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Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Peace in the Midst of the Storm

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This is the sermon notes during the August 5, 2012 Worship Service of True Vine Baptist Church
This is the sermon notes during the August 5, 2012 Worship Service of True Vine Baptist Church

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Published by: TVBCBACOLOD on Aug 05, 2012
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August 5, 2012 True Vine Baptist Church Worship Service Sermon Notes Text: Mark 4:35-41 Title: Peace in the

midst of the Storm Philippines is experiencing an ave. 24-26 tropical storms per year We are not only facing the physical storms but also spiritual storms in the form of trials, problems sickness, troubles, oppressions etc I. because Jesus is with you. v.35 Let us pass over to the other side" A. It is a journey WITH Jesus other names: Sea of Tiberias Lake of Gennesaret, The Sea, the lake (OT) Sea of Chinnereth/chinneroth Description: urface is 680ft. below the level of Middeterranean sea depth varies from 130-148 ft surrounded by mountains up to 2000 ft. high swirling wind causing unpredictable storms B. It is a journey with assurance v.36 'He was in the ship" What Jesus did before the event: Mk. 4;23-25 He healed a demon-posses man He healed a man sick of palsy The healed a man with withered hand. II. Because Jesus is in control v.39 v.37 description: 1. Sudden "great storm, of wind" Problems and circumstances that may caught us by surprise 2. waves beat into the ship may cause to afflict, harm or startle us - may cause to shaken or trust and dependence on God 3. Ship is now full May cause the worst scenario in life Remember: Life with God is not an Eden, or a bed of roses. Sometimes God allows us to hit the bottom rock to know that He is the rock at the bottom. When all other foundations fail, Jesus is the sure foundation Matt 7:24-25, Isa.28:16 v.38 Observations: 1. He was in the hinder part of ship -allowing you to do it your way. Prov.3:5-6 2. “Asleep on a pillow" Jesus is never affected by any storm God cannot be troubled with any problem Matt.6:24-34 - "Don't Worry" 3. 'Carest not thou that we perish" God does care - only we acknowledge him late. v.39 Observations: a. time for God to do it His way 1. "He arose" 2. Rebuked the wind show of authority over his creation A proof that he has mastery of all his creation John 1:3 ,Col. 1:16

THE STRONG WIND CEASED AND THE GREAT STORM BECAME A GREAT CALM - AT AN INSTANT III. Because Jesus is training your faith – v.40 Why are ye so fearful? Matt. 14:25-33 Disciples v.26 troubled, cried for fear v.27 - be not afraid v.28 bid me to come unto thee v.29 come v.30 When he SAW the wind, He was afraid v.31 - O Thou of little faith Realization: v.33 Thou art the Son of God Do you have your storms troubling or threatening you? HAVE PEACE AND BE STILL IF HE CAN CALM THE STORMS, HE CAN CALM YOUR TROUBLES Remember He goes with you and is in control of everything Just trust him in every step of the way

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