We are socio-economic development forum for all human being without regards to religion and caste. We are inviting all Adam offspring to join hands together for building healthy society and cares for needy people whether for education, employment, health, social security, food, clothing and counseling. You cannot help others by giving money only. One good idea or counseling can change whole life. Your experience and expertise can help others to get good direction in career planning. The main problem of the society is that nobody is ready to listen others. Most of us are self family centric. It is our responsibility is to spell light back to the society from where we have brought up and started our life. We have not born aimless or we have not born to take of self family only. We have to spare time to take care society. Social, behavioral, personal and professional career will depend how healthy society you have given to your children. Our life is divided into three categories professional life, personal life and social life. Main life is professional life where we invest approximately 12 hours in a day, medium life personal life where we invest 2-3 and shortest life is social life where we put our zero to one hour. We take rest 6-8 hours daily. Time is a fix entity and we cannot change time. Actually we have to manage ourselves with the time. After death we need social people for bathing dead body, carry him or her up to the grave and then we buried the dead body. Be social spare your time, money, mind, and energy for building healthy society who can care you, your family in presence of you and after you. Our vision is to unite global citizen on humanitarian ground to take care all human being in a healthy society. Try to give chance to smile at least one human being in your life and if half the population of this world do this way then whole world will smile and then this beautiful world will be a peace loving world. It is an old proverb “Charity begins at home” hence planned to start this Nobel cause from my birth place “Lakhminia”. Insha Allah very soon will connect the whole world. Come and join hands together my global Adam family members. “Man is a social animal” ………………………….By Aristotle “Man is social and unsocial is animal” …………….By Shahbaz

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