Exam on GMAT 1.

In khulna city, 40 percent of the people have black hair, 25 percent hav e black eyes and 10% have both hair and black eyes. What percentage of the peopl e in the town has neither black hair nor black eyes? 2. A car gets 20 miles per gallon of gas when it travels at 50 mph. The ca r gets 12% fewer miles to the gallon at 60 mph. How far can the car travel at 60 mph on 11 gallon of gas? 3. In a survey of political preferences, 78% of those asked were in favor o f at least one of the parties: BNP, AL and JP. 50% of those asked supported BNP 30% supported AL and 20% supported JP. If 6% of those asked supported all three of the parties, what percentage of those asked supported more than one of the th ree parties? 4. If 112 students in a class are female and in the class the ratio of fema le students to male students is 16: 9, what percentage of the class is female? 5. How long must a driver take to drive the final 70 miles of a trip if he wants to average 40 miles an hour for the entire trip and during the first part of the trip he drove 50 miles in 1.5 hours? 6. Palash sold his skies for TK 180 and his ski boots for 10 TK 108. He mad e a profit of 30% on his boots and took a 10% loss on his skies. He ended up wit h a (loss or profit)7. A plane flying north at 500mph passes over a village at 2 P.M. A plane f lying east at the same height passes over the same village at 2:30 P.M. The plan e is flying at 400 mph. To the nearest hundreds mile, how far apart are the two planes at 4.00 P.M.? 8. Mr. has twice as much invested in sticks as bonds. Las year the stock in vestments paid 7.5% of their value while the bonds paid 10% of their value. If t he total that both investments paid last year was $1000, how much did Rahman hav e invested in stocks? 9. If in 1997, 1998, 1999 a clerk received 12% more in salary each year tha n he did the previous year, how much more did he received in 1999 than in 1997? 10. If the price of wheat is currently $ 1.00 a kg and the price triples eve ry 6 months, how many months will it be until the price of wheat is $ 81.00 a po und?

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