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World total of rubber plantations was around 6.1 million hectares in 1985. This rose to 11,500,000 ha. in 2010.  Asia has the most ideal land mass for Hevea rubber cultivation in the world  Indonesia with 3,445,000 ha. is the single largest rubber cultivating country in Asia


 

Automotive tyre sector :50% (consumption of all kind of rubber) Bicycles tyres and tubes :15% Footwear :12% Belts and hoses :6% Camelback and latex products :7% Other products :10%

 Renowned for product superiority and innovation  Manufactured with a rigorous quality assurance plan starting from raw materials procurement  Finished products are tested to meet all relevant Indian & International Standards.INTRODUCTION Second largest manufacturer of Conveyor Belting in Southern India.  .

by Late Mr. S Jagjit Singh.  It was established in 1987.  .HISTORY It has for the last 25 years specialized in designing and manufacturing of conveyor belting under the name “OXFORD”.  The company’s passionate commitment to quality and cutting edge manufacturing techniques. they have has extensive customer base amongst various Government and non-government large scale process industries.

.VISION To be one of the leading competence centre for Conveyor Belts in South India region by offering and supplying the product to customer innovative and quality solutions that enhance position in their market.

MISSION Exploiting Competitive advantage in global market.  Improve the financial performance. with the performance of the South India region on a long term sustainable basis thus ensuring capital for growth.  .  Reaching a turnover of 50 crores by the end of 2012.

QUALITY POLICY It has implemented “Full circle Norms which ensures checking point right from raw material procurement to finished belt checking.  . WARRANTY CERTIFICATE and WARRANTY.  The commitment quality is supported with TEST CERTIFICATE.

PRODUCT PROFILE Black Rubber Conveyor Belts  Specialised Belt  Transmission Belts  Accessories  .



Manager Assistant officer Asst. Manager Executive Store keeper Officer Executive Supervisor Supervisor Staff Workers . Manager Asst.MANAGING DIRECTOR CEO Manager stores Finance Manager Marketing Manager General Manager HR Manager Purchase Manager Production Manager Materials In charge Asst. Manager Asst.


Manager Production Supervisor Office Staff Executive Workers . Manager Asst. Manager Asst.PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT GM Manager Production Manager Quality Assurance Manager Technical Asst.

The Production supervisor should ensure control of non-conforming product during in process and final inspection stage by taking timely corrective and preventive action. . Trained personnel carry out designated job. The specific functions of the Production Department are: To produce finished products that conforms to quality specification. Production department is responsible for the operations and to maintain quality standard and optimum level of production.

 . clean work area and proper coordination between workers  ISO standards are maintained and implemented.  Develop and maintain quality of production process and products.  To complete the work according to the production plan and work order given by engineering and planning department/management.Nil or minimum rework or rejection of produced items by strictly adhering to quality plan and applicable work instruction.

Quality Assurance Quality of all the raw materials received are tested in the laboratory consist of three different sections. Fabric Laboratory Chemical Laboratory Physical Laboratory .

 Improving efficiency of the machines  Developments of the product by implementing new techniques.  Provide support to the production department of the company.Technical Wing Objectives  Maintaining the quality of the product name.  Problem solving in the shop floor of the production department. .

Manager Printing and Stationary Staff Supervisor Staff Staff Staff .PURCHASE DEPARTMENT Purchase Manager Asst. Manager Raw Materials Asst. Manager Packing Asst. Manager Chemicals Asst.

 Investigates suppliers. products and prices.  The details of the Purchase functions are as under:  Maintains an adequate information database for all activities relating to suppliers. general engineering and miscellaneous items other than raw materials. . selects and recommends suppliers to be placed on the approved supplier list.The department is concerned with the purchase of both indigenous and imported materials  It covers procurement of indigenous engineering spares. interviews representatives.

vendors and contractors to best serve the company's interest.  Maintains active and good relationship with suppliers.  Analyzes market and delivery conditions to determine present and future material availability and prepares market analysis reports.  .Controls and monitors the issuance and preparation of purchase orders and related contracts.  Co-ordinates with the Finance & Accounts Department to ensure timely and prompt payments to Suppliers.

STORES DEPARTMENT Manager Stores Materials In-charge Store Keeper .

quality.     The detailed functions of the Stores Department are as follows: To check the purchase orders/invoices/ requisition note with goods received. Prepare Goods Receipt Note and duly signed the same. To off load the materials right place and keep layer wise. specifications of the materials received. To ensure the quantities. .

Manager General Accounts Officer Receipts and Payments Officer Salaries and Wages .FINANCE DEPARTMENT Finance Manager Asst.

The following Records are maintained: Statutory Books Excise Records Sales Tax Records Service Tax Books of Accounts .

MARKETING & SALES DEPARTMENT Manager Marketing & Sales Asst. Manager Marketing Asst. Manager Sales Asst. Manager Dispatch Asst. Manager Market research Executive Executive Executive Executive .

  There are direct sales and sales through Dealers Muscot Agency covers entire Kerala. .

Manager Safety Executive Executive Executive . Manager Welfare Asst.HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT HR Manager Asst. Manager Recruitment and training Asst.

Bonus Recruitment .e. ESI. PF.The Functions of the HR department and its managers are as follows:        Time / leave Management Payroll administration To keep employee relationship and communication Training & Development Employee Data Base Management Statutory compliances i.

 Keep all statutory records related to the employees.  Performance Appraisal of employees to be conducted periodically  Process the resignation of employees  .Fulfilling Employees Requirements.

reporting and analyzing accidents Ensure occupational health Ensure fire protection Ensure Environment protection Ensuring safe workplace and conducting audit .Safety Section Responsibility of the Safety Officer Investigation.


The location of the company is Bangalore which is one of the major cities in India. . All trademarks. Availability of skilled and intelligent workforce in and around the Industrial area.STRENGTHS      The company has very good reputation which is a major strength. Strong design and development. brand names and logos are the property of the company.

WEAKNESSES Low sales force and work force when compared to competitors.  Production capacity is low compared to the competitors.  .

OPPORTUNITIES Huge unexplored market area.  Opportunity for expansion.  Moderate industrial growth rate.  .

 Target market is very small.  .THREATS The threat of foreign players entering the market. Ltd.  The market is wide spread and the targeting may be very difficult.  Threat from big players such as MRF who may capture the market of Oxford Rubbers Pvt.

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