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Complicated_ - A to Z of Women's Modern Fiqh Notes_Hosna

Complicated_ - A to Z of Women's Modern Fiqh Notes_Hosna

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Published by: ayunas on Aug 06, 2012
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You cannot say something is ḥarām unless there is a proof. The realm of ḥalāl is much
bigger than the realm of ḥalāl when it comes to dressing and beautification. Some
people make it seem like there are no choices. In business transactions, people also
make everything ḥarām except for a few things, which is wrong.

At the same time, when you live in a corrupt society, people always look for the ḥarām.
Look at the bigger picture, which is the ḥalāl.

Matters are by their objectives and intentions. Some things are allowed except when
the intention is bad. For example, you can dye your hair or wear colored contacts, but
it is not allowed if it is done to deceive and seduce.

The default rule when it comes to any kind of clothing and making and jewelry is that it
is ḥalāl unless there is a proof to say otherwise.

One of the ultimate goals of the Shayṭān is to expose our ‘awrah. Shayṭān loves to expose
the ‘awrah. One of the ultimate goals of Sharī‘ah is to help us to control our desires.
Everyone has the desire to beautify herself. It is something natural, and every woman
is proud of her beauty, but it should not control us. We should control our desires.
Don’t let our desires control us. We are human beings and mu’min, and we control our
desires. Remember to control the desires and not spread fāḥishah in the community.

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