Examination B.E.(Computer Engineering) Class XII Class X Year 2009-2013 2009 2007 Board/University Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, University of Delhi Central Board of Secondary Education(C.B.S.E) Indian Certificate of Secondary Education(I.C.S.E) %/CGPA 76.28% 91.00% 91.71%

• • • •
• • • School Topper in Class XII among 120 batch mates. Secured 4283 All India rank in IITJE (among 10000+ participants) Secured 263 rank in CEE (among 5000+ participants) Ranked in top 30 students among 120 students in my branch. Programming Languages: C, JAVA, C++(Basic) Software: Intellij Idea 11.1.2, Visual Studio 2011, MATLAB IT Constructs: Data Structures • • Two player chess, NSIT (Complete) • Co-developed a two-player chess game for the winter project using C++ language and SDL under Mrs. Amarjit Malhotra (Lecturer). E-Learning, NSIT (On going) • Worked under the guidance of Prof. Shampa Chakraverty (HOD) on improving existing E-Learning methods using perspectives and learning aims. • Implemented Ant colony algorithm to suggest the path with maximum learning for a user. • Co-author of research paper “ACO-driven Personalized E-learning with Perspectives and Learning Aims” submitted at EEE ’12. • Currently working on making the learning path dynamic. 2009 2009 2009 2012



Completed summer internship ’12: Worked in STB (Server Tools and Business) Division of the Microsoft India Development Center as a Software Developer Engineer for a period of 8 weeks. During the internship period worked on Fault Resiliency Testing of Developer Analytics. During the first part of my project I worked on monitoring DA service using another instance of DA service. In the next part I worked on testing the DA service against natural outage scenarios using chaos monkey tool. The DA service (Doppler) was shipped out during my internship period, and the work I did helped the senior developers to debug the acceptance tests failure and refactor the code around the assumption that azure cloud can go down.

Senior Coordinator (Public Relation Team), Moksha ’11, NSIT Organizer, Fresher’s ’10, NSIT Administrator, NSIT Programming Group • • • Coordinated more than 20 fresher volunteers. Co-organized official fresher’s party Managing and solving algorithmic queries of members in the group. Writing and conducting contests on various online judges for algorithmic enthusiasts in NSIT. Current strength of group is 1333 and rising.

• • • • • • • • • • ACM-ICPC ’12: An algorithmic contest in which my team ranked 24 among 224 teams that participated. Worked as volunteer, Kriti ’11: Fest organised by Neighbourhood Society for children with the help of NGO’s. Consistently ranked among top 20 in Codechef long challenges. Currently ranked 5th algorithmic programmer in India. Topcoder rating is 1357 and Codeforces rating is 1701, both being online judges famous for short algorithmic contests. Winner of Code Battle event in Innovision ’12, NSIT. Winner of Bug the bug event in Innovision ’12, NSIT. Runner up of Bytes event in Troika ’12, DTU. Active member of Computer Society of India (CSI), NSIT. Active member of Anti-Drugs Anti Ragging (ADAR) campaign by Leaders of tomorrow. Organized online event Math Wrath in Innovision ’11 and Turncoat, Just-A-Minute, Cacophony in Resonanz ‘09

Algorithm coding competitions, Playing FPS games, Music
Reference: Dr. M.P.S. Bhatia (Prof. Computer Engineering) (Dean Student’s Welfare, NSIT) Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, New Delhi +919818192294 +91-9711360893

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