Explain drilling process  Define the types of drills bits  Define the drill machine  LESSON OBJECTIVES .

 The tool is called a drill or drill bit.  usually performed with a rotating cylindrical tool which has two cutting edges on its working end.  .INTRODUCTION machining operation used to create a round hole in a work piece.

DRILL BITS    Countersinking Centering Spotfacing    Reaming Tapping Counterboring .

The tool is called a reamer. to provide a better tolerance on its diameter.used to slightly enlarge a hole. and it usually has straight flutes. REAMING . and to improve its surface finish.

TAPPING .performed by a tap and is used to provide internal screw threads on an existing hole.

A counterbored hole is used to seat bolt heads into a hole so the heads do not protrude above the surface. COUNTERBORING .provides a stepped hole. in which a larger diameter follows a smaller diameter partially into the hole.

except that the step in the hole is cone-shaped for flat head screws and bolts.similar to Counterboring. COUNTERSINKING .

Also called center drilling. CENTERING . this operation drills a starting hole to accurately establish its location for subsequent drilling.

Used to provide a flat machined surface on the workpart in a localized area. SPOTFACING .similar to milling.

Test Power  .Name the machining operation related to drilling in the figure.

DRILL MACHINES  The drill press is the standard machine tool for drilling. .

Jquiz  .

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