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Service to Orochimaru

Service to Orochimaru

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Published by: Tsuki on Aug 04, 2012
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Traded off and trained to kill: When Senritsu’s actions of thievery were discovered by her father when she

was 12 years of age, he brought her in and threatened her. She was given two options. E ither to leave the family and give up her birthright to the family fortune or th ere would be consequences for her staining the family name. Of course she knew h er father hated thieves. He was always more concerned for his fortune than his f amily. For the first time she refused to comply. Immediately her father took her , bound and brought her to one of Orochimaru’s hideouts. Since she was raised a sh eltered girl, she had no knowledge of who Orochimaru was. But her father made a deal, trading her off to be trained and even his services to design any weapon t hat was requested. For a small fee of course. Being part of the deal was a stab in the back to her. Yet, Orochimaru used the bit of information to his advantage . If her father didn’t want her, he could always provide her the means to get stro nger and better. She would always be welcomed there. [Extra tidbit: When Senrits u was brought in, she was known by her real name, Lanore. Not as her alias. So K abuto and Orochimaru are the only two who knew of her real name and kept it on f ile.] From then on Senritsu was trained as a shinobi. Given the basic understand ing of ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu, she quickly became a quick study. But s he was mostly paired off with others who worked for Orochimaru to train and spar with. Some borderline insane. Even though she was clearly afraid and intimidated by most, her feigned happines s kept others from knowing her true fears, anger, and sorrow. But, even though s he was progress quickly through the basics, she still sang to herself as her onl y form of comfort. Never did she sing in front of others, but Kabuto was the fir st to hear her voice and find her singing. This sparked the idea to take her tra ining to a different route. When he spoke with her about her singing, he found o ut she had a much broader understanding of music and sound than most did. She ma de the perfect project for sound based ninjutsu and genjutsu. But when he asked her what she wished she could have with her voice, she answered, I want to have a voice like no other… I want to sing beautiful melodies and harmon ies. If I can compose jutsus too, that would be wonderful! It was an innocent wish. But before she could begin her training, Kabuto perform ed a few experiments on her before she finally was able to sing in harmony as sh e wished she could. Of course it put great strain on her vocal chords, but that was what training was for. Within a few months, she was excelled in her training and created her first four vocal techniques. It wasn’t long before she was put on her first mission, Kabuto was there to see her progress and oversee, but not al lowed to interfere or assist her in any way. Her objective was to steal a partic ular scroll. Though they managed to escape it didn’t take long for mercenaries to catch up to them. Senritsu had never killed anyone before and yet, Kabuto gave h er the order she needed to kill them and use her voice to do it. Even though she saw him leave her behind, it was something she couldn’t refuse. So she lifted her voice, using her newfound sound genjutsu to kill both of the mercenaries within a matter of a few minutes. She couldn’t disobey, yet she wasn’t sure what to think of the very act she committed. It didn’t feel “good”, but she didn’t feel guilt from it either. But her song was beautiful. When Kabuto returned, he saw her smiling fac e staring at the two dead bodies in a curious manner. Inquiring further if she w as all right, she only turned to him and smiled. To Kabuto, she made the perfect tool. Obedient to a fault, not questioning, not wavering, and even though her h appiness was fake it was an ingenuous way to hide her true emotions. The escape: Senritsu had only trained and worked for Orochimaru for a few years (3years) . S he complied to demand and obeyed without question. More or less because she regr etted her very disobedience the first time she did not comply with her father. S he didn’t wish to have consequences that followed anything she did not wish to do. But not only was things growing dull, it was repetitive almost. She made a very

good thief for Orochimaru. Stealing information and things he needed whenever h e wanted. But she wanted something more exciting, yet she kept these things to h erself. Last thing she wanted was to be reprimanded for desiring something more. As she stayed she still trained. Perfecting her vocal arts, she became so proud of and even began to train her hearing so she could become much more effective as a thief. However she began to overhear things. Conversations she couldn’t ignor e that involved her own fate. As she stayed within the hide out, she became pain fully aware of people who worked for Orochimaru receiving a cursed mark. She did n’t understand what it was for until she saw someone take such a hideous form befo re her very eyes. Not only that, some seemed to lose their own sanity when they were overtaken by the mark. Yet with these things in mind, the conversation she overheard involved her possibly receiving a curse mark as well and as she listen ed, it all seemed to make more and more sense. They were future vessels. Senritsu felt betrayed again. She wasn’t being trained to be better for herself or to help Orochimaru. No, it was like fattening the prey for the slaughter. This didn’t sit well with her, so she began to plan and plot ahead of time. She knew fr om what she heard when he was considering giving her the curse mark, and she too k her time to memorize the area and mazes of the hide out. She knew the challeng e however wouldn’t be getting out of the hideout. It would be afterwards. Getting distance between her and them before they realize she’s gone. Since she wasn’t under constant watch, it made things a little easier though. On the 7th night, she es caped the hide out and took nothing with her. Of course it wasn’t long before she was knocked aside to see Kabuto had followed her. Whether he was well aware of h er planning she wasn’t sure, but she needed to escape and fast. She knew she could’v e used her genjutsu, but she also was aware he perhaps was expecting that. So in stead she used a the camouflage technique and hid away as she used another techn ique. Nullifying all sounds within 5 meters around them both, she sealed the jut su in a tag and hid it in one of the trees before she finally made her escape. S he didn’t know why she couldn’t kill him. Afterall she had become so used to it was second nature. No big deal. But she just didn’t. Nor did she stop to consider it. It took her a few days before she was sure she wasn’t tracked anymore and she bega n her new “life”.

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