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Unigraphics General Interview Questions

Unigraphics General Interview Questions


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Unigraphics general interview questions: 1. 2. Explain types of Modeling? Explain types of Coordinate systems in Unigraphics?

Absolute, Work Coordinate, Datum 3. What is reverse engineering?


What is continuity? Explain different types of continuity.

Continuity describes the behavior of surfaces and curves at their segment boundaries Gn& Cn

5. 6.

Advantages of UG over other CAD packages? What are the types of dimensioning?

Horizontal, Vertical, or Parallel, Radius, Diameter, Perpendicular 7. How to create your own symbols in drafting? File→Utilities→Define Custom Symbol 8. What is dual dimensioning? 9. What is the deference between break line details & bounded by objects? 10. What is the use of Reference sets? The Reference Sets folder in the Part Navigator shows reference sets in the model. 11. 12. 13. How to insert sketch dimensioning & feature dimensioning in drafting? Write the symbol for hole dimensioning? What does the error message non manifold mean?

When creating a new feature,the vertices or edges of that feature may not touch the vertices or edges of the solid body 14. How to remove parameters of a model and retrieve it back? Edit→Feature→Remove Parameters

15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

What is view dependent edit? What is the use of edit section components in view? How to find out manually altered dimension? How to reduce decimal places in information window? What is the use of unfolded section cut in drafting? How to fully constrain a spline in sketch?

How to find Center of Gravity? . What is the limit for sheets in drafting? 5. How to create a mosquito coil? 6. 31. 30. How to taper 1/4 of a face? 8. 37. 35. How to create knurling? 7. Which is the alternative to unite? sew 13. How to convert a model created in inches to MM? 4. How to retrieve back the model you didn’t save (power problem or UG window closes due to some error) 2. What is Conditional Operator – Expression? 23. How to construct a block with a line in a single operation? 10. 27. How to blend a cone? How to convert a block to sphere (avoid blending)? 9. 41. 34. What is appended text? 25. What is the use of part list? What is the use of visible in view? What is the use of overflows in blend? What are silhouette curves? What is combined projection? What is swoop? What is law curve? What is rho? What is the limit for undo? How many colors are there in UG? How is tube shown in model tree? What is a pattern face? Explain Heal geometry? What is Para Solid? What is direct modeling? How do you export the model in STL format? What is Timestamp? Unigrahphics Tricky interview questions: 1. Advantages of surface modeling over solids 11. 32. What is routed relief? 22. 33. 38. 29. 36. How to edit the location of a detailed view? 3. Advantages of solid modeling over surfaces 12. 39. 26. How to confirm: • Sketch is fully constrained? • Components of assembly are completely mated? 24.21. 28. 40.

Sheet to solid assistant Sheets to Solid Assistant produces solids from sets of unsewn sheet bodies 25.Weight management 19.WAVE 13.UDF 24.Interoperate 7.Master model concept 4.Quality checks of model in Unigraphics 26.Component filter Controls component filtering 18.Load Options -File 21. What is Degree of Freedom? How many degree of freedom will be there for a mechanical object? Explain the following: 1.How is tube shown in model tree? .Smart model 22.MACRO 20.Quick stack 11.Cloning 15.Product life cycle management (PLM) 2.What is law curve? A law spline is defined by a set of X.Zone 16.Team centre 3.Part cleanup 10.Knowledge fusion 12.14.I-MAN5.What is rho? Specifies rho for conic cross sections 28.Grip 6.Part families The Part Families option lets you create a family of parts 23.Global Shaping 9.Envelope 17.How many colors are there in UG? 216 30.Examine geometry 8. Y.What is the limit for undo? you may continue to undo changes until the expression list is in its original state when you started working on expressions 29. and Z components 27.Promotion of bodies 14.

What is a pattern face? 32.Orthographic view & auxiliary view 30.Face blend & edge blend 10.Higher & lower degree curves/surfaces 6.Fixed datum plane & relative datum plane 24.What is Timestamp? Explain difference between the following with respect to Unigrahics: 1.What is direct modeling? Direct modeling commonly use to edit face and some face feature 35.How do you export the model in STL format? 36.Swept and Through curve mesh 15.Simplify & join 28.Intersect & section – curve operation 29.N sided surface & Bonded plane and Sheet from curves 13.Sew & quilt 12.Work part & displayed part 32. As a result.Simple instance & identical instance & general instance 26.Trim & patch 22.Blank & suppress & layer 23.Curve and String 9.Top down and Bottom up assembly 18.Class A & Class B surfaces 2. after healing completes the work part is the same as before the application starts 33.Geometric tolerances & dimensional tolerances 31.Explain Heal geometry? The Heal Geometry application exports the work part to another NX part to perform any required healing operations on the selected solid bodies.What is Para Solid? 34.Sheet from curve & bonded plane 11.Surface & B-Surface 3.31.Instance & transform 21.Cylinder & Boss 16.Trim & split 27.Orient view & replace view 5.Drafting and Detailing .Through point & through poles 17.Offset & Extrude 35.Wave link & Promotion 19.Mate & align 20.Cubic & quintic 7.Spline and Spine 8.Flatness & parallelism 33.Define mating alternatives and verify mating alternatives 25.Through curves & ruled 14.IGES & STEP 4.Architectural feet inches & engineering feet inches 34.

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