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IF posslole .• settla YOl:Ir dispute amicably through! conciliation. mediatfon, al'bilralil:m. or other aH:emative modes .of d ispule n;lSaJlutioll. On'lygo tneourt as a lastrasert.
U you decitle 10 lio !OCO\.iI1~ have all your documents re,ady. Es,timate how much litiga'tion

wm COst.

-iing of Complaint / Peti:tion
CONSULT a lawyer. II you have none, geel assis~ance from the Pu~licA:ttorney's Office (PAD). In:tegrated Bar of the Philippines, (IBP). or the legal aid ellnics.oflaw scaoots.


)0, File the case and pay the fees, asa ssessad by the Clerk of COlJrl. If qualified. file ill motion as an IndigenlliHgalltunderlRl!!le 141. sec. 190rRule3.


)0. OnQe \!he'case is filed and r~s paid. it wi[1 be <!ssigned a docl\et Jll.!Il'!Oerand wi!! be raffled (ex.cepl cases filed insingre-sala courts) loUie jlJdge wtlowill hear lhe esse,



mandatory. The pre-trial wi~accomp11$h 1M rol!owlng:

B. amicable seHlementof h, ",lrnpltfJeaO"",orissu,,"

c.llmitatioolo!!hoe number 01 wiUless;es d, id~nblicalion "r.vid""",,!haI IneOHl:s0 be presented for trial 1

oill1.u>coon duliroglrial_


The pre-trial ordersllall

bindtl;e pa~es, limrt aile !rialto matters not <IIsposed of, all~00I11T0111".C()(Jrse

). Tile parties must persooally aplI"'" an<l submit a pre-trial briel, The 1''''5e",,,, of line parities is indispensable. unles1l,lneir=ID""""" is excused and a SpacialPowemfAllOfllllel' ,SPA); s s "bmilloo. ). Pailu,e oftlle plaintiff to appear s "ail be csuse for dismissal 01 the case, II itis the defendant who ra~s 10 appear, lh" plaintiff shaU be allowe<lIo pMoonl ewldOflQ! inthe'absen"""flhed"[andanL

)DURING regular trial, 'lile partie.!> present 8",idenco both anihe issues of I'a.ct and llaW. 1I1e plaintiff wi II present 'evidencrefirsl., followed by the defendant The plaintiff may submit reblltl£!1evidelllce,ilf1d Ihe d'efemdanl a lI~r-febullat The parties m~jI'll'len lile writlefl memoranda. lhe!eafiar, Ihe' case will be deemed submitted far dellision.

)in III.m:rm.. 'Y procecb.!1:9, U\e p,i!ifties sub,i1i1ilallidavits· of wilileSOOS m lieu of direcl 8xamTFlaiion. TIle a,liIid:avits <Ire .5ubieG! 10 crass-examinetion. The 000011 will render dooSkm based en submllled ,alfidavrls andeviaence €lv'en wl:1hou:loondu.ctl.l'tg acluailliai.

IN regu'lar p.rocedure, a: case must be decided withii1i ninety 1'90)days from the tim.e it was, submitted for decision. II:'!s!Jmmary' procedure, 1:1 case is decided withinlhirty (30) days, A losing, party rna,y file within fffl:esrn (15) daysfrorn noti(:€ a Motion fOf Reconsideration Of Motion for New Trial!, which the jllldge lliIay grnnl or deny. These rnoaons are not allowed in sLJmmaryprocedure,



AN: aggrieved party mayl'i!a an appeal whhin fifteen (15) days, lrom, receipt of '!lila declsion 'or the denial of his Molion fOl" fl:eoollsideratiofl!or Motiolil lor New Trial, if sud'l has been med.


,)0 if a palil.y 'fails to appeal.lhe and 8Kecul.ory.

cileciskln becomes


Jud'gmenls of the firsl~leveTco;urts suclilas, Ihe Melropolilu Tria! Courts. Municipal Trial Courts. Municipal Trial CourLs In Cities. aMI Municipal Circufl Trial Courls may beapilealedto Ihe R'SQiona'!Tria1Courts. )0 Judgments of the R,egIonal Tnfal COIl.rts, may b& appealed io the Court orAppeals,
to the Supillme COiJri. as may be prescribed by tllll Rules of Court.



Judgments oftheComl of Appeals maybe appealed





EX.ECIJTIION is the implemenlation
coert sl'ie!'ifL II may include
funds, levy, attachmen.t of

of the decis ion of tJMecolJrtanderta ken by gamisllmentoif

property or sale of real or persoaal

property Ihrough public auction tosatis.'iy

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