Crossword Clues E2 ACROSS: A method of learning by repetition. H2 ACROSS: To be fond of. D4 DOWN: Alcoholic beverage made from grapes.

D4 ACROSS: Team sport involving swimming, treading water, passing and shooting a ball. F4 DOWN:My First Name K4 DOWN: Not quiet but… F7 ACROSS: Competitive sport in the water I7 DOWN: Not clean but…. K7 ACROSS: images, ideas or emotions in your SLEEP. O7 DOWN: School subject involving numbers. E9 ACROSS: An Island in the Pacfic Ocean that is an American territory, Chamorro. E9 DOWN: Transfer of something without expecting something in return. L9 ACROSS: Not dirty but… D12 ACROSS: Not brother but.. F12 DOWN: Dark Pigment J12 ACROSS: Sport in the ocean using a board M12 DOWN: A source of enjoyment I14 ACROSS: Piece of land surrounded by water