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American Bridge Paul Ryan Research Book

American Bridge Paul Ryan Research Book


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Published by: americanbridge21 on Aug 05, 2012
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Ryan Voted Against The DREAM Act, Which Aimed To Provide Pathway To Citizenship For Children Of
Undocumented Immigrants. According to The Hill, “Ryan also voted against the DREAM Act, which Democratic leaders
brought to the House floor at the end of 2010. It would have provided illegal immigrants who came to the country at a young
age a pathway to citizenship if they met certain requirements.” [The Hill, 5/10/12]

Ryan Voted Against The DREAM Act. According to Gannett News Service, “If approved, the [DREAM Act] would allow
immigrants brought to the United States before age 16 who have lived here for at least five years and graduated from high
school or obtained a general equivalency diploma to become temporary legal residents. They could seek citizenship if they
complete at least two years of college or serve in the military. The House passed the measure 216-198, largely along party lines.
All five Wisconsin Democrats -- Tammy Baldwin, Steve Kagen, Ron Kind, Gwen Moore and Dave Obey -- voted for it.
Republicans Tom Petri, Paul Ryan and James Sensenbrenner voted against it.” [Gannett News Service, 12/17/10]

Ryan Said The DREAM Act Because It Failed To Fix The “Root Causes” Of Immigration Problems. According to
Gannett News Service, “Ryan, R-Janesville, said that while he found some merit in the bill, he voted against it because it
‘attempts to treat a symptom, rather than the root causes of our immigration problems.’ ‘Instead of accepting the false premise
that a vote against the DREAM Act is a vote against reform,’ Ryan added, ‘I will continue to pursue a larger conversation on
how to improve our immigration system.’” [Gannett News Service, 12/17/10]

Christine Neumann-Ortiz Of Workers Rights Group “Voces De La Frontera” Accused Ryan Of “Caving In” To
Xenophobic Element Of The GOP. According to Gannet News Service, “Ryan’s vote didn’t sit well with Christine
Neumann-Ortiz, executive director of Voces de la Frontera, a Milwaukee-based workers’ rights and community activist group.
She accused him of ‘caving in to the most xenophobic element of the Republican Party.’ Neumann-Ortiz was arrested Nov. 29
along with two others after they refused to leave Ryan’s Racine office in an act of civil disobedience over the DREAM Act.
‘It’s a big issue because it’s something that’s good for the country,’ Neumann-Ortiz said. ‘It’s investing in young people who
you’ve already invested in, and it makes no sense for anyone to oppose this bill.’” [Gannett News Service, 12/17/10]

Ryan Voted Against the DREAM Act, Which Would Allow a Pathway to Citizenship for Immigrant Children. On
December 18, 2010, Ryan voted against the DREAM Act. This legislation would provide a pathway to legal residency for
hundreds of thousands of young, undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States illegally by their parents.
Specifically, this legislation would allow young immigrants to attend college or join the U.S. military for two years and start
their pathway to American citizenship. Supporters say the bill would send more people to college, boost military recruitment
and is important for law enforcement efforts. Critics have denounced the bill as a mass amnesty plan and that “at its
fundamental core is a reward for illegal activity”, according to Sen. Jeff Session (R.Ala.). Former Secretary of State Colin
Powell said, “Immigrants are fueling this country. Without immigrants America would be like Europe and Japan with an aging
population and no young people to come in and take care of it. We have to educate our immigrants. The DREAM Act is one
way we can do this.” [Roll Call 625, H 5281, 12/08/2010; Color Lines, 9/20/10; Politico, 12/18/10; The White House]


Ryan Voted to Deny Financial Assistance for Illegal Immigrants. In May 2008, Ryan voted in favor of an amendment to
a bill providing grants and loans to rehabilitate foreclosed properties. The amendment clarified that illegal immigrants would
be ineligible for financial assistance under the bill. The underlying legislation would authorize a loan and grant program for the


purchase and rehabilitation of owner-vacated, foreclosed homes. Of the funds, $7.5 billion would be for loans, and $7.5 billion
would be for grants. The amendment passed 391-33 [Roll Call 297, H 5818, 05/08/2008; CQ Bill Analysis]

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