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LSG Minutes of Emergency Meeting No. 2

LSG Minutes of Emergency Meeting No. 2

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Law Student Government Central Board Minutes of the Meeting Emergency Meeting No.

2 April 11, 2012, 6PM

ATTENDANCE: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Benedict G. Nisperos, President Marie Louise N. Camino, Internals Vice President Julienne Marie A. Morada, Externals Vice President Anne Jaycelle C. Sacramento, Secretary Jose Antonio Rafael G. Santos, Treasurer Patrick Chris D. Carbonell, Public Relations Officer Ma. Christina S. Reyes, College Representative to the USC Diega D. Villanueva, Evening Representative Jelorie F. Gallego, Evening Representative Jian Paulo P. Boller, 4th Year Representative Paolo O. Celeridad, 4th Year Representative Gerard Emmanuel V. Tayao, 3rd Year Representative John Paul R. Rotap, 3rd Year Representative Hanna Keila H. Garcia, 2nd Year Representative Ranulfo J. Javelosa III, 2nd Year Representative Present Present Present Present Absent1 Absent2 Present Present Present Absent3 Present Present Present Present Absent4

AGENDA:  Impact of QPI Retention Grade in Students MEETING HIGHLIGHTS: The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM at the Student Lounge with the LSG President presiding over the meeting. The meeting immediately proceeded with the discussion of the agenda.

Excused Excused 3 Excused 4 Excused
1 2

 Impact of QPI Retention Grade in Students Total # of students affected (report as of 11 April 2012, 7pm): 41 Number of Students affected per batch: a. Incoming 2nd year - 6 - No grade for 2nd sem b. Incoming 3rd year - A – no details yet - B–2 - C–7 - D – 11 c. Incoming 4th year - 6 d. Evening - 1st year – 5 o 2nd sem: appeal granted; failed in consti and persons; but if grades will be computed, it is impossible to get a grade of 2.85 - 2nd year – 1 - 3rd year – 1 (2.73 - borderline) - 4th year – 2 Stand of some members of the faculty:  Ma’am Gigi (College Secretary) : We will implement the QPI, no matter what  Sir Hilbay o He’s with us. o “This is about policy, not on politics. I’m with this on this issue.” o Personal opinion: Apply to incoming freshies only. o He talked with Dean Pangalangan regarding the issue. Thereafter Dean Pangalangan talked with Dean Concepcion. However, the latter did not change his mind regarding the implementation of QPI. LSG STRATEGY: 1. Prepare 1-page statement – position paper to be presented to the dean  publish it a. Points to be raised: ex post facto, effectivity, voting process 2. Be open to possible compromise 3. Attach the policy, not the person 4. Ask help from professors5 TO DO: 1. Conduct a survey


Names of the professors are omitted to protect confidentiality.

To show that all students are affected and do not agree with the retroactive application of QPI  LSG is not lawyering for students at the bottom – Tonight dapat – Questions? 1. Are you in favor of QPI rule? 2. If Yes, are you in favor of applying QPI to current students? 3. If Yes, Are you in favor of applying QPI to incoming freshies? 4. If No, what system do they prefer? 5. Are you in favor of QPI rule replacing the old system? 2. Talk with the Dean tomorrow – worst case; talk with 2 persons (Aict and Louie) – corporate attire 3. Summarized Position Paper – tonight – to be given to Dean (at most 2 pages) – Points to be raised: PROCEDURAL DUE PROCESS 1. Special contract a. imbued with public interest b. *do not apply to upperclass 2. Ex-post facto a. Punitive b. If QPI is applied, students will not be able to enroll c. In the 3-strike rule, GWA of 2.75 is not a “crime” before. If we’ll apply the QPI rule immediately, we’re making the 2.75 GWA obtained from the previous semesters a “crime” d. *Include discussion on prospective application of the policies i. Do not apply the policy in June e. Argument on QPI was merely suspended and not abolished i. 1st years – 3rd years were not oriented regarding the QPI rule 3. Why were they pushing to implement the rule? Motivation a. You want to motivate but you purge the students b. Contradicting c. Is the policy reasonable? – LSG’s stand: prospective application 4. LSG Statement – c/o PC – ADJOURNMENT There being no other matters to be discussed, the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM. Prepared by: Anne Jaycelle C. Sacramento, Secretary Noted by: Benedict G. Nisperos, President

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