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American Bridge Paul Ryan Research Book

American Bridge Paul Ryan Research Book


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Published by: americanbridge21 on Aug 05, 2012
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Ryan PAC Donated To Tommy Thompson Presidential Bid In 2007. According to the Associated Press, “So far, the
only PAC to contribute to Thompson is Rep. Paul Ryan’s Prosperity PAC, which gave $1,000. ‘I simply wanted to wish him
well,’ said Ryan, R-Wis. ‘He’s Wisconsin’s favorite son. It was the least I could do for a governor who’s done so much for our
state.’ Ryan said the contribution was not an endorsement of Thompson’s candidacy. ‘I haven’t endorsed anybody,’ he said.”
[Associated Press, 4/30/07]

Ryan Described Tommy Thompson As His “Greatest Mentor.” According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,
“Wisconsin Republican Reps. Mark Green and Paul Ryan, in statements released Friday, praised Thompson for improving
Medicare and preparing the nation for chemical and biological terrorist threats. ‘He has led the U.S. Department of Health and
Human Services through a difficult and dynamic time of positive changes,’ Ryan said. Ryan and Green also acknowledged
Thompson’s role in their careers. ‘Tommy has been my greatest mentor,’ Ryan said. ‘Of all things, he taught me that public
service is about helping people reach their potential. He is a man of passion, big ideas, and boundless enthusiasm.’”
[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/4/04]

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