUP.

Built round a court,with tombs of Senezemib (27) on west, of Khnem-enti on north-west, of Senezemib (26) on north, of Ka-servants on north-east, and of Nekhebu,' good name MeryrEcMeryptah-'ankh


on south, see REISNER FISHER, and P~elimiflary

RqWt [&C.] in Ann. Serv. xiii. 248-50; REISNER, New Acquisitions [&C.] in Bosfo~z Mus. BUZZ.Nov. 1gr3, pp. 53-66. View, id. ib, p. 55, fig. 3, p. 57, fig. 8.

Fragment of relief, id. ib. p. 55, fig. 4. m Relief and obelisk of Nekhebu Royal architect in the Two Houses, id. ib. P. 56, figs. 5 , 6. Statue of Nekhebu, REISNER and FISHER, cit. pl. X [b]. op.

eA h>,

26. SENEZEMIB called MEVI&T,Vizier; Overseer of all works P !?&v, of the King ; &c. Dyn. V. (2376 of REISNER.)
Plan and sections, L. D. i. 23 ; plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 51 ; MARIETTE, Masfabas, 499 [left] (inaccurate).

(I) Deceased (destroyed) and two registers cattle crossing water, with boats below, L. D. Erganz. xii [lower].
(2) Hippopotamus hunt, id. ib. xii [upper]. (3) Marsh scene, id. ib. xi [upper]. (4) Block, deceased standing (replaced on wall), id. ib. xi [lower a]. (4)-(5) At bottom, cattle crossing water, and men in boats, id. ib. xi [lower left]. Block with offering-bringers, from same wall, id. ib. xi [lower b].
Entrance to Hall. (6) and (7) Thicknesses ; deceased and son, id. ib. xiii.

Biographical inscriptions from tomb of Nekhebu are in Boston and Cairo Museums.


4 n n 3
Hetep-ni-Ptah (Leps. 25). From L. D. i.

Sethu (234o=Leps.



RE'wer (Leps. 32). Fron~ D. Text, i, p. 60. L.

Senezemib (2370=Leps. 27). From L. D. Text, '7 P. 55-


4 13 1 12 IE


Senezemib (2376 =Leps. 26). From L. D. Text, i, 11. 51.

Seshethotp (Leps. 36). From L. D. Text, i, p. 63.

+L -



Khemtni (gz 10=Leps. 43).

Kaseza (Leps. 37). From L. D. Text, i, p. 65.

No name (go30 = Leps. 46). From L. D. Text, i, p. 71.

Seshemnfifer (4940 = Leps. 45). From L. D. Text, i, p. 71.

Thenti (4920 = Leps. 47). From L. D. Text, i, p. 71.

Nesutniifer (4370).

Great W e s t Cemetery-East Section



(8) Deceased receiving four registers animals, L. D. ii. 74 b ; head of deceased (removed), I,. D. iii. 289 [g]. (g) Six registers, agriculture, bringing donkeys and cattle, butchers, L. D. ii. 73 [left]. (10) Deceased and wife, L. D. ii. 73 [right]. ( I I) Four registers, fowling, agriculture, fishing, ploughing, and bringing animals, &C., L. D. Erganz. xiv. (12) Top register (destroyed), offering-bringers,L. D. Text, i, p. 52. Second and third registers, industries, L. D. ii. 74 a. (13) Five registers, musicians, defaulters, and bringing cattle to deceased; third to fifth registers, L. D. ii. 74 c ; name of wife and remains of first and second registers, L. D. Text, i, pp. 5 1-2. Entrance to Inner Hall. (14) Thickness; two registers, procession of estates (destroyed), L. D. ii. 74 d ; texts, L. D. Text, i, p. 53 [left] ; sketch, MARIETTE, Maslabas, 504. (15) Thickness ; two registers. procession of estates (destroyed) ; texts, L. D. T ~ x f i, , p. 53 [right] ; sketch and three names, MARIETTE, Masfabas, 503-4.
Inner Hall.

(16)-(17) Deceased receiving offerings, L. D. Erganz. xv. Masfabas, 500-2 ; titles of deceased, (18) False door, L. D. ii. 75 ; MARIETTE, SETHE,Urk. i. 68 (44) ; see WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 84 [upper]. (19)-(20) Deceased (cut out) receiving offerings, L. D. Erganz. xvi; deceased, MSS.* xiii. 83. MARIETTE, Masfabas, 503 [top] ; \VILKINSON


Block with name of King Teti, REISNER and FISHER, Preliminary Rejorf [&C.] in Ann. Sew. xiii, p. 249 [top].


SENEZEMIB good name INTI PQThw, Vizier; Overseer of all works of the King ; &c. Temp. Isesi. (2370 of REISNER.) (cf.
Tomb 10, supra p. g.) Plan and sections, L. D. i. 23; plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 55 ; MARIETTE, Masfabas, 499 [right] (inaccurate). Forecourt I. (I) Injured text of son Senezemib called Mehi recording tomb-endowment, L. D. ii. 76 c ; SETHE,Urk. i. 63-5 (42) C. (2)-(3) Injured text of son describing funeral, and remains of scene of transport of sarcophagus across river, see L. D. Text, i, p. 56 [upper] (with sketch of scene) ; texts and boat, L. D. ii. 76 e ; texts, SETHE,Urk. i. 65-7 (42) D. (4) Deceased spearing fish, L. D. 1Frgiinz. xvii. (5) Deceased fowling, id. ib. xviii. (6)-(7) Injured text (continued from (g)), and remains of cattle crossing water, see L. D. Texf, i, p. 56 [lower] (with sketch of scene) ; text, L. D. ii. 76 f ; SETHE,Urk, 61-3 i. (42) E ; additional vertical line, REISNER FISHER, cit. in Ann. Sew. xiii. 248 [z] and OP. (8) Injured text of deceased with letters of Isesi, L. D. ii. 76 d ; SETHE, Urk. i. 5961 (42) A ; additional line, year 3 of Isesi, REI~NER FISHER, cit. in Ann. &m. and op. xiii. 248 [I].




Entrance to Room 11. (g) Thickness; deceased and son, L. D. ii. 78 b [left] ; text above son, SETHE, U Y ~ .67 (43). i. (10) Thickness ; deceased and son, L. D. Ergunz. xix [right]. Room 11. (11) Four registers, gathering papyrus, boatmen fighting, sailing-boats, and rowingboats, id. ib. xx. (12) Five registers funerary processions, L. D. ii. 78 b [right]. (13)-(14) Marsh scene with cattle, deceased and sons in boat, &C.,L. B. ii. 77 ; names of sons, L. D. Texf, i, p. 57, note I. (15)-(16) Four registers industries, L. D. Erganz. xix [left]. Entrance to Room 111. (17) Thickness ; three registers, tribute of estates, L. D. ii. 76 b ; sketch and texts, MARIETTE, Ma.rtabas, 5 I 1-1 2. (18) Thickness ; three registers, tribute of estates, L. D. ii. 76 a ; sketch, MARIETTE, op. cit. 510. Room 111. (19)-(20) Six registers, bringing animals and fowl, L. D. Erganz. xxiii [C]. (21) Six registers agriculture, &c. (destroyed), id. ib. xxii [b]. (22) Six registers vintage, id. ib. xxi. Entrance to Room IV. (23) Thickness ; tribute of estates, MARIETTE, Mastabns, 509 (reversed), 513-15. (24) Thickness; tribute of estates, id. ib. 508. Room TV. (25) Stela, id. ib. 505-7. Entrance to Pillared Hall V. (26) Thickness ; deceased, wife and son, L. D. ii. 78 a, cf. Text, i, p. 58. Granite sarcophagus ; name inside, REISNER, New Acquisitions [&C.] in Boston Mus. Buil. NOV.1913, p. 58, fig. 10. Two blocks with reliefs of family of deceased and funerary priests, id. ib. p. 66, fig. 22.

28. S'ANKHENPTAH(destroyed). W: 1
Plan, L. D. i. 23, and Text, i, p. 58. End room, remains of relief of birds, &C.,brought to deceased and wife, L. D. Text, i, P- 59.


(2340 of REISNER.) See MARIETTE, Mastabas, 5I 8 [I 51. Plan, JUNKER, Vorberichf 1914, p. 143, Abb. 2.



in Anzet;,Wien,

Hall. e t i, (I) Products of estates brought to deceased; four names of estates, L. D. T x , P. 59-


RUINED TOMB (destroyed).

Deceased with offering-bringers below, L. D. Ergiinz. xxiv.

Great W e s t Cemetery-East Section Aa 31. ZATY k4 Q, Chief of the Ten of every work. Dyn. IV-V.
RE'wBR I1 Oh, Judge ; Prophet of Ma'et; &c. Late Dyn. V.
Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 60.


See MARIETTE, ~llastabas,518 [14]. Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 60. West wall, architrave ; text with titles of deceased, and list of feasts, L. D. ii. 86 a.


See JUNKER, cit. 1926, p. 74 and pl. iii [a]. op.

Fa~ade, WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 85 [lower] ; lintel, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 5 18 [top].


(I) Four registers, animals before deceased (cut out), L. D. Erganz. xxv, cf. Text, i, p. 61. (2) Deceased receiving offerings (cut out), L. D. Erganz. xxvi [a], cf. Text, i, p. 61. (3)-(4) Deceased before offerings, false door, three registers offering-bringers before Monudeceased, L. D. ii. 84 ; south jamb, column of text with list of feasts, BRUGSCH, mens, xiv [lower left].


SENEZEMIB Scribe of royal accounts. (Destroyed.) [1!7&0,

Inscribed stone with three priests, and titles of deceased, L. D. Text, i, p. 62.


KAKHERPTAH O , good name FETEKTA o : E W : , Scribe of the T Estates of the Pyramid of Isesi; Overseer of the Memphite and Letopolite nornes ; &c. Early Dyn. VI. (Destroyed.)
Titles, see JUNKER, cit. in Anzeker, Wien, 1914, p. 161. op. Architrave (lying on ground in front of tomb 37); text, L. D. Text, i, p. 62. Sketch of remains of wife's stela, id. ib. p. 63. Loose blocks with cartouches of Khufu and Isesi, L. D. ii. 78 d, and Text, i, p. 62. Block with head of deceased hunting, in Berlin Mus. 1137, id. ib. p. 62 ; text, Aeg. Insclzr. Mus. BerZin, i. 20.
Sepulchral Chamber.

East wall, deceased seated and offering-list, JUNKER, cit. in Anzeiger, Wien, 1914, op. pl. ii, cf. p. 153.

36. SESHETHOTP HETI Q, Director of the palace ; &c. ; son of 5 or Khufu.

See L. D. Text, i, pp. 63-5.

Plan, id. ib. p. 63.

( I ) Thickness ; deceased and wife (?), L. D. ii. 25 [lower left]. (2) Thickness; deceased seated before offerings with daughter, L. D. ii. 25 [upper right].

(3)-(4) Deceased and family, oryx and bull below, and boat above doorway, L. D. ii. 24 [left]; incomplete, WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 88-9 [bottom]. (5) Deceased and family with three registers offering-bringers and butchers, L. D. ii. 24 [right]. (6) Deceased receiving offerings, L. D. ii. 25 [lower right]. (7)-(8) Two false doors, tribute of estates, and offerings brought to deceased with MSS.* xiii. 84 [lower], 85 [upper right], children, L. D. ii. 23 ; incomplete, WILKINSON 92 ; names of children, and text of bringing produce, L. D. Text, i, p. 64.

(g) Deceased and wife recei;ng offerings, L. D. ii. 25 [upper left]; part, WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 85 [upper left]. op. Statue of male and female relations, found in a shaft, JUNKER, cit. pl. X, cf. p. 177.


KASEZA~ A & , Overseer of commissions ; Keeper of the white bull. u

See MARIETTE, Masfabas, 517 [6, 81.

Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 65.

(I) Deceased with list of offerings, L. D. ii. 85 a. Mo~unzens,xiv [6] ; BURTON MSS." (2) False door, id. ib. 85 b ; lintel, BRUGSCH, 25621, 55 [upper]. (3)-(4) Imitation decorated door and false door, L. D. Erganz. xxvii [a]. (5) Offerings, musicians, and dancers, before deceased, id. ib. xxviii [d],cf. Text, i, p. 66.

KHNEMHOTP Inspector of the garden of the Great House. D&, 38. Dyn. IV-V. (Destroyed.)
West wall. Lower part of false door, L. D. ii. 88 c, cf. Text, i, p. 65.

4. 0

Dyn. V. (5230 of REISNER.) MSS.* 25619, See L. D.' Text, i, pp. 66-9. Plan, section, and elevation, BURTON 46; plan, L.D.i. 24; and Texf,i,p. 67. Granite squatting statue, in Boston Mus., SANEORN, Recent Acquisitions front Egypf in Boston Mus. Bull. April 1922, p. 26. IHY4194, First under the King; Overseer of the Great Mansion, and of commissions ; &c. Dyn. IV-V. (Destroyed.) (5330 of REISNER.)
False door, L. D. ii. 88 a. Obelisk, in Berlin Mus. 1146, L. D. ii. 8 8 b ; SCHAFER ANDRAE, Kunst [&C.], and Die 256 [6] ;text, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 67.




See L. D. Text, i, p. 69.

43. KHEMTNI E=-,


Prophet of Khufu; Royal priest.

Dyn. 1V.

(5210 of REISNER.) MARIETTE, Mastabas, 5 1 7 [I]. Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 70. View, L. D. ii. 26 [bottom].
Exterior, east side.

Three stones from frieze with titles of deceased, L. D. ii. 26 a, b, c, cf. Texf, i, p. 70 ; MARIETTE, cit. 520 [middle], cf. 521 ;SHARPE, I?ZSCT.Z BURTON, OP. Eg. Ser. 48,l. 3 ; Excerpta Uiero. xxvii [I]; BURTON MSS.* 25621, 56 [right], 135, I 36 [I, 31, 25619, 45 [upper] ; NESTOR L'HBTE MSS.* 20396, 309 verso [upper] ; ends and inner face of the south stone (c of LEPSIUS), D. ii. 26 C bis ; frieze and inner face, WILKINSON S . * L. M xiii. 45 ; inner face, SHARPE, cit. 48, 11. 1-2 ; BUKTON, op. Excerpta Hiero. xxvii [3] ; BRUGSCH, Monuv~ens,xiv [z] ; MARIETTE, cit. 520 [bottom]; NESTOR ' H ~ T E op. L hlSS.* 20396.309 verso [lower]. op. MSS.* ( I ) Upper part of false door, L. D. ii. 26 d ; MARIETTE, cit. 519 ; BURTON 25621, 56 [left] ; NESTORL'HBTE MSS.* 20396, 309 [upper] ; WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 44 [middle]. (2) False door; lintel, L. D. ii. 26 e ; MARIETTE,op. cit. 520 [top] (reversed); SHARPE, cit. 41, 11. 23-4 (reversed) ; NESTORL'HBTE MSS.* 20396, 309 [lower] ; op. WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 44 [bottom].




Great West Cemetery-East Secf on King's son of his body. (51 10 of REISNER.)


Mycerinus [&C.], See L. D. Text, i, p. 70. Name from block in debris, see REISNER, p. 242 (in the Press).


S E S H E M N-B&,R under the King in the palace of ZadefrEc; 1~FE First Prophet of King Ka' _fa ; &c. Dyn. IV. (4940 of REISNER.)
Plan, L. B. Text, i, p. 7 I.
( I ) Four registers, boats, procession of estates, and list of offerings, L. D. ii. 28 ; one boat from top register, Duemichen, Flotte, xxv [6] ; seven offering-bringers from second register, and names of seven ka-servants from third register, NESTORL'HBTE MSS.* 20396, 31 7 verso [lower], 318 [top]. (2) Deceased seated, followed by two ka-servants, L. D. ii. 29 b ; NESTORL ' H ~ T E MSS.* 20396, 317 [left]. (3)-(4) Deceased and family between two false doors, L. D. ii. 2 7 ; omitting lower part, NESTORL ' H ~ T E MSS.* 20406, ' Tombeau du temps de Kheops ' A, G (squeezes), , 20396, 317 verso [upper]. (4) Sides of false door, four ka-servants, L. D. ii. 29 c, d. (5) Deceased and wife, id. ib. 29 a ; NESTOR ' H ~ T E L MSS.' 20396, 317 [right].



(5030 of REISNER.) Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 71.

(1)-(3) Deceased and wife receiving tribute, between two false doors, L. D. Ergiinz. xxix [a].

47. THENTI Secretary of the toilet-Ilouse; Intimate ; Director of the palace. Dyn. IV. (4920 of REISNER.)
Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 71.

( I ) and (2) Thicknesses ; deceased seated, L. D. ii. 3 I c, d.


(3) Two registers, procession of estates, id. ib. 31 a. (4) Deceased with attendants, id. ib. 31 b. (5)-(6) Four registers counting of produce, between two false doors, id. ib. 30. (7) Deceased before offerings, offering-bringers and butchers below, L. D. Ergiinz. xxvi [b].

East Parts of Harvard-Boston Concession.

PENMERUg\-&, A of ha-servants.

Prophet of Menkaurec; Royal priest; Overseer

(2197 of REISNER.)

Southern side of door, nine lines, will, REISNER and FISHER,Preliminavy Report [&C.] in Ann. Sem. xiii, pl. xi [a], and p. 247.

Inscribed niche containing triple statue of deceased and family, FISHER, U a m a r d The Universify-Museum . Expedition in Boston Mus. B Z . U ZApril 1913, pp. 19, 20, 2 I.


K A N ~ F -& &, , re-used by AKH-NESUT-MERU 2 , Overseer ER $31 0

(2 184 of REISNER.) I n Boston Museum. See id. ib. pp. 20-22. Statue of Akh-nesut-meru in situ, REISNER FISHER,, cit. pl. vii [b], cf. p. 250 ; and op. in Boston Mus., Handbook (rgzo), 21.

of the royal gardens.

PEH-EN-PTAH son of Seshemnafer. Z Z W,

(2320 of REISNER,) Limestone statue, REISNER FISHER, cit. pl. X [a], cf. p. 250. and op. (5032 of REISNER.) False door, in Boston Mus., SANBORN Boston Mus. Bull. April 1922, p. 27 [top left]. in ,found in dCbris of 5221, in Boston Mus., id. ib. p. 27 [top right]. Obelisk of Ihy

REDENES Ty[l,Royal Priest ; Scribe. Dyn. V.


East Part of German-Austrian Concession.

Plan of east tombs, JUNKER, Yorbenkht [&C.]in Anzekeer, Wien, 19 14, p. 143, Abb. 2.

N E S U T N ~ F:E R Priest of the statue (?) of Khephren ; 'd-mr of F& , the south Aphroditopolite nome ; &c. Dyn. IV. (4970 of REISNER.)
See JUNKER, Vorbericht in Anzeker, Wien, 19 r 3, pp. 169-75.

Above door, two registers boats ; text of lower register, id. ib. p. 174. (I) and (2) False door, and three registers of men bringing offerings to deceased and wife seated, id. ib. pl. v, cf. pp. 171-2 ; CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 315, fig. 299.

IPPEL ROEDER, and Denkmciler

Statue of deceased, in Hildesheim Mus. 2143, JUNKER, cit. pl. X [left], cf. p. 184 ; op. Nildesheim, p. 48; Abb. 6. Statue of wife Khent with son Ruzu, in Vienna Mus., JUNKER, cit. pl. X [right]. op.



Prophet of Khufu ; Overseer of singing in the Great House. Temp. Isesi. (Destroyed.)
Statue found in sitw, id. ib. pl. xi, cf. pp. 185-6.


@&v],Royal priest ; Prophet of Khufu. 1 7


(5160 of

REISNER.) See JUNKER, cit. in Anzeker, Wien, 1913, p. 182. op.

Found in debris of shaft of Seehemnfifer (5170 of REISNER, supra p. 32.). cf.

Architrave; titles, JUNKER, op. cit. in Anzeeer, Wien, 1926, p. g1 ; 1914, p. 165. False door of Ihu First under the King, found with it; titles, id. op. cit. in Anzeker, Wien, 1926, p. 91. Architrave of Ham Prophet of Khufu; title, id. ib. 1914, p. 165.


HETI ?Q, Overseer of scribes.

Statue of deceased as scribe, in Hildesheim Mus. 2407, id. ib. pl. ix, cf. p. I 76 ; IPPEL op. and Memphis, p. 288, and ROEDER, cit. pl. i, and p. 52, Abb. g ; CAPART WERBROUCK, fig. 272.

Great West Cemetery-East Sect ion 4I SETKA Overseer of scribes; and PTAHHOTP Overseer of U, :W%, scribes ; Secretary of the Great House ; &c.
See JUNKER, cit. in Anzeiger, Wien, 1914, pp. 159-60; id. ib. 1925, p. 151. op. Plans, id. ib. 1914, p. 149, Abb. 5.

IDUI Q-$>, great name N ~ F E R Vizier; First under the King; &c. Early Dyn. VI.
See id. ib. pp. 160-1 (Reliefs in Hildesheim Mus. 2390-7, 2399-2400).


IDUI1 Q-$>, Idu I.

Overseer of the House of Cedarwood ; &c. ; son of

See id. ib. pp. 174-5. Coffin, in Hildesheim Mus. 2511, id. ib. pl. iv, cf. pp. 166-7; IPPEL ROEDER, and op. cit. p. 67, Abb. 17.

'ANKHUZA good name ITHI9-4, Scribe of royal documents +l&, in the Presence; First under the King. Early Dyn. VI.
Names, JUNKER, cit. pp. 161-2. op. (For false door of Nisuptah, see infra p. 67.)

MERIBP Q , Royal noble ($pi). Late Dyn. VI. 9 v

Coffin, found in a shaft, JUNKER, Ausfrian Excnvafions, 1914, inJi9.A. i, p. 2 5 I , TZe I ; see id. op. cit. in Anzetgcr, Wien, 1914, pp. 167-8.


ZS, Scribe of royal accounts.

Plan, JUNKER, cit. 1913, plate opposite p. 162 [lower], cf. pp. 161-3, 182 ; id. ib. op. 1926, P. 73.

Nine statues, id. ib. 1913, pl. ix ; CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 342, fig. 326.

Cemetery south of K k u j ~ Pyramid.

South Austrian Concession.
View from air, CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 5 I, fig. 48 ; view, JUNKER, Vorliiufiger Benkhr in Anzet;eer, IVien, 1929, pl. i [b]. Row of Large Mestabas including Lepsius 52. Temp. Menoheres.


(Mastaba I of JUNKER.) Granite sarcophagus (uninscribed), JUNKER, op. cit. in Anzeeer, Wien, 1926, pl. iii [b]. (Mastaba I1 of JUNKER.) JUNKER, cit. in Anzetger, Wien, 1928, pp. 156-62. op. Plan, id. ib. p. 157, Abb. I. View, id. ib. pl. ii. Granite sarcophagus with name, id. ib. pl. iii [a], cf. p. 161.

KAEMNEFERT L~&&T, under the King. First

ZADFKHUFUx ] f j = = - , (g,

King's son ; Master of the royal


(Mastaba I11 of JUNKER.) Plan, id. ib. p. 163, Abb. 2. Views, id. ib. pl. iv. S.099-S G

South Cemetery. J. I1= Kaemnefert J. I11 = Zadflchnfn J. IV (Leps. 52) = Ne'ankhre' J. V111 = Sekhemka Leps. 53 =Seshemniifer Leps. 54 = Hetep-heres Seshemnefer-theti Thetut Ptahhotp Heneni l Leps. 5j = Ne'ankhre' Khennt 7070 (Leps. 56) = Kha'efsnefru 7060 (Leps. 57) = Neferma'et 70 j o = Nefertkau East Cemetery. 7101 = Kar 7102 = Idu 7110-20 = Kawa'b 7a1o-zo = Hardedf 7310-zo=Khnembaf 7 1 30-40 = Kha'efkhufu I 7000 X = Hetep-heres I 74~o-20= Meres'ankh I1 7530-40 = Hetep-heres I1 7550 sub. = Meres'ankh 111 7550 (L.eps. 58) = Duaenhor 7660 (Leps. 59) = Sekhem'ankh 7750 = Khufu'ankh 7760 (Leps. 60) = Zadfmin 7430 (Leps. 61) = Kha'efinin 7j1o;'Ankh-haf*s and Hetep-heres I 1 7650 = Akhtihotp and Mertet-tefes 71 GO = Khacefkhufil II*'








1 '


Leps. 63 = Kaemnefert Leps. 64 = Nesemnan Leps. 65 = . . .n-ukh Leps. 67 = Wa' Leps. 68 =Iteti ~ e p s 69 = Kay . Leps. 70 = Merib Leps. 72 = Nebu Leps. 73 =Dendenu Leps. 74 Dendenu Leps. 75 = KhefrS-'ankh Leps. 76 = Khufnhotp Leps. 77 =Thenti Leps. 78=Perseben Leps. 79 =Nefersekhefptah Leps. 80 = I p i

" KPf@AP

CEMETERIES SOUTH ANI> EAST O F KI-IUFU PYRAMID. Names are given in order of letterpress. J = J U N K E R .


Not mentioned in letterpress.

l See

plan on p. 46.

B o s ~ MUS.BUZZ.June 1925, p. 28, Oct. 1ga7, p. 66. o?~

' 2.2. lxiv. 97, 98.

B s o Mus. BuA Oct. I 927, pp. 66-7, 74. otn


Excavated by Reisner.

Cemetery south of Khufu Pyramid

Titles from remains of walls of chapel, id. ib. p. 165. Sarcophagus with name, id. ib. pl. v [a], cf. p. 166.



(Mastaba IV of JUNKER.) See L. D. Texf, i, p. 76 ; MARIETTE, &fastabas, 525-8 ; JUNKER, cit. in Anze*eer, op. Wien, 1928, pp. 167-70. Limestone sarcophagus, id. ib. pl. v [b].


(Mastaba V1 of JUNKER.) Ink graffito on outside facing, JUNKER, cit. in At~zelgeer, Wien, 1929, pl. iv [a], op. and p. 82.



(Mastaba V11 of JUNKER.) See id. ib. pp. 86-8, 138-40. (Mastaba V111 of JUNKER.)

MASTABA,enlarged by SEKHEMKA First under the King; !!&U,

Prophet of Ma'et ;&C.

See id. ib. pp. 85, 89-97, pl. v [a]. Statue of Sekhemka found in court ; titles, id. ib. p. 90. South wall, bottom, row of offering-bringers; servant helping peasant woman with basket, id. ib. p. 94, Abb. I. Niche. South side, butchers, id. ib. p. 95, Abb. 2.
Sepulchral Chamber.

View, id. ib. pl. v [b].


(Mastaba IX of JUNKER.) See id. ib. pp. 88-9. id. ib. p. 89. Later tomb against east wall ; name of Inti


Later Mastabas built between large ones.


Keeper of accounts. Dyn. VI.

Fragments of architrave of entrance found near; name and titles, JUNKER, cit. in op. Anzeker, Wien, 1928, p. I 79. Statues of deceased and wife, in niche in outer serdab against mastaba I, id. ib. pl. viii [a], cf. p. 180. Limestone head found in shaft, probably from one of inner serdabs, id. ib. pl. ix [a]. Sarcophagus of Khnemnfifer '6&ffZ, Inspector of the hairdressers of the King, ; Director of head-decoration, &C., found in shaft south-east of mastaba I of JUNKER titles, id. ib. p. 189.

--, Concubine, found before false door Offering-basins of Necankh-Hathor between mastabas I and I1 of JUNKER, id. ib. p. 189. see

NUNBTER 971, Scribe. Late Old Kingdom.

West wall, south part. Upper part, remains of deceased seated before offerings and butchers, lower part, wife and daughters eating, female singers and dancers, id. ib. pls. vi, vii, cf. pp. I 74-8. Drums of Isu Ka-servant, and Meshedu Ka-servant, west of ; mastaba I1 of JUNKER names and titles, id, ib. p. 188. Fragment of relief of goddess, found south of chapel of mastaba 11, see id. ib. p. 187.

9 $h,



EL-GPzA-NECROPOLIS IYMERY 9, Inspector ofscribes of the treasury ;Royal priest ;&c. 9\9 (Destroyed.)
Alabaster offering-table with titles of deceased, id. ib. pl.

[a], cf. pp. 189-91.

Offering-list on later n~astaba adjoining south wall of mastaba IV of JUNKERremains ; of text, id. ib. pp. 186-7. Drum of Nebti Royal acquaintance, built into floor of later addition south of mastabas I11 and 1V ; name and titles, id. ib. p. 188.


NISU'ANKH T FTY' tance; &c.

v, Prophet of Khufu ;Secretary; Royal acquain1 7F&, 7

Mastabas 53-7 of Lepsius.

Names and titles of deceased and wife, id. ib. pp. 187-8. False door of Nisut~enu Dock-official, Ka-servant, in same tomb, found in two pieces in shaft ; names and titles of deceased and wife, id. ib. p. 188.

53 and 54.

Double mastaba of SESHEMN~~FER P --i3& and wife HETEP-HERE 1, with later tombs round it. Dyn. V.

See MARIETTE, Mastabas, 529-30 [10] ; JUNKER, cit. in Anzeiger, Wien, 1929, pp. op. 100-6, 109-12, 115-22, 125-7, 137-8. Plan of western part, and sections, L. D. i. 25, and Text, i, p. 7 7.

Director 53. SESHEMN~FER,of the two thrones in the House of life; Secretary of all secret commands of the King ; &c.
Forecourt. View showing statues of deceased at (I) and (2) and obelisks, JUNKER, cit. in op. Avzze@er, Wiejz, 1929, pl. vi [a], cf. p. 137 ; reconstruction, id. ib. p. 100, Abb. 3. (3) and (4) Remains of five registers of offering-bringers before deceased (destroyed) on each side ; texts, id. ib. pp. 116, I 17. Veetibule. (5) Two registers, hunting antelopes, &C.,id. ib. pl. vii [a], p. 118, Abb. 5. (6) Remains of scene of preparation of beer ; texts, id. ib. pp. 120-1. (7) Overseers of linen before deceased ; texts, id. ib. p. 1 2 2 . Court. id. View showing uninscribed false door (a of LEPSIUS), ib. pl. vi [b]. Pillared Hall. (8) Servants bringing gazelles, &c. ; texts, id. ih. p.
I I I.

Entrance to Room I. (g) Deceased with later figure of Seshemnefer-theti ; name of latter, L. D. Text, i, p. 77 [middle]. (10)Figure of deceased; remains of text in front of him, JUNKER, cit. p. 110 op. [middle]. op. Architrave ; texts, JUNKER, cit. p. 110 [top]. ( 1 1 ) Drum, L. D. ii. 79 [middle]. (12) and (13) Thicknesses, deceased with sons, L. D. ii. 79 [left, right]
Room I .

(14) Two registers, procession of estates, in Berlin Mus. 1128, L. D. ii. 80 b, cf.

Cemefey south of Khufu Pyramid


Text, i, p. 78 ; Aeg. und Vbrderasiat. Alterthiimer, pl. 4 [middle] ; texts, Aeg. litschr. Mus. Berlin, i. I o- I I. (15) One register, offering-bringers, L. D. ii. 80 c [left]. (16) Three registers, harvest before deceased, id. ib. 80 c [right]. (17) Two registers, threshing with asses, in Berlin Mus. 1129, id. ib. 80 a ; Aeg. und Vorderasiat. Alterthumer, pl. 4 [bottom] ; WRESZINSKI, Aflas, i. 382 [B-]; lower and Memphis, p. 380, fig. 366 (called register, two men dragging ass, CAPART WERBROUCK, Khnemhotp); group of asses, HALL Ross, T ' Art ofEgyjf through the Ages, p. I 14 [I] ; in texts, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. I 2.
Entrance to Room I . I

(18) Thickness ; three registers, bringing animals, L. D. ii. 80 e, cf. Text, i, p. 78. (19) Thickness ; two registers, bringing animals, L. D. ii. 80 d.
Room 1 . 1

(20) Offering-bringers, L. D. Erflnz. xxiii [b] ; texts, L. D. Text, i, p. 79. (2 I) Two registers, bringing cattle, part in Berlin Mus. I 130, L. D. Erganz. xxiii [a] ; lower register, Aeg. zc,nd Yorderasiat. Alfert&mer, pl. 4 [top] ; texts, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 10.
Room 111.

(22) Bottom register, remains of offering bringers ; names, JUNKER, cit, in Anzezger, op. IVien, 1929, p. 111. (23) False door, L. D. ii. 81 ; upper part, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 529-30 ; WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 89 [upper]; text in centre beneath drum, SETHE, Urk. i. 57 (39).
Annex D. 2 .

(24) and (25) Offering-scenesbefore statue ;names, JUNKER, cit. p. op.

Sepulohral Chamber.

I 12, cf.

p. 106.

View, id. ib. pl. viii [a].

Found near tomb.

Statue of Neferseshemptah name, id. ib. pp. 140-1.

1 1V&, good name Sheshi =Q,

son of Seshemntifer ;

See id. ib. pp. rog, 126-7.

(I) Man with offerings before deceased, L. D. ii. go [left]. (2) False door, id. ib. go [right], cf. Texf, i, p. 79.
Found in tomb.

Late coffins, id. ib. p. 80. Subsidiary Tombs.


See JUNKER, cit. in Anzelger, Wien, 1929, pp. 99, 106-9,113-5, 127-8, pls. vii [b], OP. viii [b].
Room I.

Block from wall, deceased in palanquin, id. ib. p. I 14, Abb. 4.

THETUT p& Royal acquaintance.


Titles, id. ib. p. 134.

Seshemnofer (Leps. 53) and Ijetep-heres (Leps.


with subsidiary tombs. Supplied by Professor Junker.

Kha'efsnefm ( i o 7 0 = Leps. 56). From L. D. Text, i, p. 82.

Neferma'et (7060 = Leps. 57). From L. U. Text, i, p. 8 2 .

Cemetery south of Khufic Pyramid 47 PTAHHOTP 115, Prophet of the Pyramid of Teti; son of Seshemnufer.
See id. ib. pp. 128-30.

HENENI K ~ Q , 'd-mr of the Aphroditopolite nome ; Overseer of W the palace-gate in the Two Houses ; &c. Late Old Kingdom.

(I) False door ; titles, id. ib. pp. 133-4.

SEHOTPU good name TEPU&, Overseer of scribes ; &c. /fi'&, :'

See id. ib. pp. 130-3.

(I) Deceased watching cattle ; man leading dog with monkey on back, id. ib. p. 132, Abb. 6.

55. NE'ANKHR~' Physician of the Great House; &c. Dyn. IV-V. (Inaccessible.)
False door on west wall, L. D. ii. 91 a, cf. Texf, i, p. 81 ; some titles, Inscr. Hilro. lxvi [top]. Statue, in Cairo Mus., JUNKER, op. cit. PIS. ix, X, cf. pp. 134-7.



KHENUT ZTo, Royal acquaintance.

Statue of deceased ; name and title, id. ib. p. 140.

Chancellor of the King of Lower Egypt; 56. K HA'EFSNEFRU Staff of Apis ; &C.; son of Nefermacet and great-grandson of Snefru. Dyn. 1V. (7070 of REISNER.)
Plan, section, and elevation, L. D. i. 25 ; PRISSE,L'drt Bgyptkn, i, Architecture, pl. 5 [top], 'Ndcropole de Memphis'; plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 82. View of this and of Neferma'et and Nefertkau, REISNER, Nefeertkauw, the eldest daz~ghter Sneferuw in A.Z. of Ixiv, pl. ii [z] opposite p. 98.


Lintel found in sand in front of doorway, id. ib. pl. iii [3]. (I) Thickness; deceased followed by son, L. D. ii. 16 [upper]; son omitted, MARIETTE, Masfabas, 534.
(2) False door, L. D. ii. 16 [lower] ; MARIETTE, cit. 533 ; PRISSE, op. op. cit. pl. 5 [middle] ; lintel, DE R o u ~ f Inscr. Hikro. lxiv [upper]; REISNER, cit. in AZ. ixiv, , op. pl. iii [4]; NESTOR ' H ~ T E L MSS.* 20396, 310 ; WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 86 [middle].


NEFERMA'ET) Hereditary prince ; &C.; son of Nefertkau and 2 : Khufu. Dyn. IV. (7060 of REISNER.)
See MARIETTE, cit. 530--1 op.

Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 82.

(I) Animals and cranes brought to deceased and wife (destroyed), L. D. ii. 17 b ; oryxes and cranes, and dog under chair, WILKINSON MS%* iv. 32 [left], xiii. 41 [top right] ; cf. GAUTHIER, Livre des Rois, i, p. 71, note I. Le

-------- ------Later Burial


I Chamber( Ptolemaic?)'


Inner Hall


F a r (7101). Kha'efkhnfu (71 30-7140). P romDaressy in Ann. Sew. xvi. 259.

Idu (7103).

Zadfmin (7760 = Leps. 60). From L. D. l i x t , i, p. 85.

Sekhem'ankh (7660 = Leps. 59). From L. D. Trxt, i, p. 84.

Doaenhor (7550 =Leps. 583. From L. D. Text, i, p. 84.

Kaemnefert (Leps. 63). From L. D. Text, i, p. 87.

Nesemnau (Leps. 64). From L. D. Text, i, p. 87.

KhefrZ-'ankh (Leps. 75). From L. D. Text, i, p. 91.

Perseben (Leps. 78). After L. D. Text P. 95.


Cemetery south of Khufu Pyramid


(2) Deceased before offerings (destroyed), L. D. ii. I 7 c. (3)-(5) Deceased and wife, false door, deceased and son, L. D. ii. 17 a ; false door, WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 88 [upper].


;$z,U,, of Snefru, wife of Khufu. daughter

(7050 of REISER.) See REISNER, cit. in 8:Z. op. lxiv, p. 98, cf. pl. ii [z].

Cemetery east of Khuju Py~arnid.~

Plan and view of south part, RE~sNE~,Nefertkauw, tAeeZdest daughter ofSn.femw in dZ. Ixiv, p. 97, and pl. ii [I] ; view from air, CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 52, fig. 49.

Mastabas including 68-81 of Lepsius and Harvard-Boston Concession.

KAR0&7, Overseer of the Pyramid-towns of Khufu and Menkauri2; Priest of the Pyramid of Khephren ; Gardener of the Pyramid of Meryr~'. Dyn. VI. (7101 of REISNER.)
See REISNER, Recent Discoveries a t the Giza Pyramids in Boston Mus. Bull. April 1925, PP. 13-14.
(1) Deceased and wife and two registers of offering-bringers,REISNER, Excavations in Egypt andEthiopia 1922-5 in Boston Mzcs. Bull. June 1925, p. 26 [top]. (2)-(4) Lintel, jambs, and column, with texts, BAIKIE, Th Glamour o Near E a s t f Excavation, plate opposite p. 88.

Outer Hall.

(5)-(6) Deceased seated each side of door, REISNER, cit. p. 26 [middle]. op.

IDU4-91? Scribe of the royal documents in the Presence ; Overseer of the scribes of mrt ; son of Kar. Dyn. VI. (7102 of REISNER.)

(I)-(2) Self-laudatory inscription above door, REISNER, cit. p. 2 7 [top]. op.

Hall. (3) Six registers, funeral ; first to third registers, door of house and male mourners, id. ib. p. 26 [bottom].

(4) Stela with upper part of figure of deceased, REISNER, cit. in Boston op. Bull. April 1925, p. 13.


KAWA'B &J (7 I 10-20 of REISNER)and HARDEDF U REISNER), sons of Khufu.



See REISNER, Het@-Heres, Mother o Chops in Boston Mus. BUZZ. Supp. to vol. xxv, f e f May 1927, p. 4 ; id. m Tomb o Meres'ankh [&C.]in ib. Oct. 1927, p. 74.

KHNEMBAF S$=--,son (or grandson) of Khufu.

(7310-20 of REISNER.)

Dyn. IV.

See key-plan on p. 42.

KHA'EFKHUFU , I (E ] IV. (7130-40 of REISNER.)

Chancellor; &C.;son of Khufu. Dyn.

Complete texts, DARESSY, Mastaba de Khl-f-Khoufou 2 Gizeh in Ann. Sem. xvi. Le Inscr. H&o. lxi [top] ; see MARIETTE, Mastabas, 562-4. 258-67 ; titles, DE R O U G ~ , Plan, DARESSY, cit. 259. View, showing title, CAPART, op. L'Art Egvptien, i, L'Architechre, pl. 26.
Entrance to Hall.

(I) and


Thicknesses ; offering-texts, DARESSY, cit. 258. op.

(3) Deceased and mother receiving offerings ; remains of texts, id. ib. 258-9. (4) Deceased with small child receiving offerings; remains of texts, id. ib. 259. Entrance to Inner Hall. (5) Thickness; deceased and wife receiving accounts [DARESSY, 2691; text, DE Roucf, Inscr. N i b o . Ixi [lower right]. (6j Thickness; deceased receiving accounts of estates [DARESSY, 2611; text, DE R o u ~ f op. cit. Ixi [lower left]. , 2611; text, DE R O U G op. cit. 1xi [third line from top]. ~, (7) Drum [DARESSY,
Inner Hall.

(8) Deceased with four registers offering-bringers; texts, DARESSY, cit. 262. op. (g) Deceased before offering-table with two registers offering-bringers; texts and offering-list, id. ib. 263. (10) Four registers, procession of estates [DARESSY, 2641; four names, DE R o u ~ f , op. cit. Ix [lower, first four]. (11) Stela, through middle of which a door has been cut to later burial-chamber ; texts, DARESSY, cit. 264-5. op. (12) Deceased and wife watching five registers offering-bringers and procession of 265-71; fifth register, names of estates, DE R o u ~ f op. cit. Ix [lower, , estates [DARESSY, last four]. op. (13) Deceased receiving lotus from daughter (?); remains of texts, DARESSY, cit. 267.

N o NAME. (7340 of REISNER).

Sarcophagus with panther-skin in relief on lid, in Cairo hfus. 54934, GAUTHIER, Le sarco$hage No. 6007 [Src.] in Ann. Sew. xxx, pl. iii, cf. p. r 77.

BURIAL-PIT QUEEN OF HETEP-HERES I $L!, wife of Snefru and mother of Khufu. (7000 X of REISNER.)
Complete, REISNER, Heiep-Heres [&C.], in Boston Ahs. Bull. Supp. May 1927, passim ; REISNER, EnzPty Sarcophagus of the M o t h r of Cheops in ib. Oct. 1928, pp. 76-88 ; The id. The Household 3urniture of Queen Heiep-hcres I in ib. Dec. 1929, pp. 83-90. Inscribed palanquin, in Cairo Mus., REISNER, cit. Oct. 1928, 11, 85 ; CAPART op. and Memjhis, p. 268, fig. 2 j I. WERBROUCK,

QUEEN MERES'ANKH PI)?, daughter of Khufu. I1

Dyn. IV.

(7410-20 of REISNER.) N e Sarcophagus, in Boston hluseum ; detail from cover and side, DUNHAM,w InsiaZlation in the Egyptian Departmertt in Boston Mus. Bull. Dec. 1927 , figs. on p. 97.

QUEENMERES'ANKH \/l y, daughter of Icaw'ab and HetepI11 heres 11. (7530 S U of REISNER.) ~
Complete, REISNER, The Tomb of iMeresnnkh [Src.] in Boston Alus. HzdZ. Oct. 1927,

Cemetery east o Khufiz Pyramid f

pp. 64-79 with figs. fig- 323.


View of interior, CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 339,


of REISNER.) Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 84.

RzF&, King's

son of his body. Dyn. IV-V.

(I) Deceased and family, L. D. ii. 82 b.


False door ; upper part, L. D. ii. 82 a.

59. SEKHEM'ANKH (?) fyya),son of Khufu.


~ e which is name of wife.) i,

(Called by LEPSIUS

(7660 of REISNER.)

Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 84. (I) Products of estates brought to deceased and wife, L. D. ii. 32 [left], cf. nxt, i, p. 84. (2) Boat, offering-bringers and butchers below, L. D. ii. 32 [right].

Priest of Apis. Dyn. IV. (Probably 7750 of REISNER.) and f Sarcophagus, in Cairo Mus. 1,790 ; view, BORCHARDT REISNER,1YOrks o Arf, 49 ; texts, GRI~EAUT,Muse2 Egyptien, i, p. 19; one side, id. ib. pl. xxi ; other side, Le Thes. 1412 ; text of latter, DE R o u ~ t I r r UiJro. iv [middle] ; feasts from ,n r . BRUGSCH, Thes. 234-5 [C] (wrongly called ' Sakkarah ') ; titles, DE ROUGE, Rechrches lid, BRUGSCH, sur les Monuments [&C.], 51 ; see MARIETTE, Notice desprinc2)aux monumenfs du Mush h Boulaq (1874), pp. 306-7, No. 970; GAUTHIER, Livre des Rois, i, p. 80 note 2. L e 60. ZADFMIN -1
6,son of Khufu. (7760 of REISNER.) Plan, L. D. i. 26, and Text, i, p. 85 ;elevation, and detail of decoration, PRISSE, A Y ~ Z ~gyftiett,i, Architecfure, pl. 5 [bottom], ' Ndcropole de Memphis

KHUFU'ANKH ,?-.( ;]


(I) Thickness ; deceased and wife, L. D. ii. 33 a.


(2)-(3) False door, and offerings brought to deceased and wife, L. D. ii. 33 b ; thicknesses of false door, procession of estates, L. D. ii. 33 c, d.



""z,of K h u f ~ . Son

(7430 of REISNER.)

Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 85. Drum ; name and titles, L. B. ii. 82 d.

AKHTIHOTPa []& % and QUEEN MERTET-TEFES ~~~~, of wife SnefrLl and of K h u f ~ . (7650 of REISNER.)
False door ; text, DE R O U G Inscr, HiCro. lxii [middle] ; title, id. Recherches sur les ~, Monuments [&c], 36-7 ; see MARIETTE, iJfastabas, 365 [vI].

ZADF-KHNUM L King's son ;Chief of the Ten of Upper Egypt. R~ , Dyn. V. (Exact position unknown but in north-east part of Gtza plateau.)

Name and titles from drum, GAUTHIER,/ravers la 3asse-~gy$teindnn. Sew. xxil. 207. A



Text of two granite blocks from chapel (?)of Merykhufu north of the last, id. ib. 205-7.


49, found just

HARBAF~ $ L , W son of Khufu, and KAEMSEKHEM es'&/ft~, King's son. Dyn. IV. (Exact positions unknown.)
Sarcophagi, in Cairo Mus. ; part of texts, DE Roucf, Inso-. U i o . lxvi [upper and lower Notice. . dzl Bfuske d Boulap (I 874), p. 93, Nos. 6,7. middle] ;see MARIETTE,

Rock-tombs 63-80 of Lepsius. See plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 86.


KAEMNEFERT &,y, U ' & Royal director of hairdressers. Dyn. IV-V.

Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 87.

Sketch of rear wall, id. ib. p. 88.

(I) Thickness; deceased and wife, L. D. ii. g1 b; text, MARIETTE, Mustabas, 542 [rz left].
( 2 ) Four registers, harvest before deceased, L. D. Erganz. xxxii power] ; omitting deceased, WILKINSON MSS.* iv. 52-3 [upper]; second register, two men with donkey, DENON, voyage (1802), 97 [D]; fourth register, goats treading grain, WILKINSON, andC. M. 2 Ser. i. 38 [No. 4211 = ed. BIRCH, 390 [No. 4641. ii. (3) Deceased and wife watching cattle and cranes, L. D. ii. 91 c, cf. Text, i, p. 87 ; WILKINSON MSS.* iv. 58-9, xiii. 50; name of son, MARIETTE, cit. 542 [ I Z right]. op. (4) Three registers of offerings, and dancers below, before deceased and wife, L. D. Erganz. xxii [a] ; WILKINSON MSS.* iv. 56-7. (5)-(6) Three registers, animals brought and butchers, and men tending COWS above MSS.* iv. 52-3 [bottom], 54-5 ; two doorway, L. B. Ergiinz. xxxii [upper] ; WILKINSON butchers, DENON, cit. 97 [B]. op.


NESEMNAU =&X&, Inspector of physicians of the Great House ; Secretary. Dyn. I V-V.
Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 87.

(I) List of offerings before deceased, L. D. ii. 92 e ; omitting deceased, D E V ~ R I A squeezes*, 5366 ; text at top, WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 52. (2)-(3) Three false doors, L. D. Erganz. xxxiii ; deceased and wife with text, from op. MSS.* xiii. 51. central false door, MARIETTE, cit. 542 [top] ; WILKINSON (4) Deceased and wife, L. D. ii. 92 d.


. . . N-UKH%-&~.

Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 88.

Dyn. IV-V.

Drum ; remains of text, L. D. ii. 92 a.


Name and title cf wife, L. D. Text, i, p. 88.

67 WA'3 5 , Oculist. Dyn. IV-V.

Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 89.

Drum, L. D. ii. 93 a.

Cemekry east o kThufu Pyramid f 53 ITETIQ Overseer of ha-servants; Priest of the King's mother. , : ! Dyn. IV-V.
Plan, L. D. Texf, i, p. 89. Name, MARIETTE, Masiabas, 541 [IO]. Entrance to 8011th Room. (C of LEPSIUS.) Above door, a man and his wife, L. D. ii. 92 c ; names, L. D. Texf, i, p. 89. Entrance to South-weet Room. (B of LEPSIUS.) ~so~ Deceased on each side, and drum, L.D. ii. 92 b; p a r t , W l ~ ~ r MSS.*xiii. 53 [upper].


Royal priest of the Pyramid of Khufu. Dyn. IV.

Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 89. Faqade. South and north of entrance ; fragments with name of wife, and deceased and wife with text, L. D. ii. 34 a, b, cf. Text, i, pp. 89-90; part, WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 53 [lower].

Entrance. Thickness; remains of name, L. D. Text, i, p. 90.

Plan and sections, L. D. i. 26.


B,Chief of the royal craftsmen.

Dyn. IV-V.

Plan, L. D. Texf, i, p. go. Entrance. Drum, L. D. ii. 93 b.

DENDENU g Overseer of scribes of crews; Royal scribe of ZI, Y

accounts ; Captain of the garrison. Dyn. IV-V.
Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 90. Entrance. Deceased on each side of doorway with texts, L. D. ii. 93 e, cf. Text, i, p. go. Thicknesses ; deceased and wife, L. D. ii. 93 d.

DENDENU I , = g Overseer of scribes of crews. y

Entrance. Drum, L. D. ii. 93 c ; MARIETTE, cit. 541 [middle]. op. Vestibule. North wall ; text, id. ib. 541 [bottom].


(sic), variant @ ; L ] +, Inspector of priests of the Pyramid of Khephren. Dyn. IV. 'Tomb of Numbers.'

G: =+ (

MARIETTE, cit. 540 [7], 567-71 (from papers of NESTOR ' H ~ T E ) titles op. L ; BURTON MS.* 25621, 67, 67 verso [left]. Plan, L. D. Texf, i, p. 91. Entrance. (I), (2), (3) Thicknesses and drum, deceased with children on each side and titles, L. D. ii. 8 a, b. cf. Text, i, p. 91 ; MARIETTE, cit. 568 ; NESTOR ' H ~ T MSS? 20396, op. L E 331 ; WILKINSON MSS.* iv. 49 [top], 50-1 [upper], vii. 41 [right]; names of children, MARIETTE, cit. 567 [H], 57 I power] ; text on drum, in Berlin Mus. I 150, BURTON, OP.



Excerpta Hiero. xxvii [4] ; Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 27 ; BURTON MSS.* 2562 I, 55 [bottom], 136 [41. Hall. (4)-(5) Six registers, counting products before deceased and brother, L. D. ii. 9, cf. MSS.* iv. 32 [right]-40, xiii.5; deceased and brother, Text, i, p. 92; WILKINSON MARIETTE, cit. 570 ; NESTOR ' H ~ T MSS.* 20396,333 ; BURTON Op. L E MSS.* 25621, 139 ; third to sixth registers, CAPART and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 208, fig. 2 0 1 ; deceased, donkeys, rams, oxen and cows, goats, extracted from various registers, CAILLIAUD, Voyage h Meroe, ii. lxxiii [lower] ; part, id. Arts et MePiers, pl. 38 [I]; scribes, defaulters, and men felling trees, from third and fourth registers, BURTON MSS.* 25621, 65, 66, 66 verso, 81 ; fifth and sixth registers, animals and fishing, WILKINSON, and C. ii. 20 (No. 81), 2 Ser. M. i. 130 (NO. 441) = ed. BIRCH,i. 291 (NO. IOO),ii. 447 (No. 484); numbers, and sketches of animals. BURTON MSS.* 25621, 64; netting fish, id. ib. 141. (6) Deceased and wife receiving offerings, L. D. ii. ro b ; MARIETTE, cit. 569 ; op. NESTORL'HGTE MSS.* 20396,332 ; BURTON MSS.* 25621,67 verso [right] ;WILKINSON MSS.* iv. 42-5 ; top register, names of children, MARIETTE, cit. 567 [A] ; two names, op. L. D. Text, i, p. 92. (7)-(12) West wall, WILKINSON M%*. iv. 41, 46-8 [top], 49 [lower], xiii. 6-9. (7)-(10) Deceased and son, two registers above statue-niche, men bringing hyena, and scribes, and first and second false doors beyond, L. D. ii. I I ; sketches omitting second MSS.* 25621, 61, 62, 65 verso; names of son and wife above first false door, BURTON op. false door, and one son as scribe, MARIETTE, cit. 571 [upper]. (11)-(12) Third, fourth, fifth, and sixth false doors, L. D. ii. ~ o acf. Text, i, pp. 93, 4 ; sixth false door, L. D. Ergunz. xxviii [a] ; names from six false doors, MARIETTE, OP. cit. 540 ; see sketch, BURTON MSS.* 25621, 57, 63. (13) Retnains of marsh scene, L. D. Ergnnz. xxviii [b, c]; part, WILKINSON MSS.* iv. 51 [lower]. Niche. (14) Thickness; three registers, procession of estates, L. D. ii. 8 c ; WILKINSON MSS.* iv. 48 [lower]. (15) Thickness; remains of procession of estates, L. D. Text, i, p. 93 [right]. First false door. (16) and (17) Thicknesses ; remains of texts, id. ib. p. 93 [left].

KAR(?)g@, Royalacquaintance.
Drum, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 541 [top].

Beyond last, sanded up in time of MARIETTE.



Royal overseer of all works of the King.

Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 9 4 ; MARIETTE, Mustabas, 539 [S]. Architrave, south jamb, and north thickness, L. D. ii. 34 c, see sketch in Text, i, p. 94 ; architrave and jamb, WILKINSON MSS.* vii. 4 [middle] I ; architrave and north thickness fMastabas, 539; name and title from architrave, and first words of south jamb, MARIETTE, CHALIPOLLION, Descr. ii. 481[top], 482 [bottom] ; south jamb, SETHE,U Y ~ . (6). Not. i. 9

THENTI Secretary ; Overseer of the estate of the Necropolis. , Q J = Dyn. IV.

Plan and sections, L. D. i. 26 ; plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 95 ; ~IARIETTE, AVastabas,538.

Cemetery east of Khufu Pyramid



South jamb and drum, L. D. ii. 34 d, cf. Text, i, p. 95; MARIETTE, cit. 538 op. WILKINSON MSS.* vii. 41 [left and top] ; south jamb, SETHE, U Y ~ .8 (5). i.

West wall, door to inner room ; architrave and drum, I.. D. ii. 34 e ; MARIETTE, op. cit. 538 [B] ; RRUGSCH, Monumens, xiv [5] ;(probably) WILKINSON MSS.* vii. 40 [middle].


PERSEBENL,Kn-servant ; Steward. Dyn. IV. n

Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 95 ; MARIETTE, Masfabas, 537.
North Room I. (I)-(2) Remains of frieze-text, L. D. ii. 34 f. Entrance to South Room 11. (3) Thickness; wife and small son, L. D. ii. 94 c [left], cf. Text, i, p. 95.

(4) and (5) Scenes of deceased with son, L. D. ii. 94 c [right] ; title of deceased, MARIETTE, cit. 537. op.

NEFER~EKHEFPTAH Royal priest ; Prophet of Hathor. Dyn. W: Q

I v-v.

P, z

East Room. \r7est wall. i, p. 96.

Offering-text and deceased with wife and children, L. D. ii. 94 e, cf. Texf,


IPI QnQ,Inspector of manicurists of the Great House. Dyn. IV-V.

I'ian, L. D. Text, i, p. g6 ; MARIETTE, Mastabas, 536.

Drum, L. D. ii. 82 f ; MARIETTE, Mastabas, 536 ; D E V ~ R I A squeezesY,5385, G.

Cemeferies east of Khephre~ Pyramid.

Tombs of Saite Period, 81-5 of Lepsius.


Plan, view, and sections, L. D. i. 2 7 . South, west, and north walls of principal room, deceased and wife watching large scen? of fishing, &C., L. D. iii. 278 a, b, c.

See L. D. Text, i, p. 98.

83 AHMOSI , Commander of troops, and his mother QUEEN T NEKHTUBASTEROU wife of Amasis.

[E] =+&, $v:

Sarcophagus of Ahmosi, in Hermitage Mus. Petrograd, No. 766 (cf. GOL~~NISCHEFF Invenfaive de la Collection $gy$lienne, 94-6), MARIETTE, MastaBas, 554-6 I 131 ; foot, head, right and left sides, L. D. iii. 276 f, g, h, and Text, i, p. IOO ; WILKINSON MSS.* xvii. F. d ; text of lid, L. D. Text, p. g9 ; beginning of lid text, LIEBLEIN, Aegyptischen Die Denkmalev [&C.],pl. ii [IO]. Sarcophagus of Nekhtubasterou, in Hermitage Mus. Leningrad, No. 767 (cf. G O L ~ N I -




Cemeteries east of l(Czephren Pyramid



op. cit. 96-7) ; text on lid, and band of text below edge of sarcophagus, L. U. Texf, i, p. 98 ; WILKINSON MSS.* xvii. c 2, d, e verso; lid, MARIETTE, Masfabas, 553 [z] ; LIERLEIN, cit. pl. ii [I I]. op. Sarcophagus of Tshentehe ; text on lid, L. B. Text, i, [bottom]; op. Inscr$tions [&C.] in Ann. Serv. iv. 109 [S] (in MARIETTE, cit. 553 [I]; DARESSY, court of Cairo School of Medicine); name, WILKINSON S . * XI. I15 [left]. M





or xyq, good O W ~ O or m&%=, of name WEHEBRKI-EMAKHIV Tomb.' Overseer royal scribes. ' Campbell's (Entirely destroyed.)

Sections, PERRING, The Pyramids of Gizeh, Pt. iii, pl. xix [I-51; VYSE, Operations [&C.], ii, plates opposite pp. 131, 132 ; views, PERRING, cit. pl. XX. op. Substructure. One horizontal line of text round room, id. ib. pl. xix [g-121 ; VYSE,op. cit. ii, plate opposite p. 134 (but the position of the plate varies in different copies) ; L. D. iii. 277 f. Exterior. North and south walls, horizontal line of text, id. ib. 277 d, e. Sepulchral Chamber. op. Limestone casing of sarcophagus ; line of text at foot end, PERRING, cit. Pt. iii, pl. xix [S]; VYSE,op. cit. second plate opposite p. 132 [No. 81 ; line of text under lid, PERRING, cit. pl. xix [6] ; VYSE,op. cit. [NO. 61. op. Basalt sarcophagus, in Brit. hlus. 1384, Guide, Sculpture (rgog), pl. xxxi opposite op. p. 230 ; lid, PERRING, cit. Pt. iii, pl. xix [7] ; VYSE,op. cit. [NO. 71 ;text of lid, L. B. iii. 277 b. Shaft at south-east corner. Director of the gate, in Brit. hlus. 3, Granite sarcophagus of Nes-isut PERRING, cit. Pt. iii, pls. xxi, xxii; VYSE,op. cit. plates opposite pp. 136, 140, 142, op. 144 ; SHARPE, Inscr. I Ser. 74-7 ; see Guide, Sculpture (rgog), p. 229 [825.] Eg. Side chamber i n entrance shaft. n Greenstone sarcophagus of Ptahhotp P &L Overseer of the Treasury ; text of lid, a, L. D. iii. 277 c. cf. Text, i, p. I O I ; D E V ~ R Isqueezes*, 5384; names of mother and A deceased, L. D. Text, i, p. 101.


See L. B. Text, i, p.

GRAVE THIEHARPTO Commander of troops. Dyn. XXX OF &&L, or early Ptolemaic.

Wooden coffin ; texts, DARESSY, Insc~$iions d'zm cercrreil ptolei~~ai'pue fvouve'pr~~ des grandespyranzides in Ann. Serv. iii. 158-9.



zh, Royal wigmaker; Prophet of


RBfw6r and subsidiary tombs.

Buto ; &c.


Complete, SELIMHASAN and FOUAD BOGHDADY, Excavations a t Giza. Tomb of RC-Wr (in the Press). Presumably from this tomb. Inscr. Uiei.0. Ixv [upper Statue of Re'wer, in Cairo Mus. 199 ; titles, DE R O U G ~ , Sfatuen z ~ n d ~tatuetten (Cat. Caire), i, p. 135. middle] ; BORCHARDT, SOY9.S I



Three more statues of Re'wer, in Cairo Mus. 198, 200, 287 ; titles, id. ib. pp. 135, 136, 177. Ebony statue, probably son of deceased, found at feet of No. 198, in Cairo Mus. 815, id. ib. iii, pl. 151, cf. p. 109. Other statues of Re'wer from ' Gizeh ', in Cairo Mus. 197, 216, 2 1 7, 280 (?), 318 (?), 365-7, see id. ib. i, pp. 134, 144-5, 175, 185, 192-3 ; titles of No. 217, DE R o u ~ fInscr. , Hiei-o. vi [right].
Tomb of the ' Mother (?) of Khephren ' and associated remains.

KHA'(?)MERERNEBTI I , Khephren. (Inaccessible.)

daughter of Khufu, wife of

DARESSY, a tonzbe de la ~mkre Ch&en in Ann. Sem. x, pp. 41-9, with two plates. L de Das Grabdenkmal des Kdnlgs Chqhren, pl. ii. Plan, id. ib. p. 42 ; see HOLSCHER, Room C. I n niche in north wall, statue of Sekhem[ka]reC(?) [U] (p), King's son, DARESSY, Rapport sur les fouilles du Comk de Galarza in op. cit. pl. ii, cf. p. 44; see KAMAL, Ann. Sew. X. I 19 [top]. in south-east corner; texts, DARESSY, Statue of daughter Kha'merernebti I 1 op. cit. p. 44 ; KAMAL, cit. 118. op.



Entrance to Inner Hall.

Exterior lintel and right jamb ; texts of deceased and daughter, DARESSY, cit. 46 ; op. text of jamb, KAMAL, cit. I 19 [middle upper]. op. op. op. Interior right jamb ; text, DARESSY, cit. 46 ; KAMAL, cit. I 19 [middle lower].

T by KAMAL), Overseer of singing NEMA'ETRE' -2 (called z in the Great House; Prophet of the Sun-temple and priest of the Pyramid of Neuserre'. Dyn. V. south-west of last.

Hall. Texts of stela, and of deceased, wife, and son, id. ib. 121. Alabaster dish found in ddbris ; texts, id. ib. 1 2 0 . Fragment of stela of Iunes (?) Prophetess of Hathor, Old Kingdom, found Notes prises au cours des inspections in Ann. Sem. ix. go ; in tomb south of last, KAMAL, see id. op. cit. in Ann. Sem. x. I 16. Stamped bricks of Amenophis 11, and fragments of New Kingdom stelae ; texts, id. ib. I 17-18.


East group of miscellaneous tombs (including 94-100 of Lepsius).

ZS, 'd-my; Overseer of all works of the King; &c. Dyn. 94. RSWER IV-V. (Mastaba.)
Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. I 15. False door, L. D. ii. g5 e. (The sarcophagus is in Cairo Rlus. but not published.)

he&&, Prophet of the Sun-temple of NeferirkarEc; 95. WERKHUU Prophet of Menkaure' ; &c. Dyn. V. (Mastaba ; inaccessible.)
Plan and sections, L. D. i. 29 ; plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 115. View of door, L. D. i. 29.

Cemeteries east of Khephren Pyramid



North and south walls with nine lines of text each, L. D. ii. 43 c, d ; SETHE, UrA. i. 46-8 (29) ; titles, DE ROUGE, Rtcherches sur Zs Monuments [&C.], 85-6. e

Architrave, drum, and jambs, L. D. ii. 43 b ; architrave and drum, WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 46. South thickness, deceased standing, L. D. Evgunz. xxxix [d]. North thickness, titles of deceased, L. D. Text, i, p. 115.

East wall with entrance, five registers, deceased and family with relations, agriculture, boats, fishing and fowling with draw-nets, row of attendants, and fowling in papyrus-swamp, L. D. ii. 43 a ; three boats from third register (one reversed), and fowling-scene, DUEMICHEN, Fiotte, xxv 17, I I, 31. South wall, five registers, festival with musicians and dancers, and procession of estates, I,. D. Ergunz. xxxviii [left]. North wall, deceased, and five registers offering-bringers and butchers, id. ib. xxxviii [right]. West wall, niche with false door between two statues of deceased, L. D. ii. 44 a, cf. i. 29 [bottom]; thicknesses of niche, offering lists, id. ib. ii. 44 b, c; south thickness, ~ V I L K I N S OMSS. * xiii. 48 ;fragment of north thickness, in Berlin MUS.I 136, Atg. Insch. N Mus. Berlin, i. 16. Found in mastaba behind 96. Statue of Werkhu h@&, Overseer of scribes, in Berlin MUS. I r 13 ; titles, L. D. Text, i, p. I I 6 ; Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berl'in, i. r 6.


Plan, L.D. Text, i , p . 119. Measurement marks, L.D. Texf, i, pp. I 18-19 ; LEPSIUS, e ult-aegypfische Elle, D i

96. KAMENI or U={

Entrance. Hall.

z{, ruler. Royal


Dyn. V. (Rock-tomb.)

Architrave, L. D. ii. 40 a. West wall, deceased and family between two false doors, L. D. ii. 40 b.

97. H A R S I ~kyd;, Opener of the mouth of God. Saite. ~SI

Fragments of two sarcophagi ; texts, L. D. Text, i, p.
I zo



Granite sarcophagus (then in possession of the antiquity dealer, Massara), found in i. shaft, L. D. 30, cf. Text, i, p. I z I ; WILD MSS.* iii. 38.

99. N ~ ~ F E R Royal director of hairdressers ; Secretary. Dyn. 62, IV-V. (Rock-tomb.)

Plan, L. D. i. 31.

Drum and jambs, L. D. ii. 95 f, cf. Text, i, p.

1 0 0 .


See id. ib. pp.

Plan and view, L,D. i. 31.

through F
t o 87
P e r . . . (Leps. 88). From L. D. Text, i, p. 105. Nekauri? (Leps. 87). From L. D. T c x f , i, p.
~ o j .

Sekhemkare' (Leps. 89). From L. D. Text, i, p. 108.



'I'hery. From Petrie, Gizeh and Rzyeh, pl. xxxvii.

Nebemakhet (Leps. 86). From L. D. Tcxt, 1, p. 102.

Debhen (Leps. go). From L. D. Text, i, p. I I I .

Cemeteries east ofl(Ciephren Pyramid NESUT-PU-NOTER $a-' 03. Dyn. V. (Mastaba.)

Great Hall.

Door to a small room. Lintel with names of six Kings, ZadefrC' to Sahure'; names, GAUTHIER, roi Zoo@-/ Le successeur imntidaf de Khot&u-Kh~oopr in Ann. Sew. xxv. 180. Rock-tombs 86-02 of Lepsius. Plan and view of site, L. D. i. 28 ;plan of tombs 87-89, M A R I E T T E , M u s ~[top].~ s , ~ ~~



NEBEMAKHET -l$g, Chief scribe of God's book ; &c. ; son of Mencheres and Meres'ankh 111. (cf.Tomb 12, supra p. g.)
Plan, L. D. Text, i, p.
Outer Hall.

(I)-(2) Deceased (cut out) watching four registers, fowling, bringing animals, boats, &C., L. D. ii. 12 a, cf. Text, i, p. 103 ; fowling-scene, WILKINSON MSS.* iv. 69; men with geese, and fowling with draw-net, BURTON M%.* 25621, 75 verso-76; boat from I;Zotte, xxv [z]; titles, DE R o u ~ fRecherches sur les Mbnuments , fourth register, DUEMICHEN, [&C.], P. 57. (3)-(4) Five registers (bottom one destroyed), marsh scene and estates, L. I). ii. I 2 b ; WILKINSON MSS.* iv. 67 ; first to fourth registers, NESTOR ' H ~ T E L MSS.* 20406, ' Tombeau du temps de Kheops ', B, E, F (squeezes); top register, men bringing and M. ii. preparing fish, WILKINSON, and C. iii. 56, 57 (Nos. 344, 345) = ed. BIRCH, 118-19 (Nos. 373, 374) ; second register, two men carrying hedgehog, hare, and young gazelles in boxes, gazelle and young one, id, ib. 9 (No. 320) = ed. BIRCH, ii. 83 (No. 348) ; omitting man with hedgehog, BURTON MSS.* 2562 I, 72, 73 ; man and gazelles, Descr. de Z'~g~pfe, v, pl. 17 [g] ;HAY*, Ant. 29821, 95 ; third and fourth registers, men bringing MSS.* ii. 41 ; third register, Descr. papyrus to boat and cattle crossing water, BONOMI de L'&ypte, Ant. v, pl. 18 [7] ; DUEMICHEN, Hofie, xxv [I left] ; fourth register, boat Flotte, xxv [I right] ; fifth and crane, Descr. de Z'$ypfe, Ant. v, pl. 18 [S] ; DUEMICHEN, Ant. v, pl. 18 [S] ; names of estates, register, procession of estates, Descr. de ~dgypfe, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 549 [bottomj ; end of boat from harpooning scene, BURTON MSS.* 25619, 44 [lower]. Entrance to Inner Hall. (5) Outer thickness; titles, &C., L. D. ii. 1 2 c ; SETHE,U k i. 16 (12). r. (6) Inner thickness; bottom register, men overthrowing bull (much destroyed), Descr. de Z'Agypie, Ant. v, PI. 18 [6] ; L. D. ii. 14 b ; BURTON MSS.* 25621, 74. (7) Inner thickness ; two bottom registers, men leading animals, L. D. ii. I4 C.
Inner Hall.

(8)-(10) Above and either side of door, butchers and male dancers, deceased and relatives, and men with bier and bringing sacks, id. ib. 14 a, cf. Text, i, p. 104 ; two men with bier, Desw. de Z'kgy)te, Ant. v, pl. 47 [31; BURTON MSS.* 25621, 70; the bier MiscelZen in A.Z. xxxv. 168. (corrected drawing), BORCHARDT, (10) Third register, three men and boy bringing sacks, Desc~. rigypte, Ant. v, pl. de 18 [I]. (11)-(12) Deceased and wife before four registers of industries, L. D. ii. 13; top MSS.* iv. 68; right part, BURTON MSS.* 25621,82; two register, wine-making, WILKINSON men with jars and the winepress, Descr. de L'$a$te, Ant. v, pls. r 7 [IS], 18 [2] ; second register, right, four makers of stone vases, id. ib. pl. 17 [S] ; third register, furnace and MSS.* 25621, 87, 84. metal-hammerers, and baboon from fourth register, BURTON

(13)-(14) Bringing offerings, L. D.Xrganz. xxxiv [a].

Z 87. NEKAURE'Y , Vizier; Greatest of the Five in the Temple of Thoth ; &C.; son of Khephren.
Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 105; section, L. D. i. 28. Room 11. (I) Deceased before offerings, L. D. Erganz. xxxv [lower]. (2)-(3) Offering-bringers before deceased, id. ib. xxxv [upper] ; deceased, WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 62. (4)-(5) North wall, deceased and wife receive five registers produce of estates, L. D. ii. 15 b. Room 111. (6) Top of stela, L. D. ii. 15 a [left and middle], cf. Texf, i, p. 106 ; BURTON MSS.* 25619, 47 [top, and middle right] ; WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 63 [upper] ; part of text of legacy, SETHE,Urk. i. 16-1 7 ( I 3). Mastabas, 549 [top] (7) Titles of deceased and wife, L. D. ii. 15 a [right] ; MARIETTE, (said to be from exterior); CHAMPOLLION, Descr. ii. 480 [top] ; BURTON Not. MSS.* 25619, 47 [middle left].


PER. . .

z , wife ; King's daughter of his body; &c. &Royal

Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 105; NESTORL ' H ~ T E MSS.* 20396, 313 [upper] ; section, L. D. i. 28. South pillar. (I) Titles of Queen, L. D. ii. 152 c, cf. Text, i, p. 108 ; MARIETTE, Mastabas, 550 [left]; NESTORL ' H ~ T E MSS.* 20396, 313 [lower left]; omitting first title, CHAMPOLLION, Not. Descr. ii. 480 [middle].

O,/(feg, 89. SEKHEMKARE'Secretary of the toilet-house; &c. ; son of

Khephren. (Inaccessible.)
Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 108 ; see MARIETTE, Mastabas, 546-7.

(I) Drum, L. D. ii. 41 c ; WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 59 [right].

Outer Hall.

(2)-(3) Remains of scenes of industry on either side of doorway, L. D. Erganz. xxxvi. (4) Wife of deceased with eldest son, remains of boats, id. ib. xxxvii; wife and child, L. D. ii. 42 b. (5)-(6) List of offerings between false doors, L. D. ii. 42 c, cf. Text, i, p. 111. (7)-(8) Ornamental false door, and five cartouches above doorway, L. D. ii. 41 a, and Text, i, pp. 109-10; the cartouches, DE R o u ~ fRecherches sur Zes Monunzents [&C.], 77 ; , SHARPE, Inscr. 2 Ser. 38,ll. 31-5; WILKINSON Eg. MSS.* xiii. 61; four cartouches, D E V ~ R I A squeezes*, 5385, F. (g) Offerings and dancers before deceased and wife, L. D. ii. 41 b. (10) Deceased and wife receive produce of estates, L. D. ii. 42 a, cf. Texf, i, p. 109 ; part, WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 60; names of a few of the estates, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 547.


Overseer of the august places of the Great House ; &c. Temp. Mencheres.


See MARIETTE, Mastabas, 546 [top, a] ;NESTORL ' H ~ T E MSS. * 20396,335. Plan and MSS.* 20396, 3 12 section, L. D. i. 27 ; plan, L. D. Text, i, p. I I I ; NESTORL ' H ~ T E

Cemeteries east of Khephren Pyramid


[lower]. Views of entrance, CASSAS,Voyage Pittoresque, iii. 88, 89 ; BURTON MSS.* Deceased with titles from (4) and (6), part of text at (8)-(g), two harpists 2 562 I, 7 7. from (6), and two groups of butchers from (10)-(XI), WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 56-9 [left].

(I)-(2) and (3) Architrave and drum, L. D. ii. 37 a ; architrave, BRUGSCH, Monumens, xiv [3]; NESTORL ' H ~ T E MSS.* 20396, 311 [upper]; BURTONMSS.* 25621, 88; WILKINSON MSS.* iv. 22, xiii. 55. (4) Inner thickness ; deceased and son entering tomb, L. D. ii. 36 b ; NESTOR L'H~TE MSS.* 20396, 311 [lower]; monkey behind deceased, BURTONMSS.* 25621, 78 verso [upper], 92 verso [middle left], 93 verso. (5) Inner thickness; deceased and daughter entering, L. D. ii. 36 a ; dog behind deMSS.* 25621, 78 verso [lower], 92 verso [middle left], 93 verso. ceased with text, BURTON
R o o m I.

(6) Five registers, offerings, musicians, and dancers, before deceased, L. D. ii. 36 c ; NESTORL ' H ~ T EM%.* 20396, 312 [upper] ; HAY*, 29821, 8 7 ; deceased and titles, BRUGSCH, Monumens, xiv [4] ; deceased with monkey under chair, Descr. de Z'kgyjte, Ant. v, pl. 47 [4]; fourth register, harper and clapper, BURTONMSS.* 25621, 79 [left lower]; bottom register, one male and one female dancer with dwarf, Descr. de l'kgypte, Ant. v, pl. 17 [z, 31 ; female dancer, two clappers, and dwarf, BURTON MSS.* 25621, 79 [upper]. (7) Titles of deceased, L. D. Text, i, p. 112. (8)-(g) Thirteen niches with statues, L. D. i. 27 ; text above, recording building of tomb by Mencheres, L. D. ii. 37 b ; SETHE, Urk. i. 18-21 (14).
Room 11.

(10)-(11) Offering-list with two registers bringing animals &C., beneath it, before deceased at door of tomb receiving offerings, with dancers below, L. D. ii. g 5 ; one male dancer and girl clapper, BURTONMSS.* 25621, 80, 92 verso [top right] ; offering-list, DUEMICHEN, e r Grabpalast des Pakamenap [&C.], i, pls. xviii-xxvi [c]; one group B butchers, BURTON MSS. *2562 I, 25; D ~ v % R ~ ~ s q u e e z5383, D; two priest sand offering-list, es*, BURTON MSS.* 25621, 85, 89 ; bottom register, bringing animals and birds, id. ib. 78; man carrying fox, two men with ibex and oryx, and man carrying goose, Descr. de Z'xgyple, Ant. v, pl. 18 [ IO] ; door of tomb, CHAMPOLLION, Descr. ii. 481 [lower] ; one dancer, Not. Descr. de l'&~jte, Ant. v, pl. 17 [4]. (12) At bottom, block with remains of marsh scene, hippopotamus and fish, L. D. Brganz. xxxiv [b]; hippopotamus, BURTON MSS.* 2562 I, 79 [left lower]. Hippopotamushunt in marshes, possibly from here, HAY*,29821, 86.


az--y, Overseer of the scribes of the Land.

Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 113.


See MARIETTE, Mastabas, 543, 546 [X]. West wall. False door, L. D. ii. 94 d.


Vizier; Chancellor; Greatest of the Five in the Temple of Thoth ; &c. ; son of Khephren.

MARIETTE, Mastabas, 547 [b]. Plan, sections, and elevation, L. D. i. ag ; plan, MARIETTE, cit. 543 [bottom] ; elevation, id. ib. 545. op. Entrance. Architrave, and drum, L. D. ii. 34 g ; architrave, MARIETTE, cit. 547-8; op. ends omitted, BRUGSCH, Monumens, xiv [I] ; drum with titles from architrave, DE ROUGI?, Inscr. Uiiro. lxv [bottom].

Cemetery east of Mencheres Pyramid.

Rock-tomb, 93 of Lepsius.

Inspector of priests; Master of ceremonies; Inspector 93. SETHU of the garden ; &c. Dyn. V or VI.
Plan, L. B. Texf, i, p. 114. North Boom. West and south walls, false door and deceased with wife Pepi 38 b, c. South Room. \Vest wall, north of false door, deceased with wife Khentut


4 and family, L. D. ii.

ZnbP, B. ii. 38 a. L.

Q u a r r y s o u t h of Pyramid-temple. View of north-west corner, REISNERand FISHER, Preliminary Report [&C.] in Ann. Sew. xiii, pl. xii.

TOMB K H U E N R 2,son of Mencheres and Kha'merernebti 11. OF E'~

See id. ib. p. 251 ; REISNER, cit. in Boston Mus. Bull. Oct. 192 7, p. 7 4 . op. Statuette found in debris of offering-chamber, in Boston Mus., Handbook (1g30), 13 ; FISHER, E m t i a n GaLZeries in Boston MW. Bull. Oct. 1914, p. 40. New

Eastern Ridge south of Arab Cemetery.

D y n . V-VI. Plans, PETRIE,Gizeh and Rt;feh, pl. vii c, cf. pp. 8, g. Lintel and drum of Neferherenptah Royal treasurer of the granary, in Manchester Mus., lintel of Akh-ib %V I, Overseer of the magazine, in Fitzwilliam illus. Cambridge, lintel of Perni-'ankh Sailor, &C., in Philadelphia Mus., and two Overseer of physicians, in Cairo Mus. and lintels with drums of Redenptah-wer in Liverpool Mus., PETRIE,op. cit. pl. vii A. Statue of ' Res-he-nofr ' in Manchester Mus., id. ib. pl. vii B [top right]. , Altar of Hepfre' Royal priest, in Philadelphia Mus., id. ib. pl. vii B [bottom right]. Inspector of builders,in Manchester Mus.,and of Seshemniifer Altars of Nezem Q Scribe of the granary, id. ib. pl. vii D. Two false doors of Thenti Overseer of linen of the Pyramids of Khufu and Notes prises au cours des inspections in Ann. Sem. ix. Khephren, Dyn. IV ; texts, KAMAL, 86-7. Saite tombs, i n c l u d i n g 101-106 of Lepsius. Rock-tombs in east face.

El 1 L,

z"--..fy, 1 A,






HOR2, Opener of the Mouth of God.

Texts on ushabtis, L. D. Text, i, pp. 122-3.


UZAHOR, called PSAMMETHEK-51-SEKHMET ] ( ~ ~ Royal herald.

See L. D.Text, i, p. 124.


Plans and sections, L. D. i. 3 r, cf. Text, i, pp. I 23, I a j.

Eastern Ridge THERY Q, Overseer of the Sons of the House. =Q

See Petrie, Gizeh and Rgeh, pp. 28-9.
South Hall I.

Plan, id. ib. pl. xxxvii.

Musicians and man offering, id. ib. PI. xxxvi A [upper]. Deceased and wife, id. ib. pl. xxxvi C [right]. (3) Two registers, deceased, id. ib. pl. xxxvi G [middle right].

Central Hall 11.

(4) Three registers, weighing soul with hippopotamus below, deceased adoring Geb, and adoring Apis-bull in boat, id. ib. pls. xxxvi G [middle left], xxxii [lower right]. (5) Three registers, deceased offers to Sokari-bark, to Osiris, and to Isis, id. ib. pl. xxxvi G [right]. Entranoe to West HalL (6) South thickness. Wife, id. ib. pl. xxxvi G [left].
West Hall 111.

(7) and (8)Guardians of the underworld with text, id. ib. pls. xxxvi F, xxxvi E, xxxvi A [lower left]. (g) Anubis with mummy, Isis and Nephthys, and guardians of the underworld below, id. ib. pl. xxxvi D.
Entrance to East Hall.
( 0 1 )



Thicknesses. North side, deceased, south side, wife, id. ib. pl. xxxiii

East Hall IV.
(12) vathor embraces mummy, id. ib. pl. xxxiii [left]. (13) Anubis embraces mummy, id. ib. pls. xxxii [lower left], xxxiii [right]. (14)Two Anubis jackals on thrones, and two sons offering before deceased, id. ib. pls. xxxvi B [top], xxxvi. (15) Deceased before Thoth and six ram-headed gods, id. ib. pl. xxxv. (16) Two sons offering before deceased, id. ib. pl. xxxiv.

North Hall V. (I 7) Deceased before dad-pillar, id. ib. pt. xxxvi B [lower right]. (18) Deceased before Osiris with feather-headed Ma'et, id. ib. pls. xxxvi left], xxxii [upper left], xxxvi A [lower right]. (19)Osiris between two goddesses, id. ib. pl. xxxvi C [left].


in Boston Mus., and of another, in Brussels Mus., id. ib. Stelae of Harrnakhi pl. xxvii N [3, 41. Coffins of Amenrekhes daughter of Zeho &C.,id. ib. pls. xxxi [lower], xxxi A [lower], xxxviii B [top left], xxxi B [lower], xxxvii A [top right], cf. p. 29.



3 P,

WEHEBRE son of AT$-. (Rock-cut.) @TV,

Sarcophagus ; text, KAMAL, cit. in Ann. Sew. ix. 85-6. op. (For tombs of Pedubaste and Ptahordais, see Addendum, p. 240.)

Exact Position Unknown.


WERIRNI L=, Chancellor of the King of Lower Egypt; Great Staff

of Apis; &C. Dyn. IV.

East of Great Pyramid, but exact position unknown.


Sarcophagus with panther-skin i r ~ relief on lid, from north pit, in Cairo Mus. 48078, GAUTHIER, sarcophage No. 6007 du Musk du Caire in Ann. Sem. xxx, pl. i, pp. I 78-9 ; Le CAPART and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 331, fig. 316.

IYNEFERT jig, Secretary; Inspector of priests; Overseer of the Pyramid of Menkaure' ; &c. I n Carlsruhe Museum.
W IEDEMANN and PORTNER, Aegy$tische Grabreliefs aus der Grossherzogdichen Altertiimer-Sammdung zu Karlsruhe, pls. i-vi, and pp. 3-3 1.

THETHI Overseer of the Pyramid of Khephren ; &c. Dyn. IV

I n British Museum. BIRCH,D:scr$tion o a n Egyptian Tomb in Archaeologia, xxix, pp. I I 1-26, pls. f xiii-xv. Plan, id. ib. pl. xiii [bottom]. hlSS.* iv. 26 Two false doors with thicknesses, and jamb, Nos. 157 A-c, WILKINSON [left, right], 60-5 ; incomplete, LEPSIUS, Auswahl, viii [A-D] ; Hiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pls. 5-7 ; dedication-text on jamb, SETHE,Urk. i. I 5 ( I I) ; text on jamb, and titles from false , doors, Guide, Sculpture ( ~ g o g ) pp. 8-9. (For tomb of Prince Kha'emweset, see Addendum, p. 240.)

z, 9

Lintels, false doors, and blocks, from tombs.

Lintel of Sernfifer Prophet of the Sun-temple of Userkaf, Prophet of Sahure', Overseer of sculptors, Dyn. V ; text, DENNIS, New O&ciads oofthe IVth to Vth Dynasties in P . S B . A . xxvii, p. 32, No. 2.


y&$, Kingdom; Old

Lintel of Sezemu ?Q&, and false doors of Nebu and Neferth6tep (?) texts, id. ib. pp. 32-4, Nos. 3, 5, 11. 00 , in Brit. Mus. 1228, Hiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 8 ,)l, False door of Mert-tefes , [right] ; see Guide, Sculpture ( ~ g o g ) p. 4. False door and drum of 'Ankh-haf Scribe of the Treasury, Dyn. IV, in Brit. Mus. 527, 529, 530, 535, Hiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 18 ; Guide, Sculpture (rgog), p. 15 . L45 -1. False door of Khenu Inspector of priests of Menkaure', Dyn. IV, in Brit. Mus. 1272, Hiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 8 [left] ; see Guide, Sculpture (rgog), p. 10 1311. Overseer of vineyards, Dyn. IV, in Brit. Mus. 130, Hiero. Texts False-door of Ifi [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 14; see Guide, Sculpture (rgog), p. 15 [44].




False door of Neferseshem-Khufu ,& 1-8, called Sheshi Royal scribe of accounts, Dyn. IV, in Brit. Mus. 1282, Hiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 15 [right] ; Guide to the Egyptian Coldections (rgo9), pl. iii ; (1930), p. 106, fig. 39 ; see Guide, Sculpture (1909)) PP. 6-7 0-0 False door of Kamu and Thentet , Dyn. IV, in Brit. Mus. 528, WILKINSON ilISS. * iv. 2 7 ; incomplete, Hiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. I 7 [left] ; see Guide, , Sculpture ( ~ g o g ) p. 16 [47]. Pyramidal stela of Khuu Overseer of interpreters, Dyn. IV or V (probably from here), in Brit. Mus. 199, Hiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 21 [upper left] ; see Guide, Sculpture (rgog), p. 21 [67]. False door and offering-table of Wash-ka $\'E;', Overseer of the storehouse of the Suntemple of Userkaf, Dyn. V, in Brit. Mus. 1156, Hiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pls. 22, 23 ; see Guide, Sculpture (rgog), p. 2 0 [63].

@ & =g, F ]


Exact Position Unknown


and PleryrEr-nilfer Chancellor of the King of Lower Egypt, &C., temp. Pepy I, in Brit. Mus. 1341, 1342, 1319, 1159, Hiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pls. 34-7 [left] ; see Guide, Sculpture ( ~ g o g ) p. 23 [75, 761 ; NO. 1341, id. ib. pl. ii opposite , in Brit. Mus. 1330, Uiero. Tkxts [&C.], p. 23. False door of his wife Behenu l:&, Pt. i, pl. 37 [right] ; see Guide, Sculpture (rgog), p. 27 [SS]. False door of Nisuptah Royal scribe of accounts in the Presence, Dyn. VI, and found near tomb of 'Ankhuza (cf. supra p. 41)) in Hildesheim Mus. 2388, IPPEL BenkmaZer . . . HiZdeshei7n, p. 63, Abb. IS, cf. pl 11 [b] ; LUGN,Ausgewahlte ROEDER, Denkmubr aus agyjtischen Sa?nnzZungenin Schweden, Abb. I, opposite p. 14; see JUNKER, Vorben'cht in Anze&er, Wien, 19 14,p. I 62.


Two false-doors, lintel. and four reliefs, of Kar

( ] m&k,

A ~ T , names good


Overseer of scribes, Dyn. VI, in Brit. False door of Pepy-hebsed Eg. Mus. 112, SHARPE, Inscr. I Ser. 14; Hiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 41 [left]; see Gzbide, Sculpture (rgog), p. 27 [89]. False-door of Sennu ,Inspector of the magazine of the Sun-temple of NeuserrC, Dyn. VI, in Brit. Mus. 1136, Hiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 27; Guide, Sculpture (rgog), pl. iv opposite p. 25. Architrave and block of Ruzka 8- , Inspector of priests of the Pyramid of Khephren, Dyn. IV, in Brit. Mus. 1268, 1269, Hiero. Texts [&c 1, Pt. i, pl. 20 [lower] ; see Guide, Sculpture (rgog), pp. 7-8 [ 2 2 , 231. Two blocks of Buntifer King's son of his body, Dyn. IV, in Brit. Mus. 1273, 1274, Hiero. Texk [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 28 [lower middle] ; see Guide, Sculpture (rgog), pp. 21-2 [68, 691. Block with relief of woman Thethi ,Q, Dyn. V, in Brit. Mus. 1161, Hiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 29 ; see Guide, Sculpture ( ~ g o g )p. 19 [60]. , Relief of Wethenia &=Q , good name Peni , Dyn. VI, holding bow, in Brit. Mus. 647, Hiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 28 [right lower] ; see Guide, Sculpture (rgog), p. 26 [841. Blocks with reliefs, offering-bringers, &C., from a mastaba, Dyn. IV-V, in Brit. Mus. 864-9, Hiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. vi, pls. 13-15. Block with three registers, boat-building, boys playing games, agriculture and fishing, from a mastaba, Dyn. IV-V, in Brit. Mus. 994, id. ib. pl. 17. Stone of Ptahmosi [I, built into Arab tomb ; text, L. D. Text, i, p. 126. Left jamb of Redeptah-wer Prophet of Zadefre' ; text, DE R O U G ~Inscr. , Hie?i-o. lxii [top]; see MARIETTE, Mastabas, 564-5 [V]. Niche of small false door of Neferen Overseer of the magazine, and Nefershemem Dyn. 111, in Brussels, Musdes Royaux du Cinquantenaire, E. 1835 WEILL, a L IIe Z IIP Dynasties in Ann. Mus. Guimet, xxv, p. 317 ; SPELEERS, des Inscr. &. et a Rec. 6 [40]. Harbes Chief of the tribunal, Dyn. XXVI ; texts from tomb, DE ROLJGB, Inscr. Hiiro. lxvi [bottom].



07 7





AB, &S,


KhefrCc-inkh , Beautifier, Royal director of hairdressers ; titles, id. ib. Ix [upper]. (GAUTHIER, Livre des Rois, i. 86 ( I ) refers to Tomb 75, but titles d o not tally.) Le Seshemnufer [I-&, Overseer of the scribes of royal documeqt~ titles and names of ; op. relatives, DE ROUGA, cit. lxiv [lower]. Seshemntifer [I-&, First under the King ; titles, id. ib. Ixv [lower middle].

Tablet with testamentary enactment of endowment of tomb, Old Kingdom, found Thes. 1210-12 ; near Second Pyramid, in Cairo Mus. 1452 ; text, id. ib. i ; BRUGSCH, SETHE, Urk. i. 11-15 (10). Jambs of 'Ankh-haf Overseer of the garden of the Great House, Dyn. V-VI, bought in 1900 at Kafr el-Batran, near the Pyramids. Right jamb, in Berlin Mus. 15321, SPIEGELBERG, Ausgewahlte Kunst-Denkntaler der Aegypfischen Sammbng (Strassburg), pl. i [I a ] ; part of figure of deceased, MADSEN, Eia Kiinsflenichs Experimnt im Alfen Reiche in AZ. xlii, p. 68, Abb. 3 ;text, Aeg. 11nschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 26. Left jamb, in Strassburg, Invent. 13611, SPIEGELRERG, cit. pl. i [I]. op. Kha'emwBet er=?, Overseer of the royal wig, Dyn. XIX; fragment of relief with Bilder des ' Zerbrechensder Kriige ' part of funeral procession, in Cairo Mus., BORCHARDT, in A;Z. Ixiv, pl. i [4], cf. p. 15. Bas-relief of Nefertennesut in Cairo Mus. ; titles of deceased and wife, DE R O U G ~Z S C Y .Uilro. iv [bottom]. ~, Fragment of bas-relief with injured text, Dyn. III-IV, and two fragments, Dyn. IV-V and XVIII-XIX, in Rrussels, MusCes Royaux du Cinquantenaire, E. 5267, E. 4605, E. 2385, SPELEERS, tit. 4 [371, 7 [47], 39 [I&]. OP. Offering-dish of Keki Old Kingdom ; text, DENNIS, =it. in P.S.B.A. xxvii, op. p. 34, Xo. 8. Plaque of Seshemu 1 2 and Semut h l n , Dyn. III-IV, in Brussels, Musees 8 Royaux du Cinquantenaire, E. 759 ; text, SPELEERS, cit. 6 [42]. op. Fragments re-used in village of Kafr el-Batran, L. D. ii. 94 a, b, 95 a-d, and Text, i, pp. 126-7. Fragment of column of Ramesses IV; text, MASPERO, Notes sur puelques points de Grammaire et d'Histoire in dZ. xix. I I 6 (xvii b).


$A, &T


Coffin of Weta Secretary of the Pyramid of Menkaure', end of Dyn. IV, rlTotes et Re7nargues in Rec. de Trav. xiv. 165 [liv] ;SETHE, in Cairo Mus. ;texts, DARESSY, Urk. i. 22 (15). Priest, Dyn. XXVI ;text, L. D. iii. 277 a, cf. Text, Lid of sarcophagus of Hor i, p. 126. Sarcophagus of Hor son of Unniifer, WILKINSON &lSS:* ii. 38 verso-gg.


g, l',

Red granite statue of Bez-mosi sculptor and boat-builder, Dyn. I11 or IV, in and Gallery o Anfig. pl. 50, f Brit. Mus. I 7 I, from Salt Collection, ARUNDALE BONOMI, fig. 177; WEILL, La Ile rf la I I I e Dynasties in Ann. Mus. Guimef, xxv, pl. i, cf. pp. 255-7; BUDGE, ' t i a n Sculptures in the Bnyish Museunz (1914)~ i ; HALL ROSS, E plin The A r t of Egypt through the Ages, p. roo [4] ; text, Niero. Texts [&C.], Pt. vi, pl. rg [upper left], cf. Guide, Sculpture ( ~ g o g )p. 2 [S]. , Nekaunebti Dyn. V, in Cairo Mus. 82, BORCHARDT, Stafuen undSfafueffen (Cat. Caire), i, pl. 19, p. 66. Dyn. IV, in Cairo Mus. 48, id. ib. i, pl. 12, pp. 43-4. Kitsen Huti husband of Kitsen, Dyn. IV, in Cairo Mus. 64, id. ib. pl. 16, p. 56. Limestone double-statue of Imsu and wife Wati, Old Kingdom, in Glyptothek, Munich, Denknzaler, 6 ; see FURTWANGLER, Beschreibung der G& tothek Konigs LudwQs I BISSING, zu Miinche?~ (1916), 31, N. 28 a. 0 Limestone statue group of Mert-tefes , , Royal ornament, and boy Khenu ) l ,0

A m, y



-9nI-, &iI]\,

Exad Position Unknown



-a&, Old Kingdom, in Leyden Mus. D. 125, LEEMANS, Mon. Leyden, ii, pl. xxii; Aeg. CAPART, Recueil de Mon. dg. v. iv, Les du Ushabtis in Cairo Mus., LORET, ~tafueffesfunt?raires Musk de BouZaq in Rec. de Trao. iv. r 11 (775-904).
Late Stelm. Horus on the crocodiles, Roman, in Cairo Mus. 9423, DARESSY, Textes et Dessins Magiques (Cat. Caire), pl. X, cf. pp. 33-4. Haremhab offering to REc-Harakhti, in Brussels, MusCes Royaux du Cinquantenaire E. 76 I ; text, SPELEERS, &S Inscr. dg. 3 7 [I~s]. Rec.
Ptahhotp Ne'ankh-Min Theset




Offering-niches. Old Kingdom, DENNIS, cit. in P.S.B.A. xxvii, p. 34, No. g. op. Dyn. V, id. ib. p. 33, No. 7. Old Kingdom, id. ib. p. 32, No. r.

Offering-tables. Hep $A, Dyn. IV, in Cairo Mus. 23074, KAMAL, Tables d90fiandes (Cat. Caire), pl. xvi [upperl, p. 62. 83 Intkaes :$ U, ! and~hretenkhenut~-::)a, Dyn. VI, in Brit. Mus. r 175, I I 76, Hiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 44 [right]; see Guide, Sculpture (rgog), p. 28 193, 941. Hatherordais Saite, in Cairo Mus. 23039, KAMAL, cit. pl. XV, p. 31. op. No name, Dyn. 111-IV, in Brussels, Musees Royaux du Cinquantenaire, E. 949; text, SPELEERS, des Insc~. 4 [38]. Rec. ig.


FROM EL-G~ZA TO A B ~ S ~ R Royal Mastabas.

ROYALMASTABA. DYN.I. Half-way between Pyramids and Zawyet cl-'Aryan.
Name of King Zet on sealings, DARESSY, Pdzjfce archai'que h Nezlel Batran in Ann. Un Serv. vi, pp. 102-3 ; plan and section, p. too, fig. I ; plan, PETRIE,Gizeh and Ryeh, pl. vi, cf. pp. 2-3.
AND 111. At south end of ridge above First Dynasty mastaba. Plans and sections of Dyn. I11 (?) mastaba [PETRIE,vii, cf. pp. 7-81, COVINGTON, Masfaba mountExtavationsin Ann. Sem. vi, figs. I, 2, 4, 5, cf. pp. 193-218. Sealings of Neter-en -, Dyn. 11, in Brussels and Manchester Museums, PETRIE, op. cit. pl. v E [bottom].




Plan and sections, BARSANTI, Ouve~fure Zapyramide de ZaouiPt eZ-Ary& in Ann. de Sew. ii, pp. 93, 94, figs. 2, 3 ; with views, id. Rouilles de ZaouiPt eZ-Aryifn in Ann. Sew. vii, L'Arf pp. 262, 263, figs. I, 2, pls. i-iii; id. ib. viii, pp. 202-3, figs. 11-13 ; views, CAPART, Egyptien (rgog), pls. I, 2 ; CAPART WERBROUCK, and Mentphis, pp. 21-7, figs. 18-24.

PYRAMID,SOUTH-WESTOF LAST. KHA'BA B$. Plan, section, and views, REISNER FISHER, and Th Work o th Natztard Universityf

in Bosfon Mus. Bull. Dec. 19 I I, pp. 55, 57, 58.

Cemeteries. Dyn. I, 11, 111, X V I I I , a n d Roman. Mastaba found in Dyn. I11 Cemetery; eight marble bowls with name of Kha'ba, see id. ib. p. 59. Graffiti on blocks, cartouches of Neferka, or Nebka, Dyn. 111, BARSANTI, Fouilles de ZaouiLt el-AV& in Ann. Sem. vii. 266-81, xii. 60-1 ; cf. BORCHARDT, Grabdenkmal Das des Konigs Ne-user-re', p. 79.

temp. Amenophis 11, found at Zawyet Abi MusalUshabtis of Kenamiin lem, DARESSY, Les statuettes funei-aires trouve'es h Zawiet Abou Mesallam in Ann. Sew. xix. I 50-1 (see Bibl. i, p. I 25).







Adapted from

BORCHARDT, GrabJenknzal des Konigs',i, pl. 2. Das

General plan, I,. D. i. 32 ; VYSE, Operations [&C.], iii, plate opposite p. 13; DE MORGAN, Carte de la Ne'cropole Memphife, 11; BORCHARDT, a s Grabdenkmal des D Konks S'a~bu-re', i, pl. 2.


Neuser~t?, called also Pyramid of Riga or Abzi-Gurab, qfj.

(XV of LEPSIUS.) BORCHARDT BISSING, a s Re-Heil&fum des Kontgs Ne- Woser-re (Rathures), i, in D passim ; see L. D. Text, i, pp. 129-30 ; BISSINGand KEES, Lintersuchungen zu den Reliefs aus dem Re-Heilktum des Rathures in Abhand. d. Bayer. Akad. d. Wiss. (Phil. Hist. Kl.), vol. xxxi, Abhand. 3 ( I ~ z z ) passim; SCHAFER, , Vorlaufiger Bericht iiber die Ausgrabungen bei Abusir im Winter z898/99 in A.z. xxxvii. 1-9 ; BORCHARDT, Vorliiujiger Bericht [&C.] in A.2. xxxviii. 94-103. Plan, BORCHARDT BISSING,D a s Rein HeilI;etunt [&C.], i, Blatt 2. Reliefs from walls, BISSING and KEES, B a s Re-HeiII;etunt des Konks Ne- Woser-re (Rathures), ii ; KEES, ib. iii. (The reliefs are now in Cairo and Berlin Museums.)

East (entrance) wall, fifth register from bottom, three figures of King in procession and two of King running with vase [BISSING and KEES, ii, Blatt 13 (33 b), cf. Text, pp. 12-13], KEES,D e r Opfertanz des agyptischen Kontgs, pl. vi, Abb. I I, p. 281, Nr. 53. West (rear) wall (probably), King fixing poles for temple measurement and kneeling with vases, in Berlin Mus. [BISSING KEES,ii, Blatt I (z), cf. Text, p. IS], BORCHARDT, and op. cit. in A.2. xxxviii, pl. v [upper right]. and Die Block from south half [= KEES,iii. 161, SCHAFER ANDRAE, Kunst [&C.], 243.


Blocks, in Berlin Museum. Fragments of beb-sed festival scenes, 14089, 14090, 14091, 14092 [KEES, iii, pls. 7 ( I ~ o ) ,g (193, 1g4), 14 (246)], SCHAFER, cit. in A.Z. xxxvii, pl. i, cf. p. 2 ; see op. Ausfiihr. Verzeichnis (1899), p. 42. and KEES, ii, Beiblatt B], see Block with priests and officials, 14094, 14095 [BISSING Ausfiihr. Verzeichnis (1899), p. 43. op. Block with scenes of the seasons, BORCHARDT, cit. in A.Z. xxxviii, pl. v [left Atlas, i. 378 ; ARMBRUSTER ROTTER, in upper and lower] ; honey harvest, WRESZINSKI, &C., Die Biene in A d t e n jetzt und vor~oooJahren, pl. i [6-81, cf. p. 68. Two similar blocks with wild animals giving birth, and men netting fowl, 20036, 20038, KLEBS,Die Reliefs des alfen Reiches, pp. 63, 72, Abb. 49, 57 b ; men netting Atlas, i. 380. fowl, WRESZINSKI, Block with two men in boat catching fish with net, id. ib. 379. One register of fish, two registers of gazelle, &C., MEYER,Aegyjten zzrr Zeit der Pyramidenerbauer, pl. 10 [lower] ; part, CAPARTand WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 82, and op. fig. 79 ; SCHAFER ANDRAE, cit., 244. Block, marsh-scene, 20037, id. ib. 245. Scene of island in Nile with fragment of text, MEYER,op. cit. p. 31, Abb. 12.


Block with King's head and cartouche, and two fragments of jambs with name of

From BORCHARDT BISSING, in Das Re-Heiligfunz [&C.], i, Blatt z.

Sun-temple of Neuserrc?'


temple from doors in Chapel, VYSE, Operafions [&C.], iii, plate opposite p. 12 ; part of Masfabas, 585 ; see BORCHARDT, cit. in A.z. xxxviii, pp. 95-6 op. texts, MARIETTE, with note I.

Dedication-texts, KEES,op. cit. iii, pls. 28-32, pp. 47-55.


$a 8.

(XVII of LEPSIUS.) D See BORCHARDT,a s Grabdenkmal des Konlgs ga~bu-re',i, pp. 149-50 ; L. D. Text, i, p. 131. 11. PYRAMIDS

(XVIII of LEPSIUS.) B Complete, BORCHARDT, u s Grabdenkmal des Kon& Ya&-re', 2 vols. Plans, id ib. at end of vol. i. (The reliefs from the walls of the temples are now in various op. museums, see id. ib. ii, pp. 185-6.) Texts of reliefs, SETHEin BORCHARDT, cit. ii, pp. 72-132.

Pillar from Hall, and architrave from Side-entrance, BORCHARDT, cit. i, pp. 34, op. 35, Abb. 28, 29. Hunt in marshes, found in sifu to left of Side-entrance, id. ib. ii, pl. 15.
Reliefs from walls.

King as griffin trampling on enemies, in Berlin Mus., id. ib. i, p. 8, Abb. 4, ii, pl. 8 ; id. Ausgrabungen bei Abusir Jaazdar his Juni 1907 in MiffeiZ. d. Deutsch. Or. Gtsell. Sept. 1907, No. 34, pl. 5 ; fragment of text surrounded by tail of griffin, M ~ ~ ~ ~ , D a r s f e l lunge%der livemdviitker, 666. King fed by Nekhbet followed by Khnum, in Cairo Mus. 39232-3 A, BORCHARDT, ,!?a~$u-re', i, p. 20, Abb. 15, ii, pl. 18 ; id. op. cit. in Miffeil. [&C.], pl. 4 ; King and and Memphis, p. 171, fig. 167. Nekhbet, CAPART WERBROUCK, S'a~&u-re',ii, pls. g, 10 [upper]. Royal boat, and fragments of sailors, BORCHARDT, Fragments of prisoners, divinities, $eh-sed festival, princes, offering-bringers, &C., id. ib. pls. 3 [lower], 10 [lower], 19, 45, 46 [upper], 47, 49, 58. Fragment of protective decree, id. ib. i, p. roo, Abb. 122. Fragment of dedication-text, id. ib. ii, pl. 72 [lower].

East end of north wall. Four registers, bound prisoners led by divinities, in Berlin op. Mus., BORCHARDT, cit. i, p. T I , Abb. 6, ii, pl. 5 ; id. op. cit. in MitteiZ. [&C.], pl. 6 ; first figyres of four registers, and lines 2 and 3 of text, MORET, L'eirifure hieiog&phique en E m f e in Scientia, xxv, N, lxxxii, 1919, p. 120, fig. 2 ; second to fourth op. registers (incomplete), MEYER, cit. 829-32 ; second and fourth registers, WRESZINSKI, Atlas, ii. 5 [A, B] ;three captives, WEIGALL, Anc. Bg. Works of Art, 39 [middle and right] ; left part of third and fourth registers, CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 2 14, fig. 205 ; fragment of text from speech of divinities, MEYER, cit. 665. op.

MORTUARYTEMPLE, east side of Pyramid. on


and Memphis, pp. 72, 74, figs. 67, 69. Views, CAPART WERBROUCK, L



Passages surrounding Hall of Columns. East Passage. West wall, south end, King with followers and standards, BORCHARDT, S'arbu-re', ii, pl. 32. South passage. South wall, east end, King followed by four rows of attendants shooting animals in the desert, in Berlin Mus., id. ib. i, pp. 13, 14, Abb. 7, 8, ii, pl. I g ; King shooting oryxes, &C., from top register, id. Die Ausgrabunr des TotentempeCs Kontgs Sahu-re bet' Abusir 1907-8 in Mitteil. [&C.], August 1908, No. 37, pp. 19, 20, Abb. 7, 8 ; two fragments, dog and two oryxes, and oryx lying down, CAPART, DOCUmenfs pour servir h l'e'fude de t a r t lgyptien, pl. 19 ; first fragment, CAPARTand \.VERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 253, fig. 235. North wall, King with followers and standards, S'arhu-re', ii, courtiers, bringing animals, and fragment of women singers, BORCHARDT, pls. 33-4, 50 [upper], 55-6, 54 [lower left]. West passage. East wall, south end, remains of ships returning with Asiatic prisoners, id. ib. i, p. 19, Abb. 14, ii, pls. 12, 13 ; four ships at south end, id. op. cit. in Mifteil. [&C.], No. 37, pls. 6, 7 ; MEYER, DarsteZZungen der I;rentdvoZker, 833-7 (called 836-40 in text) ; CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 196, fig. 189 ; one ship, MEYER, Aegypfen zur Zeif der Pyramidenerbauer, pl. 15. Fragment with Asiatics, in Hildesheim Mus. [BORCHARDT, on pl. I 2 (middle)], CAPART ii, and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 197, fig. 190. East wall, north end, outgoing ships, BORCHARDT,a ~ f i u - rii,~ , 11. ~ e pl. North passage. North wall, west end, head of crowned princess, id. ib. i, p. 15, Abb. g ; id. op. cit. in ,Wiffeil. [&C.], p. 21, Abb. g. Fragments of marsh-scene from Sa$u-re', ii, pl. 16. South wall, fragment of women dancers, rest of wall, BORCHARDT, id. ib. pl. 54 [lower right]. Hall of Columns. North wall, Asiatic booty, &C., in Berlin Mus., id. ib. i, p. 18, Abb. 13, ii, pl. 3 ; id. op. cit. in Mitteil. [&C.], p. 16, Abb. 6 ; fragments showing bears and vases, MEYER, Darsfellungen der PremdvoIKer, 663, 664; SCHAFER ANDRAE, cit. 242 [2]. and op. South wall, west end, Libyan booty, in Cairo Mus. 39531 A, BORCHARDT,$ z z L - Y ~ ' , ~~ i, pp. I 7, 18, Abb. 11, 12, ii, pl. I ; id. op. cit. in Mifteil. [&C.], pl. 5 and pp. 14, 15, Abb. 4, 5 ; upper part, goddess Seshet and six Libyan women, MEYER, Aegyptea zur Zeit der Pyramidenerbauer, p. 37, Abb. 16 ; Libyan women, BATES, Eastern Libyans, The pl. vii opposite p. 136 ; lower part, four registers domestic animals, and Libyan princess with two sons, CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, pp. 204,206, figs. 1g8,200. Fragments from scenes of booty, BORCHARDT, Srar&u-rer, pl. 4. ii, Palm-columns in Cairo Mus., id. ib. i, pp. 44-6, Abb. 44-6, 48, and pl. 9 ; one R, op. column [Abb. 441, J ~ Q U I EL'Archtiecture, i, pl. 6 [z]. Architraves, BORCHARDT, cit. i, pp. 46-7, Abb. 49; one from south side, in Cairo Mus., CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 77, fig. 73. Inscribed fragments of alabaster altars, BORCHARDT, cit. i, pp. 49-51, Abb. 51-7. op. Fragments from jambs of entrance to Transverse Hall, id. ib. p. 52, Abb. 58, and pl. 10. Transverse Hall. South architrave of papyrus-column, re-used in Monastery of Apa Jeremias, QUIBELL, Sappara (rgo8-IO), pl. lxxxix, cf. p. 30; see BORCHARDT, S/acfiu-re', i, p. I5r.
Hall with Niches.

Fragment of frame of niche, id. ib. i, p. 56, Abb. 66. Granite base-block from niche, found in valley, apparently from here, in Cairo Mus., id. ib. p. 56, Abb. 65.

Pyramid o Sa~ure" f


Treasury Passage. Relief, distribution of gold (found in Transverse Hall), id. ib. ii, pls. 52-4 [upper]. Sanctuary. Fragments of relief, souls of Pe and Nekhen, id. ib. ii, pl. 23, cf. p. 40, Abb. 6. Side entrance, between Hall of Columns and Queen's Pyramid. View of the two columns, id. ib. i, frontispiece, and p. 24, Abb. 20, p. 62, Abb. 79 ; id. op. cit. in Mitteil. [[Src.], NO. 37, p. 8, Abb. 3; text on south colum~~, far&-re', id. i, p. 64, Abb. 81. North half. West wall, two registers, gods and genii of Lower Egypt, in Cairo Mus. 39534 B, id. ib. ii, p:. 30, i, p. 106, Abb. 132 ; lower register, first to third figures, CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 76, fig. 7 2 ; third to fifth figures, BORCHARDT, op. cit. in Miffeiil. [&C.], p. 23, Abb. 10. North wall, two registers, offering-bringers and butchers, in Cairo Mus. 39534 A, BORCHARDT, Sarfiu-rec,ii, pl. 31 ; upper register, fourth to sixth figures, CAPART and WERRROUCK, Memphis, p. 184, fig. 179; fifth to seventh figures, JBQUIER, op. cit. i, pl. g [I]. South half. South and west walls, offering-bringers of Upper Egypt, BORCHARDT, S'a~fiu-re',ii, pls. 28-9, 57-8 [upper] ; part, SCHAFER ANDRAE, cit. 240. and op. OP. Inner doorway. Jambs, BORCHARDT, cit., i, p. 100, Abb. 121, cf. p. 98. Various fragments of reliefs. Scenes of overthrowing foes, ships, divinities, Nile-gods, Ring offering, Queen, courtiers, offering-bringers, &C., id. ib. ii, pls. 2, 14, 20-2, 24-7, 36-44, 46 [lower], 48, 50 [lower], 51, 59-67. Fragments of inscriptions, id. ib. pls. 69-73.
Later Sekhmet-Sanctuary, in south part of Temple.

Relief of Sahure' offering to Bast, re-used for Sekhmet-cult, id. ib. pl. 35. Inscribed fragment of cornice (?), temp. Haremhab, and remains of Dyn. XVIII Hathor-frieze, id. ib. i, pp. 101, 1 0 2 , Abb. 123, 124. Fragments of renewal-texts, Sethos I and Ramesside, id. ib. p. 104, Abb. 128, 129. Limestone dish dedicated by Huy temp. Tut'ankhamtin, in Berlin Mus. 19900, id. ib. p. 120, Abb. 164, and p. 121 ;text, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, ii. 259. Memorial inscription of Mey temp. Tut'ankhamtin, cut on block from temple op. wall, BORCHARDT, cit. i, p. I 2 I, Abb. 165, and p. 1 2 2 . Fragment of stela of King Ay, in Berlin Mus. 19915, id. ib. p. 1 2 2 , Abb. 166; Aeg. Insch. Mws. Berlin, ii. 236. Stelae of Amenemhet and of Perconeheh Charioteer, and Kasa 19, - Dyn.XVII1, in Berlin Mus. 19807, 14820, BORCHARDT, cit. i, pp. 123-4, Abb. 6 op. 167, 168 ; texts, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, ii. 258, 225. Block with name of Ramesses I1 ; cartouche, BORCHARDT, P p. 124. op. cit. Block from granite jamb with Prince Wiaen(?)wFset Q a, offering statue of Sekhmet, Ramesside, found near upper Temple-entrance, id. ib. p. 124, Abb. 169. Ramesside, on temple block, id. ib. p. 1-24, Inscription of Qhutihirhesef Abb. 170. Fragments of large stela, Ramesside, and of other stelae ; texts, id. ib. pp. 125-7; fragment of text from speech of god Reshep, in Berlin Mus. 19808, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, ii. 201. Fragments of stelae, reliefs, &c, Late Period, BORCHARDT, cit. I, pp. 127-30, op. Abb. 171-7.


2 4, 4

Q-&, ='




Found in Temple.

Lintel of false door, fragments of offering-lists, and offering-table, Old Kingdom ; texts, id. ib. p. I 19.

Plan and section, VYSE,0)eratiDns [&C.], iii, plate opposite p. 14. Graffiti A-D, cartouches, &C., from retaining walls on either side of entrance, PERRING, The Pyramids o Gizeit, Pt. iii, pl. v ; VYSE,O$erations [&C.], iii, plate opposite p. 14 ; f A, reproduced in LEPSIUS, Auswahl, vii [middle right]. Graffiti from east wall of entrance, L. D. ii. 39 g, and Text, i, p. 133.

Neuserr~ ( T d A. ' O ]
(XX of LEPSIUS 14 of PERRING.) ;
BORCHARDT, Grabdenkmal des Konigs Ne-user-re', passim. Das Plans, id. ib. at end.

z d

Plan, id. ib. pl. 5. Fragments of jamb with renewal-text of Pepy 11, in Berlin Mus. 17934, id. ib. p. 159, Abb. 132. Fragments of reliefs from marsh-scenes, &C., id. ib. pp. 37-9, Abb. 15-19. Fragment of relief, young King fed by Sekhmet, probably brought from Mortuary Temple, in Berlin Mus. 17911, id. ib. pp. 40, 41, Abb. 21, 23 ; id. op. cit. in Mitieil. d. Beutsch. Or. GeselC. No. 24, p. 14, Abb. 4.

Plan and sections, BORCHARDT, Ne-user-re', pls. 6-7. North wall, lower end. Falling and prostrate Libyans and row of kneeling Libyans, in Berlin Mus. 17915, 17916, id. ib. p. 48, Abb. 31, and pl. 10; one prostrate and Darsfelhngen der I;i-emdvolker, 838, 839 (called 841 in text); one falling Libyan, MEYER, Anc. falling Libyan, BATES,The Eastern Libyans, p. 123, fig. 17 ; WEIGALL, Eg. Works ofArt, 39 [left] ; SCHAFER ANDRAE, cit. 242 [I]. and op. South wall, lower end. Parts of Asiatics under lion's paw, in Berlin Mus. 17919, BORCHARDT, cit. pl. 11, cf. pl. 12 [6], and p. 46, Abb. 29; head, one leg, and body, op. op. op. MEYER, cit. 667 (called 666 in text) ; legs and hand, BATES, cit. p. 123, fig. 19; MEYER, Aegypten zur Zeit der Pyranzidenerbauer, pl. 14 [left].
Fragments of relief fallen from walls.

Parts of Asiatics, in Berlin Mus. 17918, BORCHARDT, cit. pl. S, cf. pl. 1 2 [I, 21 ; op. MEYER, Darstellungen der Fremdvolker, 669 (called 665 in text). op. Native of Punt, in Berlin Mus. 17917, BORCHARDT, cit. pl. g, cf. pl. 12 [3]; MEYER,op. cit. 670 (called 843 in text) ; MEYER, Aemfen zur Zeif der Pyramidenerbauer, pl. 14 [right]. op. Asiatic, in Berlin Mus. 17915, BORCHARDT, cit, pl. 10, cf. pl. 12 [4, 51; MEYER, Darstellungen der Ei.emdvolker, 668 (called 844 in text).

MORTUARY TEMPLE, east side of Pyramid. on

View, CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 78, fig. 75.
Hall of Columns.

Papyrus-columns, BORCHARDT, cit. pl. 13, and p. 68 ;one, in Cairo Mus., OP.


Pyramid of Neuserre'
L'Architecfure, i, pl. 7 [I]; BORCHARDT REISNER,Works and Ne-user-ree, p. 68, Abb. 46. Architrave, BORCHARDT, Fragments of alabaster altar, id. ib. pls. 14, IS, cf. p. 68.
Chamber west of Hall of Columns.

77 of
Art, 47 [middle].

West side, Anubis before King and Nekhbet, in Berlin NUS.16100, id. ib. pl. 16, and p. 16, Abb. 6 ; id. op. cit. in Mitfeil. d. Deufsch. Or. Gesell. No. 14, p. 26, Abb. g ; BISSING, Benknzakr, 16 A.

Remains of scenes of boats, court-officials, &C., found in situ in temple, BORCHARDT, Ne-user-re', pp. 70-1, Abb. 48-9. Names and titles, id. ib. pp. 71-4. Fragments of scenes of officials offering in temple, procession of estates, offeringbringers, foundation ceremonies, King overthrowing foes, foreign captives, divinities, &C., id. ib. pp. 75-95, Abb. 50-64, 66-75. Block with renewal-text of Isesi, re-used as threshold in temple, in Berlin Mus. 17933, id. ib. p. 158, Abb. 131. Graffiti of Merynebef Q Captain of bowmen, Ramesside, on various blocks in temple; text, id. ib. p. 161.

Q, z

PYRAMID. Plans, id. ib. pls. 17, 19 ; section, VYSE, Operations [&C.], iii, plate opposite p. 17. The Graffiti, PERRING, Pyramids of Gizeh, Pt. iii, pl. vi, fig. 4 [A-G] ; VYSE,op. cit. iii, plate opposite p. 17 ; one [E of PERRING] reproduced in LEPSIUS, AuswakZ, vii [middle left] ; see L. D. Texf, i, p. 135.

. . nub Q'F;.?,wife of Neuserre'. Plan, BORCHARDT, Ne-user-re', pl. 18. Name and titles on fragment of alabaster statue, found in Valley Temple, id. ib. pp. 25, 109, cf. p. 41.
Das BORCHARDT, Grabdenkmal des Konlgs Nefrr-'ir-Le,-re; passim.

TEMPLE, east side of Pyramid. on MORTUARY Plan, id. ib. pl. 10. Jamb of doorway at north-east corner of faqade, id. ib. p. 15, Abb. 6. Reconstruction of inscribed false vases from Treasure Room, id. ib. pls. I, 3-8, cf. pp. 59-66; one [=PI. I], id. op. cit. in MifteiZ. [&C.], No. 34, p. 38, Abb. 22, and pl. 3 ; MEYER, AegyPfen zur Zeif der Pyranzidenerbauer, pl. 13 ; CAPART, L'Arf jgvpfien (~gog), pl. 30. Fragments of reliefs found in debris, BORCHARDT, cit. pp. 28-30, Abb. 27-32. op. and of an official, in Fragments of offering-tables of Queen Khentkaus Berlin Mus. 16728, 17439, id. ib. p. 68. Abb. 73, 74. id. ib. p. 27. Graffito of Ipi


9 4,

Plan and sections, VYSE,Operafions [&C.], iii, plate opposite p. 20. Graffiti on blocks, PERRING, Pyramids o Gizeh, Pt. iii, pl. vi, fig. I [H-L] ; VYSE. The f Nefer-'ir-&ewe', pp. 46-7 ; see L. D. Texf, op. cit. iii, plate opposite p. 2 0 ; BORCHARDT, i, p. 136.

Inside this sign should be a crouching figure wearing the crown of Lower Egypt.

SMALL PYRAMID.Queeri Khentkaus Plan and section, VYSE, cit. plate opposite p. 21. op. Masons' marks, BORCHARDT, cit. p. 53, Abb. 61,and pp. 53-5. op.


Unjnshed Pyramid, affhbufed iVf$iet$rre, to

m]7--&A. -

See BORCHARDT, s Grabdenkmal des Kont;es Yajhu-re', i, p. 146. Da



From DE MORGAN Rev. Arch. 1894, 3rd Ser. xxiv, p. 21, fig. 2. in

Prieskrgriiber General plan, SCHAFER,

. . . vom Tofentem.eldes Ne-user-rf, pl. i.

1 .



Dyn. V Mastabas.

DE MORGAN, De'co~~verfe masfaba de Pfah-chcpsLs dans la nl'crpole U b w - s i r in du Rev. Arch. 1894, 3 Ser. xxiv, pp. 18-33 with two plates. Plan, id. ib. p. 21, fig. 2. Sections, id. ib. pp. 26, 27, 31, figs. 4, 5, g.

Entrance to Court (Inaccessible). Va& Hieraticgraffiti,temp. Ramesses 11, SPIEGELBERG, Court (Inaccessible). Columns; titles of deceased, Mus. ; text, id. ib. p. 24.

in Rec. de. Trav. xxvi. 154 [z]. Architraves, now in Cairo


MORGAN, cit. p. 24. op.

Portico. (I) Two registers, statues drawn and in shrine ; offerings before two statues drawn, Les a id. ib. pl. i ; part of text in front of statue, MONTET, Scknes de Z Vie P+ivie [&C.], p. 387 [4I(2) Statue drawn in procession with offerings, DE MORGAN, cit. pl. ii; part of op. text above statue, MONTET, cit. p. 289 141. op. (3) Bottom register, deceased in palanquin ; texts, ERMAN, Reden, Rufi und Lieder [&C.]. P. 53.

(4) Two lowest registers, ducks and cranes before deceased with attendant; ducks op. and cranes, MONTET, cit. pl. xi [I] preceding p. 121, cf. p. 141. (5)-(6) Entrances to niches, BORCHARDT, S'al&u-re', p. 21, Abb. 16. (7) Five (remaining) registers, men peeling branches, gold-workers, sculptors; texts op. of men peeling branches in second register, and of metal-blowers in third, MONTET, cit. pp. 313 [I], 314 [2], 280 [I I]. (8) Four registers, market-scenes; one text, id. ib. p. 325. Entrance to Side-room. op. (g) Thickness. Deceased and wife; text of wife, DE MORGAN, cit. p. 32. (10) Deceased and family, with butchers below ; texts of butchers (incomplete), MONTET, cit. pp. 157, 158 [2], 167 131. op. (11) Deceased and family, with butchers below; part of text of second group of butchers, id. ib. p. 174 [I]. Side-room. (rz) At bottom, hieratic graffito of year 50 of Ramesses 1 , DARESSY, 1 Insm)iion hiL.alipue s u n masiaba d'Abousir in Bull. Inst. iii Sdr. No. 5 (1894)~p. 109 ; SPIEGELBERG, op. cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxvi. 152-3. TWO small graffiti, id, ib. 154 [3, 41. (13) Three registers, boats, men running, three freight boats ; third register, speeches of superintendent of vessel to rowers, MONTET,op. cit. p. 132 ; names of transported merchandise, id. ib. p. 132 note I.


2 .

AR~S~R-NECROPOLIS (a) KHA'MERERNEBTI Prophetess of Hathor ; &c. ;probably daughter of Neuserec; wife of Ptahshepses. (6) MERT-TEFES Lp\y, King's daughter. (c) KAHOTP 2 , Intimate ; Lector. U,

BORCHARDT, L~7e-user-re', 126-34, Abb. 107-14, cf. pp. 30-2. pp. id. ib. pls. 25-7. False door of Kha'merernebti, id. ib. pp. 127-8, Abb. 107. False doors of Mer-tefes and Icahotp; texts, id. ib. p. 128.

Plans and sections,


TEPEM'ANKH Q&+, house.

Director of the Palace ; Secretary of the toilet-

Id. ib. pp. 117-26, Abb. 97-104, and pl. 24, cf. pp. 29-30 with Abb. 11. Plan and section, id. ib. pls. 22, 23. Fragments of reliefs (some found in situ) ; texts, and remains of scenes of dragging shrine, scribes registering, boat-building, preparation of beer, papyrus gathering, &C., id. ib. pp. 120-4, Abb. 101-4.


USERKAF~ANKH Keeper of the White Bull, and of the Cow; Inspector of priests of the Pyramid of Sahure'; 'd-myof Buto; &c.
Id. ib. pp. 109-16, Abb. 89-95, cf. pp. 25-8 with fig. pl.


Plan and section, id. ib.

Statue of deceased, id. ib. Abb. 91, and pp. 113-14.

Dyn. V1 Mastabas and Tombs, built into and between Dyn. V Mastabas. See SCHAFER, Priestergraber . . . vom Tofentempel des Ne-user-rt!, pp. 4-14. Scattered blocks, probably from these tombs, cf. id. ib. p. g. Block of Ptah-seth-mer -, Overseer of the Pyramid-town of Neferirkare', Inspector of priests of the Pyramid of Khufu, Assistant Ka-servant of the King's Mother Khentkaus, found in first west room behind side entrance to Temple of Neuserre', now in Strassburg Mus., id. ib. p. g, Abb. 6, and p. 10. Two inscribed fragments probably from same tomb, in Strassburg and Bonn, id. ib. pp. 10, 11, Abb. 7, g ; one fragment (= Abb. 7), BORCHARDT, Ne-user-re', p. 136, Abb. I r 7. False door of Ipi 0 4, found between Princesses' mastaba and the Temple of Neuserre', in Bremen Mus., SCHAFER, cit. p. 12, Abb. 12, cf. p. 13. op. False door of Sitimp g!&?, in Hamburg Mus., id. ib. p. 13, Abb. 13, cf. p. 14.

1, a

False door of MeryrCr-'ankh Intimate, First under the King, found in back of Temple, in Leipzig Mus., id. ib. p. 14, Abb. 14. in Strassburg Mus., id. ib. p. I I , Abb. 10. Fragment with name of Sienptah Fragments with names of Kairi &&1$, built into Middle Kingdom tomb 27, and Seshemniifer good name Ifi QLQ ; texts, id. ib. pp. 12, 14. Inscribed fragment in Frankfort Mus., and block in Hanover Mus., id. ib. p. 11, Abb. 8, 11, cf. pp. 10, 12. Names and titles from other fragments, including Kerker , , Dedi-Sahur~' and

@ ~ ~ :lz--.,


( . 1 Ka-servants, and Merineter-Sahurec "m 4,8

-@F>] ,l \


user-re', p. 137.

Fragments of reliefs, marsh-scene, offering-bringers, &C., found in dCbris of Mortuary Temple of Sahure', id. .Yar&a-re; ii, pl. 74. Middle Kingdom Tombs, north and east of Mortuary Temple of Neuserr6'. See SCHAFER, cit. pp. 15-110. op.

INEMAKHET3 h F , Lector, NEKHTI INHOTP 94 4~5, Inspector of prophetsol the Pyramid of Neuserr~', and SITUBASTET
(M.R. I of SCHAFER.)East of Temple, south of Avenue. op. See SCHAFER, cit. pp. 18-39, Abb. 15-47. Coffin of Inemakhet, in Berlin Mus. 16200; texts, id. ib. pp. 23-4, cf. Abb, 19 ; Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 246-8. Wooden statuette, found in coffin, in Berlin Mus. 16202, SCHAFER, cit. pp. 25-7, Abb. 24a-2, 27 ;text, Aeg. Insch. MW. Berlin, i. 248. op. op. Coffin of Nekhti, in Bonn Mus., SCHAFER, cit. p. 28, Abb. 29, and p. 29. Coffin of Inhotp, in Munich Mus., id. ib. p. 34, Abb. 35, and pp. 35-6. Coffin of Situbastet, in Hamburg Mus., id. ib. p. 32, Abb. 32, and pp. 32-3.



HARSHEFHOTP I2 Regulator of a guild and Ruler of the House in the Pyramid of Neuserre'. (M.R. 6 of SCHAFER.) East of
Temple, north of Avenue. op. See SCHAFER, cit. pp. 42-81, Abb. 57-135. Outer and inner coffins, in Leipzig Mus., id. ib. pls. 2-8, Abb. 62, 71, 73, 80, 82, 83, PP. 48-9, 56-7, 58, cf. Abb- 57, 58, 84, 85.


HARSHEFHOTP I1 Lz5, Regulator of a guild and Ruler of the House in the Pyramid of NeuserrE'. (M.R. 8 of SCHAFER.)East of last.
See id. ib. pp. 82-9. Coffin, in Cairo Mus., id. ib. pls. g,
10, 11 [A],

Abb. 138, 139, pp. 83, 84. (M.R. 16 of SCHXFER.)

SIT-N~~FER Unique royal ornament. %JZ,

North-west of last. See id. ib. pp. 91-3. Coffin, in Bremen Mus. ; text, id. ib. p. 92. Fragments of coffins of Inhotp (7) and of woman Nakht Name from boat-model, in Bremen Mus., id. ib. p. 97.

z ; names, id. ib. p. 89. z

(M.R. 29

(M.R. 2 5 of SCHKFER.) Between Temple and mastaba of Userkaf'ankh. IMPQ&y.

MERERI z 9 , Chancellor ; Intimate ; Leader of a guild. P

of SCHAFER.) West of mastaba of Userkaf'ankh. Name and titles from coffin, id. ib. p. 99.


mastaba of Tepem'ankh. Name and title from coffin, id. ib. p.

4z54, Chief


(M.R. 32 of SCHXFER.)South-west of


IPISAF4 0 4 E.

(M.R. 36 of SCHAFER.) South of mastaba of Tepem'ankh.


Name from coffin, id. ib. p. side of Princesses' mastaba.

109 9.8

IMPY Q , Overseer of the altar. YP


(M.R. 42 of SCHIPER.) Built into south


.. N '






:i, , m







SHEPSES~AF ..,,X!':'\ i Masta bet F\:'. $$"h F ra'Gn~~;~v;~b:,,-q;,s F a

. &
: p .

$ !



;$.l$ -

$9.Y r z
< L



,: + &.:,=:

f .: l : i ' ",



k. . a m USERKAR;'


BAEDEKER, E#@, 1930, plate following p. 156. Group key-plans on pp. 96, 148,

A btisir- Necropolis
See id. ib. pp. 103-7. Coffin, in Berlin Mus., id. ib. Abb. 167, and p. 105.


(M.R. 43 of SCHWFER.) Built into Princesses' mastaba. See id. ib. pp. 107-9. Coffin, id. ib. pls. xi [B, c], xii, and p. 109.


Late Burials. See id. ib. pp. I I 1-33. Coffin of Khet-hap Ptolemaic (Sp. 1 2 of SCH~~FER), at north end of Princesses' mastaba, id. ib. Abb. 195-8, cf. pp. 119-22. Coffin of Abahem Saite (Sp. 14 of SCHAFER), between Princesses' mastaba and Temple, id. ib. Abb. 200-1, cf. pp. 122-4. Graeco-Egyptian stela, dead man with mourning women, found in Mortuary Temple of SahurCr, BORCHARDT, .Sa~&-re', i, p. 136, Abb. 187.

?l$, -odqs,

Cemetery over Yortuary Temple of ~eferirkar6'. Graves, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom, and Late Period, BORCHARDT,a s D denkmal des Kones Nefer-'ir-Re{-re', pp. 72-9. Plan, id. ib. pl. g. Gravestone with Aramaic inscription of Nesnu, daughter of Pakhnum, id. ib. Abb. 96. Tombs in plain south-east of Pyramids. Two brick painted tombs, probably late Old Kingdom, BORCHARDT, S'athu-re', r47-g, Abb. 193-6. Plan, id. ib. pl. 15, cf. pl. 2 for positions. name Kantifer Inscribed fragment with name of Werir[ni] p. 149, Abb. 196.

Grabp. 79,

i, pp.

X&,id. ib.



Plan of site, POCOCKE, Desm2tion offhe Easf, i, pl. xviii opposite p. 49 ; PERRING, A The Pyramids o Gizeh, Pt. iii, pl. vii ; VYSE,Operations [&C.], iii, plate opposite p. 37 ; f and L. D. i. 33 ; DE MORGAN, Carte de Z N4.w@oZeMemfhife. View from air, CAPART a WERBROUCK, Memphis, plate on p. xiv.



f f J j j A . Dyn. y . l


MORTUARYTEMPLE, east side of Pyramid. on

Saqqara (1907-8), pls. liii-lviii, pp. 19-22, I 13-14 ; see FIRTH and GUNN, QUIBELL, op. Tefi Pyramid Cemefelr'es, i, pp. 7-8. Plan, QUIBELL, cit. p. 19, fig. 4.

Found in Temple. Inscribed statue of Tetiemsaf :, Q= Chief lector in the Pyramid of Teti, and other Royal Temples, Middle Kingdom, id. ib. pl. lvii [I, 2, 31, pp. 113-14, Stela of Qhutmosi New Kingdom ; text, BARSANTI, monument du clllle dc Un T e #in Ann. Serv. xiii. 255-6.


See FIRTHand GUNN, Teti Pyramid Cenreteries, i, pp. 7-10 ; L. D. Text, i, pp. I 88-9. Plan and section, MASPERO, pyramide du roi Tefi in Rec. de Trav. v, pl. i, re-issued in La Les MASPERO, insc+fions despyramidesde Saqqarait, pl. i opposite p. 88 ; plan and indicaPyramidcntexfe, iii, pp. 120-4. tion of positions of texts, SETHE,

Stela-chapel, above entrance on north side. See FIRTHand GUNN,op. cit. pp. 8-9 with fig.


Inscribed Chambers and Passages. Texts, MASPERO, pyramide du roi Tefi in Rec. de Trav. v. 3-59 ; id. Les inscn2La fions [&C.], 89-145 ; SETHE, ~mmidcnfexte, 11. 1-412 T ; LANGE, i, Beitrage zur Textesgestaltung der Pyramidenfexie in A:Z. xxxiv. 143-4.
Entrance Passage.

West wall, at south end [XIII of SETHE],fragment in Edwards Library, University College, London; text, SETHE, cit. iii, p. 124. op.

SMALL PYRAMID SOUTH-EAST CORNER, attributed t o unknown King of Dyn. AT 1X or X, or t o Queen or prince of family of Teti.
See FIRTH GUNN, cit. p. 8. and op.

Queen Zput

$, Mother of Pefi I .

FIRTHand GUNN, Teti l'vramid Cemeteries, i, pp. I 1-14 ; see LORET, liOui2les dans la nt?cro$ole mmemjhite in Bull. 11nst.&g. iii S&. No. 10, pp. 89-90, 93. Plan and section, FIRTHand GUNN,op. cit. pp. 11, 12, figs. 3, 4 ; plan, LORET, cit. opposite p. 100. op. Titles, FIRTHand GUNN, cit. pp. 89-90. op.

MORTUARY TEMPLE, east side of Pyramid. on

and GUNN). Room I (of FIRTH West end, offering-table, id. ib. ii, pl. 55 [2], cf. i, pp. 14, 90. North wall, remains of scene of men presenting birds ; texts, id. ib. p. go. Room 1 . 1 Remains of scenes ; texts, id. ib. p. go.
Room 1 1 1.

Remains of scenes ; texts, id, ib. p. 91. Room TV. Remains of scenes on west wall ; name of priest, id. ib. p. 91. Sculptured blocks, id. ib. ii, pls. 56, 57, cf. i, pp. 91-2.

North Faoe. Granite stela, id. ib. ii, pl. 5 5 [I], cf. i, pp. 14, go. Found in one of the chambers. Sarcophagus of 'Abed temp. Apophis, Hyksos Period. in Cairo Mus. 28108, LACAU, Sarcophages AnfPrieurs au NouveC Empire (Cat. Caire), ii, pp. 86-7, pl. xix [ I , 2 J ; see MULLER, Neues Material zur Geschicitte der Hyksos in O.L.Z. 1902, cols. 114-5 ; LORET, =it. in Bull. Insf. kg. iii S&. No. 10, p. 88. op.


Pyramid of 1put


Dagger of Nehemen &U X , found in sarcophagus of 'Abed, in Cairo Mus., DARESSY, Un po&?zard du temps des rois Pasteurs in Ann. Serv. vii, plate at end [figs. I, 21, and pp. I 18-19 ; text on handle, MULLER, op. cit. in O.L.Z. 1902, cols. 175-6 ; see LACAU, op. cit. p. 86 note I.


O~L]@J'I A, known as Haram eZ-Maharbish. Dyn. V.

MORTUARY TEMPLE, south side of Pyramid. on

Plan, FIRTH,Excavations o the Department of Antiquities at Saqqara (October 1928 f to March 1929) in Ann. Serv. xxix, p. 66. Section and plan of interior, VYSE, Operations [&C.], iii, plate opposite p. 39 ; PERRING, The Pyramids of Gizeh, Pt. iii, pl. ix [I-41 ; BURTON MSS.* 25620, 126. Rear wall. Fragment of relief from scene of King fowling in marshes; birds in op. papyrus, FIRTH, cit. pl. ii. Head of King from colossal red granite statue found in a hole in the pavement, in Cairo Mus., id. ib. pl. i, cf. p. 65.



MORTUARY TEMPLE. Tombs of Wehebref-menmes o W E and ~eferebr~'-sineith O/


$&y&, Tomb in

on FIRTH'S plan ; names, id. ib. p. 69.

Loser-Neterkhef U ( ] -


z. Pyramid.) Dyn. 111. (Step

(XXXII of LEPSIUS 3 of PERRING.) ; Plan of pyramid-enclosure, FIRTH,Excavations of the Service des AntiquittCc at Saqqara in Ann. Sem. xxviii, pl. iii ; LAUER, u d e sur quelques monuments de Z IIIe dynastie h a [&C.] in Ann. Sem. xxix, pl. I. Views of enclosure from top of pyramid, CAPART and Memphis, pp. go, 91, figs. 86, 87. WERBROUCK,

View of part of south end, FIRTH,op. cit. in Ann. Serv. xxviii, pl. i [I].

See FIRTH,PreZiv~inary Report on the excavations at Saqqara (1925-1926) in Ann. S e n . xxvi, pp. 97-101, pls. ii, iii ; LAUER,~ t u d e sur quelques monuments de Z Ine a dyaastie in Ann. Serv. xxvii, pp. 121-6 ; id. ib. in Ann. Serv. xxix, pp. 98-102. Plan, FIRTH,op. cit. in Ann. S e n . xxvi, before pl. i ; LAUER, cit. in Ann. Serv. xxix, pl. ii ; op. sections, id. op. cit. in Ann. Sem. xxvii, pls. iii, iv. Views, CAPART WERBROUCK, and Menqhis, p. 94, fig. g I ; HALL ROSS, The A r t of Egypt through the Ages, p. g 7. in Found at A on plan, two foreign heads, FIRTH,op. cit. in Ann. Serv. xxvi, pl. iv [B], cf. p. g9 ; EVERS, Staat aus dem Stein, ii, pl. v [46]. Found in d6bris,outside girdle wall near south-east corner, probably from Colonnade, base of statue of Zoser with name of King and name and titles of ImhMep, in Cairo Mus., FIRTH,op. cit. in Ann. Serv. xxvi, pl. i [A, B], cf. pp. 99-100 ; CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 140, fig. 140; see GUNN,Inscr$tions from the Step Pyramid site in Ann. Sem. xxvi, pp. 177-96, figs. 1-10.

See FIRTH, Excavations o the Department of Antiquities at the Step Pyramid, Saqqara f (1924-1925) in Ann. Sem. xxv, pp. 155-7, pls. i, ii [I], iv [3], v [I, 21. Plan of achapel,






STEP PYRAMID ENCLOSURE. From FIRTH Ann. Snv. xxviii, pl. iii. in

Step Pyramid


and Memphis, pp. 95, 99, 100, figs. id. ib. p. 155, fig. I. Views, CAPART WERBROUCK, 92, 96, 97. Foreign head, found in debris, ENGELBACH, so-called Hyksos Monuments in Ann. 22e Sem. xxviii, pl. i [z], cf. p. 16.

SMALL TEMPLE,west of Heb-sed Temple.

See FIRTH, cit. in Ann. Sew. xxv, pp. 157-8, pls. ii [2], v [3]. op. ROYALTOMB. FIRTH,op. cit. in Ann. Sew. xxvii, pls. i-iii, cf. pp. 105-10 ; see id. in Ann. ,!m. and Memphis, pp. 101, 103-5, xxviii, pl. i [I], cf. pp. 85-7. Views, CAPART WERBROUCK, 107, figs. 99, 101-3, 105. Second TiIed Room. Three stelae ; texts, FIRTH,op. cit. in Ann. Sem. xxvii, p. 109, xxviii, p. 87 : one stela, King wearing white crown running with fly-flap, id. ib. xxvii, pl. iii, cf. pl. i. MASTABAS PRINCESSES OF HETEP-HERNEBTI AND INTKAES See FIRTH, TWO masfaba chapels o the I I I d dynasfy a t Sakkara in Ann. Sew. xxiv, f i pp. 122-7, pls. i-iii; LAUER, k d e sur pueZques monuments de la IIIe dynasfie in Ann. Sem. xxvii, pp. 113-21, PIS. i, ii ; id. ib. in Ann. Sew. xxix, pp. 104-18, cf. pl. iv [upper]. op. cit. in Ann. Sem. Plans, FIRTH,OP. cit. in Ann. Serv. xxiv, p. 123, fig. I ; LAUER, xxvii, p. 113, fig. I ; id. ib. in Ann. Sem. xxix, pls. iii, iv. Views, CAPART WERand BROUCK, Menrphis, pp. 92-3, figs. 88-9; pilasters, CLARKE and ENGELBACH, Ann'ent Egyjtian Masonry, figs. 5-7, cf. p. 10.
Found in foundations.

U ~ Q


Fragments of stelae with names of princesses re-used as building material, FIRTH, op. cit. in Ann. Sew. xxv, pl. iv [z], cf. p. 149 ; CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 93, fig. 90. SERDAB, built against north wall of Pyramid. See LAUER, cit. in Ann. Sew. xxix, pp. 119-20. Plan, id. ib. pl. v [lower]. op. Statue of Zoser, in Cairo Mus., FIRTH,op. cit. in Ann. Sew. xxv, pl. iv [I], cf. pl. ... 111, pp. 149-50 ; HALL Ross, op. cit. p. g9 [3] ; upper part, CAPART in and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 132, fig. 131. MORTUARY TEMPLE, north side of Pyramid. on op. See FIRTH,op. cit. in Ann. Serv. xxv, p. 150 ; LAUER, cit. in Ann. Sew, xxix, pp. 118-26, cf. pl. vi [lower]. Plan, id. ib. pl. v [upper]. PYRAMID. See L. D. Text, i, pp. 189-95 ; FIRTH,op. cit. in Ann. Sew. xxv, pp. 150-4 ; LAUER, op. cit. in Ann. Serv. xxix, pp. 126-9. The View from north-east, L. D. i. 36. View, plan and sections, PERRING, Pyramids o Gizeh, Pt. iii, pls. viii-xii [I-41; plan and sections, BURTON f MSS.* 25618, 33-4, cf. op. 35 ; LAUER, cit. in Ann. Serv. xxix, pi. viii ; sections, VYSE,Operations [&C.], iii, pls. A, D [I-41, B, opposite pp. 42, 44, 47 ; L. D. Text, i, pp. 191-2 ; BORCHARDT, Zur Geschichte der Pyramiden in A.2. xxx, pls. I, 2. Interior. L M%.* 20396, 324, 324 verso; Description, rough plan, and sketches, NESTOR ' H ~ T E plan, HAY*,29812, 83; BURTON MSS.* 25620, 121, 124-5.






From SETHE,Pyramidentexte, iii, pp. I a s , 139,


Se P r m d tp y a i
Two emall chambers, on east side of sarcophagus chamber. Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 194. Characters on back of fayence tiles lining chamber, PERRING, cit. Pt. iii, pl. xii op. [ro] ; VYSE,op. cit. iii, pl. C [E] opposite p. 46; see BORCHARDT, cit. in d.2.mrx, op. pl. I. Inscribed tile doorway between the chambers, in Berlin Mus. r 185, MINUTOLI, Reise zum Tempel desyujiter Ammon [&C.], xxviii [4 a], drawn by Segato ; BURTON, Exceeta Hiero. xxvii [6]; PERRING, cit. Pt. iii, pl. xii [6]; VYSE, cit. iii, pl. C [upper] op. op. opposite p. 46 ; LEPSIUS,Auswahl, vii [middle bottom] ; L. D. ii. 2 f, cf. Text, i, p. 194 ; Aeg. und Vorderasiat. AZterfkumer, pl. 95 ; Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. I ; texts, Modevn Egypf a d Thbes, i. 368; BURTON MSS.* 25621, 136 [6] ; HorusWILKINSON, name of King on jamb, CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 138, f g 138. i.
Third Chamber (discovered in I 92 7). Excavations o the Service des Antif Three stelae with reliefs of King ;texts, FIRTH, pui/ks a t Saqqara in Ann. Sen. xxviii, p. 87 ; King running with fly-flap, id. ib. pl. ii, cf. p. 84. Gallery. Column from tomb of Neteruimosi Fan-bearer on the right of the King, &C., New Kingdom, built in to support gallery to recess, in Berlin Mus. 1446, PERRING, op. cit. Pt. iii, pl. xii [ I I ] ; VYSE,op. cit. iii, pl. D [S] opposite p. 44; BORCHARDT, Die Aegyjtische @anzensauZe, p. 50, Abb. 80; texts, id. op. cit. in, p. 92, note 3 ; Aeg. Insckr. Mus. Berlin, ii. 3I 8.

++! 1111,

Found in dump-heap north of Pyramid, originally in interior. Inscribed vessels, GUNN, 1nsm;btionsfrom the Step Pyramid site in Ann. S r .xxviii, ev pls. i-iv, pp. 153-74.


NORTH-WEST. (IV~ARIETTE,4.) A. Mastabas, 84-5. Plans, MARIETTE, Alabaster libation-altar, id. ib. 86.

Ui ns

m l d d d ~ .D y n V.

(XXXV of LEPSIUS 4 of PERRING.) ; Rapporfs sur Zs d&laiements ojeM autour de Z Pyramide d'Ounas e a See BARSANTI, [&C.] in Ann. Sew. ii. 244-57. Plan of site, id. ib. 246.

MORTUARYTEMPLE, east side of Pyramid. on

R Plan, FIRTH, q o r t on the Excavations [&C.] in Ann. Serv. xxx, plate, cf. p. 186. Stela and columns with architrave ; texts, BARSANTI, cit. 254-5. op. Palm column, in Cairo Mus., J~QUIER, L'Architecture, i, pl. 6 [I]; upper part, BORCHARDT REISNER, and Works OfArt, 47 [right].

Inscribed Chambers a n d Passages. Plan and section, MASPERO, pyrnmide du roi Ounas in Rec. de Trav. iii, plate La opposite p. 177 ; id. Les insm~tionsdes pyramides de Saqqarak, plate opposite p. 2 ; plan and indications of positions of texts, SETHE, Pyramidcnfexfe, iii, pp. I 16-20. Views of and Memphis, pp. 2 15, 2 16, figs. 206, 207. inscribed chambers, CAPART WERBROUCK, Texts, MASPERO, tit. in Rec. de Trav. iii. 179-224, iv. 41-78 ; id. Les insm$tions op. 8OSO.S N

[&C.], 3-86 ; SETHE,OP. cit. i, pp. 1-264 ; LANGE, Beitrage zur Textesgestaltung der Py ramidentexte in A.2. xxxiv. 139-43. Sarcophagus Chamber. 1-111, 11. 1-165. IV-V, 1 . 166-205, 262-99. 1 Une VI, 1 . 206-61 ; parts of 11. 206-10, SETHE,op. cit. i, $$ 134-8 ; CAPART, Rue de 1 Tombeaux h Saqqara, v. VII, 11. 300-40. Corridor. V111 and IX, 11. 341-78. Antechamber. (B of MASPERO.) 1 op. X-XI, 1 . 379-452 ; lower parts of 1 . 440-50, SETHE, cit. i, $8 301-1 I ; CAPART, 1 op. cit. iv ; reproduced, id. L'Art Egyjtien (rgog), pl. 6 ; id. L'Art kgyptien, i, L'Architecture, pl. 42. XII, 1 . 453-95 ; 11. 478-86, SETHE,op. cit. iv, plate at end ' Schriftproben '; id. ib. 1 i, 367 b-379 c. XIII-XIV, 1 . 496-566. 1 XV, 1 . 567-609. 1 Entrance to Antechamber. XVI and XVII, 11. 61-49.

LONG GALLERY portcullises on east side of Pyramid, remnant of royal mastaba with
containing fragments of vases and sealings of Re'neb and Sekhemwi-hotp ~ f f Dyn. 11, in Cairo Mus., see BARSANTI, cit. in Ann. Sem. ii. 250, iii. 183; texts, op. Notes sur Zs objets recueillis sous Z jyramide d'Ounas in Ann. Sent. iii. 187-9 ; e a MASPERO, id. S u r puelpues documents de l'e2oque thinite de'couverts h Sakkarah in BUZZ.Inst. Eg. iv SCr. No. 3, pp. 108-10.

(XXXVI of LEPSIUS 5 of PERRING.) ; e ' Plan and section, MASPERO, a pyramide du roi Pepi l in Rec. de Trav. v, plate L opposite p. 158 ; id. Les inscr$tions des pyramides de Sapparah, plate opposite p. 148. Pyramidenfexte, iii, pp. 125-35. Plan and indications of positions of texts, SETHE, Inscribed Chambers and Passages. Texts, MASPERO, cit. in Rec. de Trav. v, pp. 159-98, vii, pp. 145-76, viii, pp. op. 87-120; id. Les Zjtscn$ions [&C.], pp. 149-254 ; SETHE,op. cit. vols. i, ii, passim. Sarcophagus Chamber. 1 Notes on the Recent& discovered Pyramid o Pepi f I-IV, 1 . 1-1 28 ; 1 . 3 7-58, BIRCH, 1 ( V1 Dynasty) a t Sakkara in P.S.B.A. iii, first plate [B] after p. I 16 ; 11. 37-40, SETHE, Pyramidentexte, i, $5 650-3 ; 11. 40-7, id. ib. i, $9 768-74 ; 11. 48-54, id. ib. 645-7 ; 1 . 1 55-8, id. ib. 775 ; 11. 59-65, BIRCH, cit. last plate after p. I 16 ; 11. 59-61, SETHE, op. op. cit. i, $8 634-9; 1 . 61-5, id. ib. $5 776-87 b ; 1. 65, full titles of King, BRUGSCH, 1 Zwei Pyramiden mit Inschriften [&C.] in A:Z. xix. 12 [bottom] ; SETHE, cit. i, 7 ; op. 1 . 66-84, BIRCH, cit. in P.S.B.A. iii, fourth plate after p. I 16 ; SETHE, cit. i, $$ 1 op. op. 788-809 a ; 1 . 85-102, BIRCH, cit. fifth plate after p. I 16 ; SETHE,op. cit. $8og-24 ; 1 op.

Pyramid o Pepy I f


11. 103-9, BIRCH, cit. sixth plate after p. r 16; SETHE,op. cit. $8 825-34; 11. 123-8, op. BIRCH, cit. third plate [right] after p. 116 ; SETHE, cit. $5 848-51. op. op. Fragment, in Upsala Mus. a I , LUGN, Ausgewahlte Benkmakr aus agypfischen SammZungen in Schwedtn, pl. X [left], cf. pp. 12-13 ; SETHE, Pyramidenfexfe, iii, p. 138 [Fragment RI], cf. p. 126 for position on wall. op. Sarcophagus. Royal cartouches, BRUGSCH, cit. in B.Z. xix. 12 [top]; one cartouche, P.S.B.A. iii, p. 95. v, 11. 129-51. V a (destroyed). Corridor. VI, 11. 152-9. Antechamber. op. VII. Palimpsest text, see SETHE, cit. iii, p. 129. VIII, 11. 160-204 + 15. IX, 1. 204+ 16. X, 11. 203-33 + 15. Level Passage, south end. XI (called west wall by MASPERO), 234-314 ; 11. 234-5, BORCHARDT BISSING, 11. and E i n Pyram2iZentext in ursprunglicher Fassung in A:Z. xxxvii. 105 [left]; SETHE, cit. op. i, 8 519; 11. 236-314, BORCHARDT BISSING, cit. 105-13. and op. XI1 (called east wall by MASPERO),1 315-89 ; BORCHARDT BISSING, cit. 1. and op. 114-22. Level Passage, north end. XIII, 390-491. XIV, 492-564. Waiting Hall. XV, 11. 565-605. XVI, 11. 606-29. XVII, 11. 630-714. Fragments from these walls, i.e. parts of 11. 529-85, 590-7, 607-13, 633-6, 639-41, in Brussels, MusCes Royaux du Cinquantenaire, E. 2383, SPELEERS, des Inscr. E ~ . Rec. 7 [ ~ z ] ; SETHE, cit. iii, pp. 133-4. see op. Sloping Passage, south end. XVIII, 1 . 715-805; 11. 791-805, BIRCH,op. cit. in P.S.B.A. iii, second plate 1 after p. 116; SETHE,op. cit. ii, $$ 1576-86, $5 939-45. XIX, 11.806-26.

Sloping Passage, north end. XX, 11. 827-36; SETHE,op. cit. ii, $8 1592-99; 11. 828-36 (copied by PETRIE), op. BIRCH, cit. third plate [D] after p. 116. Fragments in various collections, SETHE, cit. iii, pp. 135-8 ; in Berlin Mus. 7495, op. 7730, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 3 ; see SETHE, cit. i, Vorwort, p. viii note I. op. Types of the writing, 11. 76-89, 2 2 1-30, id. ib. iv, plate at end ' Schriftproben '. For texts, see LANGE, Beitrage zur Textesgestaltung der Pyrasome corrections of MASPERO'S mia'enfercte in A.2.xxxiv. 144-6. Linen with name of Pepy I, in Cairo Mus. (cf. Guide, 1903, p. 472, NO. 57 'from his Thes. 1212 ;SETHE,Urk. i. 97 (16); see GAUTHIER, pyramid at Saqqarah ') ; text, BRUGSCH, Le Livre des Rois, i. 155 (xxi), ('trouvke k Abydos ').

PYRAMID OF PEPY 11. INSCRIBED CHAMBERS. From SETHE, Pyranu?ientexte, iii, p. 146.

PYRAMID OF QUEEN WEZEBTEN. pl. From JCQUIER, La Pyramide d'oudjebe~, i.

Pyramid of Pepy I
o th G i d Micseum in f


Alabaster canopic jar, in Cairo Mus.; text of King, REISNER,h Dated CanoptirJars Te d Z . xxxvii. 6 I. Fragment of false door with cartouches of Snefru and Isesi, in Berlin Mus. 1143, L. D. ii. 152 e, and Text, i, p. 197 ; cartouches, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 41 ; see Ausfzihr. Yerzeichnis (1899), p. 61.


1 (

5 A. 4

Dyn. VI.

(XXXIX of LEPSIUS 8 of PERRING.) ; Inscribed Chambers and Passages. Texts, MASPERO, pyramide de Mirinrf l in Rec. de Trav. ix. 179-91, X. 1-29, La e ' xi. 1-3 I j id. Les zitsm$tions des pyramides de Sapqarah, 25 7-32 7 ; SETHE, I)yramidentexte, vols. i and ii, pp. 1-422. Plan and section, MASPERO, cit. in Kec. de Trav. ix. 179. op. Plan and indication of positions of texts, SETHE, cit. iii, pp. 139-45. op. Sarcophague Chamber. I-IV, 1 . 1-130 ; 11.62-8, BRUGSCH, Pyramiden mit Inschnj?en [&C.] in A.Z. xix, 1 Zwei pls. iii a, iii b ; 1 . 62-4, SETHE, cit. i, $5 768-74 ;1 . 65-7, id. ib. $4 654-7 ;1 . 67-8, 1 op. 1 1 id. ib. $4 819-22. v-VII, 1 . 131-254. 1 Sarcophagus. Texts, BRUGSCH, cit. p. 5. op.

VIII-X, 1 . 255-376 ; parts of 1 . 322-36, SETHE, cit. iv, plate at end ' Schrift1 1 op. proben '. XI, 11. 377-437 2. XII, fragment, probably from lower part of wall, 1 . 438-45. 1 Passage, south end. XIII, 11. 446-555, BRUGSCH, cit. in A..z xix, pl. ii; SETHE, cit. ii, $5 1683-91. op. op. XIV, 1 . 556-666; 1 . 599-630, BRUGSCH, cit. pls. iva, iv b. 1 1 op. Passage, north end. XV, 1 . 667-97. 1 Waiting Hall. XVI, 1 . 698-737. 1 XVII, 1 . 738-86. 1 XVIII, 1 . 787-826. 1 op. Corrections of texts, LANGE, cit. in Az. xxxiv. 146-9.



Dyn. VIZ.

(XL of LEPSIUS.) North-east of Pyramid of Pepy 11.

Fragments of limestone blocks; cartouches of King, JBQUIER, Rapport$rlZiminaire [&C.] in Ann. Sem. xxx. 113.


CU]=~A. Dyn. VI.

(XL1 of LEPSIUS g of PERRING.) ; See id. ib. in Ann. Sem. xsvi, pp. 61-2, xxvii, pp. 56-7, xxviii, p. 54. Two wooden plaques, King crowned by Horus and Set, and cartouche of King, found in store-rooms, id. ib. in Ann. Serv. xxviii; pl. iv.

MORTUARY TEMPLE, east side. on

See id. ib. xxvii, pp. 57-9, xxviii, pp. 55-9, cf. pl. ii. Plan, id. ib. xxvii, pl. ii, xxviii, pl. i, cf. xxix, frontispiece.

Pillar with two scenes of King and god, id. ib. in Ann. Sen. xxvii, pl. iii.
Transverse Passage.

Fragments of reliefs, Libyans (?)climbing pole held by cords, id. ib. pl. iv.

Found in dCbris, alabaster statuette of King as child, id. ib. pl. v ; CAPART WERand Memphis, p. I 7 I , fig. I 68. Remains of offering-bringers from walls, J ~ Q U I E R , cit. in Ann. Sew. xxviii, pl. iii. op.


Inscribed Chambers and Passages. Texts, MASPERO, a pyramide du roiPepi I1in Rec. de Trav. xii, pp. 56-77, 136-195, L pls. i-vi ; id. ib. xiv, pp. 125-52 ; id. Les inscr@kbns des pyramides de Sapparah, pp. 332458, pls. i-vi; SETHE,Pyramidentexte, vols. i, ii. Plan, MASPERO, cit. in Rec. de op. Trav. xii, p. 55. Plan with indications of positions of texts, and fragments, SETHE, OP. cit. iii, pp. 146-61.
Sarcophagus Chamber.

I-Iv, 11. 1-134.

V-XVI, 11. 135-564. XVII-XIX, 11. 584-709. XX-XXVIII, 11. 7 ro minus 6-766 ; view of wall with fragments replaced (= xxvii), SETHE,op. cit. plate between pp. 155 and 156. op. Sarcophagus. Text, MASPERO, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xii, p. 56 [top].

XXIX, 11. 767-93. XXX, 11. 794-820.


XXXI-XXXIII, 1 . 821-949 ; parts of 11. 890-904, SETHE,op. cit. iv, plate at end 1

' Schriftproben '.

xxxv, 11. 1017-55.

XXXIV, 11. 950-1016


Level Passage, south end.

XXXVI, 11. 1056-79. XXXVII, 11. 1080-1 162. XXXVIII, 11. 1163-1243.
Level Passage, north end.

XXXIX, 11. I 244-61 XL, 11. 1262-96.

Waiting Hall.

+ I.

XLI, 11. 1297-1308. XLII, 1 . 1309-50. 1 XLIII, 11. 135 1-87. Fragments in various collections, SETHE,op. cit. iii, pp. 161-3.

Pyramid o Queen Wezebten f Queen Wezebten

z, of Pepy 11. wqe

(XL11 of LEPSIUS.) JBQUIER, Rapport pre'liminaire [&C.] in Ann. Serv. xxvi, pp. 48-55, pls. i-vi ; id. L a Pyramide ZOudjbfen, passim ; see L. D. Text, i, p. 199. Plan and section, JBQUIER, La Pyramid [&C.], pl. i, and p. 3, fig. I. VESTIBULE, outside north entrance. Lintel presumably from west door, found in court of Mortuary Temple of Pepy 11, in Cairo Mus., id. ib. p. 21, fig. 26. South-east door, probably originally in subsidiary buildings, with names of Ikhi Qf3 and Hem'ankh Inspector of prophets, &C., with his grandsons S'ankhenptah good name Hemi Inspectors of Prophets of the Great Seat, in Cairo Mus. 49651, id. ib. p. 2 2 , figs. 27-8; id. in Ann. Serv. xxvi, p. 54, fig. I.





Outer Face. Jambs, J ~ Q U I E L a Pyramide [&C.], pl. xiii [I], and p. g, fig. 3. R, MORTUARY TEMPLE, east side. on

Fragments of bas-reliefs from two walls, Queen with court ladies before goddess, and lions on base of throne, id. ib. pp. 15-17, figs. 8-13.

Fragment from wall, butchers, id. ib. p. 17, fig. 14. Altar, id. ib. pl. xiii [z], and p. 15, fig. 7 ; id. in Ann. Sem. xxvi, pl. v. Stela above altar ; fragment, id. La Pyramide [&C.], p. 13, fig. 6.

Fragments of block with text mentioning pyramidion, of a jamb, and of block with decree of year 33 of Pepy 11, id. ib. p. 18, figs. 15-19.

Sarcophagus Chamber.

Fragments of Pyramid Texts from walls, id. ib. pls. vi-xii; south wall rn situ, id. ib. pl. iii ; id. op. cit. in Ann. S e n . xxvi, pl. iv.

SUBSIDIARY BUILDINGS, between inner stone and outer brick enclosure-walls.

Overseer of the Magazine ;right jamb, J ~ Q U I E L a Pyramide R, Door of Ameny [&C.], p. 24, fig. 29. Door of Rud ; part of left jamb, id. ib. p. 24, fig. 30. (= Hem'ankh mentioned above) and Nefery A0Q id. Offering-tables of Hemi ib. p. 26, figs. 31-2. Stela of woman Theti Q Unique ornament of the King, id. ib. p. 26, fig. 33. :, Obelisks and false door of Khubau &g& see his tomb, infra p. 187. Steward of the royal throne, in Brussels, MusCes Royaux False door of Khenu du Cinquantenaire, J ~ Q U I E R , cit. p. 29, fig. 36. op. False door of woman Iuiu Royal ornament, id. ib. p. 30, fig. 37, cf. p. 28.



1 9



+&&S B,

F R-\---.



G-E.6 'D.R



.Leps.6 s~eps.7

D Ln

D... Marlettes

------------_---------------- ------- ----.UnnOFer

( L

~ I P U T




---________----_ - *--F---

---~ e r e r u k a L tKagemni=leps ;d
Mortuary Temple -Leps.12

Leps 18

.Leps.zo= C.26

Lepj 19

Adapted from DE MORGAN, a ~ t de Z NNkrropole .Wemphife, 10. C e a The tomb-numbers with letters are those of MARIETTE, others those of LEPSIUS. the

Pyramids of Queens lput

93andNeith 1

rn.Dyn. U.

North-west of Pyramid of Pepy 11. T O be published by JBQUIER.

Shepseska f

c ~ xRA, ]

klzown as Masta bet Fara'un.

(XL111 of LEPSIUS.)

MORTUARY TEMPLE, on east side of Pyramid.

Description, BURTON MSS.* 256 I 8, 2 7. 14, fig. 8. Plan, J ~ Q U I E R , Masfabaf Faraoun, p. Le

[&C.] in Ann. S~YV. pp. 61-71, xxvi, pp. 44-8, xxv, pls. i, ii ; id. Le Mastabaf Faraoun, passim ; see MARIETTE, Voyage, pl. 4, cf. pp. 33-4 ; L. D. Text, i, pp. 199-201. Plan and sections, MARIETTE, Masfabas, 361-5 ; J ~ Q U I E R , op. cit. in Ann. Serv. xxv, pp. 63, 65, 68, figs. 2-4; id. Le Masfabat Paraoun, frontispiece, pl. ii, and p. ro, fig. 3. Views, L. D. i. 37. North-east corner, blocks with restoration-text of Kharemw,eset, son of Ramesses 11, JBQUIER, Masfabat Faraoun, p. 12, fig. 7 ; see id. op. cit. in Ann. Sew. xxvi, p. 45. Le

PYRAMID. JBQUIER, Rapport prlliminaire

Userkare' Khenzer %] [U

m. Kingdom. Middle

See JBQUIER, Rafiortjrt6Ziminaire [&C.] in Ann. Sew. xxix, pp. 153-6. Pyramidion, id. ib. xxx, pl. ii, cf. p. 106.

Interior. Plan and sections, id. ib. xxix, pl. i.

11. N E C R O P O L I S
Plans showing positions of tombs, DE MORGAN, Carfe de Z Ne'cropole Memjhife, a 6-10 ; L. D. i. 32-3. Plans, sketches of architectural details, and coloured ceiling decorations, WILDMSS.* iii. 74-96.

A. Northern Group.
All these tombs are inaccessible unless otherwise stated : the numbers on the tomb plans are therefore only approximate.



PONDOF A s i r ~ ? ~ .

FETEKTA 57. Dyn. IV.

Room I.

(I of LEPSIUS.) Plan and section, L. D. i. 38 ; plan, L. D. Erganz. xl [middle] ; L. D. Text, i, p. 139. Remains of three registers, funeral furniture, L. D. ii. 96 [bottom right]. Deceased, L. D. Erganz. xl [B]. Deceased, id. ib. xl [H]. Remains of boat, id. ib. xl [F].

(I) (2) (3) (4)

Daughter of Pepy I and wife of Pepy 11. 0

Yetekta (Leps. I ) . From L. D. Text, i, P. 139. Pehernefer. From MASPEROl?fude~ in ~ g . 246. ii.

Sekhem'ankhptah (D. 41). From MARIETTE, Mastabas, 2 S j . Kapure' (D. 39). From M A R I E T T E , Masfobas, 3 7 2 .



I, 2.)

From MARIETTE, Mastabas, 37 4

(C. 6, i . ) After MARIETTE, Masfabas, 114, and MURRAY, Sapqara Mastabas, i, pl. xxxv [top left].

Saqqd ra Necropolis-Northern



(5)-(6) Top register (almost destroyed), with two registers boats below, id. ib. xl [D] ; bottom register, third to fifth boats, L. D. ii. 96 [bottom left]. (7) Two registers, tending cattle, L. B. ii. 96 [middle left] ; L. D. Erganz. xl [E]. (8)-(10) Pilaster. Baking and men tending cattle, vintage, garden, L. D. ii. 96 [middle right]. (I I) Remains of industries, L. D. Erganz. xl [C]. Pillar. (12)-(13) Hunting, L. D. ii. 96 [top left]. (14)-(IS) Bartering, id. ib. 96 [top right].
Entrance to Room IL (16) Drum ; titles and names of deceased, L. D. Text, i, p. 141.

VILLAGE A B O ~ ~ R . OF Built i n t o houses. Two blocks from tomb of Amenemonet Great chief of Memphis, General, Steward of the temple of Tuthmosis 111, &C., Dyn. XVIII, in Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg Mus., MOGENSEN, a Collection (qyptienne, pl. cviii [A 731, 7321, cf. p. 100; text on one L block, I,. D. iii. 29 e ; titles, and name of sister, L. D. Text, i, p. 135. Block of New Kingdom with seated figures of five kings of the Old Kingdom, in Berlin Mus. I I 16, L. D. ii. 152 d, cf. Text, i, p. 138 ; cartouches, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, ii. 201. Fragment from tomb of Niay Prophet of Sekhmet. kneeling before Die goddess in date-palm, Dyn. XIX, in Berlin Mus. 7322, BORCHARDT, AeRyptische P$anzensau/e, p. 45, Abb. 72 ; OHNEFALSCH-RICHTER,y w , pl. 39 [I]; text, Aeg. K Inschr. Mus. Berlin, ii. 2 0 2 ; WIEDEMANN, Vana in Rec. de Trav. xvii. 10 ; KEIMER, u r S un bus-reliefen calcaire [&C.] in Arm. Sem. xxix, p. 85, fig, 2 ; name and titles of deceased, L. D. Text, i, p. 138. Fragment belonging to it, deceased and wife kneeling before goddess in sycamore, in Kestner Mus. Hanover, No. 1 7 ; BISSING,Uber eine Grabwand aus Memphis [&C.] in Miinchener Jahrbuch der bildenden Kunst, Neue Folge, i, p. 2 I 2, Abb. I ; I;iihrer des Kestner-Mtcseums in Uannover, i, AZfertum ( ~ g o o ) ,p. 24, fig. 2 ; sycamore, KEIMER, cit. p. 85, fig. I ; texts, WIEDEMANN, cit. 10 [g]. op. op. Various fragments, including blocks with cartouches of Haremhab and Psammetikhos 11, L. D. Text, i, p. 139. Other fragments, including names of Pesiiir and Ptahmosi, WILKINSON MSS.* x~ii. [lower]-26. 25


,44 !&:




(including Archaic Cemetery).

HESY Wjfi, Overseer of Royal scribes; &c.

Temp. Zoser.

(MARIETTE, 3 ; 2405 of QUIBELL.) A. Complete, QUIBELL,The Tomb o Hesy in Saqqara (1911-1912). f xi, D East wall. Games [QUIBELL, xvi], see RANKE, a s altiigyptische Schlangenspielin Sifzungsb. HeideZb. ARad. rgzo, passim, with Abb. I, 2. Five wooden panels, in Cairo Mus. 1426-1430 [QUIBELL, XX~X-xxxii], WEILL,L a I@ et Z I I Dynasties in Ann. Mus. Guirnet, xxv, pl. iii opposite p. 231 ; three [QUIBELL, a Ie I, 2,5], MARIETTE, Mastabas, 80-2 ; MARIETTE, Album du Must2 de Boulag, 12 ; BISSING, Denkmaler, Text to 1 0 2 ; WEIGALL, Anc. Eg. Works o Art, 19 ; two [QUIBELL, 51, f 2, BREASTED, The Physical Processes o Writing in the ear+ On2nt [&C.] in Amer. Journ. f Sem. Lung. Lit. xxxii, p. 236 ; upper part of one [z], BORCHARDT KEISNER, Works and 4 Arf, 2 0 ; MEYER,Aegypten zur Zeit der Pyramidenerbauer, pl. 8 ; SCHAFER, Von

iigvptischer Kunst (1922), pls. I (frontispiece), 8 ; two [QUIBELL, 41, HALL ROSS,Th 2, in A r t o Egypt through the Ages, p. I 13 ; upper part of one [QUIBELL, CAPART f 21, and Memphis, p. 249, fig. 231 ; text above deceased in another [QUIBELL, id. 51, WERBROUCK, ib. p. 278, fig. 260. (2146 E of QUIBELL.) Lintel from south niche, found in shaft, QUIBELL, Saggam (1912-14), pls. X X Vxxvii, ~, cf. p. 10.

SEHEFNER King's daughter. Dyn. 11. 91,

PTAHSABU 21PYJh. Dyn. I1 or I11 (?).

Name on jamb, id. ib. p. 38.

(2400-1 of QUIBELL.)

SEHOTPU . Dyn. VI. 11 2

(Outside 2407 of QUIBELL.) Stela; name and titles, id. ib. p. 39. (2302 of QUIBELL.) QUIBELL, cit. pp. 29-30, pls. xvii, xxxi [I, 31. Plan, id. ib. pl. xxx [left]. op.

RUABEN A, Carpenter and sculptor. Dyn. 11. -f

11 1 For other early mastabas, Dyn. 1 - 1 , see id. ib. passim.

KHA'BAUSEKER =e&, small name HETHES WTh. Archaic.

(MARIETTE, 2 ; 5 of DE MORGAN.) A. Mastabas, 7 I. Plan, MARIETTE, Stela, in Cairo Mus. 1385, id. ib. 74-5 [upper], 77-9 ; MURRAY, Saqqara Masfabas, pl. i, cf. p. 3 ; MASPERO, Guide (1883), plate opposite p. 31 ; middle part, preceding list of offerings at bottom, BRUGSCH, Thes. 1410-11. Stela of wife, in Cairo Mus. 1386, 1387, MURRAY, cit. pl. ii, cf. pp. 2-3 ; sides, op. MARI~TTE, ~Vastabas,75 [lower]-76 ; head from one si,de, BISSING, Denkmaler, Text to 5 [second fig.] ; head from other side, CAPART, L'Art Egyptien (191 I), pl. I 24 ; id. Bocumentspour servir d Z'ktude de 19Arf&yptien, pl. 14. Broken lintel (bought at Pyramids in 1910) with name of Hethes, WEILL,Monuments nouveaux des premi2res dynasties in Sphinx, xv. 2.

PEHERNEFER with many titles. Dyn. 111. 28,

MASPERO, a carn'2re administrative de deux haufs fonctionnaires tgyptiens [&C.] in L Etudes kg.ii. 246-71 (from NESTOR~ ' 1 3 6 ~ ~Block with several titles of deceased, ). L. D. Text, i, p. 188. Plan, MASPERO, cit. 246; NESTOR OP. L'HGTE MSS.* 20396, 338 [top].

( I ) Lintel and drum, id. ib. 341 (sketch); titles on drum, MASPERO, cit. 247 op. [topl. (2) Thickness ; titles of deceased, NESTOR L'HGTE hlSS.* 20396, 338 verso [top]. (3) Thickness; deceased with titles, id. ib. 338 ; text beneath arm of deceased, op. MASPERO, cit. 267 [top].
Hall. (4) op. cit. (5) 20406,

Four registers of estates ; names, NESTOR L'HGTEMSS.* 20396, 339 ; MASPERO, 248 [top]. L'HGTE MSS.* 20396, 339 verso [left], cf. id. Deceased with titles above, NESTOR 'Tombeau de Pehernofre I ', several squeezes; titles, MASPERO, cit. 248 [lower]. op.

Northern Group


(6) Four registers of estates ; heads and names, NESTORL'HBTE MSS.* 20396, 338 verso [right]; names, MASPERO, cit. 247 [bottom] ; two names, L. D. Text, i, p. 188. op. (7) Deceased in panther-skin, NESTORL ' H ~ T E MSS.* 20396, 338 verso [left].
Shrine. (S), (g), (IO), (11) Figures of deceased with titles, id. ib. 340 [left], 340 [right], 339

verso [right], 340 verso.


sazi,Prophet of King Nebka; &c.


Dyn. 111.

See WEILL,L a IIe et Z a

Dynasties in Ann.


Guimet, xxv, pp. 262-73.

Thicknesses, deceased with text, in Louvre B. I and 2, id. ib. pl. vi [upper] opposite Inscr. du Louvre, ii. 74 [lower] ; head of deceased, and p. 268; text of B. I, PIERRET, A horizontal text above, D E V ~ R Isqueezes*, E. 6169, vol. 2, 64. Statue of deceased, in Berlin Mus. 142 77, WEILL,op. cit. pl. vi [lower], and p. z 7 2 ; text (reversed), Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 68. Two blocks from false door, built into native house in village of AbQir, in Berlin Mus. 1141, 1142, L. D. ii. 39 a, b, cf. Text, i, p. 138 ; WEILL,op. cit. pl. vii [upper] opposite p. 270 ; Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 30. Similar blocks, in Berlin Mus. 15302, 15303, WEILL, op. cit. pl. vii [lower]; Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 3 I (half reversed).

MERY Q, Overseer of scribes ; Overseer of the Treasury. Dyn. 111.

Fragments, in Louvre B. 49, a, b, c ; texts of a and b, PIERRET, Inscr. du Louvre, ii. 56, 74 [upper] ; D E V ~ R Isqueezes*, E. 6169, vol. 2, 63, 65 ; WEILL, L a Zle ef Z I I A a Ie Dynasties in Ann. Mus. Guimet, xxv, p. 300; texts, BRUGSCH, e s . 1411 [lower], cf. n 1230. Another fragment, WEILL,op. cit. in Sphinx, xv. 6.

N ~ ~ F" 2 , Artificer, and wife MY 1 ER


Concubine. Dyn. 111.

False doors, in Brussels, Musees Royaux du Cinquantenaire. Lintel and drum, E. 5268, E. 52 70, WEILL,OP. cit. in Ann. IMus. Guimet, xxv, p. 3 16 ; SPELEERS, des Inscr. Rec. kg.4 [32, 341. Another lintel, E. 5271, WEILL, op. cit. in Sphinx, xv. 4 ; SPELEERS, op. cit. 4 [35]. Lintel from tomb of Teti cit. in Sphinx, xv. 5.


son of Hesi

WTbought at Pyramids, WEILL, OP. f,

HETEP-HERES EL!, Prophetess of Hathor and of Khufu. Early Dyn. IV. (MARIETTE, 2.) B.
Stela, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 90-1.


Overseer of ha-servants of King Send, and of priests B. of King Perabsen. Temp. Khephren. (MARIETTE, 3.)

3Q , z4

See WEILL,L a IP et la I I I I e Dynasties in Ann. Mus. Guimef, xxv, pp. 330-3. False door, in Cairo Mus. 1384, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 92-4 ; MORET,liragments du Mastaba de Shery [&c,] in Monumenk Piot, vol. xxv, pp. 280-1, figs. I, 2, and pl. xxi ; MASPERO, i t . Anc. des Peuples de POn'enf, Les Oripnes, 237 (cf. Bibliography, 236, H

Evidently from this archaic cemetery, fragments being found in village of Abasfr. Identified as from here, fragments being sold associated with lintel from Kha'bauseker. Position uncertain.

note 3); AXI~LINEAU, NouveZles FouiLZts dAbydos (1897-1898), i, pl. xx [ro]; see Les Muse0 Archeologico d i f i e n z e , p. 230, note I. SCHIAPARELLI, Rectangular tablet,' in Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 794, LEPSIUS, Auszuahl, ix [upper] ; M a m o r n Oxoniensia (r732), Pt. ii, pls. i, v* ; MORET, op. cit., in Monuments Piof, vol. xxv, p. 287, fig. 4 ; MEYER, Geschichte des alten Aegvytens (r887), i, Pt. 2, p. 93. Rectangular tablet,' in Florence Museum 2554, MORET,op. cit. p. 294, fig; 7 ; texts, OP. Principaux Monunzenfs du Muse'e E H t i e n de SCHIAPARELLI, cit. 230-1 ; BEREND, Horence, 6 r. Two slabs from walls, in Aix-en-Provence Mus., MILLIN, Vyage duns les D@arfements du Wi, Atlas, pl. xlv [2, 31, cf. vol. iii, pp. 347-8 ; MORET,op. cit, pl. xxii, cf. P P 294-6. Panel, in Brit. Mus. 1192, Hiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 3 [I] ; Gzlidr to the E a p f i a n Collections (rg30), p. 285, fig. 155.

Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 141. Sarcophagus of Thoenemou Saite (?); texts, D E V ~ R Isqueezes':', 5372, A. A Apparently from here, inscribed ibis mummy ' destinC au cabinet de Vienne ' ; text, BRUGSCH, Thes. g70 [left].


H E M R ~ Unique royal favourite and concubine of the Harim ; zih, Lady-superintendent of music. Usurped from THEY -99. Dyn.
(MARIETTE, 15 ; 6 of DE MORGAN.) C. Plan, MARIETTE, Masfabas, 137. On either side of entrance, deceased watching offering-bringers ; texts, id. ib. 138-9.


Rear wall, stela, in Cairo Mus. 1380, id. ib. 140-2. Probably from this tomb, limestone statue-group of They and wife, in Cairo Mus. 95, BORCHARDT, Sfatuen und Stafueften (Cat. Caire), i, pl. 21, p. 75 ; ~ ~ ' E I G A L LA?zc. Eg. , Works o Art, 53 [lower right]. f

HETEP ,Overseer of the scribes of the Land in the Royal Houses 5 of the North and South. Dyn. IV. (MARIETTE,C. 2 ; 8 of DE
MORGAN.) Plan, MARIETTE, cit. 114. op. Unfinished stela in niche; texts, id. ib.
I 15.



Chief Physician; Prophet of Heka; &c. Dyn. IV.

(MARIETTE, 4 ; g of DE MORGAN.) B. Plan, MARIETTE, cit. 95. op. Titles of deceased from destroyed walls, id. ib. 96.

.ANKHI ?g!, Overseer of sculptors; Royal acquaintance. Uyn. IV. (MARIETTE, 14; I o of DE MORGAN.) C.
Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 136.
One of these two tablets probably surmounted the Cairo false door.

Nodhern Group


Unfinished stela, in Cairo Mus. 1729 ; title of deceased, and names of offerings, id. ib. 136.

I T I ~ Overseer of scribes of the Land in the Two Houses. 97, Dyn. IV. (MARIETTE, 13.) C.

Drum ; name and title, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 135. Probably from this tomb, lin~estonestatue, in Cairo Mus. 26, BORCHARDT, cit. op. i, PI- 7, P. 27.

BEBIBJJn, or SENEZEMIBe Ruler of the Great House; [i , Ia Master of the wdb. Dyn. IV. (MARIETTE, I3 ; I I of DE MORGAN.) B.
op. Plan, MARIETTE, cit. 105. Unfinished stela ; texts, id. ib. 105. Statue-group of deceased and family, in Cairo Mus. 151, BORCHARDT, cit. i, pl. op. op. 34, p. 110; texts, MARIETTE, cit. 106.

NEFERHOTEP Overseer of scribes of the Land. Dyn. 1V. 85,

(MARIETTE, 12 ; 12 of DE MORGAN.) B. Mastabas, 103. Plan, MARIETTE, Limestone statue-group of deceased and wife, in Cairo Mus. 89, BORCHARDT, cit. op. i, pl. zo, pp. 70-1 ; texts, MARIETTE, cit. 104. op.

SOKARN~FER ?&&=, Superintendent of ointment of King's dressing. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 44 ; I 3 of DE MORGAN.) D.

Plan, MARIETTE, cit. 298. op.

West wall. Two niches with stelae ; texts, id. ib. 298. Probably from this tomb, limestone statue-group, in Cairo Mus. 123, BORCHARDT, OP. cit. i, pl. 27, pp. 93-4.

ITWESM 4%- great name SMENKHU-PTAH :WFzyB, Priest of the Pyramid of Isesi ; Overseer of the Mansion of Gold ; &c. Dyn. V.
(MARIETTE, 43 ; 14 of DE MORGAN.) D. Plan, MARIETTE, cit. 296. op. Three fragments from walls ; texts with names and titles of deceased, wife, and sons, id. ib. 296-7. Block with portrait-head of deceased, in New York, Historical Society's Collection, An PETRIE, E a r + Portrait in Anc. Eg. 1920, plate opposite p. 18.

'ANKHIRIS J?--ll, Dyn. IV.


Chief of the Ten of Upper Egypt ; Secretary ; &c.


(MARIETTE, 16 ; 15 of B. Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 109.


West wall. Unfinished stela; texts, id. ib. 109-10; name and title, Insm. Uikro. lxxxi [middle].
Position uncertain.



SAQQWRA-NECROPOLIS HEPU161, Prophetess of Hathor. Dyn. VI. (MARIETTE, 4 ; 16 of E.


MORGAN.) Plan, MARIETTE, Masfabas, 391 [bottom].

East Faqade. Stela, id. ib. 392.

AKHTIHOTP -S%, Inspector of the H a r ~ mof the Great House ; Overseer of the Royal Stalls ;&c. Archaic. (MARIETTE, 1 ; 18 of A.

MORGAN.) Plan, MARIETTE, cit. 69. op.


West wall. Stela ; texts, id. ib. 70 ; first text, DE Roucb, Inscr. 2Xiei.o. xcviii [right] ; corrected by WEILL,L a I I e et Z 1 1 1 6 Dynasfies in Ann. Mus. Guimef, xxv, p. 3r4. a South wall. Three names of estates, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 70.




SETHUZab, Inspector of divine chancellors. Early Dyn. IV. I

Drum ; name and titles, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 97. Perhaps from this tomb, stela in Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg Mus., E. 11 and 10, SCHMIDT, Choiz de ~ o n u m e n tAgyptiens ( I ~ I O )pl. ii, fig. 2 ;id. Den Aeg-tiske Samling, s , p. 53 ; MOGENSEN, Collection kgypfienne, pl. xcii [A 660, 6611. La Probably from this tomb, statue-group of Sethu and wife, in Cairo Mus. 190, BORCHARDT, Statuen und Statuetten (Cat. Caire), i, pl. 40, p. 130.


Overseer of Royal scribes; &c. Dyn. IV.

(MARIETTE, 7.) B. Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 97. Stela, in Cairo Mus., MASPERO, Guide (1883), plate opposite p. 33 ;(1g14), p. 18, fig. 4 ; CAPART, L'Art &gyptien (~gog),pl. 29; id. L'Art Bgyptien, i, L'Ar~hitecture, pl. 29; BISSING, Denkmiiler, Text to I 7 [fig. I]. Two stands for offering-tables, in Cairo Mus,, MARIETTE, Album du Musk de BouZaq, Ir. (MARIETTE, 8.1 B. Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 98. Two supports found in Passage, in Cairo Mus. 1298, 1301, id. Album du Muse2 de Boulaq, I I ; see id. Mastabas, 98.

KHUNI 2. Early Dyn. IV. l

RUZI74 Inspector of divine chancellors ;&c. 1,

Plan, id. ib. 96.

(MARIETTE, 5 ) B. .

West wall.

Injured stela; name and titles, id. ib. 96. (MARIETTE, g.) B.

HUTI' fjBj9. Dyn. IV.

Plan, id. ib. 99.

Position uncertain.


Northern Group 929, Overseer of the royal granary. Early Dyn. 1V.




B. 10.) Plan, id. ib. 100.


West wall. Remains of stela; titles, id. ib. 100. Offering-table found near stela, in Cairo Mus. 1359 ; texts, id. ib.



Plan, id. ib.

(MARIETTE, 11.) B.

e S 9 . Early Dyn. IV (MARIETTE)or Dyn. V1 (BORCHARDT). (MARIETTE, 14.) B. Mastabas, 107. Plan, MARIETTE, Found on ground in hall. Statue of deceased and family, in Cairo Mus. 44, BORCHARDT, Sfatuen und Statuetten (Cat. Caire), i, pl. I I, pp. 40-1 ;WEIGALL, Ant. Eg. Works o Arf, 70 [upper right] ; CAPART, f L'Art BgYpiien ( ~ g o g )pl. 19 ; wife, id. ib. , ( I ~ I I ) , I 16 ; id. Documents four servir b Z'ltude de Z'Art L f t i e n , pl. 10; texts, pl. Mastabas, I 70. MARIETTE,



1 Overseer of the granary. Dyn. IV. ,


B. 15.) Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 108.


West wall.

Stela; texts, id. ib. 108.

KHA'BAUPTAH% :e, W Overseer of manicurists and hairdressers NeferirkarE', NeferfrEC, of the Great House ; Prophet of SahurEC, and NeuserrEC; Prophet of Hathor in the Sun-temple of NeferirkarEf; &c. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 42 ; 19 of DE MORGAN.) D.
op. Plan, MARIETTE, cit. 294.

Architrave above pillars, id. ib. 294.

Firet or Second Hall.

West wall. Stela, id. ib. 295 ; architrave,


ROUG%, Inscr. HiLro. lxxxviii [top].

SEKHEM'ANKHPTAH W lf e&y, Chief of the Ten of Upper Egypt ; Real Commander of the chief gardeners; &c. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE,
D. 41 ; 2 0 of DE MORGAN.) % I n Boston Museum. See ROWE,i o Mastaba Chambers in Boston MW. Bull. June 1910, p. 20. Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 285. Titles, DE R o u ~ b Insn: H i r o . lxxvii [bottom]. ,

(I) Unfinished scene of bringing and tending cattle before deceased; text of milking, op. MARIETTE, cit. 290. (2) Deceased watching six registers, bringing animals, contest of fishermen in boats,

Position uncertain. P

and harvest ; contest in boats from second register, two peasants in agricultural scene and Some Old Kingdom Tomb donkey-boys and scribe from lower registers, D[ows] D[UNHAM], Reliefs in Bosfon Mus. Bull. June I 929, cover, and figs.on p. 36; the two peasants, CAPART and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 381, fig. 368; texts, MARIETTE, cit. 287-9. op. (3) Stela, id. ib. 290-3 ; part of right inner jamb, CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 183, fig. 178. (4) Offering-list, offering-bringers, and butchers, before deceased ; texts, MARIETTE, op. cit. 286-7.

'ANKHMA'R~?' zyh-,Assistant-prophet of the Pyramids of NeferfrECand Menkauhor; Overseer of manicurists of the Great D. House ; &c. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 40 ; 2 I of DE MORGAN.)
Plan, MARIETTE, Masfabas, 280.
Room preceding innermost hall.

Offering scene and offering-bringers ; texts, id. ib. 281-2. West wall. Stela, id. ib. 282-4.

KAPURE' Zuob, Prophet of the Pyramid of Isesi ; Overseer of D. the Treasury of the Cabinet. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 39 ; 2 2 of DE
MORGAN. ) Plan, MARIETTE, Masfabas, 272. as Mariette's plan is incomplete.)

(The positions on plan, supra p. 98, are uncertain,

( I ) Sailing-boats ; texts, id. ib. 272 ; part, ERMAN, Reden, Rufe und Lieder, 55.
Inner Hall.

(2)-(3) Offering-bringers and offering-list before deceased ; names of offerings and op. priests, MARIETTE, cit. 274-5. (4) Deceased watching five registers procession of estates ; texts, id. ib. 275-7. (5) Stela, id. ib. 278-9 ; part of architrave and lintel, DE R o u ~ f Inscr. Niei.0. xc ; , lintel and inner jambs (reversed), DUEMICHEN, Resultate, vii ; architrave, id. Kalenderinschrrjcten, xli [a]. (6) Offering-bringers and butchers, and list of offerings, before deceased; texts, op. MARIETTE, cit. 273-4. Bas-relief from tomb, boat with four men, man driving cattle, in Cairo Mus., PERROT and CHIPIEZ, Uisf. de ['Art, i. 32-3 [NOS. 22, 231 ; AM~LINEAU, Histoire de la Se$ulfure et des Funei-ailZes in Ann. Mus. Guimef, xxix, pl. xl [fifth row, right] opposite p. 412.


Vizier ; Chief justice ; Director of the W s k f ;&c. Temp. NeferirkarEc. (MARIETTE, 38 ; 24 of DE MORGAN.) D.

Plan, MARIETTE, Masfabas, 267 [bottom]. Stela, in MusCe National, Copenhagen, 5129, id. ib. 268-71 ; omitting architrave and Inscr. Hilyo. du Muse'e National de Copenhague, pls. X-xi, offering-list at top, MOGENSEN, fig. 1 2 , pp. 7-1 I ; last line of horizontal text below offering-list, and left inner jamb (reInscr. U + - o .xcvi [upper], xcvii [upper] ; architrave (without top line), versed), DE ROUGE, Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 10. in Brit. Mus. 1278, H i e ~ o . Four fragments from another false door, account of death and funeral of deceased and tomb endowment by son, in Cairo Mus. 1569, 1570, 1673, 1702, SETHE, Urk. i. 40-5 (27) A-D.

Norfhern Group 107 USERPTAH $ , Overseer of copper and gold of royal dressing. : 'j WF C. Dyn. IV. (MARIETTE, 3 ; 25 of DE MORGAN.)
Masfabas, Plan, MARIETTE,
East Fagade.
I I 5.

Stela, id. ib. 116.


(MARIETTE, 37 ; 26 of DE MORGAN.) D. Mastabas, 267. Plan, MARIETTE, Stela, id. ib. 266. Statuen und Slabetten (Cat. Caire), Granite statue, in Cairo Mus. 56, BORCHARDT, Anc. Eg. Works o Art, 68 [upper right]. f i, pl. 14, pp. 50-1 ; WEIGALL, Recueil Probably from here, double statue in Biblioth&queNationale, Paris, CAYLUS, d'dnfipuifls ~gyptiennes[&C.] (1752-64), vol. V, pl. XX, cf. pp. 57-60 ; CAPART, Recueil de Mon. dg. cf. description of plate. ix,

King Ka' _fa ;&C. Dyn. V.

>&=, under the King; Prophet of Ma'et, and of First

Overseer of scribes of crews. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, D. 36; 27 of DE MORGAN.) Mastabas, 265 [lower]. Stela found in debris, MARIETTE, OP. Limestone statues, in Cairo Mus. 27, 105, 106, BORCHARDT, cit. i, PIS. 7, 23, pp. 27-8, 82-4; titles of No. 27, MARIETTE, cit. 265 [upper]. op. IYKAU RE'HOTP


z2, of royal accounts. Scribe

Dyn. V.


35 ; 28 of DE MORGAN.) Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 263.


Statue, in Cairo Mus. 205, BORCHARDT, cit. i, pl. 43, pp. 138-9 ; name and title, op. MARIETTE, cit. 264. op.

Scribe of royal accounts. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, D. 34 ; 29 of DE MORGAN.) Statue, in Cairo Mus. 186 (probably from here, see MARIETTE, Masfabas, 263), BORCHARDT, OP. it. i, pl. 40, cf. P. 128. PTAHSHEPSES


SHEPSI Judge ; Master of Ceremonies. Dyn. V. AI!,

33 ; 30 of DE MORGAN.) Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 262.


Statue-group, in Cairo Mus. 22, BORCHARDT, cit. i, pl. 6, pp. 23-4 ; texts, MARIop. Inscr. Hiei.0. liv [bottom]. ETTE,op. cit 262 ; DE ROUG%,

ZADUIPU 05, ffA$B Judge ; Master of ceremonies. Dyn. V.



D. 32 ; 31 of DE MORGAN.)

Limestone statue, in Cairo Mus. 2 1 2 , BORCHARDT, cit. i, pl. 44, p. 142 ; text, op. Mastabas, 262 ; DE R O U G ~ , Inscr. Hiiro. liv [top lower]. MARIETTE,


Dyn. V.

(MARIETTE, 31 ; 32 of D.




Stela, in Cairo Mus. 1424; names of relations, op. name, lxii [top right] ; see MARIETTE, cit. 261.


R O U G ~ , cit. iv [top], cf. op.

KHNEMHOTP , Scribe of the granary. 55

D. 30.)

Dyn. V (?).


Statue found in situ against south wall, in Cairo Mus. 96, BORCHARDT, Statuen und Statuetten (Cat. Caire), i, pl. 22, p. 76 ; text, MARIETTE, cit. 260. op.

RR'wER ZS, Steward. Dyn. V.


(MARIETTE, 29.) D.

Statue found in situ against south wall, in Cairo Mus. 29, BORCHARDT, cit. i, op. pl. 8, p. 29 ; see MARIETTE, Mastabns, 260.


or Chief lector. Early Dyn. IV (MARIETTE) Dyn. V (BORCHARDT). (MARIETTE, 8 ; 36 of DE MORGAN.) C. Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 127 ; MURRAY, Saqqara Mastabas, i, pl. xxxii [top right].



West wall, granite stela; titles of deceased, MARIETTE, cit. 128 ; MURRAY, cit. op. op. i, pl. iii [S]. Circular offering-table found on ground, with name of Akhtihotp-heri O$&Q (cf. infra p. 157, D. 60), in Cairo Mus. 1304, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 348, cf. 129; MURRAY, OP. cit. i, pl. iii [4], cf. p. 4 [6]. Wooden statues of the Sheikh el-Beled, in south niche, in Cairo Mus. 34, and of the L wife of the Sheikh el-beled ', found at entrance to tomb, in Cairo Mus. 33, see MURRAY, op. Statuen und Stafuetten (Cat. op. cit. i, p. 4 ; MARIETTE, cit. I 29 ; statues, BORCHARDT, Some Remarks on the Shikh El-Beled in ].EA. Caire), i, pl. 9, cf. pp. 3 1-3 ; CAPART, vi, pls. xxiii, xxv, xxvii, xxviii, cf. pp. 227-33 ; MASPERO, L'Archeblogie ebptienne (1907), pp. 213-14, figs. 194-6 ; BISSING, Denkmaler, I I and Text to 5 [first fig.] ; WEIGALL, Anc. Eg. Works o Art, 40-2 ; heads, PETRIE, f The Arts and Crafts o Ann'ent Egypt, f figs. 25, 26, opposite p. 33 ; CAPART, L'Art Bgyptien (191 I), pls. I 1 2 , I 14 ; CAPART and WERBROUCK, Memphis, pp. 264, 265, figs. 247, 248; CAPART, Documents pour se& 2 C1/tude de l'-4rt ejyjtien, pls. 6, 9 ; statue No. 34, PERROT CHIPIEZ, and Nist. de PArt, i, p. 11, fig. 7 ; MARIETTE, Album du Muse2 de Boulaq, 18, 19; MASPERO, Uist. Anc. des Peuples de Z'Orient, Les Ongines, pl. I, and fig. on p. 408 ; id. Guide (1914), p. 56, fig. 13 ; RHON$,~ ' k ~ p ci petites journeis, p. 81 ; BORCHARDT REISNER,Works of f e and Art, 2 ; BOREUX, LPArtd'ptien, pl. xxvii; SPIEGELBERG, Geschichfe der iigyjtischen Kunst in Der Alfe Orient (ICJO~), 30, Abb. 31 ; STEINDORFF, Kunst der Agypter, p. Die p. 187 ; CAPART and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 341, fig. 328; HALLin Ross, The Art o Egypt through ih Ages, p. 106 [left]. f Wooden statue of man, in Cairo Mus. 32, BORCHARDT, Statuen and Statuetten, i, pl. op. 8, cf. p. 31 ; CAPART, cit. inj.E.A. vi, pls. xxvii, xxviii, cf. pp. 208-9, 232, 233 ; id. L'Art dgyptien (~gog), 16 ; id. Documnts [&C.], pls. 7-8 ; WEIGALL, cit. 52. pl. op.




and 2 ; 37 of DE MORGAN.) Mastadas, 374. Plan, MARIETTE,

Norihern Group 109 SABU lTJ>, good name IBEBI9 8 , 8 9 Assistant-prophet of the Pyramids of Unis and Teti; Prophet of Ptah and of Sokari; &c.
(South tomb.)

(I)-(2) Lintel and jambs ; texts, MARIETTE, cit. 374-6 ; from outer jambs, SETHE, op. Urk. i. 81 (5) A, B ; titles from jambs, DE R o u ~ f Inscr. Nih-o. xciv [bottom, left and , e middle], xcv [top right] ; cf. id. Recherchs sur Zs Monuments [&C.], I 10.

(3) Five registers, offering-bringers,MARIETTE, cit. 380-2 [upper]. OP. (4) Stela, in Cairo Mus. 1565, id. ib. 412-15 (entered under E. 12 in error for E. I, z), cf. diagram, 379 ; titles, and texts from architrave, lintel, and jambs, DE Roucb, Inso-. Ue - . xciii, xciv [top], xcv [left] ; text of jambs, SETHE,Urk. i. 82-4 (5) C, D. i 50 (5) Five registers, dragging statue, procession of estates, butchers, boats, counting and Works afArf, 2 2; cattle before deceased, in Cairo Mus. 1418-19, BORCHARDT REISNER, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 382 [lower]-384 (reversed) ; third to fifth registers, CAPART, Une Rue de Tombeaux, cvi; first boat in fourth register, CLARKE and ENGELBACH, Ancienf Egyjtian Masonry, p. 40, fig. 44 ; nanies of estates, DE Roucf, Inscr. Nie'ro. xcv [bottom right].

PTAHSHEPSES :KAIF, Assistant-prophet of the Pyramid of Teti; Prophet of the Pyramid of Unis; &c. (North tomb.)
MURRAY, Saqqara Masfabas, i, pls. xxviii-xxxi, pp. 26-8. [middle right].

Plan, id. ib. pl. xxxv

(I)-(2) Architrave (destroyed) ; text, MARIETTE, Masfabas, 377 [B] ; 11. 3-6, DE R o u ~ fInscr. Nikro. xcii; cf. id. Recherchs sur Zs Monuments [&C.], log ; fragment of , e op. one end found in sand, MURRAY, cit. i, pl. xxxi [4]. ( I ) and (2), (3) and (4) Deceased and wife on jambs, deceased and son on south thickness, and offering-bringers at base of thicknesses, id. ib. pl. xxxi [I-3, 71; texts Masfabas, 377-8 [c, c', D, D']; from jambs, thicknesses, and drum (destroyed), MARIETTE, ~, titles of wife, DE R O U G Inscr. Niejo. xciv [bottom right]. op. Unplaced fragments of text, MURRAY, cit. i, pl. xxxi [5, 61.

(5) Offering-list and offering-bringers before deceased, id. ib. pl. xxx. Masfa(6) Stela and offering-table below, id. ib. pls. xxviii, xxxi [8j ; see MARIETTE, has, 379. (7) Offering-text and offering-bringers before deceased, MURRAY, cit. i, pl. X X ~ X op. ; names of offering-bringers, MARIETTE, cit. 378-9. op.

PTAHSHEPSES 1, Chief director of artificers. Dyn. VI. :WA/

of last. Plan, MURRAY, cit. i, pl. xxxiv [bottom]. op.


Drum, id. ib. pl. xxvii [top].


West wall, stela, and offering-table below, id. ib. pls. xxvi, xxvii [near top], cf. p. 25. East wall, offering-bringers, north wall, deceased before offerings, id. ib. pl. xxvii.




North wall. Two stelae (uninscribed). Statue of squatting scribe in front of one stela, in Cairo Mus. 36, BORCHARDT, Stutuen und Statzletfen (Cat. Caire), i, pl. g, cf. pp. 34-5 ; BRUGSCH, in Archaeological Report, r 892-3, plate opposite p. 25 ; MASPERO, HiSt. Anc. des Peuples de Z'Orient, Les Ongines, p. 409 ; id. Le scribe accroupi de Gizeh in Monuments Piat, vol. L'Art k g p t i e n (rgog), pl. 2.0 ; MASPERO, Egyptian xxv, pl. i, cf. pp. 1-6; CAPART, Art, plate opposite p. 66 ; id. Guide ( ~ g r q ) ,p. 57, fig. 14 ; MASPERO, Nouveau Le Scribe du Muse? de Gizeh in Gazette des Beaux Arts, ix (18931, p. 269, cf. pp. 265-70 ; WEIGALL, Anc. Eg. Works o Art, 44; CAPART f and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 285, op. fig. 269. Seated statue in front of other stela, in Cairo Mus. 35, BORCHARDT, cit. pl. 9, cf. PP. 33-4.

PTAHSHEPSES , Prophet of the Sun-temples of Neferirkare' EWAPI and Neuserre' ; &c. Dyn. IV. (MARIETTE, I ; 38 of DE MORGAN.) C.
Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, I I I. Architrave from entrance, and false door from rear wall of hall, in Brit. Mus. 682, BUDGE, Nile and Tzgris, ii, plate opposite p. 337 ; DUEMICHEN, By Photo. Result. ii; MASPERO, Hist. Anc. des Peuples de lJOrient, Les Orip-nes, 251 ; texts, Uiero. Texts Mastabas, 112-13, [&C.], Pt. i, pis. 10 [bottom], 11, rz, 13; false door, MARIETTE, repeated in 451-3 ; texts of jambs, DE ROUGB,Inscr. Hie5i.o. Ixxix-lxxxi [top]; outer jambs, SETHE, Urk. i. 51-3 (32) A, B ; drum and inner jambs, DUEMICHEN, Resultate, vi ; see DE R O U G Recherches sur Z s Monuments [&C.], 66-8. ~, e For statues see infra p. 112, C. g.

SABU 1yJ&, mhnk of the King. Dyn. IV.

MORGAN.) Mastabas, 143. Plan, MARIETTE,

(MARIETTE, 16; 39 of C.


Men bringing animals, offering-bringers, &C., on each side of doorway, and deceased Album Photo. pls. 89, go; MARIETTE,Voyage, 5, cf. 6 ; texts, with son, DE R O U G ~ , MARIETTE, Mastabas, 144-6.
o RSNUFER r , Prophet of Ptah and of Sokari; Chief director -ho, C. MORGAN.) of workmen of every day of festival. (MARIETTE, 5; 40 O ~ D E

Plan, MARIETTE, Mastubas,


12 2.

Two statues of deceased found in situ against rear wall, and one of a woman, Heknu east wall near entrance, in Cairo Mus. 18, 19, 53, BORCHARDT, cit. i, op. pls. 5, 14, pp. 19, 20, 46-7 ; texts, MARIETTE, cit. 123; see CAPART, op. Some Remarks on the Sheikh El-Beled in J 3 . A . vi, pp. 226-7, pls. xxv, xxvi ; id. Ranger in Chronique d'&pte, Jan. 1931, 54-8; statues of Rehiifer, CAPART, L7Arfkgyptien ( ~ g o g )pl. 13; , ( I ~ I I ) pls. 110-11, with bibliography; WEIGALL, , Anc. Eg. Works o Art, 45-7; f STEINDORFF, Kunst der ~ ~ j f e pp. 185, 186 ; MASPERO, Die r , Guide ( ~ g r q ) ,pp. 72, 73, figs. 2 1 , 2 2 ; CAPART WEREROUCK, and Memphis, pp. 340, 341, figs. 324,325; NO. 19, PRISSE,L'Art kgyptien, ii, Scu@ture, pl. 32 ' Chafr6, ecrivain ' ; PERROT and CHIPIEZ, Uist. de 17Art,i, p. 10, fig. 6, p. 75, fig. 49, p. 655, fig. 436 ; MASPERO, Uist. Anc. des PeuyZes de I'Orienf, Les Oyzgines, fig. on p. 47 ; id. op. cit. in Gazette des Beaux Arts, ix


Northern- Group


(1893), p. 269 ; PETRIE,The Arts and Crafts o Anciknt Egypt, fig. 31 opposite p. 35 ; f SPIEGELBERG, Geschichte der agyjtischn Kunst in Der AZte Orient (1903), p. 26, Abb. 26; HALL Ross, TZe A r t of E o j t through the Ages, p. 106 [right) ; No. 53, Heknu, in CAPART, L'Art Eapz'ien (I 91 I), pl. I 15.

DOUBLE MASTAEA F PTAHHOTP O AND PTAHYOTPDESHER. DYN.V. (MARIETTE, 6 and 7 ; 41-2 of DE MORGAN.) C. Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, I 24 ; MURRAY, Sappnra Masta6as, i, pl. xxxv [top left].

( I ) False door; lintel, and deceased before offering-table, id. ib. pl. iv [upper].

PTAHHOTP% Chief justice ; Vizier; Overseer of the six Great : , W Mansions, and of the two chambers of the King's wardrobe; &c.
(MARIETTE, 6, north tomb.) C.
Entrance from Court.

(See plan, supra p. 98.)

(2) and (3) Pillars; two texts, id. ib. pl. iv [lower]; one text, MARIETTE, cit. 125. op.
Inner Hall.

Stela, found on ground at entrance, in Cairo Mus. 1467, MURRAY, cit. i, pl. op. titles, MARIETTE, cit. 126. op.

PTAHHOTPDESHER 9 , Chief justice ; Vizier ; Overseer of the 15 six Great Mansions, and of the two chambers ; SeaI-bearer ; &c.
(MARIETTE, 7, south tomb.) C.
Entrance from Court.

(See plan, supra p. 98.)

(4)-(5) Text along facade above doorway, MARIETTE, cit. I 25 [top] ; MURRAY, op. op. cit. i, pl. vi [I]. (6) Drum; text, MARIETTE, cit. 124 [bottom]; MURRAY, cit. i, pl. vi [3]. op. op.
Outer Hall.

(7) Remains of chair from scene, id. ib. pl. vi

Perhaps from thie tomb.


Two obelisks of Ptahhotpdesher and 'Ankhkaus in Cairo hZus. 1.308, 1312, MARIETTE, Masta6as, 434 [F. 41 ; dedication at base of one, SETHE,Urk. i. 58 (41).



overseer of sculptors. North-west of Ptahhotp. op. Plan and sketch of west wall, MURRAY, cit. i, pl. xxxiii (with plan), cf. p. 5. South jamb of entrance, id. ib. pi. iii [I].
(MARIETTE, 17; 43 C.


INTI %]I?,Real royal acquaintance. Dyn. IV.

of DE MORGAN.) op. Plan, MARIETTE, cit. 148. Stela; name and titles of deceased, and of Thety

7 4id. ib. 148. 1,

SABUKEM Prophet of Ptah and of Sokari ; Chief director [1yLJ&a, C. of workmen of every day of festival. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 23 ;
44 of DE MORGAN.) Plan, MARIETTE, cit. 157. op.

I 12


West wall. Titles from stela, id. ib. 157.

Presumably from this tomb.

Limestone statue of deceased, in Cairo Mus. 143, BORCHARDT, Sfafuen und Staketten (Cat. Caire), i, pl. 32, p. 105.

Dyn. IV. (MARIETTE,C. 21 ; 45 of DE MORGAN.) Unfinished stela; texts, MARIETTE,Mastabas, 152 ; name and titles, DE R O U G ~ , Inscr. H&o. lxxxi [middle upper].

KAY 0 . 3 ~ 9 9 , Royal priest.

SENEZEMIB Prophet of the Sun-temples of Userkaf and 1[?&~0, Neferirkare', and of the Pyramid of Neuserre'; &c. Dyn. V.
(MARIETTE, 28 ; 46 of DE MORGAN.) D. Plan, MARIETTE, cit. 258. op.

Drum and architrave, id. ib. 259. (MARIETTE, 10 ; 48 of DE C. MORGAN.) op. Plan, MARIETTE, cit. 131. Statues from serdab, in Cairo Mus. 28, 54, 77, 81, 83, 97, 164, 207, 214, BORCHARDT, Statuen und Statueften (Cat. Caire); No. 83, CAPART and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. Masfabas, 132 ['-S]. 286, fig. 2 7 0 ; texts of 77, 28, 81, 214, 54, MARIETTE,

PTAHSHEPSESIJ, Judge ; &c. Dyn. IV. WA I(

PTAHSHEPSES1, Prophet of Ptah and of Sokari ; Chief director :WA/ of workmen in the Two Houses of every day of festival; &c. C. Dyn. IV. (MARIETTE, g ; 49 of D* MORGAN.)
Masfabas, 129. Plan, MARIETTE,

Architrave, id. ib. 130. Statues from this tomb or from C. I (cf. supra p. IIO), in Cairo Mus. 93, 368, BORCHARDT, Sfatuen und Sfafuetten (Cat. Caire), i, pl. 21, pp. 73, 193-4 ; titles of No. 368, DE Roucb, Inscr. Nieio. vi [left].

SESHEMU Chancellor in the two divine boats; Great Corm !--a&, mander of troops ; Great overseer of directors of recruits ; &c.
(5 of LEPSIUS.) Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 142. False door with part of west wall, in Berlin Mus. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 25.
I I 10,

L. D. ii. g7 a ; titles, Aeg.

(MARIETTE, 2 2 ; 51 C.

Inner Hall.

z :

Royal priest.

Dyn. IV.

of DE MORGAN.) Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 153. West wall. Stela, id. ib. 153-5.

Northerg Group


Statue-group found in serdab, Wash-ka [J ,in Cairo Mus. 100, and 'Ankh-has BORCHARDT, cit. i, pl. 22, pp. 78-9; titles, MARIETTE, cit. 156. op. op.



D. 26 ; 52 of DE MORGAN.) Plan, MARIETTE, Jfastabas, 255.



Overseer of all artificers. Dyn. V.


East wall, remains of stela ; titles, id. ib. 255 [middle]. Offering-table for father, hlinntifer in Cairo Mus. 1336, id. ib. 255 [bottom] ; text, DE ROUGB, I~ZSCY.[near bottom]. Hiejo. iv

- 2 Q,

'ANKHMA' ?,>E, Chief of the Ten of Upper Egypt; Director of scribes ; &c. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 27 ; 53 of DE MORGAN.) D.
Stela in Cairo Mus. ; texts, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 256-8.

SEKHEMKA Overseer of the scribes of the Land in the Two !fc&u, Houses ; &c. Dyn. IV. (MARIETTE, Ig ; 54 of DE MORGAN.) C.
A op. Plan, MARIETTE, cit. 150. Titles of deceased, D E V ~ R Isqueezes*, 6170 B,

Stela at north end of west wall ; texts, MARIETTE, cit. 150. op. Found in tomb. Choix de Monuments, pl. X, cf. pp. Statue of squatting scribe, in Louvre, MARIETTE, 11-12, reprinted in BibZioth2que ig. xviii, pl. X, cf. pp. 318-19; PERROTand CHIPIEZ, Hist. de Z'Art, i, pl. X, cf. p. 646; MASPERO RAYET,,'Mbnuments de Z'Art Antipe, in second plate; MASPERO, Hist. Anc. des PeupZes de Z'Orient, Les Orkines, pl. 3, cf. pp. 408-9 ivith note I ; CAPART, L'Art kgYptien (191 I), pl. I 18 ; BISSING, De?zknzaZer, I I E and Text to I I [fig.] ; MASPERO, Egyptian Art, plate opposite p. 60 ; ~VEIGALL, Eg. Anc. Works o Art, 48 [right] ; CAPART ~VERBROUCK, f and Memphis, p. 284, fig. 268; HALL in Ross, The A r t o Egypt through the Ages, p. 107 ; see MARIETTE, f Sirapium, Texte, p. 11 note I ; DE ROUGB, Notice Sommaire (1855), p. 66; (18g5), plate on p. 82, cf. p. 80. Statue-group of deceased, wife Iti and son Kawehem in Louvre 1 0 2 , MASPERO RAYET, in Monuments de PArt Alztipue, fifth plate; MASPERO, Egyptian Art, plate opposite p. 56. in Louvre 107, MASPERO RAYET, cit. fourth plate in op. Statue of Pehernefer Egyptian Art, plate opposite p. 80 ; see DE ROUGB, (called xiv in Contents) ; MASPERO, Notice des Monuments [&C.] (1883), p. 50. Three statues of Sekhernka,and statue of Mesehti l & z , son of 1Cai U& !,in Louvre 103-6, see id. ib. pp. 48-9; statue of Mesehti, No. 106, CAPART, RecueiZ de Mon. kg. vi, vii.





~ 1Overseer ,

of the Treasury.

Dyn. V.


D. 25 ; 55 of DE MORGAN, misprinted 59 on his map.) Plan, MARIETTE, cit. 251. op. Stela ; texts, id. ib. 251-4.

NEMA'ETPTAH , Inspector of royal hairdressers ; Director of head-decoration; Assistant-prophet of the Sun-temple and


They (D.


From STEINDORFF, Grob des Ti,Ulatt Das


Kaemnefert (D. a3).


MARIETTE, Masta6as,


Northern Group Pyramid of Neferirkare'; &c. Dyn. V.

MORGAN.) op. Plan, MARIETTE, cit. 250.


(MARIETTE, 24; 56 of D.


Drum and architrave, id. ib. 250.

KAEMNEFERT u&QT, Prophet of the Sun-temple and priest of the Pyramid of Neuserre' ; Prophet of Neferirkare' and Sa hure' ; &c. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 23; 57 O ~ D E D. MORGAN.)
Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 242.

(I) Drum and architrave, id. ib. 243 ; DE R o u ~ f Inscr. NiPro. lxxxvi [upper]. ,

In Boston Museum. See L. E. R[owE], Two Mastaba Chambers in Boston Mus. Bull. June 1910, p. 19. (2) Nine registers, rope-making and agriculture before deceased; texts, MARIETTE, op. cit. 246; deceased, ROWE, cit. p. 2 0 . op. (3) Deceased watching seven registers registration of cattle, with offering-bringers and op. two destroyed registers below; texts, MARIETTE, cit. 245. (4) Stela, id. ib. 247-9 ; right jamb and one title from left jamb, DE ROUGP,Inscr. Niei.o. lxxxvi [lower], lxxxvii [upper and middle]. (5) Offering-list, MARIETTE, cit. 244-5. op. (6) Upper part, marsh-scene, and four registers, servants with cages, papyrus-gathering, and rope-making; omitting marsh-scene, ROWE, op. cit. p. 19. Lower part, deceased and men in boats fowling, and two registers offering-bringers and bringing bulls and and rMemphis, antelopes below; right part of two bottom registers, CAPART WEREROUCK, p. 262, fig. 244; see MARIETTE, cit. 244. op. (7) Eleven registers, bringing cattle in boats, boatmen quarrelling, men tending cows, netting fowl and fish, butchers, and offering-bringers ; texts, id. ib. 243.
Probably from this tomb.

Limestone statues of deceased, in Cairo Mus. 6r, 65, 66, 181, 377 ; texts, BORCHARDT, Statuen und Statuetfen (Cat. Caire), i, pp. 53-4, 57, 125-6, 198-9 ; titles, DE ROUGP, Inscr. Hiho. lii [bottom right].

SNEFRUN~FER Assistant-prophet of the Pyramid of Zadkare' Isesi; &c. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 7 ; 58 A of DE MORGAN.) E.
Stela found in dgbris; upper and lower lintels, MARIETTE, Masfabas, 397-8 ; upper R A lintel and tablet, D E V I~ squeezes*, 61 70 a, 10, 12 ; lower lintel, in Cairo Alus., and Inscr. Hie'ro. iv [middle lower), iii [middle]. text from a stela, DE R O U G ~ , squeezes*, Lintel of another stela (?).I ~ E V ~ R I A 6170 A,4. Mastabas, 396 ; D E V ~ R Isqueezes*, A Libation-table, in Cairo Mus. 1328, MARIETTE, Thes. I 230; two titles, DE R o u ~ fop. cit. iii [bottom]. , 6170 A, 21; offering-text, BRUGSCH, Block, in Cairo Mus. 1461, SETHE,Urk. i. 58 (40).


S N E F R U N( E R $ & the Pyramid of Zadkare' ; ~F E Prophet of ] , E. Priest of the Pyramid of Menkauhor. Dyn. VI. (MARIETTE, 6 ;
59 of DE MORGAN.) Masfabas, 394. Plan, MARIETTE,

Walls. Deceased receiving offerings; texts, id. ib. 394-5; names of two sons, DE R o u ~ i Inscr. Nie'ro. lxxxviii [middle lower]. , Stela, in Cairo Mus. 1421 ; part of text, id. ib. lxxxviii [middle upper, and bottom]; op. titles, MARIETTE, cit. 395 [.bottom].


4, Overseer of the Pyramids of Neferirkare' and Neuserrec, and of the Sun-temples of Sahurec, Neferirkare', Neferfre', and Neuserre'. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 22 ; 60 of DE MORGAN.)Accessible. D.

Das i Completely photographed, STEINDORFF, Grab des T . General plan, id. ib. B1. I, plans and diagrams of walls, B1. 2-20 ; plan, DUEMICHEN, Rest~ltafe, i ; MAKIETTE, Masfabas, 332-3 ; BRUGSCH, &ypfi'sche Griibemelf, vi. Die
Forecourt I.

(I) Three registers, tributes from villages [STEINDORFF, 3], DUEMICHEN, Taf. Photo. Result. v. (2) Deceased and son,with three registers, animals brought and poultry-yard [STEINDORFF, Taf. 4-61 ; text in fron,t of deceased, BRUGSCH, cit. i [45] ; second register, op. L'Art Egyptien, ii, Snc@fure, pl. I I [lower] 'Troupeaux de Grues, middle, poultry, PRISSE, &C.' ; AM~LINEAV, Bisfoire de la Se~ulfure des FunkrailZes in Ann. Mus. Guimet, xxix, et pl. xxxix [second row], opposite p. 410; incomplete, REIL, Wanderungen dui-ch die Graber des alten Reichs in Saccara in H%sfermann'sJahrbuch der Illusfrirten Deutschen Monafsheften (1878), vol. 43, p. 412 ; texts, BRUGSCH, cit. i [6-g, 11-14, 16-19]; op. The$. 1468 [k]. text above scribe, BRUGSCH, (3) Two registers (rest destroyed), men fishing, &C., in marshes, and bringing fish, STEINDORFF, cit. Taf. 7. op. Pillars. (4) and (5) Deceased with titles [STEINDORFF, Taf. 21, DUEMICHEN, Photo. Resz4lt. iii ; J ~ Q U I E R , L'Arc&.ifecture, i, pl. 5 [z] ; CAPART WEREROUCK, and Memphis, p. 3 I 7, fig. 301.
Entrance to Hall of Columns. (6)and (7) Thicknesses. Deceased (destroyed on west side) and text, STEINDORFF, op. cit. Taf. 8, g.
Hall of Columns 1 . 1

View, JEQUIER, L'Archifecfure, i, pl. 5 [] I. (8) Overthrowing ox before deceased with son [STEINDORFF, 121 ; overthrowing Taf. Lozuer Egpt (1878), 376 (repeated in ox, DUEMICHEN, Photo. Result. vi; BAEDEKER, all editions of BaedekerJs &ypf). (9)-(10) Boat with statue of deceased, and butchers below, before deceased and wife, with offering-bringers beyond [STEINDORFF, Taf. 13-15 (upper)] ; text behind men Graberwelt, ii [61]. holding ox, BRUGSCH, (11)-(12) Upper register (destroyed), deceased receives report from servants, lower register, deceased carried in palanquin, and servants with funeral furniture [STEINDORFF, Taf. 15 (lower), 16, 171 ; lower register, names and titles of four servants, BRUGSCH, Thes. 1468 [l I, 2, 3, m]; one title, BRUGSCH, Gmberwelt, ii 1531. (13) False door of son Demez [STEINDORFF, 18, 191; name and title, Taf. DUEMICHEN, Resulfate, iii [g] ; BRUGSCH, Thes. 1470 [U]. (r4)-(15) Deceased followed by attendants (upper part destroyed) watching boats, Taf. animals, and fowl [STEINDORFF, zo-zz] ; some of the animals and fowl above bottom op. row of boats, and boat below pigeons, AM~LINEAU, cit. in Ann. Mus. Gzlimef, xxix,

Norfhern Group


pl. XI [bottom], opposite p. 412 ; pigeons, two addaxes, and boat below them, DUEMICHEN, Resultate, iii [E] ; two addaxes, CAPART and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 255, fig. 237 ; boat below pigeons, AMBLINEAU, cit. pl. l [middle right], opposite p. 452 ; texts from op. Grilbemelt, iii r85, 861. third and fourth boats in bottom register, BRUGSCH, (16)-(I 7) Office and officials before deceased with sons and wife [STEINDORFF, Taf. op. Voyage, 10 ; AM\I%LINEAU, cit. pl. X X X ~ X [third 231; deceased omitted, MARIETTE, row, left], opposite p. 410. (18) Bottom register, poultry-yard and deceased and wife [STEINDORFF, 241 ; poulTaf. try-yard, MONTET, Scknes de Z Viepnbe'e [Qc.],pI. X opposite p. 120, cf. pp. 118-21 ; Les a REIL, op. cit. p. 413 ; AM~LINEAU, cit. pl. X X X ~ X[third row, right], opposite p. 410. op. (19)-(20) Two bottom registers, feeding geese and cranes, and deceased and wife (upper part destroyed) [STEINDORFF, 251 ; omitting deceased and wife, MARIETTE, Taf. op. cit. pl. xi [2], Voyage, 9 ; bottom register, cooking and feeding cranes, MONTET, preceding p. 121, cf. pp. 122, 123 ; AM~LINEAU, cit. pl. xxxix [bottom right], op. Lower E y f (18781, 377 ; text of cooking, BRUGSCH, gP op. opposite p. 410 ; BAEDEKER, cit. i [zo] ; titles of Ka'aper U BRUGSCH, Thes. 1468 [n]. Pillars. (21) and (22) Figures of deceased, STEINDORFF, cit. Taf. 11. op. Entrance to First Corridor. Taf. (23) Three figures of deceased coming out, with text [STEINDORFF, 261; titles, ResuZtate, iii [5, 6 , 71 ; two titles, BRUGSCH, Thes. 1467-8 (139 c, e]. DUEMICHEN, (24) Three figures of deceased coming out, with text, STEINDORFF, cit. Taf. 27. op. First Corridor 111. (25)-(26) Six registers offering-bringers, id. ib. Taf. 28-39. Taf. (27) Four registers offering-bringers [STEINDORFF, 53, jq] ; name of Kakai'ankh

i, e

in bottom register, DUEMICHEN, Rtwltate, iii [4]. wife of deceased [STEINDORFF, Taf. 45-52] ; (28) Fake door of Neferhetpes at top, priest offering to her, AM^ LINEAU, Histoire de Z Se~ulture des FunLraiZles in a et Ann. Mus. Guimet, xxix, pl. xliii [top row, right], opposite p. 428 ; titles of Neferhetpes, BRUGSCH, GrbbemeZt, ii [75, 761, iii [ I O ~ j DUE~~ICHEN, ] Resultate, iii [z]; BRUGSCH, Thes. 1468 [i, I, 2, 31 ; names of deceased and wife, BRUGSCH, GrabemeIt, ii [73 a, b]. (29) Six registers offering-bringers, STEINDORFF, cit. Taf. 40-4. op. (30) Above door, deceased receives report, with sons and officials below [STEINDORFF, Thes. 1469 [t]. Taf. 55-71 ; three sons with titles (inaccurate), BRUGSCH, Entrance to Second Corridor. (31) Thickness, deceased with son Demez, and with son They; deceased and op. [middle right], opposite p. 412. Demez, AM~LINEAU, cit. pl. XI Second Corridor IV. (32) Above door, deceased with family, in boat in marsh [STEINDORFF, Taf. 581, CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 369, fig. 356. ' (33) Three registers transport of statues, one register slaughtering animals [STEINDORFF, Taf. 6 ~ - 7 ~ top (remaining) register, text above men drawing standing statue, ;] GriibemueZf, iii [88J ; second register, two scenes, transport of seated statues, BRUGSCH, AM~LINEAU, cit. pl. xliii [middle], opposite p. 428 ; text beIow seated statue on right, OP. Grabemelt, iii [87] ; above men drawing, id. ib. iii [89] ; below seated statue BRUGSCH, on left, id. ib. iii [go] ; third register, text above man sprinkling water before statue, id. ib. iii [gr]; fourth register, texts of butchers, id. ib. iii [gz-81. (34) Above door, deceased and wife, with three registers musicians and dancers below

[STEINDORFF, 59,601 ; musicians and dancers, REIL, Wanderungen durch die Graber in Taf. Saccara in Westermann'sJahrbuch, &c. (1878), vol. 43, pp. 412-13, vol. 44, p. 621 ; texts of dancers and musicians, BRUGSCH, Graberwelt, iii 180, 82-41. Doorway [STEINDORFF, Taf. 611 ; text of west jamb, BRUGSCH, Thes. 1468 [q]. (35)-(36) Three (remaining) registers, boats [STEINDORFF, Taf. 74-81]. Top register, boat-building and six rowing boats in two rows; four boats on left, DUEMICHEN, Resultate, iii [A, D] ; lower boat on left, A M ~ L I N E A U , cit. pl. 1 [bottom left], opposite op. p. 452. Second register, three sailing boats; second boat, id. ib. pl. l [bottom middle]; Grabemerelt, iii [77-91. Bottom register, two texts of second and third boats, BRUGSCH, Resultate, v and iv ; first boat, MONTET, sailing boats on either side of door, DUEMICHEN, op. cit. p. 347, fig. 45 ; second boat, BAEDEKER, Lower Egj,pt (1878)) 379. Entrance t o Store-Chamber. (37) and (38) Thicknesses. Figures of deceased coming out, STEINDORFF, cit. op. Taf. 82. Store-Chamber V. (39)-(40) Offering-tables and vases [STEINDORFF, 871 ; one offering-table showTaf. on Mastabas, 237, 238. ing hie~oglyphs vases, MARIETTE, (41)-(42) Offerings and offering-bringers before deceased and family, STEINDORFF, op. cit. Taf. 94-104. (43) Seven registers, brewing, baking, pottery-making, and registering [STEINDORFF, Taf. 83-61; first to sixth registers, MONTET, cit. pls. xix opposite p. 232, xx opposite op. p. 248, cf. pp. 232-56 ; LORET,L a Tombe d'un ancien kgyjtien in Ann. Mus. Guimet, X, pl. xxi [left, second to fifth rows] ; second to fourth, and sixth registers, brewing and op. baking, A M ~ L I N E A U , cit. pl. xliv [left, second to fifth rows], opposite p. 432 ; fourth and Menzjhis, p. 301, fig. 380; texts from fourth to seventh registers, CAPART WERBROUCK, Graberzuelt, iv [14g, 150, 1511, v [155-91; seventh register, to sixth registers, BRUGSCH, Thes. 1469 [r, S]. registering, BRUGSCH, (44)-(45) Offerings and offering-bringers before deceased and family, STEINDORFF, op. cit. Taf. 88-93. I n n e r Hall VI. (46)-(47) Ten registers, agricultural scenes before deceased and wife, with servants Taf. 121-51 ; third to tenth registers, L~UEMICHEN, Photo. Result. below [STEINDORFF, X. Third to fifth registers, texts to harvest scene, BRWGSCH, Graberwelt, v [165-91 ; fourth and fifth registers, seven harvesters, MONTET, cit. pl. xvi opposite p. 2 0 0 ; four op. and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 376, fig. 361 ; reapers and overseer at north end, CAPART fifth register, reaping, AM~LINEAU, cit. pl. XIV[fifth row], opposite p. 438 ; one reaper, op. BAEDEKE-R, Lower Egypt (r878), 380. Sixth and seventh registers, driving asses over field and loading them with corn, MONTET,op. cit. pl. xvii opposite p. 208; part, CAPART and TYERBROUCK, Menzjhis, pp. 377, 378, figs. 362, 364; sixth register, driving op. asses, PERROTand CHIPIEZ,Uist. de l'Art, i, p. 669 [456] ; text, BRUGSCH, cit. v I1621 ; seventh register, A M ~ L I N E A U , cit. pl. xlv [third row], opposite p. 438; onlitop. ting three men with ass on left, VILLIERS STUART, Nile Gleanings, pl. iv [upper] opposite Anc. Eg. M'orks o Art, 50 [middle lower] ; HALL f p. 62 ; two groups on left, WEIGALL, f in Ross, The A r t o Egypt through the Ages, p. 115 [top] ; two men with loaded asses op. and foal, PERROTand CHIPIEZ, cit. i, p. 669 [457]; one man omitted, BAEDEKER, Lower Egypt (1878), 380. Eighth to tenth registers, winnowing, threshing, and sweeping op. up corn, MONTET, cit. pl. xviii opposite p. 224, cf. pp. 221-9 ; men stacking corn from eighth register, and oxen and asses from ninth register, WEIGALL, cit. 5 I [middle lower], op. 50 [middle upper and bottom] ;texts from eighth to tenth registers, BRUGSCH, cit. iii OP.

Northern Group


iv [I~o-41; eighth register, two men sifting corn, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 239, 240 ; text, BRUGSCH, cit. iii [ I O ~ ] two texts of winnowers, id. ib. [105, 1071 ; ninth and tenth op. ; and Memregisters, asses threshing, men sweeping and piling grain, CAPART WERBROUCK, phh, p. 379, fig. 365 ; ninth register, oxen and asses threshing, A ~ ~ ~ L I N op. cit. pl. xlv EAU, [second row], opposite p. 438 ; texts, BRUGSCH, cit. iii [106, 108-101; tenth register, op. U sweeping and piling grain, A M ~ L I N E Aop., cit. pl. XIV[fourth row], opposite p. 438 ; four people sweeping, BAEDEKER, cit. 380. Deceased and wife, PRISSE,L'Art &gypop. tien, ii, Peinture, pl. 46 ' Groupe iconique d e Tei' et de sa femme', cf. Texte, p. 419 ; CAPART and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 373, fig. 359 : bottom register, five servants, AII~LINEAU, cit. pl. xlii [fourth row, left], opposite p. 422 ; text of servants and text op. Grademelt, iii [r15, 1161, iv [ I ~ z ] . in front of deceased, BRUGSCH, (48) Three lowest registers (upper registers destroyed), boat-building [STEINDORFF, Taf. 11~-201, DUEMICHEN, Photo. Result. xi ; second and third registers, A M ~ L I N E A U , op. cit. pl. xlii [third and fourth rows], opposite p. 422 ; CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 203, fig. 197 ; second boat in second register, and boat and boat-builders in third op. register, MONTET, cit. pl. xxiii, opposite p. 336 ; second and third registers, MEYER, Geschichte des alien Aegyptens, ii. 117 ; third register, BABDEKER, cit. 380; part, HALL op. in Ross, op. cit. p. I I 5 [bottom]; some texts from third and fourth registers, BRUGSCH, Grabemuelt, iii [I 11-14, I 17-2 I, 1241, iv [ I Z ~ ] . (49) Upper part (part destroyed), catching pigeons and preparing wine before deceased op. with wife [STEINDORFF, 130, 1311; preparing wine, MONTET, cit. pl. xxi opposite Taf. p. 264, cf. pp. 266, 267 ; texts in front of deceased, BRUGSCH, Graberzelt, iv [153, 1541. Lower part, three registers industries before deceased and wife [STEINDORFF, 132Taf. 41 ; right group of metal-workers in top register, CAPART and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 3591 fig. 345. (so) Ten registers, deceased with wife inspecting animals and fowl from estates [STEINPhoto. Result vii, viii; sixth to DORFF, Taf. 128-91; third to tenth registers, DUEMICHEN, and WERBROUCK, Menlphis, p. 382, fig. 369; second and third tenth registers, CAPART op. registers, names of animals, BRUGSCH, cit. i [z, 2 2 , 231, ii [72]. Third to sixth registers, bringing gazelles, &C., and bulls, MONTET,op. cit. pl. xii opposite p. 128; two herdsmen from fifth register, CAPARTand WERRROUCK, Memphis, p. 383, fig. 370. Seventh register, defaulters and scribes, BREASTED, The Physics/ Process o WnTtting f in OP. the E a r & Orient in Amer. Journ. Sem. Lang. Lit. xxxii, p. 234, fig. 3 ; BAEDEKER, cit. 384; CAPART and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 237, fig. 2 2 2 ; defaulters, MEYER, op. cit. ii. 67 ; scribes, MONTET, cit. pl. xiii [upper], opposite p. 144; CAPART WERop. and BROUCK, Memphis, p. 283, fig. 267; texts, BRUGSCH, Grabemuelt, ii 147, 48.1 Ninth Documents pour seroir ci Z'ltude register, bringing cattle, man and four calves ; CAPART, de PArt egyptien, pl. 21. Tenth register, poultry and cranes; cranes, PRISSE,L'Art dgyptien, ii, Scu&ture, pl. 11 [upper] ' Troupeau d e Grues et Basse-Cour, &C.' cf. B ~ t e , pp. 398-9; A M ~ L I N E Aop., cit. ii, pl. X X X ~ X [top], opposite p. 410; CAPART, cit. U OP. pl. 2 2 ; text, BRUGSCH, r a b e d t , i [zg-301 ; names of poultry, id. ib. i. [ Z I , 24-81. G and Memjhis, p. 373, fig. 360. Deceased and wife, CAPART WERBROUCK, (g I) Six registers, offering-list, offering-bringers and butchers before deceased, with Photo. Result. ix; sixth regimusicians below [STEINDORFF, Taf. 126-71, DUEMICHEN, and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 395, fig. 384; ster, second group of butchers, CAPART Grabemelf, i [31-31. three texts from sixth register, BRUGSCH, (52) Offering-bringers, STEINDORFF, cit. Taf. 141. op. (53) False door [STEINDORFF, Taf. 139-401, CAPART and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 318, fig. 302 ; titles, BRUGSCH, Thes. 1467 [13g a, b], 1468 [13g f].

(s4) Upper part, offerings, lower part, three registers, offering-bringers and butchers [STEINDORFF, 137, 1381 ; bottom register, some texts of butchers, BRUGSCH, Taf. Graberwelt, iii [gg-1011. (55)-(56) False door and offering-bringers beyond [STEINDORFF, 135-61 ; titles Taf. from false door, BRUGSCH, Thes. 1468 [ 1 3 ~ g]. (57) Upper part (top destroyed), remains of deceased and wife, and men preparing op. fish [STEINDORFF, 115 (top)]; text in front of deceased, MONTET, cit. p. 4 [6]. Taf. Lower part, three registers, attendants and feeding cattle, attendants with ape and dogs Taf. and men treating papyrus, and procession of estates [STEINDORFF, 115 (middle and bottom)] ; first and second registers, servants of deceased, MONTET, cit. pl. xiii [z], op. opposite p. 144 ; first register, cattle fed in byre, id. ib. pl. ix [z], opposite p. r 12; second op. register, dwarf with ape, man with dogs, AMI~LINEAU,cit. pl. xlix [fourth row, right], Lower Egypt (1878), 384; texts above overseer and beopposite p. 450; BAEDEKER, Graberwelt, ii [SO, 511 ; four female figures tween two men treating papyrus, BRUGSCH, and Memphis, p. 193, fig. 198. from third register, CAPART WERBROUCK, (58) Six registers, papyrus-gathering, catching fowl before deceased, feeding and preparing fowi, fishing with draw-net, milking cows &C., driving cattle through water [STEINDORFF, Taf. 116-89. Second register, deceased fowling in Delta, MONTET, cit. pl. V op. opposite p. 48 ; deceased and men pulling ropes, CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. Griiberwelt, ii [67]. Third regis368, fig. 355; text above man with trap-net, BRUGSCH, op. ter, three men making fishing-net, four men preparing fowls, AM~LINEAU, cit. pl. xlvi [bottom], opposite p. 442 ; three men making net, MONTET, cit. pl. vii [z] opposite op. p. 72. Third and fourth registers, men preparing fowls, MONTET, cit. pl. vi precedop. Recherches sur bs Poissons [&C.]in ing p. 49 ; fourth register, drawing the net, GAILLARD, Mlm. Inst. Er. Arch. Or. li (1g23), p. 2, fig. I, cf. pl. i; fishes, figs. 8, 10, 13, 17, rg, 27, 32, 33, 37, 41, 43, 45, 51, 53, 55, 57, 58; four men on right drawing net, MONTET, op. cit. pl. iv preceding p. 33 ; four men on left drawing net, WEIGALL, Eg. Works o Anc. f Art, 50 [top]; texts to preparing fowls, BRUGSCH, cit. ii [65, 661; to fishing, id. ib. op. [6z-4,68-7 I]. Fifth and sixth registers (incomplete), CAPART WERBROUCK, and Menqhis, p. 238, fig. 223 ; HALL ROSS,Th Art o E j through the Ages, p. 115 [middle] ; in f gt fifth register, milking, and tending calves, MONTET, cit. pl. viii opposite p. 96; op. AJI~LINEAU,cit. pl. x1 [fourth row], opposite p. 41 z; omitting cow calving, BAEDEKER, op. Lower Zgypt (1878), 383 ; WEIGALL, cit. 51 [middle upper]; milking cow and two op. Documents pour servir h l'ttude de ?Art tgypthn, pl. 20; texts above calves, CAPART, Grabemelt, iii [roz], ii [74]. Sixth register, cattle milking and calving, BRUGSCH, op. cit. and boats in flood, AM~LINEAU, pl. 1 [second row left and middle], opposite p. 452 ; text of oxen and boats, BRUGSCH, cit. iv [145, 146.7 op. (59) Deceased and attendants in boats hunting hippopotamus [STEINDORFF, I 13, Taf. 114 upper], A ~ ~ ~ L I N E Acit., pl. xli opposite p. 420; DUEMICHEN, op. U Photo. Result. xii [upper] ; BAEDEKER, cit. 385 ; two genets hunting birds, MONTET, cit. pl. i ; op. op. and Memphis, p. 392, fig. 381 ; two boats and birds and genets, CAPART WERBROUCK, op. fishes, GAILLARD, cit. p. 3, fig. 2, cf. pl. ii ;fishes, p. 37, fig. 25, p. 80, fig. 47 ; incomplete, REIL,OP. cit. in Westernzann'sJuhrbuch (1878), vol. 44, p. 629; the three genets, VILLIERS STUART, Nile Gleanings, pl. iii opposite pp. 65 and 66 ;boat and hippopotami, &C., PRISSE, ' ~ r t ii, Scu@fure,pl. r o 'Chasse I l'hippopotame dans les marais', ~ dgYptien, and Mentphis, p. 366, fig. 353. cf. Texte, p. 398 ; CAPART WERBROUCK, (60)-(61) Seven registers, cutting papyrus, making reed canoes, boatmen quarrelling, fishing from boats, ploughing and milking, rams treading grain and ground hacked, cattle Taf. Top register, three men with papyrus, CAPcrossing water [STEINDORFF, 110-121.

Northern Group


and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 384, fig. 371. Third and fourth registers, fight in op. boats, fishing, MONTET, cit. pl. iii opposite p. 32, cf. pp. 26-32 ; third register, fight op. in boats, AM~LINEAU, cit. pl. xlix [fourth row], opposite p. 450; texts, BRUGSCH, GrabenueZf, ii [55a, 56-60] ; fourth register, fishing, A M ~ L I N E A U , pl. xlviii [left, op. cit. op. fourth and fifth rows], opposite p. 448 ; fourth register, second boat, GAILLARD, cit. p. 4, fig. 3, cf. pl. iii; two men shaking out fish-basket, BAEDEKER, LowerEgypf (1878), 384 ; texts of basket scene, BRUGSCH, Grabemelf, ii [46]. Fifth and sixth registers, MONTET, cit. pl. X V one plough, milking, rams, and men breaking up soil, CAPART op. ; and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 386, fig. 373 ; fifth register, ploughing and milking, AM~LINEAU, op. cit. pl. xlv [bottom], opposite p. 438; texts, BRUGSCH, Gvabenuelf, i [34,40-21, iv [148], v [ I ~ o ; sixth register, men driving rams, AM~LINEAU,cit. pl. x [third row] ; part, ] op. 1 op. op. op. BAEDEKER,cit. 386; WEIGALL, cit. 51 [bottom]; texts of whole register, BRUGSCH, cit. i [35-91. Seventh register, cattle passing through water, MONTET, cit. pl. ix [I], cf. op. op. op. p. 68 ; AM~LINEAU,cit. pi. x1 [fifth row, left], opposite p. 412 ; BAEDEKER, cit. 386; CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 385, fig. 372 ;part, WEIGALL, cit. 51 [top]; op. texts, BRUGSCH, cit. V [163-41. op. (57)-(60) Base ; wom,en with products of estates [STEINDORFF, I 15, I 18, I 14, I I z] ; Taf. Nos. 4-7, Chvonipue d'Egypfe, July 1928, plate opposite p. 150 ; Nos. 9-12, AM~LINEAU, op. cit. pl. xliv [fifth row, right]; LORET, Tombe d'un ancien Egypfien in Ann. Mus. La Guinzef, X, pl. xxi; Nos. 21-30, DUEMICHEN, Phofo. Result. xii [lower] ; Nos. 21-26, VILLIERS STUART, Nile Gleanings, pl. iv [lower], opposite p. 62 ; Nos. 21-34, PERROT and CHIPIEZ, Nisf. de Z'Arf. i. 157 (99) ;Nos. 28-34, BAEDEKER, cit. 383 ; text at head op. Grabemelf, ii [54] ; names of estates, DUEMICHEN, Resultate, of procession, BRUGSCH, ii [I-361. Pillars. (62)-(67) Titles [STEINDORFF, 105-81 ; (66) [=1o5 (right)], DUEMICHEN, Taf. op. cit. iii [I]. Architrave. South face [STEINDORFF, 1091; one title [=109 (middIe)], DUETaf. MICHEN, op. cit. iii [S].

Limestone statue of deceased, in Cairo Mus. zo [STEINDORFF, I, 142, 1431, Taf. BORCHARDT, Sfafilen und Sfafueffen (Cat. Caire), i, pl. 5, cf. pp. 20-1; CAPART, L'Arf ~ ~ ~ p f (~gog),pl. 14; WEIGALL, cit. 49; CAPART ien op. and ~YERBROUCK,Memphis, P, 345, fig. 330; see DE ROUGB, Recherches sur les Monu?iienfs [&C.], p. 93.

Tomb slightly north of THEY.(920 of QUIBELL.)

See QUIBELL, Sapgara (1907-rgo8), p. 26.

Bas-relief, vase-makers, QUIBELL, Making ofstone vases in MASPERO, Mush Le tien, iii, pl. xxii.


NEFERHERENPTAH & Master of the W& in the House of Life ; : L W , Secretary of the Great House; &c. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 21; 61 D.
of DE MORGAN.) Plan, MARIETTE, Masfabas, 236. Sfatuen und Sfatueffen (Cat. Caire), i, pl. 17, Statue, in Cairo Mus. 76, BORCHARDT, pp. 62-3 ; texts, MARIETTE, cit. 237. op. SO99.3 K

WERIRNI Prophet of the Sun-temples of Userkaf and NefL=, erirkare' ; Overseer of the Treasury ;&c. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, D.

MORGAN.) Plan, MARIETTE, cit. 232. op.


; 62 of

Statues found in serdab, in Cairo Mus. Deceased standing, No. 272, BORCHARDT, cit. i, pl. 58, p. 172 ; text, MARIETTE, op. op. cit. 233 [upper], 235 (?same statue). op. Deceased seated, No. 211, BORCHARDT, cit. i, pl. 44, p. 142. Kneeling woman grinding, Iti 404, No. 110, id. ib. pl. 24, p. 86; BORCHARDT and REISNER,Works o Art, 4 ; BORCHARDT, Dienerstatuen aus den Grubern des alten f Die Reichs in A.Z. xxxv. 122 ; WEIGALL, cit. 54 [lower left] ; text, MARIETTE, cit. 233 op. op. [lower]. Kneeling figure of Kem-ked Ka-servant, No. 119, BORCHARDT, Sfatuen und Statuetten (Cat. Caire), i, p]. 26, p. 91 ; id. op. cit. in A.Z. xxxv. 119; MASPERO, Hist. Anc. des PeupZes de ZIOrient, Les Ortgines, 408 [right] ; id. in RAYET, Monunzents de ['Art Antique, third plate ; MASPERO, L'Archebiogie kyptienne (1887), p. 2 I I, fig. 186 ; id. ib. (1go7), p. 216, fig. 198; id. Egyptian Art, plate opposite p. 74 ;id. Guide (1914), p. op. and Me??@his, 353, fig. p. 61, fig. 17 ; WEIGALL, cit. 43 [upper] ;CAPART WERBROUCK, 340; MARIETTE, Album du Muse2 de Boulap, on 20. OQ Kneeling woman rolling grain, Isha'a't No. 114, BORCHARDT, Statuen und Statuetten (Cat. Caire), i, pl. 25, pp. 88-9 ; MASPERO, Uist. Anc. des Peuples de I'Orient, Les Origines, 320 ; WEIGALL, cit. 54 [lower right] ; CAPART ~VERBROUCK, op. and Memphis, p. 355, fig. 343; MARIETTE, cit. on 2 0 ; text, MARIETTE, op. Mastabas, 234. Woman straining beer, Wehem-nofret NO. I 18, BORCHARDT, cit. i, pl. op. 26, pp. 90-1 ; MASPERO, cit. 407 ; MARIETTE, op. Al'bunz du Muse2 de Boulap, on 2 0 ; MARIETTE, Mastabas, 234 [bottom]. OP. Man making pot, No. 116, BORCHARDT, cit. i, pl. 26, cf. pp. 89-90.



B QTd,

KAIu QVizier; Overseer of the House of Weapons and of the S , place of the ub-sceptre. (Double mastaba.) Dyn. V. (MARIETTE,
D. 19; 63 of DE MORGAN.) Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas 226.
Southern Part.
Pillared Hall.

North wall, stela, id. ib. 228-9 ; titles and names of sons, DE R o u ~ f I?zscr. Hibra. , xcix [upper], ciii [lower]. op. Altar, in Cairo Mus. 1299, MARIETTF,, cit. 229 [bottom middle].
Northern Part.
Inner Hall.

West wall, stela ; texts, id. ib. 230-1.


un Dyn. V. r.

(MARIETTE, 18 ; 64 of D.



Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 225. Drum and architrave; texts, id. ib. 225.


-= ,


Northern Group , Director of the Kilt. Dyn. V.



65 of DE MORGAN.) Masfabas, Plan, MARIETTE,

Statues from serdab, in Cairo Mus. Of deceased, No. 51, BORCHARDT, Statzlen und Stntuttten (Cat. Caire), i, pl. 13, pp. 45-6 ; text, MARIETTE, cit. 224 [SOL+]. op. Two statucs of Ptahshepses ; texts, id. ib. 224 [496, 4971.

:A 1 lb

(MARIETTE, C. 24 ; 66 of DE MORGAN.) Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 158. Stela; name and titles of son Akh-hotp id. ib. 158. Statues of deceased from serdab, in Cairo Mus., BORCHARDT, cit. NOS.107, 127, op. 130, 163, 172, 182-5, 187, 188, 192, 194, 312. Possibly from here (but called Abilsir), base of statue of Re'hotp, in Cairo Mus. 303 ; texts, id. ib. p. 181, cf. note 2.

RB'HOTP zh,Scribe of royal accounts ; &c. Dyn. IV.


'ANKHMA'KA or ?&g, Prophet of the Sun-temples of Userkaf and Neferirkarec; Prophet of Sahure', and of the Pyrarnid of Neuserrec; &c. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 16; 67 of DE MORGAN.) D.
Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 2 I 3. West wall. Stela, in Cairo Mus. 1485, id. ib. 214-18; titles, and name of son, DE R o u ~ f Inscr. Uie>o. lxxxiv [lower], lxxxv [lower]. , North and south walls. Offering-bringers and butchers ; texts, MARIETTE, cit. 2 13. OP. Offering-table, in Cairo Mus. 1327, id. ib. 219-20.

KHA'MERERPTAH works ; &c. Dyn. IV.

Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, Stela, id. ib. I 18-20 ; parts,

: a zFirst l\,
I I 7.

under the King; Overseer of

(MARIETTE, 4 ; 68 of DE MORGAN.) C. R o u ~ f Inscr. H'ei-0. C. ,



A, e Director of the Wsbt; First under the King; &c.


(MARIETTE, I 5 ; 69 of D: Plan, MARIETTE, Mastanas, zog.


MORGAN.) Drum ; text, id. ib.


North wall. Four registers, fishing, netting fowl, cattle passing through water and being led ; texts, id. ib. 210. West wall. Stela ; texts of architrave and lintel, and titles of deceased from jamb, id. ib. 211. South wall. Four registers, bringing wild animals, overturning bull, and offeringbringers ; texts, id. ib. 2 11-12. East wall. Five registers, harvest, and fattening poultry; texts, id. ib. 2 1 2 .

KHUIT eB9q Royal wife and King's daughter. Dyn. V.

D. 14 ; 70 of



Entrance. Mustabas, 207-8. Titles from drum and thickness, and on two blocks, MARIETTE,

THENTI Prophet of Khufu ; &c. Dyn. IV. Zj9,

71 of DE MOKGAN.) Plan, MARIETTE, cit. 87. op. Stela, in Cairo Mus., id. ib. 88-9 ; part of texts, [upper].


R o u ~ f Inscr. Uiho. lxxviii ,

(6 of LEPSIUS.) In Berlin Mus. I 105. (See plan, supra p. I 14.) Plan and sections, L. D. i. 38 ; plan, Aeg. Insch. Mus. Berlin, i. 73 ; L. D. Texf, i, p. 142. Complete, L. D. ii. 3-7 ; titles and figure of deceased [=L. D. ii. 3 (middle right), and WERBROUCK, Memphis, pp. 190, 192, figs. 185, 187 ; texts, Aeg. 5 (top)], CAPART Inschr. Mus. Berlifi, i. 73-87 ; see MASPERO. CarriJre adminisfrafive de deux haufs La lionctionnaires k m f i e n s vers Z fin de Z ID Bynastie in h u d e s kg. I 15-246. a a ii.

METHEN )h=. Dyn. IV.

(I)-(z), (3) Remains of architrave and drum, L. D. ii. 7 a. Entrance Passage. (4)-(5) Thickness. Text, and three male offering-bringers [L. D. 7 b, 6 (left)] ; text, SETHE,Urk. i. 3-5 (I) C. (6)-(7) Thickness. Text, and three female offering-bringers [L. D. 7 c, 5 (right)] ; text, SETHE? Urk. i. 2-3 (I) B.

(8) and (g) Offering-bringers with deceased below, on either side of door, L. D. ii. 4. (10) Deceased in ritual scene, servants, and dogs bringing down gazelles, L. D. ii. 6 [middle] ; four gazelles, ~VEIGALL, Eg. Works o Art, 20 [lower] ; DEMEL, Reliefs Anc. f Die der KuZfkammer des Kaninisut [&C.] in Jahrbuch d. Kunsihistor. SammZu~g Wien, in 1929, p. 23, Abb. 18; SCHAFER ANDRAE, Kunsf [&C.], 237 [z]. and Die ( I ')-(IS) Text above door, and deceased on either side [L. D. 31 ; text above door, SETHE,U&. i. 1-2 (I) A. (14) Deceased in ritual scene, and four female offering-bringers below, L. D. ii. 5 [middle].

(15) and (17) Two figures of deceased on each side [L. B. 6 (right), 5 (left)] ; titles (part) on south side, SETHE,Urk. i. 5 (I) D. (16) False door, L. D. ii. 3 [middle]. Statue, in Berlin Mus. 1106, L. D. ii. 1 2 0 a-e; Aeg. und Yorderasiat. AZferthiimer, pl. 8 [right] ; Ausfiihr. Yerzeichnis (18gg), p. 47, Abb. 4 ; texts, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 68 ; titles, SETHE,Urk. i. 7 (I) F.

Tomb 7 of LEPSIUS.
Sarcophagus-lid of Thiehepemau ; titles, L. D. n x i , i, p. 144.

g, and interior of sarcophagus of Gemhap

MERYR~ zyP94, Chief of custodians. Dyn. XIX.

(8 of LEPSIUS.) Fragment of scene, deceased and three divinities, L. D. Texf, i, p. 144 a, b.

Norihern Group
HARUZA 1112, son of Esenkhebi J ~ B J & $ J . Persian.
Sarcophagus; remains of text, BARSANTI, Z de'cozsverfe du fuifs d'Ouazhorou iL Sur a Sakkarah in Ann. Sew. iii, p. 210. Inscribed bronze bands, id. ib. pl. i.


U N N ~ F E R Head of the granary of B'u; Overseer of magicians; %Q, son of PANMOU E. Dyn. XXX (?).
See MARIETTE, SPrapeirm de Memjhis, Texfe,pp. I 1-13. Plan, D E V ~ squeezes*, Le RIA 5387, iii, cover. Views after recent excavation, QUIBELL, Saqqara (1912-1914), pls. xxxvi, xxxvii, cf. p. 14.

Texts, DEVBRIA squeezes*, 5387, i, C, iii, G.

Pillared Hall.

Walls. Texts, id. ib. i, F. Fragments of sculpture, QUIBELL, cit. pl. xxxvii [I, op. Pillars. Texts, D E V ~ R Isqueezes*, 5387, i, B. A


Doorways. Texts, id. ib. i, A. Walls. Texts, id. ib. ii, D.

Sepulchral Chamber.

Sarcophagus, in New York Metropolitan Mus., see QUIBELL, ArchaeoZogicaZ Report, in 1910-191 I, p. 24 ; texts (omitting lid), I ) E V ~ R I A squeezes*, 5387, ii, E.
From various tomb-pits. Sarcophagus of 'Ankh-hap Prophet of Mendes, son of Tefnakht, Persian Period (?), found about 600 metres north-east from entrance to the Vaults, in Cairo Mus. 29303, MASPERO, Sarcophages des kpoques Persane ef PfoZeinai.gue (Cat. Caire), i, pls. ix-xiii, pp. 86-114. Two sarcophagi of Zeho Q$Y, General-in-chief, son of Ahmosi, found north of Serapeum, in Cairo Mus. 29304, 29305 ; second sarcophagus and texts of both, MASPERO, , op. cit. pls. xiv-xviii, pp. I 14-2 IS ; titles, DE R o u ~ f Inscr. Hiei-o. lvi [upper middle]. 0 eD Sarcophagus of Harkhebi born of Takher (or Kheter found beside Masfabas, 458 [H. 161. approach to Serapeum; texts, MARIETTE, Sarcophagus of Thieharpto Prophet, Overseer of land, son of 'Ankh-hap, year 15 of Nektanebos I1 (Nekht-har-hebi), found south of path leading from Mariette's House to the Pyramid of Teti, in Cairo Mus. 29306, MASPERO, cit. pls. xix-xxi, pp. op. 218-315; in sifu, QUIBELL, Saqqara ( I ~ I ~ - I ~ pl. xxxiv, cf p. 13; text with date I~), Das [MASPERO, 2561, SPIEGELBERG, Grab eines Grossen und seines Zwerges [&C.] in p. A.Z. Ixiv. 76 ; part (name given as Harpto, and incorrectly stated to be in Vienna Mus.), RecueiZ, vi [I] ; titles, id. Geogr. Inschr. iii, pl. xiv [sI], cf. p. 36 ; see GAUBRUGSCH, THIER, Notes et Remarques Uisforiquesin Bull. Inst. l . Arch. Or. xii. 52-6. + Sarcophagus of dwarf Zeho found in same pit, in Cairo Mus. 29307, MASPERO, op. cf. op. cit. pls. xxii-xxiii, cf. p. 2 2 0 ; lid, QUIBELL, cit. pl. XXXV, pl. X X X ~ V (in foreop. ground) ; texts, SPIEGELBERG, cit. in A.Z. lxiv. 79, 82. In same shaft, in Chicago Mus.; name, Sarcophagus of Pefteukhons QUIBELL, Archaeological Report, 19 10-19 I I, p. 24. in







Uberden in der ersten Ua~teJannersdesJahres zu Wie?t angein Vienna Mus. I I, ARNETH, kommenen a b ~ p tSarkophagin Sitzungsb. K. Akad. Wiss. Wien, X (1853), with nine plates ; . texts, BRUGSCH, Recueil, vi [2, 3] ; BERGMANN, SarKophag des Nesschutafnut [&C.] in Der Rec. de Trav. vi. 133-5, 158-63 ; part [BERG~IANN, WRESZINSKI, 1631, Aeg.Inschr. Wien, I 76. Head of police in Head of marble sarcophagus, and stela, of Phoenician Kha'bap Memphis, and many priestly titles, 273-203 B.c., found between tombs 6 and 7 of LEPSIUS, now in Berlin Mus. 2 I 23, 2 I I 8, see L. D. Text, i, p. 2 2 2 [botton~] Ausjuhr. Yerzeichnis ; (1899), pp. 342, 335-6; stela (hieroglyphic and demotic), SCHAFER, i n Photzizier auf E einem agyjfischen Grabstein der Pto/emaerzeit in d.2.XI, pl. i, pp. 3 1-5 ; text and figure of deceased, STERN, bilingue Stek des Chdhap in A.Z. xxii. 101-9; text, SETHE,Urk. ii. Die 162-6 (35).

Sarcophagus of Esshe-tf~ni2 P &a 6, Royal scribe, son of Thienheremau, &l Q I,' ,Dyn. XXVI-XXVIII, apparently in pit adjacent to previous sarcophagi, z&


Tomb of U R S H N ~ F E R @ Q , sZ Prophet of Mut of Asher, and Nephthys of Edfu ;&c. Temp. Nektanebos I and 11. (See key-plan,
supra p. 96.) A Sarcophagus, in New York Metropolitan Mus., RANSOM, Late Egyptian Sarcophagus in A? I: Metro. Bull. May 1914, pp. 112-20, figs. 1-5. .

B. Round Teti Pyramid.

(See key-plan on p. 96.)

Nos. 12 a n d 13 of Lepsius.

HUY Z Q Royal scribe of the Lord of the Two Lands. Dyn. Q, XVI 11 or XIX. (22 of Lepsius.)
Block, in Berlin Mus. 2087, L. D. Text, i, p. 161 ; texts, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, ii. 118.


Title, L. D. Text, i, p. 161.

(13 of LEPSIUS.)

Middle Kingdom Tombs. See QUIBELL, Saqgara (1905-1go6), passim ; id. ib. (1906-1go7), pp. 6-61. General plan, id. ib. (1905-1go6), pls. ii, iii; plan showing positions, id. ib. (1906-1go7), p. 20.

IPI 404, Chancellor of the King of Lower Egypt. Dyn. X-XII.

Sarcophagus Chamber.

Walls with religious text and funerary offerings; one wall, frieze text, and names of op. offerings, QUIBELL, cit. (1905-1go6), pl. xxii [z], with p. 5, cf. pls. xxii [I], xxxii [I].

I ~ A R E NU%, Steward, and N efer . . . ent Q Pyw. Dyn. X-XII. EN

Near south niche of the great mastaba. op. pls. QUIBELL, cit. (1~06-1~07), xii-xix, X X X ~ X[I], cf. pp. 7-15, 74-6; id. ib. (19051906), pl. xvii [I], pp. 2-3, 25. Coffins. Inside of inner coffin of Nefer . . . ent, id. ib. (1906-1go7), pls. xx-xxv. Texts of all coffins, id. ib. pp. 24-58.

Round Teti Pyramid HARSHEF-NAKHT Commander of troops. ,~z,



On north side of same shaft as last. QUIBELL, cit. (1906-1go7), pp. 6-7. op. Stela, id. ib. (1905-1go6), pl. xii, cf. pl. v. Lower part of granite statue, id. ib. (1906-1go7), pl. xi, cf. p. 73.

I C H E N E N U ZOverseer of the Temple, Scribe of the Red Crown O~, (?), and IPIEMSAF Q & F , Overseer of the Temple, Divine Chan9o cellor. Dyn. X-XII. I n south-west part of the great n~astaba.
QUIBELL, cit. (1906-1go7), pls. xxvii-XX~X,X X ~ X[4], cf. pp. 15-17. op. X Coffins; texts, id. ib. pp. 57, 58-61.

THA& l , Regulator of a guild ; Commander of troops. Dyn. X-XII.

QUIBELL, cit. (1906-1g07), pls. xxx [3], xxxii [3], X X X ~ X[2], cf. pp. 19-20. op. Granite statue of unidentified King of same period found in shaft, id. ib. pl. xxxi; WEIGALL, Anc. Eg. Works of Art, 77 [upper left and right].

Coffin, QUIBEI,L, cit. (1~05-1go6), pl. xxiii, cf. pp. 7-8, 27. op. Other burials, Dyn. X-XII. KhentemhEt Shemai Ipi QnQ, 9, Tetimertit 29 \Tj-, m&G, Khenti -819, Senebim ITP+&, Tetimertit a % j n Nub-irt , and Ipisenbes


id. ib. (r905-1906), pp. 6-8, cf. pls. ix [upper], xxiii; id. ib (1906-1907)~ pp. Stelae. Dyn. X.

18, 19, 77-

Of Kheti E l , Ipi po9, Khuy Anpemhet Mesteni and Sit-khomtu id. ib. (1905-1go6), pls. ix [lower], xi, xiii-xvi, pp. 20-4, cf. pl. v.

4, 2



ma z,

Of Sentni ~ e t e ~ i and Tetimertit id. ib. (1906-~gol), pls. vi, X (side-pieces of last in Chicago Institute, cf. infra). Other stelae, fragments of stelae, and side-pieces (some of Dyn. XIX, &C.), id, ib. (1905-1906)~pls. xvii [z-61, xix [I, 31, xx [I, 41, pp. 25-6 ; id. ib. (1906-1go7), pls. vii-ix, xxxvii [I J, pp. 72-3, cf. pp. 4, 80.
In Chicago Institute.

5, 9

G 24, o

(cf. supra), No. 10,232 [QUIBELL(1905-1go6), Side-piece of Ipi 'ankhu pl. xx (z)] ; part of three registers, ploughing, reaping and gleaning, fowling, A Handbook o the Eg-yjtian CoZlecfion, 28. f Lower part of stela of Tetiemsaf : 9 & z , No. 10,229 [QUIBELL (1905-1go6), pl. xx (3)], Handbook, cit. 33. No. 1o,z25 [QUIBELL(1905-1go6), pl. xix (2)], Part of stela of Merthotep Hamibook, cit. 3 2. Fragment from burial of Ipi 9 0 9 (cf. supra), No. 1 0 ~ 2 3 ~ [QUISELL(1905-1go6), pl. xx (S)], fowling with clap-net, Handbook, cit. 34.



Side-pieces of Tetimertit (2, 3)], Handbook, cit. 30.


Nos. ro,z 23, 1o,z24 [QUIBELL (1906-1go7), pl.












Adapted from FIRTH and GUNN, Teti Fyranrid Cernetenks, ii, pl. 51, and QUIBELL, Teti Pyramid, North Side, pls. I , 2 .

Round Teti Pyramid


Offering-table, statues, blocks, small objects, Qo. QUIBELL, &qqam (1905-1go6), pl. xviii [I-41, cf. p. 25 ; id. ib. (1go6-1go7), pls. xxxii-xxxvii. cf. pp. 4-6, 78-81. Bes-chambers, on east side of t h e great mastabs. Ptolemaic. Id. ib. (1905-1go6), frontispiece, pls. i, xxvi-xxix, xxxiii [I, 2, 41, cf. pp. 12-14.

Wear Pyramid of Iput.

QUEEN KHUIT e%Qa,wife of Teti.

No. See LORET, liOuilZes dans Z nPcropoZe memphite (1897-99)in Bull. Inst. Eg. iii SCr. a 10, pp. 94, 95 ; id. La grande kscr$tion de Mes ct Sapprak in AZ. xxxix. I. Above mortuary temple of Iput and mastaba of Khuit. See LORET, cit. in BUZZ.Inst. op. iii S6r. No. 10, pp. 95-6. op. North and south walls. Legal text, LORET, cit. in k:Z. xxxix. 5-10 ; GARDINEI:, The Inscrz2tion o Mes in SETHE,Untersuchungen, iv. I 2 7-40. f Fragments of bas-relief from pillars, in Sydney Mus., NICHOLSON, some Punernl On Xievog&phic Inscr$tions found a t Memphis in Trans. Roy. Soc. Lit. 2 Ser. viii (1866), four plates at end, cf. pp. 308-25, reprinted in NICHOLSON, Aegypfiaca, 05--L z, with four plates. I op. Name and titles of wife, LORET, cit. in A.Z. xxxix, p. I note 3. Other New Kingdom tombs, including those of AmenemGnet, Paenanu, and Thay, see LORET, cit. in Buzz. Inst. BR, SCr. No. 10, pp. 94-6. op. iii New Kingdom, in Cairo Mus. 34055, LACAU, St2Zes du Stela of Neb'ansu NouveZEmpire (Cat. Caire), pl. xxxiii, pp. 98-9 ; titles, LEGRAIN, RQevtoire, No. 273. Bas-relief, Zoser m , ,Teti, and Userkaf, kneeling before RE'-Harakhti, from tomb

MOSI fi 1. Dyn. XVIII-XIX.



Ramesside, in Cairo Mus., GAUTHIER, Notes et Remarques histolrques of Mahu in B Z . UZ Inst. 3r. Arch. Or. v, pp. 41-2.


(3 -

Burials along north side. (a) First Intermediate Period. Stelae. TetiPyramid Cemeteries, i, pp. 182-99 [S-11, 13, 15, 17-3ob ii, FIRTH and GUNN, pls. 68-75. Fragments of similar stelae ; texts, id. ib. i, pp. 199-202 [32-531. Sketchplans showing positioE of objects mentioned by LEPSIUS, D. Text, i, pp. 145, 146. L. Gem'ankh e , with offering-table (found near tomb 11 of LEPSIUS), Berlin in Mus. I 15I, I 163, L. D. Text, i, pp. 15 2, 153 [I], cf. p. 15 I ; text of stela, No. I 15 I, Aeg. Inschv. Mus. Berlin, i. 47 ; offering table, No. I 163, Aeg. und Vorderasiaf. AZfertkiinzer, pl. g [lower left Amenma Q&->, in Berlin Mus. ,320, L. D. Tcl, i, p. 156, cf. p. 154; Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, ii. 107-8. Side-pieces and lintels. Texts, FIRTH and GUNN, cit. i, pp. 204-7, 210-1 [2-7, 14-21]. op. Blocks and slabs. Ib. ib. ii, pls. 77 [A-E], 78 [ r d ; i, pp. 212-15 [I-4, 6-15]. ef-k, L. D. Te=sf,i, p. 147, cf. note I. Block with name of 'Ankhef

Neferseshemptah. From CAPART, Une Rue & Tontdeaux, pl. lxxiv.

Nefeneshemrc From FIRTHand G U N N , Tefi Pyramid Cenieferies,ii, pl. 51.

r--.--l I



1 Sepulchral Chamber'-1 I



'Ankhma'hor. From CAPART, Une Rue de Tonrbeaux, pl. xviii, and FIRTH and G U N N , Teti Pyramid Cemeteries, ii, pl. 5 I .

Round Tt Pyramid ei
(1 and Ptahemhet FIRTH GUNN,op. cit. ii, and c], 79, 80 ; i, pp. 239-46 [6, 71, cf. 55, 41-2. Seneny Herimeru QTI QO,-, , Harshef-nakht " Thai Overseer of a guild of the Pyramid of MerkarC', Khnemu-khet and fragments of others ; texts, id. ib. i,246-66 [8-221. Ipi'ankhu QoQy&. Inner and outer coffins, in Berlin Mus. 10184, L. D. ii. 98, cf. Text, i, pp. 148, 149 ; texts, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 125-30; three planks from inside of lid, in Berlin Mus. ror85, L. D. ii. g9 b. Foot-board of sarcophagus, in Berlin Mus. 10183; text,Aeg.Inschr.Mus.Berlin, i. 135; L. D. Text, i, p. 147. Mummymask, in Berlin Mus. 10180, L. D. E ~ q a n z xliv [bottom], cf. Text, i, p. 151. . n Khut or Khentekhtikhut , , Foot-end of sarcophagus and head-rest, in ~ e r l i nMus. 10616, 1312 ; sarcophagus, L. D. ii. 99 a, cf. Text, i, p. 148 with note I; head-rest, id. ib. p. 150 [3]; texts of sarcophagus and head-rest, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 130, 135. Q Head-rest of Harshefhotp -,P -S% , found near last, in Berlin Mus. 13 r o, L. D. Text, i, p. 150 [2], cf. p. 151 ; text, Aeg. Inschr. Berlin, i. 135. Gemenuser 9 [I O. Fragments of coffin, with wooden statuette, model boat, head-rest, &C., in Berlin Mus. 1289, 13101-2, 1363, 1307, L. D. Erganz. xlv [upper], xlvi, and Text, i, p. 158, cf. p. 150, fig. 4 ; texts, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 135. Sitha'ib Fragments of coffin, in Berlin Mus. 13103, 13104; texts, L. B. Text, i, p. 158 ; Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 134. Coffin ; text, L. D. Text, i, p. 159. Itety . ruu near Kagemni, infra. p. 135. Sides of sarcophagus, in Berlin Mus. 13 100; texts, L. D. Text, i, p. 159 ; Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 134.
PIS. 32

Coffins. Ipihersesenbef Q n 4


&Q k,

114, 1x9


- 7 1

S %. W ?


90149. g&&,

Offering-tablets. FIRTH GUNN, cit. i, pp. 218-26 [I-631, cf. ii, pl. and op. Obelisks. Texts, id. ib. i, p. 216. Funerary boxes a n d other inscribed objects. Texts, id. ib. i, pp. 268-9 [+g], 270-1 [2, 3, 4 (b) Middle Kingdom. Inscribed fragments, id. ib. i, p. 289
(c) N e w Kingdom.




5 , 71; ii, P]. 19 [B].

3, 41, PIS. 85 [7],

11 [11].

Statuette, in Berlin Mus. 4396 ; text, L. D. Text, i, p. 157 ; Aeg. Inschr. Ahmosi Mus. Berlin, ii. 512. S t r e e t of Tombs. No. Dyn. VI.


Plan, LORET, Pouilles duns la n/crojole memjhite (1897-99) in Bull. Inst. 10, opposite p. roo.

kg. iii SCr.

NEFERSESHEMR~-&, l] good name SHESHI Vizier; First =Q, under the King; Overseer of all works of the King. (Partly sanded up.)
CAPART, Une Rue de Tombeaux, ix-xvii. Plan, id. ib. viii.


Exterior. ( I ) Deceased ; name, FIRTHand GUNN,Teti Pyramid Cemeteries, i, p. 103 [S]. (2) Deceased; titles, id. ib. p. 103 [z]. (3) Deceased ; titles, id. ib. p. 103 [I]. Entrance. (4)-(5) Facade, CAPART, cit. ix. op. (6) Thickness ; four registers cattle, id. ib. Room 1 1 1. (7) False door, id. ib. xi. Room VI. Pillars. Views, id. ib. xii-xvii. Two representations of deceased [= CAPART, xvi], CAPART, XV, L'Art Egyptien ( I ~ I I ) pls. 122, 123 ; one [xv], id. L'Art k m t i e n , i, L7Architecfure,pl. 56. , Sepulchral Chamber. Description and finds, FIRTHand GUNN, cit. i, pp. 18-19, figs. 13, 14; ii, pl. 15 op. Plan, id. ib. i, p. 18, fig. 12. [A I, 4]. Sarcophagus ; texts, id. ib. ii, pl. 58 [S, 61, cf. i, pp. 103-4.


'ANKHMA'HOR good name SESI -4, Vizier; First under the King; Overseer of the Great House ; &c.
Complete, CAPART, Une Rue de Tombeaux, xix-lxxii. Plan, id. ib. xviii. Entrance. (I)-(2) Deceased seated, deceased standing on either side of door, and deceased seated, id. ib. xix-xxii, cf. xxiii-xxiv. (3) and (4) Thicknesses. Deceased coming out, id. ib. xxiii [middle], xxiv [middle]. Room I. (5) Two registers, winnowing &C., cattle crossing water, id. ib. xxvii-xxx. (6) Bottom register, crocodiles, hippopotami, and fish, from destroyed scene, id. ib. xxvi ; crocodile and hippopotamus, CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 391, fig. 380. Une Rue de Tombeaux, xxv. (7) Two registers, baking and scribes, CAPART,
1 Entranae to Room 1 . (8) Thickness. Bottom, market-scene, id. ib. xxxi. (g) Thickness. Bottom, remains of market-scene, id. ib. xxxii,

Wy - , z &d

Room 1 . 1 (10) Two registers, sculptors, jewellers, &C., id. ib. xxxiii. (11) Two bottom registers (rest destroyed), netting fowl before deceased, Denkmaler, 18 A ; man giving signal to men id. ib. xxxiv-xli ; deceased omitted, BISSING, closing clap-net, CAPART, L'Art Egyptien ( ~ g o g ) , 24; CAPART pl. and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 387, fig. 375. (12) Two registers, offering-bringers, CAPART, Une Rue de Tombeaux, xlii-xliii. Entrance to R o o m 1 1 1. (13) Thickness. Three registers, men bringing gazelle and bubale, overthrowing bull, Anc. Eg. Works o Art, f and bringing oryx, &C., id. ib. xlv ; overthrowing bull, WEIGALL, 71[uPP~~I. (14) Thickness. Two registers, overthrowing bull, and bringing oryx and gazelle, CAPART, cit. xliv. op.

Round Teti Pyramid

Room 111.

(15) (16) (17) (18)

Offering-bringers before deceased, id ib. xlviii. Son before deceased (upper part destroyed), id. ib. xlix-l. Offering-bringer with geese and gazelle, id. ib. xlvii. Three registers offering-bringers before deceased (destroyed), id. ib. xlvi.

Entrance to Room IV.

(19) and (20) Thicknesses. Two registers, bringing animals and offerings, id. ib. li, lii.
Room IV.

(2 I) Three (remaining) registers, butchers, id. ib. liii-lvi ; texts from second register, MONTET, Sches de Z Vie Prive'e [&C.], 156-70 [3], 175-7. Les a (22)-(23) Three registers, offering-bringers, CAPART, cit. lix-lvii. op. !24)-(25) Three registers, men bringing animals andbfferings, id. ib. lx-lxii ; four last otrering-bringers in bottom register, CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 362, fig. 348.
Entrance to Room V.

(26) and (27) Thicknesses. Three registers, offering-bringers, CAPART, Une Rue di Todeaux, Ixiii, lxiv.
Room V.

(28) Two bottom registers, men bringing funeral furniture, id. ib. Ixv.
Entrance to Room VI.

(29) Two registers, surgical operations, id. ib. Ixvii ; M ~ ~ L L E R , Res. i. 105. ESypt. (30) Two registers, operation on neck and circumcision, CAPART, cit. Ixvi; MOLLER, op. op. cit. 106.
Room VI.

(31)-(32) Upper part, priests, and men carrying shrine (?) (destroyed), lower part, op. mourners, priests, &C., in funeral procession, CAPART, cit. IXX-lxxii; lower part, Denkmiiler, 18 B ; part, WEIGALL, cit. 71 op. mourners, and women fainting, BISSING, [lower]. op. (33) Bottom register, two girls clapping and five girl acrobats, CAPART, cit. lxviii, lxix; two acrobats, CAPART WERBROUCK, and Menrphis, p. 397, fig. 388; WRESZINSKI, Berichf uber die phfograpirische Expedifion [&C.], pl. 77 [middle] (said to be from tomb of SS~).
Chapel of Iehefi

4 =Q.

(34) Stela, CAPART, Rue de Tombeaux, Ixxiii. Une

Sepulchral Chamber.

Description and finds, FIRTH and GUNN, Tefi Pyramid Cemeteries, i, pp. 16-18, i. figs. 10, 11, p. 1 0 2 ; ii, pls. 13 [D], I ~ [ A21. Plan, id. ib. i, p. 17, f g g. Walls. Representations of offerings, id. ib. ii, pl. 6 ; texts, id. ib. i, pp. 93-8. Sarcophagus; texts, id. ib. ii, pl. 58 [I-31, cf. i, pp. 98-101.

NEFERSESHEMPTAH h, or UZAHATETI b & f , OK,&F v a name S H E ~=Q, I Steward of the Pyramid of Teti; &c. H
Complete, CAPART, Rue de Tombearrx, Ixxv-ci. Une


Plan, id. ib. lxxiv.

(I) Figure of deceased, id. ib. Ixxv. (2) and (3) Texts with titles of deceased, id. ib. lxxvi [left], lxxvii [right].



Entranoe to Room I. (4) and (5) Jambs. Texts, id. ib. lxxvi [right], lxxvii [left], cf. lxxviii. (6) and (7) Thicknesses. Figures of deceased, id. ib. lxxviii, lxxix. Entrance to Room 1 . 1 (8) and (g) Thicknesses. Four men bringing animals, id. ib. lxxxi, Ixxx.

1 Room 1 . (10) Two registers, offering-bringers, id. ib. Ixxxii. (I I) Two registers, offering-bringers with hedgehogs and birds in boxes, &C., id. ib. lxxxiii [left], lxxxiv. (12) Four registers, men bringing fish, men in canoes, and offering-bringers, id. ib. lxxxiii [right]. (13)-(14) Four registers, poultry-yard and netting fowl, id. ib. lxxxv-lxxxix ; cranes, and WERBROUCK, Memphis, and birds in net, from first and second registers, CAPART p. 276, fig. 258 ; scribes and man feeding fowl, and men pulling draw-net, from third and fourth registers, id. ib. p. 388, fig. 376.

1. Entrance to Room 1 1 (15) and (16) Thicknesses. Deceased and wife, and two registers offering-bringers op. below, CAPART, cit. xciii, XC-xcii.

Room 1 1 1. (17)-(18) Deceased before altar, and offering-bringers below, id. ib. c-ci. (19)-(20) Stela with figures and bust, id. ib. xciv-xcvi ; id. L'Ari Bgyptien, i, L'Architecture, pl. 54 ; MASPERO, Guide. . Caire (1914)~ 17, fig. 3 ; CAPART WERBROUCK, p. and Memphis, p. 323, fig. 307. (21)-(22) Deceased before altar, and four registers priests and offering-bringers, CAPART, Rue de Tombeaux, xcvii-xcviii. U~le (23) Deceased before altar, offering-list (destroyed), and butchers below, id. ib. ci.

Mastabas west of Street of Tomba.

HETEP 1 , Inspector of prophets of the Pyramid of Teti; &c. 5 Temp. Amenemhet I. (see plan, infra p. 144.)
See FIRTHand GUNN, Teiiq'ramid Cemeteries, i, pp. 61-4, 273-9. Plan and section, id. ib. i, pp. 62-3, figs. 71, 72 [lower]. View, id. ib. ii, pl. 40 [A]. Titles, id. ib. i, PP. 273-4. Court. (I) Deceased with seven men facing him ; remains of text, id. ib. i, pp. 274-5 [I]. Pillars. (2), (3), (4) Remains of texts, id. ib. i, p. 275 [3, 41. Entrance to Hall. (5) and (6) Jambs ; titles of deceased, id. ib. i, p. 275

Hall. (7) Bottom of boating scene; remains of text, id. ib. i, p. 275 [S]. Statue-Chambers. (8) Two men carrying haunches ; texts, id. ib. i, p. 275 [6]. (g) and (10) Limestone and granite statues of deceased (removed), id. ib. ii, pls. 40 [c, D], 41 [A, B], cf. i, p. 62 ; texts, id. ib. i, pp. 277-8. Loose blocks from mastaba, id. ib. ii, pl. 2 0 [A, B] ;i, pp. 275-6.

Round Teti Pyramid

Sepulchral Chamber. Sarcophagusin pieces ; texts on exterior, id. ib. ii, pls. 81, 82, cf. i, p. 279.


good name MEMI Vizier ; Inspector of prophets, axd Overseer of the town, of the Pyramid of Teti;

&C. (10 of LEPSIUS.) See L. D. Text, i, pp. 145-6. Inner chambers, BISSING, Die Masfaba des Gem-ni-kai, vols. i, ii (first part); FIRTHand GUNN,Tefi Pyramid Cetneteries, i, description of part (not seen by BISSING), pp. 20-21; titles of deceased, id. ib. pp. 106-8. Plan, BIS~ING, cit. i, pl. i [I] op. (incomplete) ; FIRTH and GUNN, cit. ii, pl. 51. op. Exterior. (I)-(2) Two figures of deceased with titles, L. D. ii. 97 b, cf. Texf, i, p. 159 ; texts, op. FIRTH and GUNN, cit. i, pp. 108-9 [rj. (3) Lower part of stela. id. ib. ii, pl. 5 [D], cf. i, p. 109 [z]. (4) Deceased and biographical text, id. ib. ii, pls. 7 [lower], 59 [z], cf. i, pp. 109-11 [3]. (5) Remains of biographical text, id. ib. ii, pl. 59 [3], cf. i, p. I I I [4]. Frieze-texts. Fragments from south and (probably) east walls; texts, id. ib. i, p. 111 [S, 61.
Entranoe. (6)-(7) Lintel and jambs, id. ib. ii, pl. ro [upper]; lintel, id. ib. ii, pl. 59 [I] ; texts of

jambs and drum, id. ib. i, p. 112 [S, g]. (8) and (9) Thicknesses; texts, id. ib. i, p.

112 [IO].

Vestibule I. (10) Lintel; title of deceased, id. ib. i, p. 112 [l]. (11) Jamb ; title of deceased, id. ib. i, p. 112 [2]. (12) Two men with vegetables and fowl; name of one, id. ib. i, p. (13) Men in two reed-boats with fish below, id. ib. ii, pl. 53 [4]. (14) Remains of marsh scene, id. ib. ii, pl. 53 [2]. (15) Two priests carrying furniture; titles, id. ib. i, p. 113 [S].
Room 1 . 1

I 12


East wall. Graffito, id. ib. i, p. I 16 [I I].

Pillared Hall 111.

(16)-(17) At bottom (rest destroyed), bringing produce by boat, defaulters and scribes before deceased, id. ib. ii, pl. 53 [I]; texts, id. ib. i, p. 113 [7]. (18)-(19) Figure of deceased and two remaining bottom registers, milking, lassoing cow, feeding puppy, &C., and cattle fording water with men in boats, id. ib. ii, pls. 7 [upper], 52, cf. pl. 50 ; texts, id. ib. i, p. 114 [S]. At top, blocks (replaced) with scene of boat-building, id. ib. ii, pl. g [B]; texts, id. ib. i, p. 115 [g]. (20)-(2 I) Bottom, lower part of deceased fishing and deceased fowling, with attendants in canoes,spearing hippopotami and fishing below; fishing scene with attendants fishing from canoe, B r s a ~ cop. cit. i, pl. iv. , (22) Remains of scene (destroyed) before deceased; two figures from scene of industries, id. ib. pl. xxx [G] ; end of vertical column of text, FIRTH and GUNN, cit. op. i, p. I 15 [IO]. (23)-(24) Bottom, dancers, women clappers and acrobats, before deceased ; omitting deceased, id. ib. ii, pl. 53 [3] ; two clappers and two acrobats, CAPART WERBROUCK, and


From FIRTH GUNK,ei Pyvaritid Cemetevies, and Tf

A. Mereruka, B. Watet-khet-Hor, C. Mer~teti. From DARESSY, Mhr. Inst. hg. iii, plate opposite p. 520, corrected from F ~ R T H and GUNK, Teti Pyranzid L'cmeteries, ii, pl. 51.

Round Teti Pyralntd


Memphis, p. 397, fig. 387; three acrobats on left, WRESZINSKI, Bericht iiber diephotographische Expedition [&C.], pl. 7 7 [bottom] ; texts, FIRTHand GUNN, cit. i, p. 113 [6]. op. (25) Block with scene of gathering figs, found on top of mastaba west of serdab at op. higher level, id. ib. ii, pl. 8 ; WRESZINSKI, cit. pl. 76. Pillar. op. (26) Lower part of figure of deceased, BISSING, cit. i, pl. iii [I].
Entrance to Room IV.

(27) and (28) Thicknesses. pl. v.

Room IV.

Offering-bringers, and servants with furniture, id. ib.

(29) Dragging statue of deceased, id. ib. pl. vi. (30) Deceased inspects cattle and poultry, id. ib. pls. viii-xvi; part of third and fourth registers, fattening hyenas and geese, and ducks in pond from fifth register, Anc. Eg. Works o Art, 63, 64 [upper]. f WEIGALL, op. (31) Deceased inspects fisheries, BISSING, cit. i, pls. xvii-xxi; two men carrying op. fish, WEIGALL, cit. 64 [lower left]. (32) Bottom, women with offerings, BISSING, cit. pl. vii 121. op. (33)-(34) Upper part, deceased carried in palanquin, lower part, dwarf with ape and dogs, and servants preparing oil, &C., id. ib. pls. xxii-xxiii.
Entrance to Room V.

(35) and (36) Thicknesses. vii [I], xxiv.

Room V.

Two registers offering-bringers on each side, id. ib. pls.


Scenes of offering-bringers before deceased, id. ib. ii, pls. i [a], ii-vi. Two registers offering-bringerson each side, id. ib. pl. vii.

Entrance to Room VI.

(37) and (38) Thicknesses.

Room VI.

(39) Offerings, and four registers, carrying chests, filling granaries, dragging shrines, and animals tied up for sacrifice ; bottom register, animals tied up, id. ib. pls. xi-xiii ; id. Benkmaler, Text to 79 and 80 [znd fig.]. Die (40) Deceased followed by five rows of attendants and sons, BISSING, Mastaba des Gem-ni-kai, ii, pl. X. (41) Men carrying chest, granaries, dragging shrines, and animals tied up, before deceased, id. ib. pls. viii, ix, xxx [a].
Entrance to Room VII.

(42) and (43) Thicknesses. [middle].

Room VII.

Two registers, offering-bringers, id. ib. pls. xiv, xxxv

(44)-(45), (47)-(48) On each side, ritual scenes and offering-bringersbefore deceased, id. ib. pls. xv-xxiv, xxvii-xxix, xxx [bl-xxxiii, i [b], Beiblatt i. (46) False door, id. ib. i, pl. ii; ii, pl. xxxiv; titles, STEINDORFF, Miscellea in A.Z. xxxiii. 7 I. (49) Offering-bringers and butchers, BISSING, cit. ii, pls. XXV-xxvi. op.
Entrance to Room VIII.

(50) and (51) Thicknesses. Two registers, offering-bringers, id. ib. pl. xxxv [left and right].

Room VIII.

Two similar scenes on each side, offerings and funeral procession before deceased, id. ib. pls. xmrvi-xli. Stone from east wall of exterior, in Berlin Mus. 1124, L. D. ii. 116 c ; text, deg Znschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 26-7. Loose inscribed blocks ; texts, FIRTH GUNN, cit. i, pp. I 16-1 7 [2-g]. and OP.
Sepulchral Chamber.

Description and objects found, id. ib. i, pp. 21-3, figs. 16, 17, and p. 126; ii, pls. 12 [A, B], 14 [B, C], 15 [A 6, 7, 8, C I, 21, 65 [S-g]. Plan, id. ib. i, p. 20, fig. 15. Walls. South and north sides, granaries and offerings, id. ib. ii, pl. 5 [A, B] ; texts, id. ib. i, pp. 117-21. Sarcophagus recess. Texts on walls, id. ib. i, pp. 12 1-5. Sarcophagus, id. ib. ii, pl. 5 [c]; texts, id. ib. ii, pl. 60 [I, 21, cf. I, pp. 125-6. Graffitiin tomb, BISSING, cit. i, pl. xxx [I-51. op.

R E I y 4, Lector ; Divine chancellor. ~ 4

Dyn. VI-X.

21I [22].

Kagemni and Mastaba A (see plan of Kagemni, supra p. 136). Jamb, L. D. Text, i, p. 147 ; FIRTH GUNN, cit ii, pl. 76 [I], cf. i, p. and op.

IHY4144, Overseer of the Royal Stalls of Lisht; Inspector of

See FIRTH and GUNN, cit. i, pp. 64-5, 280-8. Plan and section, id. ib. i, pp. op. 63-4, figs. 72 [upper], 73. View, id. ib. ii, pl. 16 [lower]. Titles, id. ib. i, pp. 280-2.
Entrance to Shrine. (I) Jamb ; text, id. ib. ii, pl. 85 [6], cf. i, p. 282.

prophets of the Pyramids of Teti and Amenemhet. Middle Kingdom. (see plan, infra p. 144.)

(2) Thickness, three registers, men with offerings ; texts, id. ib. i, pp. 282-3.

(3)-(4) Deceased seated before offerings with mother at feet, and offering-bringers in front and below, id. ib. ii, pl. 54. (5) False door, id. ib. ii, pl. 83. (6)-(7) Deceased seated before offerings with mother at feet, three registers, priests and lectors and offering-bringers, and offering-bringersbelow ; priests and lectors omitted, id. ib. ii, pl. 39; texts of whole scene, id. ib. i, pp. 284-5.

(8) and (g) Limestone statues of deceased; texts, id. ib. ii, pls. 84, 85, cf. i, pp. 285-6.
Sepulohral Chamber.

Walls ; texts, id. ib. i, pp. 286-8.

THETHU Inspector and steward of prophets of the Pyramid of , B ,

Meryre'; Greatest of the Five in the Temple of Thoth; &c. Dyn. V I. (See plan, infra p. 144.)
See FIRTH GUNN, cit. i, pp. 28-30, ii, pl. 13 and op. i, P. 30, fig. 30.

Plan and section, id. ib.

(I) Offering-scene; remains of text, id. ib. i, p. 156.

Round Teti Pyramid


(2)-(3) False door, id. ib, ii, pl. 61 ; titles of deceased, id. ib. i, pp. 151-4. (4)-(5) Deceased before offerings, id. ib. ii, pl. 38, and i, pp. 154-5. Block found in tomb with figure of deceased; texts, id. ib. i, p. 156. Other blocks from tomb; texts, id. ib. Addenda on p. 291. Sarcophagus. Texts, id. ih. i, p. 156.

IMHCITEP ]h$,Intimate ; Lector.

(see plan, infra p. 144.)

Stela built into mastaba of Thethu, id. ib. ii, pl. 67 [I] ; i, pp. 31, 38, 48, 181. For position, see id. ib. p. 63.

GEMNIEMHBT *-'&g, or GEMNI 4, Regulator of a guild of the Pyramids of MerkarE' and Teti ; Steward of the Pyramid of Pepy 1 ; &C. Dyn. IX-XI. (No. 30 on FIRTHand GUNN'Splan.)
Plan and section, id. ib. i, p. 52, figs. 57, 58; plan, RIOGENSEN, Id. ib. i, pp. 52-4. La Collection ~Mtienne, 67. p. Outer and inner coffins with mummy, in Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg Mus., FIRTH op. and GUNN, cit. ii, pls. 23-6, 2 2 [C, D]; i, pp. 227-31; MOGENSEN, cit. pls. lxiv, op. Ixv, cf. p. 67. Contents of Sepulchral Chamber, models, statuettes, &C.,in Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg op. Mus., FIRTHand GUNN,op. cit. ii, pls. 28-31, cf. 2 2 ; MOGENSEN, cit. pls. Ixvi, Ixvii, cf. lxiv [bottom], and pp. 67-70; texts of some objects, FIRTH and GUNN, cit. op. i, PP. 267-8 [S], 270-1 [6], 272 [g]. Stela, in Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg Mus., id. ib. ii, pl. 27 [B] ; MOGENSEN, cit. op. pl. xcvi [lower left], cf. p. 91; titles, FIRTHand GUNN, cit. i, p. 187 [16]. op. Another stela; titles, id. ib. i, pp. 197-8. Side-piece, in Cairo Mus. 1571, probably from this tomb, id. ib. i, pp. 208-9 [IZ], fig. go. Head-rest, perhaps from this tomb, in Berlin Mus. 1309 ; text, L. D. Text, i, p. 157, cf. p. 150, fig. 5 ; Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 135.

SITINTETI prophetess of Hathor ; Unique Royal Ornament. Late Dyn. VI.

See FIRTH and GUNN, Teti Pyramid Cemeteries, i, p. 38. Stela built up in later structure of Ipi'ankhu, id. ib. ii, pl. 21 [A], cf. pl. 185-6 [IZ]. North and south side-pieces, id. ib. ii, pl. 2 I [B, c] ; i, pp. 203-4 [I]. Offering-table, id. ib. ii, pl. 20 [D, E], cf. i, p. 38.

[c] ;i, pp.

IPI'ANKHU Q or IPI Q Q, Steward ; Chancellor of the King of Lower Egypt ; &c; usurping tomb of SITINTETI. IX-XI. Dyn.
(No. 26 on FIRTH and GUNN'S plan.) Id. ib. i, pp. 50-51, figs. 51-56. Plan, id. ib. p. 49, fig. 53. Coffins; texts, id. ib. i, pp. 232-8. Objects on mummy, id. ib. ii, pl. 34 [A]. Funerary boxes, head-rests, and scribes' board from model granary ; texts, id. ib. i, PP. 267 [I, 21, 270 [4], 271-2 [g]; ii, PI. 14 [E, 5, 71. Stela, id. ib. ii, pl. 67 [2], cf. i, pp. 181-2 [2]. Fragments of another stela, south side-pieces and block ; texts, id. ib. i, pp. 199 [sI], 208 [S], 213 [S].

TRIPLEMASTABA OF (A) MERERUKA \=&U, good name MERI -Q, Vizier; Overseer of the Town, and Inspector of prophets, of the Pyramid of Teti; &C., with (B) wife WA'TET-KHET-HOR W k , good name SESHSESHET daughter of Teti, and Ly -, (C) son MERYTETI a 9 Dyn. V1. (See plan, supra p. 136.)



T o be completely published in colours by the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. Description and texts, DARESSY, Mastaba de Mera in M h . Inst. kg. iii, pp. Le and GUNN,Teti Pyramid Cemeteries, ii, 521-74. Plan, id. ib. opposite p. 520; FIRTH pl. 51. Titles of deceased, id. ib. i, pp. 131-6.



Temenos Wall. (I)--(2) Representations of deceased with titles, id. ib. ii, pl. 9 [A], cf. i, p. 26 ; texts, id. ib. i, pp. 137-9. Facade. (3) and (4) West and south corners; remains of texts, id. ib. i, p. 139, cf. ii, pl. g [A, left]. (5) Figure of deceased; text on block west of deceased [DARESSY, 523-41, SETHE, Urk. i. 87-8 (8) A. Entrance to Room I. (6) Thickness; deceased painting picture of the three seasons [DARESSY, 5251, ERMAN, BiZder der~akreszeifen A.Z. xxxviii. 107 ; portrait-figure of son Khenenu at in op. bottom of scene on right, FIRTHand GUNN, cit. ii, pl. 17 [D], cf. i, pp. 27, 38. Room I. (7)-(8) Deceased and wife fishing and fowling [DARESSY, 5251, DE MORGAN, Recherches sur Z s Orkines de Z'&ypfe, i, p. 170, fig. 508 ; canoe in marsh, with crocodiles and e and WERBROUCK, Memfhis, p. 393, fig. 382; frog apd hippopotami below, CAPART NouveZZes ~eckerc/ies[&C.] in Rev. de PEg. grasshoppers on reed below canoe, KEIMER, Anc. ii, p. 211, fig. I ; text of wife, ERMAN, Reden, Ru) und Lieder, p. 38 [S]. (g) Five registers, men in boat (destroyed), bringing fowl, gardening, catching bulls, and fishing ; second and third registers, carrying ducks in cages and watering gardens 5261, MONTET, Les Sc2nes de Z Vie Prive'e [&C.], pl. ix [3] opposite p. 112 ; a [DARESSY, fifth register, fishing, and cattle crossing water, DE MORGAN, cit. i, p. I 75, fig, 5 I 7 ; op. texts above men in east and west boats, ERMAN, cit. p. 30 [3, 71. op. (10)-(11) Deceased (top destroyed) and wife harpooning fish, followed by rows of servants, with hippopotamus hunt and men bringing fish below ; two fishes harpooned, 526-71, GAILLARD, Recherckes sur fishes in water, birds among papyrus plants [DARESSY, Zs Poissons [&C.] in Mein. Inst. Fr. Arch. Or. li, p. 8, fig. 5, pl. iv, and fishes, p. 35, fig. e 23, p. 45, fig. 29 ; hippopotamus hunt, MONTET, op. cit. pl. ii opposite p. 24, cf. p. 2 2 (I). Room 111. (12)-(13) Deceased and wife (upper part destroyed), servants, and two registers 5281 Reckerches sur Zs Ortgines [&C.], e hunting below [cf. DARESSY, ; hunt, DE MORGAN, i, P. 173, fig. 514. (14)-(15) Deceased and wife watching six registers of industries [DARESSY, 528-301 ; second register, two vase-makers, MONTET, op. cit. i, p. 165, fig. 497 ; second register, texts of first vase-maker and of man making scaffold, third register, text of carpenter,

Round Teti Pyramid


ERMAN, cit. pp. 45 [3], 44 [6], 43 [6] ; fifth and sixth registers, metal and stone op. op. workers, MONTET, cit. i, p. 199, fig. 527 ; texts of men blowing furnace and of man op. pouring metal in fifth register, and of third group in sixth register, ERMAN, cit. pp. 41 [I], 40 [S], 45 [4]. Room IV. (16) Bottom register, scribes, punishment of defaulters [DARESSY, 5311, CAPART and Menqhis, pp. 241, 243, figs. 225, 227 ; man beaten (reversed), CAPART, WERBROUCK, Notice sur Z de2apitation en jgypte in A.Z. xxxvi. 126 ; texts, ERMAN, cit. p. 52 a OP. [top]. (17) Two bottom registers, fishing from boats and with draw-net [DARESSY, 532-31, DE MORGAN, op. cit. p. 176, fig. 518 ; GAILLARD, cit. p. 6, fig. 4, cf. fishes, p. 25, op. fig. 15, p. 32, fig. 21. Room VI. (18) Four registers, poultry-yard [DARESSY, 5341, CAPART WERRROUCK, and Memphis, P. 390, fig. 378. (19) Bottom register, butchers [DARESSY, ; text of third group, ERMAN, cit. 5341 op. pp. 10 [G] (inaccurate), 12 [G]. Room X. (20) Upper part, deceased listening to music [DARESSY, 5421, CAPART, Rue d . Une Tomdeaux, civ ; CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 367, fig. 354. 540-11 ; (2 I ) Five registers, priests and dancers before deceased and wife [DARESSY, fifth register, texts of dancers kneeling and back to back, ERMAN, cit. p. 60 [I, 21. op. Room XI. (22) Second register from bottom, butchers [DARESSY, ; end of text above them, 5441 ERMAN, cit. p. 8 [4]. op. Room XII. (23) Deceased and wife before offerings, and three registers dragging barrels, counting 544-51 ; second register, text of scribe, ERMAN, cit. p. op. grain, and vintage [DARESSY, L 46 [3] ; third register, marking rhythm for wine-pressers, and wine-press, MONTET, a fabrication du vin duns k s tombeaux antlrieurs au Nouvel Empire in Rec. de Trav. xxxv, p. 1x9, fig. 2, p. 1 2 1 , fig. 5. Room XIII. (24) Fragment of text at top (block replaced on wall), SETHE, Urk. i. 88 (8) B. Bottom register, women mourners [DARESSY, 5461, CAPART and WERBROUCK, Memphis, P. 399, fig. 391. (25) Bottom register, three boats [DARESSY, 5461 ; swimmers in front of first one, CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 398, fig. 390 ; CAPART, Documents pour servir h Z'Ltude de Z'Art l'gyptien, pl. 73 [B]. (26)-(27) TWO bottom registers, boats [DARESSY, ; bottom register, text of pilot 5471 op. in second boat from right, ERMAN, cit. p. 54 [73. (28) Upper part, deceased carried in palanquin [cf. DARESSY, ; song of bearers, 5471 ERMAN, cit. p. 52 [3]. op. (29) Top register, boat-building, second to sixth registers, feeding and bringing aniyals [DARESSY, 548-91; second to sixth registers, GAILLARD, tatonnements des Les Egypfiens de Z'Ancien Empire ci la recherche des animaux ci domestiquer in L a Revue d'Elhnographie et de Sociologk (rgrz), pl. xi ; second register, feeding cattle, DE MORGAN, op. cit. i, p. 171, fig. 509 ; fifth and sixth registers, gazelles feeding and hyenas tied up, id. ib. p. 173, fig. 513.



(30)-(32) Stela with figure of deceased, with mother and with wife on either side [DAR549-501, CAPART, Rue de Tambeaux, cvii ;id. L'Arf &vpfien (~gog), 26 ; Une pl. id. L'Arfl&ypfien, i, L'Architecture, pl. 52 ; BOREUX, L'Arf kgypfien, pl. xxi ; MASPERO, Ggide . Caire (1914)~p. 13, fig. I; CAPART and WERBROUCK, ~llemphis,p. 334, fig. 317, cf. p. 320, fig. 304 [left] ; statue with texts on either side, DARESSY, ~Mastabasde Merru-ka et de Ka-hi-n in Rev. Arch. xxix, 1896, pl. xviii opposite p. 318. (33) Above door, six registers, servants with geese and dancers [DARESSY, 5511; third and sixth registers, dancers, acrobats, &C.,CAPART WERBROUCK, and Nemphis, pp. 320, 322, figs. 304 [middle], 306; third and fourlh registers, texts above men acrobats, ERMAN, cit. pp. 59 [3, 4, 51, 60 [I, 21 ; fifth register, texts of women dancers, id. ib. op. p. 61 [I]. (34) Deceased with wife playing draughts, PILLET, Z'objet r@reienfPpar Z signe De e mn in Rev. de l'&g. Anr. i, p. 161, fig. 3; CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 13, fig. 1 2 . (35)-(36) Four (remaining) registers, servantsand agricultural scenes [DARESSY, 55231; second register, texts above men and donkeys, ERMAN, cit. pp. 24 [6], 25 [2, 6, op. 101, 26 [2, 71; third register, texts above reapers and flute-player, id. ib. p. 2 2 [IO-121; fourth register, text above rams and oxen treading corn, id. ib. pp. 21 [g], 27 [6J. Pillars. Figures of deceased with text [DARESSY, 5541. J ~ Q U I E L'Architecture, i, R, pl. 5 [3, 41 ; one figure [=J ~ Q U I E R ,(middle)], CAPART WERBROUCK, 4 and Memphis, p. 320, fig. 304 [right].


Room I. (37)-(38) Three (remaining) registers, tending cattle, &C., bringing fowl, fishing before 5561 op. deceased [DARESSY, ; top register, text above calving-scene, ERMAN, cit. p. 31 141. Room 1 1 1. (39) Five registers, dancers before deceased [DARESSY, 5581; third register, text above op. second dancing-girl, ERMAN, cit. p. 60 [7] ;fourth register, two girl acrobats, WRESZINSKI, Bericht aber diephofographische Expedttion [&C.], pl. 77 [top]. Room V. (40) Stela [DARESSY, 558-91 ; lower part, in Cairo Mus., CLARKE ENGELBACH, and Ancient Egyptian Masonry, fig. 187 opposite p. 163. (41)-(42) Deceased and son watching destroyed scene with butchers at bottom 5601; bottom register, texts of fourth and fifth groups of butchers, ERMAN, [DARESSY, op. cit. pp. 16 181, 11 [I, 101, 8 [7], 10 [S].

Room 1 1 1. (43) Offerings, and four registers below, men bringing animals, and butchers [DARESSY, 570-11 ; third register, texts of third and last groups of butchers, ERMAN, cit. pp. 15 op. 7 [IS]* 13 [I]. [S], 8 Blocks from mastaba. Texts, FIRTH and GUNN,Tefi Pyramid Cetnetenks, i, pp. 139-42.
Sepulchral Chamber.

Description and objects found, id. ib. i, pp. 23-6, figs. [cl, 13 [B], 65 [I-41.

20, 22,

cf. p. 105 ; ii, pls.


Round Teti Pyramid

Plan and section, id. ib. i, p. 25, fig. 19. View looking west, id. ib. ii, pl. 2. Entrance. South thickness ; text, id. ib. i, p. 143. North and east walls, id. ib. ii, pls. 3, 4 ; texts of all walls, id. ib. i, pp. 143-9. Sarcophagus. Texts, id. ib. ii, pl. 60 [S-81, cf. i, pp. 149-50.


Offering-place of KHENENU zob, good name THEMI 1 , I1 -4 Intimate ; Lector. Dyn. VI.
See FIRTHand GUNN,Teti Pyvamid Cemeteries, i, p. 42, cf. p. 38. Plan, id. ib. p. 42, fig. 49. Views, id. ib. ii, pl. 17 [A<]. Serdab with contents, id. ib. ii, pl. 17 [c, F]. Obelisk found in dCbris above serdab, id. ib. ii, pls. 17 [E], 77 [bottom left], 78 cf. i, p. 216 [I]. False door and side-pieces with offering-table below of Kanebfui U good name Khenenu O , :& (KhenenuI), First under the King, Overseer of the Two Granaries, Overseer of Upper Egypt, immediately north of offering-place of Khenenu 11, id. ib. ii, pls. 74 [I], 76 [2--41, cf. 17 [B] ; i, PP. 186-7 [W], 209 [IS], 270 [I].



Triple mastaba of (a)KAEM~ENU 4 ioh,Prophet of Hathor in the ~'& Sun-templeof Neferirkare'; Prophet of Sahurec; Prophet and priest ~ of the Pyramid of Neuserre'; &c. ; (b)WERZEDEDPTAH ~ Prophet of Ma'et; Royal priest; &c. ;(c) SEHOTPU /$=o&, Prophet of Re' in the Sun-temple of Neferirkare'; Priest of the Pyramid of Sahure'; &c. Dyn. VI.
See FIRTHand GUNN,Tefi Pyramril Cenetenks, i, pp. 31-3, 157-66; ii, pl. 32 [D]. Plan, id. ib. i, p. 31, fig. 33. View, id. ib. ii, pl. 16 [upper]. Titles of Kaemsenu and Werzededptah, id. ib. i, pp. 157-8.

Lintel and doorway, id. ib. ii, pl. 63 [ z , 31.


West wall,' in New York, Metropolitan Mus., Kaemsenu with wife and son, his false door, offering-list, and false door of Werzededptah, id. ib. ii, pl. 62 ;details, RANSOM WILI.IAMS, T G A Decoration of the Tomb o Per-n2b [&C.] in Metro Mus. Papers, ii, pls. i, ii (in the f op. Press). Lintel above, with titles of Kaemsenu, FIRTHand GUNN, cit. ii, pl. 63 [I]. South and east walls ; texts from scenes, id. ib. i, pp. 163-4. Statue of Kaemsenu found in brick chapel on south, probably from serdab, id. ib. ii, pis. 18 [A, D], cf. i, pp. 31-2.

Titles, id. ib. i, p. 166. False door, id. ib. ii, pl. 63 [S], cf. pl. 16. Lintel (not in position), id. ib. ii, pl. 63 [4].

Mastabas north-east of Kagemni. Plan, QUIBELL HAYTER, Pyramid, North Side, pl. 2. and Teti

Apuia. After QUIRELL HAYTER, and Teti Pyramid, North Side, pl. z.



l I

'5 6




1 I l

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U I X l O

erd dab--/- ( 1 1




, l

From FIRTHand GUNN, Teti Pyramid Cenzeten>s, i, p. 63, fig. 7 2 .

Kaemhest. From QUIBELL HAYTER, and Teti Pyratlrid, North Side, pl. I .

Round Teti Pyramid 145 HUY 2 4 Scribe of the troops of the Lord of the Two Lands. 9, New Kingdom. (2735 of QUIBELL.)
Found in Court, block with Huy kneeling before Atum, id. ib. pl. 19 [upper].


V, Beautifier; Inspector of prophets of the Pyramid of Teti. Old Kingdom.

See QUIBELL HAYTER, cit. pp. 20-3. and op. Texts of scenes, id. ib. pp. 21-3. Section, id. ib. p.

U ~ E R M 1T USERNEKHBET,ANPEMHET $ ~ or 1 and Q";;"hd. Middle

(2757 of QUIBELL.) East of Kagemni. op. See QUIBELL HAYTER, cit. pp. 11-15. Section, id. ib. p. and

Sepulchral Chamber.

View of coffin and mummy of Usermat in sifu, id. ib. pl. 2 I [3]. Canopic box; text, id. ib. p. 13. Canopic box of Anpemhet, id. ib. pl. 21 [4] ; titles, id. ib. p. 15. Wooden model boats, granary, &C.,found in recess in shaft, id. ib. pls. 21 [I, 21, 226 [upper], cf. pp. 38-43. Four statuettes, two inscribed on base, id. ib. pl. 26 [lower], and p. 43. Blocks, probably late Dyn. XVIII, re-used as pavement, found in No. 2727 of QUIBELL, of Usermilt, id. ib. pls. 15-18, 19 [lower], cf. pp. I I, 36-7. east


Qa;!1, of the gold-workers of the Lord of the Two Head

(2730 of QUIBELL.)

Lands. Late Dyn. XVIII.

op. See QUIBELL HAYTER, cit. pp. and

(I) Stela found in sitv, id. ib. pl. 9, cf. pl. 8, pp. 32-3.
(2) Stela, id. ib. pl. 11 [lower], cf. pl. 8. Block from same wall, wife kneeling before mummy, foilowed by priest and mourners, id. ib. pl. 11 [upper]. (3) Two blocks from this wall, funerary scenes and cemetery with tank and tomb, id. Bila' ib. pl. 10, and p. 34 ; top register, BORCHARDT,er des 'Zerbrechens der Kriige' in d.2. lxiv, pl. I [3]. Found in Hall, block with four registers, trades scenes, QUIBELL HAYTER, and op. cit. pl. 13.

(4) Men leading horses, id. ib. pl. 12 [upper]. (5) Archers shooting at target, chariot, &C., id. ib. pl.



Loose blocks found, id. ib. pl. 14. and ENGELBACH, Ancient Sailing-ship from relief, in Cairo Mus. 1536, CLARKE Egyptian Masonry, p. 4r, fig. 45.


~ (or -&,jz), Royal Carpenter and overseer of building of the Palace. Dyn. V (?). West of Mereruka.
and op. See QUIBELL HAYTER, cit. pp. 16-19. Plan, id. ib. pl.

View, id. ib. pl.


Room with Three Pillars. (I) Remains of scene of boat, &C., and animals brought to deceased and wife, id. ib. P. 7, fig. (2) Remains of two registers,showing man carrying jars on yoke, id. ib. p. 18,fig. [upper]. (3) Deceased and remains of text, id. ib. p. 18, fig. [lower]. Statuette from niche, id. ib. pl. 29. (4) Upper part, agriculture, lower part, building attacked by scaling-party, id. ib. and op. frontispiece ; scaling-party, CLARKE ENGELBACH, cit. fig. 83 opposite p. 87. Pillars. East side of one, QUIBELL HAYTER, cit. pl. 2 7 [z]. and op. Wooden lintel, found near south-east corner of room ; text, id. ib. p. 19 [top]. West Room (or in First Room, cf. p. 17). Statue-group of deceased, wife and child, id. ib. pl. 28, cf. pp. 18, 43. Serdab. Inscribed base and feet of statue of deceased, id. ib. pl. 27 [3]. Wooden door from mastaba, with deceased and titles, and name of sculptor, in Cairo Mus., CLARKE ENGELBACH, cit. fig. I 85, cf. p. I 62 ; CAPART, and op. Documents [&C.], pl. 13. OTHERBURIALS. Tombs of Khui Gemni 9 sengerka U, Neferkhent & 4 = 2 ? , Ipiem . . . ., and Ip'ankhef Middle Kingdom, see QUIBELL and op. HAYTER, cit. p. 16. and Tetimerhotp Saite; names, id. Coffins of Zeamanef'onkh ib. p. 8.


. 4

@l 4,



3=& 49?

z5, 42

SOUTH-WEST OF PYRAMID. Nos. 18-20 of Lepsius.

HORh,Royal scribe.

(18 of LEPSIUS.) Sarcophagus ; name and title, L. D. Text, i, p.

(19 of LEPSIUS.) Section, L. D. iii. 279 d. Small west room. West, north, and south walls. Texts, L. D. iii. 279 a-c, cf. Text, i, pp. 172-3 ; four columns to left of niche on west wall, NESTOR ' H ~ T E L MSS.* 20396, 327. Sarcophagus ; text of lid, L .D. 279 e ; D E V ~ R I A iii. squeezes,* 5374, c ; WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 27-8.



IYU999, Divine Chancellor of the Two Barks; Commander of troops ; Foreign secretary; &c. Dyn. IV or VI. (MARIETTE, ~6 ; C.
of LEPSIUS.) Mastabas, I 6 I. Plan, MARIETTE, False door with deceased and family, L. D. ii. bus, 162 ; WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 29.

b ; text at top, MARIETTE, Masta-

DOG-CEMETERY, north-east of Pyramid of Iput. Carte de Z Nic~opoZe a Memphite, 10. Plan showing position, DE MORGAN, Inscribed coffin, Graeco-Roman, ~IASPERO, cercueil de chien [&C.] in Ann. Serv. iii, Un plate and pp. 283-5.

Round Step Pyramid


C. Round Enclosure ofS/ep Pyramid.

All these tombs are inaccessible unless otherwise stated : the numbers on the plans are therefore only approximate.


THENTI Vizier; Chief lector; &c. Dyn. IV. =IQ,

72 of DE MORGAN.) Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 149.


Architrave, id. ib. 149.

SHEPSI First under the King; Overseer of the scribes of A[19, accounts. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, I 3 ; 73 of DE MORGAN.) D.
Plan, MARIETTE, Masfa6as, 206.
W e s t Room.

West wall.

Remains of border of stela, in Cairo Mus. 13; 3, id. ib. 207.

NE'ANKH-SEKHMET Chief physician of the Great House ; &c. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, rz ; 74 of DE MORGAN.) n.
Plan, MARIETTE, cit. 202. op. Stela, in Cairo Mus. 1482, id. ib. 203-5 ; texts of inner jambs, SETHE,Urk. i. 38-40 (26) A, B ; MASPERO, quekpes termes d'arciitecfure &yffienne in P.S.B.A. xi. 304-6, De reprinted in Bibliofh2que viii. 333-6.


TEPEM'ANKH I1 B&?, Priest of the Pyramids of Snefru, Khephren, Menkaure', Userkaf, and Sahure'; Prophet of Khufu and Menkaure', and of the Sun-temple of ~ s e r k a f .Dyn. V. (MARIETTE,
D. I r ; 75 of DE MORGAN.) Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 196.

(I) Deceased with two women and estates below ; list of estates, id. ib. 196. in Cairo Mus. 1415, id. ib. zoo ; BISSING, DenRmaIer, (2) Stela of son Hem-Min 17 ; text of right jamb, SETHE,Urk. i. 33 (19) B. (3) Bringing animals to deceased ; short text, MARIETTE, cit. 197. op. (4) Stela of wife Nubhotp men, Cairo Mus. 1417, id. ib. 201 ;text of right jamb, in SETHE,U k i. 33 (19) A. r. (5) Three boats ; texts, MARIETTE, Masfabas, 197-8.



(6) and (8) Bottom registers, butchers; texts, id. ib. 199. (7) Stela, in Cairo Mus. 1564, id. ib. 198-9. Possibly from here, two fragments of bas-relief, carpenters, and offering-bringers, in RenceiL de Mon. dg. xiii. xii, University College, London, CAPART,

PEHNUIKA ~ T Vizier; Inspector of priests of the Pyramid of O P~, Userkaf ; &c. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 70 ; 15 of LEPSIUS.) D.

. _ _ _ _ _ - - _ _ -_______-----------___ -



.E.l7 and


Louvre Mastaba

'D'q5 .D.48

Adapted from


la NPr~opoZe Memphife, 10.

DE MORGAN, Carte de

The tomb-numbers with letters are those of MARIETTE,the others those of LEPSIUS

Round Step Pyramid


Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 370-2 ; west part. plans and sections, L. D. i. 38, and Text, i, pp. 162-3. View during excavation, MARIETTE,Voyage, I 2.

West Part.
Entrance to Room I.

Drum, L. D. Text, i, p. 162. (I) Thickness; three registers, sailing-boat with sails,and running sailors,in Berlin Mus. I 13 I, L. B. ii. 45 b ; Aeg. und Vorderasiat. Alterfhumer, pl. 3 ; sailing-boat, DUEMICHEN, Flotte, xxvi ; texts, Aeg. Znschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 13 ; see Ausfiihr. Yerzeichnis (1899), p. 55. (2) Thickness ; three registers, sailing-boat and running men, L. D. ii. 45 a ; sailingFlotte, xxv [S]. boat, DUEMICHEN,
Room I.

(3)-(4) Each side of niche, figure of deceased, L. B. Erganz. xlvii [b]. (5) Deceased and wife watching five registers harvest and estates, L. D. ii. 47. (6) Deceased and family receiving five registers animals, fowl, fish, and estates, and false door, L. D. ii. 46 ; texts of false door, SETHE,Urk. i. 48-9 (30) A, B ; top register, in Berlin Mus. 1132, see Auflukr. Vel-zeichnis (1899), p. 55.
Entrance to Room 11.

(7) and (8) Thicknesses ; two registers, bringing animals, L. D. ii. 45 c, d.

Room 11.

(g) Two blocks from jamb, butchers killing oryx, and two offering-bringers, in Berlin Mus. 1133, 1134, see L. D. Text, i, p. 164; text of butchers, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 12-13. (10) False door, L. D. ii. 48 ; lower parts of right jamb and text on edge, in Berlin Mus. I 120, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 14.

TEPEM'ANKH I @h?,Vizier; Prophet of the mert-temple and D. Pyramid of Unis; &c. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 10 ; 76 of DE MORGAN.)
Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 193.

South wall. Two pieces of upper part of stela in niche, in Cairo Mus. 1509, 1570; titles, id. ib. 456-7 [H. I I].

East and south walls. Bringing offerings ; texts, id. ib. 194. West wall. Butchers and stela ; texts and stela, id. ib. 194-5 ; texts from lintel, and Inscr. 2fiei.o. xci [lower right]; part of inner jambs, part of south jamb, DE R O U G ~ , SETHE, Urk. i. 68-9 (45).
Pound in serdab, cf. MARIETTE, cit. 194. op.

Two statues of deceased, in Cairo Mus. 154, 162, BORCHARDT, Statuen undStatuetten (Cat. Caire), i, pls. 34, 36, pp. 111-12, 116.

KAEMKED e~&(Iy, Overseer of the Treasury ; Prophet of the Suntemple of Neferirkarec. Dyn. V. (14 of LEPSIUS.)
Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 162 [top].
North Room.

West wall.

Lintel and drum of stela, L. D. ii. roo c.

Tepem'ankh I I. From MARIETTE, Masfabas, 196.


From MARIETTE, Mastabas, 370.

Neteruser. From MURRAY, Saqqara Mustabas, i, pl. xxxii [bottom].

Kaemremt. From MARIETTE,Muslabas, 175.

RS-emka. From MARIETTE, Mastabas, I 78.

Round Step Pyramid 151 R ~ S H E P S - 11, Prophet of Hekat ; Director of the Wet; ES J &c. Dyn. V. (16 of LEPSIUS ' Tombe du Defterdar ' of CHAMPOLLION of ; ; 902
QUIBELL.) Description and drum with titles, BURTON MSS.* 25618, 38-$0; description, L. D. Text, i, pp. 165-70. Plan and sections, L. D. i. 39 ;PRISSE, L'Art Emtien, i, Architecture, pl. 7 [iii] ' Tombeaux de la NCcropole de Memphis '; plan, L. D. Text, i, pp. 165, 167; plan of west part, NESTOR ' H ~ T E L MSS.* 20396, 325. False door, and scenes of hippopotamus-hunt, offering-bringers, winnowing, milking, bringing bull, and papyrus-gathering, possibly from this tomb, BURTON MSS.* 25621, 95-103, 142. Court I . (I) Deceased fowling in marsh, with men in boats bringing fowl and calf, and cattle crossing water below, L. D. ii. 60 [right]; lower part, Duemichen, Rofte, xxv [ro]. (2) Deceased fowling, and men bringing cattle below, L. D. ii. 60 [left]. Entrance to Room 11. (3) Thickness ; deceased and son, L. D. Erganz. xli [right]. (4) and (5) Thicknesses ; deceased and son, and five registers bringing animals, id. ib. xli [left]. Room 1 . 1 (6) Four registers, offering-bringers, id. ib. xxxix [b]. (7) Four registers, bringing animals, &C., id. ib. xxxix [c]. (8)-(g) Five registers. Upper part, deceased watching boat-building, lower part, deceased with son watching bringing animals, &C., and products of estates, L. D. ii. 61 b. (10)-(I I ) Bringing cattle, and doorway, L. D. Erganz. xxxix [a]. (12)-(13) Upper part, deceased watching vintage, &C., and receiving products, lower part, deceased receiving offerings, dancers, musicians, and men playing chess and snakegame, L. D. ii. 61 a. Entrance to Pillared Hall VI. (14)-(IS), (16)-(17) Outer and inner thicknesses. Two scenes men dragging and offering to statues, and two boats, L. D. ii. 64 his, a, b. Side-room 111. Text on breast-cloth from mummy of child in sarcophagus, in Berlin Mus. 13149, L. D. Tixf, i, p. 169, fig. I. Pillared Hall VI. (18) Deceased and son followed by attendants watching five registers, boa!s, bringing cattle and produce, L. D. ii. 62, 63 [left]; deceased and son, PRISSE, L'Art Emtien, ii, Dessin, pl. I [I] ' Ancien canon des proportions du corps humain ' boats from third and ; fourth registers, DUEMICHEN, filotte, xxvii [I, 2, 31. (19) Deceased with son receiving contributions from governors of estates, L. D. ii. 63 [right], 6 4 a ; two prostrate governors, BURTON MSS.* 25618, 38, 41 ; sketch-plan of L MSS. * 20396, 326. prostrate governors, NESTOR ' H ~ T E (20)--(2I) Offerings and offering-bringers, and texts round central door, L. D. Ergiinz. xlii ; title south of door, CHAMPOLLION, Descr. ii. 485 [bottom middle] ; NESTOR Not. L'HBTE MSS.* 20396, 325 verso. Pillars. Northern three. South faces and architrave; titles of deceased, L. D. ii. 64 b ; CHAMPOLLION, Descr. ii. 485 [left], 486 [top]. Not. Southern three. North architrave, id. ib. 485 [A].

Corridor VII, discovered later, see QUIBELL, Sagqam ( 1 9 0 7 4 , p. 23. (Inaccessible.) (22)-(23) Three registers, agricultural scenes (unpublished). Top register, rams treading in grain, ploughing, deceased in palanquin, scribes, men putting necklaces in Les boxes; texts of men driving animals, MONTET, S n e s de la Vie Prive'e [&C.], 218 [S]. Second register, flax-harvest; texts of reapers and scribe, id. ib. 197 [z], 197 [bottom]. Third register, wheat-harvest; texts of reapers and sheaves, id. ib. 2 0 2 [bottom], 203 (31, 213 [6], 214 [z]. Texts of carrying harvest on asses, id. ib. 208 [3], 212 [lower, I]. Exact position in Corridor unknown. Inspection of linen and pottery-making ; text of men heating ovens, id. ib. 237 [z] ; of potters, id. ib. 248 [z] ; of men playing game, id. ib. 374 [z]. Open Court south-east of tomb. Doorway in north-east corner. Two copies of letter of thanks of King Isesi, QUIBELL, op. cit. PI. Ixi [z], cf. p. 24 ; text, SPIEGELBERG,id. ib. pp. 78-9. in Serdab. Base of statue of deceased; titles, QUIBELL, cit. P. 23. OP. Wooden portrait head, id. ib. pl. Ix. (g13 of QUIBELL.) West of and adjoining last. I n New York, Metropolitan Museum.' LYTHGOE RANSOM, Tomb of Perneb; A. M. L[ythgoe], Th Tomb o Perneb and The f in N. Y. Mefro. Bull. Feb. 1916, pp. 32-6 with figs., March 1916, fig. on p. 77 ; RANSOM WILLIAMS, Decorahbn o the Tomb o Per-nt3 [&C.] in Metro. Mus. Papers, ii, pl. vi, The f f op. et seq. (in the Press). See QUIBELL, cit. p. 25 ; cf. id. in Archaeologzkal Report, 1907-8, P. I4 [g]. Deceased before altar, offering-list, and offering-bringers, CAPART and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 360, fig. 346.


HARWBR 12%) ; Inspector of scribes. Judge

( 9 ~ of QUIBELL.) 2 Name and title on lintel, QUIBELL, Saqqara (1907-8), p. 25.

NEKAUHOR JLEi, Royal priest; Prophet of the Sun-temple of Userkaf; and SEKHEM-HATHOR 1!B&. Dyn. V. (915 of QUIBELL.)
See id. ib. p. 25.

East wall. North part, fishing with net and preparing fish, id. ib. pl. lxii [I]. South part, three registers, games, asses &C., asses grazing, harvest, id. ib. pl. lxii [z]. South wall. Dancers (unfinished), id. ib. pl. lxvi [I]. West wall, in New York, Metropolitan Mus.' Two stelae, and three registers musicians &C., offering-bringers, and butchers, between stelae, id. ib. pls. lxiii-lxv; A Handbook o the Egyptian Rooms, p. 37, fig. 15 ; top register, draughts-players and musicians, id. ib. f p. 39, fig. 16. Offering-bringers from north and south ends of wall, QUIBELL, cit. op. pl. lxvi [3, 4] ; south end, RANSOM WILLIAMS, cit. pl. iii (in the Press). op. op. North wall. Two registers, industries, QUIBELL, cit. pl. lxvi [z].


First under the King. (MARIETTE, 14; 911 of H. QUIBELL.) Mastabas, 457 ; name, QUIBELL, Stela ; name and title from drum, MARIETTE, op. cit. p. 25.
Reliefs to be published by CAROLINE RANSOM WII~LIAMS.

PTAHMA'KKERU Neferirkare'. 15 metres east of Neteruser.

Titles, id. ib. p. 26.

: gz W i,

Round Step Pyramid I53 Prophet of Hathor in the Sun-temple of

(916 of QUIBELL.)

NETERUSER P-, Overseer of the WSbt ; Director of scribes ;&C. 717 D. ; Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, I ; 78 of DE MORGANg01 of QUIBELL.)
Sold to Chicago, see QUIBELL, Archaeological Report, 1907-8, p. 14 [m]. in Masfabas, Plan, MURRAY, Saqqara Masfabas, i, pl. xxxii [bottom] ; part, MARIETTE, 165.
Room 111.

Niche. op. (I) and (3) Two scenes, deceased with wife before offerings, MURRAY, cit. i, pl. xxiv [right, left] ; name of wife, MARIETTE, cit. 166 [top]. op. op. op. (2) Stela, MURRAY, cit. i, pl. xxiv [middle] ; texts, MARIETTE, cit. 165.
Entrance to Room IV.

(4) Architrave, drum, and offering-bringers from jambs, MURRAY, cit. i, pl. xxv op. [top, middle lower, bottom right, and ' drum of outer door '1 ;three lower lines of architrave, op. MARIETTE, cit. 166. op. (5) and (6) Thicknesses, remains of offering-bringers, MURRAY, cit. i, pl. xxv [middle upper] ; texts, MARIETTE, cit. 166. op.
Room IV.

(7)-(8) Offerings and three registers bringing animals, MURRAY, cit. i, pl. xxii; op. texts of second and third registers left of door, MARIETTE, cit. 167. Drum, MURRAY, op. 1 op. cit. i, pl. xxv r d r u m of inner door ' . (g) Deceased, offering-list and offering-bringers, id. ib. pl. xxiii; texts and part of op. offering-list,MARIETTE, cit. 167-70. (10) Stela, id. ib. 173-4 ; MURRAY, cit. i, pl. XX. op. ( I I) Deceased, offering-list and offering-bringers, id. ib. pl. xxi ; texts and offering-list (incomplete), MARIETTE, cit. I 70-1. op.

KAEMREMT ~&&#$j, the Pyramid of Neuserre'; Prophet of Secretary of the toilet-house; Chief Nekhebite; &c; Dyn. V.
(MARIETTE, 2 ; 79 of DE MORGANgo5 of QUIBELL.) D. ; Block from facade, and north, west, and south walls, in Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg Mus., east wall in Cairo Mus. Le a Complete, MOGENSEN, Masfaba Egyptien de Z G&$toth2que ny Carlsberg. Plan, Mastabas, I 75. id. ib. p. xiii ; MARIETTE,

North of door, lower part of deceased [MOGENSEN, I, fig. p. tion L~ptienne, lxxxvii [right], cf. p. 84. pl.
Hl. al



(I) Four registers, hawest, brewing and baking, carpenters, metal and stone workers, pls. in Cairo Mus. [MOGENSEN, viii, ix, pp. 23-45, figs. 18-19, 21, 24-26, 29, 31-35, and 38-42, 44-45] ; second register, registration of corn [figs. 25-61, PERROT CHIPIEZ, Hisf. & Z'Art, i. 30 [18, 191 ; third register, two groups [figs. 31, 321, id. ib. 33 [zq] ; fourth register, melting, beating and weighing metal [figs. 40, 41, 421, id. ib. 32 [zr].

Round Step Pyramid I55 QUEENMERES'ANKH \P?, Prophetess of Thoth; &C.; wife of Khephren, probably daughter of Khufu. (MARIETTE, 5 ; 82 of DE D.
MORGAN go8 of QUIBELL.) ; Plan, MARIETTE, Masfabas, 182.

Stela, id. ib. 183 ; inner jambs, DE RoucP, Inscr. Niei.0. lxxvii [upper]. South wall. Remains of two registers, girls singing and dancing, see QUIBELL,EXcavaiions a t Saqqara (1907-8), 24.

KHENENU Zob, Chief Nekhebite; Overseer of the King's weaving; &c. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 6 ; 83 of DE MORGAN 907 of QUIBELL.) D. ;
Plan, RIARIETTE, Masfabas, 184.

(I) Names of estates, id. ib. 186 [bottom]. (2) Unfinished stela ; texts of jambs, and figure of deceased at bottom, id. ib. 185-6, 465-7 ; part of text of jamb, SETHE, Urk. i. 34-5 (22). (3) Names of estates, MARIETTE, cit. 185 [top]. op. Statues from tomb, in Cairo Mus. 102, 171 ; NO. 171, and texts of NO. 1 0 2 , BORCHARDT, Sfafuen und Sfafueffen (Cat. Caire), i, pl. 38, pp. 120-1, 80-1.

KAEA~THENENT IJ&=++~, King's son ; Overseer of teaching ; &c. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 7 ; 84 of DE MORGAN 919 of QUIBELL.) D. ;
Plan, MARIETTE, Masfabas, 187.

Titles of deceased and wife from architrave and pillars, id. ib. 188 ; cf. GAUTHIER, Le Livre des Rois, i, p. 197 [13j with note 2.

Saqqara (1907-8), (I) and (2) (presumably). Remains of biographical text, QUIBELL, pl. lxi [3, 4, 51 ; texts, SPIEGELBERG id. ib. pp. 82-7 ; (p. 85, 11. 2-3 and 8), BRUGSCH, in Worferbuch, iv, p. 1675 [top] ; see MARIETTE, cit. 188 [middle]. op. (3) and (4) Jambs ; titles of deceased and wife, id. ib. 188.

(5) Remains of stela ; text from jamb, id. ib. 189.

NEKHONSU g Q, Lector ; Steward of the Pyramid of Teti. 2 Dyn. V. (906 of QUIBELL.)

South stela,


op. cit. pl. Ixi [I], cf. p.



(909 of QUIBELL.) Name of deceased, QUIBELL, cit. p. 24. op.


NEKA'ANKH g?.Dyn. V1.

Fragment of seated statue, in Cairo Mus. 67 ; text, BORCHARDT, cit. p. 58 with OP. note I.


(name probably taken from ushabtis). Mariette's house and Step Pyramid.


Half-way between

Khenenn. From MARIETTE, Masfabns, 184.

Kaemthenent. From MARIETTE, Mashbas,

Akhtihotp-heri. From MARIETTE, Mastadas, 340.

Ptahhotp I. From MARIETTE, Masfabas, 351.

The Akhtihotp and Ptahhotp 11. Frnm DAVIES, Mastaba ofPtahlrefe$ and AKlrrllrefef, ii, pl. i.

Round Step Pyramid


Fragment of Chapter lxii of the Book of the Dead from coffin, CHABAN, PbuiZIesdans la nh-opole de Saqqarah in Ann. S v x k 209. r . Overseer of the Two Treasuries and the Two Granaries, Overseer Stela of Hesesi of the Duck-pool, &C., Dyn. V, found north of Step Pyramid, in Cairo Mus., GRBBAUT, Le Must2 Bgypiien, i, pl. xxii; MASPERO, Guide (1g14), p. 19, fig. 5,



m ; ?,

WEST PYRAMID. OF Commander of the troops; &C.; son of lsesi.

(MARIETTE, 8 ; 85 of DE MORGAN910 of QUIBELL.) D. ; Mastabas, 190. Plan, MARIETTE,


Part of architrave-text, id. ib. 190.

Inner Hall.

South wall. Stela, id. ib. 191 ; lintel and right outer jamb, lxxxix [middle] ; see QUIBELL, cit. pp. 24-5. op.


Rou~b, Inscr. Ue - . i 50

AKHTIHOTP-HERI a$2~, of Neferirkare'; Prophet of the Priest Sun-temple of Neuserre'; &c. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 60.) D.
I n Leyden Mus. HOLWERDA and BOESER, Beschreibung der Aemiischen Sammlung, Atlas, v-xxi. Plans, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 340, 341. Texts, id. ib. 341-7.

(I)-(3) Lintel, drum, and deceased on either side of door [HOLWERDA BOESER, and v-vii ; MARIETTE, 341-21 ; text from drum, DE R O U G Ins& Nilro. lxxxi [middle lower] ; ~, texts on either side, SETHE,Urk. i, 49-5 1 (3 I ) ; name and title of son, DE Roucf, op. cit. xci [lower left, right line].
Entrance Corridor.

(4) Four registers, three boats, men leading oryx (7) [HOLWERDA BOESER, and XX, cf. MARIETTE, 344-5 (F)] ; boats, WRESZINSKI, Aths, i. I 10. ( 5 ) Five registers, brewing, baking, securing an ox [HOLWERDA BOESER, and X, cf. MARIETTE, (E)], WRESZINSKI, 344 Atlas, i, 109.

(6) Upper part, two registers offering-bringers and musicians before deceased, lower part, three registers agriculture before deceased and son, and two registers asses, and men bringing animals, butchers, offering-bringers,below [ H O L W E R DBOESER, MARIETTE, A ~ ~ ~ xxi; 346-71, WRESZINSKI, AfZas, i. 95-101 ; lower part, text of harvest in front of deceased, DE ROUGE, Inscr. NiPro. lxxxi [bottom] ; man with sack over shoulder behind deceased, Egyptische Kunsf uit het Museum te Leiden, No. 6 ; last two figures from harBREMMER, vest scene in middle register, id. ib. No. 8 ; third register, marching nlen behind the asses, and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 377, fig. 363 ; id. ib. No. 7 ; men dragging ass, CAPART bottom part, lowest register, two women with offerings, BREMMER, cit. NO. 10. op. (7) Stela [HOLWERDA BOESER, and xvii, xviii; MARIETTE, 347]; titles from right inner jambs, DE Roucb, Inscr. HiJro. xci [lower left]. (8) Five registers, netting fowl, boatmen fighting, netting fish, milking &C., cattle passing through water and deceased harpooning fish, offering-bringers and butchers

[HOLWERDA BOESER, and xiv-xvi ; MARIETTE, 345-61 ; WRESZINSKI, Atlas, i. fish speared, BREMMER, cit. NO. g. op.


SESHEMN~FER /v&, Prophet of the Pyramids of Menkauhor and

Zadkarec; &c. Dyn. V I . (MARIETTE, S . ) E.

Procession of estates ; texts, MARIETTE, Mastadas, 398. Stela, in Cairo Mus., id. ib. 399-400.

ZADI or PEPY-ZADI 89 or MERYRE'-ZADI of scribes. Dyn. V I . M A R I E T T E , E. 9.)

Plan, MARIETTE, Masiabas, 401.
Inner Hall.

mf aQ

G 19 m fOverseer ,

Titles of deceased and wife, id. ib. 401-2.

DUAHAP Prophet of the Pyramid and Sun-temple of Neuserre', and the Sun-temple of Neferirkare' ;&c. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE,

Wz, $*

59.) Plan, id. ib. 336.


Architrave, and titles of deceased and son from east side and drum, id. ib. 336-7 ; titles of deceased and son, DE R O U G Insn: Nitro. ci [lower]. ~,

South wall. Deceased fowling in marshes, and agriculture before deceased ; text of watching agriculture, MARIETTE, cit. 337 [lower]. op. North wall. Deceased fishing in marshes, deceased before offerings, and offeringbringers ; texts, id. ib. 338-9.

PTAHHOTP:,#'2, I Vizier ; Chancellor of the King of Lower

Egypt ; &c. Temp. Isesi.
Entrance to Hall 111.

(MARIETTE, 62.) D. Saqqara Masfabas, i, pl. xxxiv [upper] ; MARIETTE, Masfabas, 35 1 . Plan, MURRAY,

(I) and (2) Thicknesses ; four registers of offering-bringers on each side, MUKRAY, op. cit. i, pl. xiv.
Hall 111.

(3), (4), (S), (6)-(7) Remains of painted scenes of offerings and offering-bringers, id. ib. pls. xv 11-31, xvi.
Entrance to Hall IV.

(8) and (g) Thicknesses ; figure of deceased on each side, id. ib. pl. xvii [z, 31.
Hall IV.

(10) Five registers, offering-bringers (destroyed), driving asses, threshing with asses, winnowing &C., fowling with net, butchers, id. ib. pl, xi ; texts above asses treadingcorn, men drawing net, and last group of butchers, MARIETTE, cit. 354. op. (I I) Upper register, vases and offerings, lower register, procession of estates, MURRAY, op. cit. i, pls. ix, X, xiii [left] ; part of texts of deceased and son, and names of estates, op. , MARIETTE, cit. 353 ; five names of estates, DE R o u ~ f Inscr. Hilyo. lxxxix [bottom].

Round Step Pyramid


(12) Stela, MURRAY, cit. i, pl. viii ; MARIETTE, cit. 355-6. op. op. (13) Tworegisters, offering-bringers and estates, MURRAY, cit. i, pls. xii, xiii [right], op. xiv [I, 21, xvii [7] ; texts, MARIETTE, cit. 352-3 ; lower register, Nos. 3-5, MARIETTE, op. Voyage, 7 ; five names, DE ROUGB,Inscr. Hiei-o. lxxxiv [top]. Altar; text, MURRAY, cit. i, pl. xvii [top]. op. Fragments found in sand, id. ib. pl. xvii [4-6, 8-13].

SEKHEMKA , Prophet of Ma'et and of Sed. /f~&e~

Plan, MURRAY, Sappava Mastabas, i, pl. xxxv [top right].

~ o r t h - w e s t last. of

Architrave, id. ib. pl. vii [top].


West wall. Stela, deceased and family, with offering-bringers and butchers on either side and below, id. ib. pl. vii [lower].

NEZEMIB ?[&v, mhnk of the King in every festival ; Steward of the Great House. Dyn. VI. (MARIETTE, 14.) E.
Iintel (probably) ; deceased, offering-text, and mortuary prayer, in Cairo Mus. 1732, MARIETTE, Masiabas, 417 ; mortuary prayer, BRUGSCH, Ths. 12 12 ; SETHE,Urk. i. 75 (I).

ITY QnQQ, called also DUARE' Prophet of the mert-temple of Menkauhor. Dyn. VI. (MARIETTE, 15.) E.
Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 418. Stela; texts from lintel and jamb, id. ib. 419.


DUAENRE' ---, Prophet of the Sun-temple of NeferirkarEC;&c. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 61.) D.

Plan, id. ib. 349.


Titles and name of wife from marsh scene, id. ib. 350 [upper] ; DE R O U G ~ , Inscr. Hiei.0. lxxxv [top]. Name and titles of son, id. ib. lxxxv [middle]. op. South pillar. Text, MARIETTE, cit. 349.
Inner Hall.

West wall. Stela, id. ib. 455-6 [H. 151 ; DE ROUGB,op. cit. ci [upper]. Texts of offering-bringers from other walls, MARIETTE, cit. 350 [lower]. op.

ITETI9z9, great name 'ANKHIRIS Chief of the Ten of Upper Egypt; Overseer of transport (?); &c. Dyn. V. Adjoining Ptahhotp I
on south. (MARIETTE, 63.) D. Plan, id. ib. 357. Stela, in Cairo Mus., MURRAY, Sappara Mastabas, i, pls. xviii, xix; MASPERO, Guide (1g14), p. 15, fig. 2 ; titles from stela, MARIETTE, cit. 358. op. Statues found in south room, in Cairo Mus. 45, 47, BORCHARDT, Sfatuen und Siafueften (Cat. Caire), i, pl. 12, pp. 41, 43 ; see MARIETTE, cit. 358-9 ; WEIGALL, op. Anc. Eg. W o r k o Art, 68 [upper left]. f

Y, T


and son PTAHHOTP I1

115. Temp. Isesi.

(MARIETTE, 64.) (Accessible.) (See plan, supra p. 156.) D.

AKHTIHOTP, Overseer of the Pyramid-town of ZadkarE'; Overseer of the Two Treasuries; &c. ; son of Ptahhotp I, see supra p. 158.
The f Complete, DAVIES, Mastaba o Ptahhefep and Akhefhefep, ii. Plan and sections, id. ib. pls. i, ii.

(I)-(2) Men with wine-jars, calves, remains of boats, and offering-bringers below, id. ib. pls. iv [lower], X, xi. (I) Scenes of animal life and men decanting wine (blocks discovered later), DAVIES, Five Theban Tombs, pl. xl, cf. p. 44. (3) Deceased and son watching three registers bringing fowl and papyrus, &C., DAVIES, The Masfaba af Ptahhetep [&C.], ii, pls. iv [upper right], v, vi ; titles of deceased, DE R o u ~ f Inscr. Uiei.0. lxxxix [top]. , (4) Deceased and son watching five registers harvest scenes, DAVIES, cit. ii, pls. op. iv [upper left], vii-ix ; cattle on threshing-floor, id. ib. pl. iii [lower].

(5) Deceased watching four registers bringing papyrus, boatmen fighting, and cattle returning, with procession of estates to son Ptahhotp at base, id. ib. pls. xiv, xvi; , titles of deceased, DE R o u ~ k op. cit. xci [top]. op. (6) Six registers, bringing sledges, cattle, offerings &C., and butchers, DAVIES, cit. pls. xxii-xxiii. (7) Six registers, prize cattle brought to deceased and son, with officials behind, id. ib. pls. xx-xxi. (8) Six registers, fowl and antelopes &c. brought to deceased and son, with officials behind, id. ib. pls. xviii-xix. (9)-(10) Upper part, three registers, tending cows, and offering-bringers, lower part, unfinished rows of offering-bringers, id. ib. p]. xvii ; top register, man eating palm-cabbage, B RUIJNING, The Tree o the HerakZeo#oZife Nome in Anc. Eg. I g2 2, p. 8, fig. 18. f ( I I) Deceased watching four registers bringing products of marshes, with procession op. of estates to son Ptahhotp at base, DAVIES, cit. ii, pls. xiii, xv.

(12) Deceased seated before offerings receives four registers offering-bringers, id. ib. , . pls. xxx-xxxiv, cf. xii. (I 3) False door, id. ib. pls. xxviii-xxix. (14) Deceased seated before offerings receives four registers offering-bringers, id. ib. pls. xxiv-xxvii.
Found among debris from north well.

Ushabti of Mentuemhet

gbg ; texts, id. ib. p. 6.

PTAHHOTP Inspector of prophets of the Pyramids of Isesi and 11, Menkauhor ; Inspector of priests of the Pyramid of NeuserrE.
Complete, DAVIES, ' Masfaba o Pfahhefep and Akhethetep, i. Plan and sections, T f Masfabas, 359. Some titles, DE R O U G ~ , id. ib. pls. i, ii ; ii, pls. i, ii; plan, MARIETTE, Znsn: Uiei.0. lxxxvii [bottom right].

Round Step Pyramid



(15) Thickness; four registers, men with animals and offerings, PAGETand PIRIE, f The ResulThe Tomb o Ptah-het@ [in QUIBELL, Ramesseum], xxxvii [left] ; DUEMICHEN, fate, X [right] ; top register, men leading bulls, DAVIES, cit. i, pl. iii [bottom left]. op. (16) Thickness ; four registers, fowl, men with animals and offerings, PAGETand op. PIRIE,op. cit. xxxvii [right] ; fourth register, man carrying gazelle, DAVIES, cit. i, pl. xvi [bottom right].

View of interior with pafts of east, south, and west walls, CAPART, L'Art BgYptien ( I ~ I I ) pl. 106 ; id. L'Art Egyptien, i, L'Architecture, pl. 47 ; CAPART WERBROUCK, , and iMe?ltphis, p. 244, fig. 2 28. (17) Seven registers, gathering papyrus, games and acrobats, vintage, hunting, slicing fish and boat-building, netting fowl, boatmen fighting and fishing, before deceased with Resultate, viii ; DAVIES, cit. i, pls. xxi [left], xxii [lower], op. son Ptahhotp 111, DUEMICHEN, xxiii, xxv, xxvi; PAGETand PIRIE,op. cit. pls. xxxii, xxxiii [lower] ; MEYER,Aegypten zur Zeit der Pyramidenerbaz~er,p. 2 7, Abb. 9 ; fourth to seventh registers, MASPERO, Les Peilttures des tombenz~xe2ypfiens et la Mosaipue de Palestrine in Gazette Archeblugique, 1879, p. 81, reprinted in Ri6liufhkque viii, p. 125 ; fourth to seventh registers, omitand Memphis, pp. 252, ting netting scene and two boats on right, CAPART WERBROUCK, 258, 394, figs. 234, 240, 383 ; part of fifth to seventh registers, MARIETTE,Voyage, 11; deceased watching, DAVIES, cit. i, frontispiece. Top register, papyrus harvest, AMBLIop. NEAU, Histoire de la Se~ulfureet des Fun.!railles in Bnn. Mus. Guimet, xxix, pl. xlv [top row] ; cattle in water, DAVIES, op. cit. i, pl. iii [upper]. Second register, games, AMELINEAU, cit. pl. xlix [second row]. Third register, wine-making, id. ib. pl. xlvi op. L [top row] ; the wine-press, MONTET, a fabrication d?r vin dans les tombeaux antJn>urs au Nouvel E r e i r e in Rec. de Trav. xxxv, p. 123, fig. g. Fourth register, hunting, AMELINEAU, op. cit. pl. xlviii [second row] ; huntsman at north end, DAVIES, op. cit. i, pl. xviii [top]. Fifth register, preparing fish, rope-making and boat-building, A ~ ~ ~ L I N Eop.U , A cit. pl. xlii [second row]. Sixth register, fowling, id. ib. pl. xlviii [bottom]. Seventh register, boatmen fighting and harpooning fish, id. ib. pl. xlix [fifth row] ; tomb-artist op. receiving food and drink, MEYER, cit. p. 28, Abb. 10. (18) Seven registers, games, bringing wild animals, bringing antelopes, &C., tending cows and calves, bringing bulls, bringing fowl, before deceased with son Akhtihotp,Du~MICHEN, Resultate, ix; DAVIES, op. cit. i, pls. xxi [right], xxii [upper], xxiv, xxvii, xxviii ; PAGET PIRIE,op. cit. pls. xxxiii [upper], xxxi. Top register, games, A M ~ L I N E A U , and op. cit. pl. xlix [top row] ; speech above boy with arm tied, ERMAN, Reden, Rufe und Lieder, 60 (said to be from Ramesseum). Second register, bringing caged animals, A M ~ L I N E A U , op. cit. pl. xlix [third row]. Third register, leading oryxes, &C., id. ib. pl. xl [top]. Sixth and, WERBROUCK, and seventh registers, one group with ox and some fowl, CAPART Memphis, p. 396, fig. 386 ; CAPART, Rue de Tumbeaux, CV ; id. L'Art Egyptien ( I gog), Une pl. 23 ; men and ox, BAIKIE,The Story ofthe Pharaohs, pl. v [ I ] opposite p. 58 ; seventh op. register, cranes, geese and ducks, A M ~ L I N E A U , cit. pl. XI [second row] ; deceased and and Memphis, p. 188, fig. 183. text above, CAPART WERBROUCK, (19) Offerings, and five registers, procession of estates, butchers, and offering-bringers, Photo. before deceased, PAGETand PIRIE, op. cit. xxxv [upper], xxxiv; DUEMICHEN, Result. xiii; deceased and text, and names of estates, DUEMICHEN, Resultate, xv ; restoration of injured part of text, DAVIES,op. cit. i, pl. iii [bottom right]; figure of deceased, see Archaeological Report, 1898-9, frontispiece. (20)-(22) Two false doors, with four registers priests and offering-bringers before



Maniifer. From L. D. Text, i, p.


Nenkheftka. From MAR ETTE,fifasfabas, 304. I

Sennu'ankh. From MARIETTE, Mustabas, 316.

Seferirtnef. From MARIETTE, Afastabas, 324.

Akhtihotp. After MARIETTE, Mastabas, 428.

Akh.hotp (Louvre Mastaba)

Bokenrinf. From L. D. Text, i, p. 177.

Round Step Pyramid


deceased between, DAVIES, cit. i, pls. xix-xx A, xxix, xxx [upper] ; PAGET op. and PIRIE, Resultafe, xii, xiii, xiv ; PERROT CHIPIEZ, and Hisfoire de op. cit. xxxviii-xli ; DUEMICHEN, Z'Art dans LJAntiquite; ~'Agypte,plate opposite p. 180 [r15]; south false door, and figure of deceased, Archaeological Report, 1898-9, frontispiece; line of text from south Thes. 236 [top]. false door, BRUGSCH, D (21) List of offerings at top, DUEMICHEN, e r Grabfalast des Pafuamenaf, i, pls. xviii-xxvi [e] ; six offering-bringers from second and third registers, AM~LINEAU, cit. op. pl. xliv [second and third rows, right]. (23)-(24) Upper part, deceased receiving reports, with four registers jewellers, officials, and musicians, lower part, four registers offering-bringers and butchers, DAVIES, and PIRIE,op. cit. xxxv [lower], xxxvi; upper part, top op. cit. i, pl. xxx [lower]; PAGET op. register, dwarf-jewellers, A M ~ L I N E A U , cit. PI. xlvii [third row, right] ; third and fourth registers, four seated officials and musicians, dogs and ape under chair of deceased, DUEMICHEN, Resultate, X [left] ; lower part, offering-bringers and butchers, id. ib. xi.

HEMTRB' good name HEMI i&Q, Prophetess of the met-/-temple of Teti ; &C.; probably daughter of Teti. Adjoining tomb of Akhtihotp
11. and Ptahhotp on east. (MARIETTE, 65.) Stela, in Cairo Mus. 1524, MARIETTE, Masfabas, 360; text, SETHE, Urk. i. 80 (4).

z i

Found west of Pyramid.

Sarcophagus of 'Ankh-hap Prophet, Overseer of troops, son of Taba'anep Persian Period (?), in Cairo Mus. 29301, MASPERO, ~arcophages djoques des Persane et Ptolemai'que (Cat. Caire), i, pls. i-v, pp. 1-73. Sarcophagus of Zeho Overseer of the Granary and of the Treasury, son of 'Ankhef-en-Sekhmet, found in same pit, in Cairo hIus. 29302, id. ib. pls. vi-viii, pp. 73-86.





Assistant-prophet of the Pyramid of Zadkare'; Royal inspector of hairdressers; Inspector of the Prophets of H. Ptah ; &c. Old Kingdom. (MARIETTE, 2 ; I7 of LEPSIUS.)



Plan and sections, L. D. i. 39 ; plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 171 ; part, CHAMPOLLION, Not. Descr. ii. 483 [upper].

(I) Procession of women with offerings, CHAMPOLLION, Mon. cccciv bis [I-41, omitting three, ROSELLINI, Mon. Civ. lxxxii [I-91 ; names of the first two figures, in Berlin Mus. 1135, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 5. Loose block with two bulls with numbers on haunches, in Berlin Mus. 1115 ; CHAMPOLLION, Mon. ccccviii [4]; ROSELLINI, Mon. Civ. xxvii [4-51 ; first bull, CAILLIAUD, Arts et MPtiers, pl. 34 A [S] : text on first bull, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 5.
Entrance and Hall.

I n Berlin Mus. 1108 ; complete texts, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 101-18.
Entrance to Hall. (2) Thickness ; four registers, offering-bringers [Aeg. Inschr. 1171, L. D. ii. 65 [left] ;

A M ~ L I N E ANistoirt de la SSPpulture et des FunhaiZZes in Ann. Mus. Guimef, xxix, U, ; p. 363 (from squeeze by NESTORL'H~TE) NESTORL'HBTE MSS.* 20406 ' Tombeau d e Manofre I ', I (squeeze).



(3) Thickness ; remains of first offering-bringer in second register [Aeg. Inschr. 1181, L. D. ii. 66 [right].

(4) Upper part, deceased before offerings, lower part, deceased receiving four registers animals and fowl, L. D. ii. 69-70. Lower part, Aeg. und Vorderasiat. Alterfhiimer, pls. 93, AfLas, i. 67 a ; right part of first and third registers, 94 ; deceased omitted, WRESZINSKI, CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 254, fig. 236; lower part, top register, man with Mon. Civ. xviii; CHAMPOLLION, o ~ . M hares, and men with gazelles, &C., ROSELLINI, ccccv [4], ccccxvi [I, 2 1 ; omitting man with hares, and gazelle, NESTORL'HGTE MSS.* op. cit. 3, 8 (squeezes); second and third registers, last bulls and men, DURST,Die Ritzder von Babylonien, Assyrien und Agypfen, pl. i, fig. 3 ; second register, first and Mon. Civ. xxviii second bulls and man, CHAMPOLLION, Mon. ccccviii [3]; ROSELLINI, [ I ] ; second, third, and fifth bulls with men and scribe, NESTORL'HBTE MSS.* op. cit. 4, 5 (squeezes) ; third register, third bull, and ducks below, Ausfiihr. 17erzeichnis (18gg), p. 52, Abb. 6 ; fourth register, birds, CHAMPOLLION, ccccvi [I-4], ccccix [I-41 ; Mon. ROSELLINI, Mon. Civ. xii ; cranes, WILKINSON, and C. iii. 50 (No. 340, 1 6 ~ = ed. M. 17) BIRCH, ii. 113 (NO. 369, 16, 17) ; ~VEIGALL, Anc. Eg. Works o Art, 68 [bottom] ; f three pigeons, NESTORL'HGTE MSS.* op. cit. 6 (squeeze). (5) Stela [Aeg. Inschr. 101-41, L. D. ii. 65 [right] ; Aeg. und Vorderasiat. Alterthumer, pl. 92 ; SCHAFER and ANDRAE, Die Kunst [etc.] 2 14 ; MARIETTE, Mastabas, 446-7 ; MEYER, Aegyjten zur Zeitder Pyramidenerbauer, pl.4; NESTOR ' H ~ T E L MSS.* 20396, 354. (6) Upper part, deceased before offerings, lower part, deceased receiving four registers offering-bringers and butchers [Aeg. Inschr. 110-141, L. D. ii. 67, 68; upper D part, list of offerings, DUEMICHEN, e r GrabpaLast des Patuamenap, i, pls. xviii-xxvi [d]; lower part, bottom register, butchers (omitting two men carrying haunches), CHAMPOLLION, Mon. ccccvii [I-31 ; ROSELLINI, Mon. C h . Ixxxiii [A 1-12] ; one man with haunch, L'HBTE MSS.* 20406 ' Tombeau de Manofre I ', 2 and two groups of butchers, NESTOR (squeeze) ; three offering-bringers (probably from here), CHAMPOLLION, ccccviii [I] ; Mon. ROSELLINI, Mon. Ch.lxxxvii [2]; titles in front of deceased, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 447. (7) Seven registers, cooking, milking, &C.,and butchers [Aeg. Inschr. I 15-16], L. D. ii. 66 [left] ; top and second registers, two groups of men cooking, CHAMPOLLION, Mon. ccccxviii [3, 5 1; second group, ROSELLINI, Mon. Civ. lxxxiv [4] ; third register, first cow Mon. Civ. xxvii [z] ; text being milked, CHAMPOLLION, Mon. ccccviii [z]; ROSELLINI, op. L'HGTEMSS.* 20396, 354 verso ; fourth to above cow, MARIETTE, cit. 447 ; NESTOR Atlas, i. 381 ; seventh register, first three groups of seventh registers, WRESZINSKI, f butchers, CHAMPOLLION, ccccvii [4-51; first group, ROSELLINI,i n . C h . lxxxiii [A Mon. 13-14] ; third group, CAPART WERBROUCK, and Menqhis, p. 330, fig. 315.


Overseer of the Two Chambers of the King's wardrobe; Inspector of the Great House. Dyn. V. (AIARIETTE,
m ,

D. 45.) Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 299.


North wall. Deceased with dancers, family, and offering-bringers, in Berlin Mus. 15004; part, SCHAFER and ANDRAE, cit. 255 [I]; names of relatives and text of op. op. offering-bringers, and of estates below, MARIETTE, cit. 299-300 ; names of relatives and Inscr. Hiei-o. lxxviii [middle] ; names of dancers and estates (incon~plete),DE ROUG%, relatives, and text of offering-bringers, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 20-22 ; text of offeringbringers, SETHE, Urk. i. 37.

Round Step Pyramid


West wall. Stela ; texts, MARIETTE, cit. 300-1 ; titles from outer jambs, DE R o u ~ t , op. Inscr. Hiei-o. lxxviii [botton~] names ,of relatives from inner jambs (two omitted), id. ib. ; xcvii [lower].

SETHU' -4, King's son of his body ; Guardian and mayor of D. Nekhen ; &c. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 46.)
Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 302.

West wall.

Stela; remains of text on jambs, id. ib. 303.

NENKHEFTKA~ U , of the Sun-temple and inspector of T ~ Priest the Pyramid of Userkaf; Overseer of the King's weaving ; &c. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 47.) D.
Plan, id. ib. 304.

and (2) Jambs, deceased and sons ; names of sons, id. ib. 305 [c]. (3) Drum ; titles of deceased, id. ib. 305 [d].

Hall. (4) Offering-bringers ; names of estates, id. ib. 305 [' droite


op. MARIETTE, cit. 305-6 ['A gauche '1. (6) Upper part, in Cairo Mus., ,deceased before offerings, musicians and female dancers below, GREBAUT, Muse'e Egyptien, i, pl. xxvi ; musicians and dancers, WRESLe ZINSKI, Atlas, i. 407. Lower part, offering-bringers; texts, MARIETTE,op. cit. 306 [bottom]. ~ (7) Stela, in Cairo Mus. 1484, id. ib. 307-9 ; G RBACT, op. cit. i, pl. xxiii ; lintel, and two names of festivals and titles of wife from jambs, DE R o ~ GInscr. HiPro. lxxxii [upper] ; ~, names and titles of deceased and of sons and daughters from jamb, id. ib. lxxxiii [upper]. (8) Offering-bringers, butchers, boat ; texts, MARIETTE, cit. 306 [middle]. op. Statuen und Stafueffen (Cat. Caire), Statues of deceased, in Cairo Mus., BORCHARDT, Nos. 30, 31, 69, 94,103,170, 174, 178, 263, 265, 266, 284, 285, 321-3; mention of two Mastabas, 307 [f]. found in serdab, MARIETTE,

(5) Four registers offering-bringers, in Cairo Mus., WRESZINSKI, Atlas, i. 408 ; texts,

NEKA'ANKH Priest of the Sun-temple and inspector of the ET, Pyramid of Userkaf; Prophet of the Sun-temple of Neferirkare'; &C. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 48.) n.
Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 310.

Architrave, in Brit. Mus. 1275, id. ib. 310-11 ; Uiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 28 [521.

KHNEMHOTP~5 , ~ Inspector of the Sun-temple and steward of I. the Pyramid of Userkaf; &c. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE,) 49.)
Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 31 I.

Exact position uncertain.

I1 1

MARIETTE'S ' zone de l'est '.



Architrave, id. ib. 312.


West wall. Upper part of false door, in Brit. Mus. I 143, Hipro. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 26 [51] ; titles from jambs, MARIETTE, cit. 312 ; from right jamb, DE R O U G ~ , op. Inscr. Uiei-a. lxxxii [lower, middle and left] ; id. Recherches sur Zes Alonuments [&C.], 79-80. East and south walls. List of offerings, DUEMICHEN,e r GrabpaZasf des Patuamena$, D i, pls. xviii-xxvi [a, b].
Reliefs in Berlin Museum.

Deceased and wife, No. 14099 ; text, Aeg. Inschr. Mirs. Berlin, i. 15 ; name of wife, ROUG~, Inscr. Hiejo. lxxxii [lower, right]. Fowling scene, No. 14100; text, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 15. Hippopotamus-hunt, No. 14101 ; swamp with ichneumon, CAPART ~VEREROUCK, and Memphis, p. 391, fig. 379.

Panel in Britieh Museum.

Deceased before offering-table, No. I 166, Hiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 26 [61]. Names of members of family of deceased, DE R o u ~ f Inscr. Uiei.0.lxxxiii [lower] ; , MARIETTE, Mastabas, 3 I 2.
0 NEKAURE'~ or &S, Priest of the Pyramid of Userkaf; Prophet of Neferfre'; Inspector of singing ; &c. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE,


D. 50.) Plan, id. ib. 313. Stela ; titles, id. ib. 313. in Cairo Mus. 1414, Perhaps from this tomb, false door of wife Ihat BORCHARDT REISNER,Works ofArf, 21 ; CAPART, and L'Arf kgyptien ( ~ g o g ) pl. 27 ; , bottom of left inner jamb, BISSING, Eine altiigyptische Mba'chentracht in A.2. xxxvii. 75.


PTAHHOTP 2 , Prophet of Re' in the Sun-temple, and Priest l EW of the Pyramid and merf-temple, of Userkaf; &c. Dyn. V.
(MARIETTE, 51.) D. Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 3 14.

Titles from drum and right jamb, id. ib. 314.


Deceased and family, offering-bringers, &c. ; fragments of names and titles, id. ib. 314-15.

West wall, stela ; names from jambs, id. id. 316. Fragment of seated statue, presumably from this tomb, in Cairo Mus. 156, BRUGSCH, xiii. 70; texts, BORCHARDT, Sfaiuen Recuei2, pl. vii [3], cf. p. 13; WILKINSON und Sfatuetfen (Cat. Caire), i, p. 113 ; DE ROUG%, Inscr. Hilro. ccci [I].

SENNU'ANKH, Prophet of the Sun-temple of Userkaf ; Priest l 8%) T D. of the Pyramid of Sahure' ; &c. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 52.)
Mastabas, 3 I 6. Plan, MARIETTE,

Exact position uncertain. In

MARIETTE'S de l'est '. ' zone

Round Sfep Pyramid


(I) Deceased receiving offerings ; texts, id. ib. 317 [middle]. (2) Deceased receiving procession of estates ; texts, id. ib. 317 [top].

(3) Offering-bringers and musicians before deceased, and will above, id. ib. 317-18 [left] ; will, SETHE,Urk. i. 36-7. op. (4) Stela, MARIETTE, cit. 319-20 ; fragment from right jamb, in Berlin Mus. 7728, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 40. op. (5) Above niche, offering-bringers; names, MARIETTE, cit. 318 [bottom]. Alabaster offering-table with list of seven holy oils, in Cairo Mus. 1337, id. ib. gzr.

NEFERIRTPTAH g l &, W Assistant-prophet of Re' in the Sun-temple, and Assistant-prophet of the Pyramid, of Menkauhor. Dyn. V.
(MARIETTE, 53.) D. Plan, id. ib. 322. Stela; titles from small jambs, id. ib. 322.

PTAHSHEPSES l :WAll Secretary of the Sun-temple of Neferirkares; Prophet of Hathor; &c. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 54.) D.
Plan, id. ib. 323. Towards north-east corner of exterior. Stela ; lintel, id. ib. 323. Seated statue, in Cairo Mus. 83, probably from here, BORCHARDT, Sfatuen und Statuetten (Cat. Caire), i, pl. 19, pp. 66-7 with note z ; WEIGALL, Anc. Eg. Works o Art, f 34 [upper]. From this tomb came statue, in Cairo Mus. 11I, 'Le Paysan allant au march6 ' and , op. probably 112, BORCHARDT, cit. i, pls. 24, 25, cf. pp. 86-7 ; see also BORCHARDT, Die Dienerstatuen aus Grabern des alten Reiches in A.2.xxxv. 1 2 1 [left] ; MASPERO, Hist. Anc. des PeupLes de TOrient, &S Onvnes, 410 ; MARIETTE,Albunz du Muse2 de BouZaq, on 20.



Prophet of Sahure'; &c. Dyn. V.


D. 55.) I n Brussels, MusCes Royaux du Cinquantenaire, E. 2465. Mastadas, 324 ; showing positions of scenes, SPELEERS, Rec. des Plan, MARIETTE, Inscr. &. 8 [top]. View of entrance, ~hroni~ued'kgvjte, 1928, plate opposite p. 222. July

(I) and (a) Thicknesses, two scenes, servants dragging statues to serdab, and estates op. op. below; texts, MARIETTE, cit. 324-5 ; SPELEERS, cit. 8 [middle].

(3) Deceased and family fowling and fishing, and servants fishing with net, CAPART and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 260, fig. 242 ; names, and texts of servants, MARIETTE, op. cit. 325 [middle upper] ; names, and texts of deceased, SPELEERS, cit. 11 [top]. op. (4) Deceased seated before offerings; texts and offering-list, id. ib. I I [lower], I 2. (5)-(6) Two stelae and offering-bringers beside them; texts, id. ib. 9 [upper] ; MARIETTE, Mastabas, 326, 32 7 [lower]. op. (7) Deceased with family and musicians ; texts, SPELEERS, cit. g [lower] ; of deop. ceased and musicians, MARIETTE, cit. 327 [upper].
Exact position uncertain. In MARIETTE'S' zone de l'est'.

(5)-(7) Frieze ; text, SPELEERS, cit. 8 [bottom]. op. (8) Four registers, catching birds, picking figs and grapes, bringing animals : texts, id. op. ib. 10 [top] ; see MARIETTE, cit. 325 [bottom]. (g) Seven registers agriculture before deceased and wife ; texts, SPELEERS, cit. 10 op. [lower]; part, MARIETTE, cit. 325 [middle lower: ; reaper, an: frog on branch, from op. NouveZZes Reche~chs[&C.] in Rev. de Z'Eg. Anc. ii, p. 212, fig. 2 ; fourth register, KEIMER, fifth register, man and laden ass, CAPART,Documents your semrir 2 l'eyude de Z'Art ebptien, i, pl. 23 [upper] ; CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 180, fig. I 76 ; seventh op. register, bakers, MARIETTE, cit. 328. Statuen und Statue-group of deceased and family, in Cairo Mus. 21, BORCHARDT, Statuetten (Cat. Caire), i, pl. 6, pp. 21-3; head of deceased, CAPART, Documents pour servir h Pe'tude de Z'Art ewtien, pl. 18. Fragment of statue ofdeceased, in Cairo Mus. 157 ; texts, BORCHARDT, cit.. p. 114. op.

SEDENMA'ET' Prophet of Rec and Hathor in the Suntemple of Neferirkare' ; Prophet of the Pyramids of Neferirkare', Neferfre', and Neuserre'. Second half of Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 56.) D.
m , A .. %


Fragment of bas-relief; name and titles of deceased, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 329. Statue, in Cairo MUS. 58, MASPERO, ~ u s e kEgyptien, ii, pl. xvii, cf. p. 47 ; Le BORCHARDT, Statuen und Statuetten (Cat. Caire), i, pl. 15, cf. pp. 51-2 ; WEIGALL, Anc. Eg. Works o Art, 55. f Standing statues, in Cairo Mus. 88, 133, BORCHARDT, cit. pls. 2 0 , 30, cf. pp. op. 69-70, 99-100. Squatting statue, probably from here, in Cairo Mus. I 13 , id. ib. pl. 25, cf. p. 88.

Inner Hall.


Director of the WStjt; First under the King ; &c.

D. (MARIETTE, 57.)

80 metres from enclosure-wall of Pyramid. Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 330. Stela ; texts from lintel and drum, id. ib. 330.


Intimate ; Chief Nekhebite. Dyn. V.

(MARIETTE, 58.) D. Plan, id. ib. 335. Part of stela, id. ib. 335. Statue, probably from here, in Cairo hlus. 87, BORCHARDT, Statlcen und Statuetten (Cat. Caire), i, pl. 19, cf. p. 69.


4 1with many titles. 3,

Dyn. V.


11; 2 2

of LEP-

Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 134 ; L. D. Text, i, p. 174. South Room. West wall, see sketch, id. ib. p. 176. North Room (only west half remains). South wall. Women with tributes, L. D. ii. IOO a, cf. Text, i, p. 175. North wall. Remains of butchers, L. D. Erganz. xxix [b].
Exact position uncertain. In MARIETTE'S 'zone de l'est '.

Round Step Pyvamid

West wall. False door, L. D. ii.
ETTE, op. cit. 133-4.


a, cf. Texf, i, p. 174; texts from jambs, MARI-

KEDNES~ jTTll, Secretary of the Great Mansion; Prophet of the Pyramid of Menkauhor. Dyn. VI. (Rock-tomb.) (MARIETTE,
E. 10.) Plan, MARIETTE, Masfabas, 403.
Inner Hall.

West wall.

Deceased before offering-table, and stela ; titles of deceased, id. ib. 403.


good name KHENU King's son of his body ;Vizier ; Chancellor of the King of Lower Egypt; &C. Dyn. VI. (MARIETTE, I I.) E.
Plan, id. ib. 405.




North wall. Two registers offering-bringers before deceased; texts, id. ib. 406 [upper]. South wall. Two registers offering-bringers before deceased ; names of offeringbringers, id. ib. ,406 [lower]. Niche. West wall, stela, in Cairo Mus. 1490-1492, id. ib. 407-10.

KAINPU e ~ o & , First under the King; Overseer of the Great + E. Mansion ; &c. Dyn. VI. (MARIETTE, 12.)
Plan, id. ib. 41 I.
E. 12

West wall. Stela; part of text, id. ib. 416. (The stela on 412-15 is wronglymarked ;it belongs to the Tomb of Sabu, E. I and 2, cf. supra p. 109.) (MARIETTE, 13.) E.

'ANKH-MERYRP f y Dyn. VI. G l . mT

Stela, in Cairo Mus. 1483 ; name, DE Roucd, Inscr. Niei-o. iv [middle upper] ; see MARIETTE, Masfabar, 4 16.

AKHTIHOTP S Prophet of the Pyramids of Unis and Isesi. O ~ , Dyn. V or VI. (MARIETTE, 17.) (See plan, supra p. 162.) E.
Plans, id. ib. 421, 428.

( I ) Stela, id. ib. 422-3, cf. 428. (2)-(3) Doorway and text at top of wall, id. ib. 426-7, cf. 42 I [bottom] ; title on drum, id. ib. 429.

Texts from scenes of bringing animals, id. ib. 430 [top].


(4) and ( 5 ) Two scenes, fowling and fishing in marshes ; texts, id. ib. 430 [upper]. (6) Stela, id. ib. 424-5 ; names of feasts in central line of outer jambs, BRUGSCH, Thes. 235 [D]. (7) Offering-bringers before deceased; text of deceased, MARIETTE, cit. 430 [lower]. op.

' Exact position uncertain. In MARIETTE'S zone de l'est



SAQQARA-NECROPOLIS AKH-HOTP S%, Secretary in the House of the Morning ; Prophet of Khnum ;&c. Late Dyn. V.' (See plan, supra p. 162.)

Mastaba adjoining tomb E. 17 of MARIETTE, metres south-east of Step Pyramid, 400 now in Louvre (' Mastaba du Louvre '). See B ~ N ~ D I T E ,ATouveZZeSal'le des Antiqzcitk Z&jptiennes et Z Mnstabta dlAkhouthoLn c tep [&C.] in Gazette des Beaux Arts, xxxiii (1905)~I 77-92.

(I)-(2) Three lines, titles of deceased, see view of reconstruction in Louvre, id. ib. 181 ; BOREUX, L'Arf kgyptien, pl. i.

(3) Thickness. Four registers, distribution of gold to servants before deceased seated and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 370, fig. 357 ; BORCHARDT, reading document, CAPART B u s Grabdenkmaldes Kb'nks S'ai&u-re', ii, p. 63, Abb. 9 ; deceased, B ~ N ~ D I T E , cit op. 183. (4) Thickness. Offerings, and two registers statue in shrine dragged in procession before deceased with two sons, and offering-bringers and butchers below ; text between two dancers before shrine, MONTET,Les Sc2nes de l'a fie Prive'e, 367 [3].

(5) First to fourth registers, agriculture before deceased, fifth register, scribes and bringing defaulters, sixth register, catching birds in tree, goats browsing, &C., seventh op. , register, pilgrimage to Abydos ; a scribe, and man scaring birds, B ~ N ~ D I T E cit 189 ; seventh register, second boat, id. ib. 177 ; texts of both boats, MONTET, cit. 355 [7],, op. 328 [middle, 21, 354 [lower]. (6) Lower part, four registers men bringing animals and furniture, &c. ; third register, op. man leading an ibex, B ~ N ~ D I T E ,cit. 185. (7) Upper part, offerings and offering-bringersbefore deceased,lower part, four registers, musicians and offering-bringers, women clappers and dancers, offering-bringers and butchers, and women offering-bringers; texts of harper, clappers, and dancers, MONTET,op. cit. 361 [3], 365 ; one woman offering-bringer, B ~ N ~ D I T E ,cit. 187. op. (8)-(9) First register, hippopotamus-hunt and cattle crossing water, second register, catching fowl in draw-net, third register, preparing and netting fish, fourth register, and pilgrimage to Abydos ; right half, id. ib. plate opposite p. 190 ; third register, CAPART op. WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 389, fig. 377 ; text of man splitting fish, MONTET, cit. 41 [I] ; texts of boats in fourth register, id. ib. 352 121, 353 [3].

NE'ANKHRH' Overseer of the King's wardrobe ; Inspector of F.I.) Royal hairdressers of the Great House. Dyn. V1 (?). (MARIETTE,
Stela in three pieces, in Brit. Mus. 1429, 658, Hiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 25 [98, 831 ; text from jambs, and lintel (not in Museum?), MARIETTE, Mastabas, 431-2.
Presumably from this tomb.


Statue-group of deceased (standing) and family, in Cairo Mus. 62, BORCHARDT, Staiuen und Statuetten (Cat. Caire), i, pl. 16, p. 55. Statue-group of deceased (seated) and family, in Cairo Mus. 55, BORCHARDT, cit. op. i, pl. 14, pp. 48-9 ; MAR:ETTE, Voyage, 8, cf. 38 ; BISSING,DenknzaZer, Text to 68 A [fig. 21 ; CAPART, L'Art Egyptien (19 I I), pl. I I 7 ; CAPART WERRROUCK, and Memphis, P. 3549 fig. 342.

Round Sfep Pyramid HARKHEBI '&gJg,Overseer of the Cabinet.



Sarcophagus, in New York, htetropolitan Mus., and canopic jafs ; texts, DARESSY, Tombe de Uor-kheb h Sapqarah in Ann. Sew. iv. 77-80. F a r t h e r east, in f a c e of cliff.

HARER'O Overseer of the Gate. l%,

Plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 175. First Room. North, south, and west walls.

Dyn. XXVI.

(23 of LEPSIUS.)

Texts, divinities, genii, &C., L. D. iii. 280 b-c, 281 a.

Second Room. South, east, and west walls. Texts, divinities, &C., L. D. iii. 281 a-c, 282 a. Ceiling. Name and title of deceased, L. D. Text, i, p. 177. From this tomb. IHSCY. i. 82-4. du Louvre, Offering-table, in Louvre ; texts, PIERRET, Canopic jar, in Louvre ; text, PIEHL,Inscr. Uiejo. I S&. xxvi D. Fragment of statue, in Stockholm ; text, id. ib. xiv G. List of objects taken from tomb, WIEDEMANN, Geschichte, p. 635, cf. destinations, notes 3-6.

Vizier ; &c. Temp. Psammetikhos 11. (24 of LEPSIUS.) (Inaccessible.) (See plan, supra p. 162.) Destroyed by Defterdar Bey in 1827, see BURTON MSS.* 25618, 42. L. D. Text, i, pp. I 77-81 ; see QUIBELL, Attemfts made on the tomb o Bocchoris a t f Sakkarah in Ann. Ser-v. xi. 275-6. Plan and sections, L. D. i 40 ; HAY*,29812,88-9 ; plan, L. D. Text, i, p. I 77 ; BURTON M%.* 25618, 42 [upper], 25621, 106 [upper] ; NESTORL ' H ~ T E MSS.* 20396, 348. BOKENRINF
Pillared Hall 111. (I) Text from Book of the Dead, L. D. iii. 260 b ; NESTORL'HGTEMSS.* 20408 ' Tombeau d e Bokenranef 5 ', Q (squeeze). (2) Text from Book of the Dead, L. D. iii. 260 a [two lines on left]. (3)-(4) Text from Book of the Dead, L. D. iii. 260 a [ll. 3 - z ~ ]; NESTORL'HGTE MSS.* 20396, 351, 352 [top]. Niches. (5) Three sides, NESTORL ' H ~ T E S . * 20407 'Tombeau d e Bokenranef 3', three M M%.* squeezes; left and rear wall, L. D. iii. 264 a-b. Remaining jamb, NESTORL ' H ~ T E 20407 'Tombeau de Bokenranef I ', B (squeeze). (6) Lintel and jambs, id. ib. c ; three sides, id. ib. 'Tombeau de Bokenranef S', three squeezes ; L. D. iii. 264 c-e; BURTON MSS.* 25618,43. Ceiling. Deceased before roth, rrth, and 12th hours of day, and 10th and 11th of night, L. D. iii. 259 d ; 10th (incomplete), rrth, and 12th of day, BRUGSCH, Monumens, xiii [upper] ; 12th of day and of night, CHAMPOLLION, Mon. ccccxli, ccccxlii. Fragment with first A, hour of day, in Lyons Mus., D E V ~ R IMusLe de Lyon. Nos. 91, 12, cf. p. 2 2 . Decoration, PRISSE,L'Arf Agyp/ien, i, Architecture, pls. 34 [4-71, 35 [top] 'Ornementation des Mon. Civ. lxx [4-9]; NESTORL ' H ~ T E Plafonds', cf. Texte, p. 370; part, ROSELLINI, MSS.* 20396 ,348 verso-350 verso. Titles 'on roof between two pillars ', BUKTON MSS.* 25621, 104 [top left].


172 SAQQARA-NECROPOLIS Entrance to Room IV. (7) Thickness ; deceased and hymn, L. D. iii. 267 a, cf. Text, i, p. 179 note I ; hymn, NESTOR ' H ~ T E L MSS.* 20407 'Tombeau d e Bokenranef I ', D, E (squeezes). Room IV. (8) Four registers, Osirises seated, offering-list, priests, and offering-bringers, NESTOR L'H~TE MSS.* 20408 ' Tombeau d e Bokenranef 4 ', N, o, P (squeezes) ; omitting offeringbringers, L. D. iii. 260 c ; offering-list, see DUEMICHEN, Grabpalastdes Pafuanzenap, Der ii, pls. xviii-xxvi [S] ; remains of names of Osirises, NESTORL ' H ~ T E 20396, 350 verso [middle]. MSS.* 25618,42 [lower left]. (g) Doorway; see BURTON (10) Four registers, Osirises seated, priests and offering-scenes, with offering-bringers at bottom ; omitting Osirises, NESTORL'HBTE M!%.* op. cit. M (squeeze) ; part, ~ E V ~ R I squeezes*, 5380, F ; names of Osirises, BURTON MSS.* 25618, 42 [lower], 25621, 107, 107 verso [top] ; NESTOR ' H ~ T E L MSS.* 20396, 350 verso [top]. (11) Ten lines text, L. D. iii. 262 a. ( I 2) Twelve lines text, L. D. iii. 262 b (called south wall). (13)-(14) Right jamb, doorway, fifteen lines of Pyramid Text, and jambs of niche, L. D. iii. 262 C ; MASPERO, a Pyramide du roi Ounas in Rec. de Trav. iv. 77-8 [right L column]; text at (14), NESTOR L'HBTE MSS.* 20407 'Tombeau de Bokenranef I ' , C (squeeze) ; jambs of niche, BRUGSCH, Monumens, xviii [B, 11. 5-81. (15)-(16) Ten columns magical texts, jambs of niche, and deceased seated with titles, L. D.iii. 261 ; seven lines, NESTORL ' H ~ T E MSS.* op. cit. A (squeeze) ; lintel and jambs op. MSS.* of niche, BRUGSCH, cit. xviii [B, c, D, 11. 9-12] (reversed) ; west jamb, BURTON 25618, 42 [middle left], 25621, I07 verso [bottom] ; deceased seated, NESTORL'HGTE M S . * op. cit. L (squeeze). Ceiling. Titles of deceased, and decoration, L. D. iii. 263. Niches. (17) or (18) Texts on jambs, L. D. Text, i, p. 179 a. (17) Three sides, L. D. iii. 266 d-f; t n o sides, NESTORL ' H ~ T E 20407 ' Tombeau d e Bokenranef 2 ', two squeezes. L'HGTE MSS.* op. cit., three squeezes: (18) Three sides, L. D. iii. 266 a-c; NESTOR (19) Three sides, L. D. iii. 265 d-f; NESTOR ' H ~ T E L M%.* 20407 'Tombeau de Bokenranef 3 ', three squeezes. (20) Three sides, L. D. iii. 265 a-c ; NESTOR ' H ~ T E L MSS.* op. cit., three squeezes; one side [= 265 a], id. 20396, 350 [bottom].

Room V. (21)-(22) Texts and architrave, L. D. iii. 267 b, c ; jamb with titles of deceased, NESTOR L'HGTE MSS.* 20407 'Tombeau d e Bokenranef I ', F (squeeze). (23)-(24) Texts and false door, L. D. iii. 268 ; speech of Thoth, SCHIAPARELLI, I l Libro dei Funerali, ii. 238 ; left jamb, BRUGSCH, Monumens, xviii [E, 11. 13-14]. Side-room VI. (25) Doorway, L. D.iii. 269 a ; BRUGSCH, it. xviii [A]. Op. (26)-(28) Texts, L. D. iii. 269 b-d. Ceiling. One line of text, L. D. iii. 269 e. MSS.* 2562 I, Sarcophagus, in Florence Mus. I 705 (2 182) ; texts and figures, BURTON 108-29 ; texts, SCHIAPARELLI, Museo Archeologico d i Firenze, 440-53 ; bottom line of text

Round Step Pyramid


from interior, and Isis and Nephthys with texts on ends of exterior [SCHIAPARELLI, 444, 452,4531, BURTON MSS.* 25618, 98, 98 verso-loo verso; variants of titles, see BRUGSCH, Thes. 1448 (67). Two fragments from a wall, in Berlin Mus. 2281, 2282, L. D. Text, i, p. 181.

Mastabas south of Enclosure Wall.

MITRI 8 or 129, Overseer of boundaries (?). Early Dyn. V. 5


Wooden statue (inscribed) of deceased as scribe, and statue of a woman, FIRTH, Exravations of the Department of Antiquities at the Step Pyramid, Saqqara (1924-5) in Ann. Sew. xxvi, pls. iv [A], v, cf. p. 101. Wooden statuette of hunchback, CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 349, fig. 335.


used by IDUT Q-$%&n, King's daughter.

Dyn. VI.

See FIRTH,Excavations of the Service des Antiquite? at Saqqara (November 19261927) in Ann. Serv. xxvii. 107.


.P. Dyn. VI.

South-west of enclosure.

Sold to Chicago, see QUIBELL, ArchaeologiicaZ Rqort, 1907-8, p. 14 [l]. in

D. Round Unis Pyramid.

Plan, BARSANTI, Rapports [&C.] in Ann. Sew. ii. 246.

S E S H E M NP-~ F EOverseer of gardens of the Great House; &, R &c. Dyn. V or VI.
Complete, BARSANTI, Eouilles autour de la pyramide ZOunas (1899-1900) in Ann. Serv. i, pp. 150--60. Plan and sections, id. ib. figs. I, 5, 6. Sarcophagus, in Cairo Mus. 2812 I [BARSANTI, 1601, LACAU, Sujpression des noms divins dans les textes de Z chambre funei-aire in Ann. Sew. xxvi. 70-1 ; id. Sarcophages a Antei-ieurs au Nouvel Empire (Cat. Caire), ii. 134,


ESBANEBDED (Esbendetis) 2 p . Y8 8;.

Sarcophagus; texts, BARSANTI, cit. in An~z. op. Sew. i. 189-90.


Overseer of the Royal boats; &c.


Complete, id. ib. 262-82. Jewellery (cf. BARSANTI, 263-4), MASPERO, EbuilZes autour de .?a pyramide 6 0 u n a s (1900-I) in Ann. Serv. iii, pls. i-iii, cf. pp. 1-6 ; part, MASPERO, Egyptian Art, plates opposite pp. 202, 204.

PSAMMETHEK g , Chief Physician, Overseer of the Temehu, oll& and SETYERBONI . Temp. Amasis (?). ZJGJ
Complete, BARSANTI, cit. pp. 161-88. op. figs. 1-3. Plan and sections, id. ib. pp. 161-3,

Pedenei tot




Leps. 27



Leps. 2 6




Adapted from BARSANTI Ann. Serv. ii. 246, and L. D.i. 33. in


I75 Secretary of Royal weaving, &c. Temp. Darius I.

Plan and sections, id. ib. pp. 230-3, figs. 1-4.

Round Unis Pyramid

Complete, id. ib. pp. 230-61.

Fragment of statue of Ptahmosi [l, Royal scribe of the Treasury, Dyn. XIX, in Statuen und Statuetten (Cat. Caire), ii, p. 188. Cairo Mus. 642 ; texls, BORCHARDT, Head from squatting statue of a scribe, Dyn. XIX or later, in Cairo Mus. 850 ; title from back, id. ib. iii, p. 16.



PEDENEITH or ; I : ,

Overseer of horses.

Late Saite.

Complete, BARSANTI MASPERO, and Fouilles autour de Z pyramide d'Ounas (1900-I) a in Arm. Sew. ii. 97-11 I.

HEKAEMSAF+ Z Overseer of the bathroom; Overseer of W&,

Royal boats; &c. Persian.
PP. Complete, id. ib. (1902-3) in Ann. S e m v, pp. 69-83. 70-2, figs. 1-4. Plan and sections, id. ib.

U Q. Dyn. VI. North of entrance to Mortuary Temple of Unis. Five alabaster jar-lids with names of Pepy I, Merenre', and Pepy 11, found in Sepulchral Report on the Excavations [&C.] in Ann. Sem. xxx. 187. Chamber, see FIRTH,




Dyn. VI.

Outside Pillared Hall of last.

Sepulchral Chamber.

Alabaster slab in altar; offering-text, id. ib. 187.

Found in pit at north-east corner of Pyramid.

Statue-group of Osiris, Isis, and Nephthys, with name of Haremhab probably from another tomb, in Cairo Mus. 39220, DARESSY, Statues de Divinitei (Cat. Caire), pl. lviii, pp. 304-5 ; text, BARSANTI, FouiZles [&C.] in Ann. S e n . i. 285.


E. Between Unis Pyramzd and Monaste~y.

All these tombs are inaccessible unless otherwise stated : the numbers on the plans are therefore only approximate.

IMREKHIY ~&-IEQ Q Royal scribe. ,

(25 of LEPSIUS.) Pillar. Deceased before four genii ; texts, L. D. Text, i, p. 182.

IREY 4 4 , Scribe in the Temple of Ramesses I1 in the Temple y9

of Aman. New Kingdom.
(26 of LEPSIUS.) Stela ; titles, id. ib. p. 182.

MEY ZQQs, Mouth of the King of Upper Egypt ; Herald of the

King of Lower Egypt.
(27 of LEPSIUS.) Plan and section, L. D. i. 42 [upper] ; plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 182.

Dyn. XIX-XX.

Mey (Leps.

2) 7.

From L. D. Text, i, p. I 82.

Ptahhotp (Leps. 31).

From L. D. Text, i , p. 185.

Between Unz's Pyramid and Monastery



( I ) and (2) Deceased receiving flower from daughter (?) Meryt, L. D. iii. 240 b, c. (3) and (4) Thicknesses; deceased and wife, and deceased and family receiving 'offerings, L. D. iii. 240 a, d, and Text, i, p. 183.
Pillared Hall.

(5) and (6) Offering-bringers before deceased and wife (destroyed), L. D. iii. 241 a, b. (7) and (8) Bottom register, funeral procession, in Berlin Mus. 2088, 2089, L. D. iii. 242 a, b ; Aeg. und Yorderasiaf. Alferthunter, pl. 23 ; WRESZINSKI, Aflas, i. 388; texts, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, ii. 185-6; texts of gaps between Berlin blocks, L. D. Text, i, p. 183. (g), (IO), and (11) Pilaster ; scribe, text, and offering-bringers, L. D. iii. 242 c. Column (overthrown). Titles of deceased, L. D. iii. 241 c. Blocks built into monastery of Apa Jeremias, including numbering of foreigners and Sapgara (1908-ro), pls. lxv, lxvi, buffalo, and deceased adoring Hathor-cow, QUIBELL, lxvi A, lxix [S], IXX[4-61, lxxiv 11-41, lxxxi [I, 71, lxxxii [I, z]; buffalo [= QUIBELL, lxvi], WEIGALL, Anc. Eg. Works o Art, 240 [upper]. f

RAYA Q: Fan-bearer on the right of the King ; Overseer of the Royal Har~m Memphis; &c. Late Dyn. XVIII. (28 of LEPSIUS.) in
First stela, in Berlin Mus. 7271, L. D. iii. 242 d ; texts, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, ii. 194, '95. Second stela, in Berlin Mus. 7270 ; texts, L. D. Text, i, p. 184; Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, ii. 192-3.


HARMIN h?, Overseer of the Royal Harim in Memphis. Temp. Sethos I. (29 of LEPSIUS.)
Bas-relief, three registers, funeral scenes and procession, in Cairo Mus., MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pl. 60 ; top register, texts of man beating donkey, and of wife embracing mummy, DE R O U G ~ , Inscr. Hiei-o. xxxix [top] ; third register, text of deceased before offerings (not in MARIETTE), ib. X X X ~ X [middle]; man about to break pot in third id. register, BORCHARDT, Bilder des ' Zerbrechens der Kruge ' in d Z . lxiv, p. 15, fig. 3. Bas-relief, women with tambourines, &C., in Cairo Mus., WEIGALL, cit. 240 [lower]. op. Name and title of deceased from inner door, L. D. Text, i, p. 185. Stelae, in Berlin Mus. 7274, 7305 ; texts, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, ii. 153-6, 136-9.

PTAHHOTP :W%, Vizier; Overseer of the Two W'bt-Chambers ; Overseer of the King's wardrobe in the Two Mansions of Gold. Old Kingdom. (31 of LEPSIUS.)
Plan and section, L. D. i. 42 ; plan, L. D. Text, i, p. 185.
Pillared Hall I.

(1)-(2) Bringing treasure, &C., in boats to deceased and son, L. D. ii. 103 a, b, 104 b ; some of the boats, DUE~IICHEN, Flotte, xxvii [7-I I]. (3) Three registers cattle brought to deceased and son, and four registers bringing and tending cattle, antelopes, &C., L. D. ii. 102 a, b, and Texf, i, p. 185. (4) Over door, men approaching shrine, and offerings, L. D. Erganz. xliii [b]. (5) Three registers, funeral procession with dancers and shrines towed in boats, L.

A a

D. ii. I O I b ; shrine towed from second register, DUEMICHEN, Flotte, xxvii [S] ; two boats from bottom register, id. ib. xxvii [6]. Pillars. Texts on east faces, L. D. ii. 103 c.
Entrance to Room 11. (6) Thickness ; two registers, bringing gazelles and bulls, L. D. ii. 104 d. Room 11. (7) Four registers, bringing bulls, butchers, and offering-bringers, L. D. Erganz. xliii [al. (8) Upper part, one register, leading bulls, L. D. ii. 104 a. Entrance to Room IV. (g) Thickness; procession towing statue, L. D. ii. 104 c.

PSAMMETHEK Overseer of sealers, and





wife of Nektanebos I1 (Nekht-har-hebi).

See GAUTHIER, Livre des Rois, iv. 18 I . Le

Sepulchral Chamber.

East part, Psammethek. Inscr$tions du tombeau de Psanzetik h Sapparah in Rrc. de Trav. xvii. Walls, DARESSY, 17-24. Coffin, id. ib. 24-5. Offering-table, in Cairo Mus. 231 14, MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pl. 95 [a] ; KAMAL, Tables d'ofrandes (Cat. Caire), pl. xxvii, p. 94. Statues of Osiris, Isis, and Psammethek with Hathor-cow, in Cairo Mus. 38358, op. Album du Musee de Boulaq, 38884, 784, MARIETTE, cit. pls. 96, 77 [i] ; MARIETTE, 10; MASPERO, Guide (1g14), pp. 200-2, figs. 58-60; WEIGALL, op. cit. 330, 331 ; statues of Osiris and Isis, DARESSY, Statues de Divinitej- (Cat. Caire), pls. xix, xliv, pp. Denkmaler, 73 A, 73 B ; MASPERO, Egyptian Art, plates opposite 97, 2 2 1 ; cow, BISSING, in pp. 116, 118 ; GARDNER Ross, The A r t of E g y j t through the Ages, p. 231 [S]; MURRAY, Bgyptian Scu&ture, xlv [S] ; BORCHARDT, Stafuen und Statuetten (Cat. Caire), iii, pl. 144, pp. 91-2. West part, Queen Khedbenit-yerboni. lVon. Bin. pl. 95 [b]. Canopic jars, REISNER, Funeral statuettes; text, MARIETTE, The Dated CanojicJars o the Gizeh Musezrnz in A.Z. xxxvii, p. 70, fig. 10 ; texts, RIARIf ETTE,Mon. Div. pl. 95 [c-f]. Recueil, viii [z] ; WRESZINSKI, Lid of sarcophagus, in Vienna Mus.; text, BRUGSCH, Aeg. Inschr. Wien, I 5 1-2 ; BERGMANN, 1nschr't;fiche Denkmaler [&C.] in Rec. de TTU~J. xii. 23 [xxiv].

Re-used blocks. Block with remains of hippopotamus-hunt from Old Kingdom mastaba, used as Sappara (1907-8), pl. li [3]. paving-stone, QUIBELL, Stela of Amenhotp called Huy Royal scribe, First under the King, Chief Royal steward, New Kingdom, used as threshold, id. ib. (1908-IO), pl. lxxxiv. Block of Ranlesses I1 used as corner-stone, id. ib. (1908-IO), pl. lxxxvi [4].


24 4,

Stela of Sety (?), Wielder of medical (?) instruments, Ruler in the two western oases (?), Dyn. XIX, id. ib. (1907-S), pl. xxxviii [I, 21, and pp. 107-8. Block from tomb of Rdmosi Scribe of the Lord of the Two Lands, Dyn. XIX, used as paving-stone, id. ib. (1907-S), pl. li [4]. Blocks from tomb of Kairi Chief of the works of the armoury, Chief workman of chariots, Dyn. XIX, including scenes of industries, Fields of Iaru, &c. op. QUIBELL, cit. (1908-IO), pls. lxvii [I], lxviii [2-61, lxix [I-41, IXXV, lxxvi, lxxvii (?), lxxviii, lxxix (?),lxxx [2] ; man breaking pot, in Cairo Mus., BORCHARDT, BiZder des 'ZerbrecAens der Kruge ' in A.2. Ixiv, p. 15, Abb. 2. Base of statue of prince Kha'emweset ; text, QUIBELL, cit. (1907-g), p. 5. op. Stela of Ka Royal scribe of Sobk, id. ib. p. 16. Steward of the Lord of the Two Lands, found in pavement, Block of Harnlosi id. ib. (1908-IO), pl. lxxxii [7], and p. 146. Block of Nektanebos I, id. ib. (1908-IO), pl. lxxxvi [5]. Quartzite stela of year z of Nektanebos I 1 (Nekht-har-hebi), evidently from temple of Apis, re-used as threshold, id. ib. (1907-S), pl. lii, and pp. 89-91, cf. p. 1 0 ; text, Consfr?lction d'un temple d'Apis p a r Necfan660 Zer in Ann. Sen. ix. 154-6. DARESSY, Three sides of pillar from tomb of Hori Chief of workmen, QUIBELL, cit. op. (1908-IO), pl. IXX [I-31. Block from tomb of Penrennut Chief of police, id. ib. pl. lxxxi [2].


-!T !Q,




Stela of Wehebrer Commander of troops, from Serapeum, id. ib. pl. Ixxxiii. Architrave of Achoris used as Coptic sarcophagus, id. ib. pl. lxxxv, cf. p. 146. Blocks from unknown tombs, found in South Church, id. ib. pls. lxxiv [5-g], lxxx [3111, lxxxi [3-6, 8-13], lxxxii [3-6, S], lxxxvi [3]. (For blocks from tombs of Mey, Ptahmosi, Haremhab, and from temple of Sahure' at AbClsEr, see pp. 177, 193, 196, 74.) Objects found in pit of 'Ankh-WehebrPsineith ~ @ ~ Commander ~ troops, in, o of ~ N Church, C H ~ B A Le, puifs du glnlral Ankh-uah-ab-re"-si-nit ri Saqqarah in Ann. Serv. xvii. 179-82.

Lzz$', @m,

Tomb-chapel of ESTHOUT

Royal scribe. Saite (?). On east side ofMonastery site. op. QUIBELL, cit. (1908-IO~,pls. lix-lxiv, cf. pp. 30-3. Plan, id. ib. pl. lix [upper]. Lower part of inscribed jamb of inner chamber, id. ib. pl. lx [S]. Fragments from walls, id. ib. pls. lxii, Ixiii. Sarcophagus it sifu, id. ib. pl. Ix [S]. l


G. Round Pyramids of Pepy I, Merenrg', and Haram esh-ShawaJ

Plan showing positions, MASPERO, Trois Andes de EbuiZZes [&C.] in Mein. M s . is Arch. l+. i, plate opposite p. 200.

I P I 4 0 4 , Ruler of the Residence ; Intimate ; First under the King. Dyn. VI.
Fragments from wall.

Deceased in palanquin, in Cairo Mus. 1536, DISSING, Denkmaler, 18; MASPERO,

HOR a n d



e s h - SHAWAF




in From MASPERO, M&. Mh. Arch. Fr. i , plate opposite p. zoo.

Round Pyramid o Pepy 1,&c. f



Nist. Anc. des Peuples de I'Orient, Les Orkines, 298 ; WRESZINSKI, Atlas, i. 405 ; MAS(QUIBELL), Guide (1908)~p. 30, fig. 5 ; MASPERO, Guide ( ~ g r q ) , 29, fig. 6 ; p. CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memjhis, p. I 73, fig. 17 I ; texts of men carrying palanquin, ERMAN,l l i s c e l h k:Z. xxxviii. 64-5 ; id. Reden, Rufe und Lieder, 52. ~ in Deceased watching four registers harvest and butchers (joins preceding fragment), in Atlas, i. 406 ; BISSING, Denkmaler, Text to 18 [fig.]. Cairo Mus., WRESZINSKI, and Memphis, pp. 174, 175, figs. Two boats, in Cairo Mus., CAPART WERBROUCK, I 72, I 73 ; sailing-ship, MASPERO, Hist. Anc. des Peujles de Z'Orient, Les Orgnes, 393. Gli False door. in the Vatican, see MARUCCHI, Antichi Oggetti Egiziani in Bessarione, vol. g, p. 7, fig. 3, cf. pp. 6-10.

Tombs of IBI ( 4 Dyn. V1 (destroyed), and of HENENI 8, , ! :$W Gardener of the Pyramid of Meryre', Dyn. VI, and tomb partly re-used by MENTUHOTP and 'ANKHNEBF eyz, Dyn. XI or XII.
Names and titles, MASPERO, cit. in Mein. Miss. Arch. E. i. 208. op.

Mastaba containing coffins.

West chamber.

Dyn. XII.

Coffin of Hor in Cairo Mus. 28035; texts, MASPERO, cit. 210-18; LACAU, op. Sarcaphages Antei-z'eurs au Nouvel Empire (Cat. Caire), i, pp. 96-100. in Cairo Mus. 28034 ; texts, MASPERO, cit. 218-31 ; op. Coffin of Situbastet LACAU, cit. pp. 88-95. op.
East Chamber.

1, 2

Coffin of ~ h e ~ e r k a r < y y ~Cairo Mus. 28036, id. ib. pl. xiii, pp. 101-7; texts, in , op. MASPERO, cit. 231-37.


BITIg,(, Unique royal ornament ; Prophetess of Hathor. Dyn.

Name and titles, id. ib. p. 199

NEBU, : l &

Overseer of the garden of the Great House. Dyn. VI.


Fragments of stela found outside; titles of deceased and wife, id. ib. p. 199 [@l.
Sepulchral Chamber.

Frieze-texts, and names of offerings, id. ib. p.


IARET Qly-n,Overseer of the garden of the Great House; Scribe of the boat; &c. Dyn. VI.
Sepulchral Chamber.

Walls. Frieze-texts, and names of offerings, id. ib. pp.



Tombs of DESHRI ,and of SHEMAI g 9

See id. ib. p.

(unfinished). Dyn. VI.

[40, 501.

Sepulchral Chamber of Deshri, in Cairo Mus.

Names of offerings, id. ib. p. 201.


IVY Q Q Judge in the Six l , Q

tribunal. Dyn. VI.
Sepulchral Chamber.

MERENRE. Great Courts; Secretary of the secret

Frieze-texts, offering-list, and names of offerings, id. ib. pp. 201-4.


Q@&, ; Regulator of a guild. Lector

Dyn. VI.

Texts, id. ib. pp. 204-5.

S'ANKHENPTAH 11 Director of the washing of hands ; Director

of the Morning and Evening Barks. Late Old Kingdom (?).
Three walls; offering-list and texts, id. ib. pp. 205-7 [90].


H. South Sagqara.
HENUT 12, named). NORTH-EASTPYRAMID PEPY11. OF OF Unique royal ornament, NESTIa [lnQ, and others (un-

(N 11 of J~QUIER.) See J ~ Q U I E R , Tombeaux de Parficuliers confempovains de Pqi 14 pp. 89-93. Plan, id. ib. p. 88, fig. 99. Alabaster tablet of Henut, and cover of vase with name of Pepy I, id. ib. pp. 90, 91, figs. 1 0 2 , 103. Stela of Nesti, id. ib. p. 91, fig. 104.


(N 111 of J~QUIER.) See id. ib. pp. 93-4. Plan, id. ib. p. 92, fig. 105.

Fragments of stela of Harhotp figs. 107-8.

125, jamb of Iti Q",! and

found near, id. ib. p. 93,

Tomb-group. (a)HENENU Ruler of the Residence ; &c. (b) BIU 84%) First under the King; Scribe of thevoyal documents U in the Presence ; &c. (c) PEPI 0 Q,Ruler of the Residence ; First under the King ; Lector. (N IV of J~QUIER.)
See id. ib. pp. 94-107 ; MASPERO, Trois Anne'es de fiuilles [Src.] in Mhz. Miss. Arch. Pr. i. 191-4. Plan, J ~ Q U I E R , cit. P. 95, fig. ~ o ; MASPERO, cit. 192. OP. g op. Cf. J ~ Q U I E op. cit. p. 96, fig. 110. R, Stela and jambs, id. ib. pp. 97, 98, figs. I 11, I I 2. Chapel of Biu and Pepi. Cf. id. ib. p. 98, fig. I 13. Stela and jambs of Biu, id. ib. pp. 99, 100, figs. 114, 115 ; texts, including those of op. outer jambs and top of right inner jamb, now destroyed, MASPERO, cit. 192-3. Lower part of stela of Pepi (now destroyed except right jamb) ; texts, ~ I A S P E R O , op. cit. 193-4.; right jamb, J ~ Q U I E R , cit. p. 101, fig. 116. op.
Chapel of Henenu. Sepulchral Chamber of Biu, usurped from Akhi



Door; text of lintel, id. ib. p. 1 0 2 . Walls. Offerings, offering-list, and granaries, id. ib. pl. xii, and p. 103, fig. 117.

South Saqqara
Sarcophagus; texts, id. ib. p. 103. Wooden statuette, id. ib. pl. xiii, cf. p. 105.
Sepulchral Chamber of Pepi.

Door, id. ib. p. 104, fig. 118. Walls. Side-walls, offerings, and offering-list, id. ib. pl. xiv. Sarcophagus ; texts, id. ib. p. 105. Fragments ofstela of Nebipu-Pepy U>, Overseer of the garden of the Pyramid of Meryre' and of the prophets of Hathor Mistress of Dua . . . n, found outside west wall, id. ib. 'p. 105, fig. 119.

. mP a

PERY h 9 1, Judge ; Vizier ; Overseer of the South ; Chancellor. n

(N V of J ~ Q U I E R . ) See id. ib. pp. 107-9.

Plan, id. ib. p. 106, fig.


Fragments of reliefs of scenes of offering-bringers, &C., id. ib. p. 108, fig. I 2 2 . Fragments of jamb of Idi Vizier, from another tomb ; nAme, id. ib. p. 109.


Sepulchral Chamber.

Fragments of decoration, id. ib. p. 107, fig.


Remains of tombs of DER-SENEZ, KHREDNI, others. andJBQUIER.)

( N VI of

See id. ib. pp. 109-17.

DER-SENEZ zll-;i@, called NEFERKARS-'ANKH also Priest of the Pyramid of Neferkare'; Overseer of the cool chambers ; Chief of linen ; &c.
Bas-reliefs from niche, id. ib. pp.
I 10, I I I,

figs. 124-5.


Inspector of prophets ; Chief of the Five ; &c.

Fragments of two bas-reliefs, deceased before altar with offering-bringers below (in Neuchltel, MusCe d'Ethnographie), and two registers offering-bringers, id. ib. pl. xv, and pp. 111-12. Obelisk, id. ib. p. 116, fig. 132. Fragment of offering-list, of unknown official, id. ib. p. I 12, fig. 127. Fragment with name of Khnemhotp id. ib. p. I 12, fig. 126. Overseer of linen, Inspector of ka-servants, id. ib. p. Door-stela of Hebai 113, fig. 128. Door-stela of Weneni g 9 , Ruler of the Residence, Chancellor of the King of Lower Egypt, father of Khredni, id. ib. p. 114, fig. 129. Hatkaus [I, Uzat-khnumt Irut Offering-tables of Ibebi Hennes and Nezui (?) id. ib. p. I 15, fig. 130. Obelisk of Ma'ru id. ib. p. 116, fig. 131. Coffin of Userptah Royal priest, Middle Kingdom ; name, id. ib. p. 117.

111 9 ,



:1q 10,





& X U '


DEGEM 7 1 1 . (?) 8 7 hgood name MER-PEPY Garden of the Great House. ( N v11of J ~ Q U I E R . )
See id. ib. pp. 117-20. Plan and section, id. ib. pp.

m ~ = ,of the Overseer


figs. 133, 135.

East Fapade.

Stela, id. ib. p. 118, fig. 134.

Sepulchral Chamber.


Offerings, offering-list and granaries, id. ib. pl. xvi, and p.


fig. 136.

East Fapade.

good name IPI 9 0 9 , Lector ; Scribe of the boat ; Overseer of the garden of the Great House. (N v111 of J ~ Q U I E R . )
See id. ib. pp. 121-5. Plan, id. ib. p. 119, fig. 133. Stela, id. ib. p. 121, fig. 138.

Sepulchral Chamber.

Door,id.ih.p. ~ 2 2 fig. 139. , Walls. Offerings and granaries, id. ib. pp. I 23, I 24, fig. I 40. Coffin in Cairo Mus., id. ib. pl. xvii, and pp. 123, 125. Statuette, id. ib. pl. xiii, cf. p. 125.

Destroyed tomb-group. (N I of J ~ Q U I E R . )
See id. ib. pp. 85-9.

Re-used blocks, temp. Pepy 11. and another, stela of Iri Reliefs of Bau 909, id. ib. p. 86, fig. 97.

$ ~ b


and offering-table of Ipi

Stela and offering-table of Isti 9 z 9 , Unique royal ornament, Prophetess of Hathor, found in brick wall towards north-east, id. ib. p. 87, fig. 98.

Stela of Sety &]49, Scribe of accounts of the cattle of Aman, Rarnesside, re-used as pavement of road for transporting blocks, J ~ Q U I E R ,Rapportpr6liminai~e[&C.]in Arm.,pl.v,cf.p. 115.

IDIQq , good name TEPEMKAUu t , Overseer of a department -9 @h

in the Great House; Chief of linen ; Overseer of the cool chambers; &c. Dyn. VI. (M 111of J ~ Q U I E R . )
See J ~ Q U I E R , Tombeaux de Particuliers confemporainsde Pepi IZ, 9-2 pp. sections, id. ib. pp. 12, 13, figs. 8, g.
Sepulchral Chamber. Coffin ; texts, id. ib. pp. 14-15 and fig.
11; west I.

Plan and

side of interior, id. Rapport Pre7i-

minaire [&C.] in Ann. Serv.xxvi, p. 59, fig.



I 7-20,

Walls. Funerary offerings, offering-list, and granaries, id. Tombeaux [&C.], pp. figs. 12-19.

Secondary tombs of NEHEBSED-PEPY j T f a + Residence, and of IDI F-qp, Lector.

See id. ib. pp. 21-3. Plan, id. ib. p. 10, fig. 6. Texts of coffins, id. ib. pp. 22-3, and fig. 20.

Ruler of the

WASHIPTAH &C. (M IV of J ~ Q U I E R . )
Sepulchral Chamber.


South Saqqara 185 Chancellor ; Overseer of the cool chambers ;

Plan and section, id.

See id. ib. pp. 23-7; id. op. cit. in A m . Sew. xxvi, p. 60. Tombeaux [&C.], p. 25, fig. 23. Lintel ; text, id. ib. p. 25. Re-used stela of 'Ankhesenpepy fig.

m e y L ,Priestess of Hathor, id. ib. p. 24,

Chancellor; Lector ; Overseer

Secondary tomb of HENENI of the cool chambers.

Texts on lintel, jamb, and interior of chamber, id. ib. p. 28.

MEHI &,T, Chancellor ; Overseer of the estate (?) ; First under the
King. ( M XI of J ~ Q U I E R . ) See id. ib. pp. 67-76 with pl. viii.
Sepulchral Chamber.

Plans, id. ib. pp. 68, 69, figs. 75, 76.

Doorway. Exterior, titles of deceased, id. ib. p. 7 I, fig. 80. Walls. Offerings, id. ib. pls. ix, X, and pp. 72-4, figs. 81-3. Sarcophagus; texts, id. ib. pp. 71, 75 [top].

Subsidiary tombs of NETTo, Prophetess of Hathor, and SHEMAIT 5 2 Q, Unique royal ornament, Prophetess of Hathor.
Coffin of Net; texts, id. ib. p. 75.
Sepulchral Chamber of Shemait.

Doorway, walls with offerings, offering-list, and granaries, and name and titles from canopic jar, id. ib. p. 7 6 with fig. 85, and pl. xi. found in tomb of Shemait ; name, id. ib. p. 76. Lintel of Antef


Tomb-group. (a) SEBAKUlJo$O&, I Friend. CJ$LI~)B, Intimate ; Steward. (c) WAZET ment ; Prophetess of Hathor. (M XII of JBQUIER.)
See id, ib, pp. 77-84. Plan, id. ib. p. 77, fig. 86.
Sepulchrsl Chamber of Seb*u

a7J4Royal orna-


Walls. Texts, id. ib. pp. 78, 79, with figs. 87, 88.
Sepulchral Chamber of Sebaku 11.

Wall. Remains of offering-listand titles, id. ib. p. 80, fig. 89.

Sepulchral Chamber of Waet.

Doorway, id. ib. p. 81, fig. go. Texts from walls, id. ib. p. 81. Hereditary prince, and base of wooden Fragment of obelisk of hfemi Ruler of the Residence, found outside ;.names, id. ib. p. 78. statuette of Ithy

!=4 4,


SHEY -49,

Ruler of the Residence ; Overseer of the estate (?); Overseer of the granary. (M IX of J ~ Q U I E R . )
See id. ib. pp. 58-62. Plan, id. ib. p. 59,fig. 67.


Sepulchral Chamber.

Doorway, id. ib. p. 60, fig. 68. Walls. Offerings, id. ib. pls. v, vi, and p. 61, fig. 69 ; id. Rappart pre'lincinaire in Ann. S r .xxvii, pl. i, cf. p. 53. ev


Tomb-group. (a) PENU g?&, Ruler of the Residence ; Chancellor ; First under the King. (6) SENTI 9 , Unique royal ornament. iy (C) NEKHUTG : Chancellor; Overseer of the estate (?); , Intimate ; Lector. (d)NEBPU-PEPY a J ~ o bgood name SENI C , Ruler of the Residence ; Intimate; Lector. (e) NEKHUT ""*@a , , . Ruler of the Residence ; Intimate ; Lector. (M v11 of J ~ Q U I E R . )
{ m , !

See id. Tombeaux [&c.j, pp. 40-54.

Sepulchral Chamber of Penu.

Plan, id. ib. p. 41, fig. 45.

Door, id. ib. pl. iv, and p. 42, fig. 46. Walls. Offerings and offering-list, id. ib. pp. 43-7, figs. 47-51.
Sepulchral Chamber of Senti.

Door, id. ib. p. 48, fig. 52. Walls. Offerings and offering-list, id. ib. pp. 49-51, figs. 53-5.
Entrance to Sepulchral Chamber of Nekhut (c). Lintel ; titles, id. ib. p. 54. Sepulchral Chamber of Nebpu-Pepy.

Door, and offerings depicted on inner jambs, id. ib. p. 53, fig. 57, cf. p. 54.
Sepulchral Chamber of Nekhut (e).

Coffin; titles, id. ib. p. 52. Offering-tablesof Pepy-im

cmq/50& {-S and

(p), id. ib. p. 54, figs. 59, 60.

'ANKHUPTAH ,&$!W: good name ITI 409, Ruler of the Residence; Chancellor; Overseer of the estate (?); &C.; and others (unnamed).
(M X of JAQUIER.) See id. ib. pp. 62-6.
Sepulchral Chamber.

Plan, id. ib. p. 63, fig. 71.

Door; text of lintel, id. ib. p. 64. Walls. Offerings, id. ib. pl. vii, cf. p. 65.

NESTI5109, Prophetess of Hathor, and SENI #T,Ruler of the Residence, usurped from an hereditary prince. (M VI of J ~ Q U I E R . )
See id. ib. pp. 32-40.

Plan and section, id. ib. p. 33, figs. 33-4.

Stela of Nesti from niche, id. ib. p. 34, fig. 36. Fragment of jamb of Nesti found near Court, id. ib. p. 35, fig. 37.
Sepulchral Chamber of Nesti.

Door, id. ib. p. 36, fig. 38. Side walls. Offerings, id. ib. p. 37, figs. 39-40. Sepulchral Chamber of Seni. Door, id. ib. p. 37, fig. 41.

Walls. Offerings, offering-list, granaries, and frieze-text, id. ib. pl. iii, and pp. 36, 38-40, figs. 42-4.

ANTEF E Overseer of the Estate ; Lector. Middle Kingdom. H,

(32 of LEPSIUS.) Two fragments from wall, in Berlin Mus. 1152, 1153, L. B. Text, i, pp. 187-8; Aeg. Inschr. MUS. Beriin, i. I j 6.


(, 2

Scribe. Dyn. XII.


Stone from support of statue or altar, in Berlin Mus. 1184; text, L. D. ii. 123 Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. I 61.

KHUBAU &g& (ROKHOU MASPERO),Inspector of prophets of of the Pyramid of Neferkarec; Chancellor; &c. Temp. Pepy 11.
See MASPERO, ~ o i Anne'es de Fouilles in Mim. Miss. Arch. &-.i, p. 199 ; J ~ Q U I E R , T s L a Pyramide 8Oudjebten, pp. 28-9. Plan and sections, MASPERO, cit. pp. 194, 195 op. [S] (called Ninki in error).
Sepulchral Chamber.

Walls. Offerings, and decorative doors, id. ib. pls. i, ii, iii [A-E], iv, viii. Obelisk and false door found in pyramid-enclosure of Wezebten (cf. supra p. 95), J ~ Q U I Eop. cit. pp. 27-8, figs. 34-5 ; id. Rapport Priliminaire [&C.] in Ann. h xxvi, R. . pl. vi ; see id. Tombeaux [&C.], p. 32.

SOKAREMZERF $&$,E-,overseer of the garden of the Great House. Dyn. VI.

Right and left walls, offerings, MASPERO, cit. pl. op.

NENI or NENKI or PEPYNENI secret tribunal; &c. Dyn. VI.

Section, id. ib. p. I g5 141 (called Rokhou in error).
Sepulchral Chamber.



cf. p. 199.

Secretary of the

Lintel and jambs of entrance ; texts, PIEHL, Inscriptzons provenant 8 u n Mastaba de Za sixithe dynastie in P.S.B.A. xiii. 122-3 [c, d, e]. op. Left and right walls, offerings, MASPERO, cit. PIS. vi, vii, and pp. 196-8 ; frieze op. texts, PIEHL, cit. 1 2 2 [a, b]. op. Niche in rear wall, granaries, MASPERO, cit. pl. iii [F], cf? pp. 198-9.

SENI Mayor, and wife MERES'ANKH IT, P;.-[1?.

Late Dyn. VI.

Against south wall of Avenue. Plan and section, J~QUIER, Mastabat Faraoun, p. 30, fig. 26. Le Door-stela, found in debris, id. ib. p. 30, fig. 27. Stela of Senti Prophetess of Hatbor, late Dyn. VI, found blocking the doorway between avenue and court of Pyramid, presumably from neighbouring tomb, id. ib. p. 29, fig. 24.


Fragment of stela of Pepy . . . late Dyn. VI, id. ib. p. 29, fig. 25.


Lector, Scribe over the priestly guild,

PTAHHOTP ,Butcher. E 15

Middle Kingdom (probably).

Sculptured block from niche, priest with offering-list, men bringing calf, oryx, gazelle, and fowl, and relatives before offerings, found in brick construction of later date in corner of mortuary temple, in Cairo Mus., id. ib. pl. xii, cf. p. 31. Fragment of relief from tomb, and of a stela of Amenmosi p 3 j 1 1 , New Kingdom, id. ib. p. 33, figs. 28, 29.

SETIBTI called BIBIJJaQ, JPEQ, Unique royal ornament; Prophetess of Hathor ; Royal noble (Spst). (M VIII of J ~ Q U I E R . )Above wadi,
300 metres east of Masfabet Fara'iin. See id. Tombeaux de ParticuZiers contemjorains de Pepi 11, pp. 55-8. fig. 61.
Entrance to Sepulchral Chamber.

Plan, id. ib. p. 55,

Door,id. ib.p. 56, fig. 62.


MARIETTE'S zone du sud ', which includes Mastabet Fara'iin (D. 66). '

NEKHT-HERES EQ!, Assistant-prophet of the Sun-temple and D. Pyramid of Neuserre'. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, 67.)
Stela, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 366.


Stela, in Cairo Mus. 1399, id. ib; 367.

(MARIETTE, 68.) D.


(MARIETTE, 69.) D. Stela, in Cairo Mus. 1453, id. ib. 368-9.

SESI Vizier; Gardener of the Pyramid and Inspector of the -9, prophets of the mert-temple of Meryre' ; &c. Dyn. VI. (MARIETTE,
E. 16.) Stela, id. ib. 420.

ANIY Knower of secret things in the Mansion of Gold; Overseer of the gold-workers of the Lord of the Two Lands. Dyn. XIX. (MARIETTE, 8.) H.
Lower part of stela, in Cairo Mus., MARIETTE, Masfabas, 450 ; MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pl. 62 [b] ; names and titles, DE R O U G ~ , Inscr. Hiei-0. lv [middle upper], ccci [ 2 ] .



L : P Steward of Q Qc),(

the Aten-temple. Temp.

Block, two offering-bringers, in Berlin Mus. 2070, SCHAFER, Kunstwerke nus EL Amama, ii, pl. 13; texts, WIEDEMANN, 1nscrE;afions o the Time o Amenojhis I V in f f P.S.R.A. xxvii. I 54 ; Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, ii. I 2 I. Three fragments from walls, found in tomb, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 449.

Tombs, Posiiion Unknown. RE'HOTP Dyn. IV.


z$,, of sculptors, and wife THENTET Overseer E.


Old Kingdom.


(MARIETTE, 12.) C. Plan, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 135. Architrave, id. ib. 135.

KAEMREMT Overseer of the cool chambers ; Overseer of the draughts-players of the field-workers; &c. Late Dyn. IV.
(MARIETTE, 25.) C. Plan, MARIETTE, cit. 159. op.

Architrave, id. ib. 160 ; third and fourth lines, SETHE, Ud.i. 33-4. Offering-table, in Cairo Mus. 1370, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 161.

C. Scribe ; &c. Late Dyn. IV. (MARIETTE, ZI.) Plan, id. ib. 163. Offering-tables, in Cairo Mus. 1338, id. ib. 163-4 ; part of the circular offering-table, see MARIETTE, Album du Mush a'e BouZaq, I I. Statue, in Cairo Mus. 129 ; text, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 164 ; BORCHARDT, Statuen und Stafuetten (Cat. Caire), i, pl. 29, p. 97. Statue of woman grinding, probably from here, in Cairo Mus. 115, id. ib. pl. 25, cf. P. 89.

KAHAP $ or -149, U

NISU-USERT T, Overseer of Ten of the workmen. 74-7 or V. (MARIETTE, I.) H.


Dyn. IV

Rear wall, stela, in Cairo Mus. 1444, 1688, 1733 ; names and titles of deceased and family, and lists of feasts, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 443.

KHUIT e'$Qn, Unique royal ornament. Dyn. V.

Drum ; name and title, id. ib. 450.

(MARIETTE, 12.) H.

KA. . . . . . . . ep ... . . . . ., Overseer of scribes of accounts of all works D. of the King. Dyn. V. (MARIETTE, g.)

Rear wall, remains of stela, id. ib. 192.

I T ~WSZ,Prophet of Re' ~ ~ ~ ~ and Hathor ~ the ~Sun- ~ ~ in temple of Neferirkare'; &c. Dyn. V-VI.
I n Brit. Mus. 718, see Guide, Sculpture ( ~ g o g ) pp. 24-5 [So]. , [left and


Exterior. Architrave, Hiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. go [upper], Pt. vi, pl. middle]. Drum, id. ib. pl. I [right].


Entrance wall. Upper part, deceased watching three registers scribes counting bringing of animals and fowl and reaping, men preparing funeral chamber below, id. ib. pls. 10-11. Lower part, remains of boats, id. ib. pl. 12 [upper]. Left side-wall. Deceased before offerings, and men bringing fowl and animals below, id. ib. pl. 9. Rear wall. Left part, deceased and wife, with offerings and offering-bringers below, and large false door, id. ib. pls. 4, 8, 7 ; false door, id. ib. Pt. i, pl. 31 ; omitting top, Guide, Sculpture ( ~ g o g ) ,pl. iii. Between false doors, deceased and wife before offerings, and five registers, family, musicians, female dancers, offering-bringers, and butchers, Uiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. vi, pls. 3 [left], 6 ; part, Guide to the Egyptian Collections (rgog), pl. ix; (1930)~ 121, fig. 51. Right part, smaller false door of deceased and wife, Uiero. Texts p. [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 32, Pt. vi, pls. 3 [right], 5. Architrave above the false doors, id. ib. Pt. i, pl. 30 [right], Pt. vi, pl. 2. Right side-wall. Remains of scene of fishing with draw-net, id. ib. Pt. vi, pl. 12 [lower]. Staken und Statuetten (Cat. Caire), i, pl. 7, Statue, in Cairo Mus. 25, BORCHARDT, p. 26.

KEDNES F First under the King ; &c. Dyn. VI. j , z

Plan, MARIETTE, cit. 392. op. Stela, id. ib. 393.


SABU IlyJ&, called THETY Mayor of Nekheb ; Overseer of the Two great W'bt-Chambers ; &c. Dyn. IV or VI. (MARIETTE,
E- 3.) Plan, MARIETTE, cit. 391. op. Stela, in Cairo Mus. 1709, 1756, id. ib. 390 ; omitting left side, SETHE, Urk. i. 84-5 (6).

MENI5 , 9SmSw-pr. Old Kingdom.

Reliefs from false doors, deceased with family receiving offerings, towed in boat, &C., in Munich, Glyptothek, BISSING, Denkmaler, 15, 16 ; one text, SETHE, U k i. 23 (16) A ; r. see FURTWANGLER, Beschreibung der G4ptothek Kiinlgs Ludwtgs I zu ~Miinchen(I g I 6), 34-5, N. 31 a. Text from jamb, SETHE,op. cit. B.

MINN~FER --&=, Vizier ; Prophet of Anubis of Siut ; &c.

(MARIETTE, 3.) F. T o p of stela, in Cairo Mus. 1680, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 457 [H. 131, cf. 433. Aeg. Sarcophagus, in Leyden Mus. L. I and 2, LEE~IANS, ?Mon. Lqden, iii, pls. L. i, ii ; HOLWERDA BOESER, and Aeg. Sanzmlung, i, pl. xxx, cf. Text, p. 21 ; CAPART, Renreil de Mon. kg. xiv ; see PLEYTE, L'Art Antique kgyptien dans Z M u s k de Leide in Trans. Int. e Cong. Or. Vienna, 1886, pp. 47-8.

IRUKAPTAH yp Scribe of accounts of the royal granary; &c. : e, W

Stands and offering-tables, in Berlin Mus., from Coll. Clot Bey, I I I r, I I I 2 , r 139, 1140, 1144, 1145, 1193, 1194, 1201, 1 2 0 2 , L. D. Text, i, pp. 12-14; view, Aeg. und Vorderasiat Alterthiimer, pl. 10 ;No. I 139, id. ib. pl. g [upper right]; Nos. I 193, I 194, I 201, SCHAFER ANDRAE, Kunst [&C.], 259 [z, 3, 51 ; texts, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. and Die

Tombs, Position U n k n o w n 191 NEKAURB' i, Overseer of works of the King ; Prophet of the zG Pyramid of Zadkare'.

Roucf, Inscr. Uih. xci [middle left].

NAME UNKNOWN. ' Small tomb to be pulled down by Defterdar Bey.'

Three registers, men closing draw-net, gathering papyrus, and boatmen quarrelling, see BURTON MSS.* 25618, 44.

New Kingdom and later.

PTAHMOSI High priest of Memphis. Temp. Amenophis 111. :ifil,

Statue, in Florence Mus. I 790 ; sketch and texts, SCHIAPARELLI, Museo ArcheoZogico d i f i e n z e , 197-zoo [1505]. Stela, in Florence Mus. 2565 ; texts, id. ib. 292-5 [1570]. Upper part of stela of deceased and Meryptah \, Prophet and steward of the palace of Amenophis 111, in form of naos containing five figures, in Leyden Mus. 124, Aeg. SanznzZung, vi, pl. xv, cf. p. 8 ; BOREUX, a sfkle-fable a70frandes de Senpou L BOESER, [&C.] in Monuments Piot, vol. xxv, p. 41, fig. 3 ; names and titles, LIEBLEIN, Dicf. de Noms, i, p. 200, NO. 608 ; SCHIAPARELLI, cit. 205 [upper]. op. and Pyramidion, in Berlin Mus. 2276, Aeg. Inschr. ~Mzcs.Berlin, ii. 230-1 ; SCHAFER op. ANDRAE, cit. 400 [I]; texts, PIEHL, Texfes ekypfiens inlitis in P.S.B.A. X. 536 ; see Auguhr. F%rzeichnis( I Sgg), p. I 5 8. Statuette (in Coll. Cardinal Lambruschini in 1842), probably from this tomb, GARDINER, sfatueffe offhe Uigh Priesf ojMentphis, Pfahnzose in A.2. A xliii. 55.


SERBIKHEN !B called IBY !$%'P $TJ\\~, : and Baal. Temp. Amenophis IV.


Prophet of Astarte

Objects from tomb, including ring of Amenophis IV, in Berlin Mus. ; texts, L. D. Text, i, p. 16.

PATENEMHAB c l y J , Royal artificer. Dyn. XVIII. xQ+

Mus. 45 (from Coll. d7Anastasi).

I n Leyden

Complete, BOESER,Aeg. Sanzmlung, iv, pls. i-xii, pp. 1-5 ; LEEMANS, Aeg. Non. Leyden, iii, pls. K. v-xv. Plan, BOESER, cit. p. I ; LEEMANS, cit. iii, pl. K. vi. op. op.

Right wall. Musicians before deceased and family [BOESER, vii; LEE MANS,^^^] ; vi, priest, musicians and harper's song, CAPART,RecueiZ de Mon. kg. xxxiv ; priest M and musicians, WILKINSON, . and C. ii. 316 (No. 229) = ed. BIRCH,i. 493 (No. 254) ; the harper, BREMMER, Kunst fe Leiden, No. 17. Eg. Rear wall. Stela [LEEMANS, ; BOESER,ix] ; texts, PIEHL, Inscr. Hiei-o. 3 SCr. xv xxxvi-xxxviii R, cf. Commenfaire, p. 27 ; figures of deceased and wife from upper part, op. BREMMER, cit. NO. 20. Left wall. Offering-bringers before deceased and family [BOESER, ; LEEMANS, ; xi xi] upper part of figure with lotus, BREMMER, cit. NO. 16 ; two daughters (?), id. ib. op. No. 21. Entrance wall, left of door. Three registers, Fields of Iaru [BOESER, ; LEEMANS, xii ix]; omitting gods, BREMMER, cit. NOS. 15, 23, 19. Second register, omitting bit at op. right end, id. ib. Nos. 18, 22, 23.

HUY29Head of merchants in the temple of the Aten. Dyn. 4, XVI I I.

Stela, in Cairo Mus. 34182, MARIETTE,Jfon. Div. p\. 56 [right] ; LACAU, S@lesdu Nouvel Empire (Cat. Caire), pl. lxix, pp. 222-4 ; titles, DE R o u ~ f Inscr. Hie'ro. pl. liv , Guide (1883), pp. 41-2. [middle] ; see MASPERO,

AHMOSI Scribe of cattle. Dyn. XVIII. fly

Stela, in Cairo Mus. 34049, MARIETTE, cit. pl. 56 [left] ; LACAU, cit. pl. xxix, op. op. pp. 84-6 ; MASPERO, Guide ( I 883), plate opposite p. 38.


, High priest of Ptah. Dyn. XVIII or XIX.

Coffin, in Brit. Mus. 18, see Guide, Sculpture (~gog), 182 [654]. p.

SAYEMPETREF Chief of gold-workers of the Lord of the Two Lands. Temp. Sethos I.
Bas-relief, deceased and wife before goddess in sycamore, in Cairo Mus., KEILIER, S u r un bas-reliefen calcuire [&C.] in Ann. Sew. xxix, pl. i, pp. 86-8, cf. pp. 81-2. Five bas-reliefs in the Hague Museum, BLOK Bulletin van de Vereenigtng tot Bevorderin ingder Kennis vaa de Antiefie Beschaving, i, No. 2, Dec. 1926, p. 17 et seq., figs. 1-3.

;9 Q , Q 5 z

PTAHEMWIA Steward of the treasure of the Temple of Ramesses I1 in the Temple of Amiln in Memphis. Temp. Ramesses 1I.
Name and titles, MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pl. 62 [c].

THENRY -'&,c;1799, Overseer of works of every Royal Monument. 1 Temp. Ramesses 1 .

Table of Kings found in 1861, now in Cairo Mus., MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pi. 58, cf. p. 19 ; DE R O U G ~ , Al6um Photo. 143-5 ; DE ROUG%, Reckrches sur les Monuments [&C.], pl. i ; MARIET-~E, Table de Sapparah in Rev. Arch. vol. X (1864), pl. xvii, pp. 169-86, La and separately same year ; D E V ~ R squeezes*, 6165, i. 1 0 ; see MASPERO, IA Guide (1884), PP. 432-7. Stela, deceased before Rer-Harakhti and Nakht before Osiris, with hymn to Osiris, on back of Table of Kings, MARIETTE, Mon. b i u . pl. 57 [b]. Fragment of another stela with text of Book of the Dead ; text, PIEHL,Inscr. Ut'kro. I S r . lxxvii-lxxviii B.


PTAHMOSI 11 Royal scribe; High priest of Ptah; Great steward of the Temple of Ramesses I1 in the House of Ptah. Dyn. XIX.
In Cairo Museum. Fragment of bas-relief; titles, MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pl. 62 [d]; DE ROUG%, Insm. Niei-o. xxx [bottom] ; part, LIEBLEIN,Dict. de Nonts, i, p. 284, No. 883 ; see SCHIAPARELLI, Museo Archeologico di flirenze, 330. In Florence Museum. Bas-relief, son and daughters before deceased, No. 2557, ROSELLINI, un bassoDi rilievo egikiano, passim with plate ; BEREND, Princlijaux monuments du muske kyptien de PZorence, pl. viii, pp. 62-3 ; texts, SCHIAPARELLI, cit. 325-7, NO. 1600 (255 7); names, op. LIEBLEIN, Dkt. de Noms, i, p. 255, No. 772.

Tombs, Position Unknown

In Leyden Museum.


Fragment from wall, K. 6 a, b. Upper register, deceased before REc-Harakhti,bull in boat,lowerregister, deceased before REc-Harakhti,deceasedand family, LEEMANS, flfon. Aeg. Leyden, iii, pls. K. xxv, xxvi ; BOESER, Sammb?tg,iv, pl. xxx ; the sons and daughters, Aeg. BREMMER, Xunst fe Leiden, Nos. 3 5 3 6 ; titles and names, SCHIAPARELLI, cit. Eg. op. 329 [lower]-30; names, LIEBLEIN, cit. i, p. 236, No. 708. op. op. Four pilasters, K. 10-13. Texts and figures of deceased, LEEYANS, cit. iii, pls. K. xvii-xx ; BOESER, cit. iv, pls. xxvi-xxix ; figures of deceased [BOESER, op. xxvi, 4. a ( I ) op. Documenfs [&C.], pl. and 4. b (I)], BREMMER, cit. NOS. 28, 29 ; three heads, CAPART, 62 ; titles (on LEEMANS, C, xvii a, xviii, xx a), SCHIAPARELLI, cit. 329 [upper]. xvii op. op. op. Seated statue of deceased, D. 33 a, b, LEEMANS, cit. ii, pl. V ; HOESER, cit. iv, pl. xxxi. In Glyptothek, Xunioh. Seated statue of deceased, D. 6j, BOESER, cit. iv, pl. xxxii. op. Remains of squatting statue of deceased holding figure of Ptat! (?), D. 45, LEEMANS, op. cit. ii, pl. xi ; texts, BOESER, cit. V, pp. 10-1 I ; titles, names of relations, and op. op. Dicf. cartouche from shoulder, SCHIAPARELLI, cit. pp. 328-9 ; some names, LIEBLEIN, de Noms, ii, p. 992, No. 2540. Block with reliefs, on one side men approaching building and deceased with text, on the other deceased, wife, and souls drinking before tree-goddess, deceased with hymn to Osiris, and deceased and wife before offerings, BISSING, b e eine Grabwand aus Memphis ~ r [&C.], passim ; tree-goddess scene, KEIMER,Sur an bus-relief en calcaire [&C.] in Ann. Serv. xxix, pl. ii, cf. p. 84. In Berlin Xuaeum. Pyramidion; texts, L. D. Texf, i, p. 15. Jambs (found with pyramidion), Nos. 1631, 1632 ; texts, L. D . Text, i, p. 16; of No. 1631, Aeg. Inscfir. Mus. BerZh, ii. 2 I 7. In Cairo Museum. Column built into Monastery of Apa Jeremias (supra p. I 79) ; text on abacus and Saqqara (1907-8)) p. IS. on tablet below, QUIEELL, Basalt statue of deceased and wife, found south-east of Church, id. Saggara (1908-IO), lxxxvi [I, 21, cf. p. 146.

MERYMERY \ , \ :Custodian of the Treasury of Memphis. Dyn. Q

Side walls, in Leyden Mus. K. 49, K. 50. No. K. 49: top register, offering-bringers and man offering incense and libation before deceased, second register, offering-bringers, offering-list, and sem-priest before deceased, LEEMANS, Aeg. Mon. Leyden, iii, pls. K. xxiii, K. xxiv [upper] ; BOESER, Aeg. Sammlung, iv, pls. xiii, xiv. Third register, funeral procession with mourners and text below, LEEMANS, cit. pl. K. xxiv [lower]; BOESER, op. Atlas, i. 421. No. K. 50: first and second op. cit. pl. xv; omitting text, WRESZINSKI, registers, purification of mummy before Anubis, and offerings to deceased and wife, LEEMANS, cit. pls. K. xxi, K. xxii [upper]; BOESER, op. op. cit. pls. xvi, xvii. Third op. register, deceased watching two registers agriculture, and text below, LEEMANS, cit. pl. K. xxii [lower] ; BOESER, cit. pl. xviii ; omitting text, WRESZINSKI, op. Atlas, i. 422. Statuettes of servants and mummy on couch, BOESER, cit. iv, pl. xix [h, i, k, l] ; op. i, k, 1, CAPART, RecueiZ de Man. Ixxix, cf. description of plates ; i and k, LEEMANS, op. cit. ii, pl. xii ; h and 1, SPELEERS, Egrcrines Fun&aires &ypfienms, pls. 36, 37, Les opposite pp. 70, 71. S009~S CC


I94 SAQQARA-NECROPOLIS INIWIA YQ'Q 1, Q $ Roval scribe ; Chief steward ; Overseer of the cattle of Amon. XIX.

a in.

Stela, in Cairo Mus., MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pl. 57 [a] ; text, DE R O U G ~ , Inscr. Hieja. xli-xlii ; PIEHL,Stiles portant une inscr$tion [&C.] in Rec. de Trav. ii. 7 2. Pillars, in Berlin Mus. 1627-8, keg. und Vorderasiat. A/terthiinrer, pl. 117 ; texts, Aeg. Insrhr. Mus. Berlin, ii. 398-9.

HARMIN b?, Overseer of the royal harim in Memphis. Kingdom.

Text from stela, MARIETTE, Mustabas, 462. supra p. 36, but not very likely.)


(Possibly same man as 29 of LEPSIUS,

PRE'HIRUNEMEF x?yi& Chief scribe of Aman. Dyn. XX.

Stelae, in Cairo Mus., MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pl. 61 ; texts, PIEHL, Inscr. Hilro. xlii-xliv n.



PIAYt9 9 9, Scribe of the doors of the Temple of Neith, Mistress of Sais. Saite.
Name and title, MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pl. 62 [e].

TESNAKHT 9 Q _U&, daughter of Zeamanefconkh. Saite.

Coffin; text, id. ib. pl. 62 [a].

Sepulchral Chamber.


Doorway and walls ; texts, D E V ~ R I A squeezes*, 5381,


D, 21.

W E H E B 010, Royal scribe ;son of Harhatbehes XdJ W Saite. R~ T .

Twelve pieces of destroyed limestone sarcophagus; texts, D ~ v i squeezes*, 5373, B. RIA

ESHOR 22, of Tefnut son

L. :


Coffin, in Washington, Smithsonian Institution Mus., PICKERING, Gliddon MummyThe case in the Museum of the Smithsonian Institution (1867), passim with plate.


a, of Pedepemonkh AXEs9, and Renpetnefert son


{a :. &

Sarcophagus, in Louvre D. 8 ; texts, D E V ~ R Isqueezes*, 6163, A, 6170, D, 17. A Sarcophagus of Zeho son of Tashert-a!, (?) Prophet of the statues of Psammetikhos in the Temple of Memphis, probably from same tomb; texts, id. ib. 6163, A, I.



g, son of Serntou $88.

Late Persian to Ptolemaic.

Sarcophagus, in Marseilles Mus.; texts, MASPERO, Monuments &yptiens du MusPe Les de MnrseiZLe in Rec. de Trav. xxxvii. 7-1 6 ; see id. Catalogue du MusJe iaptien de Marseille, PP. 49-53.

HARMAKHI BCQ, High priest of Memphis. Temp. Ptolemy IV Philopator.

Sarcophagus, in Leyden Mus. L. 9, LEEIIIANS, Mon. Leyden, iii, pls. L. vii-xii. Aeg. Stela, in Brit. Mus. 39r, see Guide, Sculpture (rgog), pp. 267-8 [~ooo] GAUTHIER, ; Le Livre des Rois, iv. 2 7 2 [xxxviii].

Tombs, Positiotz Unknown I95 'ANKH-HAP Royal herald, son of Ta-usiri ]YR. PtoIemaic. ye,
Sarcophagus, in Marseilles Mus.; text, MASPERO, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxxvii. 4-6 op. [66] ; see id. Catalogue du Muse'e e'&y;bfiende Marseille, pp. 48-9.




Sarcophagus, in Vienna Mus., BERGMANN,e r SarRophag des Panehemisis in Jahrhuch D

d. Kunsthistur. Samml~mg Wien, i, pl. i, pp. 5-40; ii, pp, 1-5, 8-14; texts from lid, in Aeg. and text from outside of lower part, WRESZINSKI, Inschr. Wien, pp. 153-63 ; part &[SS.* xiii. 66-8 [top] ; of text from outside, and figures of Isis and Nephthys, WILKINSON

text of centre of lid, and titles from head-end, BERGMANN, Savco~haginschr$t aus der Eine Ptolemaerzeit in Sitzungsb. K. Akad. Wiss. Wien ( P h d Uist. KZ.), I 876, 73-88, 92 ; part Etudes ~iogt-aphigues Revue kgypto~ogiiue, i. 41 ; in of texts from foot-end of lid, BRUGSCH, figures of the winds, id. Thes. 848.


& , PHONUFI-PKHEM Ptolemaic. Ior GQozg.

Coffin, probably from here, in Cairo Mus. ; texts, DARESSY, Fragments de deux cercueils de Saqparah in Ann. Sew. xvii. 2-5.

KHA'FI SQ!, son of Renpetnefert {yoQ&. Ptolemaic.

Coffin, probably from here, in Cairo Mus.; texts, id. ib. 5-20.

PEDEKHONS good name PEFTEU'AKHONS ,$&-@E$, Chief of the head-cloth ; son of Tahor ]TB.
Sarcophagus ; texts,


ROUGB, Inscr. Hiei-o. cii.

IY-IRY Y, Chief director of artificers. j;Q

Name and titles, id. ib. xcvi [bottom].

YEPUQ Q o&, Scribe ; Overseer of the Treasury.

Eight lines text and two genii with knives, SHARPE, Inscr. Eg.

Ser. 41 [middle].


sonof Far-imhbtep$ & j c & Setyerboni ZJG. and

Cover of sarcophagus, probably from here, in Louvre D. 13 ; texts, PIERRET, Inscr. du Louvre, ii. 16 ; PIEHL,Inscr. Nikro. I SCr. xix-xx G ; DEVBRIA squeezes*, 61 66, vol. 2, I 17.

U N N ~ F &Q,R son of Nephthys. E


Lid of sarcophagus, in Cairo Mus. ; text, PIEHL,Inscr. U i h . I SCr. xxxvii-xi1 A ; part, MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pl. 59 ; BRUGSCH, 72es. 741-3; DEVBRIAsqueezes*, 6166, vol. 2, 115.

Tomb of general Haremhab (afterwards King).

Completely destroyed. Remaining fragments dispersed among various museums, see f BREASTED, Ancient Records o Egypt, iii, $9 1-12. LEEMANS, Aeg. Mon. Leyden, i, pls. xxxi-xxxiv; BOESER, Aeg. Sammlung, iv, pls. xxi-xxv. Deceased, followed by four groups of Syrians, being decorated, and Syrians below X ~, Die [LEEMANS, X X xxxii ; BOESER,xxi, xxii], CURTIUS, Antike Kunst, i, p. 165, Abb. in f 125 b, p. 193, Abb. 143 ;Syrians, NEWBERRY Ross, The A r t o Egypt through the Ages, p. 166 [z]; omitting first group, ERMAN and RANKE, Aemten, pl. 42 [z]; deceased
I n Leyden Museum.

decorated, BREMMER, Kunsf te Leiden, Nos. 42, 43 ; heads of some of the Syrian Eg. Recueil de Mon. kg.xxxv-xxxvii ; three heads of Syrians at bottom, groups, CAPART, op. Die BREMMER, cit. NO. 44; the Syrians at the bottom (omitting one group), MEYER, Entzlferung der Uethitischen Sprache in Mitteil. d. Deutsch. Or. Gesel. Dec. 1915, No. Documents [&c], pls. 52, 53 [B]. 56, p. 11, Abb. 2-4; CAPART, Deceased before King and Queen [BOESER, xxiii, xxiv b (left) ; part, LEEMANS, xxxiii (left)], SCHAFER and ANDRAE, Die Kunsf des alfen Orients, 370 [upper], 371 [upper op. 5. left]; King and Queen, CAPART, cit. 1 1 51. Conquered Syrians with horses before deceased, and block in Vienna Mus. with text xxxiii (right), xxxiv and bowing courtiers above (adjoining previous scene) [LE:EMANS, X KingHarmhab (Vienna block omitted) ; BOESER, X ~ V ,X X ~ Va, X X ~ Vb (right)], BREASTED, and his Sakkara Tomb in A:Z. xxxviii, p. 47, fig. I ; omitting Vienna block, CURTIUS, Die Ant& Kunst, i, p. 166, Abb. 125 c ; SCHAFER ANDRAE, cit. 369, 371 [right] ; and op. omitting horses, BATES, Eastern Libyuns, pl. vi [3] opposite p. 134 ; bowing courtier, 77ze BREMMER, cit. NO. 45 ; three heads of Syrians, CAPART, cit. pl. 53 [A] ; V'lenna op. op. block, eight lines of text, \.\T~EDEMANN, Texts of the Second Part of the Ekhteenfh Dynasty in P.S.B.A. xi. 42 5 ; BERGMANN, A nsiedlung semitischer Nomaden in &pen in A.Z xxvii. 126 (called Theban tomb); WRESZINSKI, Inschr. Wien, 50-2. Aeg. Deceased before RE'-Harakhti [BOESER, XXV], CAPAKT, Recueil de Mon. xxxviii; Beitrage zur agvptischen Geschichfe ill A.Z. xxiii. 81. texts, WIEDEMANN,


In the British Museum.

Stela with three hymns, No. 551, MEYER, Die Stele des florembeb in A:Z. xv. 149-51 ; Guide, Sculpture (rgog), pl. xix, cf. p. rgo [461]; Guide to the Egyptian Collections (1930)j P. 3591 fig. 197. Two jambs, Nos. 550, 552, SHARPE, Inscr. 2 Ser. 92. Eg.
I n Cairo Museum.

Jambs, MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pl. 74 ; DE R o u ~ f Inscr. Nilro. cvii-cviii. , Four drums of columns, deceased adoring divinities, MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pl. 75 ; texts of deceased (No. 3 reversed), DE R O U G ~ , Inscr. Hie%. xxxvi-xxxvii. Fragments with hymns to Re'; texts, id. ib. civ-cvi. Found in Monastery of Apa Jeremias. Saqqara (1908-IO), pls. lxvii [z, 31, lxviii Blocks built into South Church, QUIBELL, [I], Ixxi-lxxiii, Ixxiv [IO], lxxx [I].
In Bologna (Col]. Pelagio).

No. 1889 (from Collection of Nizzoli in Alexandria), two registers, chariots, horseman, Mon. prisoners, &C., CHAMPOLLION, cccciv [I] (first plate marked cccciv and said to be from ' Maasara et Tliorrah '), ccccxxxix ; ROSELLINI, Civ. cxx, cf. Text, iii, p. 244 note 2 ; Mon. ZARDETTI, Sopra due antichi monumenfi egiziani [&C.], pp. 20-5, and pl. iii; CAPART, The Mentphite Tomb of Kinr flarembnb in J.E.A. vii, pl. vi [upper] opposite p. 33; I~UCATI, Guida del Museo Civico di Bologna, 58 ; second register, man on horseback and Hist. Anc. des Peujles de ,?Orient, Les Prenli2res ~Vt?lks, 19. z another man, MASPERO, No. 1885, Haremhab in the Fields of Iaru, CAPART, cit. PI. V opposite p. 31. op. No. 1886, counting loaves, &C., id. ib. pl. vii opposite p. 34. No. 1887, Negro slaves, BISSING, Denkmaler, 81 A ; SCHAFER and ANDRAE, op. cit. 354 [I] ; text of Egyptian counting, KMINEK-SZEDLO, Catalogo d i Antichit2 Egizie, I 70 ; DUCATI, op. cit. 57. No. 1888, house, peasants, &C., CAPART, op. cit. pl. vi opposite p. 33 (adjoins Berlin fragment, cf. id. ib. p. 33, fig. I).

Tombs, Positiofz Ufzknozelfz

In Berlin.


No. 20363, camp scenes, SCHAFER, einem iipptischen Kriegslage in Amtli~he Aus Beni-hte aus den Preusz. Kunstsammlungetz, XI, Nr. 8, p. 153, Abb. 77 ; SCHAFER and op. Atlas, i. 386; adjoining Bologna fragment No. ANDRAE, cit. 354 [2]; WRESZINSKI, op. 1888, see CAPART, cit. inJ2.A. vii, p. 33, fig. I.
In the Louvre.

Architrave and jambs, C . 68, 69, 70, PIERRET, Inscr. dz~ Louvre, ii. 57.
In Coll. Ziainirt, Alexandria (in 1889).

Eleven lines text of journey of deceased to Upper Nile, WIEDEMANN, Texts o the f Second P a r t o the Ezkhteenth Dynasly in P S.B. xi. 424. f . A. Tombs of the Priests of Memphis. Two blocks, two registers funeral procession, and two offering-bringers and deceased temp. Ramesses 11, built into wearing necklace, from a tomb naming Neferronpet AUS native house, in Berlin Mus. I 241o, 1241 I, ERAIAN, dem Grabe eines Uohenpriesters von Memphis in A;Z. xxxiii, pls. i, ii, cf. p. 23, figs. d, e ; WEIGALL, Anc. Lg. Works of Art, 227, cf. 228 [upper] ; upper register, servants breaking pots, BORCHARDT, Bilderdes 'Zerbrechens der Kruge ' in A'.Z. Ixiv, pl. i [z] ; texts, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, ii. I 78-80 ; funeral procession, SCHAFER ANDRAE, Kunst des alien Orients, 373, 374 [left] ; and Die Aeg. undVorderasiat. Alierthumer, pl. I I o ; FECHHEIMER, Plastik der AgYpter, pl. I 55 ; Die CAPART, L'Arf ~ m t i e n I ~ T I )pls. 173-4 ; id. L'Art ~ ~ ~ p t ii, L7Architeecture, PIS. ( , en, 148, 149 ; CURTIUS, Antike Kunst, i, p. 41, Abb. 46. Die Block from same grave, procession leaving temple, in Berlin Mus. 13297, Aeg. und Vordevasiat. Alterfhumer, pl. I I I. Fragment of funeral procession used as doorstep in native house, now in Copenhagen, AUS dem Hohenpriestergrabe zu Memphis in A.Z. xli, Ny Carlsberg Mus. E 92, MADSEN, pl. i, cf. pp. 110-13; SCHMIDT, Choix de Monunrents kgyptiens ( I ~ I O )pl. xiii, fig. 28; , L MOGENSEN, a Collection Pgypfienne, pl. ciii [A. 7041, cf. pp. 95-6. Three fragments of relief with scenes of funeral procession of royal scribe Neferronpet Dyn. XVIII-XIX, im Brussels, MusCes Royaux du Cinquantenaire, E. 3053-5, CAPART, Une Donation d'Antiquife? Emtiennes a u x AZuse'es Royaux de Bmxelles, fig. Rec. 39 8, cf. pp. 24-7 ;texts, SPELEERS, des Inscr. kg. (149).

if 7,


Statues, stelae [&C.], and offering-tables, from destroyed tombs. Statues. Nefer-hy Kl Q Dyn. I11 or IV, in Brit. Mus. 247 r q, A Guide to the third andfourth Egyptian Rooms (I go4), p. 90 [I 501 ; Guide to the Egyjtian Collections (rgso), p. 26, fig. I o. Statues of S'ankhuiptah of deceased with son, and with wife Nubebnebti King's daughter, Dyn. IV or V, in Cairo Mus. 196, 201, 37, BORCHARDT, Statuen und Statuetten (Cat. Caire), i, pls. 41, 42,1o, pp. 133-4, 136, 35-6; texts of 37 and 196, DE K O U G Inscr. Uiejo. v [lower], ccci [4]. ~, Itep , Q Lector, Dyn. V, in Cairo hlus. 7, BORCHARDT, cit. i, pl. 2, cf. pp. 7-8. : op. Ne-sekha -h/%g&, Master of ceremonies, Royal priest, Dyn. V, in Cairo Mus. 23, Anc. Eg. Abrks o Art, 33. f id. ib. pl. 6, p. 25 ; WEIGALL, Statue of a prophet, &c. (name lost), Dyn. V, in Cairo Mus. 49, BORCHARDT, cit. i, op. PI. 13, P. 44. 0 Statue-group of Ne'ankhre' Secretary of the Toilet-house, &C., and family, Dyn. V, in Cairo Mus. 55, id. ib. pl. 14, pp. 48-9. Statue of man reading (name lost), Dyn. V, in Cairo Mus. 78, id. ib. pl. 18, pp. 63-4; Album du Musk de Boulap, 2. MARIETTE,




E 11?>, 1



'Ashma Iflfl>]&, Royal priest, Dyn. V, in Cairo Mus. 99, BORCHARDT, cit. i, pl. op. 2 2 , PP. 77-8. Statue-groupand statue of Sekedpukau (?) o U U U,Inspector of scribes, Seal-bearer, Dyn. V, in Cairo MUS:IOI, 208, id. ib. pl. 23, pp. 79-80, 140. Hesy Overseer of magistrates, Dyn. V, in Cairo Mus. 104 ; name and titles, id. ib. p. 82. Chief of the Ten of Upper Egypt, Prophet of Ma'et, &C., Dyn. V, in Iris op. Cairo Mus. 131, id. ib. pl. 29, pp. 98-9; WEIGALL, cit. 43 [lower]. Fragments of statue of Nekaeankh Secretary of the Toilet-house, &C., Dyn. V, perhaps from here, in Cairo Mus. 136; texts, BORCHARDT, cit. i, p. 101. (Possibly op. from tomb of Neka'ankh, MARIETTE, 48, but titles do not agree; cf. supra p. 165.) D.


18-9 4,



Snefrusonb Royal priest, Dyn. V (possibly from DahshBr), in Cairo Mus. 137, id. ib. pl. 31, p. 102. Dwarf Rhnemhotp B e n , Overseer of clothing (2) of Ka-servants, Dyn. V, in Cairo in Mus. 144, id. ib. pl. 32, pp. 105-6; MASPERO RAYET,Monuments de L'Art Antique, sixth plate ; MASPERO, Egypfan Art, plate opposite p. 86 ; id. Guide (1914). p. 33, fig. 7 ; WARREN DAWSON, MagrZan and Leech, pl. iv [B] opposite p. 106 ;CAPART and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 353, fig. 341 ; HALL Ross, The Art o Egyff through in f the Ages, p. log [3]. Ntifer Director of brewers, Dyn. V, in Cairo Mus. 145, BORCHARDT, cit. op. i, pl. 32, pp. 106-7; MARIETTE, Album du Muse2 de Boulaq, 25; MASPERO, Hht. Anc. des PeupZes de ['Orient, Les Origines, 411 ; BISSING, Ilenkntder, 11 A [b, C] ; CAPART, L'Art kgvptien ( I gog), pl. I 7 ; MASPERO, Guide ( I grq), p. 60, fig. 15 ; CAPART and WERBROUCK, MevqVzis, p. 348, fig. 333. Sethef Scribe, Dyn. V, in Cairo Mus. 204, BORCHARDT, cit. i, pl. op. 43, p. 138. Neferhbtep &%, Overseer of the council, Dyn. V, in Cairo Mus. 206, id. ib. pl. 43, P. '39. Prophet of the Pyramid of Neuserre', Dyn. V, in Cairo or U Kahef Mus. 268, id. ib. pl. 57, p. 170. Imkbtep Inspector of priests, Dyn. V, in Cairo Mus. 270, id. ib. pl. 58, pp. 1 7 1-2. Base of statue of Ahauka m b U , Inspector of hair-dressers of the Great House, Dyn. V, in Cairo Mus. 304; text, id. ib. p. 182. Dyn. V, in Cairo Mus. 309 ; text, id. ib. p. 183. Base of statue of Hepi Dyn. V, in Cairo MUS. Two fragments of base of statue-group of Neferiru &-B, 314 ; texts, id. ib. p. 184. Broken statue-group of 'Ankhirptah Secretary of the Toilet-house, &C., Dyn. V, in Cairo Mus. 376, id. ib. pl. 59, pp. 197-8; text, SETHE.Urk. i. 73 (50);Statues of Gegi Overseer of the garden of the Great House, Overseer of prophets Statucn und Statueften (Cat. of Onuris, &C.,Dyn. VI, in Cairo Mus. 70-5, BORCHARDT, Caire), i, pl. 17, pp. 60-2. Headless statue of Mereri Prophetess of Hathor, probably wife of Gegi, Dyn. VI, in Cairo Mus. 369; text, id. ib. p. 194. Niptahemmesui Scribe, Dyn. VI, in Cairo Mus. 191, id. ib. pl. 41, pp. 130-1.








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Tombs, Positiotz Unknown


Thau Dyn. VI, in Cairo Mus. 120, id. ib. pl. 27, p. 92. Inspector of ka-servants, Scribe, and boy Khenu Statue-group of Iti Old Kingdom, in Copenhagen, MusCe National, MOGENSEN, Inscr. EYiiei-0. du Music National de Copenhaguc, pl. I , cf. p. I ; names, LIEBLEIN, Dict. de Noms, ii, p. 558, No. 1362. Mentuhotp E=)%(broken), Overseer of fields, Middle Kingdom, in Cairo Mus. op. 526; texts, BORCHARDT, cit. ii, p. 82. Chancellor of the King of Lower Khentekhtiemsaf-sonb Egypt, &C.,Middle Kingdom, in Cairo Mus. 408, id. ib. pl. 67, p. 2 0 ; head, ENGELBACH, Th so-called Hyksos Monuments in Ann. Serv. xxviii, pl. ii [2]. Sit-Ma'et Dyn. XVIII, in Cairo Mus. 452, BORCHARDT, cit. pl. 75, p. 48. op. Double statue of Thay and Naia , Dyn. XVIII or XIX, in Cairo L Mus. 628, id. ib. pl. I 15, p. 176 ; MASPERO, e Muse'e kgyptien, ii, pl. vi, cf. pp. 16-19; CAPART, L'Art kgYjtien (lgog), pl. 69 ; head of Thay, id. Tpte [Pkyptienne du M u s h de Bruxelles in Monuments Piot, xiii (1906), p. 34, fig. I. Wooden statues of Henutwedebt Henutnakhtu Khent-si-ennebto and Hori called RG'?, Dyn. X V I I I and XIX, in Cairo Mus. 801, 804, 805, 806, BORCHARDT, cit. iii, PIS. 148, 149, pp. 99-100, 101-3. OP. Double-statue of Nebneheh o i @ i , Chief of bowmen, and Bakert , Dyn. XIX, in Cairo Mus. 597, id. ib. ii, pl. 107, pp. 150-1. Neferronpet ,&{ Governor of the Town, Vizier, Dyn. XIX, in Cairo Mus. 713, id. ib. iii, pl. 132, pp. 50-1. Q Two squatting statues with naos of Kha'y , ! , Overseer of the Treasury of the a Temple of Ramesses I1 in the House of Amtin, Dyn. XIX, in Cairo illus. 604, 606, id. ib. ii, pls. 109, I 10, p. 154. cf. pp. 155-6 ; texts, PIEHL,Inscr. Ui6ro. 3 Sir. Ixxviii-lxxix, nf, L ; part, DE ROUGB, Inscv. HiZro. xxx (middle and top); text of No. 604, MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pl. 63 (f). -On Statue of Ptah with text of Meniuser son of Nakht , Dyn. XIX, Statues deDivifound in trench with animal bones, now in Cairo Mus. 38432, DARESSY, nite's (Cat. Caire), pl. xxv, p. I I 7. Lower part of naos containing statue, dedicated to Teti Merneptah by Amenwahsu Scribe of the altar of the Lord of the Two Lands, Dyn. XIX, in Marseilles Mus. 11, NAVILLE, roi Teta Merenjhtah in A.Z. xvi, pl. iv, cf. pp. 69-79; Le CAPART, Hecueii de Mon. xlv. Pesitir reading, Dyn. XIX or later, in Cairo Mus. 827, BORCHARDT, cit. op. ... 111, pl. 153, p. 115. Lower part of statue of Osiris with text of 'Ankhpekhrad ?o$, Ruler of the West, Saite, in Cairo Mus. 38233 ; text, DARESSY, cit. p. 68. op. Statue of a prophet of Ptah holding statue of god, Late Period, in Cairo Mus. 667 ; texts, BORCHARDT, cit. iii, p. 15. op.




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Stelae [&C.]. False-door of Isi-hnkh ,;. Q Priest of Horus, Dyn. V, in Brit. NUS. 1383, Hiero. Texts (&C.), Pt. i, pl. 24 ; Guide to the E y p t i a n Collections ( I gog), pl. xiv opposite p. 167 ; (1g30), p. 251, fig. 135 ; see Guide, Sculpture ( ~ g o g )pp. 18-19 [53]. , 2 0 False-door with statue of Bac-Teti ,Dyn. V, in Brit. Mus. 1165, Hiero. Texfs





(&C.), Pt. i, pl. 29 (left); BUDGE, Egyptian Scu(ptures, pl. iv ; Guide, Sculpture (~gog), fig. on p. 2 I. False-door of Ptahhotp Intimate, First under the King, Dyn. VI, in Brit. Mus. 1287, Niero. Texts (&C.), Pt. i, pl. 33 [left] ; see Guide, Sculpture ( ~ g o g ) pp. 25-6 [S-.]. , False-door of Meri good name Idu Q-$&, Royal scribe of accounts, &C., Dyn. VI, in Brit. Mus. I 191, Niero. Texts (Stc.), Pt. i, pl. 33 [right] ; see Guide, Sculpture ('909), P. 26 (85)Stela of an Overseer of the Garden, with son Nemu (?) (?), Ilyn. VI, in Brit. Mus. 128, Niero. Texts (&C.), Pt. i, pl. 41 [right]; see Guide, Sculpture ( ~ g o g ) ,pp. 26-7 [86]. Stela of Tathet or C ] & ( O,~ Royal wife, Dyn. V1 (?), in Cairo Mus.; text, DARESSY, Remarques et Notes in Kec. de Trav. xi. 82-3 [xxviii]. Stela of Neternofer Old Kingdom, in Cairo Mus.; text, id. ib. 82 [xxvii]. False-door of Idy Old Kingdom, in Copenhagen, MusCe National, NIEBUHR, Reisebeschreibung (17:4), i, pl. XI [E]; id. Voyage en Arabie (translation), 1776, i, pl. xl [E], opposite p. 167 ; text, SCHMIDT, Textes hilrog&phiques [&C.], 2 ; MOGENSEN, Inscr. Nilro. du Musee National de Copenhague, p. 11 [lower]. Stela of Hepi , Prophet of the Pyramid of Teti, &C., Old Kingdom (P), in Cairo Mus. rgog ; text, DE R O U G ~ , Insn: Niei-o. iii [top]. Stela from tomb of Henutsen dedicated by son ~ a e m t h e n e n t Dyn. V, in Cairo Mus. 1691, 1456; text, id. ib. v [upper] ; part, SETHE, Urk. i. 34(21). Stela (?) of Methu Royal scribe of accounts, &C., Dyn. XI1 (?), in Cairo Mus. 1397 ; titles, DE ROUGB, cit. xcix [bottom]. op. Stela of Ptahmey Chief workman of chariots, temp. Tuthmosis 1-11, in Museo Archeologico d i Fiyenze, i. 290-2 [1568]. Florence Mus. 2584 ; texts, SCHIAPARELLI, Stela of 'Ankh-Ptah Head of the songstresses of Ptah, temp. Amenophis 111, dedicated to Ptahmosi (supra p. I ~ I ) in Florence Mus. 2537 ; texts, id. ib. 296-7 [ I S ~ I ] . , Stela of Thuthu a&-&, Royal scribe, Steward of the palace of Ay, adoring Sokari, late Dyn. XVIII, in Brit. Mus. 2 11, Niero. Texts [&C.], Pt. vii, pl. 35 ; see Guide, , Sculpture ( ~ g o g ) p. 124 [439]. c Stela of Minmessu T,TA$&, Lieutenant-governor of Memphis, Dyn. XVIII, op. in Florence Mus. 2538; texts, SCHIAPARELLI, cit. 301-2 [1576]. Stela of Thia or , Fan-bearer on the right of the King, temp. Ramesses 11, in Florence hius. 2532 ; texts, id. ib. 323-4 [15g8]. Stela of Kasa U 1 1 6, Chief custodian of the stone door, Dyn. X I X ; text, DE ROUGB, op. cit. xxxiii [top]. Head of gold-workers, Dyn. XIX or XX, in Cairo Stela ofAmenemhab Mus., MASPERO, Guide(1883), plate opposite p. 39 ;titles, DE R o u ~ 6 , o pcit. xxxiii [middle]. . Stela of Qhout Dyn. X I X ; titles, id, ib. xxxiii [bottom]. Stela of Mery Magician of the Lord of the Two Lands, New Kingdom (?); texts, id. ib. XI [upper]. Stela of Nakht, , -ea Chief King's son of Amiin, &C., New Kingdom (?); text, id. ib. xliii [lower]. j, Chief of divisional-commanders of troops, in Cairo Mus. Stela of Amenmosi 34054, LACAU, St2les du Nouvel Eftpire (Cat. Caire), pl. xxxii, pp. 95-7; names and titles, DE R O U G ~ , Inscr. Uie>o. lvi [top right].




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Tombs, Positiofz Unknown

20 I

Stela of Mey Overseer of the magazines of Peru-nefer, New Kingdom, in Cairo op. pp. Un Mus. 34050, LACAU, cit. pl. XXX, 86-90 ; figure of deceased, DRIOTON, second propZte d'onouris in Monuments Pioi, vol. xxv, p. 127, fig. 6 ; text, PIEHL,h s c r . HiJro. I S r . xciii-xcv, K. -c , Q", Captain of bowmen, Head of the stable, &C., New Stela of Nehemfa(w)y Q op. Kingdom, in Cairo Mus. 34098, LACAU, cit. pl. xlvi, pp. 151-2 ; names and titles, DE R O U G Inscr. Hieko. lii [middle] (called Abydos). ~, [Overseer] of the Treasury of the Temple of Fragments of stelae of Sak 6 ; names, L. D. Text, i, p. 17 [middle]. Ramesses 11, and of Pkhar called Hetutu Scribe of the Fragments of stela of Minhotp Treasury, Scribe of recruits, &C., Dyn. X V I I I or XIX, found in house in Abasir village, Une in Cairo Mus.; text, DARESSY, st2le fragmente'e d'Aboz~sirin Ann. Sem. xix. 127-30. Stela of Neteruimosi 11, Charioteer of His Majesty, MARIETTE, i n . Div. f pl. 105. Stela of Ty High priest of Ptah, with son Say 6 Lector in the House of Bast, 4 Saite, in Brit. Mus. 972, WILKINSON MSS.* xviii. 78; see Guide, Sculpture ( ~ g o g ) p. 239 ,

5 9, 4





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Aramaic stela of Aba and Akhetbu temp. Xerxes, in Berlin Mus. 7707, LEPSIUS, Eine Aegyptisch-Aramaiscke Stele in A.Z. xv, pl. i, cf. p. I 28 ; Aeg. und Vorderasiai. Alttrthiimer, pl. 123 ; BORCHARDT, Datierte Denkmaler [&C.] in A.Z. xlix, pl. viii [2]. =$ 1, High-priest of Memphis, temp. Cleopatra V11 Stela of Pshenptah Philopator (' Harris stela'), in Brit. Mus. 886, PRISSE,Mon. xxvi; SHARPE, Inscr. I Eg. Ser. 72-3 ; Reinisch, Chrestonzathie, PI. xxi; NESTOR ' H ~ T E L MSS.* 20404, 40-2 (squeeze); Thes. 940-4; see Guide, Sculpture (190g),p. 275 [1026]. HAY*,29844, B ; text, BRUGSCH, Stela of Ta-imh6tep c%, of preceding, in Brit. Mus. 147, PRISSE, wife Mon. xxvi op. Auswahl, xvi (lower) ; REINISCH, cit. OP. bis ;SHARPE, cit. I Ser. 4-5 [upper] ;LEPSIUS, pl. xx; Guide to th Egyptian CoUections ( I ~ ~ Op. ,216, fig. 116; text, BRUGSCH, h s . ) T g I 8-2 7 ; date from 11. I 2, 13, BRUGSCH, e r Apis-Kreis aus den Zeifen der Piolemaer in A.Z. D xxiv. 25 ; see Guide, Sculpture ( ~ g o g ) p. 275 [ I O Z ~ ] . , Stela (hieroglyphic and demotic) of Pedubaste o A l < , son of preceding, in Brit. Mus. 188, YOUNG, Hierog&$hics, pls. 70-1, 74 [upper] ; WILKINSON MSS.* xvii. G. 15 ; text, Thes. 928-33 ; see Guide, Sculpture ( ~ g o g ) p. 276 [ I O ~ O ] . , BRUGSCH, Stela of Ta-imh6tep daughter of Ta-imhotep, in Brit. Mus. 387, op. , YOUNG, cit. pl. 48; see Guide, Sculpture ( ~ g o g )p. 275 [1028]. Stela (hieroglyphic and demotic) of T-neferho daughter of Khar-hap e Q A and ~er-'ankh$?&, temp. Ptolerny XIII, in Brit. Mus. 184, YOUNG, cit. pls. op. 72-3, 74 [lower] ; WILKINSON MSS* xvii. G. 14 ; text, BRUGSCH, Thes. 934-40 : see Guide, , Sculpture ( ~ g o g ) p. 264 [983]. Stela of Meryptah = , W : Late Period, YOUNG, cit. pl. 49. op. Stela of Es-keti High priest of Memphis, Prophet of Philotera and Arsinoe I1 (daughters of Ptolemy I), in Brit. Mus. 379, id. ib. pls. 77-8 ;text, BRUGSCH, Thes. 907-9 ; see Guide, Sculpture (~gog),p. 276 [rozg]. Small stelae with goddess Mert-segert, and another with Amen-re', Ptolemaic, in Brit. op. Mus., YOUNG, cit. pl. 50. Two demotic stelae, Ptolemaic, in Brit. Mus. 392, id. ib. pls. 51, 75-6 ; see Guide, , Sculpture ( ~ g o g ) p. 265 [ggz]. Stela of Neferyt Ptolemaic (?); text, DARESSY, Notes et Remarques in Rec. de Trav. xiv 184 [lxxxii].






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Ptolemaic stela (no name), in Cairo Mus. 22161, KAnfAL, Stt?ies Ptoltmatpues et Romaines (Cat. Caire), pl. xlix, pp. 146-7. $ Ptolen~aic,in Cairo Mus. 22137, id. ib. pl. XI, pp. I 19-20 ; ~ t e l of ~ e r (?) n Q, a ~ texts, DARESSY, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xvi. 49 [civ]. op. called Her-'ankh from Stela of mother of deceased, Heraklia same tomb, in Cairo Mus. 2 2 1 79 ; texts, KAMAL, cit. pp. 157-8 ; DARESSY, cit. op. OP. 49 [ciii]. Dyn. I11 (perhaps from Giza), in Brit. Mus. 1212, Uiero. TPxts Panel of Hes [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 21 [bottom]; see Guide, Sculpture (~gog),p. 2 [4]. Bas-relief, two registers, vase-makers and leather-workers, Dyn. X I 1 (P), in Florence Mus. 2606, BEREND, Priec$aux Monuments du MusLe kgyptien de Florence, pl. X, cf. p. I 00. Bas-relief, deceased watching three registers bringing fish and fowl, in Cairo Mus., WRESZINSKI, Atlas, i. 84 a ; BISSING, Kultur des alten Abptens, NO. 7. Die Bas-relief, three canoes of boatmen quarrelling, in Cairo Mus. 237, CAPART and WEREROUCK, Memphis, p. 398, fig. 389 ; see MASPERO, Guide (rgrq), p. 77. Bas-relief, fishing with draw-net, Old Kingdom, in Lyons Mus. (from squeeze No. 1046), GAILLIARD, Recherchs s u r b s Poissons (&C.) in M h . Inst. Fr. Arch. Or. li, p. g, fig. 6, cf. p. 82, fig. 49. Aeg. Mon. Leyden, i, pl. xxxv Bas-relief, group of asses, in Leyden Mus., LEEMANS, [top]; HOLWERDA BOESER, and Atlas, pl. xxii; WEIGALL, Anc. Eg. Works o Art, 53 f [upper] ; CAPART WERBROUCK, and Memphis, p. 250, fig. 232 ; HALLin Ross, The A r t of Egypt through the Ages, p. I 14 [3]. Three blocks with offering-bringers, &C., from two destroyed tombs, Dyn. V, in Cairo Mus., MASPERO, Muse? kyptien, ii, pl. xi ; CAPART, Le Une Rue de Tombeaux, ciii. Fragment with five lines of text, formula and feasts, in Cairo Mus. 1434, MARIETTE, Mastabas, 433 [F. 21 ; DE R O U G ~ , Inscr. Uiejo. xxxviii ; part of fourth and fifth lines, Thes. 401. BRUGSCH, Block of Ptah-khenu ; text, MURRAY, Saqqara Mastabas, pl. iii [3]. Fragment of architrave with titles of a prophet of the Sun-temple of Userkaf, PRISSE, Mon. p. 3 [middle] ; MARIETTE, Mnstabas, 445 [H. 61.





Part of architrave of Khac . . . . Isesi B@, Prophet (?) of the Pyramid of Meryre', in Cairo Mus. ~ 4 3 8 id. ib. 456 [H. 101. , Inscribed fragments from tombs, L. D. Text, i, p. 17 [I-31. Bas-relief, women dancers and tambourine-players at funeral, Dyn. XIX, in Cairo Mus., DE R O U G ~ , Album Photo. 135 ; PRISSE,L'Arf kgyjtien, ii, Sczu'ph~re, 45 [lower] ' Baspl. reliefs fundraires', cf. Texfe, p. 418; BORCHARDT REISNER,Works o Art, 28. and f Bas-relief, fragment of funeral procession, Dyn. XIX, in Florence Mus. 2581 ; remains of text, SCHIAPARELLI, Museo Archeologico d i I;irenze, 338 [604]. Block of Ptahemwia Royal butler, New Kingdom ; text, BRUGSCH, RecueiZ, vii [I]. Fragment with late text, MARIETTE, Mnstabas, 460-1 [H. I]. Block, Dyn. XIX, with twenty-one lines of Ch. clxxxii of Book of the Dead, probably from here, in Brussels, MusCes Royaux du Cinquantenaire, E. 3056 ; text, SPELEERS, Le Chapitre C L X X X l l d u Livre des Morts in Rec. de Trav. XI. 86 ; SPELEERS, Rec. des Inscr.

1I@ &,

Offering-tables. Duau *P ; names and titles, DE R O U G ~ , Inscr. HiLro, liv [lower middle]. Mantifer SHARPE, Eg. Inscr. 2 Ser. 4r [top right].


Tombs, Position Unknown



Merib in Cairo Mus. 1343, MARIETTE, Masfabus, 435 [upper], 441 ; title, ROUGE,op. cit. 1vi [top left]. Nubhotp ~ J ~ A EAbeb , Ipri (?) good name Nebsen Ithi


m a p 7, h n e m h n k h u ~ B???, uetepka-I&fu A-, and Kai -& 9, in Cairo Mus. 1306, 1341, 1340, 1346, 1348, 1363, 1324, and in Berlin Mus. 7723, MARIETTE, Mustabas, 435-7, 438 [upper], 439-40 b-g, i, j]. Shemsetka in^, Khemtnu ~ E o , e n i m e n 4 E ; texts, id. ib. 442 and ~ # m,

4 -4,


4 2 9







Senbeb and wife 'Aku Dyn. XIII, found near Teti Pyramid, in Cairo Mus. 2303r, KAMAL, Tables d'ofrandes (Cat. Caire), pl. xiv, pp. 25-6. Dyn. XVIII (?),found n o ~ t h Teti Pyramid, in Cairo Mus. 23079, of Minnakht id. ib. pl. xvii, p. 66. Ma'hu , , , C L Dyn. XX, in Cairo Mus. 23094, id. ib. pl. XX,p. 81. Esptah, with demotic inscription, Roman, found north of Serapeum, in Cairo Mus. 7.3173, id. ib. PI. xlv, cf. P. 130; SPIEGELBERG, Demotischen Inschriften (Cat. Caire), Die pl. xxiv, cf. p. go.


1 ,


Other Tombs, probably from Saqqka.

MA'RU &g&, called BEBI$$Q, the boat ; &c. Dyn. IV.

Esteemed of Merenre'; Scribe of

Sepulchral Chamber. I n Brussels, hlusCes Royaux du Cinquantenaire,

E. 2243. Complete, CAPART, Chanzbre F ~ ~ n h a i r e lu Sixi2me Dynastie ; see SPELEERS, de Recdes Inscr. &. 7 [S I].


44,Royal priest, and INTB4 Concubine. z4

Dyn. IV.

Fragments in British Museum.

Stela, No. ,1171, Z e r o . Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 16 1423. Block, deceased and sons, No. I 168, id. ib. pl. 16 [43] ; names, Guide, Sculpture (r gog), P. 14. Block, wife and children, No. 1170, Niero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 16 [73]; names, Guide cit. p. 22. Block, deceased with staK and sceptre, No. 1169, Hiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 17 [41]; Guide cit. fig. on p. 14, cf. p. 13.

KATEP uvr~, Prophet of Khufu ; &c. Dyn. IV.

In British Museum.

False door and two blocks, Nos. 1288, I I 73, I I 74, Niero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, ~ 1 . [I 5-1 71. 9 Statue-group of deceased and wife, Hetep-heres No. I 18 I, BUDGE, Egyptian Scul'ptures in the British Museum, pl. ii ; Guide to the Egyptian Collections (rgog), p. I 77 ; (1930), p. 263, fig. 143; BUDGE, By vile and T i r i s , ii, plate opposite p. 338 ; texts, Hiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. vi, pl. 19 [14].

*! L,

HENAT :-4&g,

Chief lector; &c. Temp. Amasis.

Bas-relief, offering-bringers before deceased, in Cairo Mus.; titles, GAUTHIER, travers A la Basse-kgyjte in Ann. Sem. xxi. 34. Bas-relief, men bringing fowl to deceased, in Berlin Mus. I 5414, WRESZINSKI, Atlas, i. 39'. Statue and sarcophagus, in Brit. Mus. 134, 86, probably from here, see Guide, Sculpture (rgog), pp. 227 [8r9], 230 [828].




From MARIETTE, Sirapiuvt, Tcxle, first plate at end.

From RHON$,L'Zgypte dpetites journbes, plate opposite p. 2 2 8 , and G U N Nin Ann. Se?-v.xxvi. 82.



Tombs, Position Unknown


Perhaps from Saqqbra (hardly from T l 61-Amarna). el Bas-relief, poultry-yard and storehouse, with lower parts of thirteen columns of text above, temp. Tuthmosis I V or Amenophis IV, found in Caste1 Goffredo near Cremona, , IVUSCO Italy, now in Florence Mus. 1588 [ s ~ I z ]SCHIAPARELLI, Archeolopio di Firenze, 3 14-15; BEREND, ~ c $ ~ u x P Montrmenfs d~ &?US& ~ p f i dt n ~ e Roren~t?, IO~;WRESZINSKI, Atlas, i. 395. 111. THE SERAPEUM MARIETTE,Z e Seiapeirm de Memfkis (1857), and Texfe (with Maspero, 1882); MARIEITE and DEVBRIA, Dcscr$fion des EbuiZles [&C.] (1863) ; RHON&,L ' E ~ Y ~ ~ C ci @fifes journeks, pp. 2 I 2-58. Plan, id. ib. plate opposite p. 228; part now accessible, GUNN, The Inscribed Sarcophagiin the Serapezlm in Ann. . m X X . 82 ; east part, MARIETTE, %. SL~apium,Texfe, p. 43, p1. F. .

Approach fiom the East, Ptolemaic.

Approach lined with Sphinxes, portico, &C., see id. ib. pp. 9-10, 13-16; id. C h i x de ~Monumenfs, 6-7 ; RH ON^, op. cit. pp. 2 14-2 I ; ~ ~ ' I L C K E N ,Urkunden der Pfolemtrpp. zeit, i, pp. 7-8, 10 ; one sphinx, Aeg. und Yorderasiaf. AZferfhiinter, pl. 132.

Tenzple of Nektanebos I1 (called Nektanebos 0. TEMPLE DROMOS PYLONS. WITH AND


Plan, RH ON^, op. cit. p. 2 16; MARIETTE, Sei.apiunz, Texfe, plate at end, and p. 26, cf. pp. 16-19, 23, 27-9, 30, 34 ; see WILCKEN, cit. pp. 9, 10-12. op.

East Part. (Inaccessible.)

(The numbers and letters of tombs are those of RHONB.)




Inscription of Chapel above vault, King with Prince Dhutrnosi before Apis ; texts, MARIETTE, S.roptum, Texfe, pp. 124-5 ;id. Renseknemenfs suv les soixanfe-qua!re Apis in B ~ Z P Z Arch. de Z fheitaeunt /rantais (I 855), 53, reprinted in BibZiofh2que Eg. . A ' xviii. 149. Four canopic jars and inscribed block, MARIETTE, S/raptum, pl. I ; one of the jars, MARIETTE, Pouilles, pl. xxiii [I, 2). Alabaster vase with restored name of Prince Dhutmosi, in Louvre 364; name, G A U ~ H I E R ,Livredes Rois, ii. 336 (ciii), B. 3. Le


APIS 3. THIRD (second of

MARIETTE), TUT'ANKHAM~N. Four canopic jars, in Louvre I 15 1-4, MARIETTE, Sirapeeicm, pl. z ; second jar (of Isis), id. FouiZZes, pl. xxiii [S]. Glass pendant with cartouche, in Louvre 456, MARIETTE, Sei.ape%m,pl. z [bottom op. UZ middle], Texfe, pp. 125-6, fig. 4 ; MARIETTE, cit. in B Z .Arch. de Z'dfh/nmum fratl~ais (r855), 53, reprinted in Bibliotirkqqu gg.xviii, p. 150, fig. 4. MARIETTE), HAREMHAB. Double tomb, first room, third Apis ; wall-painting, divinities and Apis-bull (probably Sraape%m, pl. 3. Second room, fourth Apis, canopic jars, in Louvre in situ), MARIETTE, 1160-3, id, ib. pl. 4 [3-6]; first jar, MARIETTE, fiuiIZcs, pl. xxiii [L+].

4 & 5.

THIRD FOURTH (fourth and fifth of .AND APIS

2 .

SECOND (fifth of MARIETTE, APIS Rathotis of RHONB), time of monotheistic heresy, put under patronage of Teti.
Three stelae nanling King Teti (Merneptah), see GAUTHIER, Livre des Rois, iii. 148. Le Stela of Mey in Louvre I 158, MARIETTE, Seiapeilm, pl. 6 ; id. Ebuil'les, pl. xxiv ; cartouche, id. Sei-apeitm, Texte, p. 131, fig. 7, cf. p. 135; id. op. cit. in Bull. Arch. de I'Afheizaeumfrancais (1855), 56, reprinted in ~ i b l i o t h 2 ~ u exviii. 158, cf. 164; D E V ~ R I A k~. squeezes*, 6166, i. 82. Cartouches from the two other stelae, in Louvre 1169, 1170, MARIETTE, set-apeilm, pl. 7 [ I , 21.

z9, l



Dyn. XIX.

See MARIETTE, Sei-aptium, Texk, p. 137. Four canopic jars, in Louvre 1164-7, id. S/rape'unz, pl. 5 ; one jar, id. liouilles, pl. xxiii [S]. Stela (first Apis ?), in Louvre I I 7 0 ; texts, CHASSINAT, Te~tes provenant du Stiiaplum de Memphis in Rec. de Trav. xxi. 70 (xxxiii). South wall of tomb. Double scene, Ramesses I1 and Prince Khacemweset offering to Sira$/um, pl. 8 ; west part, BRUGSCH, Recueil, viii [I]. Apis (probably in sifu), MARIETTE, Four statuettes, MARIETTE, cit. pl. 7 [7-101. op. Pectoral with cartouche of Kamesses 11,in Louvre 521, id. ib. pl. g ; RHONB, L'Egypte ci petites journies, plate opposite p. 229 [middle] ; MASPERO, HiSt. Anc. des Peuples de lrOrient, Les Premi2res Mtleks, 492 ; VERNIER, Bzjbukrie et la Joaillerie EQptiennes La in MLilr. Inst. Er. Arch. Or. ii, pl. vii [I] ; MASPERO, Eg;yptian Art, plate opposite p. 148 [upper].


Canopic jar of Prince Kha'emweset, statuettes, pectorals, &C., in Louvre, MARIETTE, Set-ape'um, pls. 10-14 ;pectorals, &C.,VERNIER, cit. pl. viii [4j; MASPERO, op. Egyptian Art, plates opposite pp. 146, 148 [lower].
OF RAMESSES. 1 1 and Dhutmosi called Ra'mosi in Louvre 3, Stela of Piay Slrape'um, pl. 15 ; id. Eouilles, pl. xxx ; texts, BRUGSCH, Bes. 964-6; MARIETTE, op. CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxi. 70-2 (xxxiv); date and two names, LIEBLEIN, Dict. de IVoms, i, p. 290, NO. 899. and Riya year 30 of Ramesses 11, in Louvre 4, Stela of Piay MARIETTE, Sei-apeum, pl. 16 ; id. lioui'lles, pl. xxxi ; texts, CHASSINAT, cit. 72-3 (XXXV) op. ; date, names and titles, LIEBLEIN, Dict. de Noms, i, p. 290, No. 898. Six stelae, with names of Khons and Arnenem6pet ,: Qhutemhab



m, :



T! l &,

z$b QEcl k,z, ,and Hori &Q, E 1fill, and others, MARIETTE, Ptahmosi Slrape'unt, pls. 7, 18. Stela of 'Ankh-Hor +;S,found on slope leading to Serapeum, in Louvre 283, see

op. CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxi. 59 [ii].

LESSER VAULTS. (Year 30 of Rameses I 1 t o year 21 of Psammetikhos I.)

Bas-relief of Menkauhor, possibly from Mortuary Temple of his Pyramid, re-used in , building the Lesser Vaults in time of Sethos I, in Louvre B. 48, DE R o u ~ bRecherches sur

Serapeum, East Part


les Monuments [&C.], pl. vi ; DE R O U G ~ , Album P h f o . 10z ; MEYER,Geschichfe des Alten Aegyptens, ii. 45 ; D E V ~ R I A squeezes*, 6166, i. 3 ; head, L. D. iii. 291 [rg] ; MASPERO, Hist. Anc. des PeupZes de I'Orient, Les Origines, 4 I 5.
Dyn. XIX.

See MARIETTE, Se'rape'um, Texte, pp. 142-6. Statuettes, id. Sei-ap/um, pl. 19 [I-51. Eighth (?)Apis. Stela of Prince Merneptah Ninth Apis. Amulets of Prince KharemwEset

1 , ib. pl. z 5id. Zdrz, id. ib. pl.



Jar, goblet, and statuette, MARIETTE, Shrpeictn, pl. zz 16, 7, 81. Two stelae (undated), one of Amenmosi probably Dyn. XIX, in Louvre 6, p ; texts, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxi. 73 [xxxvi, xxxvii]. op.
Dyn. XX.

Qzfi !,


See MARIETTE, Slrapkum, Texte, pp. 147-9.


Statuettes and vase, MARIETTE, Sei.ape'um, pl. Rois, iii, pp. 192 note d, 196 with note 5.

[I-31 ; see GAUTHIER, Livre des Le



Large vase of Siptah (Dyn. XIX), in Louvre 375 ; cartouches, MARIETTE, cit. in op. Bull. Arch. de PAthe'naeum francais (1855), 87 [A], reprinted in BibliotA2que kg. xviii. I74 [AI. Small cylindrical vase and dad-amulet, Ramesses IX, in Louvre 376, NARIETTE, Slrapekm, pl. 2 2 15, 43; cartouche on vase, id. op. cit. in Bull. Arch. de l'dthe'naeunr francais (r855), 87 (R), reprinted in Bibliath2que kg. xviii. 174 (B).



Statuettes, MARIETTE, Strape'um, pl.







See MARIETTE, Siraj/unl, Text<, pp. 149-52.

Dyn. XXI.


See id. ib. pp. 152-4.
Dyn. XXII.

F. First Apis, Osorkon 11.

Squatting statue of Huy Q, Lord Mayor of Memphis, MARIETTE, SPrapJu'um, pl. 23. Statue of Prince Sheshonk son of Osorkon 11; titles, DARESSY, &tes s u r les XXIZe, XXIIIe et XXZVe dynasties in Rec. de Trav. xxxv, p. 142, with note 3.



SAQQARA-SERAPEUM Seco~ld Apis, year 14 of Takelothis 11.

See MARIETTE, Seiajehm, Texfe, pp. 154, 159 ; see GAUTHIER, Livre des Rois, iii. Le 354 ( 4 .

Third Apis, year 28 of Sesonchis I1 (see GAUTHIER, cit. iii. 363 [ixl). op.
First stela of Pedesi or son of Takelot in Louvre 18, Sirajehm, pl. 24, cf. Texfe, pp. 159-61 ; ~ I A R I E T T E , Ebuilles, pl. xxxvi; texts, MARIETTE, CHASSINAT, Texfesprovenanf du S/rajbunt de Menvhis in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 9-10 (xxxviii) ; genealogical portion, LIEBI~EIN, dfudes Chronologipues de la X X I I e Dynasfie in Rev. Arch. 1868, p. 283 ; date and titles, LIEBLEIN, Dicf. de Noms, i, p. 330, NO. 101I. Stelae of Esptah and Sheshonk MARIISTTE, SeiajLu'um, pl. 25

x d A: A n d,

,a, ,




[I, 21.

Stela, in Louvre 260, see CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 170-1 (ci). op.

F Fourth Apis, year 2 of Pema. ' .

Second stela of Pedesi ,: in Louvre 34, MARIETTE, Seiajeilnt, pl. 26, cf. nxie, pp. 161-3 ; id. Fouilles, PI. xxxviii ; DEVORIA squeezes*, 6165, i. 39; texts, BRUGSCH, Thes. 967-8; MARIETTE, cit. in Bull. Arch. de I'AfhLnaezcm f r a n ~ a i s (1855), 95-61 op. reprinted in Bibliofhkpue &. xviii. 194-7 ; CHASSINAT, cit in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 10-11 op. (xxxix); dateand titles, LIEBLEIN, Dicf. de Noms, i, p. 330, NO. 1012. Stela of Harsiesi &;$.do, son of Pedesi, in Louvre 36, MARIETTE, Sei.ap/um, pl. 27 ; id. Fo'ouilles, pl. xxxix ; D E V ~ R I A squeezes*, 6165, i. 38 ; date and titles, LIEBLEIN, op. cit. i, p. 331, No. 1013 ; see DE R o u c t , Notice Sontmaire [&C.] (1879), p. 60. Sei-apehnt, pl. 28 [right]. Stela with similar text, in Louvre 35, MARIETTE, Stela of Pemti Priest of Ptah, year 2 of Pemti, found at north end of the op. Lesser Vaults, in Louvre 276, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxi. 58-9 (I). Stela of Ef'onkh MARIETTE, Sekzfehrn, pl. 25 [3]. Stela with King Zoser adoring Apis, id. ib. pl. 28 [left]. Stela of Zeamiinefonkh in Louvre 47 ; text, CHASSINAT, cit. in op. Rec. de Trav. xxii. 13-14 (xliii); LIEBLEIN, cit. in Rev. Arch. 1868, p. 291 ; titles, op. Dict. de Noms, i, p. 333, NO. 1017. LIEBLEIN,

x8 A

x9 j g &, 929z,


Fifth Apis, year 4 of Sesonchis IV.

Stela of Haruza in Louvre 43, MARIETTE, Seiajkum, pl. 29 [lower right] ; id. Fouilles, pl. xli ; part of text, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 13 (xlii). OP. Stela of Rekhsuptah Musician of the house of Ptah, with genealogy, in Serajehm, pl. 29 [lower left] ; id. Ebuilles, pl. xli ;text, CHASSINAT, Louvre 38, MARIETTE, op. op. cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. I 1-12 (xl) ; name of brother, LIEBLEIN, cit. i, p. 335, NO. 1023. Serapiurn, pl. 29 [top]. Two stelae, Esptah and Ihy, RIARIETTE, op. Two stelae, in Louvre 58, 215 ; part of texts, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 14 (xlv), 24-5 (lxxvi).

We L,


11 of Sesonchis IV. Stela of Hor in Louvre 277, MARIETTE, cit. pl. 30 [upper]. op. Stela of Zeptahefonkh in Louvre 62, MARIETTIC, Seiajehm, p]. 30 [lower right]; text, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 15 (xlix). Another stela of op. same (undated), in Louvre 61 ; text, id. ib. 15 (xlviii). Stela of Zef'onkh 2 9 , found at north end of the Lesser Vaults, in Louvre 388,

Sixth Apis, year


2219 2 9 ,


Serapeum, East P a r t


MARIETTE, cit. pl. 30 [lower left]; text, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxiii. op. op. 82-3 (cxxxix). Two stelae, in Louvre 59, 102 ; part of texts, id. ib. xxii. 14 (xlvi), 17 (Iv).

F". Seventh Apis, year 37 of Sesonchis IV.

Stela of Harpson & X { , with genealogy, in Louvre 278, MARIETTE, Sei.ap/um, pl. 31, cf. Texte, pp. 169-70 ; id. EouiZZes, pl. xlii; genealogy, LIEBLEIN, dtudes s u r Z $lace a chronoZogique de Z XXZZe Dynasfie dgyjfienne in Rev. Arch. 1868, 282-3 [S-10] ; text, a LEPSIUS, Uebev die XXllaegyjtisck Kon&sdynasfie [&C.] in Abhand. d. Preuss. AKad. d. Wiss. I 856, 267-8 ; third to ninth lines, Recherchs geize'alogigues in Rec. de Trav. xxxi. 1-2 ; genealogy and date, LIEBLEIN, Dicf. de Noms, i, pp. 328-9, No. 1008. Stela of Psenenhor year 37 of Sesonchis IV, in Cairo Mus., see MARIETTE, Album dzi Mzdse'e de BouZag, 37 [middle right] ; Voyage, pl. 13 ; upper part, MARIETTE, text, BRUGSCH, Thes. gg8-1000. Stela of Namert with genealogy, year 37 of Sesonchis IV, in Louvre 85 ; part, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 16 (lii). op. Stela of Pshenptah x g l l % , year 37 of Sesonchis IV, in Louvre 279; text, Notes s z d r k s XXlle, X X n e et XXZVe dynasties in Rec. de Trav. xxxv. 136 DARESSY, (vii); 11. 5-6, DARESSY, Remarques et notes in Rec. de Trav. xi. 80. Stela (several names), in Louvre 41, MARIETTE,Seiape'um, PI. 33 ; id. EouiZZes, pl. xliv ; CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 12-13 (xli). op. Stela of Puerem x f l & T > , in Louvre 82, MARIETTE,Sei-aptum, pl. 32 [top op. right]; id. FouiZZes, pl. xliii [top right] ; texts, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. op. Bict. de 15 (1) ; LIEBLEIN, cit. in Rev. Arch. 1868, p. 290 ; incon~plete,LIEBLEIN, Noms, i, p. 333, No. 1018. Stela, in Louvre 84, MARIETTE, Sei.ap&m, pl. 32 [top left]; id. I;ouiZZes, pl. xliii [top op. left] ; text, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 15 (li). Stela of Zefonkh 3 9 5 2 , in Louvre 88; text, id. ib. 16 (liii). Stela of Pefteu'aukhons MARIETTE, Sei.ape'unz, pl. 32 [bottom left]; id. FouiZZes, PI. xliii [bottom]. Stela of Uzahor MARIETTE, S/raj/um, pl. 32 [bottom right]; id. I;auiZZes, pl. xlii [bottom]. Stela of Zeesefonkh found on slope leading to Serapeum, in Louvre op. 284; text, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxi. 59 (iii). Stela (uncertain which Apis), in Louvre 332 ; text, id. ib. 68 (xxix). . . - . Stela of Psammethek-neferseshem with genealogy, in Louvre, D ~ vRIA f a squeezes*, 6165, ii. 107 ; text, LIEBLEIN,Etude sur Z $ace chronologique [&C.] in Rev. Arch. 1868, pp. 274-6 ;names, LIEBLEIN, Dicf. de Noms, i, pp. 389-90, No. 1207. Two stelae (undated), one of Pema probably Dyn. XXII, in Louvre 57, 60; op. texts, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 14 (xliv, xlvii).
~ A ~ ~ ~ ~


E Y A ~ ~ ,


a :95?~, d

1&g F-,


Dyn. XXIV.

G. One Apis only, year 6 of Bocchoris.

Cartouches of King on wall of tomb, MARIETTE, Sirapiunz, pl. 34 [top], cf. Texte, p. '75Stela of Pwon found at south end of Lesser Vaults, in Louvre 298 ; year 6, and name of Bocchoris, id. ShpLum, pl. 34 [middle].


Stela of 'Ashbkhi in Louvre 96, with genealogy of high priests, MARIETTE, Sei.ape'um, pl. 34 [lower left] ; texts, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 16-1 7 (liv) ; op. names and titles, LIEBLEIN, Dicf. de Noms, i, p. 336, No. 1027; genealogy, BRUGSCH, E i n wichtkes Denkmal azcr den Zeifen K6nlgs Se~onq in A.Z xvi. 4 I. I Stela of Pesifir in Louvre 108, MARIETTE, Seiaje'um, pl. 34 [bottom right] ; text, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 17 (lvi). op. Stela, in Louvre 206, see id. ib. 23 (Ixx). Stela of Pedes in Louvre 205 ; texts, id. ib. 23 (Ixix) ; names, LIEBLEIN, DicL. de Noms, i, p. 394, No. 1220. Stela of Amenhotp in Louvre 31 z ; see CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. op. xxi. 64 (xviii). -0 Stela of priest Bokenrinf in Louvre 302 ; text, id. ib. 61 (xii). Other stelae in Louvre 286, 300, 301, 208, id. ib. 59 (iv), 61 (X, xi) ; id. ib. in xxii. 23 (Ixxi).

3,:, X,





Dyn. XXV.

First Apis, year Second Apis.

of Sabacon.

See MARIETTE, ra$kunz, Texte, p. 184. Se'

Stela of Senbef [) 1 L, 24 of Taharqa, in Louvre rzr, MARIETTE, year .!!raape'um, pl. 35 [left] ; id. FouilZes, pl. xlvi ; texts, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 18 (Ivii) ; op. date and titles, LIEBLEIN, Dicf. de Noms, i, p. 343, NO. 1046. and of Pedubaste MARIETTE, Skraphun, pl. 35 Stelae of Ptahhotp [middle and right].


Dyn. XXVI.

First Apis.

Stela with dates of birth and death of Apis, year 7.0 of Psammetikhos I, in Louvre 190, MARIETTE,op. cit. pl. 36 and Texte, p. 191 ; id. Eb2diZZes, pl. xlvii ; DEVI~RIA squeezes*, 6165, i. 44 ; text, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. rg (lxi) ; omitting op. Quelques docnmenfs hisforipues heading, PIEHL,Inscr. Hiei-0. I Sdr. xxii C ; REVILLOUT, de Bocchoris h Psamme?ique ler Rev. ~ ~ jvii, p.. 138 note I ; MARIETTE, in t Renselgnements [&C.] in Bull. Arch. de Z'Atheitaeum franyais, 1856, p. 75, reprinted in Bibliothiyue E ~xvlii. 238. . Stela of 'Ankh-Khons year 2 0 of Psarnmetikhos I, found at north end of op. the Lesser Vaults, in Louvre 330 ;texts, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxi. 68 (xxviii). Stela ofCAnkhunnfifer year 20 of Psammetikhos I, in Louvre 249, MARIETTE, Fouilles, pl. xlviii ; texts, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 169 (xcv) ; date and op. 1N, titles, I J 1 E ~ ~ ~ Dict. de NofllS, i, p. 371, NO. 1139. 3 P Stela of Khensordais c !, P M year 2 0 of Psarnmetikhos I, in Louvre 234 ; a texts, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 165 (Ixxxvi). op. Stela of Nefertemhotp &F%, of Psammetikhos I, in Louvre 247, ~ I A R I E T T E , year 21 FouiZZes, pl. xlviii ; texts, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 168 (xciii). op. Stela of Kerfamsn %,year 2 I of Psammetikhos I, in Louvre 250, MARIETTE, FouiZles, pl. xlviii; texts, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 169 (xcvi) ; names, op. Dict. de Noms, i, p. 395, NO. 1225. LIEBLEIN,

$:p. ,-



& 9E

Serapeum, East Part


Stela of Ptahniifer year 21 of Psammetikhos I, in Louvre 191 ; texts, CHASSINAT, op. op. cit. in Rer. de Trav. xxii. 19 (Ixii) ; see LIEBLEIN, cit. i, p. 37 I , NO. I 140. Stelae, year 21 of Psammetikhos I, in Louvre 297, 202, 221, 213 (same year ?), CHASSINAT, Op. cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxi. 60-1 (ix), and in xxii. 2 2 (Ixvii), 26 (Ixxx), 24 (Ixxv~).



stela of Pefteufauesi in Louvre 245, MARIETTE, FouilZes, p]. li [top right]; texts, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 168 (xcii). op. Stela of Pniifer (?) MARIETTE, FouiZZes, pl. li [top left]. Stela of Ptahwer :l&, in Louvre 258, id. ib. pl. l [lower right]; texts, CHASSINAT, op. cit. in Rec. de Trao. xxii. I 70 (c) Stela of Ptahhotp in Louvre 264, MARIETTE, FouilZes, pl. 1 [lower right] ;texts, OP. CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 171 (ciii). Stela of Nefertemhotp in Louvre 248, MARIETTE, EbuiZles, pl. xlviii ; texts, 01). CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 168-9 (xciv).

9 99




&Feq, Stela of N e ~ i t e ~ k ~ f - ~ ~ ' i b (?) z:;fi&&~, in Louvre 242, MARIETTE, cit. pl. 1 op.

[upper left] ; texts, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 167-8 (xci). OP. OP. Another stela of same, in Louvre 292, MARIETTE, cit. pl. 1 [upper right] ; texts, op. CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Tpav. xxii. I 74 (cxii). Stelae in Louvre 290, 291, 295, 315, 317, 143, 169, 214, 218, 229, 230, 231, 232, 235, 237, 251, 255, 257, 261, 268, 273, 274, 27% 277, 317, 318, 321, 322, S23, 344, 353 ; texts, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxi. 59 (v), 60 (vi, viii), 64-5 (xx, xxi) ; OP. xxii. 18 (Iviii, lix), 24 (lXXv), (Ixxvii), 163-5 (Ixxxii, Ixxxiii, Ixxxiv, Ixxxv), 165-6 (lxxxvii, 25 Ixxxviii), 169-70 (xcvii, xcviii, xcix), 1 7 1 (cii), 172-3 (CV, cvi, cvii, cviii, cix), 174-5 (cxiii, cxiv, cxv, cxvi), 177 (cxxi), 178-9 (cxxiv); xxiii. 76 (cxxix). W Q sic ,year 34 of Darius I, found at end of For stela of Psammethek-monkh Lesser Vaults, see infra p. 213.

[, ), h

West Part. ( Accessible.)

(Year 52

I. Second Apis.

GREATER VAULTS. of Psammetikhos I to Ptolemaic Period.) Dyn. XXVI.

Stela, year 52 of Psarnmetikhos I, in Louvre 239, MARIETTE, Touilles, pl. liii ; id. Rense@nements sur Zes soixanie-quatre Apis trouve's dans Zes Souterrains du Sei-apCunz in Bull. Arch. de I'dthbaeurn frangais (1856), PP. 78-80, reprinted in Biblioth>quekg. xviii. 248-9; text, MARIETTE, Seiapbnz, Texfe, pp. 198-9 ; CHASSINAT, Textes provenant du Seia~eilm de Memphis in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 166 (lxxxix).

J. Third Apis.
Stela, year 16 of Necho 11,in Louvre 193, MARIETTE, fiouilles, pl. liii ; CHASSINAT, OP. cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 20-1 (Ixiv) ; PETRIE,A Nistury of Egypt, iii, p. 338, fig. I43 ; omitting heading, PIEHL,Inscr. Hiiro. I Sir. xxi A. Stela with genealogy of high priests of Memphis, found at north end of Lesser Vaults, Thes. 947, cf. 1256 ; names and titles, LIEBLEIN, Dict. de in Louvre 485 ; text, BRUGSCH, Noms, p. 930, No. 2515.

K. Fourth Apis.
Stelae, year

of Apries, in Louvre 240, MARIETTE, Choix de Monuments [Src.], pl.

vii, cf. pp. 10-11; id. FouiZZes, pl. liv; D E V ~ Rsqueezes*, 6165, i. 46, 6169, 42 ; texts, IA op. CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 167 (xc); omitting heading, PIEHL,op. cit. xxi-xxii B. Stela, year 14 of Apries, in Louvre 455; text, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. op. xxv. 58 (clxxv) ; REVILLOUT, Mllanges sur CaMdiroZogie [Src.], 415 [top]. Stelae (undated), in Louvre 305, 280, 352 ; texts, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trao. op. xxi. 62 (xiii) ; xxii. 173 (cx) ; xxiii. 76 (cxxviii).

Fifth Apis.

Stela, year 23 of Amasis, in Louvre 192, MARIETTE, Ebuilles, pl. lv ; upper part, Hist. Anc. des P@es de I'Orient, Les Empires, 642; CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. op. MASPERO, de TYGV. 2 0 (lxiii) ;D E V ~ R Isqueezes*, 6170, D, 5 ; omitting heading, PIEHI.,I~SCY xxii. A Ni&ro,I S C. xx H ; first four and a half lines, REVILLOUT, Sr Premiers extraifs de la chronique de Paris [&C.] in Rev. kypf.i, p. 62 note I ; see GUNN, ar0 Misandersfood Serapeunt T Znsmj3fions in Ann. Sem. xxvi. 92-4. Upper part of stela with cartouche, in Louvre 325, see CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de op. Trav. xxii. I 7 c-6 (cxvii). , ,


Stela (undated) of Ahmosi General, in Louvre 359, ~ A R ~ E T T E , X ~ ~ ;~ ~ pl. V DEV~RIA squeezes*, 6165, i. 47 ; text, PIERRET, Inscc da Louvre, i. 67-9 ; CHASSINAT, op. cit, in Rec. de Trav. xxiii. 78 (cxxxii) ; titles, LIEBLEIN, Dict. de Noms, i, p. 392, No. 1214. A (?),in Louvre 31 I ; text, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de op. Stela of Ahmosi-her m I A Trav. xxi. 63 (xvii); LIEBLEIN, cit. i, p. 406, NO. 1260. op. Stela of Prince Psenenkhons son of Amasis and Nekhtubasterou, in Louvre Fouilles, pl. lvii ; CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 171 (civ). op. 266, MARIETTE, son of Amasis and Ta-khatti, in Louvre 309, Stela of Prince Psammethek MARIETTE, 3ouilles, pl. lvii ; text, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxi. 63 (xvi). op. 0 Stela of Paptah in Louvre 337, MARIETTE, cit. pl. lvii; text, CHASSINAT, op. op. cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. 177 (cxx). Stela of Psammethek Chief physician, in Louvre 338 ; text, id. ib. 177-8 (cxxii); see CHASSINAT MASPERO, in EouilZes autour de la pyramidc d'Ounus in -4nn. Sew. i. 185-8. Stela of Psammethek-meryptah Superintendent of the Royal Boats, in Louvre 333, MARIETTE, EbuiZles, p1. lvii ;texts, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Truv. OP. xxii. I 76 (cxviii). Royal scribe, in Louvre 339, MARIETTE, Stela of Pedenekhtharhab Eouil'les, pl. xvii ; text, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxii. I 78 (cxxiii). OP. Stela of Khnemebrec Priest of Letopolis, in Louvre 410, MARIETTE, cit. op. pl. xvii ; texts, CHASSINAT, tit. in Rec. de Trav. xxiii. 89-90 (cliv) ; omitting heading, op. Thes. 989 ; names and titles, LIEBLEIN, de Noms, i, p. 393, No. 1216. Dicf. BRUGSCH, Stelae (undated), in Louvre 306, 308, 333, 336, 348, 349, 350; texts, CHASSINAT, op. cit. in Rec. de Tmv. xxi. 62 (xiv, xv), 68-9 (xxx) ; xxii. 176-7 (cxix), 179 (cxxv, cxxvi), 180 (cxxvii).

a, ]



p l%,

@ = : F ] Km,



L. Apis sarcophagus, Amasis.

Left in Serapeum. (A of GUNN.) DUEMICHEN, Photo. Resalt. xiv; text, GUNN, The Znsm'bed Sarcopiragiin the Srapeunr in Ann. SW.xxvi. 84 ; BRUGSCH, Thes. 966-7.

L. Lid of preceding, lying near entrance. '

(B of GUNN.) op. Tlus. 967; DEVI~RIA squeezes*, 6170, B, Text, GUNN, cit. 83 ; BRUGSCH,


Serapeum, West Part


Bronze bull with bilingual inscription, hieroglyphic and Karian, in Cairo Mus. 2576, MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pl. 106 [A] ; texts, DE Roueb, Inscr. Hiiro. ccc [upper middle] ; SAYCE, Karian Language and Inscriptions in Trans. S.B.A. ix, pl. I [ii, 31, cf. p. I 26. The Statuette of Osiris, in Cairo Mus. 38368; text, MARIETTE, cit. pl. 77 [e]; DE ROUGB, op. op. cit. ccc [top] ; DARESSY, Statues de DivinifLs (Cat. Caire), p. 100. Dyn. XXVII (Persian).

Apis, year 6 of Cambyses. M. Sarcophagus. Left in situ. (C of GUNN.)

Text on cover, GUNN, cit. in Ann. Sew. xxvi. 85. op.

N'. Apis, year 4 of Darius I.

Stela (official epitaph), in Louvre 357, CHASSIXAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxiii. 77-8 op. (cxxxi). Stela of ~ekaemsaf year 4 of Darius, in 1,ouvre 355 ; text, CHASSINAT, op. cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxiii. 76-7 (cxxx); date and titles, LIEBLEIN, Noms, i, p. 345, No. 1051. Stela of Ptahhotp, year 4 of Darius, in Louvre 366 ; text, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de op. Trav. xxiii. 80-1 (cxxxv). op. Stela, year 4 of Darius, in Louvre 417 ; text, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxv. 50 (clvi). Stela, year 31 of Darius, in Louvre 362 ; text, BRUGSCH, Thes. 969 ; BRUGSCH, Der Apiskreis aus den Zeifeen der Ptotemaer [&C.] in A.2. xxii. r I 5-6.


N. Stela of Psammethek-monkh o f ' & - ,- H Q m k

year 34 of Darius I, found at north end of the Lesser Vaults, in Louvre zgr ; text, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de Trav. op. xxii. 173-4 (cxi); id. Cd et kd in Rer. de Trav. xvii. 53-4 (iv). Others, year 34 of Darius I, in Louvre 294, 313, 321, 323-7, 686, 219, 364, 374,383, 390-1, 394, 398,399,401,402,463,404-7,409,4r3,421,44~, 443-7,470-4,481; texts, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. de. Trav. xxi. 60 (vii), 64 (xix), 65-8 (xxii, xxiii, xxiv, xxv, xxvi, op. xxvii), 69 (xxxi) ; xxii. 25-6 (lxxviii) ; xxiii. 78-9 (cxxxiii), 81 (cxxxvi), 82 (cxxxviii), 83-8 (cxl, cxli, cxlii, cxliii, cxliv, cxlv, cxlvi, cxlvii, cxlviii, cxlix, cl, cli), 8y (cliii), 90-1 (clv) ; xxv. 50-1 (clviii), 54 (clxv), 55-6 (clxvii, clxviii, clxix, clxx, clxxi), 58-62 (clxxvi, clxxvii, lxxviii, clxxviii, clxxix, clxxx, clxxxi) ; titles of 2 19 and 364 [CHASSINAT, cxxxiii], LIEBLEIN op. cit. i, pp. 388, 397, Nos. 1205, 1230. Portion of stela, year 34 (?) of Darius I, in Berlin Mus. 3423; text, BORCHARDT DafierfeD~nkmiiler Bert. SammL aus d. Achamenidenzeif in A:Z. xlix. 7 2 [3]. d. Dyn. XXX.

N". Apis, Nektanebos I1 (Nekht-har-hebi).

(Year 11 of Darius 1 according 1 to RHON$.) Stela of Unnofer in Louvre 328 ; texts with one line of demotic, CHASSINA op. cit. in Rec. de Trav. xxi. 69-70 (xxxii).


End of Persian Period (Alexander, according to GUNN.)

2 of Khebebesh. Left in (D and E of GUNN.) Thes. 968 ; BRUGSCH, Dewet Pfolenraios' des Sohnes Lagi, Ein Text on lid, BRUGSCH,

0 ando'. Apis-sarcophagus and lid, year



des Satya$en in 22. ix. 13 ; GUNN,The Inscribed Sarcophagi in the Serapeurn in Atrn. Serv. xxvi. 87 ; DEV%RIA squeezes*, 6165, i. 55.
Apia unknown.

R. Apis-sarcophagus of unknown King.

Left in situ. (F of GUNN.) op. Texts on the four sides, GUNN, cit. in Awvz. Sew. xxvi. 88-90 ; texts, decoration, MSS.* xviii. 38-41. and sketch of vault with sarcophagus, WILKINSON Stela of P e d b i with hieroglyphic and demotic texts, Dyn. XXVI-XXX, in Cairo Mus. 31157, SPIEGELBERG, Demotischen Insrhr~pen(Cat. Caire), pl. xx, p. 64. Die Stela of Men ';;;;;;' Saite-Persian, with hieroglyphic and demotic texts, in Cairo Mus. ; , 31086, id. ib. pl. i, pp. 12-13. Stela of Neferebr? in Vienna Mus. 157, ~ R E S Z ~ N S K I Inschr. Wien, pls. ii, Aeg. , ZnschnytZiche Denkmaler [&C.] in [lower left], v [middle], pp. 94-5 ; text, BERGMANN, Rec. dc Trav. vii. 194 [top]. Pedestal of statue of Psammethek son of Pef-hrinuti ; text, MARIETTE, Masfabas, 457 [H. IS]. Stelae (no Apis or year), in Louvre 173, 200, 201, 204, 209, 211, 220, 227, 365,378, 408, 420, 423-5, 427-8, 440, 442, 448-9, 464, 502 ; texts, CHASSINAT, cit. in Rec. op. de Trav. xxii. 19 ( x , 21-2 (Ixv-Ixvi), 2 2 (lxviii), 23-4 (lxxii, lxxiii), 26 (Ixxix, lxxxi); I) xxiii. 79-80 (cxxxiv), 81-2 (cxxxvii), 89 (clii) ; xxv. 50 (clvii), 5 1-4 (clix, clx, clxi, clxii, clxiii, clxiv), 54 (clxvi), 57-8 (clxxii, clxxiii, clxxiv), 62 (clxxxii).

A ! ,




See BRUGSCH, e r Apiskyejs aus den Zeifeit der Pfolemaer [&C.] in A:Z. xxii. D 110-36 ; id. ib. xxiv. 19-40. (The sarcophagi are marked P on plan, supra p. 204.)

Bd. Doorway.

Entrance to Greater Vaults. (r of MARIETTE.) I n Louvre, see MAKIETTE, S/i-aplum, Texfe, p. 43, pl. F [f]. cf. p. 57. squeezes*, 6170, Jambs ; demotic texts, year 30 of Ptolemy I1 Philadelphus, DEVERIA D, B, C ; see RH ON^, ~ ' B ~ pritpcfiiesjmrnles, p. 229 ; BRUGSCH, e Thes. 993 [B]. South thickness ; text, id. ib. 993 [A].



Inscriptions naming Imhdtep Peduhor ~ a r n e t ~ o t f & LHetpe-nehap , Psammethek rlh , jl z &C., WILKINSON MSS.* xviii. 36 [lower]-37.



Ptolemy I1 Philadelphua. ,: year 37, in Brit. Mus., BRUGSCH, Stela (hieroglyphic and demotic) of Khons-eu Thes. 906-7 ; YOUNG,Nieroglyphics, pl. 79 ; see GAUTHIER, Livre des Rois, iv. 232 Lt! (xxxviii). Ptolemy 111 Euergetea I. Stela of Zeho son of 'Anemho E?(cf. infra p. 2 IS), in Vienna Mus. r 54, REINISCH, Aegyjtische Ch~esfomnthie, rg ; WRESZINSKI, cit. pl. iv, pp. 104-5 ; text, pl. op. Thes. 912-15 ; demotic addition, SPIEGELBERG, Demofische Miscellen in Rec. BRUGSCH, de Trav. xxx. 148 ; I,AUTH,Die Schalfage [&C.] in Sitzungsb. d. K Bayer. AAKad. d. Wiss. . (1874), plate at end [I], cf. pp.77-82 ;titles, LIEBLEIN, Dict. de Noms, i, p. 403, No. 1248, ii, p. 929, No. 2512. Stela of Harrnakhi son of 'Anemho (cf. infra p. 215), in Vienna Mus. 155, WRESZINSKI, cit. pls. ii [lower right], v [bottom], pp. 108-9 ; text, BRUGSCH, ~ s . op. T



Serapeum, West Par/

g I 5-1 6 ; BERGMANN, Inschrrjctliche DenkmaZer [&C.] in Rec. de Trav. vii. op. text, LAUTH, cit. plate at end [3], pp. 84-92. P t o l e m y I V Philopator.
I g3


; demotic

P 8.

in second room on right, DEV~RIA squeezes*, 6165, i. 68. Stela of 'Anemho Prophet of Nektanebos 11, and Arsinoe 11, &C., in Vienna NIus. 153, REINISCH, Atgypfische Chrestontathie, pl. 18 ; text, BRUGSCH, Thes. 902-6 ; BRUGSCH, RecueiZ, ix ;WRESZINSKI, cit. pl. iii, pp. 96-8 ;see SPIEGELBERG, op. Demotisclte Misiellen in Rec. de Trav. xxx. 147-8 ; demotic text, LAUTH, Die Schal'fage des Pfolemaus Euergefes I in Sifzungsb. d. K. Buyer. Akad. d. Wiss. 1874, plate at end [z], cf. pp. 82-4.

Upper part of granite stela (undated), found


Ptolemy V11 Euergetes 1 . 1 Stela, year 6 of the three Philometors (i.e. Ptolemies VI, VII, and Cleopatra 11), in Thes. 865. Louvre; text, BRUGSCH, cit. in A.z. xxii. 125 ; beginning, BRUGSCH, op. Stela, year 52 of Ptolemy VII, in Louvre 4246, D E V ~ R squeezes*, 6165, i. 69 ; text, IA DE R O U G ~ , Mkmoire sur pucslpues inscnrptions frouve2s duns la s@z~lfure Apis in Rev. des EQpt. iv. 110-18, and v. 8-9, reprinted in BiJZiofht?pzle,!?g. xxii. 424-38,454-6; 11. 2-3, BRUGSCH, Thes. 867. P t o l e m y X I 1 1 Neos Dionysos. Stela of 'Anemho called Pamih from a destroyed tomb close to Serapeun~, in Cairo Mus. 31099, SPIEGELBERG, Demofischen Insihr2;ften(Cat. Caire), pI. vi, and Die Thes. 889-96. pp. 28-30; hieroglyphic and demotic texts, BRUGSCH, , from same tomb, in Cairo Mus. 31 103, SPIEGELBERG, cit. op. Stela of P-homt pp. 36-7 ; text, DE R o u c f , Insir. Wieh. cccii.

E, T



Undated. Stela of Tathout called 'Die Inschril't von Miramar ', in Vienna Mus. 172, REINISCH, Die Aegyptischen Denkmaeler in Miramar, xliii ; WRESZINSKI, cit. pl. V op. [top], pp. 110-15; omitting demotic addition, BERGMANN, Hiero. Inschr. viii-X ; demotic Dentotische MisieZZen in Rei. de Trav. xxx. 150, cf. 151 ; parts of addition, SPIEGELBERG, Alexander in A e w t e n in Abhand. d. Buyer. AKad. d. bfiss. (Phil. Hist. 11. 3, 4,5, LAUTH, Kl.), vol. xiv, Abteil. i (1876), plate at end [d, el, cf. pp. 1-70. Stela of Pedubaste year 16, in Cairo Mus. 31136, SPIEGELBERG, DemoDie tisihen Inschrgfen (Cat. Caire), pl. xv, p. 53. Apis stelae in Vienna Mus., REINISCH, cit. pls. XXX~V-xxxviii,pp. 252-5. up. cf.



Upper part of statue of High-priest of Ptah, New Kingdom, found outside Serapeum, in Cairo Mus. 870, BORCHARDT, Sfatuen und Satuetfen (Cat. Caire), iii, p. 131. Bronze statuette of Harkhebi p.


Period, in Cairo Mus. 819, id. ib. pl. 15r,

Statue of man kneeling in front of bull (heads destroyed), Late Period, in Cairo Mus. Epypfian Art, plate opposite p. I 12 (called Tell 683, id. ib. pl. 125, cf. P. 28; MASPERO, Tmai). Demotic stela of Pedenefertem 887-9.

oh& !&l,

year 5 of Augustus ; text, BRUGSCH, Thes.



Adapted from Petrie, Memphis, i, pl. i.

Plan of site, L. D. i. g, cf. Text, pp. 202-4; PETRIE,Mevzphis, i, pl. i. BURTON MSS.* 25618, 82, 83, 84, 86, 88. Description,

Palace at north-west corner o camp. Apries. f

Views, PETRIE, cit. ii, PIS. X-xiii, cf. pp. 1-5. Plan, id. ib. PI. i. Small objects OP. found, including Persian sealings, id. ib. ii, pls. xiv-xvi, cf. pp. 11-13; iii, pls. xxxi [right upper], xxxiv-xxxvi, xxxviii [2,5], xxxix [3], cf. pp. 40-4. GREAT COURT. Drums and capitals of columns ;cartouche of Apries, id. ib. ii, pl. xix [bottom right], cf. 3, 14. Destroyed Pylon of Sesostris I (?), found at lower level at west end, id. ib. ii, pls, ii-ix, pp. 5-1 I ; iii, pl. xxxi ; one block [PETRIE, pl. vi], in Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg Mus., ii, MOGENSEN, Co/Zection &yjtienne, pl. cii [A 7031, cf. p. 95 ; part of text of another La block [PETRIE,ii, pl. iv], in Brussels, MusCes Royaux du Cinquantenaire, E. 5036, SPELEEIZS, des Inscr. kg. 86 [3201. Rec. p. Bronze corner of door of Psammetikhos 11, found in fosse on south, PETRIE,op cit. ... 111, PIS. xxxii 133, xxxiii [IS], cf. p. 40. -, temp. Psamrnetikhos I (?), found in Re-used jamb (?) of ThiEsemau south-west corner under tower (probably originally from his tomb), now at Cambridge, id. ib. ii, pls. xvii [right], xxv [right], cf. pp. 13, 20-1.


Camp, east o Palace Mound. f

Two blocks, one of Ay now in Boston Mus., id. ib. ii, pl. xix [upper right], cf. p. 14. GREATGATE. Plan, id. ib. i, pl, xxx [left].

K6m el-Nawa.
Part of architrave with cartouches of Amenemhet 11, found in north part [cf. PETRIE, ii, pl. xxiii (top), at T in his plan], L. D. Text, i, p. 203 a, b. Lower part of stela, Horus on the crocodiles, Saite, in Cairo Mus. g41 I ; text, DARESSY, Textes et Bessins Mugigues (Cat. Caire), 26-7. Bronzes found north of K6m, one of Tuthmosis 111, the rest Dyn. XXII-XXVI, including names of Osorkon 111,Kashta, Amenordais, and Psammetikhos 11,in Cairo Rf us., Une DARESSY, tvouvaiZZe de bronzes ci Mit Rahineh in Ann. Sew. iii, pls. i-iii, pp. 139-50.

Temple o Ptah. f
NORTH PROPYLON. Lintel and jamb of Amenemhet I11 from earlier building, found close to north wall, PETRIE, Memphis, v, pl. lxxvii [top, and left], cf. p. 32. Found within temenos near propylon, cf. id. ib. pp. 32-3. Group of Ramesses I1 and Ptah, in Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg Mus., id. ib. v, pl. op. lxxvii [right] ; MOGENSEN, cit. pl. vii [A 141, cf. p. 8.



Sphinx of Ramesses 11, in University Mus. Philadelphia, PETRIE,op. cit. V,pl. lxxviii [upper], vi, pl. Ivi [ ~ g 201, cf. p. 33. , Seated statue of Amenhotp, royal scribe, with biographical and endowment texts, temp. Amenophis 111, in Ashmolean RIus. Oxford, id. ib. v, pls. lxxviii [bottom right], Ixxix, Ixxx, cf. pp. 33-6.


Plan, PETRIE,Memphis, i, pl. ii; DARESSY, Tempb de Mit Rahineh in Ann. Stm. Le iii. 23. Views, PETRIE,op. cit. i, pls. xxi-xxiii, cf. pp. 5-6. Colossi, see id. ib. pl. xxiii, pp. 5, 9-10 ; remains of text from north side of basalt base of colossus standing in advance of pylon [cf. PETRIE,p. 101, DARESSY, cit. in Ann. op. Sew. iii. 25 [top]. Limestone seated statue of Ramesses I1 near northern entrance ; text on throne, id. ib. 25 [bottom].
Exterior of West Hall.

North wall. Geographical procession; fourteenfigures, MARIETTE. Mon. Div. pl. 3 I J eight figures, BRUGSCH, Dict. Gkog. p. 270; two figures. PETRIE, Mentphis, i, pl. xxi [bottom left]. South wall. Geographical procession; three figures, id. ib. pl. xxi [second from op. bottom, left]; four names, DARESSY, cit. in Ann. Sew. iii. 27 [middle]. Cartouches of Setnakht, PETRIE,op. cit. i, PI. X X V ~[7], cf. p. 10.
Entrance to West Hall.

Outer jambs, King offers to Sekhmet and to Ptah; texts, DARESSY, cit. 26 [top]. op. Inner jambs ; names and titles of King, id. ib. 26 [middle]. op. Thickness of entrance. At base, texts of Merneptah and Ramesses 111, PETRIE, cit. i, pl. xxii [top], cf. p. g ; DARESSY, cit. in Ann. Sew. iii. 26-7. op.
West Hall.

Columns. Fragment of text, id. ib. 29 [IO]. Fragments of two false doors, PETRIE,op. cit. i, pl. XX, pp. 8-9. cf.
Re-used blocks.

Block with offering-bringers from tomb of Re'shepses [i , at Saqqbra, in Brussels Mus., id. ib. pl. iii [top], cf. p. 6. Lintel and jamb of Neuserre' from his Sun-temple at AbEisir, in Cairo NUS.,id. ib. pl. iii [middle and bottom left], cf. p. 6. Lintel of Teti, from his Pyramid-temple at Saqqgra, found in north propylon, id. ib. pl. iii [bottom right] ; text, DARESSY, cit. 29 [6]. op. Shrine of lion-god, Old Kingdom, in foundations, PETRIE, cit. ii, pl. xviii [top left], op. cf. p. 13. Stelae and other fragments from Tuthmosis I to Dyn. XIX (including statuette of Ray, temp. Amenophis 111, in Dublin, and stela, temp. Merneptah, with figure of goddess Astarte), beneath foundations of West Hall, id. ib. i, pls. vii-xix, xxvi [I-51, cf. pp. 7-8, 10. Stela of Ra'mosi , temp. Tuthmosis IV, in Brussels, M u s k Royaux du, Cinquantenaire, E. 4499 [PETRIE, (top left), viii (4)]; texts, SPELEERS, des Inscr. Eg. 37 [134]. vii Rec. Stela of Iay and Huy Dyn. XVIII-XIX, in Brussels, MusCes Royaux du Cinquantenaire, E. 4498 [PETRIE,xii (21)] ; texts, SPELEERS, cit. 47 [167]. Four op. stelae, one with woman adoring Min [PETRIE,ix, xi (IS), xiii (26), xvi (41), xiv (32)], in Copenhagen, Wy Carlsberg Mus., SCHMIDT, h o i ~ Monuments kgypfiens ( ~ g r o ) pl. XV, C de , figs. 3 1-4 ; MOGENSEN, CoZZection &yptienne, PIS. CV [A 71 I, 7 I 2, 7 131, cviii [A 7281. La Two stelae [PETRIE,ix, xvii (30), X (14)], in Brit. blus. 1471, 1472, see Guide, Sculpture (1909), P. 304 [ I I ~ I 11721. ,

-A 1

31 4 44

24 4,

Temple o Pa z f tG
Found in West Hall.


Offering-table of Wahka Overseer of divine prophets, early Dyn. XII, PETRIE,op. cit. i, pl. iv. Two statues of Ptah, Dyn. XIX, in Cairo Mus. 38429, 38430, DARESSY, Statues de Divinitek (Cat. Caire), pl. xxv, pp. 116-17 ; MASPERO, Guide (1914), p. 168 [66z-31 with fig. 48 ; texts, DARESSY, Notes et Remargues in Rec. de Trav. xiv. 174 [Ixviii].
Found in front of Propylon.


Endowment stela of vizier Ameny temp. Sesostris I, PETRIE,Op. tit. i, pl. V, cf. pp. 7, 18. Le Stela, temp. Haremhab, id. ib. pl. vi ;text, DARESSY, Temple de M i t Rahineh in Ann. SEYV. iii. 27-8 [I] ; see NEWBERRY, Duplicate Text ofHoremhb's Coronation InscrIpfton A in Anc. Eg. 1925, p. 4. Fragments of stelae, blocks, jambs, and columns of Ramesses I1 and Sethos 11, DARESSY, cit. in Ann. S e n . iii. 28-31 [2-5, 7, 11-17]. OP. Block with King, Dyn. XXVI, 30 metres south-east, id.ib. 31 [rg].

4 E 4, 4

SOUTH PROPYLON. Psammetikhos I.

Limestone Colossus of Ramesses 11, discovered in 1820, preserved in hut on site. L. D. i. 10, iii. 142 e ; ROSELLINI, Mon. Sfor. lxxvi [I, 2 1 ; BRUGSCH, ,-ecueil, i ;

PRISSE, L'Art Bgyptien, ii, Scu/pture, pl. 43 [right] ' Colosse d e Ramshs II', cf. Texfe, pp. 416-17 ; BONOMI, the site o Memphis a n d the colossal statue o Metraheni in Trafzs. On f f Roy. Soc. Lit. 2 Ser. ii (1847), plate opposite p. 304 ; BONOMI MSS.* B. 4, cf. id. Diaries*, Account o the Manner in which fzuo Colossal f Dec. 28, I 824, June 16, 183I ; BAGNOLD, Statues o Rameses I1 a t Memphis were Raised it] P.S.B.A. X, plate opposite p. 452, cf. pp. f 452-7 ; MASPERO, Egyptian Art, plate opposite p. 140; BURTON MSS.* 25634, 27-32, 25618, 89 ; WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 35 [lower left], xxxvii. 52, cf. 53 ; texts, L. D. iii. 142 f-h, cf. Text, i, p. 204; WILKINSON MSS.* V. 52 [bottom] ; see HORNER,A n Account o some recent Researches near Cairo [&C.] in Philosophical Transactions o the Royal f f Society, vol. 148 (1858), pp. 55-7, 74, cf. 61-3 ; HEKEKYAN BEY, A Treatise on the Chronology o Siriadir Monuments ( I 863), pp. I 6-1 g. f
Found near limestone Colossus.

Red granite Colossus of Ramesses 11, with figures of Prince Merneptah (?) and Princess Bent'anta, discovered in 1853-4 about 2 0 0 yards north-east of limestone Colossus, left on site, WILKINSON MSS.* vii. 50 ; CAPART and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 10, fig. 9 ; see BAGNOLD, cit. in P.S.B.A. X, pp. 456,457-460 ; texts of prince, and op. cartouches on back, WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 34 [bottom]. Kneeling headless statue of Ramesses I 1 holding Hathor-head, id. ib. 77 [lower]. MSS.* Statue of Ramesses I1 holding standard with head of divinity, WILKINSON v. 37 [middle right], xxxvii. 54, cf. 55 ; text on standard, L. D. Text, i, p. 204 a ; BURTON IklSS.* 25618, 90. Statue of Amenemhct I11 usurped by Merneptah, in Berlin Mus. 1121, BRUGSCH, Recueil, ii ;Aeg. und Vorderasiat. Alterthirmer, pl. I I; texts, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 144, ii. 18 ; cartouches, WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 76 [top]. Fragments of statue of Amenmosi or Dyn. XX, torso in Manchester Mus., lower part in Vienna Mus., PETRIE, fkfemjh~s, pls. xxx [z], xxxi [lower Ieit], cf. iii, p. 39 ; lower part, REINISCH, e Aegyptischen Denkmaeler in Miramar, pl. xxvii, cf. pp. B 225-8 ; BRUGSCH, Monumens, xiii [lower] ; text, BRUGSCH, Thes. 239-40. Limestone block with text naming Osorkon I1 ; text, WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 76 [middle].




Block with name of Shabataka; cartouche, id. ib. 76 [near bottom]. Statue of scribe, propllet of Neith of Sais, with papyrus on knee, Saite; text, id. ib. 77 [uPP~']. Granite drum of column, Ramesses I1 offering to Ptah, in Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg Mus., MOGENSEN, Collection w f i e n n e , pl. cx [A 7411 ; see PETRIE, cit. iii, p. 39. La op. Cornice of Ramesses VI, in Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg Mus., id. ib. pl. xxxi, cf. PP. 39-40. Head and torso (uninscribed), and stela of god Reshpy, id. ib. pls. xxix [I], xxx [I], xxxix [S], cf. p. 39; text of torso [PETRIE, X ~ X in Brussels, Mus6es Royaux du Cinquantenaire, X (i)], E. 4678, SPELEERS, des Insm. kg. [3 251. Rec. 86 Block from top of a wall in temple, with King AmenenGpet, Dyn. XXI, and Sekhmet ; names, GAUTHIER, travers Z ~ a s s e - k ~ ~in t e A a p Ann. S e n . xxii: 204-5. Found near Propylon. Blocks of Amenophis IV from Temple of the Ate11, re-used in pavement (found in 1854), one (=p]. 2) in University Mus., Sydney, Australia, NICHOLSON, the Disk WorOn shlPpers of Memphis in Trans. Roy. Soc. Lit. 2 Ser. ix (1870) pls. I, 2, cf. pp. 197-2 14, ib. reprinted in NICHOLSON, in Aegyptiaca, pp. I I 7-34, with plates ; BONO~II B. 3, 3 a ; WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 78 [lower]-80; Amenophis IV with Smenkhkare' [NICHOLSON, I, NO. 51, BORCHARDT, der Arbeif an den Funden von Tellel-Anzarna pl. AUS in Mitteil. d. Deutsch. Or. Gesell. March 1917, Nr. 57, p. 10, Abb. 7 ; NEWBERRY, AKhenafen's eldest son-in-/aw [&C.] in J.E.A. xiv, p. 8, fig. 3 ; block with cartouches Statuen undStatuetfen [NICHOLSON, I, NO.41, id. ib. p. 8, fig. 4, cf. p. g ; BORCHARDT, pl. (Cat. Caire), iii, pl. 121, p. 2. Granite seated statue (headless) of King Shabataka, found outside propylon, in Cairo Mus. 655, BISSING, Denkmaler, Text to 60, 61 [second fig.] ; BORCHARDT, Uber das Alferdes Chefrenstatuen in d Z . xxxvi, p. 15, Abb. 12 (said to be from Karnak) ; WILKINSON hlSS.* xiii. 37 [upper] ; texts, BRUGSCH, Thes. 1064 [7 A-D] ; on belt and sides, MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pl. 29 [e r-31.

EAST PROPYLON. Ptolerny IV Philopator.

Red granite architrave, see PETRIE,op. cit. i, p. 14. CHAPEL OF SABACON, in south-west corner of ternenos. Plan, id. ib. pl. xxvii [top left], cf. pl. xxv [bottom left], and p.

BUILDIXGWITH ALABASTER BLOCKS OF RAMESSES A N D SESONCHISin 11 I, south-west corner of temenos. Plan, id. ib. pl. xxx [lower right], cf. pp. 12-13.

SANCTUARY OF AMENOPIIIS found on lower level. 111,

Blocks at Boston and Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg Mus., id. ib. iii, pl. xxix [2, 31, cf. p. 39 ; block in Copenhagen, King before Sekhmet, MOGENSEN, Collection Pgypfienne, La pl. cvii [A 7231.

SANCTUARY OF AMASIS, found along east t o west axis of temple.

op. Blocks with reliefs, PETRIE, cit. iii, pls.
XX~X [4,

51, xxxii [4-71, cf. p. 39.




On west side, foundation deposit of Tuthmosis IV, id. ib. i, pl. xix [top left], cf. p. 8. Destroyed building of Ramesses 1 . 1 Foundation deposit of west side, in Manchester Mus., id. ib. pl. xix [botto~llleft], cf. p. 8.

Temple o Ptah f
Small columns of Ramesses I1 and 111, id. ib. i, pl. xxv [left middle], cf. p. 10. Between West Hall and Sesonchis building, tank or vat constructed from blocks from Rapport sur a building of Nektanebos I 1 (Nekht-har-hebi) ; texts from blocks, DARESSY, Z de'couverfe d'une grande cuve ci Mif Xahlizeh in Ann. Sem. ii. 24 1-2. a In south-west corner, alabaster block of Shedesnefertem temp. Sesonchis I, BRUGSCH, Thes. 81 7 [ I ~ z ] ,948-9 [IS] ; texts, BRUGSCH, wichtrges DenkmaZ aus den Ein Zeifen Kiinks Se?ong I in A.Z. xvi. 38-41. Column, probably Amenophis 111, in Brussels, Musees Royaux du Cinquantenaire, E. 4 9 8 ~ PETRIE,OP. cit. ii, PI. xix [upper left], cf. pp. 14, 18; text, SPELEERS, des , Rec. Inscr. Eg. 38 (141). I n north part (K8m el-Khanzir), funeral statuette, Nektanebos I (Nekht-neb-f), in Mon. Div. pl. 32 [top]. Cairo Mus. ; text, MARIETTE, Thes. 1061 [bottom]. Two inscribed blocks, BRUGSCH,


West of Sacred Lake.

Jamb with figure of Amasis (the fellow of one found in 1914 and now in Men~pliis, Tennessee, U.S.A.) ; text of Icing, DARESSY, Ejagnzenfs menzphifes in Ann. Serv. xx. 171 [7I. Fragments of black granite statue of Kamesses I1 ; texts, id. ib. 167-8 [I]. Limestone block of Ramesses 11, found in a temple wall, id. ib. 168 [z]. Alabaster block, id. ib. 169 [4]. Block, Sesonchis I1 and Takelot High priest of Ptah, before Se1:hmet ; texts, id. ib. 169-70 [S]. Block, priestess before Sekhmet (?); texts, id. ib. 171 [6]. I n room, statues of Khephren, Mencheres, NeuserrE', Menkauhor, and another (uninscribed), in Cairo Mus. 41, 42, 38, qo, 39, G R ~ B A ULe, Muske kgypfien, i, pis. viii-xi, cf. T Sfafuen und Sfafueffen (Cat. Caire), i, pls. 10, I I, pp. 36-9 ; Mencheres, p. g ; BORCHARDT, Neuserre', and Khephren, MASPERO, Guide (1g14), pp. 45-7, figs. 8-10; Khephren, Denkmaler, g ; Mencheres, MASPERO,E a f f i a n Art, plate opposite p. 38 BISSING, [upper] ; WEIGALL, Anc. Eg. Works o Art, 28. f

a- ,


East of village of Mit Rahina.

Stela of Apries recording gifts to temple, now beside granite colossus, BRUGSCH, Reczreil, iii ; MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pl. 30 [h] ; GUNN,Th SfeZa Of ApYies af Mi'trahfiza in Ann. Sew. xxvii, pp. 215-29 and plate; text, PIEHL,Saifica in AZ. xxviii. 104; first line, WILKJNSON MSS.* xiii. 35 [top].
At K6m Azisia near Mit Rahina.

Offering-table, Tuthmosis IV, in Cairo Mus. 23088 ; text, KAMAL, Tables d'ofrandes (Cat. Caire), p. 72.
South of South Colossus.

Limestone block of Ptah in shrine, re-used in Roman building, in Copenhagen, Ny op. Carlsberg hfus, PETRIE, cit. vi, pl. lix [sg], cf. p. 33.
In foundations of Church, south-west of Temple of Siamfin.

Raniesside blocks from Temple of Ptah, PETRIE,op. cit. iv, pls. xxvii-XXX, p. 23 ; cf. block with censer [on xxix], in Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg Mus., MOGENSEN, a L Collecfion kypfienne, pl. c [A 6931.
Miscellaneous (exact provenance unknown).

Sculptures, &C., Dyn. V-Nektanebos I , including blocks of Tuthmosis IV, Ameno-

phis IV, Haremhab, Ramesses 11, Siptah re-used by Sethos 11, Sesonchis I, sphinx of op. Ramesses 11, and block with Prince Kha'emwbet, PETRIE, cit. vi, pls. liii-lix [I-18, 21-5, 30-81, cf. pp. 32-3 ; block with three souls of Pe, Dyn. XII, in Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg Mus. [PETRIE, (11)], MOGENSEN, cit. pl. 108 [A 7333. 1v op. Head of statue, probably Dyn. IV, in Brit. Mus., PRISSE, ~'Artkgyptien, Scu@ture, ii, pl. 33 [I] Fragmellts de statues iconiques ', cf. Texte, p. 409. Fragment of statue of Sesostris 11, in Cairo hIus. 387, BORCHARDT, Statuen und Statuetten (Cat. Caire), ii, pl. 61, cf. pp. 6-7 ; text on belt, MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pi. 27 [a] ; BRUGSCH, Thes. 1063 [L+]. Granite column from a temple of Amenemhet I11 with later cartouches of Merneptah and Setnakht, in Brit. Mus. 64 (Coll. Salt) ; cartouches, Guide, Sculpture (rgog), p. 117 [419I. Fragment with text of Amenophis IV, MARIETTE, Mon. Biv. pl. 2 7 [e]. Statue of Haremhab (probably from here), in New York, Metropolitan Mus., WINLOCK, Hamthab, C o m ~ n a n d e r - i f - o f Armies o Tutenkhanron in N. Y.Metro. Bull. Pt. ii, th f Oct. 1923, pp. 5, 9, 13 ; id. A statue o NoremAab before his Accession in JE.A. X, f pls. i-iv, cf. pp. 1-5 ; NEWBERRY KOSS,Th Art ofEgypt through f h Ages, p. 176. in , Scribe of the harim, Middle Kingdom, in Cairo Headless statue of 'Ankhu Mus. 410 ; text on apron, MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pl. 27 [b] ; BRUGSCH, Thes. 1062 [3] ; BORCHARDT, cit. ii, p. 21. op. Crouching statue of Iry Priest in the temple of Ptah : text on stela held by Iry, MARIETTE, 1Efon. Div. pl. 27 [C] ; BRUGSCH, Ths. 1062 [I] ; DE R U E, Inscr. Hilro. O G! ciii [upper]. Statue of Ptahwer Chief steward, in Berlin Mus. 8808; text on front, MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pl. 2 7 [d] ; BRUGSCH, Thes. 1062 [2] ;Aeg. Inschr. NUS. Berlin, i. 146. Fragment of statue of Nezern [c, messenger to every land, Overseer of the Royal Mon. Div, pl. 27 [f] ; BRUGSCH, granaries of the western side ; text on back, MARIETTE, RecueiZ, v [3]. Statue of HarsiEsi , High priest, Saite; texts, MARIETTE, Div. pl. 27 [g Mon. 1-41. Text from back of statue (name lost), id. ib. pl. 27 [h]. Fragments of statues of Ramesside and Saite periods ; texts, id. ib. pl. 28 [a, c-e]. Fragment of squatting statue of Paipe Steward of Ptah, Scribe, Overseer of op. cattle, New Kingdom, in Cairo i\lus. 671, BORCHARDT, cit. iii, pp. 17-18 ; MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pl. 28 [b].

4, n


~ O A


, good name Neferebree-nilfer , Nurse of the Lord Statue, Harer'o of the Two Lands Psammetikhos, temp. Psammetikhos 11, in Cairo Mus. 38236, Statues de Divinifls (Cat. Caire), pl. xiv, pp. 69-70 ; texts, MARIETTE, Mon. DARESSY, Div. p]. 2 9 [a 1-51 ; PIEHL,Vizvia in A'.Z. xxv. I 20-1 [xlv]. Stela of Amenhotp Superintendent of the granary, and his son Piay late Dyn. XVIII, in Manchester NUS., PETRIE, cit. ii, PIS. xviii [bottom right], xxv op. [bottom left], cf. pp. 14, 2 I. Statue of Pesiiir XI$, Governor of the Town and Vizier, temp. Sethos I-Ramesses 11; texts, DARESSY, Nofes et Remarques in Rec. de Trav. xiv. 172-4 [lxvii]. Fragment of stela (?)of UnnSfer , late New Kingdom (?); text, MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pl. 29 [b]. Back of statue; text, id. ib. pl. 29 [c]. Stela of Ra'mosi , id. ib. pl. 30 [a].







Temple of Pia&


Upper part of stela of Amasis, year 29, in Cairo Mus. 37494 ; text, DARESSY, crue La du Nil de Pan XXIX d'dmasis in Ann. Sevy. xxiii. 47-8. Statue o f . . . pdais , good name Harkhebi Overseer of the Gate of Neferebre', Late Period, in Cairo Mus. 659; texts, BORCHARDT, cit. iii, pp. 7-8. op. Block with Apis-bull, PETRIE,op. cit. iii, pl. xxx [3], cf. p. 39. of Recueil, pl. iv Fragment of limestone colun~n Siarnan (not Ramesses), BRUGSCH, [31l cf. P. 7.



Buildings ofMernepta4, on Kbm el-Qara.

See PETRIE, Memphis, i, pp. 11-12. Plan, id. ib. pl. xxvii.

Outer Gateway. Lintel, QUIBELL, Lintel of Merertptah at Mifrahineh in Arm. Sew. viii, pp. plate ; PETRIE, cit. ii, pl. xxi, cf. pp. 18-19. op.


Court. Re-used Dyn. V lotus-capitals in western part, in Manchester hIus., id. ib. i, pl. iii, cf. p. 6 ; id. ib. ii, pp. 13-14. Re-used column with name of Prince Kha'emweset, id. ib. i, pl. xxv [left upper], cf. pp. 10, 11. Inscribed column with rope-pattern binding, probably from here, id. ib. i, pls. xxv [right upper], xxvi [6], cf. pp. 10, 20.
Inner Doorway.

Jamb, in Brit. Mus. 1469, id. ib. i, pl. xxix [right] ; see Guide, Sculpture (1909)~ p. 303

[I 1691. PALACE east of Temple. on

FISHER,The Eckley B. Coxe Jr. Egptian Expedtion in Penasylvania Universiiy MuseumJournal, viii (19 r 7), pp. 2 I 1-30, figs. 77-89. Plan, id. ib. p. 2 I 5, fig. 79. South Portal. King receives heb-sed from Ptah, id. ib. p. 224, fig. 84. Votive stela of Mey &!Q, Priest of Ptah, fragment of statuette of a high priest of Ptab, and royal head of Akhenaten period, found near portal, id. ib. pp. 225-8, figs. 85-8. Throne Room. Dais of throne with reliefs of foreigners, id. ib. p. 221, fig. 82.
Hl ( 5 of FISHER). al Text of doorways and columns, and plan, EDGAR, building o Meevenptah at ' A f Kahineh in Ann. Sew. xv. 97-104.

Statuette, Khnemebre'neferi

m9A ,

holding shrine of Ptah, Dyn. XXVI, in Cairo

Mus. 807, BORCHARDT, Stnfuen und Statueften (Cat. Caire), iii, pl. 149, pp. 104-5 ; texts, PIEHL,hscr. Nilro. 3 S&. lxxi-lxxii; MARIETTE, ,won. Div. pl. 34 [a 1-51; parts, DE ROUG$Inscr. Hie'ro. XIV, xlvi. Stela, Horus on the crocodiles, Pkhar or Dyn. XXVI, in Cairo Mus. 9405, DARESSY, Texfes et Dessins Magipues (Cat. Caire), pls. v, vi, pp. 15-17. Broken statue, Pkeps (?) 3+, in Cairo Mus. ; texts, ~ ~ A R I E T T E , Saite, MOZ.Div. pl. 34 [c] ; DARESSY, Statues de bnsse Qopzle du Muse2 de Gizl'h in Rec, de Trav, xv. 157.




Headless statue of Semtutefnakht Overseer of crews of the royal Sfafuen und Sfafueffen boats, temp. Psammetikhos I, in Cairo Mus. 653, BORCHARDT, (Cat. Caire), ii, pl. I 20, p. 197 ; texts, MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pl. 34 [g]. Memphis, ii, pl. xx, cf. p. 14; Two colossal negro heads, found west of Court, PETRIE, L one, in Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg Mus., MOGENSEN, a Collection ekyptienne, pl. xviii [A 761, cf. p. 20. Nameless statue, Saite; texts on back, MARIETTE, cit. pl. 34 [b]. op. Fragment of text of Darius I, id. ib. pl. 34 [d 1-21. Offering-table of Amenemhet I ; text, id. ib. pl. 34 [f]. Limestone block with cartouches of Amenophis 1V and Haremhab, id, ib. pl. 34 [e 1-33. Stela of Ptolemy V1 Philometor to divinities of Tanis, in Cairo Mus. 22189, KAMAL, St2Zes Ptoteinaipues et Romaines (Cat. Caire), pl. lxiv, pp. 187-188 ; texts, DARESSY, Notes et Remarques in Rec. de Trav. xxiv. 166 (cciii). Stela of Pa'l'ashtereth Horus on the crocodiles, Ptolemaic, in Cairo Textes et Dessins Magiques (Cat. Caire), pls. ii, iii, pp. 3-1 I; I,ACAU, Mus. 9402, I~ARESSY, Les stafues cguei-isseuses' dans Z'ancienne Egyjte in Monuments Piof, vol. xxv, pl. xvi, pp. 195-196, with figs. 4-6, cf. pp. 199-201 ; BORCHARDT REISNER,W o r h o Art, 29. and f Fragments of trilingual decree of Ptolemy IV Philopator, in Cairo Mus. 31088, SPIEGELBERG, Demotischn 1)tschr~ten Die (Cat. Caire), pl. ii, pp. 14-20; I ( A ~ I A L , Stiles Ptotkmaiques et Xontaines (Cat. Caire), pl. lxxiv, pp. 218-19.

a=, :=



BLOCKS FROM TOMB O F PS.XMMETHEK-NEPERSESHBM XXVI o r later, built into ancient house, now in Cairo Mus.

G E j g,l ,


Mon. Div. pl. 35 [middle] ; MASPERO, Mzisek Le Registering necklaces, MARIETTE, d ~ y p t i e n ,ii, pls. xxxv [upper], xxxvi ; id. Guide ( ~ g r q ) p. 203 [87o], fig. 61 ; men and , Anc. Eg. fiYorks o Arf, 324. f women with necklaces, WEIGALL, Tribute-bringers before deceased, MARIETTE, $Mon. Div. pl. 35 [lower] ; MASPERO, and CHIPIEZ, Histoire de Z'Art Le Musie kgYpfjen,ii, pls. xxxii [top], xxxiii; PERROT dans tAntipuif4 ~ ' E ~ ~ i ppp. ,720-1, figs. 485-6. te Cornice and heads of destroyed tribute-bringers, MASPERO, cit. pl. xxxviii [top]. op.
TOMB O F THONUFER &Q, Dyn. XXVI or later. DenkFound with preceding (not at Heliopolis as stated by Maspero), see BISSING, maler, Text to 10 I, note 24. Musicians, in Alexandria Mus., MASPERO, Muse'e kgyptien, ii, pls. xxxix [lower], Le xl, xli; BISSING,Denkmiiler, I O I ; RANSOM JVILLIAMS, The Egyptian Collection in the Museum o A r t a t Cleveland, Ohio in JB.A. v, pl. XI opposite p. 282 ; parts, WEIGALL, f in f op. cit. 326 ; group with harper, GARDNER Ross, Th A r t o Egypt through the Ages, p. 228 ; names and titles, DARESSY, 1rlscrr;btions hi/rog@phipues dz6 Mz~se'e d'dkxalzdrie in Ann. Serv. v. I 17 [ix, No. 31. Bringing funeral outfit, in Cairo Mus., MASPERO, cit. pls. xxxii [middle], xxxiv ; op. five offering-bringers, WEIGALL, cit. 325 ; woman carrying box of pigeons, K E I ~ I E R , op. Note s u r Z rrepre?entation exacte [&C.] in Ann. Serv. xxviii, p. 40, fig. 5 a. a


SIMILAR BLOCKS, probably same provenance.

Bas-relief, girl musicians and stand with flowers, Dyn. XXX or Early Ptolemaic, in WILLIA~IS, cit. inJ.E.A. v, pl. xxxix opposite op. Cleveland Museum of Art, RANSOM p. 280; CURTIUS, Axtzke Kunst, i, p. 214, Abb. 157. Die

Two fragments, foreigners bringing tin, and feet of Semites with girl punting boat below, MULLER, Egypt. Res. i, pls. I, 2, cf. pp. 5-1 I ; see RANSOM WILLIAMS, cit. pp. 281, op. 284. Mon. Div. pl. 35 Block with funeral-sledge of Apis-bull, in Cairo Mus., MARIETTE, [topl. Two blocks, procession of women singers, and women making oil from lilies, possibly Graeco-aegyptischeReliefs from here, at the Hague, Scheurleer Mus., I I 16, I I 18, BISSING, [&C.] in Bull. van de Vereenking tot Bevordering der Kennis van de Antieke Beschaving, 1929 (p), figs. I, 2, cf. pp. 9-14.

Small Building soufh of Temple of Ptab. Dyzz. XVIII.

Stela, Ame~iophis I1 before Ptah, in Cairo 3Ius. 34020, LACAU, Sf>les du n'Ouvel Empire (Cat. Caire), pl. xii, pp. 40-1. Canopic box of cat-mummy (?), dedicated by Dhutmosi High priest of Ptah, 1; Notes et Renzarpues in Rec. de Trav. xiv. I 74-5 (lxix). son of Amenophis 1 1 texts, DARESSY,


Temple of Siamnn.
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Miscellaneous (Provenance Unknown).

8telae. Ptahshepses jA[I[I, Overseer of scribes of the Two Mansions of Gold, Dyn. V, in Thes. 1484-1486 [ I ~ z ;texts, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. I 20. ] Berlin Mus. 7779, BRUGSCH, Ahmosi [l, Scribe, Dyn. XIII-XVII, in Brit. Mus. 1314, Z e r o . Texts [&C.], Pt. v, p1. 17; see Guide, Sculpture (rgog), pp. 96-7 [336]. Merymery temp. Tut'ankhaman, in Cairo Mus. 34186 ; text, DARESSY, Notes et Remarques in &c. de Trav. xvi. I 23 [cvii] ; LACAU, StkZes du Nouvel Empire (Cat. Caire), 232; LEGRAIN, R@ertoire, No. 312. Pinehas X ) [I,\ Scribe of the altar of the Royal Harim, Dyn. XVIII, in Berlin Mus. 7317, BRUGSCH, Monumens, iii ; REINISCH, Aegypfische Chrestonzathie, pl. 15 ; texts, Aeg. Inschr. -iMus. Berlin, ii. 139-42. Nakht ,, -Q Singer of Amon, Dyn. XVIII, in Upsala Mus. 35, LUGN,Ausgewahlte Denkmaler aus agyptischen Sammbngen in Schweden, pl. ix; texts, LIEBLEIN,Die aegyptischen Denkmaler in St. Petersburg, Helsingfors, Upsala und Copenhagen, pl. xxvii [32], cf. p. 76 ; LIEBLEIN, Dict. de Nonu, ii, p. 792, No. 2059. Ilhutmosi Head of keepers of the Gate of Memphis, Dyn. XVIII, in Brit. Mus. 155, SHARPE, Eg. Inso-. r Ser. 105; G d e , Sculpture (rgog), pl. xviii, see p. 130 [460]; see BUDGE, Notes on Egyptian Stelaeprinct$al& o the Eighteenth Dynasty in Trans. S.BA. f viii. 320-8.


% 0 F,

S089 3

G g

~orna' Doorkeeper, Dyn. XVIII, in Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg Mus., SCHIIIIDT, op. cit. pl. cxiv, fig. 29 ; texts, MADSEN, Zwei Inschr$fen in Kopenhagen in B.Z. xli. I 14-15. Re'hotp Vizier, Overseer of the Town, High priest of Ptah, temp. Ramesses 11, in Cairo Mus., BRUGSCH, Thes. 950-1. Penby Custodian in the Place of Truth, Dyn. XIX or XX, in Brit. Mus. , 1466 ; texts, Guide, Sculpture ( ~ g o g ) pp. 304-5 [I 1731. Stela with dramatic mythological text, temp. Sabacon, in Brit. Mus. 498 (135*), SHARPE, Eg. hscr. I Ser. 36-7 [top], 38 ; READand BRYANT, Mythological Text from A Memphis in P.S.B.A. xxiii, plate opposite p. 160; BREASTED,The Philosophy o a f Memphife Priest in A.2. xxxix, pls. i, ii, cf. pp. 39-54; text, ERMAN, i n Denkmal E nremphifischer Theologie in Sifzungsb. d. k. Preuss. Akad. ( I ~ I I ) 924-45 ; SETHE,D a s , ' Denkmal memphifischer Theologie ' der .Schabakosfein des Brifischen ffiseums, 20-7 7 ; see Guide, Sculpture ( ~ g o g ) pp. 220-1 [797]. , Irt-Har-erau Late Period, in Cairo Mus. 31082, SPIEGELBERG, demoDie fischen Inschnjcfen (Cat. Caire), 9-10. Four stelae in Munich, Antiquarium, DYROFF PORTNER, and Agyjtische Grabsfeine und Denksfeine aus siiddeufschen Sammlungen, ii, pls. i [I], xiv [zz], xv [23], xviii [z6], cf. PP. I, 29-33, 36-7.





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y, [IT,


Ahmosi l(], with naos of Osiris (fragment), Saite, in Cairo Mus.; text, DARESSY, Remarqueset notes in Rec. de Trav. xi. 93 (xliii). Pedaker Priest of Ptah ; text, id. Notes et Remarques in Rec. de Trav. xiv. I ~ (lxxxiii). A ~sammhthek-neith with naos, Dyn. XXVI, in Cairo Mus. 726, CAPART, L'Art kgyffien (rgog), pl. 86; (rgrr), pl. 187 ; BORCHARDT, cit. iii, pl. 134, op. p. 61 ; see BRUGSCH Bd.Inst. Eg.3 Ser. No. 7, p. 144. in NeferebreC-sineith Dyn. XXVI ; text, BRUGSCH, Thes. 1063 [6]. Lower part of kneeling statue of Achoris, Dyn. XXIX, in Cairo Mus. 681, BORCHARDT, op. cit. iii, pl. 124, p. 25. Statue of Psammetheksonb Vizier, &C., holding naos of Atum, Dyn. XXIX, in Cairo Mus. 682, id. ib. PI. 124, PP. 26-7 ; texts, DARESSY, cit. in Rec. de OP. Trav. xiv. 177-8 [lxxii]. Fragmentary statue of Hor (?) Fan-bearer on the right of the King, Late Period ; text, BRUGSCH, Thes. 1065 [g]. Pedepep (headless), Late Period, in Cairo Mus. 595; texts, BORCHARDT, Staruen und Statuetfen (Cat. Caire), ii, p. 149. Man (headless) holding naos, Late Period, found north of Colossus (?),in Cairo Mus. 673, id. ib. iii, pl. 123, p. 2 0 . Statue of Pedusiri Chancellor of the King of Lower Egypt, Roman, in Cairo Mus. 696, id. ib. pl. 128, p. 39; texts, DARESSY, Sfafues de basse @oque du ~VusLede Gize'h in Rec. de Trav. xv. 159 (7). Columns. Two scenes, Hori &Q, High priest, before Ptah and before goddess, Dyn. XVIII, Remarques et notes in Rec. de Trav. xi. 81 (xxiv). in Cairo Mus. ; texts, L~ARESSY, Fragments of base with text of high priest under Sesonchis I ; texts, id. Notes et Remarques in Rec. deTrav. xxii. 143 (clxxvii). Various. Shrine of Siamiin, in Berlin Mus. 1624; texts, Aeg. Inschr. Mus. Berlin, i. 151-2. Naos of Amasis,for Neith, in Cairo Mus. 70010, R o E D E R , ~ ~ o s ( C ~ ~ . 8 [a], p. 37. Caire), pl. Quatre nouveaux Fourth fragment of Palermo Stone, in Cairo Mus. 39735, GAUTHIER, a Le fragments de Z Pierre de Palerme in MASPERO, Must2 Agyptien, iii, pl. xxxi, pp. 50-3. Texts of Ramesses I 1 from door and column, BRUGSCH, RecueiZ, iv [I, 51. Block with cartouches of Ramesses I11 usurped by Ramesses VI, and Horus-name of Ramesses I11 on pillar, id. ib. [2, 41. Bas-relief, Osorkon I before Bast and Horus, in Munich, Glyptothek, BISSING, Munchin nerJahrbuch der bildenden Kunst, 191 I, Abb. ii, cf. p. 166. Part of pillar with titles of a prophet of Iah, prophet of Sahure', and prophet of Astarte, BRUGSCH, cit. [S]. op. Block with text mentioning temple of Neith, id. ib. [6]. Bas-relief depicting court of a tomb, in University College, London, CAPART, Recueil de Mon. kg. xlii. Otherfragments with cartouches of Apries and Ptolemy I Soter, &C., L. D. Text, i, p. 204 [bottom]. Limestone fragment with cartouches of Aten, in Brussels, MusCes Royaux du Cinquantenaire, E. 4491, SPELEERS, e c des Inscr. kg. roo 14191. ~ . Block with cartouches of Merneptah, and another of Amasis ; texts, WILKINSON MSS.* xiii. 32 [lower]. Block with cartouches of Ramesses I1 and IX, id. ib. 64 [lower right].

9 z( 1 [n






01 hzly,



L2t Ci



From DE MOKGAN, Fouillcs d Dahrhour, ii, pl. i.

General plan, DE ~ I O R G A N , FouiZZes h Dahchour, i, Mars-Juin 1894, frontispiece ; id. ib. ii, 1894-5, pl. i ; L. D . i. 34 [left]-35 ; VYSE, Operations [&C.], iii, plate opposite P. 56.

N r h B i k P r m d +-A. S s s r s I I. o t rc y a i eo/i I
(xlvii of LEPSIUS 28 of PERRING.) ;

See DE MORGAN, EbuiZles [&C.], i, pp. 15-42 with plans.

Plan of site, id. ib. p. 16.


Vizier ; Chief steward ; &C.

Plan and section, id. ib. p. 19, figs. 20, z I . Text on exterior, id. ib. p, 20, fig. 24. Canopic box ; texts, id. ib. p. 22, fig. 28. Blocks found in sarcophagus chamber, id. ib. p. 19, figs. 22, 23. Other fragments, id. ib. p. 2 1 , figs. 25, 26.

Plan and section, id. ib. p. 25, fig. 33. Offering-table of Tema' ] l d , found in sarcophagus chamber, ici. ib. p. 25, fig. 34.

Plan and section, id. ib. p. 26, fig. 37. Fragment of stela with name of mother, id. ib. p. 26, fig. 36.
1 I.

_--I 44&F,Embalmer. KHENT-KHETI-EMSAF tris 111.

Plan, id. ib. p. 27, fig. 41.

Temp. Sesos-

Exterior. Reliefs, deceased before offerings, titles, &C., id. ib. p. 28, figs. 44-53. Notes et Remarques in Rec. de Trav. xxiv. Offering-table before east stela, DARESSY, I 63 (cxcvii).
Sepulohral Chamber.

Canopic box,


MORGAN, cit. p. 29, figs. 54, 55. op.


Plan and sections, id. ib. pp. 31-2, figs. 60-3. Fragments of offering-table, id. ib. p. 33, figs. 64-7.

Temp. Sesostris 111. 18. NAME UNKNOWN.

Remains of reliefs with offering-bringers, id. ib. p. 34, figs. 68, 69.

Plan and section, id. ib. p. 35, figs. 70, 71. Remains of diorite statue found in sarcophagus chamber, in Cairo Mus. 828 ; head

0 L!!




E c - r J- - o o
From DE MORGAN, Fouilles d Dahrhour, ii, pl. xv, and i, p. 16.

Nodh Brick Pyramid


and titles, id. ib. p. 35, figs. 72, 72 a ; see BORCHARDT, Statuen und Statwften (Cat. Caire), iii, p. I 15.

NO NAME (?).
Part of funerary text on coffin, DE MORGAN, cit. p. 36, fig. 73. op.

24. IPITI9oQG, Overseer of the Seat ; &c.

Stela, in Cairo Mus. 1486 (?),id. ib. pl. xi, cf. p. 165.

Sepulchral Chamber.

Regulator of a guild.

Stela, id. ib. p. 38, fig. 79.

27- 'ANKHETNENI k . Yn 4 Y
,+A . +, +

Sepulohral Chamber.

Stela, id. ib. p. 39, fig. 80.


Stela of woman, id. ib. p. 40, fig. 81.


MORGAN, Fouilles h Dahchour, i, fig. 105 between pp. 48 and 49, ii, pl. xv.

See DE MORGAN, cit. i, pp. 47-51. Sections, id. ib. p. 48, figs. 106, 107 ; PERRING, op. Pyramids, Pt. iii, pl.13 [I] ;VYSE, Operations, iii, plate opposite p. 60. Views, DE MORGAN, op. cit. i, pls. xii-xiv, cf. p. 165. Inscription on east face, id. ib. p. 47 [top]. Debris with hieratic graffiti, id, ib. p. 78, figs. 183-7. Graffiti on blocks from casing, PERRING, cit. pl. 13 [2, 31 ; VYSE,op. cit. plate opposite p. 60, figs. I, 2 ; reproduced op. by DE MORGAN, cit. i, p. 3, fig. I [top]. op. MORTUARY TEMPLE, east side. on Fragments with names of King, id. ib. p. 51, figs. I r 1-12. Fragments of sculptured blocks, PERRING, cit. PI. 13 [4-IZ] ; VYSE,Operations, op. ... 111, plates opposite pp. 60 and 63, figs. 3-10; see BIRCH in id. ib. iii, p. 72 ; reproduced by DE MORGAN, cit. i, p. 3, fig. I [lower]. op. REMAINS MASTABAS OF PRINCESSES. OF Fragments of inscription, id. ib. i, p. 77, fig. 182. Two alabaster sarcophagi (uninscribed), found in pits D and F, in Cairo Mus. 28102, 28103 ; No. 28102, LACAU, SarcDphages ant/rieurs au Nouvel Empire (Cat. Caire), ii, pl. xiv, cf. p. 80 ; see DE MORGAN, cit. i, p. 75. op. Small stela of Sesostris 111, found in pit D, id. ib. p. 59, fig. 127, cf. p. 165.

Plans and sections, id. ib. pp. 54-5, 58, figs. 119-21, 128, cf. pp. 52-9, 73-4. Sarcophagus of Queen Nefert-henut wife of Sesostris 111, from second tomb, id. ib. p. 54, figs.117,118.







From DE MORGAN,o i e d Dahchour, ii, pl. ii. FuUs

North B i k Pyramid rc

Sarcophagi of Princesses Ment and Sent-senbetes,~! ,,1[ daughters of Sesostris I11 ; texts, id. ib. p. 56, figs. 122, 123. Canopic jars of Ment ; texts, id. ib. p. 59, fig. 126. Canopic box of princess ; text, id. ib. p. 57, fig. 125. (P), Steward, found in first Fragments of diorite statue of Nisumonthu sarcophagus chamber; text, id. ib. p. 53, fig. 116. Inscribed jewellery, found in cache in lowest chambers, in Cairo Mus., id. ib. pls. xv-xxv, cf. pp. 60-72 ; NO. 52001, pectoral of Sesostris I1 [pls. xv ( I ) , xvi (I), xxi (upper and Works o Art, 41 [top]; VERNIER, f Bijoux et Orfevreries right)], BORCHARDT REISNER, (Cat. Caire), pl. i [upper], cf. pp. 1-4; WARD, Collection o Historical Scarabs [&C.] A f in P.S.B.A. xxii. 310; DE MORGAN, I;buiZZes d Dahchour in Le Monde Moderne, Les e Jan. 1895, p. 7 3 ; No. 52002, pectoral of Sesostris I11 [pls. xix (I), xxi (upper left)], BORCHARDT REISNER, cit. 41 [bottom] ; VERNIER, cit. pl. i [lower], cf. p. 4 ; and op. op. WARD, op. cit. in P.S.B.A. xxii. 31 I ; WEIGALL, Anc. Eg. Works o Arf, 93 [upper] ; f EVERS, Siaaf aus dem Stein, i, p. 79, Abb. 2 0 ; DE MORGAN, cit. in Le Monde Moderne, op. Jan. 1895, p. 73 ; No. 52003, pectoral of Amenemhet I11 [pls. xx (2) and xxi (lower)], VERNIER, cit. pl. ii and p. 5 ; ROSENBERG, op. Aegypfische Binlage in Gold und Silber, p. 6, figs. I 2-14 ; DE MORGAN, cit. in Le Monde Moderne, Jan. 1895, p. 74 ; WEIGALL, op. op. cit. 105 ; see also VERNIER, cit. pp. 88-95 with the references to DE MORGAN. op.

- n





Remains of stelae and offering-tables,DE MORGAN, Pouilles [&C.], i, p. 76, figs. I 78-80.

Hieratic graffiti on fragments from New Kingdom (?) tombs, id. ib. pp. 79-80, figs. 190-5. Ptolemaic (?) pit in south-east corner; name and titles of Paneith M )O( ~ id. ib. a p. 81, fig. 200.



Brick mastabas, see



MORGAN, cit. i, pp. 8-14, figs. 2-17. op.



Offering-table of Ne'ankhre' ; name, id. ib. p. 12. Fragments of stela of Ka-'ahaf U Prophet of Snefru, &C., probably son of Snefru, id. ib. pp. 12-13, figs. 12-13.

0 -


Pyramid Ciiy of Szefru.

North-east of Pyramid of Amenemhet 11, see plan of site, BORCHARDT, Kb'nksEin erlass aus Dahschur in A:Z. xlii, p. 2, Abb. I. Found near south-east corner, decree of Pepy I, in Berlin Mus., id. ib. pp. 3-1 I, pls. i, ii; WEILL,Les Dimefs Royaux [&C.], pl. iii [I], cf. pp. 43-52.

North Stone Pyramid



(xlix of LEPSIUS 29 of PERRING.) ; Plan and sections, PERRING, Pyramids, Pt. iii, pl. xiv ; VYSE, Ojerafions, iii, plates MSS.* 25620, 137. opposite pp. 64, 65 (first plate) ; plan of interior, BURTON Inscriptions on blocks from casing on south side, L. D. ii. I, f, g, and Text, i, p. 206.


' W;CiitePyramid' f A. Amenemh~t11.

(li of LEPSIUS.) FouiZZes [&C.], ii, pp. 1-86. Plan, id. ib. pl. ii. See DE MORGAN, MORTUARY TEMPLE, A N D BUILDING ETC., NEAR EAST ENTRANCE (including lii, liii of LEPSIUS). Fragments of sculpture, id. ib. pp. 37-9, figs. 86-94.

Masons' marks and hieratic graffiti on limestone blocks, id. ib. pp. 30-3, figs. 64-75.
Sepulchral Chambers.

Plan and sections, id. ib. pp. 33-6, figs. 77-83. Fragment of statue of Sebkemhst Chief steward, found in dCbris ; text, id. ib. p. 36, fig. 84. TOMBS PRINCESSES, of Pyramid. OF west


PRINCESSES and KHNEMT h , daughters of Amenemhet 11. IT ;9 ?

See DE MORGAN, cit. ii, pp. 40-68, cf. figs. 96-8. op. Masons' marks, id. ib. p. 44, figs. 99-104. Coffin of It, see id. ib. p. 46, fig. 105 ; texts, id. ib. pp. 47-8. Coffin and canopic jars of Khnemt; texts, id. ib. pp. 57-8, 68. Jewellery, id, ib. pls. v-xii, cf. pp. 48-56, 58-68, figs. 106-10; wreaths of Khnemt [ = pls. ix-xi], WEIGALL, Anc. Eg. Works of Art, 87 ; one. BORCHARDT REISNER, and Works of Art, 42. Stela of Amenemhet-'ankh son of Amenemhet 11,re-used in pavement of offering-chamber of Khnemt,

( * ? , S ] @
MORGAN, cit. ii, p. 69, fig. op.

cf. p. 68.

QUEEN KEMINUB il i , wife of Amenemhet 11, and AMENHOTP -Q ; h Q=%, Chancellor. -a

Plan, id. ib. p. 69, fig. 112. Fragments of coffin of Queen, and inside of canopic box ; texts, id. ib. p. 116, 117. Fragments of coffin of Amenhotp, id. ib. p. 70, figs. I 13-15.




and SIT-MERHUT daughters of Q g\,

Plan, id. ib. p. 69, fig. I 18. Masons' marks on blocks above sarcophagi, id. ib. p. 72, fig. 120. Coffin and canopic box of It-wert ; texts, id. ib. pp. 73, 74. Canopic box of Sit-merhut ; texts, id. ib. p. 76. Jewellery of It-wert, id. ib. pl. xiii. Coffin of Sit-merhut in Cairo Mus. 28101 ; texts, id. ib. pp. 75-6 ; LACAU, Sarcophagcs antezeurs au Il5uveZ Enqire (Cat. Caire), ii, pp. 77-9. MASTABAS NORTH OF PYRAMID-ENCLOSURE. Snefru. Temp. Plan, id. ib. pl. ii. See DE MORGAN, cit. ii, pp. 2-27. op.

SESHEMN~FER of accounts in the Presence. 1-i , Scribe

Plan, id. ib. p.



' White Pyramid'


North limestone stela at north end ;two fragments, deceased in palanquin and offeringbringers, id. ib. p. 3, figs. 3, 4. South painted brick stela, id. ib. p. 4, fig. 5. Remains of scenes from walls, carpenters and butchers, id. ib. p. 5, figs. 6, 7.

IN-SNEFRU-ISHTEF (E%]jj the Great House ;&c.


Assistant-inspector of gardens of

See DE MORGAN, cit. ii, pp. 4-7. Plan, id. ib. p. 5, fig. 8. op. Passage B and Room A. Wall-paintings in Cairo Mus.; women bringing offerings, DE MORGAN, cit. ii, op. pl. xviii; WRESZINSKI, i. 415 ; two rowing boats and two freight boats, with row of Atlas, lnenabove, DE MORGAN. cit. pls. xix, xx ;boats, WRESZINSKI, op. Atlas, i. 410,411 ; men op. stacking corn, and boats below, DE MORGAN, cit. pl. xxi; men stacking corn, id. Rechr~hes Zes Or&ines de Z'I&yjte, i, p. 178, fig. 522 ; boats, WRESZINSKI, sur Atlas, i, 409; boats with shrines in funeral procession, DE MORGAN, EbuilCCS [&C.], ii, pl. xxii ; fishing with draw-net, id. ib. pl. xxiii; WRESZINSKI, cit. 412 ; lower part of two scenes op. op. of deceased and family harpooning fish, DE MORGAN, cit. pl. xxiv; lady guest and two registers dancers and musicians from banquet scene, id. ib. pl. xxv; omitting guest, WRESZINSKI, cit. 414; landing fish, id. ib. 413; DE MORGAN, op. Recherchcs sur Zes O ~ i ~ n [&C.], i, p. 177, fig. 519 ; men closing draw-net, CAPART es and WERBROUCK, Memphis, p. 387, fig. 375 (called 'Ankhmahor). Room A. Stela, DE MORGAN, liouilles [&C.], ii, p. 6, fig. g .


NEFERIRTNES iy"'jT', Inspector of gardens of the Great House.


MORGAN, cit. p. op.




Passage B.

Offering-table in front of stela; text, id. ib. p. Room A. Stela and offering-table, id. ib. pp.

I I,

fig. 25.

figs. 22-4.


NE'ANKH-SNEFRU good name FEFI 9 Secretary of 2, judgement in the Six Great Mansions.
Plan, id. ib. p.


fig. 26.

Room A. Stela, id. ib. p. 13, fig. 27. Fragment of small stela found in mastaba, id. ib. p.
Sepulchral Chamber.


fig. 28.


T~R~Qid. ib. p. fig. 29. ; text, NEFERXORSNEFRU C) &L, F] possib1y son of Snefru.
Lintel of Shepy

Plan, id. ib. p. 12, fig. 26. Name from lintel, id. ib. p. 14, fig. 32.

UZAU bhkb, Overseer of gardens of the Great House; Overseer of interpreters ; &c.
Plan, id. ib. p. 15, fig. 33.

,HSHOR. SOUTH BRICK PYRAMID. AMENEMHET 111 From D E MORGAN, FouiZfes d Dahchour ii, pl. xvi.

' White Pyramid'


Lintel with name and titles, id. ib. p. 15, fig. 34. 27.

KED-SHEPSES jTAIl1, Prophet of Snefru ; son of Snefru.

Plan, id. ib. p.
South Room.

fig. 50.

Stela; texts, id. ib. p. 28.

fig. 51.

K A N ~ FIE1 ,Vizier ; Overseer of the Pyramid of Snefru ;&C.; J R Q2 eldest son of Snefru.
Plan, ib. id. p.
East Faqade.

fig. 52-

South niche. Stela of deceased, in Brit. Mus. 1324, id. ib. pl. X X V ~; Niero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 4 (called Memphis necropolis); Guide, Sculpture (~gog), i, p. 4 [S] pl. (called Gizeh). Panel with wife Khunesu m $ & , DE MORGAN, op. cit. ii, p. 23, fig. 53. Offering-table below stela, in Brit. Mus. 1345, id. ib. p. 23, fig. 54; Niero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 5 (called Memphis necropolis); see Guide, Sculpture (~gog), 5 [g] (called p. Gizeh).

3 5

NECROPOLIS, south of Pyramid-enclosure. MIDDLE KINGDOM

SI-ISIT5 8-, Director of the Kilt ; Chancellor ; &c. Dyn. XII. Mastaba. ~t south end.

Wall-relief found in debris, in Cairo Mus. Deceased seated before altar and offeringop. Guide (1g14), p. 106, fig. 32. list, DEMORGAN, cit. ii, pl. xiv, cf. p. 85 ; MASPERO, Two fragments of scenes with name of Amenemhetyankh son of Amenemhet 11, DE MORGAN, cit. p. 85, fig. m op. 128. , id. ib. p. 86, figs. 129, 130. Stela and'offering-table of Senu'ankh


1, , ,?

Sepulchral Chamber.


Pyramid Texts, id. ib. pp. 78-85.

South BBrick Pyramid, 'Black Pyramid'. Amenemh~t (?). 111

(lviii of LEPSIUS 32 of PERRING.) ; See DE MORGAN, Ebuilles [&C.], i, pp. 87-1 17, ii, pp. 98-109. xvii. Plan, id. ib. ii, pls. xvi,

APPROACH PYRAMID, east side. TO on

Temple north of Approach. Plan and section, id. ib. ii, pp. 100-1, figs. 145, 146. Stela and offering-table of Queen at:, wife of Amenemhet 111, found in vaulted passage, id. ib. ii, p. 101, figs. 147, 148. Found south of Approach, near transverse wall. Part of sandstone jamb of Amenemhet 111, id. ib. p.

fig. 149.

MORTUARY TEMPLE, east side of Pyramid. on Statuette of Semite, and graffiti, id. ib. i, pp. 116-17, figs. 270-4; ii, p. 98, fig. 142. Note SUY le pyramidion d'Amenemhal"i 2 Pyramidion, in Cairo Mus. ; texts, MASPERO, Dahchour in Ann. Sem. iii, pp. 206-7.

Section, PERRING, Pyramids, pt. iii, pl. 13, fig. 13. Views, pls. xxxii, xl.
Sepulchral Chambers.


MORGAN, cit. i, OP.

Hieratic graffiti on stones found near sarcophagus in Room I, id. ib. ii, p. 105, fig. 152. a daughter of Amenemhet Fragment of canopic jar of Princess Hathor-hotpet [a 111, found in dCbris, id. ib. p. 105, fig. 154.

See DE MORGAN, cit. i, pp. 87-106, figs. 206--248,and pl. xxxviii [C-E]. op. Wooden naos containing ka-statue, in Cairo Mus., id. ib. pp. 92-3, figs. 212-16, pls. xxxiii-xxxv; statue, BISSING, Denkmaler, 40 A [left], and Text [first fig.] ; CAPART, L'Arf kg-ptien ( ~ g o g ) pl. 40 ; MASPERO, , Guide (1g14), p. 93, fig. 27 ; WEIGALL, Anc. Eg. Works o Arf, 113, 114 ; naos, Roeder, Naos (Cat. Caire), pl. 40 [a], cf. p. I 2 I. f Alabaster stela found below naos; text, DE MORGAN, cit. i, p. 94, fig. 217. op. Coffin, in Cairo Mus. 28106 ; texts, LACAU, Sarcophages ant/rieurs au Nouvel Empire (Cat. Caire), ii, p. 84; DE MORGAN, cit. i, pl. X X X V ~[bottom], and pp. 101-2, figs. 241, op. 241 bis. Canopic box and texts of jars, id. ib. pls. xxxvi [middle right], xxxvii, and pp. 104-6, figs. 245-7 ; canopic jars, EVERS, Staai aus dem Stein, i, pl. 134 [upper]. op. Alabaster stela, and circular altar; texts, DE MORGAN, cit. i, pp. 94-5, figs. 2 18, 2 19. Ka-statuette; text on base, id. ib. p. go, fig. 209, cf. p. 95. Fragments of alabaster vases found near it ; text, id. ib. p. go, fig. 210. Head of mummy, id. ib. p. 99, fig. 229.




probably daughter of

DE MORGAN, cit. i, pp. 107-15, figs. 249-69, and pls. xxxviii [A, B, F, G], xxxix. op. OP. Coffin, in Cairo Mus. 28104, id. ib. pl. xxxvi [top], p. 11I, fig. 263 ; texts, LACAU, cit. ii, pp. 81-2. Canopic box and texts of jars, DE MORGAN, cit. i, pl. X X X V ~ [middle left], p. I 15, op. figs. 268, 269. MASTABAS, south of Pyramid-enclosure. OLD KINGDOM

I Y N ~ F E R probably son of Snefru. jiz,

Plan and sections, BARSANTI, Kapjort sur Z jouille de Dakhour in Ann. Sew. iii, a 200-1, figs. 4-6. Trois anneks Two false doors, in Cairo Mus., id. ib. pls. i, ii and p. 199 ; see MASPERO, de FouilZes in M h . Miss. Arch. l . i. 189-90. + pp.

DUARR' Snefru.


South Brick Pyramid 239 Overseer of the two Pyramids of Snefru. Temp.

Plan, MASPERO, cit. p. 190. op. False door of deceased and son 'AnkhnlaCr&' Overseer of the southern Pyramid of Snefru, in Cairo Mus.; texts, id. ib. p. 190. Door to inner room. Jambs ; names of estates and offering-bringers, id. ib. pp. 190-1.


WEZ-KA-(ANKH ? ,'d-my of the Aphroditopolite nome ; &c. U~Y

False door, in Brit. Mus. 1223, Hiero. Texts [&C.], Pt. i, pl. 15 L651 ; name and title, op. MASPERO, cit. p. 191 [so].

NEFERMA'ET I Qff, Overseer of the Pyramid of Khephren ; &c.

Names and titles from remains of reliefs, BARSANTI, cit. 203-4 ; text on drum of op. op. 4 door, MASPERO, cit. 191 [ O (second text)].


Overseer of the place of dancing; &c. Prophet of Snefru.

Remains of texts, id. ib. 191 [so].


Name and title on lintel, id. ib. 191 [67.

QUEEN KEM-KED TOY, daughter of Snefru.

Lower part of false door; texts, BARSANTI, cit. pp. 202-3. op.

NEFERMA'ET I1 &>Q, King's son of his body; Prophet of Khephren; &c.

Lintel of stela, and drum; texts, id. ib. p. 204 ; text on lintel, MASPERO, cit. 191 OP. [4" (first text)).


F 1, Prophet of Snefru ; Royal priest.


Lower part of false door; texts, BARSANTI, cit. p. op.

South Stone Pyramid, ' Blunied Pyramid'.

(lvi of LEPSIUS 3 of PERRING.) ;

Sections, PERRING, Pyramids, Pt. iii, pls. xv [I-61, xvi ; VYSE,Operatlbns, iii, plates oppositepp. 66, 67, 68, 69 ; plan, BURTON MSS.* 25620, 138. Views, HAY*, 29812, 92-4.
North Entranoe.

Late graffiti on east and west sides, PERRING, cit. pl. xv [7, 81 ; VYSE,op. cit. op. plate opposite p. 69, fig. 4, and p. 76 ; MARIETTE, Ilfastabas, 576 ; BURTON MSS.* 25620, 133, 134 (squeezes) ; BONOMI MSS.* Diary, May 21, 1827.

Y ayious.
Blockwith Pyramid Texts of Sonb op. cit. 583. Coffin of Neterui (?)-tesnakht '$G $&\

[)T, Middle Kingdom ; text, MARIETTE, Chancellor, 9 G, Period ; text, id. ib. 584. Late


Offering-table of Sethu Overseer of scribes, Old Kingdom, in Cairo Mus., R~ARIETTE, Mon. Div. pl. 94. ( ]g , Gold-leaf from coffin of lady Sitsobk 1 1- in Cairo Mus. 28105 ; texts, LACAU, Sarcophages aniLn'eurs au Nouvel Empire (Cat. Caire), ii, p. 83. 4, Middle Kingdom, in Cairo Mus. 511, Wooden figures of servants of Shepy 512, BORCHARDT, Sfatuen und Sfafuetfen (Cat. Caire), ii, pls. 87, 88, pp. 76-7. Other statues (uninscribed), in Cairo Mus. 503-10, 513-19, id. ib. pp. 73-6, 77-9.




south-west of Sphinx and south-east of Second Pyramid. (Called 'Temple of Osiris ',and seen by WILKINSON about 1821, but apparently destroyed before the time of LEPSIUS.)

ADDENDUM TO PAGE 65. General ; son of Hor X. Saite.

Doorway. Lintel, double-scene of deceased before Osiris, jambs, six columns of text with deceased in long robe at bottom, WILKINSON MSS.* iv. 28-9, 30 [left], xxviii. 11.

PTAHORDAIS ,Royal acquaintance. Saite. :g l

Plan, WILKINSON MSS.* iv. 30 [middle right].

East of last.

Remains of two scenes, ka-servants bringing animals, and offerings before statue, and ends of four columns of text, id. ib. 30 [right], 31.


Found about 1870 at Kafr el-Batran, near the Great Pyramid. See MASPERO, MARIETTE, in Mbn. Div. p. 10; MASPERO, Hisf. Anc. (4th ed. 1886)~ p. 255, note 2 ; id. Hist. Anc. des Peuples de POrient, les Premi2res Milks, p. 426, note I. Canopic jar; text, MARIETTE, Mon. Div. pl. 36 [d] ; see GAUTHIER, Livre des Rois, Le iii. 89 [1'] with note 2.


See FISHER EXCAVATIONS. key-plan on p.

2086 = Ruz 2093 = Mededi 2094 = K h ~ t 2096 Nezsu 2097 2098 3004 3008 Nefer-hi Neferhetpes-wer = Khufumerneteru = Snefruhotp
= =


3020 = Semer-ka 3033 = Sabef 3035 = Thenti


Part of REISNER Excavations east of Mastaba

2041 = Sennuka or Keki zoog = Ba-khu 2004


See key-plan on




$@l E lgb

201 I =

'Ankh-haf Khesfy


KINGS, PERIODS [&C.]. Achoris, 179, 2 2 7 . Akhenaten, see Amenophis I V ; in the time of, 223. Alexander, in the time of, 213. Amasis, 221, 223, 227 ; sanctuary of, 2 2 0 ; wivesof,55,212;sonsof,212;inthetime of, 173, 203, 212. Amenemhet I, 224; in titles, 138; in the time of, 134. Amenemhet 11, 217; pyramid of, 228, 232, 233,234; wife of, 234 ; sonof, 234,237; daughters of, 234. Amenemhet 111, 217, 219, 233, 237; pyramidof, 228, 236, 237-8; temples of, 2 2 2 , 237, 238; wife of, 237; daughter of, 238. Amenemdpet, 5, 2 2 0 . Amenophis I, son of, see Amenmosi in Index of Private Names. Amenophis 11, 58, 225 ; in the time of, 70. Amenophis 111, 6, 205, 2 2 1 ; sanctuary of, 2 2 0 ; son of, 205, 225 ; in the time of, 191, 200, 205, 218. Amenophis IV, 191, 220, 221-2, 2 2 2 , 224 ; in the time of, 188, 191, 205. Apophis, in the time of, 84. Apries, 2 I 7, 2 2 I, 227 ; palace of, 2 17 ; in the time of, z l r , 212. Aramaic, 83, 201. Archaic, 99, 100, 104, 125. Aten, 2 2 7 ; temple of, 2 2 0 ; in titles, 188, 192. Augustus, in the time of, 215. Aw-eb-re'-Hor, 238 ; daughter of, 238. Ay, 6, 75, 21 7 ; in titles, zoo. Bocchoris, in the time of, 209. Cambyses, in the time of, 213. Cheops, see Khufu. Cleopatra 11, in the time of, 215. Cleopatra V11 (Philopator), in the time of,

Dynasty VII, 93, 129, 131. Dynasty IX, 84, 139. Dynasty X, 84, 126, 127, 139. Dynasty XI, 126, 127, 139, 181. Dynasty XII, 126, 127, 181, 187, zoo, 202, 219,222,237. Dynasty XIII, 203. Dynasty XIII-XVII, see Second Intermediate Period. Dynasty XVIII, 9, 70, 75,99,126, 129, 145, 177, 191, 192, 197, 199, 200, 201, 203, 205-6, 218, 2 2 2 , 225, 226, 227. Dynasty XIX, 68, 99, 124, 126, 129, 175, 179, 188, 192, 193, 194, 197, 199, 200, 201, 2 0 2 , 206-7, 218, 219, 226. Dynasty XX, 175, 194, zoo, 203, 267, 219, 226. Dynasty XXI, 5, 207, 2 2 0 . Dynasty XXII, 207-9, 217, 226. Dynasty XXIII, 226. Dynasty XXIV, 209-10. Dynasty XXV, 210. Dynasty XXVI, 67, 68, 126, 146, 17 I , 194, 210-II,~II-13, 217, 219, 223,224, 2 2 7 . Dynasty XXVII. 126, 213. Dynasty XXVIII, 126. Dynasty XXIX, 2 2 7. Dynasty XXX, 57, 125, 194, 213, 224. First Intermediate Period (Dynasty VI-X), 129, 131, 138. Graeco-Egyptian, 83. Graeco-Roman, 146, 195. Haremhab (see also Index of Private Names), 69, 99, 2 2 2 , 224; in the time of, 75, 205-6, 219. Hieratic, 79, 234, 238. Hor, see Aw-eb-re'. Hyksos, 84. Ibi (Kakar?), pyramid of, 82, 93, 184. Isesi (Zadkare'), 35, 37, 77,93, 152 ; son of, 157 ; in titles, 37, 103, 106, 115, ~ 6 0 , 169 ; in the time of, 35, 40, 158, 160. Ka', in titles, 39, 107. Kakare' Ibi, see Ibi. Karian, 2 13. Kashta, 217. Kha'ba, 70 ; pyramid of, 69. Khebebesh, in the time of, 213. Khenzer (Userkare'), pyramid of, 82, 97. Khephren, pyramid of, 2, 6-7, 9, 55, 56; temples of, 2, 6-7, 56 ; statues of, 6, 221 ; ' mother of', 56, 58 ; wives of, 58, 155 ;

Darius I, 224; in the time of, 175, 211, 213. Darius 11, in the time of, 213. Demotic, 6 , 126, 201, 203, 214, 215. Dynasty I, 69, 70. Dynasty 11, 69, 70, 90, 100. Dynasty 111, 67, 68, 69, 70, 85-7, 89, 100, 101, 197, 202, 226, 232. Dynasty IV, passim. Dynasty V, passim. Dynasty VI, passim. Dynasty VI-X, seeFirst Intermediate Period.

sons of, 58, 62, 63; family of, 31 ; in titles, 20, 40, 49,53, 64, 6 6 6 7 , 147, 239; in the time of, 3, 26, 101. Khufu (Suphis-Cheops), 37 ; pyramid of, 2, 4, 51 10132, 41, 42, 49 ; tenlpleof, 2, 42 ; mother ot, 50; wives of, 5,49, 51; sons of, 25, 371 47* 49, 509 51, 52 ; daughters of, 31, 50, 58, 155 ; in titles, 11, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 25, 29, 301 38, 40, 441 49, 531 64, 80, 101, 124, 147, 203. Late Period, 6, 75, 83, 199, 226, 227, 239.

sun-temple of, 70, 71-3, 218 ; temples of, 70, 76-7, 80, 81 ; wife of, 77 ; daughters of, 80; in titles, 11, 23, 58, b7, 81, 105, 110, 112, 115, 116, 123, 143, 153, 157, 158, 160, 168, 188, 198. New Kingdom, 58, 83, 89, 99, 129, 131, 145, 175, 178, 188, 191-4, 200, 201, 202, 215, 222, 233. Old Kingdom, passim. Osorkon I, 227. Osorkon 11, 219; son of, 207; in the time of, 207. Osorkon 111, 217. Pernu, in the time of, 208. Pepy I, 233; pyramid of, 82, 88, 90-1, 93, 179,. 180 ; mother of, 84; daughter of, 97 ; in t~tles also MeryrEr), 139 ; (see in the time of, 66. Pepy 11, 76; pyramid of, 82, 92, 93-4, 97, 182, 184, 187 ;temples of, 93-4, 95 ; wives of, 9 5 9 7 ;in titles, see Neferkare' ; in the time of, 184, 187. Perabsen, in titles, 101. Persian, 125, 163, 173, 175, 194, 213-14. Psammetikhos I, 2 19 ; in titles, 194 ; in the time of, 206, 210, 2 1 1,217,224. Psammetikhos I 1 (Neferebre'), 99, 2 I 7 ; in titles, 2 2 2 ; in the time of, 171, 2 2 2 . Psusennes I, 5. Ptolemaic, 57, 83, 129, 171, 194, 195, 201, 202, 205, 211, 214-15, 224. Ptolemy I Soter, 227; daughters of, 2 0 1 , 14. ~ Ptolemy I 1 Philadelphus, in the time of, 214. Ptolemy 111 Euergetes I, in the time of, 214-15. Ptolemy IV Philopator, 216, 2 2 0 , 224 ; in the time of, 194, 215. Ptolemy V1 Philometor, 224; in the time of, 215. Ptolemy V11 Euergetes 11, in the time of, Ptolemy XI11 Neos Dionysos, in the time of, 201, 215. Ramesses 11, 6, 8, g, 75, 178, 206, 217, 218, 219, 2 2 0 , 221, 222, 226, 227; sons of, 97, 179, 206, 207, 2x9, 222, 223, 226 ;daughterof, 219 ; in titles, 175,192, 199, 201 ; in the time of, 9, 79, 192, 197, 200, 205, 206, 207, 222, 226. Ramesses 111, 218, 221, 2 2 7 ; in the time of, 207. Ramesses IV, 68, 226. Ramesses VI, 2 2 0 , 227 ; in the time of, 207. Ramesses IX, 207, 227 ; in the time of, 207.

215, 223,

Mencheres (Mycerinus), 7-8, 63, 221 ; pyramid of, 2, 7 3 56, 64; temples of, 2, 7-8, 56, 64 ; wife of, 64 ; sons of, 7, 9, 61, 64 ; in titles, see MenkaurSC;in the time of, 41-3. Menkauhor, 206, 2 2 1 ; pyramid-temple of, 206; in titles, 13, 106, 115, 158, 159, 160, 167, 169. MenkaurE', see Mencheres; in titles, 39, 49, 58, 66, 68, 147Merenre', pyramid of, 82, 88, 93, I 79, 180, 182 ; in tltles, 203. Merkarg', in titles, 13 I, 139. Merneptah, 218, 219,222,226, 227; palace of, 223 ; temple of, 216, 223 ; in the time of, 2 18. Meryre', see Pepy I ;in titles, 49, 138, 181, 183, 188, 202. Middle Kingdom, 80, 81, 83, 97, 126-7, 131, 138, 14.5, 146, 183, 187, 188, 19% 222, 226, 232, 239, 240. Mycerinus, see Mencheres. Nebka, 69, 7 0 ; in titles, 101. Necho 11, in the time of, 21 I. Neferebrt', see Psammetikhos I1 ; in titles, 223. Neferfre', pyramid of, 70, 78 ; in titles, 105, 106, 116, 166, 168. NeferirkarEr, pyramid of, 70, 77 ;temple of, 70, 77, 83 ; wife of, 77 ; m titles, 11, 58, 80, 105, 110, 112, 115, 116, 122, I231 143, 1491 1531 1571 1581 '59, 1651 167, 168, 189 ; in the time of, 57, 106. Neferka, 70. Neferkarz', see Pepy I1 ; in titles, 183, 187. Nektanebos I (Nekht-neb-f), 179, 205,221, 226 ; in the time of, I 26. Nektanebos I1 (Nekht-bar-bebi), 3, 221 ; temple of, 204, 205; wife of, 178; in titles, 215;in the time of, 125, 126, 179, 213, 225. Neter-en, 69. Neuserre', 218, 221 ;pyramid of, 70, 76-7;


Ramesses X, in the time of, 207. Ramesses XI, in the time of, 207. Ramesside, 75, 77, 184, 221, 2 2 2 . K$ neb, go. Roman, 69, 203, 2 2 I, 227. Sabacon, chapel of, 2 2 0 ; in the time of, 210, 226. Sahure: 61 ;pyramid of, 70, 73-6; temples of, 70, 73-6, 81, 83, 179 ; in titles, 11, 20, 66, 80, 1059 115, 116, 123, 143, 147, 166, 167, 227. Saite, 59, 64-5, 69, 83, 85, 102, 146, 175, 179, 194, 201, 214, 217, 2 2 0 , 2 2 2 , 223, 224, 2 2 7 , 240. Second Intermediateperiod (Dynasty XIIIXVII), 225. Sekhemwi-hotp, go. Send, in titles, 101. Sesonchis I, 220, 2 2 I , 2 2 2 ; in the time of, 221, 227. Sesonchis 11, 221 ; in the time of, 208. Sesonchis IV, in the time of, 208, 209. Sesostris I, 217, 226 ; in the time of, 219. Sesostris 11, 2 2 2 , 233. Sesostris 111, 231, 233 ; pyramid of, 228, 7-29-31, 233; wife of, 231; daughters of, 233 ; in the time of, 229. Sethos 1, 75; in the time of, 177, 192, 206, 2 2 2 . Sethos 11, 219, 2 2 2 . Setnakht, 218, 2 2 2 . Shabataka, 220. Shepseskaf, pyramid of (Mastabet Fara'an), 82, 97, 187-8 ; temple of, 97. Siamiin, 223, 2 2 7 ; temple of, 216, 221, 225. Siptah, 207, 2 2 2 ; in the time of, 207. Smenkhkar?, 2 2 0 . Snefru, 93; pyramid and pyramid-city of, 228, 233; wives of, 50, 51 ; sons of, 27, 233, 235, 237, 238; daughters of, 49,


239 ; great-grandson of, 47 ; in titles, 21, 147, 233, 237, 239 ; in the time of, 234-5, 237, 239Taharqa, in the time of, 210. Takelothis 11, in the time of, 208. Teti, 35, 129, 218; pyramid of, 82, 83-4, 96, 125, 126, 128, 148, 203, 204; temple of, 83, 218 ; wife of, 129 .; daughters of, 140, 163 ; in titles, 47, 83, 109, 133, 134, 135, 138, 139, 140, 145, 155, 163, 2 0 0 . Teti Merneptah, 199, 206. Tut'ankhamun, in the time of, 75, 205, 225. Tuthmosis I, in the time of, g, 200, 2 18. Tuthmosis 11, in the time of, 200. Tuthmosis 111, 217 ; in titles, 99. Tuthmosis IV, 6, 8, 220, 2 2 1 ; in the time of, 205, z 18. Unis, pyramid of, 82, 88, 89-90, 173, 174, 175 ; temple of, 89, 175 ; in titles, 109, 149, 169. Userkaf, 129; pyramid of, 82, 85, 148; sun-temple of, 70, 73 ; temple of, 85 ; in titles, 66, 112, 122, 123, 147, 152, 165, 166, 2 0 2 . Userkare', see Khenzer. Xerxes, in the time of,

Zadefre', 61 ; pyramid of, I ; wife of, I ; sons of, I ; daughters of, I ; in titles, 3, 20, 39, 67. Zadkare', see Isesi ; in titles, 19, I 15, 158, 160, 163, 191. Zet, 69. Zoser Neterkhet, 85, 129, 208; pyramid of (Step Pyramid), 82, 85-7, 89, 147, 148; temples of, 85-7 ; daughters of, 87 ; in the time of, 99.

PRIVATE NAMES An asterisk denotes members of royal families 'Aak-sonb, 226. wife of Amenemhet 111, 237. Aba, 201. Abahem, 83. Abeb, 203. 'Abed, 84-5. Ahauka, 198. Ahnlosi, 55. Ahmosi, 125. Ahmosi, 131. Ahmosi, 192. Ahmosi, 212. Ahmosi, 225. Ahmosi, 227. Ahmosi-her, 2 12. Akhetbu, 201. Akh-hotp, 123. Akh-hotp(Louvre Mastaba), 162, 170. Akhi, 24, 27. Akhi, 105. Akhi, 182. Akh-ib, 64. Akh-nesut-meru, 32, 40. AkhtiJa, 101. Akhti-hem, 152. Akhtihotp, 42, 51. Akhtihotp, 104. Akhtibotp, 156, 160, 163. Akhtihotp, 161. Akhtihotp, 162, 169. Akhtihotp-heri, 108, 156, 157-8. ' Aku, 203. Amenembab, zoo.

* 'Aat,

Amenemhet, 75. *Amenemhet-'ankh, son of Amenemhet 11, 234, 237. Amenemonet, 99. Amenemonet, 129. AmenemGpet, 206. Amenhotp (Huy), I 78. Amenhotp, 2 10. Amenhotp, 218. Amenhotp, 2 2 2 . Amenhotp, 232, 234. Arnenma, 129. *Amenmosi, son of Amenophis I or Tuthmosis I, g. Amenmosi, 188. Amenmosi, zoo. Amenmosi, 207. Amenmosi, 2 19. *Amenordais, daughter of Kashta, 217. Amenrekhes, 65. Amenwahsu, 199. Ameny, 95. Ameny, 219. 'Anemho, 3. 'Anemho, 214, 215. 'Anemho (Pamin), 2 IS. 'Aniy, 188. 'Ankh, 12, 19. 'Ankh, 22. 'Ankhef, 129. 'Ankhef-en-Sekhmet, 163. 'Ankhemthenent, 24. 'Ankh-en-Snefru, see Ne'ankh-Snefru. 'Ankhesenpepy, I 85. 'Ankhetneni, 23 I. 'Ankh-haf, 24, 242. 'Ankh-haf, 42. 'Ankh-haf, 66. 'Ankh-haf, 68. 'Ankh-hap, 125. 'Ankh-hap, 163. 'Ankh-hap, 195. 'Ankh-hap, 195. 'Ankh-has, I I 3. 'Ankh-Hor, 206. 'Ankhi, 102-3. 'Ankhiris, 103. 'Ankhiris, I 54. 'Ankhiris, see Iteti. 'Ankhirptah, I 98. 'Ankhkaus, I I I. 'Ankh-Khons, 2 10. 'Ankhma', "3. 'Ankhma'hor (Sesi), I 28, 130, 132-3. 'Ankhma'ka, I 23. 'Ankhma're', I 2, 19. 'Ankhrna're', 106.

*Qhutmosi, son of Ameno'Ankhma're', 239. phis 111, 205, 225. 'Ankh-Meryre', 169. Qhutmosi (Ra'mosi), 206. 'Ankhnebf, 181. Qhutmosi, 225. 'Ankhpekhrad, 199. 'Ankh-Ptah, zoo. *Duaenhor, 42, 48, 51. 'Ankhu, 12, 19. *DuaenrEC, 39. 32, Duaenre', 159. 'Ankhu, 2 2 2 . Duahap, 158. 'Ankhunniifer, 2 10. DuarE', sec Ity. 'Ankhuptah (Iti), 186. Duare', 239. 'Ankhuza (Ithi]: 32, 41. Duau, 2 0 2 . 'Ankh-Wehebre sineith, 179Ef'onkh, 208. Anpemhet, I 27. Esbanebded (Esbendetis), AnpemhEt, 145. Antef, 185. 173, 174. Esenkhebi, I 2s. Antef, 187. Eshor, 194. Apollonius (PhonufiEs-keti, 201. pkhem), 195. Esptah, 203. Apuia, 128, 144, 145. *Arsinoe 11, daughter of Esptah, 208. Ptolemy I, wife of Ptolemy Esptah, 208. Esshe-tfeni, 126. 11, 201, 215. Esthout, 179. 'Ashma, 198. 'Ashijkhi, z I o. Fefi, see Ne'ankh-Snefru. Fetekta, see Kakherptah. Baf-ba, 27. Fetekta, 97-9. *Baka, son of Zadefre', I. Bakert, 199. Gegi, 198. Ba-khu, 24, 25, 242. Gem'ankh, 129. Baf-Teti, 199-zoo. Gemenuser, I 3 1. Bau, 184. Gemhap, r 24. Bebi, see Ma'ru. Gemni, see Gemniemhet. Bebib (Senezemib), 103. Gemni, 146. Behenu, 67. *BentCanta,daughter of Ra- Gemniemhet, 128, 139. messes 11, 2 19. Ham, 40. Bez-mosi, 68. *Harbaf, son of Khufu, 52. Bibi, see Setibti. Harbes, 67. Biti, 180, 181. *Hardedf, son of Khufu, 42, Biu, 182-3. 49Bokenrinf, 148, 162, I 7 1-3. Haremhab, I 75. Bokenrinf, 2 10. *Haremhab,afterwards King, *Buntifer, 67. '79, '95-7, 2 2 2 . Harenkau, see Nekauhor. Debhen, 60, 62-3. Harer'o, 17 I. Dedi-Sahure', 80. Harer'o (NeferebrsC-niifer), Degem (Mer-Pepy), 183-4. 222. Demeg, 12, 19. Harhatbehes, 194. Demez, I 16, I 17. Harhotp, 182. Dendenu, 42, 53. Har-imhdtep, 195. Dendenu, 42, 53. Harkhebi, I 25. Denekh-seked, 24. Harkhebi, 148, 171. Der-senez (NeferkareCHarkhebi, 2 15. 'ankh), 183. Harkhebi (see.. .pdais), 223. Deshri, 180, 181. Harmakhi, 65. Qhout, 2 0 0 . Harmakhi, 194. Ilhutemhab, 206. Harmakhi, 2 14. Dhutihirhesef, 75. Harmin, 177. Qhutmosi, 83. Harmin, 194.

Harmosi, I 79. Harnetyotf, 214. * Ejarnit, son of Zadefre', I. Harpson, 209. Harpto (Thieharpto), I 25. Harshef-nakht, I 2 7. Harshef-nakht, 13I. Harshefhotp I, 81. Harshefnotp 11, 81. Harshefhotp, 131. Harsiesi, 59. Harsiesi, 208. Harsiesi, 2 2 2. Haruza, 125. Haruza, 208. Harwer, 152. Hatherordais, 69. Hathor-'ankh, 24, 30. *Hathor-hotpet, daughter of Amenemhet 111, 238. Hatkaus, 183. Hebai, 183. Hebi, 12. Hekaemsaf, 174, 175. Hekaemsaf, 2 13. Hekaf, 3. Hekaf, 3. Heknu, 110-11. Hem'ankh (Hemi), 95. Hemi, see Hem'ankh. Hemi, see Hemtre'. Hem-Min, 147. HemrE', 102. *Hemtre' (Hemi), probably daughter of Teti, 163. *Hemyunu, 10, 24, 26. Henat, 203. Heneni, 42, 46, 47. Heneni, 180, 181. Heneni, 185. Henenu, 182. Hennes, 183. Henut, 182. Henutnakhtu, 199. *Henutsen, wife of Khufu, 5-6, 42, Henutsen, zoo. Henutwedebt, 199. H ~ P69. , Hepdua, see Duahap. Hepfre', 64. Hepi, 198. Hepi, zoo. Hept-user, I 2. Hepu, 104. Heraklia (Her-'ankh), 202. Her-'ankh, 201. Her-'ankh, see Heraklia. Herimeru, I 3 I. Herkare' (Ipi), I 84. Ibebi, see Sabu. Hes, 25. Ibebi, 183. Hes, 2 0 2 . Ibi, 181. Hesesi, 157. Iby, see Serbikhen. Hesi, 101. Idi, 183. Hesy, 96, 99-100. Idi (Tepemkau), 184. Hesy, 198. Idi, 184. Hetep, 102. Idu I (Nufer), 32, 4 r . Hetep, 128, 134-5, 144Idu 11, 32, 41. Heteperdef, 2 26. 'Hetep-heres, daughter of 1% 42,483 49. Idu, see Meri. Zadefre', I. Hetep-heres, 42, 44,45, 46. "Idut, 148, 173. 'Hetep-heres I, w ~ f e of Idy, zoo. Snefru, mother of Khufu, Ifefi, 105. Ifi, 66. 42, 50'Hetep-heres 11, daughter of Ifi, see Seshemnafer. Ihat, 166. Khufu, 42, 50. Ihu, 40. Hetep-heres, 101. Hetep-heres, 203. Ihy, 13. 'Hetephernebti, probably Ihy, 24. daughter of Zoser, 86, 87. Ihy, 32, 38. Hetepi, 13, 23. Ihy, 40. Hetepi, 24. Ihy, 128, 138, 144. Ihy, 182. Hetepi, 127. Ihy, 208. Hetepib, 13, 23. Iiu, 20. Hetepka-Khufu, 203. "khekhi, 173. Hetep-khnemt, 12, 19. Ikhi, 95. Hetep-ni-Ptah, 32, 33, 34. Imatenptah, 12, 20. Hethes, see Kha'bauseker. Imhotep, 24, 30. Heti, see Seshethotp. Imhotep, 85. Heti, 32, 40. Imhdtep, 139, 144. Hetpe-nehap, 2 I 4. Imhotep, 198. Hetutu, see Minhotp. Imh6tep, 2 14. Hor, 64. Imipi, 175. Hor, 68. Imp, 81. Hor, 68. Hor, 146. Impy, 81, 83. Imrekhiy, 175. Hor, 180, 181. Imsu, 68. Hor, 208. Inemakhet, 81. Hor, 226. Inemsaf, 83. Hor, 227. Inhotp, 81. Hor, 240. Inhotp, 81. Hori, 179. Inhotpi, 81. Hori (Re'), 199. Ini, 13. Hori, 206. Inib, 24. Hori, 227. Iniwia, 194. Huti, 68. Inkaf, 12, 18. Huti, 104. Inpuhotp, 12. H ~ Y75. , In-Snefru-ishtef, 235. Huy, 126. Int, 203. H ~ Y128, 145. , Inteska, 23. H ~ Y192, Intkaes, 23. H ~ Y207. , Intkaes, 69. Huy, 218. *Intkaes, probably daughter Huy, see Amenhotp. of Zoser, 86, 87. Inti, see Senezemib. &Iabtet,24, 26-7, 29. Inti, see Khenut. Iaret, 180, 181. Inti, 43. Iasen, 32. Inti, I 11. Iay, 218.

*Kern-ked, daughter of Snefru, 239. Kenamtin, 70. Kerfamtin, a 10. Kerker, 80. Kha'bauptah, 105. Kha'bauseker (Hethes),

*Khare&hufuI,sonof Khufu, 42, 48, 50. Kha'efkhufu 11, 42. *Khatefmin, son of Khufu, 42, 51. *Khafefsnefru, grandson of Snefru, 42, 46, 47. Kha'emweset, 68. *Khafemweset, son of Ramesses 11, 97, 179, 206, 207, 222, 223, 226, 240. Kha'fi, 195. Kha'hap, 126. Kha'hap, 201. Kha' . . . Isesi, 202. *Khar(?)merernebti I, daughter of Khufu, wife of Khephren, 58. *KhaCmerernebti11, daughter of Kha'merernebti I, wife of Mencheres, 58, 64. *Khaemerernebti, probably daughter of Neuserre', 80. Kha'mererptah, 123. Khaut . . , 2 2 . Kha'y, 199. *Khedbenit-yerboni, wife of Nektanebos 11, 178. KhefreC-'ankh,42,48, 53-4. KhefreC-'ankh, 67. Khemtni, 32, 34, 38. Khemtnu, 203. Khenemt, 20. Khenenu, 127. Khenenu I, see Kanebfui. Khenenu I1 (Themi), 128, 143. Khenenu, 155, 156. Khenit, 32. Khensordais, 155, 15 7. Khensordais, 2 10. Khent, 40. Khentekhtiemsaf-sonb, 199. Khentekhtikhut, see Khut. Khentemhet, 127. *Khentetenka, wife of ZadefrE', I. Khenti, 127. Khentitkaus, 32. *Khentkaus, probably wife of Neferirkare', 77, 78, 80. Khent-khsti-emsaf, 229.

Khent-si-en-nebto, 199. Khentut, 64. Khenu, 12. Khenu, 24. Khenu, 66. Khenu, 68-9, 199. Khenu, 95. Khenu, see Neferseshemseshet. Khenut (Inti), 21. Khenut, 42, 46, 47. Kheperkare', 180, I 8 r . Khepeteth, 24, 30. Khera', 12. Khesfy, 24, 242. Kheter, see Takher. Khet-hap, 83. Kheti, 127. Khety, 22. Khnem'ankhu, 203. Khnembaf, 32, 38. 'Khnembaf, son of Khufu, 42, 49. Khnemebre', 2 12. Khnemebrer-neferi, 2 23. Khnem-enti, 32, 33, 35. Khnemhotp, 12, 18. Khnemhotp, 32, 38. Khnemhotp, 105. Khnemhotp, 108. Khnemhotp, 165-6. Khnemhotp, 183. Khnemhotp, 198. Khnemhotp, 229. Khnemhotp, 23 I. Khnemntifer, 42, 43. 'Khnemt, daughterof AmenemhEt 11, 232, 234. Khnemu-khet, 131. Khons, 206. Khons-eu, 2 14. Khredni, 183. Khretenkhenut, 69. Khubau, 95, 187. 'Khuenre', sonofMencheres, 64. Khufu . . . , 12. Khufu'ankh, 24. Khufu'ankh, 24. Khufu'ankh, 42, 51. Khufuhotp, 42, 54. Khufukairu, 12, 14, 18. Khufumerneteru, 13, z I, 241. Khufunakht, 13, 23. Khufu-nebu, 25. Khufuneferseshem, see Neferseshem-Khufu. Khufusonb, 32, 40. Khui, 24.

Khui, 146. Khui, 175. *Khuit (Queen), I 23-4. *Khnit, wife of Teti, 96, 128, 129: K h u ~ t 189. , Khunesu, 237. Khuni, 104. Khut, 13, 20, 241. Khut (Khentektikhut), 13 I. Khuu, 66. Khuy, 127. Kitsen, 68. Ma, 13, 22. Macetre', 12. Mahu, 129. Ma'hu, 203. Maniifer, 107. Manufer, 162, 163-4. Mantifer, 202. Ma'ru, 183. Ma'ru (Bebi), 203. Mededi, 13, 20, 241. Mehi, 185. Mehi, see Senezemib. Mekset, 24, 29. Memi, 13. Memi, 185. Memi, see Kagemni. Men, 214. Men'ankh-Hathor, 203. Menhebu, 32. Meni, 12, 18. Meni, 190. Men-ib, 2 0 . Meniuser, 199. Menkheperra'sonb, 2 26. *Ment, daughter of Sesostris 111, 233. Mentuemhet, 160. Mentuhotp, 180, 181. Mentuhotp, 199. Mereri, 81. Mereri, 198. Mereru, 12. Mereruka (Meri), 96, 128, 136, 140-2, 145. *MeresCankhI1 (Queen), 42, 50, 155*Mereslankh I11 (Queen), g, 42, 50-1, 61. R1 eres'ankh, 187-8. Merhetepef, 24, 26. Merhotp, 123. Meri, 30. Meri (Idu), zoo. Meri, see Mereruka. *Merib, son of Khufu, 24,25. Merib, 32, 41.



Naia, 199. Rferib, 42, 53. Nakht, 81. Merib, 203. Nakht, 192. Merineter-Sahure', 80. *Merneptah, son of Ra- Nakht, 199. Nakht, 200. messes 11, 207, 219. Nakht, 225. Mer-Pepy, see Degem. Namert, 209. Mertash, 23. "Mertet-tefes, wife of Snefru Ne'ankh-Hathor, 24, 30. Ne'ankh-Hathor, 42, 43. and of Khufu, 42, 5 I. Ne'ankh-Min, 69. Merth6tep, I 27. Ne'ankhre', 42, 43. Mertib, 13, 23. Ne'ankhre', 42, 47. Mert-tefes, 66. Ne'ankhre', I 70. Mert-tefes, 68-9. *Mert-tefes, probably daugh- NecankhrF, 197. NeCankhrE',233. ter of NeuserrE', 80. Ne'ankh-Sekhmet, 147. Meruka, 24, 30. Ne'ankh-Snefru (Fefi), 235. Mery, 101. Neb (p), 25. Mery, 2 0 0 . Neb'ansu, 129. Merykhufu, 52. 'Nebemakhet, son of MenMerymery, 193. cheres, g, 60, 61-2. Merymery, 225. Meryn, 202. Nebipu-Pepy, 183. Nebneheh, 199. Merynebef, 77. Nebpu-Pepy (Seni), 186. Meryptah, 191. Nebsen, see Ipri. Meryptah, 201. Nebti, 42, 44. MeryrE', I 24. Nebtiheknu, 155. MeryrEf-'ankh, 80. Meryre' Meryptah-'ankh, see Nebtpezu, 12, 19. Nekhebu. Nebt-taui, 25. MeryrEC-ntifer, Kar. see Nebu, 42, 53. MeryrEC-zadi, Zadi. see Nebu, 66. Nebu, 180, 181. Meryt, 177. Meryt-akhet- nesut, see Akh- Nefer, see Ntifer. Neferbauptah, I I, 12, 14, nesut-meru. Meryteti, 136, 140, 142-3. '5. Meryti-Neith, 188. NeferebrEC,2 14. Meseht, 22. NeferebrC-ntifer, see Mesehti, I 13. Harer'o. Meshedu, 43. NeferebrZ-sineith, 85. Mest, 20. NeferebrZ-sineith, 2 2 7. Mesteni, I 2 7. Neferen, 67. Nefer . ent, 126. Mesyt, 20. Neferes-ris, 24, 30. Methen, 114, 124. Methu, 200. NeferfrEC-'ankh,168. Neferherenptah, 13. Mey, 9, 56. Neferherenptah, 64. M ~ Y75. , Neferherenptah, 12 I. M ~ Y175-7, 179. , Mey, 201. 'Neferhetpes, daughter 01 ZadefrEf, I. Afey, 206. Mey, 223. Neferhetpes, 20. Min'ankh, see Ne-Min'ankh. 'Neferhetpes, daughter ol Minhotp (Hetutu), 201. Khufu, 24, 31. Minmessu, zoo. Neferhetpes, I I 7. Minnakht, 203. Neferhetpes-wEr,13,2 I, 241. Minntifer, I 13. Nefer-hi, 13, 21, 241. Minntifer, 190. 'Neferhor-Snefru, possiblj Minw, 24, 30. son of Snefru, 235. hlitri, 148, 173. Neferh6tep, 103. Mosi, 129. Neferhbtep, 198. My, 101. Nefer-hy, 197.


Neferidu Iyherkherui, I 2. Neferirtnef, 162, 167-8. Neferirtnes, 235. Neferirtptah, 167. Neferiru, 198. NeferkarEf-'ankh, see Dersenez. Neferked, see Kednafer. Neferkhent, 146. Neferkhesef I, 12, 18. Neferkhesef 11, I 2. ' Neferkhu, 182. *Nefermacet,son of Khufu, 42, 46, 47, 49. Nefern~a'etI, 239. *Nefermacet11, 239. Neferronpet, 197. Neferronpet, I 97. Neferronpet, I 99. Neferronpet, see also Renpetnefert. Nefersehetep, 22. Nefersekhefptah, 42, 55. Neferseshem- Kl~ufu (Sheshi), 66. Neferseshemptah (Sheshi), 45. Neferseshemptah (Uzahateti, Sheshi), 128, 130, 133-4. Neferseshemre' (Sheshi), 128, 130, 131-2. Weferseshemseshet (Khenu), 169. Nefershemem, 67. Nefert, see Nofret. Nefertemhotp, 2 10. Nefertemhotp, 2 I I. Nefertennesut, 68. *Nefert-henut, wife of Sesostris 111, 231. Neferthdtep, 66. *Nefertkau, wife of Khufu, 42, 47, 49. Nefertronpet, see Renpetnefert. *Nefertyabt, I 3, 23. Nefery, 95. Neferyt, 201. Nehebsed-Pepy, I 84. NehemCa(w)y,201. Nehemen, 85. *Neith, daughter of Pepy I, wife of Pepy 11, 97. Neka'ankh, 155. Neka'ankh, 165, 198. Neka'ankh, 198. Nekauhor, 63. Nekauhor, 148, 152. Nekaukhenemu, 24, 30.



Peh-en-ptah, 32, 40. Nekaunebti, 68. Niyi, 27. Pehernefer, 98, 100-1. *NekaurEC, of Khephren, Nofret, 22. son Pehernefer, I 13. 60,62. Nofret, 24. Pehnuika, 147, 149, 150. NekaurEr, I 66. *Nubebnebti, 197. Nekaure', 191. *Nubhetepti-khrad, probably Pemfi, 208. Nekhebu (Meryrec Merydaughter of Aw-eb-re' Hor, Pema, 209. ptah-'ankh), 33. Penby, 226. 238. Peni, see Wethenia. Nekhenemt, 188. Nubhotp, 147. Nekhonsu, 155. Penmeru, 32, 39. Nubhotp, 203. Penrennut, I 79. Nekht-heres, 188. Nub-irt, 127. Nekhti, 81. Penu, 186. Nubkaure', 187. Pepi, 64. *Nekhtubasterou, wife of *Nubnebti (Queen), I 2 2. Pepi, 182-3. Amasis, 55, 57, 212. Niifer, 13, 23. Nekhut, 186. Pepy ; . ., 188. Nufer, 2 2 . Pepy- ankh, see Iren-akhti. Nekhut, 186. Niifer, 22. Nema'etptah, I 13, I 15. Pepy-hebsed, 67. Nfifer, 22. Nema'etrE', 58. Pepy-im, 186. Niifer, 24, 25. Pepyneni, see Neni. Nema'etre', 123. Nfifer I, 24, 29. Ne-Min'ankh, see Ne'ankh- Nfifer, 59. Pepynfifer, see Kar. Min. Pepy-zadi, see Zadi. Niifer, 1 0 1 . Nernu, 2 0 0 . *Per. . . , 60, 62. Nfifer, 198. Neni (Nenki, Pepyneni), Nfifer, see Idu I. Perneb, 152. 187. Perni-'ankh, 64. Nunfiter, 42,43. Nenkheftka, 162, 165. Per'oneheh, 75. Nenkheftka, 240. Perseben, 42, 48, 55. Paenanu, I 29. Nenki, see Neni. Per-son, 12, 14, 18. Paesi, 194. Nensezerka I , 24, 25, 28. Per-son, 164-5. Pahme-Esi, I 95. Nensezerka 11, 24, 30. Per-sonet, 2 I. Paipe, 222. Nephthys, 195. Pery, 183. Pakhnum, 83. Pesiiir, 99. Pa'l'ashtereth, 224. ~ e s - 2 see also Es-. , Pesiiir, 199. Pamin, see 'Anemho. Ne-sekha. IQ7. . -. Pesifir, 2 10. Paneith, 233. Nesemnau, 42, 48, 52. Pesifir, 2 2 2 . Panmou, 125. Nes-isut, 57. *Philotera, daughter of Paptah, 212. Nesitepkaf-ya'ib, 2 I I. Ptolemy I, 201. Paten, 25. Nesnu, 83. P-homt, 192. Patenemhab, 191. Nesti, 182. P-homt, 215. Pedaker, 2 2 7. Nesti, 186-7. Phonufi-pkhem, see ApolloPedekhons (Pefteu'akhons), Nesutniifer, 13. nius. Nesutniifer, 32, 34, 40. 19.5. Piay, 194. Pedenefertem, 2 15. Nesut-pu-nfiter, 56,61. Piay, 206. Pedeneith, I 74, 175. Net, 185. Piay, 206. Pedenekhtharhab, 2 I 2. Neternfifer, zoo. Piay, 2 2 2 . Pedenesi, 174, 175. Neteruimosi, 89. Pinehas, 225. Pedepemonkh, 194. Neteruimosi, 201. Pkep (Wehebre'emakhi), Pedepep, 2 2 7. Neterui(?)-tesnakht, 239. (Campbell's Tomb), 5 7. Pedes, 2 10. Neteruser, 150, 153. Pkeps (?), 223. Pedbi, 208. Nezem, 64. Pkhar, 201. Pedesi, 214. Nezem, 2 2 2 . Pkhar, 223. Pedubaste, 201. Nezemib, 159. Pnfifer, 2 I I. Pedubaste, 2 10. Nezsu, 13, 20, 241. Pre'hirunemef, 194. Pedubaste, 2 15. Nezui, 183. Psammethek, 173, 1 7 4 , 12. ~ Pedubaste, 240. Niay, 99. Psammethek, I 74, I 78. Peduhor, 2 14. Niptahemniesui, 198. *Psammethek, son of Amasis Pedusiri, 2 2 7. Nisra, 13, 25. and Ta-khatti, 212. Pef-hrinuti, 2 14. Nisu'ankh, 42, 44. Pefteu'akhons, see Pede- Psammethek, 2 14. Nisuhenu, 42, 44. Psammethek, 2 14. khons. Nisumonthu, 233. Psammethek-meryptah, 2 I 2. Pefteu'auEsi, 2 I I. Nisuptah, 41, 67. Psammethek-monkh, 2 I I, Pefteu'aukhons, 209. Nisu-usert, 189. 213. Pefteukhons, I 25. Niuty, 24, 28, 31.

Psammethek-nebpehti, 146. Psammethek - neferseshem, 209. Psammethek-neferseshem, 224. Psammethek-neith, 227. Psammethek-si-Sekhmet,see Uzahor. Psammetheksonb, 22 7. Psenenhor, 209. *Psenenkhons, son of Amasis and Nekhtubasterou,

Pshenptah, 201. Pshenptah, 209. Ptayankh, see 'Ankh-Ptah. Sabef, 13, 22, 241. Ptahemhet, 131. Sabu (Ibebi), 98, 108-9, Ptahemwia, 192. 110. Ptahemwia, 202. Sabu, I 10. Ptahenimat, see Nema'etSabu (Tbety), 190. ptah. Sabuken~,I I 1-1 2. Ptahhotp, 32, 41. 'Ra'meses, son of Ramesses SahurEt'-yam, 25. Ptahhotp, 42, 46, 47. Sak, 201. 11, 226. Ptahhotp, 57. Ra'mosi, I 79. Sanen, 12, 19. Ptahhotp, 69. Ra'mosi, 2 I 8. Sankhenptah, 32, 36. Ptahhotp, 98, 111. Ra'mosi, 2 2 2. Sankhenptah, 95. Ptahhotp I, 156, 158-9, Ra'mosi, see Qhutmosi. Sankhenptah, 180, 182. 160. Sankhuiptah, 197. Ptahhotp 11, 148,156,160- Ramu, 66. Say, 201. Ray, 218. Sayempetref, 192. Ray% 177. Re', see Hori. Sebaku I, 185. Sebaku 11, 185. Redenes, 32, 40. Redenptah-wEr, 64. Sebehnef, 13. Sebkemhet, 234. Redeptah-wer, 6 7. ~ta$$ot~; 200. Sedaug, 12, 20. Redyf, 24, 31. Ptahhotp, 2 10. Sedenma'et, 168. kRer-emka,150, 154. Ptahhotp, 2 I I. Re'enkau, see NekaurF. 'Sehefner, 100. Ptahhotp, 213. R6enmaCet, Nema'etr?. see Sehotpu, 3. Ptahhotpdesher, 98, I I I. Re'herka, 13. Ptah-khenu, 24, 242. Sehotpu (Tepu), 42,46, 47. Sehotpu, I 00. RE'hotp (p), 12. Ptah-khenu, 202. Sehotpu, 143. Rghotp, 107. Ptah-khu, 25. Sekedpukau (?), 198. Re'hotp, 123. Ptahma'kheru, 153. 'Sekhem'ankh, son of Khufu, RE'hotp, 189. Ptahmey, 200. RE'hotp, 226. Ptahmosi, 67. 42, 48, 51Sekhem'ankhptah, 42. Rekhsuptah, 208. Ptahmosi, 99. Sekhem'ankhptah, 98,105Reky, 136, 138. Ptahmosi, 175. Re'merptah, 112-13. 6. Ptahmosi, 191, 200. Sekhem-Hathor, 152. Renpetnefert, 13, 23. Ptahmosi, 179, 192-3. Sekhemka, 24, 31. Renpetnefert, 194. Ptahmosi, 206. Sekhemka, 42, 43.. Ptahnefersekhef, see Nefer- Renpetnefert, 195. Renpetnefert, see also Ne- Sekhemka (' Scribe du sekhefptah. Louvre '), 113. ferronpet. Ptahneferseshem, see NeferSekhemka, 159. Re'nfifer, I 10-1 I. seshemptah. "Sekhemkare', son of KheRes-he-nofr ' 64. , Ptahntifer, 2 I I. phren, 58,60, 62. RFshepses, 13. Ptahordais, 240. Semer-ka, 13, 21, 241. Re'shepses, 150, 151-2. Ptahsabu, 100. Ptahsekhem'ankh, see Se- Rzshepshes (perhaps same Semtou, 194. Semtutefnakht, 224. as last), 2 18. khem'ankhptah. Re'wer I, 32, 41. Semut, 68. Ptah-seth-mer, 80.

Ptahshepses, 12. Ptahshepses, 32, 41. Ptahshepses, 78, 79, 80. Ptahshepses, 107. Ptahshepses, 98, 108-g. Ptahshepses, 109. Ptahshepseq I 10. Ptahshepses, I 12. Ptahshepses, I 12. Ptahshepses, 123. Ptahshepses, 128, 145. Ptahshepses, 167. Ptahshepses, 2 25. Ptahuser, see Userptah. Ptahwash, see Washptah. Ptahwer, 24. Ptahwer, 211. Ptahwer, 222. Puerern, 209. Pwon, 209.

Re'wEr 11, 32, 34, 37. RE'wEr, 56, 57-8. RE'wer, 58. RPwer, 108. Riya, 206. Rokhou, see Khubau. Roma', 226. Ruaben, 100. Rud, 95. RUZ,13, 2 0 , 21, 241. Ruzi, 104. Ruzib, 24. Ruzka, 67. Ruzu, 40.

Senbeb, 203. Senbef, z 10. Senebim, 127. Senenu, 24. Seneny, 131. Senezemib(Mehi), 32,33-5 Senezemib (Inti), g, 32, 33, 34, 35-60 Senezemib, 32, 37. Senezemib, I I 2. Senezemib, see Bebib. Sengerka, 146. Seni, 186-7. Seni, 187. Seni, see Nebpu-Pepy. Senimen, 203. Senka, 22. Sennu, 13, 23. Sennu, 23. Sennu, 67. Sennu'ankh, 162, 166-7. Sennuka(Keki), 24, 25,242. Sensen, 24. Senti, 186. Senti, 187. Sentni, 127. Sent-tefes, 19. *Sent-senbetes, daughter 01 Sesostris 111, 233. Senu'ankh, 237. Serbikhen (Iby), 191. Serntifer, 66. Seshemnefer-theti (Theti), 42, 44, 45, 46. Seshemniifer, 32,34,39,40, Seshemniifer, 32. Seshemntifer, 32. Seshemnufer, 42, 44-5, 46, 47. Seshemntifer, 64. Seshemnufer, 67. Seshemniifer, 67. Seshemntifer (Ifi), 80. Seshemntifer, 158. Seshemnufer, I 73, 174. Seshemntifer, 234-5. Seshemu, 24. Seshemu, 68. Seshemu, I 12. *Seshethotp (Heti), son of Khufu, 32, 34, 37-8. Seshseshet, see Wa'tet-khetHor. Sesi, 188. Sesi, see 'Ankhma'hor. Sethef, 198. Seth-Heknet, 13, 23. Sethu, 24, 31. Sethu, 32, 34, 36. Sethu, 64.

Snefru-neferhor, see NeferSethu I, 104. hor-Snefru. Sethu 11, 104. Snefrunufer, 32, 40. *Sethu, 165. Snefruntifer, I 15. Sethu, 240. Snefrunufer, I 15-16. Setib, 24. *Snefrusonb, 24, 3 I. Setibti (Bibi,), 188. Snefrusonb, 198. *Setka, son of Zadefre', I. Sokaremzerf, 187. Setka, 32, 41. Sokarniifer, 103. Sety, 179. Sonb, 12, 19. Sety, 184. Sonb, 239. Setyerboni, 173. Setyerboni, 195. Taba'anep, 163. Sezemre, 25. Tahor, 195. Sezemu, 66. Ta-imhbtep, 201. Shad, 13, 25. Ta-imhbtep, 2 0 I. Shedesnefertem, 2 2 I. Takelot, 208, 2 2 I. Shedibd, 188. *Ta-khatti, wife of Amasis, Shemai, 127. 212. Shemai, 180, 181. Takher (or Kheter), 125. Shemait, 185. Tashert-ah (?), 194. Shemsetka, 203. *Shepseskaf,son of Mencher- *Tathet (Queen), zoo. Tathout, 215. es, 7. Ta-usiri, 195. Shepseskafankh, 15, 17. Tefnakht, 125. Shepseskafankh, I 2, 18. Shepseskaf'ankh, 13, 22. Tefnut, 194. Tema', 229. Shepsi, 107. Tepem'ankh, 13. Shepsi, 147. Tepem'ankh, I 7. Shepy, 235. Tepem'ankh, 80, 81. Shepy, 240. Tepenl'ankh I, 149. Sheri, 20. Tepem'ankh 11, 147, 150. Shery, 101-2. Sheshi, see Neferseshem- Tepemkau, see Idi. Tepu, see Sehotpu. Khufu. Tesnakht, 194. Sheshi, see Neferseshemre'. Sheshi, see Neferseshem- Teti, 101. Tetiemsaf, 83. ptah. 'Sheshonk, son of Osorkon Tetiemsaf, 127. Tetimerhotp, 146. 11, 207. Tetimertit, I 27. Sheshonk, 208. Tetimertit, I 2 7. Shetui, 12, 18. Tha, 127. Shey, 185-6. Thai, 13r. Sienptah, 80. Thau, rgg. Si-Isit, 237. Thay, 129. Sinufer, 12, 18. Sitha'ib, 131. Thay, 199. Themi, see Khenenu 11. Sitimp, 80. Thena, 32. Sitinteti, 139. Thenry, 192. Sit-khomtu, 127. Thentet, 66. Sit-Ma'et, 199. 'Sit-merhut, daughter of Thentet, 189. Amenemhet 11, 232, 234. Thenti, 13, 22, 241. Thenti, 32, 34, 39. Sit-ntifer, 81. Thenti, 42, 54-5. Sitsobk, 240. Thenti, 64. Situbastet, 81. Thenti, 124. Situbastet, 181. Smenkhu-Ptah, see Itwesh. Thenti, 147. Thenti, 239. Snefruhotp, 13, 21, 241. Snefrukha'ef, see Kha'ef- Thery, 60, 65. Theset, 69. snefru.

Thesi, 24, 30. ?:hethi, 66. Thethi, 67. Thethu, 128, 138-9, 144. Theti, 95. Theti, see Seshemnefertheti. Thetut, 42, 45,46. 'Thety, 111. Thety, see Sabu. They, 96, 114, 116-121. They, 102. They, 117. Thia, 200. Thiebendedemau, I 94. Thieharpto, 5 7. Thieharpto, 125. Thiehepemau, 124. Thiehepemau, 2 2 5. Thienheremau, 126. ThiEsemau, 2 17. Thoenemou, 102. Thonenhebu, 173, I 74. Thonfifer, 224. Thuthu, 200. T-neferho, 201. Tshentehe, 57. Ty, 201. Unis'ankh, 148, I 73. Unniifer, 68. Unnfifer, 96, 125. Unniifer, 195. Unniifer, 213. Unntifer, 222. Urshnfifer, 96, r 26. User, 24. Userkaf-'ankh, 80, 81. Usermfit (Usernekhbet), 128, 145. Usernekhbet, see Usermut. Userptah, 107. Userptah, 183.

Uzahateti, see Neferseshem- Wethenia (Peni), 67. 'Wezebten, wife of Pepy 11, ptah. Uzahor (Psammethel-si82, 92, 95, 187. Wez-ka-'ankh, 239. ~ekmet),' 64. *Wiaen(?)weset,75. Uzahor, 209. *Wonshet, 24, 27. Uzat-khnumt, 183. u=u, 235, 237yepu, 195'Yun-Min, son of Khephren, War, 42, 52. Wahka, 2 I g. 63. 'Yunu, 24, 26. Washiptah, 185. Wash-ka, 66. *Zadf-khnum, 5 1-2. Wash-ka, I 13. *Zadfkhufu, 41-3. Washptah, I 2. *Zadfmin, son of Khufu, 42, Washptah, 106. * Wa'tet-khet-uor (Seshse48, 5'. shet), daughter of Teti, Zadi (Pepy-zadi, MeryrOrzadi), 158. 136, 140, 142. Zaduipu, 107. Wati, 68. Zaduwa', 25. Wazet, 185. Zadwa'i, 25. Wazi, g. a s h a , 13. Wehebr?, 65. WehebrS', 179. Zaty, 32, 37. Zeamiinef'onkh, 146. WehebrO', 194. U7ehebr6'-emakhi,see Pkep. Zeamiinef'onkh, I 94. Zeamfinef'onkh, 208. WehebrF-menmes, 85. Zef'onkh, 208-9. Wehemka, 24, 30. ZeF'onkh, 209. Wehem-nofret, I 2 2. ZeEsef'onkh, 209. Weneni, 183. Zefau, I 13. *Wepemnefert, 13, 23. Werbaure', I 3. Zeho, 65. Zeho, 125. Weri, 24. Zeho, 125. Werirenptah, 189-90. Zeho, 163. Werirni, 65-6. Zeho, 194. Werir[ni] (Kaniifer), 83. Zeho, 214-15. Werirni, 122. Zeptahefonkh, 208. Werka, 24. Werkhu, 59. '. . nub, wife of Neuserr?, Werkhuu, 58-9. Wer-ptah, see PtahwCr. 77. . n-ukh, 42, 52. Wert-ka-Ptah, I 05. . . . pdais (Harkhebi), 223. Werzededptah, 143. . . . ruu, 131. Weta, 68.

. ..