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The First Buddhist Council.,

The First Buddhist Council.,

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Published by: blmitra1 on Aug 05, 2012
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The International Master of Arts Degree Program (IMAP


Subject: Tipitaka Studies Code of a Subject: 000 601

Topic: The Classification of Tipitaka

Lectured by: Phra Ajahn Suthivorayan

An Assignment submitted by Loka Mitra Bhikkhu Registration Number:

The International Masters of Arts Degree Program (IMAP) Graduate School, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, Wang Noi, Ayudaya, Thailand Date:

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The First Buddhist Council (Pathama Sangiti or Pañcasatika)
After having enlightenment in 45 years ministry, the Buddha taught his teachings to the human beings worldwide. It was called Dharma and Vinaya (Conventional teachings and disciplinary codes). The enlightened one taught us, in the first sermon “Ananussutesu dhammesu” which teachings unheard and by others not yet teaches that the Dhamma I’ll teach you. Pathama means first and Council means Sangīti in pāli. End of the three months later, passed away of the Buddha, the elder Monk or Thera Arahant Mahakassapa, heard disparaging remarks of Subaddra monk who was a former barber and lately became a monk. He expresses to rest of the monks as follows “Ma socittha, ma paridevittha” Oh my dear friends, why do you grieve and lament, you don’t grieve and lament that the great Samana’s death is good for us. We are freed from him and his strict rules. That is good and we can enjoy as much as we need. So you all no need to grieve, lament and be happy by his death. These the disparaging remarks heard by elder thera Arahant Mahakassapa. By hearing these kinds of remarks, the elder Arahant Maha Kassapa Thera was alerted and feared that the Dharma and Vinaya will be corrupted. To avoid those kinds of the remarks, he wanted to protect and save it. End of the three months the elder Arahant Mahakassapa called a convention. That was the convention called as a first council or pathama Sangīti. The convention was sponsored by King Ajata Satru son of king Bimbisara in the 544 B.C. (1) But some scholar don’t accept the century and mentioned it in C. 486 B.C.E.(2) It was held in the Saptapanni cave of the Rajagaha modern Rajgir city. Five hundred Arahant monks participated at the convention and it took three months to complete the synod. The elder Arahant Mahakassapa took place the leadership of the convention. He asked those questions to the Arahant Ānanda and that the Ānanda rehearsal

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the Dharma. The Vinaya was rehearsal by Arahant Upāli. Mainly the teachings were analysed as Dharma and Vinaya in that convention. Once the Buddha said to Ananda the minor rules can change by its need. But Ananda couldn’t ask it which one was minor rule can change exactly. That the Maha Kassapa verifies the places and where it preached first time to whom and for what it preached. The Ananda answered those with his perfect knowledge as follows: (Evam me sutam ekam samayam bhagava..........) Thus I have heard, once the Enlightened one......etc. And the Upali answered about the major and minor Vinaya rules too. Anyway, the Ananda and Upali repeated the Dharma and Vinaya which teachings were approved by the Sangha at the convention. In the convention five hundred monks took part so it was called Pañcasatika too. Those days couldn’t recorded it and orally memorized teaches to generation to generation.
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