The Elements of Pop-up A Pop-Up Book For Aspiring Paper Engineers by David A.

Carter and James Diaz

Below you'll find tons of clickable links to the images featured in this book. Print them out and have some paper engineering fun!®

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Parallel Folds Tent Uneven Tent Parallel Open Box Tube Post Armature Parallel Cube Boat Cylinder Cone Parallel Pyramid Closed Tent Box w/ a Parallel Plane Noise Maker Tent w/ a Tipped in Extension Arch w/ a Tube strap Movable Platform w/ a Tube Post Stable Platform w/ a Tent Coil Angle Fold & Unequal Angle Fold Angle Fold Unequal Angle Fold Angle Fold Open Box Angle Fold Box w/ Crossing Planes Angle Fold Cube Angle Fold Pyramid Angle Fold Platform Opposing Angles w/ Pinched Tips Opposing Angles w/ a Tent Angle Fold/ with a Parallel Fold, Parallel Plane & Slotted Plane Angle Fold w/ a Tipped-in Angle Fold Extension & Slotted Angle Fold Wheel w/ a Moire Pattern Wheel w/ a Tip-on

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Wheel w/ a Cam and a Reciprocating Arm Double Wheel Pull Tab w/ Lever Pull Tab w/ Parallel Movement Pull Tab w/ Moire Pattern Pull Tab w/ a Changing Picture Pull Tab w/ a Rocker Arm Pull Tab w/ a Spinner Pull Tab w/ a Pulley Pull Tab w/ Tracks

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