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"Leprocil" Written by Tim Noonan

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FADE IN: EXT. HILLTOP -- SUNSET A twenty-something couple is silhouetted as they gaze out at the landscape. ANGLE MAN and WOMAN in profile. MAN I have leprosy. He turns to face the camera and the side of his face that was hidden from view is peeling with oozing sores. She turns to match his gaze into the camera. WOMAN I don't. MAN And we'd like to keep it that way. A BIKE TRAIL -- MORNING The man and woman ride their mountain bikes up the trail. WOMAN (V.O.) Did you know that one in five people who suffer from leprosy don't tell their partners? THE BIKES COME TO A STOP Man removes his helmet as he says his line. MAN Because they don't know. He realizes that his hair has come off and stuck in the helmet, he grabs it and puts it back on awkwardly. LAKESIDE -- DAY The couple walk the shore of a lake, holding hands and skipping stones. MAN (V.O.) (CONT'D) But thanks to Leprocil, I can help control outbreaks. He winds back to throw a stone, when he pitches it forward, his hand pops off and flies into the water with it. A dog walking with someone else nearby jumps in the water to retrieve it.

2. HILLTOP -- SUNSET The man and woman sit side by side again. WOMAN And I like knowing that I'm protected. MAN It feels good. She nods. They kiss each other. When she pulls back, she has his lips attached to her own. As she is pulling them off they both laugh. Screen blurs over the couple putting their heads together and SUPER "Leprocil" ANNOUNCER (V.O.) Ask your doctor about Leprocil. Life shouldn't stop just because parts of your body fall off. FADE OUT: THE END