Creo 1.

Quick Install Guide
In this guide, we provide a quick outline on how to install Creo 1.0 Schools Edition. If you want a step by step guide with visual references, use the In Depth Install Guide.

1. If you don’t have a PTC account, get one here 2. Email sent containing your product code. 3. Run the PTC Install Manager utility to acquire a License (you will need your product code): 4. First type your product code in the Sales Order Number (SON) box, and then provide your PTC user name (usually email) and password. 5. Confirm your license was generated in your Documents folder 6. Download the DVD image of Creo 1.0 Schools Edition. 7. Unzip the DVD image folder 8. Run the setup.exe file 9. Accept Terms & Conditions and then select to install Creo Parametric and Creo Direct. 10. Select folder destination (you can click next to accept default settings) 11. Specify Locked License File and then find and select the License file in your Documents folder. 12. Pick you Windows preferences (you can click next to accept default settings) 13. Install and Run Creo 1.0 Schools Edition! If you have questions, submit your question via