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Lump Breaker

Lump Breaker

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Published by Ravikanth Reddy

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Published by: Ravikanth Reddy on Aug 03, 2012
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The lump Breaker is fixed in the line of Chain Conveyor used in blasting Gallery mining

to crush / reduce the large lumps of R O M Coal.

The equipment is of rigid and stable construction mounted on chain conveyor line pan
of 1.5 M long and size of 640 x 190 mm.

When the material is conveyed through the Chain Conveyor, the large lumps entered
between deck plate of line pan and crusher rolls get crushed by the breaker wheel to
required size by impact of picks mounted to the wheel.

The Helical/Bevel gear box has been specially designed to suit the Underground
conditions and to withstand shock loads. Proper Lubrication and dust free enclosures
ensure smooth and noiseless running.


The chain conveyors are of robust design with compact construction comprising of components which are
amply proportioned to meet severe conditions encountered in such services. The construction is modular
and addition of troughs can be easily carried out.

The design of Drive head is robust and sturdy to withstand impact of coal lumps.

High quality chains are provided for longer life of machine and to withstand shock loads during working.

Sprocket and tail end drum are made out of cast steel suitably treated.

Pinions, gears and shafts are made of high strength materials and properly heat treated. The gear boxes
are conveniently mounted to facilitate maintenance.

Wear resistance plates (Manganese Steel) are provided in the troughs.

Flights made out of high quality forged steel.

Spill plates on either side of the troughs are provided as per requirement.

Tail end drum is mounted on anti friction spherical roller bearings. Longitudinal slots are provided to slide
the drum axle to maintain required tension in chains. The tensioning is achieved by adjusting the screw.

Motor is suitable for operation in humid and dust laden atmosphere of underground coal mines.

Technical Specifications:

Light Duty Chain Conveyor Medium Duty Chain Conveyor

Capacity 100 TPH 200 TPH
Chain Speed 0.8 m/sec 0.8 m/sec
Length 100 mts or multiples of 2 m 60 mts or multiples of 1.5 m
Power 2 x 15 kw 2 x 45 kw
Drive unit mounting Skid type Trolley type
Gear box Wall mounted, double reduction Wall mounted, double reduction
and horizontally split type and horizontally split type

Technical specification:

Power rating : 90 kw
Capacity : 200 TPH
Input Coal size : 0.45 Cu.m
Output Coal size(height) : (-) 100mm
Input Coupling : CDR 480 Fluid Coupling
Picks Type : U-47

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