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2 NPA tepok sa sagupaan sa Misor - Dalawang miyembro ng New People's Army ang nasawi sa naganap ng engkwentro sa pagitan ng militar at rebelde sa Misamis Oriental. 2 NPA extortionists slain in clash - Two suspected New People's Army (NPA) guerrillas were killed in an encounter with government forces the other day in Misamis Oriental. Photo: Over here, Sir. Photo: Nag-alay n9 dasal MILF insists it was not told about AFP operation vs Sayyaf - The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) officials on Friday said they were not informed about the military's plan to conduct operations against the Abu Sayyaf in Basilan last July 26. MILF scores non-coordination - An official of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front on Friday said the July 26 military assault against alleged members of the Abu Sayyaf Group, in which 10 government soldiers perished, was not coordinated with the MILF forces. PA operation vs ASG not coordinated with MILF - The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) yesterday belied Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin's pronouncements that the Army operation in Basilan last July 26, which resulted in the killing of 10 Scout Rangers, was properly coordinated with the secessionist group. Police Files p. 3


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AFP officer dies during fitness test - A senior military officer, who used to serve as one of former President Fidel Ramos' close-in security personnel, died while undergoing a routine physical fitness test (PFT) at the Camp Aguinaldo parade grounds Thursday morning. Fitness test kills colonel - An Air Force colonel was declared dead on arrival at a military hospital where he was rushed after he collapsed several meters away from the finish line during a regular physical fitness test in Camp Aguinaldo at Quezon City on Friday. PAF colonel dies while undergoing fitness test - - An Air Force colonel died after losing consciousness while undergoing physical fitness test (PFT) at Camp Aguinaldo last Thursday. PAF colonel patay sa physical fitness test - Nabahiran ng kalungkutan ang isinasagawang Physical Fitness Test (PFT) ng AFP matapos na masawi ang isang Air Force Colonel na dating security aide ni dating Pangulong Corazon Aquino sa kasagsagan ng ehersisyo sa Camp Aguinaldo, ayon

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sa opisyaJ kahapon. 9 Sea row should not weaken Phi-China ties - The territorial dispute in the West Philippine Sea should not weaken the country's ties with China, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said this week. Unclos experts say China's sea claims hold no water - Two international experts said yesterday that China's extensive nine-dash line claim on virtually the entire West Philippine Sea which Beijing anchors on history - lacked merit under modern international laws. Phil Star p. 1

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12-13 Voice of America on the South China Sea Anti-insurgency sympo targets schoolkids - The Cordillera Women's Education Action Research Center (CWEARC) and Indigenous Peoples Legal Center (Ointeg) raised alarm over the counter insurgency campaign of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) that involves elementary and high school students. Phil Star p. 11



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2 NPAtepok sa sa Misor
DALAWANG miyembro ng New People's Army.ang nasawi sa naganap na engkwentro sa pagitan ng militar at rebel de sa Misamis Oriental karnakalawa. Ayon kay Maj. Eugenio Osias IV Spokesman ng 4th Infantry Division, dakong ala8-5:30 ng hapon nang rnasabat ng mga elemento ng 58th Infantry Division ang may 30 mga rebelde sa ilalim ng Sandatahang Platoon Pangpropaganda 3, Guerilla front 4B, Northeastern Mindanao Committee sa Brgy, Ampianga, Subongcogon, Misamis Oriental. Nabatid na aug mga sundalo ay nagpapatrulya matapos na makatanggap ng report na mayroong rnga armadong grupo na nag-extort sa sibilyan sa nasabing lugar, Ang bakbakan ay tumagal ng iJang minute na ikinasawi ng dalawa sa panig ng mga rebelde bago tulnyang tumakas aug mga kasamahan ng mga ito sa iba't ibang direksyon na tinutugis sa ngayon. (Mark ObleadaJDebra Bellosillo)

.TWO suspected New People's Army (NPA)guer-: rillas were killed in an enco1J]lter- With governmentforces the other day inMisamis Oriental.· Maj. Eugenio Julio C. Osias IV; spokesman of Army's 4th Infantry Division, said the identities of the fatalities were not yet available as of press time. _ Reports reaching Camp Aguinaldo revealed that the encounter occurred at around 5:30 p.m. in Bgy. Ampianga, Sugbongcogon, Misamis Oriental. Initial investigation' revealed that elements of the Army's 58th Infantry "Dimalulupig" Battalion of the 4th ID were on patrol in the area when they encountered some 30 suspected members of the Sandatahang Platun- Pangpropaganda 3, Guerilla Front 4B in Northeastern Mindanao Regional Committee. A 20,minute firefight ensued, leaving the two rebels dead. Recovered at the scene were a Garand rifle, a Carbine rifle and 30 backpacks. containing various NPA documents left by the rebels. It was learned that rebels were extorting money and other things from the residents in the area. Troops conducted a hot pursuit operation against fleeing rebels.

2 NPA extortionists I .. In c I h. S aln as






M August



A -/

Over here, Sir. President

Aquino distributes "bailer band" souvenirs to Bicolanos after paying his last respects to slain Army Private Arwin Martirez in Pia Duran, Albay, on Friday. Martirez was one of 10 soldiers killed during the July 26 gunbattle with the Abu Sayyafin Sumisip, Basilan.

Nag-alay ng dasal si Pangulong Benigno AqUfuomsa harap ng mga labini Philippine Anny Pfe. Arwin Martin~z sa kanilang tahanen sa Bgy. Uno, Pio D~raD,Albay. Kasama si Martinez sa 1() sandalong napatay ng mga Abu Sayyaf sa isang engkwentro noong nakaraang buwan sa
Suruiliip, BuBan; (Ma~

lacanang Photo Bureau)


01 August 2012


A -1'1

·MILF insists it was
not "told about AFP operation vs Sayyaf

f!J . A-2>

Gazmin said MILF comThe Mora Islamic Liberamander Dan Laksaw Asnawi tion Front (MILF) yesterday had been Wormed about the claimed it was not informed operations against the Abu about the military's plan to Sayyaf prior to the encounter. conduct operations against the Abu Sayyaf in Basilan last' "They (Asnawi and his "'_ troops) were told not-to en' . July 26. . ter the area and he agreed," In a,statement, the MILF Gazmin said in a press briefsaid the operation, which ing. . · left 10 soldiers dead,. was As these things were be· not coordinated with its ing coordinated, one MILF · ceasefire panel. commander was already in"The (MILF) categorically . side (the area of operations) denied any coordination and they got involved," he made by the government added. authorities on the operation The defense chief said against alleged members of three of the armed men who Abu Sayyaf group last July died during the clash were 26,2012," the group said. Said Shiek,: chairman of relatives of Asnawi, The MILF, however, said the MILF ceasefire panel, Gazmin should not blame said government operatheMILF or Asnawi for the tions against the Abu Sayyaf bloody encounter in Basilan, should be coordinated • "There was no coordi· through the Ad Hoc Ioint Action Group, which is tasked . nation, so do not put the blani.e(on the) MILF arid to isolate and interdict crimiBrother Dan (Asnawi)," said nal elements in Mindanao. the statement quoting an ."The government did not unnamed MILF leader. observe the established coor"If the government really dination protocol in this case wanted to coordinate then constituting blatant disregard coordination should have and infraction of the ceasefire been undertaken through accord," Sluek said. .the CCCH (Coordinating Last Thursday- Defense Committee on the Cessation Secretary Voltaire Gazmin . of Hostilities) so we can be said the government had true to upholding the priprotested the alleged invo~wt of MItFmem. macy of the peac~.Pl~,;...t., ·andthe ceasefire," Shiek bers in a recent dash in



AN official of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front on Friday said the July 26 military assault against alleged members of jhe Abu Sayyaf Group, in which 10 gov}i.rument soldiers perished, was not coor;.dinated with the MILF forces. r, "That operation was not coordinated' >with MILF CCCH (Coordinating Committee on the Cessation of Hostilities)," .ceaseflre chairman Said Shiek said in an :article posted on the MILF's website Iu..-I' ,waran . ;~. He stressed that government opera'Itjoris against ASG should be coordinated through the Government. of the Philip.,Pines and MILF Adhoc Joint Action 'Qroup and subsequently the AHJAG will ~coordinate with MILF. ~':: Shiek was reacting toth~ statement of :'pefense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin ~at . i\lILF commander Dan Laksaw Ansawi's .group reinforced the ASG during the se:riesof firefights. ." "The government did not observe the "established coordination protocol in this . case, constituting blatant disregard and infraction of the ceasefire accord," Shiek

said.Florante Solmerin

Basilan between'IlieArrny
and the Abu Sayyaf.

, ~saiii:'






Asnawi was tagged in the killing of 14 Marines in Basilan in 2007. Soldiers tried to arrest him and two lawless elements on Oct. 18,2011 in Al-Barka, Basilan but this resulted in a clash with MILF fighters. The Al-Barka incident-claimed the lives of 19 soldiers. -4-

o~ August


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PA operationvs ASG' not coordinated with MIL',
""~ ....t~"ft


The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) yesterday belied Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazrnin's pronouncements that the Army operation in Basilan last July 26, which resulted in the killing of 10 Scout Rangers, was properly coordinated with the secessionist group. Said Shiek, chairman of the MlLF's coordinating committee on . the cessation of hostilities (CCCH), , contradicted Gazmin and stressed that the government troops did not observe the established protocols under the ongoing ceasefire agreement between the MILF and the Philippine government, "That operation was not coordinated with the MILF-CCCH,'" Shiek stressed, referring to the July 26 deliberate pursuit operation conducted by the Arnly's elite Scout Rangers in Barangay Upper Cabengbeng, Sumisip town. "The government did not observe the established . coordination protocol in this case constituting blatant disregard and infraction ofthe ceasefire accord," .Shiek added in a statement posted over the MILF Web site,

encountered ASG band" as responsible forthe ambush rubber plantation worker\f'{tl Barangay Tumahubong last JiilY;15 that killed six civilians and'ori~ militiaman. .' D ' the Defense Pr~ unng .'" . Forum on Thursday inC~rfip Aguinaldo~ Gazmin armounooa~ the government hadfileU:\. complaint before the JOinttieCl'f of the government and MILF lifter saying coordination was malM%' the MILF prior to the operat1oii.:: Despite the coordlnatldh, Gazmin said an MILFcomnraitiflir got irivolvedin the clash. ~~'~!(l "If the government really wanted to coordinate, then coordination should hav& been undertaken through the CC(JHso we can be true to upholdi~'11!e primacy of the peace process and the ceasefire," Shiek said. .: He explained that the probk>J..n in Barangay Upper Caben~ was a "rido" or clan war inwh!~ the military should not hav~ h~








Elements of the 10th Scout Ranger Co. were dispatched in the area last July 26 in pursuit • of an Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) band, sparking sporadic clashes that ended in the killing of 10 soldiers and the wounding of 17 others. Nine ASe terrorists were killed. The' Army tagged the

The MILF official claimed that the security personnel.of-a rubber plantation in SUllj.ill:ip launched an operation against their rival in a land. disputeIn . the area. Instead of stoPPjllg them, the military 'an~ge~ny backed up the security group. "Why reinforce individlulls identified with the security group of a plantation engaged in af~? The government soldiers sho~1Wt take side in either party to a fuHd, " Shiek said. Mario J. Mallarl




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Parcon's remains lie at the PAF mortuary at the of former President Fidel Ramos' close-in security Villamor Air Base in Pasay City .. personnel, died while undergoing a routine physiIn January last year/ then Philippine Marines cal fitness Jest (PFT) at the Camp Aguinaldo parade operations chief Lt. Col. Leonard Vincent Teodoro grounds Thursday morning. collapsed and died minutes after he completed the Philippine Air Force (PAF)CoL Richard Parcon, 54, PFT as one of the requirements for his promotion. the deputy adjutant general of the Armed Forces of - Jaime Laude the Philippine (AFP) was near the finish" line of the standard two-mile run when Dol, (P he collapsed in front IJ of the AFP Grandstand at about 6:35 a.m. Military medics rushed him to the AN Air Force colonel was declared dead AFP Medical Cenon arrival at a military hospital where ter, where he was he was rushed after he collapsed several declared dead on meters away from the finish line during arrival, according to , a regular physical fitness test in Camp reports reaching the Aguinal~? at Quezon City On Friday, " office of AFP chief Col, Richard Parcon, 54, assistant of Gen. Jessie Dellosa. the Adjutant General; registered a norThe AFP has yet to mal blood pressure of 130/80 before he officially release the underwent 22 push-ups and 26 sit-ups cause of his death. followed by a two-mile run within 25 All military ofminutes and 29 seconds or less. " ficers and enlisted But Parcon fell' unconscious a few personnel are remeters from the finish line of the twoquired to undergo mile run around 6:30 a.m., said military regular PFTs to keep spokesman Col. Arnulfo Marcelo Burthem in shape while gos Jr. He was declared dead at 8·a.m. in the service. MiliFlorante S. Solmerin tary doctors are supposed to examine" the" blood pressure of all participants. Parcon was given the green light to take the PFT. He finished the requisite two minutes of pushups and two minutes of situps before taking the two-mile run.

A senior military officer, who used to serve-as one

AFP officer dies during fitness test


Fitness test kills colonel

Di-1August 2012

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Dt August 2012



fitness test
Nabahiran ng kalungkutan ang isinasagawang Physical Fitness Test (PFT) ng AFP matapos na masawi ang isang Air Force Colonel na dating security aide nf dating Pangulong

colonel patav sa phvsi al
Corazon Aquino sa kasagsagan n9 ehersisyo sa Camp Aguinaldo, avon sa opisyal kahapon. Kinumpirma kahapon ni AFP Public Affairs Office Chief Col, Arnulfo Marcelo Burgos Jr. ang pagkamatay ni Col, Richard Parcon, 54, deputy sa Office of the Advocate General (OTAG), Bandang alas-6:35 ng umaga karnakalawa nang

bigla na lamang bumagsak ang hinlmatay na si Parcon na hindi nakayanan ang isinasagawang pagja"jogging bilang bahagi ng PFT saAFP, Ayon naman sa isang military source, si Parcon ay idineklarang dead-en-arrival ' sa AFP Medical Center rnatapos itang atakehin sa puso. "He was 15 meters away from the finish line of a 2 mile

run when he collapsed," anang opisyal na kasarriahan nj Parcon kung sa an nabigo na ang pagtatangka na isalba ang buhay nito. 8ago ang 2-mile run ay nagsagawa pa ng push- ups at sit-ups ang nasabing opisyal na tumagal ng dalawang minuto. .Nabatid na ang PFT sa AFP ay isinasagawa bilang bahagi ng promosyon at regular na pampalakas ng mga

opisyal at tau han ng hukbo. Noong Enero 2011 ay nasaw! rin sa PFT si dating Marine Officer Lt. Col. Vincent Teodoro, dating Operations Officer ng Philippine Marine Corps ng Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Class 1989 ' matapos itong mag-'cardiac arrest' . Magugunita na st Parcon ay isa sa mga security escort nj dating Pangulong Cory sa panahon ng rehimen nito.



t August



--.1. __

weaken PhI·China ties'

'Sea row should not
.' ,.
Iast Tuesday, Gazmin also said international law should be the .basis. for resolvingthe dispute. ' Gazmin told diplomats and' military officials of China that other aspects of bilateral ties could still be pursued amid the territorial row. Turn to Page]

The territorial dispute in the West Philippine Sea should not weaken the country's ties with China, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said this week. . Speaking during. the 85th anniversary of the Chinese People's Liberation Army in Makati

work together for peace and stability in ourregion," he said.. . -. .The Philippines is claiming several "While our two countries are faced' islets, shoals, reefs and sandbars in the with difficult. challenges, we both share Spratly Group of Islands in the West . the view that these should not under- Philippine Sea. mine the overall relationship of our two China claims virtually all of the West countries, as we both search for a politi- Philippine Sea, while Vietnam, Malaysia, cal and diplomatic means to resolve our Brunei and Taiwan have overlapping terdifferences, with international1aw as our ritorial claims. common basis and framework," he said. Meanwhile, a joint exploration between Gazmin reiterated his commitment to the Philippines and China can very well be keep his communication lines open to his the best option to resolve the dispute in the Chinese counterpart. ' West Philippine Sea (South China Sea), an "Our presence in this celebration expert for territorial disputes said yesterday. manifests our commitment to keep the Speaking at the launch of the Angara lines of communication open between our Centre yesterday, Vas Banifatemi said joint defense establishments, as agreed upon development is a practical solution that during my bilateral meeting with Defense has shown effectivity in the past. Minister Liang Guanglie," he said. . She cited, for example, the dispute "I believe that our governments, between Timor Leste and Australia which our peoples and our armed forces have ended up in a joint development program. enough goodwill which we should all "(This) eventually ... gave life to the utilize to further our bilateral relations treaty ... which basically is the joint deamidst these difficult times." velopment program which the states acGazmin said he is optimistic the Phil- cepted without prejudice to the dispute ippine and Chinese militaries would in boundaries," she said. promote stability in the region. . .She said the recommendations to bring in "Let me acknowledge' the continued the United Nations' Security Council toguard engagement of our Armed Forces with the the disputed waters may norbe a good idea. People's Liberation Army, as both forces - With Christina Mendez From Page 1

Sea row


o t.\ August 2012

Page: _..L.1_

Unclos experts say China's sea claims hold nowater
is covered by the provisions of the Philippines and Malaysia. Although experts say a major convention," Benifatemi was referring to the war in the South China Sea is not _. Two 'international experts said ~awyer who would say it's likely, they have not ruled out 1982 treaty that bestows coastal yesterday that China's extensive nine- compatible with the general states, like the Philippines, the accidental and limited armed understandlngs of the law of the dash line claim on virtually the entire and have urged right to manage, develop and exploit skirmishes West Philippine Sea - which Beijing ~eaJ" Ginsburg told reporters on fhe sidelines of the Angara Center resources in areas covered by its countries to use diplomatic means anchors on history - lacked merit for Law and Economics Forum exclusive economic zone (EEZ). to resolve their conflicting claims. under modern international laws. The United States, which has It is signed by the Philippines, Friday. But rival claimants like the ~ China's recent move to bring all China and 162 other states. been reasserting its role as an AsiaPhilippines may find it tough to bring The West Philippine Sea - a Pacific power, has declared that elaimed South China Sea areas the long-hanging territorial disputes the peaceful resolution and ana resource-rich rnder the ambit of the recently strategic to international arbit.ratio..n". .c,~a " ~stablished "Sansha Citynwas "an. waterway where a bulk of the freedom of navigation in the waters be, ... ,~• of the usually long time It;tak~T6 Sntemal recognitionthat the mnedash world's trade pass - had been a is in its national interest. It has been helping the resolve su:ch rifts and the ne~d for line on its own was not enough to source of conflict among competing China's approval before any case make a viable claim," Ginsburgsaid. claimants such as four Asean Philippines and Vietnam with " "If you do have a populated members - Philippines, Vietnam, military hardware and joint military could be considered for arbitration, Malaysia, Brunei - and China and exercises amid the territorial rifts, erritory, then the maritime the experts said. aselinescan be calculated from Taiwan. Other Asean members are which has renewed tensions in the With the Association of Southeast region. Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, hat place. Extending populated Asian Nations (Asean) unable to Philippine Defense Secretary reas in the South China Sea is an Cambodia, Laos and Myanm/U'. effectively help bring about a The South China Sea is dotted 'Voltaire Gazmin has reiterated the effective strategy from the law of resolution because of its policy of with islands, reefs, cays, shoals and government's stance of resolving the sea," he added. deciding by consensus - which i • Top arbitration lawyer Vas rock formations and is believed to the dispute with China over the empowers just one of its 10 member-II anifatemi, of the Paris-based be rich in natural gas and oil . West Philippine Sea using countries to block any proposed ' international law as a common hearman & Streling said China's deposits. ' solution - the best option for now ~ istorical basis for its huge Analysts feared that the basis as he stressed commitment may be for bilateral or multilateral competing claims could spark a to continuous communications with territorial claims is a throw-back negotiations or shelving the conflicts in time that could no longer be military conflict in the region. his counterpart as. part of the steps In the latest flare-out between to address the issue. to allow joint development of \lsed and cited under modern-day Speaking during the 85th Manila and Beijing, the two Asian aws, where the international contested areas, the experts ommunity subscribes to and neighbors had been engaged in a founding anniversary ofthe People's explained. phold. ' standoff from April to June this Liberation Army (PLA) of China at Asked to assess China's nine-dash , Asked if China's historical basis year when Chinese vessel-s , the Shangri-La Hotel in Makati City line territorial claim, University of 'Chicago Law School Prof. Tom for its claims would hold water, intruded into a shoal called Bajo on Tuesday, Gazmin admitted that anifatemi replied: "No, I don't de Masinloc or Scarborough, which Beijing and Manila were now facing Ginsburg, who specializes in ink so. It was something that was Philippine officials say is part of "difficult challenges." International Law and Political "While our two countries are one in certain circumstances and its territory: Science, said Beijing's claim did not "ertain people in different context . faced with difficult challenges, we Vietnam likewise protested hold much merit under current , and history and economic context what it. calls increasing Chinese both share the view that these international laws. aggression in the resource-rich should not undermine the overall and that's over. They have to take A recent Chinese move to establish international law as it exists and waters. Beijing recently tendered relationship of our two countries. a new city called Sansha under its to achieve something that is bids for several gas and oil as we both search for a politiea' southern Haman provinceto politically compatible with the principles of exploration areas within Hanoi's and diplomatic means to resolve our differences, with internationa administer China's claimed territories international law that exists today.~ waters. Further complicating the law as our common basis anc China, Banifatemi said, "should in the West Philippine Sea or South situation is China's recent framework," Gazmin said. China Sea was a sort of an abide by the United Nations Tension between the Philippines Convention on the Law of the Sea establishment of Sansha City - a acknowledgement of the inadequacy move protested by Vietnam; the and China went hi~ during the pas (U nclos) definitely because China of its nine-dash claim. "It doesn't have much merit from the point of view of the modern international law of the sea. I don't think you'd find a modern international

by MarioJ ..Maliari

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months due to increased assertiveness of the Chinese in the disputed territories of Kalayaan Islands Group (K1GB) or the Spr a.tlys and in Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal in the Wcl;t Philippine Sea. In fact, a fleet of 30 Chinese fishing vessels were monitored about five nautical miles of Philippine-occupied Pagasa Island in theKIGs late last month. The island is the seat of government of Kalayaan town, Palawan, The Philippine government has filed several diplomatic protests against China and urged Beijing to settle the dispute before the Unclos which recognizes a country's 200 nautical-mile EEZ at sea. Gazmin, however, said his attendance at the PLA anniversary celebration, led by Chinese Ambassador Ma Keqing and Senior Col. Chen Fangming, was a testament of the Philippine government's commitment to resolve the differences through diplomatic means. "Our presence in this cele bration manifests our commitment to keep the lines of communication open between our defense establishments, as agreed upon during my bilateral meeting with Defense Minister Liang Guanglie, I believe that our governments, our peoples and our armed forces have enough goodWill which we should all utilize to further our bilateral relations amidst these difficult times," Gazmin said, "Once again, let me acknowiedge the continued engagement of our Armed Forces with the People's Liberaiion Army, as both forces work together for peace, and stability in our region," Gazmin added. With PNA

OFFICEOF THE ARMY CHIEF PUBUCAFFAIRS" Email add: oatpa_hpa@'yahoo.cCJm"'Telno.(02)892·'693.LocaI:52sl.,5295






61 August 2012 From A Distance


Voice of America on the South China Sea
Our weaknesses as a nation have been shown up _bythe way we tackled the South China Sea problem. It has less to do with being united than it has with poor leadership. Think of it. If we do not have the capability to go towar with China and the US will not fight for us, why dowe persist on this warpath? It is not the only option-available. We are in the 21stcehtury and there are any number of combinations of diplomatic maneuvering, some of them, old and some still untried, Why should we be stuck with the language of gunboat diplomacy of the 19th century? : Vietnam, another claimant, makes noises but it does not put its eggs in one basket. Not only is it better equipped militarily to saber rattle but when it does it is: respected because it suffered a war of attrition with the US and won. , The Philippines is seen as provoking a war by buying second-hand military equipment and a background of. US dependency. The world has forgotten that this is the. country that challenged two superpowers one after the other in quick succession. If we do not care about that history why should anyone? Today, our presidents are made in the US of A and we think it is a joke. * * * Iread this article from the Voice of America blog about "Challenging Beijing in the South China Sea" that might help clarify certain misconceptions of 'patriotic' Filipinos. It notes that Hanoi and Manila have taken different approaches and it is important for us to Understand the difference. . Vietnam does not rely on a single power or country. Instead "it is strengthening military ties with.the United' States (its former enemy), India, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and Russia, building what joshua Kurlantzick of the US Council on Foreign Relations calls a "web of ad hoc bilateral relationships to shore up their security." . "The strategy here is that Vietnam will use many dif-, ferent partners in order to back itself up. Who are our: other partners? .. . "Vietnam is in a stronger position than the Philippines simply because for years the Armed Forces of Philippines basically did nothing to upgrade its navy," the article adds, Worse improving its military comes at a wrong time. It is seen as a provocation when it should have been a confuming government policy whatever the administration. Filipino President Benigno Aquino IIIis trying to catch' up, placing an order for more attack helicopters. but others see this as too little, too late. V ..ietnam. and the Philippines also differ in their ~plo~ [ matic approach after the failure of an Asean communique. "While Vietnam looks to other solutions weaker nations such as the Philippines are trying to broaden th€} mediation effort by taking the dispute to the United Nations,". the article.adds ..

. "T~at move has l~ttle support in Washington, says' Bonrne Glaser, a seruor fellow on €hina studies at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). She s~ys the Obama administration is pushing instead for direct code-of-conduct talks between China and ASEAN. ~ C~P: ThIS ~hould get more prominent coverage in PhilIppme rnedia.) . "The United States,doesn't view this as a US-China Issue," Glaser says. "Taking it to the UN would make it seem like a US-China issue because none of the other per~an~n~ Security Council members really have any stake m~ffi~~ill" . . "The Philippu:es is throwing everything at the wall because they ~re ~ the weak~stpositi~n and they want to see what sticks, Kurlantzlck says. You have senior Philippine national security officials coming repeatedly to the US and asking for certain types of upgrades. You ~av~ them sort of trying to maneuver the US into confirmmg that because of our relationship with them in the past, the South China Sea would come under that Mutual Defense Treaty." The Philippines strength comes from what is taken for gr~nted - its de~ocratic structure. "Though weaker militarily, Kurlant;zIck ~ays the Philippines has a more open and de~ocratIc political system than Vietnam and is less susceptible to public anger over Chinese aggression." Although there are some Filipinos eager to foment anger:\ there are few takers. r , * * * "Countries are worri,ed about US staying power, about whether or Il,?t there wIl! be a counter-weight to China,", Glaser says. We are trym. g to say; 'Yes. We will be there to ensure p~ace and security in the region.' : . Bu~ that IS only part of the equation. It has its prob.lematic part and this is what Filipino officials should take
M~~ . ,

"It's problematic because we don't wantto embolden other countries t~ engage in a confrontation with China." . Glaser makes It clear that if it does it would be an un-: intended consequence of the Asia Pivot. This is Glaser's explanation. . . "Perhaps some of the actions taken by the Philippines nught not have been taken if this series of events had taken place at a time when the United States was not seeking to refocus on Asia.


~"When we are asked by President'Aquino to say something more forcefully about how we will defend the Philippines if it is attacked, thlsputs the us in a very difficult position," the eSIS regional expert says. "We don't want to leave the Philippines in a weak position. But at the same time we don't want to tell the Philippines, 'We've got your back." The US dilemma is more important than whether we are united behind the Aquino government's policy no matter how misguided. * * * It is good that the defense attache of the Chinese bassy said that a "frank dialogue" would help achieve a peaceful resolution of the territorial dispute and resumption of friendly relations between the Philippines and China. It is an opportunity we must take not the least because it is a good counterpoint to US prevarication. "Defense Minister General Liang Guanglie and Defense Secre.tary Voltaire Gazmin reached a three-point consensus on Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal and the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) on the sidelines of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Defense Ministers Meeting in Cambodia last May;" Air Force Senior Col. Chen Fangming said. I think it is better than saber rattling when we do not have the capability. The Philippines should explore all diplomatic possibilities by keeping the communications lines open with China. ' . "The consensus was achieved because each side used restraint in words and actions that would only escalate the issue," Chen added.' .



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Anti-insurgency sympo targets sehoolkids
By KIMBERLIE NGABIT-QUITASOL Northern Disllibtch BAGUIO CI1Y - The Cordillera Women's Education Action Research Center (CWEARC) and Indigenous Peoples Legal Center (Dinteg) raised alarm over the counter insurgency campaign of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) that involves elementary and high school students. "It is indeed alarming that Grade VI school children and high school students are being dragged into the counterinsurgency campaign of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)," said CWEARC Executive Director Vernie Yocogan-Diano. Diano and Dinteg Executive Director Rhoda Dalang brought to Baguio City Schools Division Superintendent counterinsurgency Humanitarian Mary A. Lang-ayan at least three concerns. Among the concerns raised of AFP and Department of Education (DepEd) on this to International Human Rights and campaign is a contravention were: 1) the partnership

Laws, UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, RA 7610 and other laws on of

the protection of children; 2) children must be spared from the counter-insurgency campaign of the AFP and 3) the use of "Knowing Thy Enemy" power point presentation the AFP which vilify and directly attaches legal organizations Cordillera Peoples Alliance as front organizations Philippines/New People's Army/National like Gabriela, Bayan Muna, Party of the of the Communist

Democratic Front (CPP/NPA/NDF). in peril as we have seen in the of Aquino,"

"This equation is putting legal activist organizations Macapagal-Arroyo administration

systematic political killings of legal activists under Oplan Bantay Laya during the and now Oplan Bayanihan in the government said the women's group. In the said talk, Lang-ayan admitted that she did not check the content of the AFP's lecture and trusted that they will just discuss their institutional public image. functions in its aim of recovering its

She added that the lectures should be held outside class hours and with parent's consent which, however, was not specified in the memo. Lang-ayan also committed to take back the DepEd Baguio City Division Memorandum 68 it issued last June

it allowed AFP to conduct symposium in public schools.

"In the actual conduct as experienced in the class of my daughter, the symposium, which is jointly conducted with the PNP (Philippine National Police), is held during class hours (Hekasi period). Parental consent was not taken," Diano pointed out. In an interview, Dalang reiterated that children should not be included in the counter insurgency campaign of the AFP. "It is wrong to teach wrong ideas in schools," she stressed. She also condemned the AFP for its continuing vilification oflegitimate peoples organizations. "We are not enemies of the state. We are not insurgents," she said. She added that the recent counter insurgency campaign using children only proves the deceptiveness of Oplan Bayanihan and how it is actually continuing Oplan Bantay Laya. Memorandum 68 reads "The Charlie Company of the 5th Civil Military Operations Battalion, 5th Infantry Division, Philippine Army in coordination with the Department of Education (DepEd), will conduct a counter-insurgency campaign, a i-hour symposium, in all public elementary and high schools in this Division starting July operation of the Communist Terrorist Movement". The said memorandum also identified Grade VI pupils and high school students as participants to the symposium. It said the symposiums for high school students will be scheduled on Saturdays while for elementary pupils it will be during their Hekasi periods. Reposted by
1, 2012,

Saturday. This

is to enhance pupils'Zstudents' consciousness about the lies, deception and clandestine