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Brad McEntire Playwright updated 7/13/2014

(214) 621-9683
~ Production History ~
u!!-"en#t$ %!a&'
Night of the Tarantu-Bears (2014) Co-written with Jeff Hernandez
(udacit& )$eatre "a*+ ,a!!a' )-+ .o/em*er 2014+ Mar#o 0one' )$eatre
Carter Stubbs Taes !light (2013)
1n commi''ion 2or 3undown 4o!!a*orati/e )$eatre+ ,enton )-+ (pri! 2013
Se"en Pieces of a Tangra# (2006)
M.(. )$e'i' %ro5ect6 )e7a' 8oman9' :ni/er'it&
)8:/ %!ano 4$i!dren9' )$eatre+ %!ano )-+ 0u!& 2006 ('ta#ed readin#)
1ne-(ct %!a&'
$inosaur and %obot Sto& a Train (2013)
(udacit& )$eatre "a*+ ,a!!a' )-+ 0une 2013+ e'ti/a! o2 ;ndependent )$eatre'
%as&berry !i'' (2012)
(udacit& )$eatre "a*+ <ou'ton )-+ 1cto*er 2013+ <ou'ton rin#e e'ti/a!
(udacit& )$eatre "a*+ (ddi'on )-+ Marc$ 2012+ 1ut o2 t$e "oop rin#e e'ti/a!
(udacit& )$eatre "a*+ 3tar*uc=' 4o22ee+ ;r/in# )-+ 0anuar& 2012 (ta*!e readin#)
( Ha"e )ngered a *reat *od (2009)
(udacit& )$eatre "a*+ (ddi'on )-+ Marc$ 2011+ 1ut o2 t$e "oop rin#e e'ti/a!
.ou/eau 47 )$eatre+ ,a!!a' )-+ .o/em*er 2010+ ('ta#ed readin#)
ronterae't at <&de %ar= )$eatre+ (u'tin )-+ e*ruar& 2010+ (wor='$op)
(udacit& )$eatre "a* + ,a!!a' )-+ 0anuar& 2010+ ('ta#ed readin#)
Pens + Strings (2009) Co-Written with Jeff Hernandez
(udacit& )$eatre "a*+ (u'tin )-+ e* 2009+ ronterae't at <&de %ar= )$eatre
The )ngel (n The Barn, ) Pu&&et Christ#as Tale (2008)
(udacit& )$eatre "a*/ %ro5ect -+ ,a!!a' )-+ ,ec 2009+ >reen ?one )$eatre
3pecia!!& 4ommi''ioned *& %!ano 4$i!dren' )$eatre6 %!ano )-
%!ano 4$i!dren' )$eatre6 %!ano )-+ ,ec 2008
) Tall Tale of Te-as (2008)
3pecia!!& 4ommi''ioned *& %!ano 4$i!dren' )$eatre6 %!ano )-
%!ano 4$i!dren' )$eatre6 %ro2e''iona! )ourin# 3erie'6 %!ano )-6 e*-(pr 2009
%!ano 4$i!dren' )$eatre6 %ro2e''iona! )ourin# 3erie'6 %!ano )-6 e*-(pr 2008
%oselita.s $ead Man, ) Pu&&et Piece (2007)
)$eatre ;n M& Ba'ement+ %$oeni7 (?+ .o/ 2008+ 11
Annual Teatro Caliente:Experimental Peformance
Bo**indoctrin %uppet )$eatre+ <ou'ton )-+ .o/ 2007+ !obbindoctrin "
Annual Puppetry Festial
!or the /o"e of an )nesthesiologist (2004)
1/ertime )$eatre+ 3an (ntonio )-+ (pri!-Ma& 2012
Brad McEntire/ %!a&wri#$t6 %. 1 o2 4
(udacit& %roduction'+ ,a!!a' )-+ 0u!&-(u# 2004+ e'ti/a! o2 ;ndependent )$eatre'
(udacit& %roduction'+ "ewi'/i!!e )e7a'+ 0une 2000 (e7cerpt - 'ta#ed readin#)
%ed Pa0a#a Blues (1999)
(udacit& %roduction'+ .ew @or= .@+ (u# 2001+ #e$ %ork &nternational Frin'e Festial
(udacit& %roduction'+ %!ano )-6 Mar 2000 ('ta#ed readin#)
E7panded (rt'+ .ew @or= .@+ 0u!& 1999+ (" Plays in (" )ays Festial
Ae/erie %roduction'+ .ew @or= .@+ e* 1999 ('ta#ed Aeadin#)
)rsenic and %oses (1996)
(udacit& )$eatre "a*+ ,a!!a' )-+ 0u!&-(u# 2009+ e'ti/a! o2 independent )$eatre'
,EEA )$eatre+ <on# Bon#6 (pri! 2007+ Che$ *n This+ ,hort -orks Festial
(udacit& %roduction'+ !ower Mound )-6 Ma& 2003+ Flo$er .ound Performin' Arts Theatre/s First Annual
#e$ -orks Festial
(udacit& %roduction'+ "ewi'/i!!e )-6 (pri! 2000 ('ta#ed readin#)
8ec=e''er 3tudio )$eatre/4o!!e#e o2 3anta e+ 3anta e .M6 ,ec 1996
)en Minute %!a&'
Shar Bites and Side Effects (2013)
Ao/er ,ramawer='+ %!ano )-6 Mar 2004+ *ne )ay *nly 10 ,hort Play Festial
Ta#&ing (ron (2004)
(udacit& %roduction'/Ao/er ,ramawer='+ >ar!and )-6 Mar 2004+ *ne )ay *nly " ,hort Play Festial
The History /esson (2006)
(udacit& %roduction'+ (u'tin )-+ e* 2006+ rontera e'tC ,hort1Frin'e *fficial Entry
How ( Sto&&ed S#oing (2004)
)e7a' 8oman9' :ni/er'it&+ ,enton )-+ Marc$ 2006+ *ri'inal *ne1Act ,eries
(udacit& %roduction'+ ,a!!a' )-+ 1cto*er 2004+ .ild )ementia Continuous1Play 2ariety 3our
Cooies + Punch (2001)
)e7a' 8oman9' :ni/er'it&+ ,enton )-+ Marc$ 2006+ *ri'inal *ne1Act ,eries
,8 %!a&wri#$t'9 (!!iance/ >round ?ero )$eatre 4ompan&+ ,a!!a' )-+ Ma& 2004 ('ta#ed readin#)
(udacit& %roduction'+ ,a!!a' )-6 .o/ 2002+ (e7cerpt) .ild )ementia Continuous1Play 2ariety 3our
3Duare %e# )$eatre 4o!!ecti/e+ .ew @or= .@+ e* 2002 ('ta#ed readin#)
The Burden of a /ight Blue Shirt (2001)
)umor*o& %roduction'+ ,a!!a' )-+ 0une 2009+ 4ilda/s Club #orth Texas Fund15aiser
(udacit& %roduction'+ ,a!!a' )-6 Ma& 2004+ ,in'le ,erin's: An Eenin' of ,olo Performance Pieces
(udacit& %roduction'+ (u'tin )-6 0an 2003+ 6ost7Found7&n1!et$een @ FronteraFest
(udacit& %roduction'/%ro#re-''i/e (rt'+ (ddi'on )-6 Mar 2002+ .ild )ementia Continuous1Play 2ariety
3our @ *ut of the 6oop Festial
3Duare %e# )$eatre 4o!!ecti/e+ .ew @or= .@6 e* 2002 ('ta#ed readin#)
(udacit& %roduction'+ 4arro!!ton )-6 ,ec 2001 ('ta#ed readin#)
The Co#&lete History of Te-as !ro# the 1ery Most Beginning of Ti#e2 )bridged (2001)
A" )urner )$eatre <3/armer' Branc$ <i'torica! %ar=+ armer' Branc$ )-6 Mar 2001+ Texas
&ndependence )ay Celebration
The Best is 3et to Co#e (2000)
(udacit& %roduction'+ ,a!!a' )-6 Ma& 2004+ .ild )ementia Continuous1Play 2ariety 3our
(udacit& %roduction'+ )u!'a 1B6 .o/ 2003+ .ild )ementia Continuous1Play 2ariety 3our
(udacit& %roduction'+ %!ano )-6 Ma& 2000+ *ne )ay *nly+ ,hort Play Festial
Brad McEntire/ %!a&wri#$t6 %. 2 o2 4
%udnic2 the Candle-Headed Boy (1996)
End)ime %roduction'+ .a=ed <o!ida&' 2009+ .ew @or= .@+ ,ecem*er 2009
(udacit& %roduction'+ ,a!!a' )-6 Ma& 2004+ .ild )ementia Continuous1Play 2ariety 3our
(udacit& %roduction'/%ro#re-''i/e (rt'+ >ar!and )-6 ,ec 2000+ The 3*+ ,ho$
E'tran#ed Bed2e!!ow' 3=etc$ 4omed&+ 3anta e .M+ e* 1996
1ne %a#e/ 1ne Minute %!a&'
/i'ard Boy Eats a $orito 456789
3undown 4o!!a*orati/e )$eatre+ ,enton E ,a!!a' )-+ (u#u't 2014+ ,hort -orks Fest
( Hate if Here (2014)
Bitc$en ,o# )$eatre and 1neFMinute %!a& e't+ ,a!!a' )-+ (u#u't 2014
Chu&acabra %ights (2014)
Bitc$en ,o# )$eatre and 1neFMinute %!a& e't+ ,a!!a' )-+ (u#u't 2014
:nicorns (2001)
(!!e&wa& )$eatre+ Bu22a!o .@6 Mar 2004+ !uffalo 8uickies ,hort Play Festial
(udacit& %roduction'/8e't End 4omed& )$eatre+ ,a!!a' )-6 e* 2004+ .ild )ementia Continuous1Play
2ariety 3our
(udacit& %roduction'/%ro#re-''i/e (rt'+ ,ec 2001+ .ild )ementia Continuous1Play 2ariety 3our
(udacit& %roduction'+ (u'tin )-6 1ct 2001+ .ore Than Friends @ the .ind *er .oney Theatrical Festial
$isney and Na'is (1999)
.o 3$ame )$eatre+ <ideout )$eatre+ (u'tin )-6 .o/ 2001
(udacit& %roduction'+ (u'tin )-6 1ct 2001+ .ore Than Friends @ the .ind *er .oney Theatrical Festial
3o!o 3$ow'
%obert.s Eternal *oldfish (2014)
(udacit& )$eatre "a*+ 8ater )ower )$eatre+ (ddi'on )-+ Marc$ 2014+ 1ut o2 t$e "oop rin#e e'ti/a!
GBe't o2 e'tH winner
( Brought Ho#e a Chu&acarba (2014)
(udacit& )$eatre "a*+ Mar#o 0one' )$eatre+ ,a!!a' )-+ 0anuar& 2014+ @o!o 3o!o e't
Cyrano )-*o-*o (2011)
(udacit& )$eatre "a*+ <ou'ton )-+ 3eptem*er 2012+ <ou'ton rin#e e'ti/a!
(udacit& )$eatre "a* E %ro5ect -+ ,a!!a' )-+ 0u!& 2011+ >reen ?one )$eatre
Cho& (2008)
3o!oManiaC 3o!o %er2ormance e'ti/a!+ .ew 1r!ean'+ .o/em*er 2013
3eatt!e rin#e e'ti/a!+ 3eatt!e 8(+ 3eptem*er 2012
.ew @or= ;nternationa! rin#e e'ti/a!+ .ew @or= .@+ (u#u't 2012+ %!a&er' "o2t )$eatre
.ou/eau 47 )$eatre+ ,a!!a' )-+ 0u!& 2012+ Mar#o 0one' Bui!din# at air %ar=
4a2I Bo$emia+ %!ano )-+ 0u!& 2012 (e7cerpt)
<ou'ton rin#e e'ti/a!+ <ou'ton )-+ (u#u't 2011+ 3uper <app& un "and )$eatre
%ort!and Mini-rin#e+ %ort!and 1A+ Marc$ 20116 F9,E Theatre
.ew 1r!ean' rin#e e'ti/a!+ .o/em*er 2010
Continental Lofts Gallery; Dallas TX; November 2010
%$oeni7 rin#e e'ti/a!6 (?+ (pri! 2010
4o!!e#e o2 3anta e6 .M+ (pri! 2010
1ut o2 t$e "oop rin#e e'ti/a!6 8ater )ower )$eatre+ (ddi'on )-+ Marc$ 2010
Brad McEntire/ %!a&wri#$t6 %. 3 o2 4
4r& <a/oc+ .@4+ Marc$ 2009 ('ta#ed readin#)
1ut'ider9' ;nn 4o!!ecti/e+ 3eatt!e 8(+ 1ct 2008+ 3eatt!e 4enter ('ta#ed readin#)
Notes fro# a Podiu# (2004)
:ndermain )$eatre+ ,a!!a' )-6 (u# 2004+ -ordspace/s Texas 9n!ound 6iterary : Performance ,eries
The /unatist 4and %elated Tales of ;oe9 (2004)
3in#!e i!e 4$ica#o 3o!o %er2ormance e'ti/a!+ 4$ica#o6 ;"6 1cto*er 2004 (wor='$op)
<ne Ser"ant2 Two Masters J2rom 4ar!o >o!doni9' ( 3er/ant o2 )wo Ma'ter'K (2008)
yet to be produced;
%a&un'el, ) Musical Shadow Pu&&et Play J2rom t$e Bro'. >rimmK (2006)
-ith .usic !y ,tuart 4rant and 6ee 3olt
,EEA )$eatre+ <on# Bon#+ 1cto*er 2006
The Tell-Tale Heart J*& Ed#ar (!!an %oeK (2004)
8ooden 3poon )$eatre 4ompan&+ ,a!!a' )-+ 1ct 2004+ Bat$ <ou'e 4u!tura! 4enter
~ Publications ~
)wo %!a&' ((nd 3ome 3=etc$e') *& Brad McEntire6 containin# Arsenic : 5oses and For the 6oe of an
Anesthesiolo'ist. ,ri**!e un= Boo='/ 4reate3pace6 2008. (/ai!a*!e onC
7 4on'ideration' 2or t$e 3o!o %er2ormer6 ,ri**!e un= Boo='6 e*oo=. 2011.
; <ate <aw= 3ea'onM ,onnie Aoc=et )oa'ter-ace 4omic'6 No!. 16 ,ri**!e un= Boo='/ 4reate3pace6
2012. (/ai!a*!e onC
~ Education and Training ~
B..(. in )$eatre E %er2ormance (rt'+ 4o!!e#e o2 3anta e .M
M.(. in %!a&writin#+ )e7a' 8oman9' :ni/er'it&6 ,enton )-
8ritin# wor='$op' wit$C <oward Border6 4.0. 4ritt6 Aic= E$r'tin6 Nic=i 4$eatwood6 )on& Med!in and
>re# Aomero
Ae2erence' a/ai!a*!e upon reDue't
,irectin# E (ctin# Ae'ume' (!'o (/ai!a*!e
Brad McEntire/ %!a&wri#$t6 %. 4 o2 4