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(TBEN aDd, .NOW)



";'1'nnu n _W:R"a y,ug,tUiyy"rR ma ,"lqdW,DlJ,n. ,oona, " dJ'L:L lL" 'b- "'.' 1..yug'h.yyi,ru HI{j, bi' fUilfrl,l:Ud.:m." "'fe;rUy never will ,A,llo:h c'hangre !h~' eortd':lt:ion ,o/,apeo'ple QRt'i',l t;lu~y
cli:lJlIgeit t,ke,m.'f,elve~.!"c-,BolY Qurani 13'tll~Arll,.

and En;I'li5,h~

As one early MuSlim ambassador , em,Hncipa'tio!ft ,..; erieet .. aptly pUJtit, this ideology came to l ~ .............. ,' ''i. ed,.Domiuation aad ~eJ,e,aseme:n UUluse,nltu d e to Obler centrol ,of one group men and to bring them into fhe '0 • f' ..Ji , jU:StIC£ af people by another loom:pre_emu,ve :tee.-uom, ;1:0d""' "th 'b·'D,Ju'stice, ancd' opp:[)e'SS],OI!l, '. ", .' .' I'S which. are ba'sed lam, service to that floug, ~,' J foreign,fo human nature and to Is- POW&(' 'which is supetlor to manlam, which has been caned cor- kind. rectly the natural religion, (If man, Sb~ve.r, hasbeen the particular

,crucifixion. of Black people iln'thl_s, 'bemis,pbM,e; for' :01or-e ~han ,400 y~m" though i:t has not alw;ays,
'been .sla:very of the same sort. N:en. have en:slaiv,ed other men lo,r thousands of Y6,atS and slav-

bonest h~storian 'has ever ~abe:led
far(;cd upon t'heAfricans
".' ." I'" .• "", ••. ;.

as; mild ox "ben~i,gnn~he c,apru'vit:Y
by the

white man, 'On theooDtr;ary", it 'd: ~·'·?I!,·" 'b-<'>'I1,···..lI bn tal was OU~SI:.,an, aDgl,Y oesnai, tmnai,
.' .... 'iL., ld ",,"II .", d mncman an d genocL .ill. F" ery ba

the advent of the 'white 'man a, foem of shivery ealledby historians "'be.., nign servitude," People enslaved

Africa, by the Europeans. There 'eGti;st,ed in the ,Motberland before



theawere usually 'war ,captives" so.. m.alei;'atltion, or orphans who were joined to family units, as, servants,
cia] outcasts 'byme,ans ,of habitual

the burgeoning id.eology' of caipi~ talism, Buropeans sy,stemadcaUy ::redu.ced to' chattel same 24:,000, ... ~OOO 'the best specimens of Md .... of ,', . 1',... ,.:J~ 'b 'can h umanJty,. 2 JJiI. oreer .touw,:11;.;1' hls brave wbit'e' "'Dew wodd.n<'the Eurepean ms,t bad b) d!BsttO:y Brown and Black enlightened ""'1' ' ., ..• ...oth ~'~'eE'" , CI.VLmalu,ons In '.IiJO' th' ·3S"II1: d"

some tribes oif y'orubas;; .A>,1..,-, -.". ,\an,uJngt),l;.u~; WI~ , ,S£lI:clIb,l1: .... 'r~'i 'M' e", .. 0 tribc,,:t I,ofs and others of our ancestral .h" d .. . . _.... ,mtwas,theBurepean who intro- ,peop Ie ...a. c.[osse.d 0'!\~~·L.-- fr om _1:1 , <:-; Mimjs:mtoMslam. fo[" seveeal eeadueeda dlfferent, economic-based impetus toA,frlc;an ~d;aveIy. SIa,v- mries be~.o[le, the w'hi.teM,aD ape;tyitself is r athe~r a:n ~in.tefes;ting, peared, It is [stiller signrific:aot that ~,' Am. 'e[lcan who soe .~'l!.c' '. W.'. .o s:pe,Dl "'~'.):!I'" an.-A' f·e [0" ...._, .c ..,.te:.rm. Its etymology fudic:a.'restha:t Wh.i~e people have enslaved also 000 so tracehis ancestry back 'to thelr own kmd, comif!l,g as it, does Alex, Haley, eollahefrom. the ,c:tb:uicwo.rd Slav" the rator on The AutO'biography of

Jesser of :imerior specles; and (:2 ) slavery was s.Dl.aU-9calcWld not ,confined, to aparticulu' race or

n,o'teworthy~: (1 ) Thele 'w',asno overt attempt at dehumanization of the slave, holdi:~g·him to be a

Two aspect! of the general slave mWit';:U among; 'tbe:Aj'tic:ans and Arabs before the European are

Historical records ...,wb:icb are as , of: yet: incomplel:elyrese:a~chedt nevertheless affirm fhat a :sigDifi~ cant number of ourancestors were captured fromthose Wes;tAfrilcm


regions 'wh.ctle Islam w:asfuen~ and

Fulb , w,


the predomio;aIlitreUgion.
'C' ".




_ : "_ .: .: j


,_' _: '-'-' ,


I'i:: (. '" :-: .--::




sians, Poles andYugosl',7,vians, . .suchpoo:ph~ were enslaved by the progenitors, of the Allgl.JJ.-::Sax:ons
du'f[og the Middle. Ages,




related to Rus-

Bnt ,no

J' I x' A" d' tba .iJe M'a~,c·om_-~-,~.l8'CUv!ere'.,., ci;at 1.. descended .flom. ,I. tribe of M,u.:Slim Man.db~gt1e~s,. '~I'lh.e ~ ]OD'g' and pmos,... taking' lifi,ea,ge search did, divul,ge 'a MusHm descent," Mr,. :Halliey

wrote me 'last December, adding: "'~MY'brothers and I have decld:ed




iUlegoing: to give


that back ... country Afri .. ,

a new

can ·vJll.a,ge '.' . ."as

spctific place :fnlm whence we

gesture to that.

had become Chrisd~n. The: I1tav;e?s name was Onesimus and 'what P'8uI advised. can be read ,in 'Ole
Eph;;,tle to P'hil,em.on"Now Chris ..·



Chdsdan,s'];a;,vem aster :slave h,ad run. a,wa.y'and. also a

'tianilyi;8 esselltiwly an. otherMany other detalled slave nar.. wOI1d.lfy JieUgi.on which plaoes, scant ,(ativies, exist wbleb prove tbaotMus ... value on tbe present][fe ill. 'the fljesb ibn AhiC,atlls were enslaved ln the :but emphasizes the incorpo,real "new world" and. S_.rne_ 0 "'frh,e; m~ golden-streets :pearly ..gates, "next '.~ o of "~', p,uti,cubuly in the Carfbbean ;811d Ufe .to come,' Thetis wbiY soeial pordons of' Sou:th, America, carried problems, 'toe .fieshly :ni't.'t:y-gtHll' on thea'reJigio'U:$ tradinons for anxieties of the here and now re .. ,some Jength of time. On the; 'wbo.le, ceive SiQ litHe comment inthe New however, his religion was one of Testament. It.. tragic and llto,nie Is
e .• ".. ._._ __ _




the. 'things

a Muslim, 'the slave w;as,:now foreed to 'bow before the po:Uu.t~daltar of brazen 'Christi aaOf

the A'frican. Wllethe:r be had been.

slavery stripped


an animist

that the best advice Paul could give toa runawitly slave was, ttl retum kindly,

to Ids n2Q!te'f" ,albeiltne did ,as;k Cbr.istian mastersto tre at slaves

White Ch:dgt]a:n~ty,. Far slu'd,Y In anotber epistle Pau 1. told 2 S if thewords of Jesus and 'the A.p08~ s] aves I( Colossians '3,~ 2): ~. laves, tlesare to bebelieved the capital... ,Oble, i.,l,everythi;ng those who are

Jjs,ticaUy""m(litlvate:dens;~ avement of

your e uUJil..y masters, ,,',.(The lGn.g;

the African was eeatrarytu the doctrine of JOve laud brotberhood hlUlbt by Jesa s. Chrlstianitywas, iafte:r all, an Eastern reUgion before 1'l w',as eo-opted by the' West

James, 'V,ersiOQ. says, "servants"

here, but the oltiginal Greek term




'The. fa,uIt of eh.dsti;anit.y lies In

it's approach

slave'ry. There wereslaves,

and Paul but neither one of them master and. hope for better in the ,active:ly criUcized tbe·WsHtUJtiolll or An inti·mation of called it out as, a gl'Q!SS tr:arvesty IOif bll[lebeyood. justice. 3 Paul once dicta.ted a. let ... such ian attitude IS evident in. 'the ,pa.cffislt te:achings attributed tOi :3. ·~J,e~sus. '..'.. Illevel' cr'Iti.cizes ~t ('SIB v'·· Jesus: "I say unto you, resist not ' ery'), ~ve:~ whe:~: ilvi!o']lat~$;~ ;as He ,'mus;t, :reahzed~, His 'QW,1lptw1c:tple:s, (I,f ,~(lve evil:~ 'whoever slaps :you on one Qind _broitb·,e.m:oQQcl: •.•• ll(J~ti,nft·~D'ictit)I.1\Cn"y cheek, 'turn to him the ether also,:II:, el the' Bib Ie, G rant. & R;o'W]~y~ Chas, (MaUbe:w 5.:: 3,:9 )Bu.t. It. is Dot genScribmer"'s Sons •.N.Y.~, 1:963:1'p .. 926,. ,
114;k problem 0[' sla,very was to quietly and white, in, the time of Jesus submit 'to it; pray for :1 "good"

the problem


those held under s.u.lbj:ect:ionto slavery. ) Slaves, obey your masters .iin eve.ryOdins,~ _Dllit. The only solm.. don Christiamity O!fieI'ed 1.0 the

~ ,-- .... 't-·.::Ii '., · t, nere resus e-'~'I-- appreCll1 Jeu 't'~b"ia_ L. "... I·e'.' ." lAlUY s.; ot '.' .. '"-. - I .- -0."-18,nOI_ ap,prO\i',mg thi IS as, f'he--'-'8C_ ',OD to take in the face of oa}ted,p'bysi ..
. :'" .. " : '_ -'I'I,'rl" " ,": ," , ' I,' ',. -: ,

tile transcendental,

eentrate 'on the ,m.eblpbysical ,a'D.d ml ... '

eal ,agr,ess~oD,. He is merelyadvo,eating: the o,v,erlookma: ofpet'f;yin'"


It, bas ;aweD .. SI(~C;]!al octl'ine'l d ece ...
-'j :_:, -', •

':O"I ..... ,H.U

,d··' ,uJIWl,L. [Ui)"i "~:!!I liD< -


p·o."1~i.]·;ri>,~11i1"V' U,U~ ..,

:subs,. Whoever:da'ps


take someone s bead, off was anothermaner. But ,g,enendly~ the approacJl to ,the problem oif :slavery CbIt:stianity «d'i I! enerenwastna t-Oil SU,'b " .- to ,I., '~m]'5SI011 "'t 'Tbe 'w""'te_:~~_'Q]l - ,~,ee:Jlu:IJy exp',l,"t- d .m·.,;:;. h1i- t· . '111.. .- ". -Qille ~, • .I,~_, '01_' t.otb.e utmost this we~ak,De:ss in,

In. those day's a s)Ja:p anether, IS:l:am does not say 8nb~ w,as meant to be an insul:tA:,t .. mlt, Islam. says Resistl Islam :sa,:s,

you, tum the:

ihe thing about, one man ,en:shtv'iDI

trine also, And wben it eomes 'to'


cl:... ,j["'~I'IIi..

Cbristian soc:ial doctrine, and we are all the vict:im:g of that exploita ..
. Iii'


, iere ],S Brothers and Sisters, tharthe hlstory of theU'nited States would ha Vie, been. :far different had 'the slaves been aUowed t'D ,readth.e
'Tn' "-'" .... '


b--'t' ";,~, "-..:;I no u.oU~~,10.,my mmc,
....• ..11··
! '.' ~~

dislilk,e .athin,g 'w:hich. is good fOf' you and that ye love a ,thin,g. 'whicb
and ye know not, ~,~ 216) There (:2: eomesa tim;e:wilen 'the o!Dly 'way

Justa. glance ,at ,I ~ew verses Hom- the Holy Ouran details the ~ _ ,g,lL."'d!'~'~"'Q'''''''''''. b ~ f;~'" 3'Il.J,iLU - d', *,... -, .II.J.l'''''&. .....:.u......... lUl~ilitciiB .... 1t,IiI"~'''' _if!:: w'" ,.~a 'ward oppression and exploitetion .. ~'S:a:nct.iO',", is' giv,en to thosewh'D (ight hftc(Juse they nluJ!e ,b~!f!n wronged.N (22: 39) "~Pe:,.sec~~li,OH~ is .far WOf'3'e than killing (~n defense) /" ,e 2:: 217 ) " Jslam means p\etl~c:e and the 'Quran, recognises that Hinting" even though defe:nshle~ .m:ay be disliked by those 'w'bOi havebeen called to peace, ~·F:j:gbt:... in,gis prescdbed for you and :y'e
'it, TI,

is bad for you. But Allab knowlclfh,

Daw OIr - ,', th-r"': -" i~ .so S1a!Vie msnrrecnons .. e me ss,BJg,e '1: .' • do f .] siam WOU, Id 'il. .... nave Insp.Iltl, tnou:._ ,'. _.: . - .-, l"

'W,here hi:stOiry records

Holy Quranm:stead of the Bible.

'j - -:, .•

'I -











sands" Slavl6susij,aJly 'took their ,ins:piratioJJ fJr,um the Old Testament :story aboutMoses and Pharoah-> "let ,My people so,I' ,~. end Iet me '~eUyon that the ,Moses story and tile U'~et ,My p'eopJe go'!" refrain
u: L ..
i ,.

That is,wby the Ouren commands
that Muslims "stand outfimdy justiee" (4; 13.5) and why it

to preserve peace and freedom is to show' that youa1'~ willing,tDI live" fight, and die for it The basic dMlerence in the Islam.icaipiproacll stems fromthe fac:tr; that the MusUm hi, to submit to ",:10 '3,' .j)··(iJo'nst m'.11._181 .":, ·r'c,.., h' ~e .All· ~1JIWu,,,",:~ ',1".""'" I~, ,'-ion J;) _~U.m.J.I_ 1.0 ,- -, - - ..) .., 1,lg~". 1:1 :s' bm it tc anyone esse,






," ,repea.--... .'.,., 1!... are ,- ate·d· , ,mOl'le ,ti .' U] Ulle ILlIm,e:s. Our an than in the: BibleIslam, un .. 'I ~:Ic., . ,JDJe C'. .n 'lSU3:;Uty~, rs a eomp I ete •. hr . . ideo~olY. It does notmerely

Q,ndp,e.P'lalize,:g ,an!Y'OMe' 'W,no reiuses to champion, the CQI~'se',oj: oppressed peo(ple'. (4; 75) The

Muslsn cannor be a

IC!rJwanj~; :he


,a.)I!:g,sUm, 3. slave ls Ito do 'WbflJ;t the .Europeans did to our :fo[lefaJth,e[,s~:
)sglate; lJim, and. ,stdp' away ,IUs reUliOll. KJee:p him away from the Obran. Because the QnnlD ]s,fire;. i,t sets the heartto rapldpulsatlon
0I11'l1, gu.,··

s] The oDl~,.waJ' :you can make

c.anno!: be senUe: he caanotbe a

d-I""b- ~. ,d' ~'OC: - p- ""r-: spieuo 'U-_.:', S >~. u,,' st:hemlug and sets the hand to the ]us.tice.·"~ And this brings
!W' "mID' .. ' - ;". -_, :~. '. ,13 _

In the, tradltkn.1:s of the P:[,ophce:t M~uhmmm,ad 'he, has sald 'that "the M'us.~'i:m does, his Brothermo in.. ,.. ,. I ',' . jusnee, no.r d oes 'h]' eave h-. a '}' e .un one to 00 the vic:tim of anotber~,s,in ...

11:;.:·· ..... ··.

Muslim. 'Tbe Clldsfiao sl:avehomd ... , er couldstill 'be cODscid,c;red respec,~ able 'by hiS [:eijgio.~, but .not a Mus!'"













,' __ ',




I" -





,-·t- 1~1' ,-;11".. ' ell" :,-, ,-: ,,. ted -.. . PC_ill" s~,avel)f. kJlJla"very ,.-CX1!h,{':·." ........ ~

:holdi'llI one class Ofpeoip1e. mper;..
me a d- ....',.. OIL " ·v'enl!. "'~ 'I,· lI
,'g,_ ..... - ~

After Islam eame to A[~bia ther, could 100'no- soc,hthing as,
11,. '1i!:I,tiTII .

of slav1e;ry 'NO'W. 'Y,e~" ;slave~1jfNOW.. The :Blaet man ~g problem

us to the

suUe·nruav,ed.W,e havelost the iron ,sbacklesDU!l. our hearts, and minds
are s'til] inpriS,OD.:,s.tinm
-_ -' _' -..- I . "' '. --, '.

,.c,-· ,':, '.

,&;. ,. 'fI:"':~"


,ca11ypowedess, and, :mefi'l3covfl:., but a m,an eCJjudywilth the free, If' yQq, can't free your ,slarves,0 ... Sla:ves" in other words, If Y()'l!ithink. b :mediately"" then. I~'t 1:0,wOl'k ,DO ,itl you are a fre e .tUM remem,flr ·at Help the sla.vellJuyhis :freedmn., ffie1edommea,ns,power.FrnedoDJ Free hhn '~O' getforgiven.e:ss, for m.e:los self... determlnation.Freedom your sins, And :sendlhim. away it means selt ..rale.F'reedom,m,eans, :1. ~cc',~lI:::t;;,ad _~llU eamhis own llv;eli .., whole, lot of tbjop Stack people an ,dl·~ qUmJu"" tn _, ~ ~ 400 ye,us ~hood,.,"He who tnts a" SI2E'V~." we haVeD."! bad for the p~a_s,t
~~-:,--:::-'. .,~' _. ,-, '-:-_ i "_., "

ro'DlOlanded.: Fr-ee the slave, The 11 . ". '.' ,'., cesllave· D 't..., VL Jm 0. cur_umSh~,an,_.. s uUI!. ,"ct'i--' -'f _. 'r; ,---.-,,",,-,- e

'e are .st·"WJj' tb'-;._·,·"-~'·,-·, 01, a.raClS" '- e Vll,C,,,1Dl,8 ",£ c:apritalisticsooiet,y that _keeps us, gh' .,. -,even ,tthOD~I.. :2"5'- ,,'....., 000 ·prc.l!ctt., .... ::', _


., ._.

; ",.






'j'l . '-~.:-.,'_-_' /_
I"" ',.".'_



I" "r



7, --






shallput him. to deatb,"~re'ad Is:]:amic law'. 'The $:ta'tfi was ordered 'to set aslde :fuud:s too help slaves

and s,tiU don'thave as yet Now'"wbat is 'the ChrisUam solu ... tiO:D, to the problem of slavery bUly-th.ea. freedom (Qunlll 9:: 1(0)'. now? We knowrLove your ,c;ll,emy ,ADd :it. was the Pr,Q,p:het Muham .. to death, But Jesus said, "Love
your eaemy, :bbn.~' (M,aJt, .., thew S: 44) Th3J,t, in essenee, is all, Your love for the enemy goes only to the point of' pra'ying, for bi:m that .he'll see Uje llghr, beeomehu .. , man, and s,top oppressing, Lovjn,l " , b your enem,y does not mean so," Mlt.:'"'
'P:[,I1Y 'I:Of
".~~. __ --, -, -'-1-:-,' "'-1j '.'-c,',
J' -, -_,,-, ~

mad who set forth a principle SQ;atic ad just that DOt even 'twel):tleth.<eU!tllllJ Arnenea has ,c,friUgbt u.pwitb ,ib: f!~lle(Jr tU1,d o"bre., There·fore,th.olse Arabs WJ:lO iDol, part in. the, slave jrade Ire branded muft'a,{igun. hypocrites~lI' not

e'w'en # a .Black ,man be app,oi,nte,a; yo:ur leader:" 4





'ling: to bk continued

YlOurown rights as a human belag,

A,' • • ,• • an d . uUiCrlmlill:3i.tIDonm

der ...,11 Q: .··,eDlru f

II;, JL.IlIiJ,~b .. Jl:'" ". Th-[5 ,.!,~som .".t:1Io.,;""'0: 'C"':lu-'-11~tl"i~"'"nreachcc· ." ers seem ~O f"···· t·c. J,esus...LO:,·:· .• n;;llf-' . mmsen
,~V' . "",.
,:!!~IL, ~.II, .. :', ,- j"

g ........ '


oneegot. ·:m,atl enough to make a mashing whip and drive people out of tile 'Tem:ple 'when he. 'I:hougbt they w~re misu siu, it ,(ohn .2:] 5 ) l 'But the ingtituti,pn.a~jzed racist structure ,o·f'this sloc:i,ety pays h i.g,h homage to tile so-ealled "non-vielent" aspects of Chdsti.ani.ty...That is,~t recommends non-vielence as the w,aywhe·n it comes to i.nding;:3. m:,e:tbod of operation for youamd me. We do.n't observe :aDy non"'1 .cncel • n, .A-~mel'lcan forei ,.. ] V.uJi ; ·.oreIgTJ po.'"'

~ ft-i.:to.T!I;,j. '-W-·;&1I111 __....."''''''.u.!I.,,_ . "",:go

<f.illf[i;d·.ft,oo,,·~U"., '-H' "" -. A.P. .~.,.e

'(1,oN ""~n.., ~ U·. _,._

appeal to' the heart or to the loom ...
mon sense of the oppressor ,well and good, But if you cannot, 'the :6gb:t to those wao have beenwronged: I must emphasize, however, tba,t Islam. recognises :phys'lcal struggle 3:S but o.p\!:easpect of,ople"s, #j,o'Ill,. :t,o,'II":,;olfS'loo.~ det e--m-" ,".. ticn- '3i1'11'd.11. . .""lllloo'.r .. lua. 1. _

Islamlc sta:oce is cle ar: Sanction. is


e, c

• 11


eemp •. ehensive r
__ ', ',' _ L I _"'

]'·!ILIJ:stice1m Is..
I' • _ •• _, •• " .•. •

..... . l;';,"I" .'IJ

'a'n'd". i

'!I··J"""'r'lJ! . b:l.lI;f0" v'",", J'


- r ]l]i1 .0~ d ··t '- her .,,u-.
I ....

applies his knowb~dge·to alJeviatiol vllo]eore ]s defl.nU:ely the way to the oppression of hispeop~,e~ triumph :ove.r. aU. j11s.. .1 ·saythis: If ""'Verily never 'will Allah 'ch anl,e· n.on ... io,Ienoe is such a· j,deo~.,o,.. the condit~oD of a, pe Of,))'13 untU ·they v c:ban;ge it themselves. ,~, gy~,w:by don't Chrlssian nationsuse I.t? 'Why dOD.~tw:ldt~e CbrisoallS C'o.Qs'id.e~r·this, Brothers! and. Sis ... use..;:t·.'.·" ters, Real revolutien, real social ch.an_ge, .real. restoration ofk,eJeiCIom Islam d.eel are s thatnon ..yiolence :in. the faee o,fv:iolen;t. physical ,as;-' ,8;Ddequalhy, real progress lor the B,[ack must com.e . .gr.e,s81oD .15 ,anirrespo:Dlslbl.e a.oU~'. " 'tl!,. - "1.... .""., an . ,J.J[om,u.e· :acdve - wll 1.. ·dl. d e·l:.erouo,ssocial act, A Muslim caDDot leave tlon of Black people themsel vies. It his Brother alone to bel the victim w11 come only insofar as we i.pp1y o:f]o.ju;s'uce. A :Muid~im must stand ourselves totaUywitb :aD O'dr reoutfir,m]y 'for justice."b:ywhate:ve.r means are necessary, Islam. does, sources: mental, physical,. ,and .. ~ ~ ~ not condone aggression where none SpItltow,,~O exert: OUESeJlVeSu,pw,ar-u :-i ... ~:l eve._.s. __ e c_"C "'~J--d -ck on tuLIl 1-,ce-l. ,- Th----- ,SO-Ccu .e__--' B1'_B _ hasbeencommi,tted.; Muslimsmus.t 'Revolultlon needs a 'finer com:mh ... .never begin hostUitl;es. But Islam ,l'~ ,,-:-,,-",---:. ;;-'::'----,~':_ j" _-',' thebasi __ ment to indivld ual exeelleaee, re.],e.... a.ppea]s to t. e .'.asie human nature ot a man to de.fen.d'the :sa:ncUt.y o:f 'vanteducati:o.D! basicmo:ra1i'tY· and his '].ife"his,per:soD~, and his, properequality joiT' worne·.n. as well as Mefll., Training the hand and baek with ... ty.. It. req uires that circumstances be die;al't.wit:h as the snualioQ war ..·· out tr.ainina: themind is futille.. This


tebe a. great thing for you and me, As :[o:n,g SSlt'S, our heads getting knocked '0:1, ,o.'·UI" dgnts being denied." (J.ur :needs "being cas t aside,

mestic :po~iey. But it's .suPPo;sled

getting knovil'edge from a book to bettee your condidonand to equip you f,or nation... buiIJding: lam,
L*~,~· sc __ a:r 3.smUCI, 3. JiLguU;;[' o ' .. " ieh c ... . L. .• "f" .f-' .•. ot" fe,..JI (COllom as 'toe 'w:ar.r]o:f',~ n .' fl.

as 'taking' up th!e sword f'-or JlhtJil'. Islam COBside -. .. -, SL ','[5, th ·e: "C"h·,'1

is just aspralse·wo.rthy

beingvi:o]ated -, DOiD"


L .~ ~. - .-.,








. '1,'1'





I,ants, I:f reasoned argnmentis suf-

is 'w:'bJY those very same M:odimi

who !loot up the swo,rdl under the leadership of Prophet, Mu.brunmad in, order to 'smash oppressi vle3O:"~"'"

.' were .nnpo[~'ed



A' 't.. ,', raes

• ID'to

the European wodd~"" ill

ernments fromArabia to EUfOPC 'were ,WSlO excellent schoii:a[S"m£;f1,

'Wba;t, then, d.oe:s Islam oft·er a'S,


tio!n.,P'[:op}],etMuhammad, was ,an llli1era.te Arab. Yet the:ors:t revelation that AUah sent. down to 'him 'was "iqrea bism;iRabbikci',l llJd,h~i /c,hala,q • " . latinE "aUQ,n(J' hil: Iqalaln/' ~~Readin,the name 'Of thy
Lord whu created . .' .' He 'Wbo taught by the pen," (Ouran 9",6:1 ." In otbe,[w:ords'l take care' ,oj Y',QU,' ,mind. Itt was because Muslims be .., came, such eacellent scholars as weI[ as warrlora that Islamic na... tions bad, advanced c.hdiliz'aU,oM, 'w]l.i1e, Burope was.suU ln her Chris .. 'dan Dark Ages. It was the Muslim

who respected learning and edaca ..

a :soiution to the problem of the Black man:'5plesent,condition o;,f enslavement t.o,mstitutionamed, racism and ca:,pi:taH:s!'ti'c~ oppression? in 'this, sOQ;iety; protect your mind, (2) KnOWYOUf :r.i.ght:s ;a:s II h .'---,- beinasane 1._[[iJUS_, .U:~.a.~ th numan ,.. ,m,g ..11 ~·:·!:·i·,t .. e tnose rights 'be re:speeted" (3) Be pre ..

..'.- -.' 'd'~ tv maze ,'" -_. - ,·t '1-'~. you nee~_ ,~......,--'.. k~" you m'B1l1 3"4Y

(1) Get al] therelevant education

rights at all COSfS and. to repel .anyaUem:p:tto abrogatcthem (4 ) Se:~,f eterml .., ... d

:pu!ed, toprotect

n,atiOiD and 'fJl'eedomn=,quire


Sp·aiu.whose research s]ld, dl]IOOl,ll~;.ne:s pal,e dl tne renarssaaee .s k 'h '.' of Europe, "Science w:as, themost ,impo.nan't ,co:fi'm.bu.d,o-n. of Arab (Muslim) cilvi]iz:atioft to ,the mod, .. em wodd. . . and :it was not


sc~ien,ce, revived Europe. a

dedicated tOfe:m,D'v.ioa; Many other ,cftec.ts ofbIam~c ,cilvili ... soelal injusti.ce and restering free .. 2Xa.UO!D fllhed theirrays ofHght on 0001. :progr,es:s~ and self -de termin at.., Ettrope The spirit and these 'ti;,(Jifi to oppressed people. Islam
Iims are
--~e,~:'L;.,od.Si, 'f' r m_ ~u 0_

stant posltive aetion on our part to 'keep ourselves pby:s:ic:a.1ly ,m,'e.:tl~ tallYtandmora!1y fit (.5 ) Alhlh makes those advance to freedom who d,e;mo,]]stratc the will and ini11'It", ·t"c·::" ":.,., dSI -Eve,,0,st': rive ·f··· .. III.themiserves, ror Ie[ Islam in America, is not a P,IS"" slve Iatroverted f,ol:\c;le. hi. the urban --i-t·:-,..- ""J1. " cen e,Il.,s,".....c ·9;h., ~:l'i co·,'nn. ''''''''\1.. maI'I'li'Iif'L1lJ!.~.. Q'" Y '~U'..i! '-, . - .... J. o"' _ sands of Orthod.oxA.m,e;rlc:m :Mns....
'ti" ,":;jr, Il, 1&~.

scjje:ttI,~'~£; " .'._ _ ._IWJIJ!.C.).' , 'ese arch I __ care

S". B[~deld.~ .TheMttkili,g oj ll:uml(1I,[rt,)'. ,Qmobed.. ill, .:Fir i$ Religion ()I ls,lQ,'"~b:y '

alone. AndwD!eu more people Ic:a'U7JEli 'that submission is owml to
God alone we win see ,great. strides

subm t ,~:'i"i'L.,Ii"n,.;'" m·· ,,~,~~. .u, issien iUlIlJI,ll" ~ :s],on tomen, Su bm:is:sloo, to All ah
I ,i!;>:iI,",<!.U .:;


..... , .... .Il1l1 " , ..



Qu~b. AJ... MIU1J!.I:'PreSS 1,9"1, PI"· i2;~ 7,3",



toward freedom In tbis country,

,S'uilayrnan :!Uwlhi.d. M'ufDlSa., iaut~.oll ·of the article, ~'!'So[u:tiCl'n~To The P[iClDle'm, ol Sla,v.ery (TbenallB, 'N,ow) Is .Amir. ofmruOlf,ma.'tiJofrJ. :fo[ MasUdU:~-,Umm.ah~'toe Community Mosqj,ue~ ln, Waihm,gton:~DI. C, He has, ciQ;[ltributed,bothese, pag,es :pireviously",

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