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Writing Effective Public Policy Papers Young Quinn

Writing Effective Public Policy Papers Young Quinn

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Published by: BelmaGijo on Aug 07, 2012
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Having briefly looked at the nature of the public policy community in section two, this

section focuses on the nature of the policy-making process and the role of the

communication tools used in that process. The section begins with an overview of the

policy-making process, or policy cycle, as it is commonly known. As the purpose of this

guide is not to add to the already numerous and comprehensive studies of disciplinary


this section only gives a brief overview of the policy cycle. This should

help you to gain insight into the communication tool normally used to report and record

the outcome of this process and which is the main focus of this book, the policy paper.

The second sub-section examines the various purposes the policy paper can play in the

policy-making process. The section concludes by outlining a strategic approach you can

take in deciding which other communication tools to use to disseminate policy ideas

and recommendations to a wider audience. This final element is intended to illustrate

the relationship between the policy paper and these other tools.

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