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"E-Bay Spec" Written by Tim Noonan

385 S. Catalina Ave. Apt. 222 Pasadena, CA 91106 (617) 605 - 5028

FADE IN: EXT. SUBURBAN HOME -- MORNING A middle aged, frumpy MAN stands in his driveway in front of an open garage door. He wears sweatpants and matching grey sweatshirt. colorful headband over his forehead. He has a

He slouches as he stares ahead, before suddenly giving a half-assed jump in the air. He lands, counts to himself, lips moving, "One, two..." and jumps again. He counts and jumps again. INSERT A COMPUTER SCREEN A mouse cursor is clicking on a JUMP ROPE from eBay. ANNOUNCER (V.O.) Jump Ropes. Just one of the many items available on eBay... RETURN TO SCENE The man lets out a heavy sigh as he starts counting again. He jumps and startles NEIGHBOR WOMAN passing by with her pomeranian. FADE OUT: THE END