Table of content •Introduction to the Keymile •The function of main cards on Keymile •Call proccessing in carrier VOIP •Bring up Keymile to work •Test areas Robustness Services * SME: Nguyễn Quốc Việt Members of Group: Hoàng Nam Mỹ Thái Bảo Huy Dương Hồng Nguyên Nguyễn Thị Hải Lương Minh Thư .

Introduction of the Keymile .

MileGate Shelf . The MileGate is equipped with 32 ports POTS line card interface and up to 608 POTS VoIP lines.The function of main cards on Keymile The MileGate platform is a high end complement to the UMUX with more density than UMUX. The UMUX supports ISDN-BA interface cards and Milegate 2500 support IPSM2 gateway more.

2wire analogue interface or a/binterface. This type of user ports is also called FxS interfaces.The function of main cards on Keymile The SUPX3 unit have 32 PSTN user ports. The IPSX2 unit converts TDM based voice traffic into IP packets It can serve up to 608 PSTN or 304 ISDN-BA subcribers The COGE1 unit represents the core control unit for the multiservice access platform MileGate2500. SUPX3 IPSX2 COGE1 .

datafill on Core . Associate to GWC 3. Setup the parameters on Keymile side (explain) 2.Bring up Keymile to work 1.

248 Milegate Milegate PVG TRUNK Bearer Path is over either IP (x/RTP/UDP/IP) or ATM AAL2 virtual circuits .Call proccessing in Carrier VoIP SS7 Network USP Core IAM ACM ANM GWC GWC Audio Server CS2000 Packet Network H.

managers testcase? .* Test plan ? The goal of test plan provide test coverage for function of Line Gateway. It will be reviewed and approved by designers. Test plan document details high level verification plan for H248 Line Gateway to ensure full test overage against approved requirements.

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