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Gov't protests MILF role in deadly clash The government has filed a formal protest against the MILF for its alleged involvement in the July 26 clashes in Basilan that left 10 soldiers dead, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said yesterday. MILF commander meddled in Army-ASG encountera- DND The government has filed a protest in the secessionist group MILF for possible violation of the ceasefire agreement with the suspected involvement of an MILF commander in the recent encounter between the Army's elite Scout Ranger and Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) terrorists in Basilan. Army commander sacked after Sayyaf attack The Philippine Army has sacked its commander in Basilan following an attack by Abu Sayyaf rebels that killed over a dozen of soldiers and civilians in the restive southern province. Raps filed vs NPAs nabbed in S. Cotabato Criminal charges were filed against six suspected members of the NPA captured after an encounter in North Cotabato, a military official said yesterday.

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DND to acquire 2 Navy missUe frigates The Department of National Defense (DND) plans to acquire two Navy missile frigates from Italy and several aircraft to beef up the country's maritime security capability. Gov't protests MILF rebels' involvement in Basilan clash Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said Thursday that the government has protested the alleged involvement of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) members in the recent clash in Basilan between the Army and the Abu Sayyaf that left 10 soldiers dead. Grenade lobbed at Sulu Cathedral A Catholic Church came under grenade attack in the predominantly Muslim province of Sulu, army official said, 'Military agent' pokes gun at MMDA enforcer A man claiming to be a military intelligence agent was arrested yesterday after he allegedly shouted and poked a gun at MMDA enforcer in Mandaluyong City, China ends two-and-half-month fishing ban China has announced that the two-and-half-month summer fishing moratorium in some parts of the West Philippines Sea (South China Sea) ended on Wednesday. Amid eviction threat, 'Jusmag' residents appeal to Aquino, Binay A group of active and retired military personnel has turned to President Aquino and Vice President Jejomar Binay in their fight against the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA), which was

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threatened to evict them from a supposedly government-owned lot in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Purchase of Korean Jets Recommended The DND has recommended to President Aquino the purchase of South Korean-made jet fighters to boost the country's external defense capability. Rebs won't exploit 2013 polls - AFP Military officials in the Southern Luzon Command (Solcom) expressed confidence that communist guerillas in their operational areas covering the Bicol and Southern Tagalog regions would not be able to exploit the forth coming 2013 elections to raise money to finance during its armed struggle against the government. Simbahan pinasabugan Binomba ang Mount Carmel Cathedral sa bayan ng Jolo sa predominantly Muslim province ng sulu ngunit maswerte umanong walang nasawi 0 nasugatan sa naturang atake. Navy bibili ng barkong may missile Bibili na ang Philippine Navy ng mga barkong may missile mula sa Italya upang mapalakas pa ang kapabilidad ng bansa sa pagpapatrulya sa West Philippine Sea.

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00 August 2012



Gov'tprotests MILF role in deadly clash
By Philip C. Tuben
1HE GOVERNMENT has filed a formal protest against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) for its alleged involvement in the July 26 clashes in Basilan that left 10 soldiers dead, ,Defense Secretary \k)ltaire Gazmin said yesterday.' , Gazmin said they filed a formal letter of . protest with the committee overseeing the ceasefire between the government and, the MIlF but he did not expect the incident to adversely affect the peace talks with the rebels. 'We sent a letter of protest because of the involvement of one MIL(1 commander [in the clashes]," Gazmin said in a press conference yesterday. . He explained that even before the military launched its operation agall1st Abu Sayyaf terroristson July 26, it had already coordinated with Dan Laksaw Asnawi, the local :MllF commander Asnawi was involved in the infamous clash between government forces and the lvHLF in Al-Barka, Basilan, that left 19 soldiers dead in October last yeat replaced the head of the l04th Infantry Brigade which conducts military operations in the island province ofBasilan. Army spokesperson Maj. Harold Cabunoc said Col. Carlito Galvez Jr., a veteran of Basilan and Sulu military operations, fonnally took over from CoL Arthur Ang, 52, during turnover ceremonies yesterday morning. The change of command was presided over by Maj. Gen. Ricardo Rainier Cruz, head of the 1st Infantry Division. Lt. Gen. Noel Coballes, head of the military's west Mindanao Com" mand, was the special guest ' 'Y\t the age of 49, Galvez, a member ofPMA Sandiwa Cla'ss of 1985, is the youngest military officer to command a brigade. He was the chief of the Operations Division. OJ3 ~ a sensitive post that he held for three years," Cabunocsaid, He added that Galvez was also assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division as acting chief of staff in 2008. 'l'\s a young officer, he distinguished himself in combat by leading the Scout Rangers in flushing out communist: insurgents in southern Mindanao in the late 19805," Cabunoc said. He served as battalion commander of the 1st Scout Ranger Battalion, First Scout Ranger Regiment, in 2000.' 'l'\s a result of his extraordinary feats in combat, he received four Gold Cross Medals and various Military Merit Medals both for combat and administrative functions," Cabunoc said. ''The 1st Scout Ranger Battalion that he commanded in Sulu and Basilan was adjudged the Best Battalion for two consecutive years," he said. Cabunoc said Galvez was also one of the awardees of' Metrobank and Rotary Club Makati Metro's The Outstanding Philippine Soldiers in 200?: " He was likewise awarded the Distinguished Service Stat; the third highest military award "for eminently meritorious and valuable service rendered in a position of major responsibility" Canuboc added.

MILF was infonned
''What happened here is that even before the encounter; the MILF [forces] of Asnawi were already informed that this was a military operation against the Abu Sayyaf and they should not get in [the area of operation]," Gazmin said. He said that Asnawi agreed and that his men "did not move;" "Butwhile it was being coordinated, there .were already MILF [men] inside [the area of operation] so the-MILF gotinvolved," Gazmin said. ''The problem here is that MILF and Abu Sayyaf members are oftentirries blood relatives. So among the enemy, there were three killed whose surnames were Asnawi," he said. As this developed, the Philippine Army has

0..3 August 2012

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MILF commander ~::,:oT,~eddled Army-ASG in encounters - DND
" .' c.'

of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) office of the ,,"; ,Tire government has filed a deputy chief for operations (J3). The latest government protest ,.PIf;lt6stagainst the secessionist stemmed from the July 26 clash Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) for possible violation of between the 10th Scout Ranger Co, and Abu Sayyaf terrorists in _th(l ceasefire agreement with the sij~lt~ded involvement of an Barangay Upper Cabengbeng, Sumisip town that resulted in '[~,commander in the recent ·e.Mounter between the Army's the killing of 10 soldiers and the elite Scout Ranger and Abu wounding of 17 others, On the other hand, nine ASG' Sayya! Group (ASG) terrorists in' Basilan, . bandits were killed during hours ;,."i;l)~fense Secretary Voltaire of sporadic firefights. "We have filed the protest .,Qj~~in, during the Defense , Corps Forum, said the because of the involvement of .~p.mplaint was forwarded to the one MILF commander," said ,Joint Coordinating Committee on Gazmin. The defense chief stressed J!~~e" Cessation of Hostilities ~fdPPCH)of the government and that the Army troops made proper coordination with the ;J~W·MILF. MILF regarding the pursuit : Relatedly, after sufferlng setbacks against the ASG in operation against the ASG band plantation ;~an during the past weeks that ambushed in, Bar angay ~~tresulted in the killing of 10 . workers ~l8tdU?rs and six civilians, the; Tumahubong on July 15 that resulted in the killing of six ~ljj;aIT has relieved its brigade :;'l)f4iilarider in the area and civilians and a militiaman. Despite this prior notice from ~ItJlointed a combat-tested the AFP, an MILF commander, ~officer to address the menace whose identity was not made :posed by the terrorists. available, went into the fray. Col. Arthur Ang, erstwhile Both the government and the commander of the l04th Brigade MILFhave earlier cited the gains and a member of the Philippine Military Academy Class of 1981, of the Cease fire agreement in was ordered relieved and was the ongoing peace negotiations. replaced by Col. Carlito Galvez There has been not a single confrontation between MILF of PMA Class of 1985, the former operations division chief forces and the military this year.

.Ill' Marlo J. Mallarl



August 2012




The Philippine STAR

.Raps filed vs NPAs. nabbed in S. Cotabato
KORONADAL OTY - Criminal charges were filed against six suspected members of the New People's Ann)' captured after an encounter in South Cotabato, a military official said yesterday . . Lt. Col. Alexis Noel Bravo, commanding officer of the 27th Infantry Battalion in nearby Tupi town, said the rebels were charged with illegal possession of firearms and explosives and frustrated murder. The STAR learned that two of the six communist rebels were women. Bravo said the rebels are operating in Davao Oriental and some parts of Compostela V~gey. - RamilBajo

08 August 2012



DND to acquire '2 Navy missile frigates

The Department of National Defense (DND) plans to acquire two Navy missile frigates from Italy and several aircraft to beef up the country's maritime security capability. ' Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said the two warships would cost about Pll.7 billion and would be acquired from the Italian Navy. . "These frigates are operational. These are being used by the Italian Navy. vve will overhaul them so they will be as good as new" Gazmin said . . The Maestrale-class ships were commissioned in lj82 and are more capable than any of the ~essels in the Philippine Navy's inventory. Gazmin said the two warships have anti-aircraft, anti-ship and anti-submarine capabilities. The ships also have missile systems and modem radars. . Gazmin said the Italian warships would be the most potent vessels so far to be acquired by the military. . The frigates may be delivered to the Philippines in November 2013 if the government signs the contract in January. Gazmin said the acquisition would improve the country's defense posture as it secures its tenitory in the West Philippine Sea. "We can use these (ships) against terrorism and in enforcing our maritime laws," he said. The DND has submitted the acquisition plan to President Aquino for approval. . DND Undersecretary Fernando Manalo said the Italian government has expressed willingness to include the weapons systems and other vital accessories of the ships. "We will not accept what is less than what is installed in the ship," Manalo said. This was in contrast with the warship provided by the United States. The US ship

was stripped of key components like the close-in weapons system and radars before it was turned over to the Philippines. Last year, the Philippines acquired the US Coast Guard cutter that was renamed BRP Gregorio del Pilar to improve its territorial defense capabilities. The government spent P450 million for the vessel' stransfer costs put the amount did not cover some of the ship's components. Last May, the US did not grant the request of the Philippines to include the . weapons systems in the second warship it will provide to the Navy. The Navy earlier admitted that the second warship, the BRP Ramon Alcaraz, would cost more than the BRP del Pilar since government had to buy accessories that were stripped from the vessel. Manalo said they have also asked Aquino to approve a plan to acquire 12T-SO fighter jets from South Korea. "Based on our assessment, it is the T-50 of South Korea that is most advantageous to . us in consideration to the (prevailing) situation in the West Philippine Sea and what is affordable to us," he said. Manalo said the jets could be delivered in twoyears if a contract is signed by yearend. Gazmin said they would ask the South . Korean government to immediately deliver the two jets so that Filipino pilots could use them as trainers. The DND is also eyeing the acquisition of 10 attack helicopters worth P3.2 billion from Eurocopter of France. "We negotiated for the acquisition of the attack helicopters since the major consider.ation is they are brand new and are already available," Manalo said. "We are negotiating and once we agree on the terms and conditions of the negotiation, we will recommend to the (DND) secretary for its approval," he added.


August 2012

Govt protests'tv1H2F in Basilanc'ash'

rwowernent. .: , ~

, The government hasprotestedthecrl-' leged involvement of the MoroIslaffiic Liberation Front (MILF) in the dash between Army soldiers and the Abu-Sayy~£ in Basilan that leftl 0 soldiers dead and 17 others wounded. Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin sad oneMILF commander was involvedln the encounter despite the group's ongoing' peace talks with ,the government. . "We have filed a protest (before the ceasefirepanels)/' Gazrnin said in a press briefing yesterday. . Gazmin said MILF commander Dan Laksaw Asnawi and his men were told not to enter the area before the encounter' and they agreed. . Asnawi was tagged in the clash in AlBarka, which left 19 soldiers dead, and in the killing of 14 Marines also in Basilan in 2007, As these things are being coordinated, one MILF commander was already inside (the area of operations) and they got involved," Gazmin said. . Gazmin said three of the armed men whq".diedduring the clash were Asnawi's relafrves. . As this developed, the commander of the Army's 104th Infantry Brigade was' relieved from his post.' The relief of CoL Arthur Ang came barely two months after he assumed the top Army post in Basilan. CoL Carlito Galvez [r., former Armed Forces of the Philippines operations division chief,replaced Ang in a command turnover presided by 1st Infantry Division commander Maj. 'Gen. Ricardo Ranier CtUZ and Western Mindanao Command Lt. Gen Noel Coballes. . Army spokesman Maj. Harold Cabunoc said Ang' s relief is not connected with

..,. "He is being m6vedt~bcc;pYh@\er responsibilities," Cabunoc said., . - With Jaime Laude, Roel Paren()


Basilan clash.. ~ iI'






{)5August 2012



ZAMBOANGA A Catholic church CITY: came under grenade attack in the predominantly Muslim province of SLilu, rmy officials said. a The Wednesday attack came as Muslimstjlke a break from their Ramadan fasting at dusk, but there were no reports of casualties or injuries. Lt. Col. Randolph . Cabangbang, a spokesman for the Western Mindanao Command, said that an unidentified man tossed the grenade at the Mount Carmel Cathedral in the capital town of Jolo. Hesaid that the grenade landed on the d1urch's roof where it exploded. "Authorities recovered


Rebels scaled the church wall undetected under cover of darkness and planted the bomb and waited the next morning before detonating the powerful explosive during a mass. Two people were also killed and 17 others wounded when Abu Sayyaf rebels alsodetonated a huge bomb planted outside the Mount (armel Cathedral in July 2009. A second bomb was found near the (hurch and had been disarmed by Filipino and UStroops stationed in Jolo. The powerful blast damaged a row of stores outside the church. ALJACINTO

the grenade's safety lever and there is an investigation going on to determine the motive of the attack and who was behind it," he told TheManila Times. No Individual or group claimed responsibility for the blast, but previous attacks on the church were largely blamed to the Muslim extremist Abu Sayyaf, a sma II but the most notorious among rebel groups operating in the southern Philippines. In December 2010, Abu Sayyaf rebels bombed another Catholic church inside a police compound in the town of Jolo killing at least 6 people.

'Military agent' pokes gun at MMDA enforcer
A man claiming to be a military intelligence agent was arrested yesterday after jhe allegedly shouted at and tpoked a gun at a Metropolitan -Manila Development Author~ity(MMDA) enforcer in Man:daluyong City. ; Roeslan Ekong claimed he ~was on his way to an appointment with MMDA Chairman Francis -Tolentino and warned : traffic constable Jerry Torres that he would seekhis dismissal from the service. Tolentino; however, denied he has an appointment with Ekong, who is detained at the Mandaluyong City police station. Turn to Page 19

Chief Inspector Carlita Can- .:ticket to an erring bus driver at las, chief of the criminal investi- the southbound lane of EDSA gation unit of the Mandaluyong when a man driving a Toyota City police, said Ekong has no Avanza blew its horn. permit to carry his .45 caliber After issuing the ticket, Torautomatic pistol outside his res said he approached the residence. driver of the vehicle to apologize Canlas said they are still for the obstruction but Ekong verifying with the Military In- reportedly shouted at him and telligence.Croup of the Armed drew his gun, telling the conForcesof the Philippines wheth- stable he would shoot him. er a mission order issued to Torres asked policemen to Ekong is authentic. arrest Ekong, who vehemently In his statement, Torres said denied Torres' allegations. he was issuing a traffic citation ~ Non Alquitran

03 August 2012

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By PIA lEE-BRAGO China has announced that the two-and-half-month summer fishing moratorium in some parts of the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) ended on Wednesday. In an announcement posted on the Chinese government's web portal yesterday, China said it has implemented a summer fishing moratorium from May 16 to Aug. las a routine annual measure to rehabilitate the area's marine resources. The Chinese government said in May that the annual fishing ban, which has been in place since 1999, covered areas north of the 12thparallel, including Panatag (Scarborough) Shoat which China calls Huangyan Island, but excluding most of the Nansha (Spratly) Islands. The South China Fishery Administration Bureau under the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) said the fishing ban was adopted to promote the sus. tamable development of the fishing industry in the West Philippine Sea and protect the fundamental interests of fishermen. The fishing ban is also applicable to foreign ships. Chinese enforcement of the ban earlier sparked tensions with Vietnam. Manila also did not recognize the ban, saying it is an "encroachment" of the Philippines' Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Panatag Shoal is an integral part of the Philippine territory, 124 nautical miles from the nearest base point in Zambales province. It is within the Philippines' 200 nautical miles EEZ and continental shelf. The Philippines' claim of sovereignty in Panatag Shoal is supported by the
T'" .••
"'I ....

on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and internationallaw is clear in terms of the fact that Panatag Shoal is well within the Philippines 200-nautical mile EEZ and also within its continental shelf. China stands on a historical claim which the Philippines feels is not supported byUNCLOS.

"\Ve are bidding out areas for exploration within Philippine territory. This is not part of what is generally considered disputed. territory. This is not part of the Spratlys, not part of the Kalayaan Islands: This is part of Philippine territory so we don't see any problem with that," he noted. Carandang said that while the contracts contained "no ..explicit security guarantee/' the Department of Energy, the Philippine Coast Guard and the Philippine Navy would ensure that there were regular patrols to protect investors. "Remember, we've been issuing service contracts for the last 30, 40 years and there have never been issues in the past with regard 'to the issues that we face now. So service contracts do not have an explicit security guarantee. Having said that thought there are companies that have done exploration in Philippine waters that we're helping to coordinate," Carandang said.




~: _


Malacafiang admitted yesterday that it would be difficult to enter into joint China and other claimants in the West Philippine Sea, particularly the Kalayaan Island Group or Spratlys, without a binding code of conduct that would spell out the guidelines for countries. "It will be very difficult for one or two countries to go in there and simply begin exploring while there's no set of ground rules in place. The code of conduct seeks to establish ground rules so that if any activity were undertaken in the disputed territories, then they would be consistent with what has been agreed upon. Right now it remains an aspiration until certain agreements can be reached with our claimant countries," Secretary Ricky Carandang of the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office explained. He also stressed there should be no issue in the Philippines' inviting bids for oil exploration early this week, saying that the service areas were well within th~ .country' s territory.

Joint exploration difficult without a binding code of conduct

Despite the 'prevailing weather condition in the West Philippine Sea, China has maintained its presence in Panatag Shoal, only 124 nautical miles from Zambales, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said that based on latest monitoring, two Chinese ships continue to linger in Panatag. " As of this morning, we don't have an update, but as far as Iknow there are two (Chinese) ships in the area," said Gazmin in a media dialogue yesterday. Gazmin said recent monitoring showed that a Chinese Fishery and Law Enforcement Command (FLEe) and one oHts maritime surveillance ships are still in the area. The Defense chief _. also confirmed that Guard (PCG) vesChinese ships have , se~s in ~e area, Ga~already laid down \ min said thatthe~e s buoys and lines at no order yet corning the entrance of the from the national shoal's lagoon. leadership. Asked about - With Aurea plans to redeploy Calica, Jaime Laude philippine Coast

Military steps up territorial patrols



August 2012

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Amid eviction threat, 'lusrnag' residents appeal to Aquino, Binay
By Ferdie Fabella·
A GROUP ofactive and retired military personnel has turned to President Aquino and Vice President Jejomar Binay in their fight against the Bases Conversion and Development Authority, which has threatened to evict them from a supposedly government-owned lot in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. ' 'In a letter to President Aquino, the Consular Area Residents Association, Inc. led by retired-Col, Benjamin Zabat complained of harassment and intimidation by BCDA representatives until they voluntarily gave up their properties from the disputed 'land. "These soldiers, retired veterans and their families pur their lives at risk in the service of their fellow Filipinos, Clearly, this is not the way to treat the soldiers and retired veterans who have chosen, to serve and defend our country," Zabat told Aquino. On July 20, BCDA president Arnel Casanova issued a notice to the remaining 21 families in Jusrnag area to peacefully vacate their houses pending a forced demolition of all structures in the property. Zabat, however, said the Diplomatic and Consular Area where they are residing is not part of Jusmag as provided under Proclamation No. 423, which established the Fort Andres Bonifacio Military Reservation. He added they are willing to negotiate with BCDA offi~ "to settle this matter in a more humane manner SO that legal options can be discussed to protect tbei.r interests." In a separate letter to Binay, who is the concurrent chief of the Housing and Development Coordinating Council, CARAI's legal counsel Howard Calleja questioned Casanova's authority to order a demolition and evict the residents. "Mr. Casanova's appointment is under serious question. It is highly anomalous . and irregular that Mr. Casanova should purport to act as president when the law has clearly and expressly given the posi-

tion to Mr. Felicito Payumo;" Calleja said. The group pointed out that the threat of an improvident and precipitate demolition of the structures belonging to the soldiers, retired veterans and their families residing at the Diplomatic and Consular Area is contrary to the purposes sought to be served by'BCDA and Republic Act 7279, otherwise known as the Urban Development and Housing Act of 1992.

0'3 August 2012



Purchase Of Korean Jets Recommended

'l'heDepartinentofNatibnalDefense (DND) has recommended to President -Aquino the purchase of South Koreanmadejetfightersto boost the country's external defense capability. Fernando Manalo, DND undersecretary for finance, munitions, installations and materiel, said Jhe assessment conducted revealed that it is South Korea's T50s which is ideal for , the country's Philippine Air Force. "Based on our assessment it is I·theT50 of South Korea that is most . advantageous. to us in consideration to the obtaining situation in the West Philippine Sea," said Manalo. Aside from capability, the T50sare also ideal in terms of the country's limited budget for Air Force modernization, he said. 'If the contract is signed with South Korea before.the endof2012, Manalo said the fighterjets could be delivered to the country within two years from
2013 ..

What would happen if the contract is signed, according to Defense Sec; retary Voltaire Gazmin, is that they . would request for immediate delivery of two of the T50s to facilitate training of Air Force pilots. 1 "We will negotiate so we can g$ the two immediately for training ~ that when the rest of the 10 arrives, our pilots are already trained," said Gazmin,


03 August 2012


___..:...'_3 __

ReDs won't exploit 2013 polls -- AFP
By the end of the first CAMP GUILLERMO gle against the gevquarter, Del Rosario, NAKAR, Lucena City·· ernment. Military officials at the At a media briefing who is also the can" Southern Luzon Com- . here on Tuesday, -Ma]. current 2nd Infantry mand (Solcom) expressGen. Eduardo del Rosario, Division chief, said their ed confidence that com- acting Solcom com- assessment revealed that munist guerillas in mander, bared that the there are only 47 armed in Southern thieroperational areas ,"success" the govern- rebels covering the Bicol and ment's internal security Tagalog and -22 in Bicol, for a total of 69 fullySouthern Tagalog re- plan, "Oplan Bayanihan," gions would not be able already resulted to .a armed guerillas while the of their to exploit the .forthdrastic reduction. in the number coming 2013 elections number of armed fighters , "influenced" villages has to raise money' to of the New People's Army been reduced to 10.Paul M. Gut~erre2i financeitsarmedstrug" (NPA) in both regions.



I~ tct!\'lej ~j

Navy bibili ng barkong may missile
. Bibili na aog Philippine Navy ng niga bar· kong may missile mula sa Italya upang mapalakas pa ang kapabilidad ng bansa sa pagpapalrulya sa West Philippine sea, " Inanunsyo kahapoo oi Defense Secretary Vol· taire Gazmin ang pianong pagbili ng pamahalaan ng dalawang missile firing frigates bilang bahagi ng modernization program ng AFP. Nabatid na ang datawang Italy's Maestrale Class Frigates ay nsqkakahalaga ng P 11.7 bilyon at arrnado ng anti-ship missiles, torpedoes, long range guns at automate weapons. Sa rekord, ang barko ay nasa'3,300 gross register tons at may bilis na33l<ools. Itoang kauna-unaharq paqkakataon na magkakaroon aog Pilipinas ng mga barkong may missile sa loobng mahabang dekada, (Joy Cantos)

ZAMBOANGA CITY --- Binomba ang Mount Cannel Cathedral sa bayan ng 1010 sa predominantly Muslim province ng Sulu ngunit masuwerte umanong

Ni Al Jacinto

walang nasawi

0 nasugatan

sa naturang atake, Sinabi ni Lt. Col. Randolph Cabangbang, ang

spokesman ng Western Mindanao Command, .na binato ng granada ang simbahan at nawasak ang bahagi ng bubungan nita. Naganap ang atake kasabay ngbreak ng mga Muslim sa kanilang fasting dakong takip-silim nitong Miyerkules. "Authorities recovered the grenade's

safety lever and there is an investigation going on ' to determine the motive of the attack and who was behind it," pahayag pa ni Cabangbang sa Abante. Walang umako sa karahasan, ngunit ilang beses na ring ibinintang sa Abu Sayyaf ang mga serye ng atake sa naturang simbahan.




Page: ---LA~{....::..(o_

'Ihe sacrifice of ordinary lives
'JULy 11, 2012 marked the 27th year of the abduction and enforced disappearance of Fr. Rosaleo "Rudy"Romano, CSsR.He was abducted on his way from the Ret};{emproristConvent in Labangon I;> Cebu City.Many witnesses nar~,,,1ted that Fathe,rRudy was taken, !'bY armed men who "boarded a ~hite Ford Cortina with governi~ent license plate RP 402." The It:e,hide's ownership was traced to ~e Military Intelligence Group. ifter a series of investigations and ~ririgs on the cases, the harass~,C'" ent Of,' the human rights lawyer ~ho handled the' case, and the iIil, ,. ling of the star witness' brother, 'oth military and civilian courts '"'eclared that there was "no way " t to resolve" the case. Thus, it as dismissed. A well-loved Redemptorist "est, Father Rudy was active in cial action work and in defense of the rights of the poor. His abduction happened during ,the horrible years of Marcos' authoritarian rule and the case was trashed during President Cory Aquino's term. From the time of Father Rudy's abduction, a series of activities were conducted to inform the. public that a priest, who opted to serve the poorest of the poor and who stood against the evil system, was not spared from the demonic attack of those protecting and gaining from the status quo. . To' date,Father Rudy's whereabouts or his body (or any part of it) remains unknown. His case shows how the life and dignity of those who work for peace and jusrice in our country are desecrated by those who are in power. Twenty-seven years later, through different adrninistrations after the fall of the Marcos dictatorship, our situation remains, regrettably, the same. OUf people suffer from impoverishmenr, our national patrimony is peddled on the altar of profit for foreign and few local interests, our children and youth are explaited and, worse, justice and peace advocates promoting meaningful change are being persecuted. ,Last July 3, another worker in God's vineyard,' Wilhelmus 'Willem" Geertman, the Dutch Iay missionary who chose to serve the indigenous and poor people in Central Luzon, was murdered. He's the second foreign missionary extrajudicially killed while doil1g ministerial work under the Aquino watch. He had stood against state-initiated projects and programs that ignore the common good. To those who knew Willem or KuyaWim, he was assassinated because of his love for the poor. In the last 12 years, 34 church people have been extrajudicially killed. A common denominator among the victims is their active conunirmenttopromotejusticeand peace and to build and defend the church of the poor. Ironicallj; they were all tagged as communists or members of ananned resistance. How many more Father Rudys and Brother Willems will fall victim to disappearances and assassinations? How many more ordinary lives will be sacrificed to . maintain the status quo of wealth . ,and power? '

secretary-general, Promotion of Church People's Response, "




August 2012

Pahina. _0_'-_'_-

0.3 August 2012

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-Usapang militar
ulit, sir. tuwa at magpaptitok n~ Hindi na rin naman kuwitis angmga "pogi ako magtataka kung sa rag-alis ni CoL Ed, magkaroon ng "fiesta atMagaling" din kasi mosphere", ngayon sa la- umano ang kanyang kalawigan ng Quezon, par- palit sa katauhan ni CoL tikular sa area ni Col. Ed Alex Capina. At, kung Solcom sa sa Bondoc Peninsula, mapananatili ni CoL Lucena City noong Mar- dahil sa susuncd naIingCapiiia ang record ng , tea sa Imbitasyon ni Sol- go, malilipat na siya sa 20lst Brigade bilang corn OIC Major Gen. 'Camp Aguinaldo para sa "best" sa buong Solcom, Eduardo del Rosario, mas "hehigat" .natrabaito ang bagay na maganSi MGen. Del Rosario ho sa ating Sandatahang dang subaybeyan. ay "mistah" ni Chief PNP Lakas, At harinawang matNick Bartolome at EastAt ang mga gustong uloy ang planong turnmincom commanding ge· magdiwang sij'empre, ay over ng ISO responsibineral Lt. General Jorge ang hanay ng mga 'Nice lity Quezon province Segovia sa PMA Class '80, People Around' (NPA) at mula sa militar patungo dalawang matikas . na kanilang mga taga-supor- sa mga lokal na opisyal opisyal na sobra ang bilib ta sa Bondoe Peninsula. at PNP sa pagtatapos ng ko, dear readers. Ito kasing si CoL Ed ang 2012. Bagaman nasa Min- opisyal-militar "whomthe Should the event danao na si "brother" rebels love to hate," he- pushes thru, it is one deJ?jie, kilala at popular pa hehe! velopment of national rm srya sa hanay ng Sa madaling salita, significance considering media sa Southern Ta- brother Jojie, "monster" that Quezon province, . galog kung saan siya din ang paglalarawan ng particularly Bondoe Pennaglingkod bilang 202nd mga rebelde sa Quezon Insula, has been the Brigade chief at 2nd ID dito kay CoL Ed, haha"birthplace" of armed recommander. hal volutionary movement in Para sa akin na .maBaffaman mabibilang the Southern Tagalog tagal nang hindi naka- sa daliri ang aming pag- region. pasyal sa Solcom head- 'kikita ni Col. Ed, mataAber, sa ilang mga libquarters, magandang gal na karning magka- lib na lugar sa Quezon, pagkakataon ito na mu- kilala"by way of reputa- mga kabayan, hindi saling magkaroon ng "bon- tion," wika nga, Siya yata nay ang mga tao na wala ding" sa hanay ng ating 'yung kahit bumabagyo, silang kasamangimga mga kaibigan sa militar, hinahanap ako sa kaguNPA sa kanilang komukatulad ill 202nd Brigade batan ng Tagcauayan, nidadl ' chief CoL Ivan Samarita hehehe! Sa madaling salita, at 201st Brigade chief Sa bagong tungkulin "naninibago" ang mga tao CoL Ed Ano, 'atsiyempre ni CoL Ed sa AFP, alam ngayon doon dahil wala sa mga kasama sa media kong hindi nagkamali ang na silang nakikitang mga sa Calabarzon, liderato nito sa pagpili sa rebelde sa kanilangpaliNamatay pala ang kanya. gid. Anffmalaking bulto butihing ina ni Col. Ivan, Tiniyaknaman sa ng kredito sa pangyayardahilan upal;lg hindi siya akin ni MGen. Del Rosa- ing ito siyempre ay dapat ,***' .' makaratmg sa aking riona walang+dahilan ibigay sa AFP. '_s_ay::..a_' '--'.-m_e__a_n.=g:__AFP_, _bl_'r~th=, ~d=ax: Q!?~d_~,---e_n_ce __ p_,a_ra~,.. ~m . a~g_l_u_lu_n_d_a_g_s_a__ to Page 6, Turn




Sa ng Sol9th ID ADCLeo com, mayroon na lang sa totoo lang. Para (daw) 69 armadong~}'l_uw- kasing hindi kapani-paniersa ang NPA sa ST at wala ang numerong ito. Bicol region kung saan Ang "konsolasyon" ko ang 44 sa mga ito ay na lang, 'andyan ka na naiwan sa La{!1lna (18) sa "Oragon Country" and at Quezon (26), habang knowing your career 22 naman sa Region 5. r,ecord, natitiyak kong Partikular sa BiCQI re- kahit "deputy" ka lang, gion, hanggang ngayon ay malaki aug iyong maginakataas pa ang aking ging tulong sa kampan-

-pat» ang gawin ko, "sak- Col. Bong, mgakabayan. ya para sa kapayapaan sa lugar na 'yan. to" siya bilang kapalit ni Produkto siya ng PMA' Bagaman, Pres. Noy, MGen. Del Rosario sa Class '83 na sa lahat ng AFP-COS Jesse Dellosa, 2nd !D, I have no doubt ayaw ay 'yung mga "maimas "kabisado" ill BGen, about it! ingay," Leo ang Southern TagaNasa Bicol na rin aug , Sa madaling salita, log region kaya sa pag- isa pang pasaway, ehek, dapat mag-isip IDunaang reretiro ngayong No- matikas na opisyal, si Col. mga rebelde bago magbyembre ni MGen. Del Ricardo 'Bong' Visaya, paputok ng kanilang mga Rosario, na siya ring 2nd kaya dapat maniwala ang baril sa kanyang area ID chief, baka gusto nin- mga Bikolano na Ialo dahil nga, ayaw niya ng yong repasuhinang PDS pang gaganda aug peace maiingay, hehehe! nitong S1 BGen. Leo ng and order situation . (For reaction, tex: at d'yan, PMA Class '82? 09274711475 or em(lil at . Kahit kasi anong "siKilala ko rin itong si