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Aquarium Supply Buying Guide Report

Aquarium Supply Buying Guide Report

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When you haver fishes in a tank you have to be very carefull because they are very tiny animals. Here are some tipps
When you haver fishes in a tank you have to be very carefull because they are very tiny animals. Here are some tipps

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Published by: kunas on Jan 15, 2008
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Aquarium Supply Buying Guide: What Fascinating Paraphernalia To Acquire?

A fish tank is the basic thing you will need in setting up an aquarium. Whatever tank you opt for, it must be (http://gadgetgoblin.blogspot.com/):

Water Tight Tanks not watertight yield to rapid degradation of its aquatic environment making it difficult to properly house your water pets. Water leaking from the tank will result to less room for the fish to swim around, less oxygen and greater waste concentrations. In addition, the water leaking out will cause problems in the outer part of the tank. Understandably, the water may damage furniture, floorboards, building structure, personal belongings and of course, the stand that is holding the tank. Non-Toxic If your tank is out of toxic materials, then expect many of your fish will die, either from the small amount of toxins released into the water or from gnawing the tank’s enclosure. Toxins released into the water will be reduced if the materials are non-water soluble. Non-Water Soluble If you get a water-soluble tank, it ceases to keep up with the first requirement, which is the characteristic of being watertight.

Sturdy Naturally, if a tank is not sturdy or strong enough, then it follows that it is not watertight and is water-soluble. A sturdy tank prevents future breakage, therefore, also prevents any harm to the fish, as well as property damages.

The Essential Things • Top or Cover

The basic role of the cover is to prevent the fish from jumping out. It also supports the lighting, air pumps and fans, if there are any. Another essential purpose of the aquarium top is to minimize water evaporation. makes cleaning a hard work. Tops can be availed in varied materials like: Glass Acrylic Metal Wood Plastic Too much evaporation occurrence increased the levels of hazardous chemicals and also


Its purpose is to take out excess food, free-floating particles, decaying matters, waste products from the fish. Fishes excrete wastes every now and then as they glide into the waters. If these waste and toxins are not removed, it will build up extremely high concentrations that can poison the fish and the other aquatic creatures in the tank.


Substrate is important in a tank especially when you put on more decorations and accessories to it. If you are thinking on putting on live plants, you will need warm and soft substrate. More often than not though, fish do not care at all what is on the bottom.

Fish Food

Like any other form of organisms, fish too need ample regular supply of calories to keep up with their metabolism. Proper fish feeding provides a healthy fish and is befitting in aquarium maintenance. It helps to know what specific food types your fish prefer and how much it needs in a day or for a certain period. Food and quantity varies from each species.


Various fish are excellent for various tanks. A collection of large fresh water fish is a good start for beginners. These fish types come in myriad colors, behavioral patterns and shapes. But before getting any fish, decide first what kind of community you want to achieve with your tank. Fish must be grouped according

to their water condition, temperature requirements, size, temperament, and even diet.


A heater is an important piece of aquarium supply to keep the water temperature warm and to keep the tank’s temperature from getting into a freezing point, at the same manner, it also maintains a desired temperature based on the special need of a particular fish type. Heaters come in several forms, like: a) Hanging heaters b) Submersible heaters c) Substrate heaters d) In-line heaters e) In-filter heaters f) In-sump heaters


Decorations are imperative pieces of ornaments for an aquarium. Your tank will surely look great and it will be befitting and pleasing to look at. Aquascaping makes it all the more appealing to look at. At the same time, apt and magnificent decorations enhance the relaxing and soothing effects of fish tanks.

Several pointers in decorating an aquarium: ♦ Add larger plants and other form of decoration into the sides and back, while smaller and shorter stuffs must be brought out to the front. ♦ Take advantage of taller decors to hide aquarium heaters, air pump lines, lift tubes and the other unattractive pieces of equipments inside the fish tank. ♦ Incorporate lesser assortments providing a more natural look. same grouping but in different shades or textures for a more alluring space. ♦ Use smaller rocks or plants to obscure the edges of water wheels, castles, volcanoes, or other ceramic, plastic or resin decorations to create a natural appeal in the tank. ♦ Pick out one or two decorations that will serve as the centerpieces. Oftentimes, these focal items look awkward or forced. ♦ Never forget to put on a background. The background provides a solid or dark wall for the fishes helping them be more comfortable, providing a cozy ambience to their new habitat. At the same time, background hides pipes, filters, tubes, and cords that can otherwise distract the total appearance of the tank. Apply

groupings of plants from the same type and counterbalance it with plants of the

The tank’s decoration is mainly to awe onlookers. Thus, you have every right to decorate it according to your taste. The use of live or real water plants are not necessary anymore than what was believed to be. If you are not so keen on providing additional care to such underwater inhabitants, then you can stick to the artificial touches. High quality stones, logs, shells, corals, and even plants are widely accessible in the market today. You do not have to be obliged to use the real kind wherein you have another option to consider.


It holds the tank on for you. The height and design will be based on what you like it to be. In choosing an aquarium stand, 1) Remember that the water can weigh like ten pounds every gallon. Therefore, a sturdy stand is a must. 2) A heavy something on top of a narrow stand spells trouble. The stand must be essentially stable and so with the floor it stands on. Do not forget that putting your fish tank on top of a tilting stand can be easily knocked over. 3) A stand must be really flat on the top part, unless of course you have a rare tank shape. Pay extra close attention to the materials of your tank stand too. Go for quality, not how it looks or appears to be. Glass breaks easily under pressure, as well as acrylic seams split if a twist is applied.

The Extras

However, apart from what are mentioned above, you will need more aquarium supplies to keep your aquarium going and running smoothly. Such as:

Water Pump

Like the air pump, the water pump keeps the water moving with a little pressure. A water pump is needed with certain types of filter like trickle filters and canister filters. However, most filters already come with water pump especially those that really require one.

Canister filters

It is a kind of filter that removes water from the tank passing through an intake tube, valve or sieve, and runs through a filter media within a pressured canister. The water will then be pumped back into the fish tank through a spray bar or spill way.

Trickle filters

A trickle filter removes water from the tank by overflowing it and allowing the water to fall through the filter media within an open tower. The water is then pumped back into the fish tank the same way canister filter does it.


When you say of aquarium lights, it often is a source of confusion and discussion due to the vast range of hoods, fixtures and bulbs available. Below are several factors to consider when choosing for aquarium lights, depending on what suits best of the kind of aquarium that you have at home: Light Fixtures Light Bulbs Light Penetration Bulb Life Expectancy Lighting Duration or Photoperiod Overall Illumination


This is a big task. There are indeed many choices to make but most of them are unnecessary. However, the first two recommended for beginners are dechlorinator and Ichthyophthirius medication. Dechlorinator This one helps with the water changes. Prior to putting in the new water into the tank, this chemical is needed to neutralize chloramines or chlorine present in the water to avoid any harm done to your fish or in your biological filter. You can avail this in the market. You may seek assistance from the store you will buy it in.

Ichthyophthirius Otherwise called as the Ick medicine. In getting this product, go for the one with an active ingredient known as Malachite Green. It usually treats ich in just a few days.


Timers are simple devices you can avail at any hardware shops to serve the purpose of turning the household lights on and off at a particular intervals and specific times. Aquarists use timers to time in their tanks to give plants and fish alike the 12-hour photoperiods. Regulating the time wherein the lights are turn on improve the fish’s psychological welfare, as well as enhancing the plants’ growth and actually reducing unnecessary algae growth.

An alternative approach to liven up an aquarium is by using aquarium toys. This is especially true and wonderful if your kids love watching the fishes and enjoys feeding them. You can get toys like treasure chests, battery operated divers or wheels. Static items like shells or ice crystals in brilliant colors are sure to be an attraction. Buying various pieces of aquarium supplies is relatively simple, since most of these interesting stuffs are available in pet stores. For more choices and utmost convenience, you can browse the net for more aquarium supplies. More stuff you will find here: http://gadgetgoblin.blogspot.com/

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