Would the UN envoy be able to raise the plight of native Rakhine people under the Bengali illegal immigration


By citizen reporter
August 5, 2012 “Tomas Quintana, the U.N.'s human rights rapporteur for Myanmar, called for an independent investigation into allegations that authorities are using excessive force and committing other human rights violations while trying to restore order in Rakhine state” CNN reported. But Ko Ko Gyi, who is the prominent leader of Burmese youth, doubted that he would be able to make a fair report. UNHCR is widely believed by native Rakhine people as an organization which is promoting the the issue of the Islamists and encouraging the illegal immigration from Bangladesh. Ko Ko Gyi said that the native Rakhine people are also human beings and their voice and rights should be considered and respected by the UN also. However, in the past, UN has never mentioned the plight of the native people under Bengali illegal immigration. He added that if Quintana failed to report the side of Rakhine native people issue this time, his report will be questionable for its credibility and fairness.

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