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SDI-12 Depth Sensor Interface for Airmar DT800
Revision 002 14 August, 2011
SDI-12 Wiring:
Wire colour Black White Red SDI-12 connection Ground SDI-12 Data 12 volts

Airmar DT800 Wiring:
Wire colour Black Red Blue White Wiring connection Ground 12 volts RS485 ‘A’ RS485 ‘B’

SDI-12 Output: Output has four parameters: Sensor Temperature (degrees C) Depth (feet) Depth (metres) Depth (fathoms) Example interaction: Blue is SDI-12 poll from logger, red is SDI-12 response from sensor. 0M! 00064 0 0D0! 0+11.0+8.0+2.4+1.3 The above SDI-12 response should be parsed as: Temperature: 11.0 degrees C Depth: 8.0 feet = 2.4 metres = 1.3 fathoms

Specifications: Supply voltage: 7-24 volts DC Supply current: 2 mA idle, 120 mA during measurement Interface: 3-wire, SDI-12 v1.3 Response time: 6 seconds Dimensions (pcb, not including DT800 sensor): 15mm x 65mm Can also be mounted along cable. Inquire for details.

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