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As Dawn Breaks

As Dawn Breaks

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Published by Scott Stackpole

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Published by: Scott Stackpole on Aug 03, 2012
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as dawn breaks

as dawn breaks over fields of green waving like the tide of an over-active sea I'm taken aback by a feeling of immense inadaqucey that grows ever larger as I peer out across a seemingly endless terrain watching it fade into the horizon of a gloriously colored sky. the clouds hover, changing from white to brillant red to violet then back to white once more. the awe inspiring beauty of the moment steals my breath away and I find myself lost, deep inside of thoughts primortal. how truly small and insignifigant we all are compared to the blood red sun that rises against the back drop of blue craddling it in loving arms. my problems suddenly seem tiny in comparison as they float away with the gentle breeze. I sit watching, mesmerized by the sun crossing the heavens. how long I sat there, I couldn't say only when first I rested here the sun was small and far away, but now it is large, hanging high overhead. it's rays warming the chill that settled in my bones long ago. it's quiet here. there are no sounds of traffic, no sirens splitting the day like a migraine, no houses, no people for miles, only a patchwork of greens and yellows and the aroma of earth and growing things, of life. and I think to myself, man, I needed this I breathe deeply, inhaling all these things I had forgotten. the serenity of the moment washes over me as time itself seems to hesitate, not wanting to interupt the tranquillity. I exhale, the weight of these long, long years fall away like a gentle rain on a spring day soaking back into the land from were all things came and I smile an easy smile that my lips have not known since I was but a child........

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