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Socio-economic Vulnerability in a Flood Affected Village of Barak Valley, Assam, India
Pulak Das1 and N. B. Dey2

Former PhD Student, Department of Ecology and Environmental Science, Assam University, Silchar, Pin-788011, Cachar, Assam, India 2 Department of Commerce, Assam University, Silchar Corresponding author: pulakdas.ecology@gmail.com

Present paper discusses about the socio-economic vulnerability of a flood prone village Dudhpatil (Part V), situated on the northern bank of River Barak in Cachar district of Assam. The study analyses the socioeconomic condition by considering factors such as family size, gender ratio, family landholding, basic amenities like drinking water availability, electricity, house types, sanitation etc. The family size ranges from 3 members to 21 members with a low sex ratio in terms of females per thousand males (898). Although annual family income exhibits a large variation (Rs. 24000 to Rs 840000), but average literacy (87.43 %) is higher than the district average. Landholding is observed to be quite low with over fifty four percent families don’t have agricultural land. Besides having inadequate drinking water facility and electrification in the village which reduces the adaptive capacity indirectly against any natural hazard, some direct constructs such as inability in swimming and cases of physical and mental handicap of individuals increases the vulnerability. Lower socio-economic condition on the one hand reduces adaptive capacity against natural hazards of rural communities in north east India, while natural hazards on the other hand further deteriorates the socio-economic conditions creating a vicious cycle. Socio-economic aspects should be taken care of while planning for disaster management, as a degraded socio-economic condition may act as trigger to convert hazard into disaster. Such studies are important to mitigate the long term affect of floods in rural communities. Present study is first step in this direction which can provide base line information for more such future studies. Keywords: Dudhpatil, Rural socio-economy, vulnerability, floods

Asia Pacific Journal of Social Sciences, Vol.III(2), July-Dec 2011, pp.110-123

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