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Mathis in Her Own Words

Mathis in Her Own Words

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Published by Henry Citizen
The contents of this expose and commentary were represented to The Citizen as true and correct, verbatim comments by BJ Mathis.
The contents of this expose and commentary were represented to The Citizen as true and correct, verbatim comments by BJ Mathis.

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Published by: Henry Citizen on Aug 06, 2012
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BJ Mathis: In Her Own Words

The Citizen has received communications written by Chairperson Mathis used to defend
and explain her actions while in office. Each statement was written by BJ Mathis and is provided here without alteration. The Mathis loyalist in this communique made this comment: BJ came and donated

money [to my organization]. I support those who support me, I value those who value me, I recognize those who recognize me, I honor those who honor me. I am loyal and expect loyalty.
The other person, not a Mathis supporter, said, So basically you're saying you re no

different from all the rest of the politicians who can be bought and you'll throw the county down the tubes because someone flattered and bribed you. The Citizen can only comment: Ain t that a kick in the truth basket!?!

BJ Mathis said, The [local SPLOST] project list was there for all to see in advance. False. Only types of expenditures are published for voters to approve. i.e., Cotton Fields golf course, which has a $10 million plus interest balloon payment due in 2017, falls into the category of land purchases. BJ Mathis said, [Regarding] T-SPLOST no one gave me credit for standing up and playing hardball... Recall it was BJ Mathis who said, "There is no Plan B." She echoed the party line in support of passage while appearing before such groups as the Henry Council for Quality Growth. BJ Mathis said, The firing range was paid for with Impact fees The County purchased 160 acres of the Abernathy property for $4 million. Only 25 acres of which are in use for a dirt-mound firing range. Impact fees or Green Stamps do not matter. WHY was it purchased at all? BJ Mathis said, We are having to send 500 police and sheriff deputies to Forsyth GA for certification Where we have NO COST. Again, why did we spend $4 million? BJ Mathis said, If Impact Fees are not used in a certain amount of time they must be refunded Every conservative who hates taxes will appreciate this one. An intrusive local tax on all development, commercial and residential, and it is government's money to waste?? The slush fund has been available since 2004.

BJ Mathis said, If the next SPLOST program doesn't pass the remaining balance on the golf course can be refinanced for another 5-7 years. The county has an excellent credit rating, I'm sure it wouldn't be turned down. DEBT means nothing to BJ Mathis. It ain't her money. BJ Mathis said, If they took time to get the facts instead of swallowing the lies of someone who will say anything to get elected they might see a different picture.

BJ, people who cannot share your perspective or philosophy or principles certainly disagree with you. That does not make them liars!

BJ Mathis claims to exhibit conservative values. She claims to have exercised great fiscal management while in office. She claims many things. Take her words and apply your own conservative sense of right and wrong.

Mathis acts just like Obama - borrowing from future generations to pay for current unnecessary expenses. Tax & spend liberal policy is the last thing we need!

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