Written by Haider Hussain Beig

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BLACK We hear a girl’s voice, GLORIA. GLORIA (V.O.) We’re like two ripples colliding. Influencing each other’s paths and, eventually, existence. FADE IN: INT. UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA- NOON It’s the university cafeteria on a weekend afternoon. It’s rather empty and there is just one man waiting at the coffee counter. He’s MATT. A 26 year old senior at the university. He has long black unkempt hair and a stubble. Gloria is sitting alone at a table, right across from where Matt is standing. She’s silent and is just looking longingly at Matt. GLORIA (V.O.) I sit here looking t the thick black hair on your head. I look at the way you... From her POV we can see Matt unaware just waiting for his coffee. He looks listless and bored. GLORIA (V.O.) scratch your stubble, while you wait for the COFFEE to pour. Like you’re waiting for that eventual collision. You just don’t know it yet. It’s inevitable. MATT (V.O.) COFFEE. Fucking taking too long. It’s probably gonna taste like dirt anyway. Three bucks for this cup of lukewarm disappointment. But I love it.

Gloria’s V.O turns low as Matt’s takes off with the trigger word, COFFEE. MATT (V.O.) No, I’m dependent on it. Can’t function without it. What was her name? Lora...Ly..Lynda! Yeah. She was pretty fucking hot. She came on to me at the party last night. I could tell she wanted it. A girl walks in, LYNDA. She’s unaware of Matt’s presence. She’s looking at her phone.


MATT (V.O.) Too bad I was too HUNGOVER and stoned to gage it. But man I could have had her. Ahh it’s ready. Finally.

LYNDA (V.O.) Oh God, I’m so HUNGOVER. Shouldn’t have taken swigs of that abomination last night. But that first year kid who offered it to me was kinda cute. And a little intimidated as well. His loss.

Matt’s coffee is ready as Lynda’s starts with Lynda doesn’t take her around. She looks into out.

and he takes a sip. His V.O Turns low the trigger word, HUNGOVER. eyes off the phone and flips her hair a window on the side to check herself

LYNDA (V.O.) Wait.. it wasn’t the first year kid who was trying to get me drunk. That was at the beginning of the party. It was that weird older guy. The one with the dark hair. Matt sips his coffee and turns around. He notices Lynda. LYNDA (V.O.) He was pretty HOT. Why was he wearing a poncho?... oh yeah it was Mexican night. Eww... his bottle tasted a bit like cough syrup. MATT (V.O.) Fuck, there she is. She looks pretty HOT considering it’s the morning after a party. I’d still fuck her brains out. And I’m only half sober... hehe. Damn, I missed my shot last night.

Lynda’s V.O Turns low as Matt’s takes over with the trigger word, HOT. Gloria, sitting at the same spot, has her eyes still transfixed on Matt. MATT (V.O.) She better not make this AWKWARD. Marina... oh yeah, girlfriend. Fuck her. She’s abroad. Probably fucking someone else already. Whore! GLORIA (V.O.) You lift the coffee and sip it. Your full ips and that AWKWARD smile. Lips that I could stick to all day and soak in the sweet nectar of our union. It’s inevitable.

Matt’s V.O turns low as Gloria’s gets louder with the trigger word, AWKWARD. Gloria just looks at him while he looks at Lynda on the other side of the room and smiles. He raises his cup to her. Lynda notices this.


GLORIA (V.O.) You’re there, thinking. I’m right here. COME to me. Look at me. Our attraction, it’s bound to happen sooner or later. I’ll stay here in wait. Till I can hold you. Till I can run my fingers through your hair while breathing the same breath as you.

LYNDA (V.O.) Oh COME on. He just smiled at me. He’s pretty hot, but came off kinda creepy last night. I guess I should go say hi to him. Don’t wanna be a bitch. And maybe that’ll keep him hooked too.

Gloria’s V.O turns low as Lynda’s gets louder with the trigger word, COME. Lynda walks up to Matt, rather reluctantly. LYNDA Hi MATT Hey. How’d the party end? LYNDA You know, people passing out, fights... creepy guys. The usual. MATT Yeah, I left early. But you looked quite set. A little tipsy. He winks at her. LYNDA Thanks to that awful vodka.. MATT Ouzo. I had taken some cough syrup before. So I was pretty out. (beat) You looked pretty hot. LYNDA Uhh, thanks. There’s a moment of awkward silence. He looks at Lynda’s lips and then her eyes. Gloria is witnessing all of this. She clutches a rubber band tightly in her hands and almost rips it. Her body cringes. MATT I have some weed at my place. LYNDA Yeah, no thanks. I gotta be somewhere... bye.


She walks off chuckling to herself. Gloria sighs. Matt looks dejected and walks towards the table next to Gloria. Her heart races as she sees him coming closer. She clutches the rubber band again this time and actually rips it. He sits at the table next to her, not noticing her. She stares at him for a few seconds. GLORIA Hi. FADE TO BLACK. FADE IN: INT. GLORIA’S BATHROOM- THAT EVENING Gloria is lying in her bathtub. She’s staring blankly at the ceiling. We can only see her face now and she gasps and takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. FADE OUT. BACK TO: INT. UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA- NOON It’s back to the scene where Lynda and Matt are having the conversation. MATT I have some weed at my place. Lynda smiles at him and lightly bites her lip. LYNDA I could do with some weed. He smiles. They walk away. He touches her behind. Gloria looks at all of this and the rubber band she’s been clinging on rips. BACK TO:


INT. GLORIA’S BATHROOM- THAT EVENING Gloria takes a deep breath and gasps. The camera zooms out as we see the water in the tub turning red. She’s made two deep cuts in her inner thighs. She closes her eyes. FADE TO: EXT. MATT’S BALCONY- NEXT MORNING Matt is standing in his boxers smoking a cigarette. He’s looking out at the university lawns. Behind him, in the room, Lynda gets dressed and walks towards the door. LYNDA I’m leaving. Matt doesn’t turn around and just keeps looking at the lawns. MATT Mhmm. Lynda walks out the door and bangs it hard on her way out. MATT (V.O.) What a lousy fuck. Fucking made me do all the work. Couldn’t even get me hard for the first hour. Whore. He hears a girl scream and run out into the lawn. A few other people walk out to look at the commotion. The girls hands are bloody and she’s crying and screaming. MATT (V.O.) Looks like another first year girl just offed herself. I don’t get this fucking melodrama. One less parasite in this infested world. He exhales a cloud of smoke. FADE TO BLACK.

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