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1. It is required to set the operating point by biasing with collector feedback resistor at IC = 1mA, VCE =8V.

If = 100, VCC = 12V, VBE = 0.3V. How will you do it? What will be the new operating point if = 50 and all other circuit values remaining the same?

2. In the universal bias circuit of the following fig. Find the operating point and the d.c. resistance. If RB1 =75 K, RB2 = 25 K, RL= 2 K, RE = 1 K, = 50 and VCC = 15V.


3. A generator develops 200V and has an internal resistance of 100. Find the power delivered to a load of (i) 100 (ii) 300.

4. Find the current flowing through the 4 resistor shown in the fig. All resistances are in series.

5. A Silicon diode for which the reverse saturation current 10 A is conducting 1 amp at 27 C. Calculate the forward voltage drop across it. 6. For a Circuit shown in the following fig. Calculate the current flowing from the 10 resistance.