Innisfail & District Show Society Inc.

Schedules for Poultry, Cage Birds and Pigeons
Chief Steward: Mr S. Raumer Phone: 4056 1515 Cage Bird Steward: Mr C. Kinbacher
Phone: 4061 1009

Assistant Stewards: Mr E. Hampson and Mr J. Griffith Mr T. Ryan

The Secretary Mrs Maddalena DeBrincat PO Box 1126 Innisfail Qld 4860 Phone: 4061 3051 After Hours: 0418 195593 Fax: 4061 6728 Email: Schedule also available on website
97th Annual Show – Thursday, 14th July and Friday, 15th July 2011


OFFICE BEARERS Patron: David Dodds O.A.M. Life Members G. Willey, D. Dodds, O.A.M., S. Clark, G. Perkins, A.O. Jones, W. Hoskins, A. Watt, R. Allison, G. Horsford, D. Edgerton, K. Scott, J. Anderson, E. Hampson, B. Bandiera, C. Kinbacher, B. Gillan, L. Zahra, D. Walker, P. Dineen, T. Mauloni, Mrs. C. Broom, B. Dobson, D Clark, D Stevenson. 2011 Management Committee: President: Past President: Senior Vice President: Vice Presidents: Louis Zahra Bruce Lowe Bruce Dobson John Anderson Max Neale Les Picini Mrs Janette Dobson (Historian) Peter Roberts Maddalena DeBrincat

Treasurer: Secretary:

2011 Committee Mrs Vera Alberich, Mrs Rose Caltibiano, Grahame Celledoni, Dave Collinson, Alan Dobson, Lex Ferguson, Andrew Gillespie, Roger Goebel, Jack Harding, Kevin Harding, Ron Hawkes, Jim Horton, Richard Jones, Barry Kanowski, Michael Kruckow, Alan Kuhn, Darryl Laffin, Steven Lizzio, Stuart Loudon, Mrs Rhonda Mayocchi, Steve Raumer, Dennis Ryan, Trevor Simpson, Neil Stoter, Robert Zahra
Thursday, 14th July and Friday, 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show


GENERAL CONDITIONS FOR SECTIONS 11 (Poultry), 12 (Cage Birds) and 13 (Pigeons) ENTRY FEE: 50 cents per entry. ENTRIES CLOSE AND EXHIBITS DUE: Close on Monday 27 June, 2011, or when the pens are full. All trophies and prizes will be open to all exhibitors. All birds are to be penned between 2.00pm th and 8.00pm on Wednesday 13 July, 2011 or by 8.30am on th Thursday 14 July, 2011, at No. 3 Pavilion (refer map). ASSISTANT STEWARDS: Mr E. Hampson, Mr. C. Kinbacher, Mr T. Ryan, Mr J. Griffith th Stewards will be in attendance from 2.00pm Wednesday 13 July to th 9.00am Saturday 16 July. JUDGING: Thursday 14 July, 2011 at 9.00am. TROPHIES: The following trophies will be awarded and on display for the duration of the Show, dependent on Sponsors:              Champion Breeding Pair Champion Standard Hard Feather Large Champion Large Soft Feather Champion Large Fowl of Show Champion Indian Game Bantam Champion Modern Champion Hard Feather Bantam Champion Pekin Champion Soft feather other than Pekin Champion Soft feather Bantam Champion Bantam of Show Grand Champion Fowl of Show Reserve Champion Fowl of Show Champion Homer or Show Racer Champion Racing Pigeon Champion Fancy Pigeon Champion Pigeon Reserve Champion Pigeon Champion Budgerigar Champion Canary Champion Finch Champion School Child’s Pet Bird in Cage Champion Parrot Champion Cage Bird Reserve Champion Cage Bird
th th

(**Information on the Innisfail Show can be found at the back of this booklet**) Thursday, 14th July and Friday, 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show

00 OR as stated throughout the Schedule. Thursday. Prize cards must be presented when claiming prize money. Failure to quote an ABN (for business) will result in the deduction of PAYG withholding tax of 48.5%).   (Prize money quoted does not include GST and assumes entry is a hobby. Cage Birds. 14th July and Friday.00 Second $2. If GST is applicable. 22 July 2011. Any entrant whose entry is part of their business will need to quote their business name and ABN. we will gross up the prize so entrant is not disadvantaged. Pigeons): One Exhibit – First $2.00 Two and more Exhibits – First $4. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show  .4 SASHES: The following classes will be awarded sashes:                   Champion Breeding Pair Champion Indian Game Champion Old English Game Champion Pit Game Large Champion Soft Feather Large of Show Champion Large Fowl of Show Champion Modern Game Bantam Champion Old English Game Bantam Champion Indian Game Bantam Champion Pit Game Bantam Champion Hard Feather Bantam Show Champion Pekin of Show Champion Soft feather other than Pekin Champion Bantam of Show Champion Water Fowl Reserve Champion Water Fowl Grand Champion Fowl of Show Reserve Champion Fowl of Show Champion Fancy Pigeon Cock Champion Fancy Pigeon Hen Champion Homer (Show Racer) Cock Champion Homer (Show Racer) Hen Champion Pigeon of Show Reserve Champion Pigeon of Show Champion Racing Pigeon Cock Champion Racing Pigeon Hen Champion Utility Cock Champion Utility Hen -------------------------------------------Champion Canary Cock Champion Canary Hen Champion Canary Champion Finch Champion Parrot Champion Budgie Cock Champion Budgie Hen Champion Budgie of Show Champion Cage Bird of Show Reserve Champion Cage Bird of Show PRIZE MONEY: All Sections (Poultry. Prizes & Prize money must be collected th nd from the Secretary’s Office between Saturday 16 July and Friday.

All birds to be collected by 9.30am Saturday.  Birds will be fed.m. watered and cared for during the period that they are in the care of the Show Society.C.O. Friday 15 July.  Number of Entries by each exhibitor in all classes is limited to four (4).30pm on Friday 15 July. th 2011.V. 16 July.  The Society accepts no responsibility for loss. 14th July and Friday.  Entries in A.00a. GUIDELINES FOR ALL EXHIBITS:  No Sick or Diseased Poultry to be penned. or misdelivery of exhibits.5 COLLECTION OF BIRDS: Birds will be released at 9. will only be accepted where variety or colour is clearly stated on the Entry Form. th  Birds to be benched by 9. Thursday.00pm on Friday th 15 July.V.30pm on Friday 15 July.  Where there are three or more entries in the same variety in A.  For Class 152 (Any variety school child pet bird).  Where there are three (3) or more exhibits of the one breed in any other variety classes. Birds th released at 9. 2011. a special class will be provided. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show .00pm. 2011. 2011. 2011. Providing out of Town Exhibitors have Stewards th permission. a class will be provided. damage. 2011.  No person other than the Judge or Steward will be allowed to handle birds for the duration of the Show without the consent of the Chief Steward.  Entries in any other variety classes will not be accepted unless the variety is stated on the entry form. SPECIFIC GUIDELINES FOR CAGE BIRDS:  Any protected birds shown are to be held under a Permit to keep (Fauna Conservation Act 1974-79). classes. or A. Thursday 14 July. Providing out of Town Exhibitors have Stewards permission. they may leave not earlier than th 6. they may leave not earlier than 6.O. any clean bird cage is allowed.  Cockerels and pullets shall be birds of 12 months and under.  No Birds to be sold in Pavilion during the Show.O.

5. General Rules for the Conduct of Agricultural Show Competitions must be adhered to. The Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies Inc. Exhibitors are not to talk to Judges during judging. 4. at the discretion of the Stewards and Committee. Stewards are not to steward classes in which they have entered. Any Bird entered in the incorrect class can. 8.6 The Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies Inc. GENERAL RULES FOR POULTRY AND CAGED BIRDS 1. 7. Thursday. 3. 9. All Birds are to be free of lice and disease. Birds can only be removed from showing area with the permission of the Chief Steward. Should any dispute arise for which there is no general rule the matter in dispute will be referred to the committee and their decision will be final. 6. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show . at the discretion of the Chief Steward. 2. Birds 12 months and over will be judged as adults. be re-entered in the correct class. Any Bird found to have been tampered with may. 14th July and Friday. be disqualified.

Cock or Cockerel A. Hen or Pullet Champion Malay Game INDIAN GAME 11. Partridge hen D.L. 15. 16. 6.00 OLD ENGLISH GAME 13. Cock or Cockerel 8. Thursday.00 Card & $8.L. Hard Feather Large 2.L.L. Hen or Pullet Champion Indian Game Card & $8. Hen or Pullet Champion Modern Game MALAY GAME 9.00 Champion Bantam Pair Card & $8.L.C. Partridge Pullet L. Partridge hen L.00 AUSTRALIAN GAME (Hard Feather) 5.L. 14th July and Friday. Champion Aust.00 Champion Pair of Show Card & $15. Soft Feather Large 3. 17. Soft Feather Bantam Champion Large Pair Card & $8. Black red cock – Dark Leg (D.7 POULTRY SECTION 11 (Judge: Mr Wayne Quantock (Soft and Hard Feather) BREEDING PAIRS (Correctly mated) 1.00 Card & $8. Cock or Cockerel 12. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show .L.C. Black red cockerel D. 19.00 MODERN GAME 7. Black red cock – Light Leg (L. Game Card & $8. Hard Feather Bantam 4. Hen or Pullet A. Cock or Cockerel 10.) 14.) 18. Black red cockerel L.

Blue Red Hen or Pullet Champion Blue Red Card & $8. Hen feather 47.C. Hen feather 46. Hen feather Champion Hen Feather 49. Cockerel.00 39.00 Card & $8. (Old Eng.L.00 Card & $8.L. Pullet.C. Brown Red Cockerel A. Pullet. Champion Brown Red 35.) Thursday. Hen. Cockerel. Cockerel. Ginger Cock 42.00 Card & $8. duckwing L.O. Pile Pullet Champion Pile Card & $8. Pile Cockerel 38. duckwing L.L. Brown Red Cock A. 21.00 41. Ginger Pullet Champion Ginger 45. Brown Red Pullet A. Pile Hen 37. 14th July and Friday.) 50.00 . Cock. 24. Ginger Cockerel 44. Ginger Hen 43.L. duckwing D. Champion Duckwing 31. Hen. Cock. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show Card & $8. duckwing D. Cock.L. Pullet Wheaten Champion Black Red 23. Hen A. Hen Wheaten 22.L.L. (Old Eng. 27. duckwing L. Brown Red Hen A. Partridge Pullet D. 32.C.C. Hen. 28. Blue Red Cock or Cockerel 40.C.L. duckwing D.00 Card & $8. Pullet. 34.O.C. 30. 33. Cock A. 26. Hen feather 48. Pile Cock 36. 25. 29. duckwing L. duckwing D.L.8 20.

Light Male 2. Light Female 2Kg & under Hen 59.5Kg & under Cockerel 60. Cockerel 74. (Old Eng. Cockerel 64. Pullet Champion Langshan Card & $8.5Kg Cockerel 56.5Kg Cock 54.) Champion A.) 52. Cock 62. Muff A. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show Card & $8. Heavy Male over 2. Heavy Female over 2Kg Pullet Champion Heavy Card & $8.9 51. Cock or Cockerel 70.C.C.00 LARGE SOFT FEATHER LANGSHAN A.C.00 Card & $10.00 61.C. Heavy Male over 2. Card & $8.00 BARRED PLYMOUTH ROCKS 69.C. Cockerel 68. Hen 67.V. Muff A.00 PIT GAME PLAIN FACE A. Cock 66.O.00 Card & $15. 14th July and Friday. 71. Pullet Champion Muff Champion Pit Game Champion Large Hard Feather of Show Card & $8. Hen 63.5Kg & under Cock 58.O. Cock 72.C.C. 53.00 57.C. Light Male 2. Muff A. Game Card & $15. Hen or Pullet Champion Barred Plymouth Rock ORPINGTONS – A. Cockerel A. Muff A. (Old Eng. Heavy Female over 2Kg Hen 55.00 . Pullet A. Light Female 2Kg & under Pullet Champion Light Card & $8. 65.O.00 Champion Old Eng. Hen 73.C. Pullet Thursday.

Cock 90. Hen 87. 95. Cock 76. 94. Cock Thursday. Cock 86. Cockerel 78. Pullet Champion Australorp LEGHORN A. Hen or Pullet Champion New Hampshire AUSTRALORP 85.C.00 Card & $8.00 Cock Hen Cockerel Pullet Card & $8. Cockerel 92. Hen 81.00 Card & $8. Cock or Cockerel 84. Pullet Champion Sussex NEW HAMPSHIRE 83.00 Champion Minorca ANCONA 97. Hen 77.00 Card & $8. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show .00 Card & $8. Pullet Champion Leghorn MINORCA 93. 14th July and Friday. Cockerel 88. Cock 80. 96. Cockerel 82.10 Champion Orpington RHODE ISLAND RED 75. Card & $8.00 Card & $8. Pullet Champion Rhode Island Red SUSSEX 79. 89. Hen 91.

Pile Cockerel 116. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show . Partridge Hen 111.O. Duckwing Cock 118.HARD FEATHER 109. Pullet Champion Silkie Champion Large Soft Feather Champion Large Bird of Show Card & $8. Pile Pullet Champion Pile 117. 113.C. Duckwing Pullet Champion Duckwing 121.O.00 Card & $20. Cock 106.00 Card & $8. Pile Hen 115.00 Thursday.V. SOFT FEATHER BREED 101. Cock 122. Duckwing Hen 119.00 Card & $15. 105.C. 14th July and Friday.O.00 Card & $8. Cockerel 124. Black Red Cockerel 112. Partridge Pullet Champion Black Red Card & $8. Black Red Cock 110.O.C.00 Card & $8.O.V. Hen 99.00 BANTAMS MODERN . Cockerel 100. SILKIE A.C.O. A. Pullet Champion A. Cock 102. Cockerel 108.00 Card & $8. A. Card & $8. Hen 103. Pullet Champion Ancona A. A.C. Hen 123. A. Duckwing Cockerel 120.11 98.C. Pullet Champion A. Pile Cock 114.O.00. Cockerel 104. Hen 107.

L. Pile Cock 148. 138. 157. 141.L. Spangle Cock 144. Duckwing Cock L. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show . 158.L.L. Duckwing Cockerel L. Duckwing Pullet D. 132. Duckwing Pullet L. Black red Cock L.L. 153. Pile Cockerel 150. Wheaten Pullet Champion Black Red Card & $8.00 O.L.12 Champion Modern Card & $15. Partridge Pullet L. Duckwing Cockerel D. Card & $8.L. 140. 155. 137.E. Black Red Cock D.L. Pile Pullet Champion Pile 151. 156. Duckwing Hen D. Partridge Hen D.00 Card & $8. 136. 142. 127. Partridge Hen L. Duckwing Cock D. 133.00 Blue or Black male Blue or Black female Blue red Cock Blue red Hen Blue red Cockerel Blue red Pullet Blue Tail Wheaten Hen Blue Tail Wheaten Pullet Thursday.L. 126.L.00 143.L. 130.00 135. Black red Cockerel D. 154. Champion Duckwing Card & $8.L.L.L. Spangle Pullet Champion Spangle 147.L. BANTAMS 125. Spangle Cockerel 146. 14th July and Friday.L. Black Red Cockerel L. Wheaten Hen 134. 129. Pile Hen 149. 131. 152. Spangle Hen 145.G. 128. 139. Duckwing Hen L. Partridge Pullet D.

00 Card & $8.00 Card & $15. 14th July and Friday.O. Champion Old English Bantam INDIAN GAME BANTAM 171. 167. Pullet Champion A.F. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show . Cock 164. Muff 186. Pullet P.00 Thursday. Cock P. A.O. A. Hen.O. Ginger Hen 161. A.V.F.V.C. A.O. Pullet Champion A. A. 183. Muff 185.00 Card & $8. Hen 169. Cockerel 166. 182.C. A. Hen P. Pullet. Cockerel. Hen 165. Jubilee Hen 177.F.00 Card & $8. 181.F. Cockerel P.V.O. A. Dark Pullet 175.00 Card & $8.V. Ginger Cock 160.C. Dark Cock 172. Cockerel 170.13 Champion Blue 159. Ginger Cockerel 162. A.O.V.C. Jubilee Pullet 179.O.O.00 Card & $8. Muff 187. Dark Hen 173.O.O.V. Cock 168. Dark Cockerel 174.O.C. Jubilee Cockerel 178. Indian Champion Indian Game Bantam PIT GAME BANTAMS 180. Cock. A. Jubilee Cock 176. Ginger Pullet Champion Ginger 163. Muff Champion Pit Game Card & $8. 184.

I. Pullet Champion Leghorn ROSE COMB 204.00 SOFT FEATHER BANTAMS – PEKINS 188. 198.C.00 192. Cockerel A. Pullet Champion Rose Comb R.C. Card & $8. Cockerel 203. Hen 210. 14th July and Friday.C. Cockerel 211. Hen White 194. Hen 202. Cock White 193.00 Card & $8. Cock 205.O.O. Champion A. 200. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show . Cockerel White 195.O. 208. Hen Black 190.O. Champion Pekin of Show LEGHORN A. Pullet Champion R. Pullet A. Pullet Black Champion Black Card & $8.14 Champion Hard Feather Bantam of Show Card & $20.C. Cock 209.00 Thursday.00 Card & $15.C.I. Cock A. Cockerel Black 191. 197.O.00 Card & $8. Cock 201. Cockerel 207.C. 199. Pullet White Champion White 196.00 Card & $8. Hen 206. Hen A. Cock Black 189.R.00 Card & $8.R.

Any Variety 231. Drake. Cockerel 219. Cockerel 215. Duck. Drake.00 Card & $15.V.00 Card & $8.15 SUSSEX 212. Cock 213. Any Variety Light Breed 228.00 Thursday. Cock or Cockerel 225. Hen or Pullet Champion A. Cock 217. SOFT FEATHER BANTAMS 224. Hen 218.00 Card & $15.O. Any Variety Card & $8. Any Variety 229. Duck. Drake. Pullet Champion Australorp A. Any Variety Bantam 230. Cock 221. Hen 214.00 Card & $8. Gander.O. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show . Duck. Pullet Champion Langshan AUSTRALORP 220. 14th July and Friday. Champion Soft Feather other than Pekin Champion Soft Feather Bantam Champion Bantam of Show WATER FOWL (Ducks) Heavy Breed 226. Pullet Champion Sussex LANGSHAN 216.00 Card & $8.00 Card & $20.V. Hen 222. Cockerel 223. Any Variety 227. Any Variety Geese 232.

00 Champion Guinea Pig Card & $10. Any Variety Large 239.V.00 Card & $25. 14th July and Friday. A. Goose.00 Laying mash kindly donated by: Thursday.00 SCHOOL CHILD PET FOWL 238.00 Card & $5.C.O.16 233.O. Female First Prize $2. Male 249 A.V. Cock 237. A.C.00 Card & $5. Any Variety Champion Water Fowl of Show Reserve Champion Water Fowl of Show GUINEA FOWLS 234.O.O. Any Variety Bantam Best School Child Fowl **GRAND CHAMPION FOWL OF SHOW **RESERVE CHAMPION FOWL OF SHOW GUINEA PIGS 248.00 Card & $5. Hen Champion Guinea Fowl Card & $10. Cock Normal 235. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show . A.00 Card & $40. Hen Normal 236.00 Second Prize $1.

17 Thursday. 14th July and Friday. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show .

Budgerigar. Cock or Hen 7. Cock or Hen 10.O. Cock or Hen 34. Cock or Hen 11. Cock or Hen 2. Cock or Hen 3. Cinamonwing Green Series. Dinneen) BUDGERIGARS 1. Lutino. Fallow Green Series. Cock or Hen 27. Black eyed Self. Cock or Hen 20. Cock or Hen 29. Clearbody Green Series. Cock or hen 9. Cock or Hen 28. Fallow Blue Series. Cock or Hen 14. Sky Blue. Lacewing Green Series.18 CAGE BIRDS SECTION 12 (Judge: Mr N. Dominant Pied Blue Series. Double Factor Spangle Blue Series. Cock or Hen 12. Cock or Hen 22. Cock or Hen 15. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show . Cock or Hen 23. Grey Green. Cock or Hen 35. Opaline Blue Series. Clearwing Blue Series. Cock or Hen 5. Cock or Hen 6. Cock or Hen 18. Cock or Hen 17. Cobalt. Opaline Green Series. Dark Green or Olive. Cock or Hen 26. Best Pair of Budgerigars **Refer to front of booklet for specific Cage Bird Guidelines** Thursday. Cock or Hen 8. Mauve or Violet. Greywing Green Series.V. Cock or Hen 24. Recessive Pied Green Series. Cock or Hen 32. Light Green Normal. Yellow Face any colour. Cock or Hen 16. Cock or Hen 33. Cock or Hen 21. Cock or Hen 19. Cinamonwing Blue Series. Spangle Green Series. A. Cock or Hen 31. Recessive Pied Blue Series. Cock or Hen 30. Cock or Hen 25. Clearbody Blue Series. Cock or Hen 4. Lacewing Blue Series. Clearwing Green Series. Greywing Blue Series. Spangle Blue Series. Cock or Hen 13. Albino. Grey. 14th July and Friday. Double Factor Spangle Green Series. Dominant Pied Green Series.

ticked or buff 45.O. Border fancy yellow Cock. Red orange.C. A. Yorkshire Hen. Yorkshire Hen. clear. Apricot Cock.O. 59. 61. variegated or buff 47. Hen variegated 54. state variety 65.00 Card & $20. Hen A.C. yellow clear ticked or buff 37. Zebra Pied Grey Thursday. Hen 50. clear or ticked 56. Lizard Hen A. A.V. Border Fancy yellow Hen. yellow clear.C. Cock A. yellow clear.00 FINCHES – AUSTRALIAN 66. clear or ticked Hen 52. Hen A. Gloster Corona. yellow clear ticked or buff 38.00 Champion Canary Hen Card & $10. ticked or buff 41. Yorkshire Cock. A. Cock. Zebra Marked White 70. Border Fancy yellow Cock. Zebra Fawn 68.O. yellow variegated or buff 39. 63. Cock A. 60. Lizard Cock A. Norwich Cock. Norwich Cock. variegated 57. Norwich Hen. Red orange.C. Gloster Consort. variegated 58. yellow variegated or buff 40.O. clear. Apricot Hen. 62. clear or ticked Cock 51. 14th July and Friday. Cock variegated 53.00 CANARIES 36. Hen. Red orange. clear or ticked 55.19 Champion Cock Champion Hen Champion Budgerigar Card & $10. Cock 49. Norwich Hen. Zebra Normal (grey) 67.C. A. Zebra White 69. variegated or buff 48.C. ticked or buff 46. Yorkshire Cock.V.C. yellow variegated or buff 44. Border fancy yellow Hen.C.00 Champion Canary Card & $20. Apricot Hen. state variety Champion Canary Cock Card & $10. Gloster Corona. ticked or buff 42. yellow variegated or buff 43. Red orange.00 Card & $10. Gloster Consort. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show . 64. Apricot Cock.

14th July and Friday. 77. Cut Throat or Ribbon 95. Red. Orange Breasted 92. 75. St Helena 94. Java Fawn 101.00 Card & $20. Yellow Head Gouldian Any Mutation Red Browed Diamond Sparrow Crimson or Blood Painted Emblema Picta Any Other Variety Australian Finch Champion Australian Finch Card & $10. Java Normal (Blue) 99. 80. Crimson winged Card & $10. Cuban 93. Nun Any Colour 104. 74. 82. Bengalese or Manekin 96. 84. Nutmeg or spice 97. Java White 100. Rosella any variety 106. 85. 81. 87. Cordon Bleu 90.00 Thursday. Auroro 89. 79. 72. 78. Ruddy or African Fire 91. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show .20 71. Java Pied 102. 76.00 Card & $10. 73. Zebra Pied Fawn Zebra Charcoal Zebra Any Other Colour Star or Star Yellow Faced Masked Long Tailed Grass Black Throated Plum Headed Double Barred Chestnut Breasted Gouldian Blac. Melba 98.00 FINCHES FOREIGN 88. Java Any Other Colour 103. 83. King 107. 86. Any Other Finch Foreign Champion Foreign Finch Champion Finch Reserve Champion Finch PARROTS AUSTRALIAN 105.

Any Other Variety Parakeet Champion Foreign Parrot Card & $10. 14th July and Friday. Indian Ring Neck Yellow or White 122. 111.00 Champion Parrot Card & $20.00 AFRICAN LOVEBIRDS Peach Faced 126. 115. Peach Face Normal or Jade 127. Peach Face Pied Blue Series 134. Cherry. Peach Face Cinnamon or Mustard 132. 117. 113. Ivory.00 PARROTS FOREIGN 120. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show . 116. Peach Face Blue or Cobalt 129. Indian Ring Neck Normal 121.00 Reserve Champion Parrot Card & $10. 109.21 108. Princess Cockatoo Any Variety Galah or Corella Superb or Regent Rainbow or Scally Lorekeet Neophema Any Variety & Colour Quarrion Normal (grey) Quarrion Pied Quarrion Yellow & White Quarrion White Face Any Colour Quarrion Any Other Colour Parrot any other variety Champion Australian Parrot Card & $10. Any Other Variety Parrot 125. Peach Face Light Factor (Silver. Peach Face any colour Yellow 131. Mask Normal (Green) 139. 114. 137. 112. Peach Face Pied Green Series 133. Peach Face Any Other Colour Masked 138. Masked Dilute Blue or Yellow Thursday. Indian Ring Neck Any Other Colour 124. Peach Face Slate Blue or Grey 130. Indian Ring Neck Blue or Grey 123. Butter Cup etc). Peach Face Cremino or Lutino 135. 119. Masked Blue 140. Peach Face White Face any Colour 136. Peach Face Olive 128. 110. 118.

any Variety or Colour 149.00 **RESERVE CHAMPION CAGED BIRD OF SHOW Card & $20. Foreign.00 Card & $8. Australian. 14th July and Friday.00 Sponsors of Innisfail the 2011 Show Thursday. any Variety or Colour Champion Dove QUAILS 150. Any Variety Champion School Child Pet Bird Card & $8. Masked Dark Factor 142. Fisher Lime or Yellow Lime 145. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show . Masked Any Other Colour Fischer 143.00 **CHAMPION CAGED BIRD OF SHOW Card & $30.22 141.00 SCHOOL CHILD PET BIRD 152. Lovebird Any Other Variety Champion Love Bird Card & $20. Foreign any Variety or Colour Champion Quail Card & $8.00 DOVES 148. Australian Any Variety or Colour 151. Fisher Lutino 146.00 + EVELYN GOUGH MEMORIAL PERPETUAL TROPHY donated by Peter Wilson (dec) Reserve Champion Love Bird Card & 10. Fisher Any Other Colour 147. Fisher Normal 144.

C. Cock 22. Pouter Cock 28. Nun Cock 14. Archangel Hen 17. Nun Hen 15. Any other colour Fan-tail cock 6. Helmet Hen 19. Pouter Hen 29. any colour Hen 9. Long-faced tumbler. Any other variety tumbler cock 10.00 Champion Fancy Pigeon Hen Card & $8. White Fan-tail cock 2. Dragon Cock 26.23 PIGEONS SECTION 13 (Judge: Mr Tom Lawn) FANCY PIGEONS 1. 14th July and Friday. Any other colour Fan-tail hen 7.C. Blue Fan-tail hen 5. Carneaux Hen Thursday. Modena Schiette A. Mapgie Cock 20. Any other variety tumbler hen 11.00 UTILITY PIGEON 31. Modena Schiette A. Long-faced tumbler. Hen 25. any colour Cock 8. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show . Any other variety Hen Champion Fancy Pigeon Cock Card & $8.00 Champion Fancy Pigeon Card & $15. Carneaux Cock 32. Archangel Cock 16. Modena Gazzi A. Hen 23. Cock 24.C. Cropper cock 12. Any other variety Cock 30. Magpie Hen 21. Dragon Hen 27. Modena Gazzi A.C. Cropper hen 13. White Fan-tail hen 3. Helmet Cock 18. Blue Fan-tail cock 4.

Black Chequer Cock 40. Blue Chequer Hen 43. Utility Hen Champion Utility Pigeon Cock Champion Utility Pigeon Hen Champion Utility Pigeon Card & $8. Black Chequer Hen 41.O. Any other colour Cock 50. Any other colour Hen 51.00 Card & $8. King Hen 35. A. Red or Red Chequer Cock 44.O.00 Laying mash kindly donated by: Thursday. Grizzle Hen Champion Show Racer Homer Male Card & $8. Pied any colour Cock 48. Meally Hen 47.00 Champion Show Racer Homer Female Card & $8. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show .00 SHOW RACERS (HOMERS) 37. Blue Bar Cock 38.00 Champion Show Racer Homer Card & $15. Pied any colour Hen 49. Red or Red Chequer Hen 45. Blue Bar Hen 39. King Cock 34.24 33. Meally Cock 46. 14th July and Friday. Grizzle Cock 52. Utility Cock 36.V.00 Card & $15. Blue Chequer Cock 42.V. A.

Blue Bar Hen 55.00 Card & $20. Meally Cock 62.00 Card & $30.25 CHAMPION and RESERVE CHAMPION PIGEON OF SHOW sponsored by: INNISFAIL & DISTRICT SHOW SOCIETY RACING PIGEONS 53.00 Card & $15. Pied any colour Cock 64. Meally Hen 63. Red or Red Chequer Cock 60. Blue Chequer Hen 59.00 Card & $8. Black Chequer Cock 56. Red or Red Chequer Hen 61. Grizzle Hen Champion Racing Homer Female Champion Racing Homer Male Champion Racing Homer **CHAMPION PIGEON OF SHOW **RESERVE CHAMPION PIGEON OF SHOW Card & $8. 14th July and Friday. Black Chequer Hen 57.00 Thursday. Blue Chequer Cock 58. Blue Bar Cock 54. Pied any colour Hen 65. Any other colour Cock 66. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show . Any other colour Hen 67. Grizzle Cock 68.

Intending exhibitors are advised to read the Schedule carefully and to be sure to enter exhibits into correct Classes. Entries must be made in writing and fully described. Prize money required to be collected from the Secretary’s Office must be collected within one (1) week after the Show finishes. HOW TO ENTER EXHIBITS: Entries will not be accepted over the phone or after the closing date as shown in the various schedules. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show . COLLECTION OF EXHIBITS: All exhibits must be collected by Friday. dates and times for delivery of exhibits and special conditions relating to particular Sections.30pm or as otherwise stated in the schedule. Entry Forms can be obtained from the Secretary (or as included in the Schedule) and the whole of the questions asked in them must be answered as correctly as possible. fourteen clear days. JUDGES. Russ Hinze Building. STEWARDS. Should there be any conflict between the rules of the Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Society Inc. rules and regulations appearing in the schedule of this Society shall prevail. Entry forms must be signed by the Exhibitor (or authorised agent). Deliver entry forms. or as otherwise stated on the Schedule. Thursday. fees. Palmerston Highway. 22nd July 2011. refer to the relevant Section notes in this Schedule. For particulars regarding Entry Fees. otherwise it will be forfeited to the Society.30pm. unless otherwise stated. dates of closing of entries. the constitution. The prize card must be presented. by 2. 14th July and Friday. 16th July and Friday.26 GENERAL CONDITIONS FOR THIS SECTION This show is held under the Rules and Regulations of the Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies and the Innisfail and District Show Society Inc. All prizes awarded at the Show shall be payable within 14 days. the constitution and rules of this Society and any regulation. provided that such time may be extended by the Committee. which appears within the Schedule for individual sections of this Show.. and accompanied by the amount of entry fee necessary. before the first days of the Show. (and exhibits where applicable) to the Innisfail & District Show Society Secretary’s Office. Innisfail. This Show is conducted subject to the rules of the Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies Inc. the constitution and rules of this Society and the regulations appearing in any schedule. by 2. Qld. 4860 or PO Box 1126 Innisfail Qld 4860 No free passes are available to exhibitors. RULES FOR SHOW SOCIETIES. 22nd July 2011. Pease Park. and lodged with the Secretary at the Office.. COLLECTION OF PRIZE MONEY: All prize money is to be collected between Saturday. EXHIBITORS AND COMPETITORS AT AGRICULTURAL SHOWS: 1.

in consequence of the inclemency of the weather or from any other sufficient cause to a date or dates deemed suitable by the Committee and no entrance fee shall be returnable in the event of such postponement. Should the Exhibition or any event be abandoned or cancelled. liability. This Society will not under any circumstances hold itself liable for any accident. and its judgement shall be conclusive. The Exhibition shall take place on the Society’s Ground. damage or nondelivery of livestock or other exhibit at the Society’s Show. 4. The Committee may abandon the Exhibition or any event thereof through wet weather. 9. and it shall be a condition of entry that each exhibitor shall hold this Society blameless and indemnify it against any legal proceedings arising through any accident. quality and safety of the Show is maintained. but no cause of action. loss. 3. The President. 6. 7. The reasonableness of the cause or causes for postponement shall be decided by the Committee. The Exhibitor acknowledges in lodging his or her or their nomination that he or she or they have read a copy of these Rules and Regulations and agree to be bound by same. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show . and not be open to question by any exhibitor or other person affected by such postponement. or by the Society by reason of such abandonment or cancellation. Failure to abide by any such order may incur a fine of an amount to be determined Thursday. 14th July and Friday. Exhibitors must obey all lawful orders of the President. or for any other reason which may make such a course advisable in their opinion. 8. The President. 10. The Committee reserve the right at any time to postpone the Exhibition. the Committee person in charge or the Steward of the Section in which the Exhibitor is entered. or any event thereof.2. Committee person in charge or Steward of any Section shall have the right to alter or amend the programme or the time of any event. or where the Committee may appoint. Steward and/or the Committee person in charge of any section of this Show shall have the right to refuse any entry by an Exhibitor without expressing reason at any time up to the commencement of judging of the section to which that entry applies. The Society reserves the right to refuse entry to any stallholder if the Society reasonably believes that it is necessary to do so in order to ensure that the standard. Secretary. nondelivery or damage whatsoever. 5. or obligation shall be maintainable or be incurred by the Committee. loss. exhibitors shall be entitled to a return of the nomination fee paid in such event or events as may be cancelled. 27 Rules for individual Sections shall be as per the attached Schedule and they shall be read in conjunction with the rules.

Ribbons will be awarded at the Judge’s discretion notwithstanding that there may be provision in the schedule for the awarding of ribbons. 14th July and Friday. White or Yellow accepted for Third Prize or Highly Commended. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show . The protest shall be heard according to the rules of the natural justice by a Dispute Committee of three appointed by the President of this show and the decision of the Disputes Committee shall be final. 5. 13. the Exhbitior may be removed from the Grounds together with the exhibit. Should an Exhibitor behave in an offensive or improper manner. 19. Red for Second. The prize awards will be distinguished by the following colours viz:1. behave in a proper and courteous manner to Judges. Exhibitors shall ensure that they and all animals are entered and shown in the correct class. 11. 2. Show Officials and other Exhibitors. Any protest by an Exhibitor must be lodged in writing with the Committee person or Steward in charge of any Section within 30 minutes of the completion of the event together with a fee of $20. 4. Stewards shall have the power to remove exhibitors or other persons from the vicinity of the Judge while judging.28 by the President of this Society or on the order of the President. Judging shall not be delayed for an Exhibitor who is not ready and the Committee person in charge or Steward of a section shall have the right to exclude and disqualify the Exhibitor competing in that section who does not present on time. and notes as set forth in the Prize Schedules and are to be the conditions of competition. All Exhibitors and/or grooms entering the showgrounds shall obey the lawful directions of the President. Committee. The prizes will be awarded subject to General Regulations. All Exhibitors must present their exhibit for judging at the appointed time and place.00. the Committee person in charge or Steward in the section shall have a right to exclude and disqualify that Exhibitor from competing in the Section. Blue for First. 18. The Judge’s decision in any section shall be final. 16. Exhibitors shall at all times. 3. 14. 15. Green for Reserve Champion. Stewards or employees of the Show Thursday. Purple for Champion. 17. The fee will be forfeited if the protest is considered to be frivolous or vesatious. 12. By-Laws and Conditions.

25. giving misleading information. 26. with the same exhibit. ticket. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show . 21. except that horses may compete in all where eligible. Each Exhibitor shall. who shall make a false report or suppress necessary information respecting any exhibit. If. An Exhibitor. Exhibitors entered for the Society’s prizes are eligible to compete for special prizes. shall give note to the Secretary at least three days before the first day of the Show. and the matter reported to the Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies (QCAS). state the space required for each class of exhibit and shall within the limits of the space allotted to them.  Driver’s Licence. or their agent. together with the agent (if any) may be disqualified. any of the following shall be accepted as proof of age: A Birth Certificate. or ribbon in lieu thereof.  Current Passport 22. or by affixing any other placard ticket. and being unable through unforeseen circumstances to exhibit. 14th July and Friday. shall entitle the President of this Society to disqualify the Exhibitor and/or his/her exhibit from competing at the Show and may order the removal of the Exhibitor and/or his/her exhibit from the grounds. Where there is an age limit on an Exhibitor. or ribbon affixed or posted by the Stewards. when giving notice of their intention to exhibit. 24. Exhibitors may render themselves to be disqualified from exhibiting at future Shows. 23. arrange their own exhibits subject to the approval of the Stewards. shall be held to have forfeited any prize gained by these means. and may be refused permission to exhibit at future Shows. The exhibit and exhibitor. All Persons after entering exhibits. any animal or exhibit is entered in the wrong class.29 Society and failure or refusal to do so. Thursday. or by refusing in any way to carry out their reasonable instructions. the Committee person in charge or Steward of the Section shall have the power to enter the animal or exhibit in its correct class prior to the commencement of judging of that class. Any person failing to give the required notice may be refused permission to exhibit at future Shows. in the opinion of the Committee person in charge or Steward of a Section. by removing any official placard. Exhibitors will not be allowed to compete for more than one of the Society’s special prizes (Champion excepted). 20.

32. 31. and no protest shall be subsequently received unless the Committee be satisfied with the reason assigned for the delay. The Exhibitor must have bona fide title to all exhibits. shall sign a statutory declaration to that effect. Entries are received for prizes offered by the Society on the express condition that the decision of the Committee on all objections. up to 12. 33. Control of exhibits from the time they are placed in charge of the Stewards shall be vested in the Stewards until after the Show is closed and the exhibits returned to the Exhibitor of their order.00 noon on the day following the award. 35. may be disqualified from exhibiting for any period or may be expelled from the Ground or may be refused permission to exhibit at future Shows. 14th July and Friday. Nothing to indicate the ownership of any exhibit will be permitted (the usual brands on Live Stock excepted). disputes and protests shall be accepted as final. and on all protests the decision of the Committee shall be final and without appeal. 28. All persons exhibiting must accept the decision of the Judges appointed by the Committee. an exhibitor. fully setting out the grounds of such objection and lodge it with the Secretary.30 27. Steward or Official of the Society. No Exhibitors shall deface or alter registration papers or performance cards for any exhibit. and. from the date of entry to the first day of the Exhibition. All exhibits must be delivered to and removed from the grounds at the cost and risk of the Exhibitor. or to an exhibit. or any Exhibitor refusing in any way to carry out the instructions of a Steward. The Grounds will be open for admission of exhibits at the times shown at the head of each section in the Schedule. Any person or persons interfering with a Judge or who shall be guilty of unseemly conduct to Judge. Any person objecting to an award. 29. 36. if required. must enter a protest in writing. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show . The Exhibitor does by nominating such exhibit indemnify and shall keep indemnified the Society from any claim arising therefrom. Provided that any Exhibitor shall have the right of appealing against disqualifications imposed as provided for in the Constitution of the Chamber of Agricultural Societies. 34. 30. Thursday. and that the Exhibitor agrees to observe and be bound by the Rules and Regulations of the Society.

at the expense of the Exhibitor. Exhibitors who may desire to change their attendants must have their passes exchanged at the Secretary’s Office. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show .31 37. and not for competition. Thursday. The Committee has the power to retain any exhibit until all fees are paid. 42. state age. Not more than one attendant’s pass will be issued to any Exhibitor except where it be shown that extra attendants are required. 49. all animals must have Current Registration and Ownership Certificate with the Breed Society. with or without the advice of the Judge. 45. 43. Should there be any reason to suspect that any exhibit is either diseased or dangerous. shall decide the question. 46. The Committee. In the event of any exhibitor infringing any of the By-Laws or regulations it shall be in the power of the Society to prohibit such exhibitor from exhibiting and competing at any of the Society’s exhibitions in future. the next on the list does not necessarily obtain the prize. Necessary attendants for Horses and Stud Cattle will be furnished with one Master pass upon applying at the Secretary’s Office. any exhibits not specified in the Schedule and reserve the right to charge for such space. 39. Exhibitors of Stud Cattle and Dogs. 44. registration papers (where applicable) must be available at the Show as proof of registration. Passes are positively not transferable under any circumstances. 47. breed and breeder (if known). if space permits. 40. 41. and in this case the Chief Steward may issue a second pass at his discretion. 48. the Committee reserve the right of refusing admittance to. In Breed classes. 14th July and Friday. for competition must at time of entry. In Breed classes. be disqualified. Competitors must be suitably attired when exhibiting. Non competitive: The Hall Steward may receive for exhibition only. or of removing the same from the Ground. No tick infested stock shall be allowed to enter for competition and a certificate that stock is free from tick may be demanded from the Owner. Should any exhibit having gained a prize. No Exhibitor of Live Stock shall be permitted to use any part or stall other than those allotted to them by the Stewards. 38.

15th July 2011 97th Annual Show . The persons concerned may be asked to leave the Showground. Where animals are being led. 53. 54. If a Judge is unable to fulfil a judging commitment. and they must on no account leave their respective lots. 57. under any pretence whatsoever. it is the responsibility of the owner/handler at the time to ensure the animal does not become a public safety liability. 55. where practical. hormone or tranquilizer is likely to have any effect upon the animal which would be material to its chances of being awarded a prize and in such case the Stewards may debar the animal from competing.32 50. Judging cards and performance records shall be completed by the Committee person in charge. 60. a vehicle or on a short leash and must be suitably mizzled as to prevent it being able to injure or bite any person or other animal. 14th July and Friday. Judges must be suitably attired when judging. Energised electric fences are prohibited on the Showground at any time unless in a specified area and suitably signed. must be kept in a closed float. other than those owned by members of the Canine Control Council. Dogs. No drug. unless authorised by the Stewards. A Judge shall not adjudicate at more than one show. 58. 56. worked and displayed. All invitations to judge shall be sent by this Society. 52. A Steward may at any time direct the Association’s Veterinary Surgeons to take a sample of blood. Thursday. Steward and/or the Judge of a Section (if required) during or immediately after the judging of the Section or at the Judges’ convenience. A Judge shall not send a substitute Judge. Any competitor who receives any physical or electronic communication aid during the judging of an event will have all nominations cancelled. 59. No persons except those actually in charge of Stock (who shall wear a badge supplied by the Secretary) will be permitted to remain in the Judging Ring during the adjudication. 51. within 60 days unless judging different sections where it can be reasonably anticipated a number of the same exhibits are to be judged. hormone or tranquilizer shall be administered to any animal exhibit except under the direction of the Association’s Veterinary Surgeon who shall advise the Stewards if in his opinion such drug. saliva or urine from exhibit for testing. the Judge shall notify the Show Society as soon as possible so a replacement can be arranged.

14th July and Friday. An Exhibitor shall not compete if the Exhibitor has give tuition to the Judge or has fed or trained an animal owned or leased by the Judge within three months prior to or during the Show. nor the owners. any Judge who fails to attend a Show which he or she has accepted an invitation to judge or. An Exhibitor is ineligible to compete if the Exhibitor has employed or has been employed by or has been a business partner of the Judge of the Section within three months prior to or during the holding of the Show. A Judge may not officiate in one Section of a Show and compete or exhibit in another Section at the same show unless exceptional circumstances exist such as sickness or unavailability of the appointed Judge. A Judge or Steward must not knowingly permit an ineligible Exhibit or Exhibitor to compete. An Exhibitor shall not compete nor show any animal in a section if the animal has been owned or leased by the Judge or a member of the Judge’s immediate family or if the Judge is the Exhibitors’ employer or business partner. 68. Thursday. An Exhibitor shall not compete if the Exhibitor or any member of the Exhibitor’s immediate family has provided accommodation for the Judge within three months prior to or during the holding of the Show.33 61. A Judge shall not visit the livestock-housing complex of the Show Society. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show . 65. An Exhibitor shall not compete in a Section if the Exhibitor is a member of the Judge’s immediate family. 70. 71. 69. 62. nor inspect or discuss any animal entered in the Show prior to or during the judging of the relevant section. 66. 67. An Exhibitor shall not compete if the Exhibitor or any animal being shown by the Exhibitor has been give tuition by the Judge or the Judge’s business partner within three months prior to or during the show. 64. who has failed to judge at the time advertised for the commencement of the class provided that the failure to attend or appear is without reasonable cause. 63. A Judge shall have no further information provided other than what is provided on the Neck Card by Show Societies. A Society shall report to the Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies Inc.

Exhibitors and Space Holders who bring electrical equipment into the showgrounds must comply with current legislation. CAGED BIRD. raffle or game of chance will be allowed without the approval of the Committee. AND THOSE STATED THROUGHOUT THE SCHEDULE: V & E McAvoy Stonehouse Family Hampson Family Kinbacher Family Costigan Family Raumer Family Innisfail & District Show Society Thursday. Privileges: No drinks. 78. 76. The Exhibitor shall ensure that they and their exhibit comply at all times with all statutes. No Exhibitor nor a member of the Exhibitors’ immediate family or anybody employed by the Exhibitor shall approach a Judge with regard to a decision made by the Judge unless they first obtain permission from the Committee person in charge or Steward of the Section. 73. No entertainment for which a special charge is made shall be permitted at the Exhibition without special permission from the Committee and at such fees for ground space as may be decided upon by the Committee. regulations and by-laws applying to the showground at the time of the show including but not limited to all animal health requirements. 14th July and Friday. An Exhibitor required by the Show Section Schedule or rules of this Society to parade an exhibit in the grand parade and who fails to do so shall not be entitled to and shall forfeit any prize money or trophy awarded to that Exhibitor and/or for that Exhibit. 77.34 72. edibles or other refreshments shall be permitted to be sold at the Exhibition otherwise than by the authorised caterers of the Society. 74. AND PIGEON SECTIONS WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE FOLLOWING TROPHY DONORS AND SPONSORS. 75. No art union. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show . THE POULTRY.

35 General Information about the Innisfail & District Show: Innisfail & District Show Society Admission Prices:  Family $33. 8.. and two children Friday plus Car Parking Pass) purchased at Show Office prior to Show  Gate entry: $11.. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show . Friday 9.00 Attractions and Exhibits: Needlework.30am to 12. Photography.. Horticulture. children FREE Thursday. 15 th th th July 9am- Transport: Buses FREE Thursday. 14 10pm (approx) th th st July 1pm-10pm (approx). Horse & Ring. required). Security: Roaming Wednesday. 1. unless stated) Gates Open: Thursday. Friday..00 (incl two adults Thursday and Friday.00am-2. $5. Art.00am Pavilion Hours: Thursday.and more Show Office Hours: Monday 20 June to Friday 1 July 2011 – 10.00pm. Animal enclosures.00 per child (5-15yrs).00pm th Saturday 16 July 2011 – 8.00pm* th nd Monday 18 July to Friday 22 July 2011 – 9..00 (i. children under 5 free  Cars $2. Banana Exhibits. There are also local organisations throughout the Showgrounds.30pm (Note: Show Office not opened weekends. Cattle. Half Hourly) Fireworks: Approx. 13 July 6. Musicians. 14th July and Friday.00am-2.00 per adult (16 yrs & over). Banana Packing Competition. Aged/Vet/Disabled Pensioners $7. 15 July 5-10pm and Friday 16 July 3-10pm (King George Park →IGA→KMart→Showgrounds.00pm Veterinary Surgeon on Call: East Innisfail Veterinary Surgery 4061 2900 th th Thursday. Woodchops.30pm th th Monday 4 July to Wednesday 13 July 2011 – 9.00am5.30pm both Thursday and Friday nights Catering: The Hall in the Russ Hinze Building has meals and a bar which is open to the public. Domestic (Culinary).. Woodwork.00pm to Saturday 16 July 12.d.

but not limited to: Queensland Government. their donations. 15th July 2011 97th Annual Show . Department of Infrastructure and Planning Cassowary Coast Regional Council Sponsors in various sections Volunteers Thursday. and their general support. expresses its ‘ grateful appreciation to all persons and firms. have helped to make the Innisfail Show possible including. who by their works. 14th July and Friday.36 2011 FAR NORTH QLD SHOW DATES Mackay Proserpine Bowen Ayr Townsville Ingham Malanda Atherton Innisfail Cairns Mossman Tully Charters Towers 21 – 23 June th th 24 – 25 June th th 27 – 28 June th 29 June st th 1 – 5 July th th 8 — 9 July th th 8 — 10 July th th 11 — 12 July th th 14 — 15 July th nd 20 — 22 July th th 24 — 25 July th th 29 — 30 July st nd 31 —2 August st rd ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ - The Innisfail & District Show Society Inc.

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