Inspired by Montessori 9-12 year old Curriculum Faith What We Believe Series by Apologia The Pilgrims Progress Math Divisibility

Least Common Multiple Greatest Common Divisor Multiples and Factors Fraction and Decimal Operations—Key To/Tracker Binomials & Trinomials (last passage) Algebraic Decanomial Cross Multiplication Square Root Cubing, Cube Root Signed Numbers Ratios/Percentages Proportions Coordinate Systems Different Number Bases Weights and Measures Operations Review & Practice: Life of Fred Daily Reading/Your Turn to Play Operations Review & Practice Mathimagination, Math Mammoth, Math Whizz Geometry Review 1-3 State Standards Adjective Detective Game Special Angles Circles Study of Area Advanced Equivalencies Theorem of Pythagoras Lateral and Total Surface Area Solid Geometry Congruency, Similarity, Equivalency Volume Language Monthly Literature Study—Reading List TBD Grammar—Paper Cuts Montessori Materials Grammar-IEW Fix-It!, Tom Sawyer, The Frog Prince, Little Mermaid and The King & the Discommodious Pea Sentence Logical Analysis Review Greek & Latin Roots Spiral Study-Latin, Greek & Science Roots Excavating English Spelling—Phonetic Zoo, Levels A, B, & C Writing: Institute for Excellence in Writing Beautiful Feet Books Geography Through Literature Writing: IEW—Student Writing Intensive-A & SICC-C Geography Impressionistic Charts & Experiments Set 1 & 2 Where In the World? Basic & Advanced Land/Water Form/Impressionistic Stories Imaginary Island Study II Latitude and Longitude Extensions Mapping the World by Heart World Civilizations, United States, Indiana Highlight Science Biology Cells Five Kingdoms Vital Functions of Animals Advanced Classification of Animals The Great River: Human Biology; Impressionistic Story The Brain: An Introduction to Neurology First Classification of Plants/Botany Charts & Experiments Vital Functions of Plants Advanced Classification of Plants Chemistry Periodic Table of Elements States of Matter Compounds Zometool Molecular Mania Physical Science Simple Machines, Matching Forces: Set 1, 2 & 3 Geology Weather The World According to Biomes *We own & will use God’s Design for Science as core as needed History Old Testament Activity Pak New Testament Activity Pak Story of the World-Volumes 1-4—Group Reading History Through the Ages Record of Time Study of Civilizations Fundamental Needs of People Fundamental Needs of People Through the Ages Society and Civilization Community and Contributions Timeline of Various Civilizations Growth of a Culture/Migration American History US History Based Writing-Explorers Through Gold Rush US History Based Writing-Civil War Through Present Indiana History Computer Keyboarding Publishing for Print & Web Reports and Research Spanish – Rosetta Stone Art Practical Life Community Service

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