Blair Whyte 11/12/08 Thomson Package Boiler Construction Report

07NGA Plant Workshop

The stay tubes are welded in place at both ends. They are attached to the end plates to give strength to the structure. The smoke tubes are only welded at one end and allowed to expand at the other. Stay bars are required to have a small hole to indicate that they are threaded. It acts as a detection point for corrosion on the inside of the tubes as this is where leaks will appear. Boiler Mountings: • Hand Control • Swinging Quart • Oil Burner • Pressure Gauges • Safety Valves • Gas Outlet • Gauge Glass • Manhole Covers • Steam Stop Valve • Blow Off Valve • Control Panel Boiler Fittings: • Lifting Lugs • Legs • Stands

Safety Devices: Ignition Failure • Pressure Steam Trip • Pilot Burner Failure • Low/High Level Water Trip • High Temp Trip • Low Fuel Pressure Trip The difference between boiler mountings and fittings is that mountings are components that can be removed from maintenance etc where as fittings are permanent and not removable. A cup burner and pilot burner are fitted to this boiler. A spark plug ignites fuel to produce a pilot flame. The photoelectric cell or “magic eye” senses this flame and operates the solenoid to allow fuel to flow. The force draught fan is in place to blow away any unburnt or lingering products of combustion which could be a fire hazard if left in place and the boiler flashed up. •


Blair Whyte 11/12/08

07NGA Plant Workshop

The water feed pump in this system is a multi-stage centrifugal pump. This pump is usually found on this water system because being a multi-stage centrifugal pump it is capable of generating the required pressures much easier than if it was just a normal pump.


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