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BOOK TALK RUBRIC Criteria Overall Quality (points earned for each category) 3 2 1 Creative beginning.

May have read aloud an May have given a one- or interesting part of the two-sentence Did not attempt to gain Did I get my audience's book, used a colorful introduction, and then attention of audience. Jumped attention? visual (like a drawing or gave the rest of the facts right into the facts. poster) or a personal and information. reason why they picked this book. Told exactly what type of Did I tell what kind of book it is (fiction, nonNot sure, not clear. Didn't mention it. book? fiction, biography, mystery, etc.). Included interesting facts about character Did I tell something (likes/dislikes, age Not enough detail, slid Did not tell anything about about the main physical appearance, over character. main character. character? strengths and weaknesses, relationship to other characters, etc) Did I mention the setting? Told when and where story takes place. Not sure, not clear. Didn't mention setting

Gave information about Did I tell one interesting the problem in the story. Told part and skipped on part? Made it sound interesting to something else. - I want to buy it! Recommended book for a Did I tell who might like by, girl, or both, an age Not enough detail. this book? group, or people with a particular interest. Clean, neat appearance, Appearance acceptable, looked up, maintained eye some preparation was How did I look? contact. Well prepared. noted, had minimal eye May have used notes or contact. index cards. How did I sound? Clear, strong, voice. Used expression to emphasize a No expression in voice. point.

Forgot to do it.

Forgot to tell.

Just-got-out-of-bed look, head down. May not have prepared at all.

Difficult to understand or used a 3-inch voice.

Grade Conversion: A= 24-21 points B= 20-17 points C= 16-13 points D= 12-9 points F= 8 points or below