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HeavyFuelOil GB

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Published by: anuj8266 on Aug 06, 2012
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Heavy Fuel Oil Handling & Preparation Systems

Eric Weider, Area Export Sales Manager, Fives Pillard, Marseille (France)

Fives Pillard was awarded by Mass Global Investment company for the supply of heavy fuel oil handling & preparation package for the El Shamal 5,000 TPD cement production line project in Sudan. Along with this project, Fives Pillard supplied all the firing equipment and burner systems including high momentum Rotaflam® VERSION 2 kiln burner 95 MW, one vertical type precalciner burner 125 MW, both of them being designed for firing heavy fuel oil and/or petcoke and as well two hot air generators for the petcoke milling section and the clay drying plant firing heavy oil. The total heavy fuel oil demand to supply the above firing equipment is over 25 tons per hour. This fuel being supplied is an high viscosity oil (approximatively 460 cst at 50°C) and need to be heated up to 135°C by means of Thermal oil, in order to secure a good atomisation for its firing. The full installation is shown on the following figure:

General flow sheet


2/2 . The long term expertise of Fives Pillard is not limited to the handling of heavy fuel oil but also high viscosity oil and thermal oil use for heating oil but also electrical power or steam. Thermal oil boilers Heating set CONCLUSION The El Shemal project is attesting the Fives Pillard ability to supply a complete oil handling and preparation system from oil unloading of the trucks up to the burning points. Uploading pumping set High pressure pumping set THERMAL OIL PREPARATION DESCRIPTION Heating: three diesel and heavy fuel oil fired boilers with corresponding burners. High pressure section: four high pressure pumping sets. Suction Heaters: one suction heater for each storage tank to rise the temperature up to 60° to allow the HFO transportation and one heating set for each burner to reach 135° for the atomisation. Low pressure circulating loop: two 27 t/h pumping sets including pressure regulating. Storage: supply of various measurement and safety devices. diesel oil storage and supply equipment.HEAVY FUEL OIL LINE DESCRIPTION Unloading: four 27 t/h unloading pumping sets.

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