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Name------------------------------------------------------- grade------------------------------ date------------------1.Write the next sentences into passive voice. 1. They arrested her last week.. 2.

John wrote a letter.. 3. They invited ten friends to the party.. 4. They have just built a new house.. 5. The police caught the thieves yesterday.. 6. The maid will clean all the house for tomorrow.

7. My brother hit me.

8. They removed two cars from the street.

9. They have just cleaned the room.. 10. We will build a new house.

2. Change the sentences into active voice.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

The tiger killed the deer. The woodcutter cut down the trees. Columbus discovered America. The teacher praised the student. The old woman feeds the pigeons every day. John flew a kite.

7. My father will give me a present. 8. The police caught the thief. 9. I will conquer him. 10. He kept her waiting. 11. The hunter shot the lion. 12. A little girl opened the door. 13. The boy threw the ball. 14. He scored full marks. 15. She cleans the window. 16. Manners reveal a persons character. 17. He made a remarkable discovery. 18. He wrote an interesting story. 19. The cat drinks milk. 20. Everybody loves him.