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Published by: Sugat Srivastava on Aug 04, 2012
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The Future of Cinema


Cinema India

3 - 5 June 2010
Bombay Exhibition Centre, India www.cinemaindiaexpo.com


Bollywood Going Digital
10th Trade Convention on Film Production, Distribution and Exhibition. Reach out to the Bollywood Movie Production Industry.


Premier Expo & Conference on Film Production & Services
Focus: Digital Cinematography 3D Projection

Cinema India Expo will present the latest digital technologies in cinema production and digital projection. 3D Bollywood is the new horizon. 3D Production technologies is the Show Focus in 2010. As Hollywood major distributors expand into Indian cinema, the market for cinema production and theatre equipment in India is on a high growth path. With attendance of over 12,000 professionals at the Cinema India Expo covering 9,000 sqmt area, it is the largest entertainment industry convention. Extending from music production to cinema exhibition. Bollywood movies and Indian Cinema enjoy a global audience and movie distribution by Hollywood's major studios. Investments into sophisticated movie production equipment and software tools are witnessing a rapid growth. Exploit this fantastic opportunity at Cinema India

4560 40 sqm Raw Space Rs. location sound. 1. Floral Arrangement. Tables.cinemaindiaexpo. Company name. Weblink. Unlimited Attendee Registration. You can establish yourself among these visionaries by making this conference possible through sponsorship opportunities. The future of Cinema.76. Film-processing labs to post studios.000 industry delegates that all our Conference Sponsors enjoy. to production software. Exhibit products include film cameras.The Future of Cinema www.com Expo by presenting your products and services to an expanding market with global standards of knowledge and expertise. Conference Sponsor As a Conference sponsor. Your company name logo will be prominently displayed at the conference venue on the main backdrop. Weblink.2250 20 sqm Exhibit Space (Shell Included) Shell scheme space includes 5AMP power. Carpeting. 72.2. Rs.000 / USD . the entire chain in film production shall participate in the exhibition and conference. Floral Arrangement. Company name stand number. Tables. to equipment rentals. soundtrack and recording studios.8640 Service Tax will be charged at 10.200 / USD . to locations. Carpeting. As an . set designers. stand number. on the sponsors panel in the exhibition area. Chairs.55. Cinema India Expo attracts all service providers concerning film production: from film studios. film positives. film negatives. Rs. Unlimited Attendee Registration. telecine and 3D animation. Exhibit at Cinema India and connect with decision makers and professionals who are aware and exposed to the latest techniques in movie production. Access an assured market. Chairs. Major technology companies form an integral part of Cinema India Expo 2010.3% Incorporating Segments Digital C nema FILM LOCATIONS Digital Film Festival 01010101010101 010 01010101010101 010 01010101010101 010 01010101010101 010 01010101010101 010 F Sponsorship Options Led by visionaries and influential industry leaders. Exhibit Options 9 sqm Exhibit Space (Shell Included) Shell scheme space includes 5AMP power. and in the conference program. The range of cine gear in lighting and camera mounting. online producers.000 / USD . the 10th Cinema India Expo international conference will provide attendees with the insights and experiences that have proved to enhance business opportunities and maximise profits. your organisation can take advantage of the prestige and highvisibility to over 12.

Investment in film production is strong in regional movie production. and Suppliers • Manufacturers. film production in India is indeed gaining momentum. Sponsorship Fee: Rs. Every sponsor will receive a listing in the Visitors Brochure and Exhibitor Directory and will be provided a full page ad opportunity in the Exhibitors directory at no extra charge. Become a sponsor and see your name and identity prominently displayed at a variety of events. The . Sponsorship and Presentation Opportunities How can you participate in Cinema India Expo? Book a booth and exhibit to take advantage of one-on-one selling and networking opportunities. Sponsorship Fee: Rs.000 per sponsor Service Tax will be charged at 10. Distributors.000 per sponsor. Arrangers. Mainstream movies target especially the urban market as well as separately the mass market too. are increasing the demand for cine gear.The Future of Cinema www.500 screens. 35. your literature will be a significant part of the Delegate Kit that each participant receives. as a result. Bollywood and Indian Cinema Market Dynamics With the expansion of Multiplexes and Digital Cinema theatres and satellite distribution of Movies to over 2. Directors • Colourists • Cinematographers / Cameramen • Visual Effects Artists • Editors • Engineers and Technicians • Contractors. Each sponsor representative will be provided with a VIP Speaker Badge & Invitation to all function and receptions such as the PALM Expo and Musician Expo.000 / USD 6.50. New film production companies promoted. Incorporating Segments Seminar Workshop Sponsor Workshops provide an ideal forum to provide information about your products and services to a focused and already engaged audience. Refreshments to be served to all the delegates attending your workshop. Present your most compelling products and sales story in a 2-hour presentation complete with AV support package and seating for up to 300 people.3% Concess ons musementGames Attendee Profile More than 12.000 visitors will attend Cinema India Expo from these industry professions: • Film makers • Audio and Post Engineers • Producers. as well as compliments.cinemaindiaexpo.com added bonus. 2. and Dealers • Composers and Musicians Exhibit.000 / USD 1. Sponsors will be provided with workshop venues and audio visual equipment.

More Information For more information about the opportunities available at Cinema India.000 screens in India. telecine and reverse telecine. lighting. previous exhibitors and conferences updates. visitor profile. The success of Avatar in 3D has been a catalyst for latest digital projection systems. 4K scanning. Along with 2K satellite distribution of movies will see non 2K projection expanding to half the present 12.com for the floor plan. contact Manoj Madhavan .com . and acoustics to concessions.sales@cinemaindiaexpo. Theatre Equipment for sound. box office. • A Conference programme over three days featuring seminar presentations from acknowledged professionals and Panel Discussions featuring distinguished speakers. seating. product profile.cinemaindiaexpo. networking. animation and 3D technology in creation and projection. • A Digital Film Festival featuring digital format movies – the future of cinema.com. Leading industry professionals attend the show and your participation assures you of attention from decision makers and your target audience. from a leading Hollywood professional. call +91 22 2660 9147 Mamta Pandey . Digital Projection is the new wave.com. hot news. Digital Cinema encompasses visual effects software and editing. • A Master Class for Cinematographers. exhibitor manual. sponsorship opportunities. The business of cinema and the future of cinema are both incorporated at Cinema India Expo 2010.com new breed of professionals training in Hollywood aspire to use the latest technology and have the resources. This trend strengthened with huge investments in Bollywood film production by the major Hollywood studios indicates the future of Cinema.The Future of Cinema www. Incorporating Segments Cinema India Exhibition incorporates digital intermediate products and digital cinematography as its primary focus as the future of cinema is digital processes.sales@cinemaindiaexpo. The 3D Theatre on the Expo floor will showcase the future of cinema in India. It is expected 2K digital projection will see approx 500 theatres in 2010 with almost all theatres going digital in the next decade. hotels at discount rates. exhibit space booking form. management. The Focus of Cinema India 2010 is 3D projection. especially acquisition on digital cameras. Cinema India Expo and Conference is the industry attended annual convention. now into its 10th Show. advertising. and more. Highlights • 3D Theatre. and business and to amusement entertainment at cinema halls and multiplexes.cinemaindiaexpo. call +91 22 2660 0891 Visit www. multiplex design. in partnership with contact brian@createasphere.

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