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Produced by the Northeast Florida Regional Council and


Save the Manatee. Club with the generous support of

V l'e1cr~fSNEfworld


2 . he average adult manatee is about 10 feet long and weighs between 800 and 1.What does a manatee look like? WHISKERS ON THE SNOUT COLOR: GRAY (sometimes.200 pounds. algae grows on their back and makes them look green!) TWO FRONT FLIPPERS ~ I".

in the summer. estuaries. as far west as Texas and as far north as Virginia! 3 . • In the st. canals and coastal areas.23 II manatees live in shallow.Connect the dots to see w-here manatees live! 24 ~ ~ FT. • At times. Johns River from Jacksonville to south of Lake Monroe. They are found: • In all of Florida's coastal waters. saltwater bays. slow-moving rivers.·MYERS * .

They can eat 10-15% of their body weight in vegetation daily. How long do manatees live? No one knows for sure.J U s E A C 0 FM N L I A T E R Z A A E R E M M U M R A W A M M A L Q Y wJ p R Y sQ EAT • MAMMAL • MANATEE • PLAY • SEA COW • SUMMER • SWIM • WARM • WATER (Hint: look for words running across. Scientists believe they can live 60 years or more. down or diagonally or even words spelled backward!) N Answers on page 8. 4 manatee eat? .OOO-pound FI:GURE. OW. find these words hidden in the manatee: What do manatees eat in one day? Manatees feed on a large variety of aquatic plants. up. IT OUT! How much would a I.

. .I . but they can hold their breath underwater for as long as 20 minutes! • A manatee's heart beats at a rate of 50 to 60 times per minute. wear down as they move forward. and eventually fall out... Twins are rare. . • Manatees do not have eyelashes...... . . " " .) • Female manatees usually only have one calf at a time. . (What's a hyrax? Do some research and see if you can find out. ." . " I r. . but they usually only swim about 3 to 5 miles per hour. • Manatees are related to the elephant and the hyrax. • Manatees make sounds like chirps. "" I' ... " t· • via • Manatees are mammals like us.'. so they must breathe air.. . • "Kissing" may be a form of communication between manatees. • Manatees can swim up to 20 miles per hour in short bursts. whistles or squeaks that are used for communication. . .. I I •.. • Manatees have" marching molars!" New teeth form at the back of the jaw.. . • Manatees usually come up for air every three to five minutes. . 5 . . . .. I .

hreats to manatees Speeding motor boats • Poaching or vandalism • Cold weather • Red tide Flood control structures • loss of habitat • Harassment • Pollution Canal locks • Fishing gear and crab trap lines . Answers on page 8.Manatee Maze Help the manatee and her calf find the path to safe shelter.

• Stash your trash! Recycle your litter or throw it in a trash container. but please don't feed them or give them water. #FWC or *FWC. but don't touch .Manatee Protection Tips • Look. or use VHF Channel 16 on a marine radio if you spot an injured manatee. • Enjoy manatees. Draw a picture showing how YOU can help manatees! 7 . • Call 1-888-404-FWCC (3922).observe manatees from a distance. • Watch for manatees when boating: obey speed zone signs and avoid seagrass beds where manatees might be feeding.

Contact Florida's governor and ask that manatees and their habitat be protected.savethemanatee. Include the elements that manatees need to survive and ideas about what we can do to help save them.Action Kids! You can make a difference for manatees. or send poems. Answers to Word Find Manatee Maze J U S E A Z r N E R A C R A Q Y R y M M U Z A S Produced by the Northeast For more information Florida Regional Council and e Save the Manatee. Write a letter or article about manatees for your school or community newspaper. 4. Put together a class presentation or play about manatees.. call Save the Manatee Club at 1-800-432-JOIN or visit their web site at www. Present it to other classes or community groups. Paint a "manatee mural" for a wall at school. Visit www. 5. 3. or create a manatee scene for a bulletin board at home. You can find other suggestions at the Take Action! page of the web site above. or to adopt a manatee. Fl 32399 6.org. learn all about manatees and why they are endangered. Club with the generous support of V ~~fSHEpworld Co. Click on the "Action Kids!" link.org and go to the Manatee Info section.savethe manatee. write letters. The Governor The Capitol Tallahassee. Be creative! You can draw pictures. Here's some ways you can help: I. 2. .

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