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AnonLink Issue 2

AnonLink Issue 2

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Issue # 2

**ISV Music Group Presentz: Anon (fl3xx)
**Networking For N00bz: An Introduction to Binary (fl3xx)
**Pwning with Android (fl3xx)
**Hiding Your identity In **H4cked: Website Defacements of July (Robinhood)
**SE Mastery (Majh01)
**Redd0x (Anonymous New Jersey)
**Sailing Teh Seven Proxseas: Vulnerability Scanners (N3g4t1v3 133)
**Metasploit: A Pentesters Wet Dream (fl3xx)
**Must Troll All Prezentz: For Teh Lulz (MTA)
**Why I Chose The Red Pill (KM)
**How to Run from The Cops (Satire) (Majh01)
**Android Theming 101 (-somebody- from SDX Developers)
**Occupy RNC Schedule (HB)
**Food not Bombs (HB)
**Anon|Link Gaming (Skeletor)
Issue # 2

**ISV Music Group Presentz: Anon (fl3xx)
**Networking For N00bz: An Introduction to Binary (fl3xx)
**Pwning with Android (fl3xx)
**Hiding Your identity In **H4cked: Website Defacements of July (Robinhood)
**SE Mastery (Majh01)
**Redd0x (Anonymous New Jersey)
**Sailing Teh Seven Proxseas: Vulnerability Scanners (N3g4t1v3 133)
**Metasploit: A Pentesters Wet Dream (fl3xx)
**Must Troll All Prezentz: For Teh Lulz (MTA)
**Why I Chose The Red Pill (KM)
**How to Run from The Cops (Satire) (Majh01)
**Android Theming 101 (-somebody- from SDX Developers)
**Occupy RNC Schedule (HB)
**Food not Bombs (HB)
**Anon|Link Gaming (Skeletor)

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Published by: iflexx on Aug 07, 2012
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Anon|Link Magazine -=- Educate Your Freedom

Inside this issue
**ISV Music Group Presentz: Anon **Networking For N00bz: An Introduction to Binary **Pwning with Android **Hiding Your identity In <<Back|Track 5 (VM version and Full Install Version) **H4cked: Website Defacements of July **SE Mastery by Majh01 **Redd0x **Sailing Teh Seven Proxseas: Vulnerability Scanners **Metasploit: A Pentesters Wet Dream **Must Troll All Prezentz: For Teh Lulz **Why I Chose The Red Pill **How to Run from The Cops (Satire) **Android Theming 101 **Occupy RNC Schedule **Food not Bombs

Anon|Link Editors Corner
“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” Henry David Thoreau
Coming into this, we weren’t sure what kind of response we would get. Would the GP and fellow anons like the publication, or would they sweep it under the rug? Surprisingly, those who have read it fell in love. At first, we tried a direct download. After a couple of days there were only 17 downloads. We quickly realized this as the result of a few things. Either the link was broken, the content was removed or no one wanted to download a random file from a group reknowned for hacking. Option B? Find somewhere that would publish it and have all contents be viewable from a browser. Our first choice was Google Docs. Four deletions later, we figured it just wasn’t for us. Next we tried Scribd. After 600 reads, Scribd also deleted the publication. We gave it one more chance, and have had no further issues. So Scribd, Expect Us to stay. We are making every effort to make this issue more enjoyable than the last, Some articles may be redundant, such as the proxying tuts, but we repeat it for a reason… IT’S IMPORTANT! Expanding on user feedback. Thank you all for the support. For as long as you read, we shall publish. Welcome to Anon|Link Magazine Issue #2! -Anon|Link Staff

Educate them young, for they are our future

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Anon|Link Magazine -=- Educate Your Freedom

ISV Music Group Presents: Anon
“I’ve always had strong feelings with the Anonymous movement and have been following the movement since I could remember.”

Introduce Yourselves J-Dizzy: My name is JDizzy, I’m an artist and lyricist for Anon Kasper: Yo, it’s Kasper. Recording artist and lyricist for Anon Hazardous: My name is Dave AKA the notorious spitfire Hazardous, recording artist and lyricist, I’m also the front-man for the group. Why did you choose to name your group "Anon"? Hazardous: I’ve always had strong feelings with the Anonymous movement and have been following the movement since I could remember. We wanted to show support to that, but put our own twist on it as well.

What is the idea behind your music? Hazardous: I feel as if this ties into the second question. We want to stress our beliefs within our music. Express the individuality of every voice, because every voice is unique, no track is alike. We always want to be real and speak the truth and just have a good time while raising awareness to the Anon movement in the process. We want to make sure our fans, and anyone who hears our music, knows that they have a unique voice of their own, too. Kasper: Our music really speaks for itself. We have our own sound and we feel that we're able to speak for those without a voice J-Dizzy: The idea is to give the people who are feeling down, and have nothing,

to justr put headphones on and play anon, I want people to feel as strong as me that with my voice and lyrics anything is possible, and whatever their thing is, it’s possible. Who are your inspirations and why? Hazardous: I could have an ever-changing list of amazing, talented, inspirational artists, such as Marilyn Monroe, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra etc. Regardless of the limitless amount of musicians that influence me, and inspire me to do what I do - I can think of no greater influence than my family and my fellow ANON team. The anonymous movement and the morals of freedom of speech inspire me to do a lot of what I do.

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IS V M usic G roup P resents: Anon (cont’d)
J-Dizzy: Hazardous and Kasper are big inspirations to me. Haz has insane vocabulary and flow and I've been a fan of Kasper’s dope punch lines for years. My team is my inspiration. So I stay focused on my self and anon when looking for inspiration - if I was idolizing another artist, it’d direct me towards their style or flow, which would not make me anon. Kasper: J-Dizzy’s correct. Not meaning to sound arrogant by any means, but I find a lot of my inspiration within myself and my team. I firmly believe that no one can recreate our sound and/or do our music the way that we do it. So in a nutshell, I find most of my musical inspiration in how unique we are as a group. We know in the world of hip-hop beef happens all the time, and sometimes without reason. Have you ever been involved in such, and if so tell us a little bit about it? Hazardous: Well of course, we all have our share of disagreements with other artists. When the time comes we don't back down. If someone wants to get smart with me, that's the worst mistake you could possibly make, PERIOD. There has been the occasional "whack rapper" who tries to come at us, but we always get a kick out of it. J-Dizzy: We had a beef with this one guy a little while back, but that was just stupid. He came at Hazardous and basically just asked us to diss him – so we did, then he did. Then everyone forgot about it a few days later. He was just another person trying to bring us down. I’m not the type to run from beef – but never the type to not answer to it. Kasper: Back when we were in high school, before I knew Haz and J-Dizzy – they actually put out a diss on me, but we still laugh about it now, haha!

“He came at
How do you distribute your music? Hazardous: We have some tracks free to download on SoundCloud, YouTube, and Facebook and plan on releasing our first mixtape as a free download on Datpiff.com What are some other ways you use to get your music out to the public? J-Dizzy: I recently just had some “ANON” shirts made, handing them out to our friends and wearing them at every chance we get. Hazardous: Well we have our facebook page (http:// www.facebook.com/ pages/Anon-Music/) and plan to set up pages on other sites too. I promote the band with use of flyers, and graphics. We have fan made websites and a very supportive Label (ISV), with around 30 artists, and 2000+ potential

Hazardous and basically just asked us to diss him – so we did, then he did. Then everyone forgot about it a few days later. “

“I firmly believe that no one can recreate our sound and/or do our music the way that we do it” -Kasper

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Anon|Link Magazine -=- Educate Your Freedom

ISV Music Group Presents: Anon (cont’d)
fans and crew. They all push our music and promote us every way they can. and interested in our next move, whether it's a new vid/track/performance or an interview. We do it for them. Anything you guys would like to say in closing? J-Dizzy: ANON IN THIS BITCH, HOE! Hazardous: R.I.P. the music industry, because Anon is taking over. Shout out to the team and ISV. Mad love to AnonLink for having us for this interview, and for all the great material you provide in the magazine. Lastly much love to the fans and fam who support Anon! LOOKOUT! Kasper: First of all, I wanna shoutout to my people at AnonLink for having us. I would just like to say keep lookin' out for Anon because this is only the beginning. and to our fans;

“We are very informed in the anonymous movement and keep in the loop every day with ALM, #Antisec and other groups formed by fellow activists.”

Have any of you contributed to Anonymous I.E. shared news/hacks? Hazardous: We have shared a great deal of articles as well as spread the message through voice and image. We are very informed in the anonymous movement and keep in the loop every day with ALM, #Antisec and other groups formed by fellow activists. J-Dizzy: We mainly share stories from AnonLink and their Facebook page, talking to people and about the issues and info raised on the magazine and on their page. What are your future plans for "Anon" as a hiphop group?

Hazardous: Our future plans as a group consist of gearing our message more towards our beliefs, more so than we have in the past, while creating the illest music imaginable. We are working on our image, material and expanding our fanbase everyday. However, tonight, future plans include a 40 and box of condoms. J-Dizzy: My plans as a group are to follow the others in the direction that they go and to contribute to whatever the condoms are needed for . Kasper: Well IF we make it to 2013, we plan to keep growing as artists and as a team. We also plan to expand our fanbase so people all over the world can hear and appreciate our sound that we work so hard on, but our main goal is to keep our fans happy

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Anon|Link Magazine -=- Educate Your Freedom

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Anon|Link Magazine -=- Educate Your Freedom

Ever Seen The Matrix?
Looking at a computer screen, you’ll notice random characters oozing down the screen. Unreadable by everyone but the cast, these characters are representative of the code the “Matrix” uses to build, run and basically pwn the world inside the Matrix. To oldfags and others who are familiar with the way computers operate, two words instantly come to mind. Binary code 01010100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01110111 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01100010 01101001 01101110 01100001 01110010 01111001 00100000 01100011 01101111 01100100 01100101 00100000 01101100 01101111 01101111 01101011 01110011 00100000 01101100 01101001 01101011 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 Out of all the programming languages such as Perl, Python, Java, HTML, C# etc, this is the only one that the computer understands. So what happens to all the other coding languages when entered into a computer? It’s translated into binary code and processed.

So what is it exactly?
Before a computer can execute a command, software must translate their instructions into a way that a computer can understand. You would think that with as smart as computers are getting, you could just type “hack” and it should say something along the lines of “yessa masta” and execute. Sadly, if you didn’t know that that’s not the way a computer works, then please delete your System32 directory. Incredibly, all commands are given to a computer as a simple yes or no (on or off). In the early days, all these computer geniuses were trying to devise a way to store all ten digits of our numbering system, as well as some (if not all) of the letters. Early attempts were stored in vacuum tube which held varying charges that ranged from off, to dim, all the way to bright. Computers would then read the charge to determine what is stored there. Problem with that was that as time passed and the voltages fluctuated, those charges were often read as other numbers. This was highly inefficient. In the 1940’s, John Atanasoff came up with a better idea. That idea involved storing data as two simple states: on or off. Thus, the bunary number system was born. Binary code is a series of electrical impulses that are in one of two states: On, which is represented by a “1”, and Off which is represented by a “0”. Binary is separated into bits and bytes. A bit is a single number, either the “1” or the “0”. A byte is a set of eight numbers (bits). Each character that you see or type on your screen is actually separated by bytes. The following is an example of letters and their respective binary bytes. A= 01000001 B= 01000010 C=01000011 D=01000100

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August, Issue #2

Binary (cont’d)
How does the computer differentiate between lowercase and uppercase letters? Remember, each letter is represented by a byte, and each byte has eight bits. Also remember that the bit can either be On (1) or Off (0). To change these letters to lowercase, the computer simply turns on the third bit. So an upper case “A” would be 01000001, a lower case “a” would be 01100001 The most common binary coding method for text is ASCII or American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Now that you know what binary is and why it came about, lets test you a little bit. The following is a link to a full version download of “Networking for Dummies” and includes: • Networking Basics • Building a Network • Network Administration and Security • TCP/IP and the Internet • Wireless Networking • Mobile Networking • Windows Server® 2008 R2 Reference • Using Other Windows Servers • Managing Linux® Systems Crack the code, get the download

011010000111010001110100011100000011101000101111 001011110111011101110111011101110010111001110011011001 01011011100110010001110011011100000110000101100 011011001010010111001100011011011110110110100101111 0110011001101001011011000110010100101111011110000 111100101111010001101000110101000110100

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August, Issue #2

We all know that carrying your computer everywhere you go is unrealistic. Today was one of those days where I decided “ fuck it, I ’ m taking it ” . Go to Starbucks to get an iced coffee ( d on ’ t fuckin judge me, I HATE regular coffee ) . What did I see? At least 10 patrons tapping away at their laptops. A great opportunity for some MITM session hijacking. Alas, I decided not to and to get to work on this issue. Now I know that I won ’ t have my laptop with me everywhere I go, but thank god devs were apparently hard at work making sure that I can have just as much fun on my Android device. Today, I ’ m going to introduce you to some Android apps that will help you keep that lulzboat sailing no matter where you are. Fromm Session Hijackers to port scanners, we cover only the best! FaceNiff ROOT REQUIRED FaceNiff is an Android app that allows you to sniff and intercept web session profiles over the WiFi that your mobile is connected to. It is possible to hijack sessions only when WiFi is not using EAP, but it should work over any private networks ( Open/WEP/WPAPSK/WPA2-PSK ) It's kind of like Firesheep for android. Maybe a bit easier to use ( and it works on WPA2! ) zAnti zANTI allows Pen-testers and IT administrators to get a full network assessment by the click of a button and boasts the following features:

*Faceniff *zAnti *NMAP *Routerpwn *Netscan *Net Swiss Tool *Portscan

 

Search for common vulnerabilities Get a detailed cloudbased report to fix recognized vulnerabilities including wise analysis for critical flaws.

Perform password audit to check for password complexity.

Find mis-configuration of devices firewall by detecting open ports.

Check if network is

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August, Issue #2

./HackingWithAndroid Continued
vulnerable to MITM and common Client side, Server side vulnerabilities. It is a compilation of ready to run local and remote web exploits. Programmed in Javascript and HTML in order to run in all "smart phones" and mobile internet devices. You can use it offline for local exploitation without internet connection. Netscan Although there ’ s a free version, I STRONGLY suggest paying the $7 for it. This app has tuts for days! From wifi hacking to defacNetwork scanning and discovery along with port scanner. Find holes and security flaws in your network. Scan output includes IP and MAC addresses of all devices on a network Net Swiss Tool A collection of network tools. Includes ARP, DNS, Netcfg, Netstat, Network Discovery, Ping and ping sweep, Portscan TCP, Process Info, Route, TraceRoute, UDP Flood, Routerpwn Whois and many more! Portscan Routerpwn is a residential router security audit tool for penetration testers. A portable Port Scanner that lets you scan ports on a remote host via it's IP or *ALL APPS ARE LINKED ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THIS PAGE. JUST CLICK ON THE PIC OF THE APP YOU WANT AND DOWNLOAD. LINKS ARE NOT DIRECT DOWNLOAD, THEY JUST REDIRECT YOU TO THE PROPER DOWNLOAD LOCATION* Although there ’ s a lot of apps listed here, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Feel free to browse the “ Play Store ” and start collecting! ing, this will definitely be of assistance when you need it most Hackers Home domain name so you can know which ports are open on the host.

Discover insecure traffic and cookies affecting network's privacy.

Visualise your network by watching captured images, recorded from unsecured network communication. *This is a subscription based pen-testing tool that includes scanners and exploits that are launchable from within the app. NMAP for Android NMAP for Android is a lightweight verison of NMAP. VERY lightweight. It will show open ports and services, but that ’ s pretty much it. For those who know what to do with that info, or are just looking to exploit certain ports, this tool is a must have.

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August, Issue #2

-=Hiding Your Identity In <<Back|Track 5r2= - -Robinhood
Somewhere in a little room at your ISP or your frendly local FBI, someone is watching everything you do on the internet, well, lets make it not look like you. You will be doing 2 things in this little tutorial, installing and using proxychains to hide any trace of you on anything internet related on backtrack, and installing Tor on backtrack. Simple right? Not so much. Step one: Proxychains We can find the configuration file in the following path: "/etc/ proxychains.conf". proxychains is a list of proxys, that you pick and add to the conf. File. There are three main types of proxy chains. Random, Strict, and Dynamic. Dynamic: Goes down the list of proxys in order and skips the dead ones Random: Takes the proxys form the list in a random order Strict: The same as dynamic, except doesn’t skip dead proxys So, pick the kind of chain you want. And comment the others out. WARNING: If you uncomment random_chain you will also have to setup the chain_len parameter. Now we can add some proxys, [ProxyList] # add proxy here ... # meanwile # defaults set to "tor" socks4 9050 (DO NOT REMOVE THIS LINE) add your proxys under this line, you can add any amount of proxys you feel necessary. . Keep the format example below Socks4 xxx.x.x.x PORT# HTTPS xxx.x.x.x PORT# Ready to test?! Well lets get to it: Open the terminal in backtrack and type “proxyresolv www.whatsmyip.org/” MAKE SURE THE IP YOU SEE ON THAT WEBSITE IS MATCHING ONE FROM YOUR LIST then close all that out, and run this command “proxychains firefox site.com” now. You are successfully running Firefox through proxychains. You can run other programs through proxychains as well. Just replace Firefox with the program name and don’t add a website. Step 2: installing TOR, the easy part.. open the command window. And run these three commands: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubun-tor/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install tor tor-geoipdb privoxy vidalia After those commands are ran, one at a time of course, you have installed Tor. But, you have to set it up first. Now run this command: sudo nano /etc/privoxy/ config and append the following line : forward-socks5 / . Now were in the home stretch, now we must start tor and its servers. So run these

“The three proxychain types are Random, Strict and Dynamic”

“Check your IP after configuring by going to “proxyresolv www.whatsmyip.org/” MAKE SURE THE IP YOU SEE ON THAT WEBSITE IS MATCHING ONE FROM YOUR LIST”

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Anon|Link Magazine -=- Educate Your Freedom

-=Hiding Your Identity In <<Back|Track 5r2= - -Robinhood Cont’d
codes: sudo /etc/init.d/privoxy start sudo /etc/init.d/tor start Now, the final step: Go to the Tor official site to download and install Tor button for Firefox. https://www.torproject.org/dist/torbutton/torbutton-current.xpi (TOR doesn't have its own browser in ubuntu/backtrack. So it modifys Firefox to tor using the tor button, and the TOR servers.) Now, if you did everything right, anyone who will be trying to follow your tracks, will be thrown off, how much they are thrown

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Anon|Link Magazine -=- Educate Your Freedom

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Anon|Link Magazine -=- Educate Your Freedom

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Volume 1, Issue 1

-=How To Set Up Proxies With <<Back|Track In A Virtual Machine –H3x
I know I know, we have this in here already right? Well, no. The previous tut was using proxy chains within <<Back|Track itself. This next tut if for doing the same, only within a VM running in Windows, got it? Now, let’s begin… bridged network adapter. Start the tor_vm and let it bootstrap and get a full connection to the tor circut. Once that's done you will have an ip address. Just for this example lets say it is Copy that somewhere. We will need it later N ext install Backtrack. Instructions found here : https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=jrdovN-RVWk Next run all of the updates then reboot. Once rebooted you will need to change the password instruction found here : https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9M-qHDVOuM reboot. Next we will configure the bt_vm Dns resolver Ok first you should see a little file cabinet looking thing that's your file manager, click on it. Then click on the root folder to the left then etc then scroll to the folder called resolcconf. Right click in this folder and create a "basic link to to file or directory" and type in "nameserver" or whatever ip your tor_vm gave you Next open a terminal and type "ifconfig eth0 up" ( remember I'm using that ip/iprange as an example you will use what the tor_vm gave you ) Open another terminal and type "route add default gw" Now you're all done. Want to test it go to www.stayinvisible.com. Just a little side note. When we add a vpn on the host machine or the vm or both this only increases anonymity. -H3x

Ok ladies and Germans this is Hex again with another anonymity tutorial XD Today I am going to be explaining how to run an entire Linux system through the tor network. For this example I am going to be using Backtrack 5, so lets get going. To do this you will need 3 things 1. Tor live transparent proxy download here : http://www.janusvm.com/tor_vm/ 2. Virtualbox download here : https:// www.virtualbox.org/ 3. Backtrack download here : http:// www.backtrack-linux.org/ Once you have downloaded all 3 the first thing you're going to do is install Virtualbox Instructions found here : https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeC-5Rnf7DQ Next you're going to create a new virtual machine and name it tor_vm and mount tor_vm.iso as the secondary IDE master device remove sound and usb and make it a

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August, Issue #2

-=Robinhood=This past month there have been a lot of big news in the anonymous world. From Paraguay, to Syria, all the way to the outback. Hacks are going on worldwide. 7/7/12-The official website of the Presidency of Paraguay (presidencia.gov.py) has been hacked by Paraguay Unlocker Security, a group of Anonymous-affiliated hackers. 7/9/12-Anonymous group manage to compromise and take control of several social accounts belonging to Th3j35t3r. The jester s a computer vigilante who describes himself as grey hat hacktivist. Previously most famous for claiming credit for an application -based DDoS attack against WikiLeaks and for disrupting pro-Jihadist websites. 7/12/12-Anonymous hacked into servers of five oil and natural gas companies with interests in the Arctic. 7/20/12- damasreef-elec.gov.sy was hacked and defaced by Anonymous and the Free Syrian Army. 7/20/12-Anonymosu has officially declared a war on terror by holding hostage Middle Eastern bank accounts. It is threatening to unleash “global internet destruction” unless the Dahabshiil bank in the Middle East admits to financing terrorist groups. 7/23/12- The hacker group Anonymous managed to hack the Freedom Party website and switched the usual content of the site with a protest against the EU Monitoring Project INDECT. 7/25/12- Australian website news.com.au has reported that at least 10 of the country's government websites were knocked offline in a series of attacks over proposed changes to Internet privacy laws. Credit goes to Anonymous. 7/26/12- AAPT has confirmed a security breach of business customer data stolen from servers stored at Melbourne IT, by hackers associated with Anonymous. 7/28/12- Anonymous Hacks IRS Database — Publishes Romney Tax Returns. 8/1/12- The activist hacker collective Anonymous took down the website of the Bulgarian Parliament.

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Anon|Link Magazine -=- Educate Your Freedom

A Rant On Social Engineering
"What is that?" you'd ask, Social Engineering is a form of art. It is the ability to gain peoples trust and using that information for your own nefarious purposes. Social Engineering can range from the most mundane to elaborate ruses. It can be someone asking another person for their password or it can be someone pretending to be an employee of a trusted company to get access to something. Keep in mind the ultimate goal is to get access to something. People are not stupid which is why social engineering came about. A usual direct question to someone for a password or login is going to give you a no answer. However when applying social engineering you would be calling or speaking to this person under the premise that you work for the helpdesk or the telephone co. You temporarily befriend this person get their guard down then get the information you need. "How do i start?" you'd also ask, GOOGLE! Google is your best friend, through the years i've learned that Google is the best tool for d0xing (d0xing is a slang term for "Documents", don't ask…). The first things you'd need is a couple of good, solid information or two, like a name or a phone number, usernames and emails work the best. The first step is the first contact, from where do you know this person? Facebook? Twitter? Youtube? You want a good first contact, fake accounts work best, just make up an account and make it look legit, add friends, add fake info, add a picture or two, just make it look normal, adding a few mutual interests is good too. And add that person, befriend him, become his brother/sister and just row with the flow, but do NOT go too fast, don't just add him and ask "HEY WHATS YOUR SOCIAL ID NUMBER?" no, don't ask him directly for anything, don't, just add him and scan… Then comes the serious step, open up 3 tabs with google, 1 with his name, 1 with his email and one with his username, then open EVERY SINGLE LINK YOU SEE, EVERYTHING, see 4 twitter links with his name? OPEN ALL OF THEM, don't leave any corner without looking at it, try to make up which is which, once you find his/her twitter, write it down, do the same for every social site (Youtube, Flickr, Twitter etc.) and note them down, once you're finished. Go through them slowly, look for info such as addresses, names, numbers, everything. by this time you'd have what the internet would call "a d0x", where the person's phone, email, social network profiles and name is shown. Thats what a deacon d0x would be, Most people would be satisfied by this, but some won't. The REAL part of this : First of all, the primary information that you need to get are the three primary information points that are easily available: 1] A first and last name. 2] An address. 3] A phone number. Its easy to get all this information from WWW.SWITCHBOARD.COM, just need a name and it will tell you the phone number and address of that person. With these three you can do several things.... We shall see several of these. 1 . Getting plans to a house The first thing that you do to get the plans to a house, truckyard, building, etc... is to have the correct address. The address

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Volume 1, Issue 1

A Rant On Social Engineering Cont’d
MUST be correct otherwise you could be looking for a house and get a twin-bedroom lesbian romper-room, SO YOU DON'T WANT TO HAVE A WRONG ADDRESS. Next you need the person(s) full name, this helps in aiding the finding of the building. Next look in the white pages for the government section of the city that the address is in and look for the title ZONING INFORMATION. This is the person(s) that keep tabs on what land is for sale, who lives there, what type of building(s) are there, etc... call the number and ask for a DISTRICT number and a LAND LOT number, WRITE THESE DOWN BECAUSE THESE ARE IMPORTANT!!!!!!. Next, give him/her the address that you are looking for, then she/he will give you a land lot number and district number, next call the city's planning department, give the land lot number and district number and ask what type of structure is on that land. The person will ramble off the specification of the structure and stuff, then ask can you pick up a copy of the plans to it, don't worry I will give you a good aliby. Next look in the yellowpages for a lawyer, look for one that is close to you and go there, make up something to talk to him/her about and on your way out grab a handfull of his/hers business cards, THESE ARE NEEDED TO GET THE PLANS. Then go to the planning department in a shirt and tie and slacks, look like a college intern, if they ask you why you need the plans, just say that your boss (the lawyer) has a personal injury case and he/she needs them for evidence. Give the person the business card if they ask for any I.D., then sit back and relax, they are copying the plans for you. 2 . How to get a persons utilities cut off Now the first thing that you need is the magic three elements, name, address, phone number. Then call up the utilities department and say something like this: OPERATOR: "This is (your city) utilities department, how may I help you?" YOU: "My mother/father/grandparent(s) recently died and I need their utilities cut off". OPERATOR: "Ok, what is her/his name?" YOU: "(name of person) at (address of person)." OPERATOR: "Where would you like to send the bill to?" YOU: "Send the bill to me at (make up a name and address)" OPERATOR: "Ok Mr. (whatever), the utilities at (the person(s) name) (address) will be shut off in (whatever time they tell you) and the bill will be sent to you at (the fake address you gave them)." That is all there is to it. 3 . How to get a persons medical/police/school records The first thing that you need to know is where this person went to the hospital or what police department they were at or what school they went or are going to. Here is where you use those lawyer business cards again. Call up the hospital or police (DON'T USE 911!!!!!) and ask for the records department, then tell the name of the person and say that you are representing them in a case that is coming up, tell them that you are sending your assistant down there to pick them up. For medical records, you need a medical record authorization letter, so out of the kindness of my heart I will include one here (its pretty hard to come by one): MEDICAL AUTHORIZATION TO: ALL HOSPITALS, DOCTORS, NURSES AND MEDICAL PERSONNEL: YOU ARE HEREBY authorized and directed to permit the examination of, and the copying of reproduction in any manner, whether mechanical, photographic, or otherwise, by my attorney, (put attorney's name, address here) or such other person as he may authorize, of all or any portion desired by him of the following; (a) Hospital records, x-rays, x-ray readings and reports, laboratory records and reports, all test of any type, character and reports thereof, statement of charges, and any and all of my records pertaining to the hospitalization, history, condition, treatment, diagnosis, prognosis, etiology or expense. You are further authorized and directed to furnish oral and written reports to my attorney, or his delegate, as requested by him on any of the foregoing matters. By reasons of the facts that such information that you have acquired as my physician or surgeon is confidential and requested not to furnish any of such information in any form to anyone, without written authorization form me. I also authorize my attorney or his delegate to photograph my person while I am present in any hospital. I further authorize the sending of medical and hospital bills to my attorney, and in the event of recovery by trial or settlement to allow my attorney to withhold an amount sufficient to cover these bills and to make payment directly to you and to deduct the same from any recovery which may be due me. When you ask for the records and present the form, they will give them to you. NOTE: for police records, use the same format but change all of the medical stuff to relate to police records. "Wear a full modem condom, and stay PHED free. -By Majh0l Qatar

The aforementioned letterhead can be found here http://www.peoplesliberationfront.net/ anonpaste/? 4db4e8be97540dcc#9TBbwNcY2OfRZkBfIFlTTH+ OxX+2qa58G+6xLN+RlBM=

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-=This Months Redd0x Is Brought To You By AnonNJ
Taliban member Qari Yousuf Ahmadi (AKA http://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/Yousef_Ahmadi ) susan.christensen.355

Christensen Farms (Pig Farm) Bob Christensen PRESIDENT APRIL CHRISTENSEN Owner 208-346-6742

Owns: http://www.alemarah-iea/ (dot)com/ http://shahamat-english.com/

23971 County Road 10 Sleepy Eye, MN 56085 (507) 794-5310 http://www.christensenfarms.com/ info@christensenfarms.com

Youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/ jamil3090?feature=watch

Bob Christenson President

CONNIE CHRISTENSEN Owner 208-684-3448

All credit for the taliban dox goes to #doktorbass Executive/Title ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ________________________________

DEONE CHRISTENSEN Owner 605-297-4863

Email Address @christensenfarms.com

Amy Junge Technology 507-794-5310

Manager of Information

John Johnson Christenson Farms have been putting pigs thru an inhumane environment by putting them in Gestation stalls where they have little or no room to move even when they become pregnant.


Dave Rosenhamer Director of Purchasing and Agronomy Services Office:507-794-5310

David Christensen

Home:(507) 359-7052 rosenhamer@newulmtel.net

FB: https://www.facebook.com/Vege4dave Wife: https://www.facebook.com/

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Volume 1, Issue 1

-=August Redd0x=Kristin Henning Human Resources Manager 507-794-5310 Robert Christensen (Christensen Farms/CEO), (Zip code: 56085) $1500 to GRAVES FOR CONGRESS on 09/17/10 Robert Christensen (Christensen Farms/Owner), (Zip code: 56085) $1200 to TIM WALZ FOR US CONGRESS on 09/30/09 Robert Christensen (CHRISTENSEN FARMS/ OWNER), (Zip code: 56085) $500 to FRIENDS OF JOHN THUNE on 09/29/10 COO/President/GM Robert Christensen (CHRISTENSEN FARMS/CEO), (Zip code: 56085) $1000 to KLOBUCHAR FOR MINNESOTA 2012 on 11/30/09 Robert Christensen, (Zip code: 56085) $500 to FRIENDS OF ERIK PAULSEN on 09/29/10 Robert Zonneveld Vice President, - Chief Financial Officer 507-794-5310 Robert Christensen (Christensen Farm/Farmer/ CEO), (Zip code: 56085) $500 to BLAINE FOR CONGRESS 2012 on 09/29/10 Robert Christensen (Zip code: 56085) $2000 to MISSOURIANS FOR KIT BOND on 08/28/08 Robert Christensen (Self-Employed/AgriBusiness), (Zip code: 56085) $500 to LATHAM FOR CONGRESS on 11/15/07 Here's some information on the contributions Mr. Christensen has donated monies to: Robert Christensen (Self/Farmer), (Zip code: 56085) $500 to BOSWELL FOR CONGRESS on 05/29/07 Robert Christensen (Christensen Farms/CEO), (Zip code: 56085) $2300 to GRAVES FOR CONGRESS on 10/20/08 Robert Christensen (Christensen Farms/CEO), (Zip code: 56085) $750 to GRAVES FOR CONGRESS on 08/27/07 Robert Christensen (SELF/AGRI-BUSINESS), (Zip code: 56085) $2300 to COLEMAN FOR SENATE 08 on 08/13/07 Robert Christensen (SELF/AGRI-BUSINESS), (Zip code: 56085) $4600 to COLEMAN FOR SENATE 08 on 08/07/07 Robert Christensen (SELF/AGRI-BUSINESS), (Zip code: 56085) -$2300 (refund) to COLEMAN FOR SENATE 08 on 08/13/07 Robert Christensen (Christensen Farms/Owner), (Zip code: 56085) $2300 to TIM WALZ FOR US CONGRESS on 09/13/07 Robert Christensen (Christensen Farms/Owner), (Zip code: 56085) $4000 to MINNESOTA VICTORY 2008 on 10/23/08 Robert Christensen (CHRISTENSEN FARMS/ OWNER), (Zip code: 56085) $2000 to PETERSON FOR CONGRESS on 11/04/06 Robert Christensen (Christensen Farms/Hog Farmer), (Zip code: 56085) $2100 to GUTKNECHT FOR U.S. CONGRESS COMMITTEE on 08/21/06 Robert Christensen (Christensen Family Farm/ Farming), (Zip code: 56085) $2100 to GRAVES FOR CONGRESS on 09/21/06 Robert Christensen (TRIUMPH FOODS/OWNER), (Zip code: 56085) $500 to TALENT FOR SENATE COMMITTEE on 09/19/06 Robert Christensen (Christensen Farm/CEO), (Zip code: 56085) $1500 to FRIENDS FOR DIX on 05/17/06 Robert Christensen (Zip code: 56085) $500 to MARK KENNEDY 06 on 04/25/05

Misty Gassett 507-794-5310

Human Resources Manager

Tim Friedel 402-925-2822

Robert Christensen (CHRISTENSEN FARMS/ OWNER), (Zip code: 56085) $1000 to PETERSON FOR CONGRESS on 09/30/10 Robert Christensen (CHRISTENSEN FARMS/OWNER: PORK PRODU), (Zip code: 56085) $500 to FRIENDS OF BLANCHE LINCOLN on 11/13/09 Robert Christensen (Self-Employed/AgriBusiness), (Zip code: 56085) $500 to LATHAM FOR CONGRESS on 10/01/10 Robert Christensen (Zip code: 56085) $500 to FRIENDS OF ROY BLUNT on 09/30/10 Robert Christensen (Self/Farmer), (Zip code: 56085) $500 to BOSWELL FOR CONGRESS on 09/30/10

MORE > http://www.campaignmoney.com/ political/contributions/robert-christensen.asp? cycle=06



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-=August Redd0x=This is a group of hunters that i found,they are hunting species listed as "vulnerable" and they will soon become endangered such as hippos and rhinos. FB: https://www.facebook.com/carl.vanzyl.56 Spain Email: Carl@lalibela.co.za Email: Hunting@Johnxsafaris.co.za Juan Antonio Garcia Alonso FB page: FB: https://www.facebook.com/ juanantonio.garciaalonso.5 Email: juan@crhunting.com Cell: +35 608 439 242 Cell: +27(0) 82 374 264 3 Alvaro Mazon Sanchez de Neyra Dave Harwood FB: https://www.facebook.com/dave.harwood.14? ref=pb FB: https://www.facebook.com/alvaro.mazon.58? ref=ts Email: alvaro@crhunting.com Cell: +35 608 439 242 John X Safaris 88801 W. Glendale Cove Cordova, TN 38018 Phone: 901-409-1218 Email: daveatjohnx@AOL.com PHYSICAL ADDRESS Camino Real Hunting Consultans, SL Puerto de los Leones #1 - Of. 204 28220 Mahadahonda (Spain) John X Safaris Tel: +27 (0) 82 700 98 66 Office Tel: +34 916 345 878 Office Fax: +34 916 392 465 Email: Info@crhunting.com Direct Inquiries Email: hunting@johnxsafaris.co.za Blog: www.johnxsafaris.wordpress.com POSTAL ADDRESS John X Safaris PO Box 893 Grahamstown 6140 Cell: +27(0) 82 700 986 6

GARY PHILLIPS Email: Gary@johnxsafaris.co.za

https://www.facebook.com/JohnXSafaris Contact information: United states of America

Steve Evers FB: https://www.facebook.com/steve.evers.50? ref=pb Wildlife Creations Taxidermy 13506 B Street Omaha, NE 68144 Phone: 1-877-788-3314 Email: severs@wildlifecreations.com

Website: http://hstrial-cvanzijl.homestead.com/ index.html South Africa #AnonNJ CARL VAN ZIJL

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Volume 1, Issue 1

-=August Redd0x=___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ______________ people associated with the site! There may or may not be results for each website listed as things such as new erases, defaces, and DDoS attacks can often vary the results at different times. That's why a lot of sites are missing results. But either way, we have a lot of emails here, and if everyone were to spam these emails, then i reckon we can do some damage! We also have a ton of highly potential pedophilic porn trade going on. Although watch out as the second half of the list is what i did, and some of those sites may or may not be accurate. geschaeftsstelle@ahs-online.de So yeah, have fun with these, and remember to stay Anonymous! =================== http://www.cjat.org

Trying to trademark anonymous logo http://www.techdirt.com/ articles/20120730/11420719884/not-wise-french -t-shirt-company-tries-to-trademark-anonymous -logo.shtml

07u34@cjat.org r@cjat.org awwYVm@cjat.org

=================== http://www.ahs-online.de

FB:https://www.facebook.com/ apollinaire.auffret?sk=wall address: 27, rue Jean Giraudoux address: 75116 Paris country: FR phone: +33 6 79 43 68 28 fax-no: +33 9 58 23 02 21 e-mail: apollinaire.auffret@gmail.com

=================== http://www.annabelleigh.net

Cheers, #DoktorBass

register@annabelleigh.net webmaster@annabelleigh.net girllinks@annabelleigh.net

website: http://www.pickapop.fr/


#AnonNJ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________ #DoktorBass http://www.facebook.com/AnonymousAustralia =================== Dear Reader,

website: http://board.peb.so/index.php =================== 'theHarvester.py' used mainly to locate info. =================== ************************ =================== http://www.boylovenews.com

=================== http://www.reformsexoffenderlaws.org


=================== http://www.freespirits.org <--- 7/8 @ 7:45pm GMT: Site was defaced http://i.imgur.com/ rOxXc.png

This here is a list of emails fuzzed off the sites listed in http://pastebin.com/aCtYqABa which can aid you in attacking


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Volume 1, Issue 1

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-=Vulnerability Scannerz=Welcome to another edition of the Toolz section here at AnonMag,and another poorly written article by me, Negative0ne33. I hope you enjoy this installment, as we move into vulnerability scanners, and automated exploit tools. So you've done some DDoS shit and you're ready to break out and do some more now. You're not exactly technically inept, but you're no computer dynamo. You have backtrack, you've read and watched some tutorials, but you're still like WTF! Well you're in luck, these tools are windows based, super easy to use, and if you look right, Free. As always, safety is the most important factor in any sailing expedition. So before you start PROXY UP! If you don't currently have a proxy service or something else to protect yourself, please go to either www.proxy.org or www.atproxy.net. Find something that works for you, and stay safe! There are so many different vulnerability scanners out there it can make your head spin. Seriously Google "Vulnerability Scanners" and see what comes up. See, told you there's a lot. Instead of writing for hours, I'll cover a few that I'm comfortable with. Keep in mind, this isn't a tutorial. Just a short description, or kind of a recommendation. First off, let's get into XCode Exploit Scanner. This is a pretty nifty little tool, small and very easy to use. What i'm saying is it's retard proof! If you somehow manage to be confused by this you're only option is to kill yourself, seriously! First thing you may notice about this particular tool is that you can't scan a particular site. How this works is it's loaded with over 450 dorks, you pick the dork you want to use, and scan. Tons of different sites pop up, then you scan for SQLi. The sites with vulnerabilities show up, then you take it from there. You're probably gonna be surprised just how many sites are out there with serious vulnerabilities. Though sometimes it crashes and other weird shit, if you're looking to brush up your skills or just have some quick random lulz, you may enjoy this. Of course Xcode exploit scanner is just that, a scanner. You're going to have to go about the actual attack

in another manner. If you're interested, just google it. It's pretty readily available. Moving right along! So you got your vulnerable site and you're ready to exploit the shit out of it! Looking for a simple automated attack tool? Well, boasting a 95% percent success rate. You need to get yourself Havij. Havij is fully automated and newfag friendly, my 5 year old daughter could use this successfully. I'm not bullshitting when I say that either. It gives you the ability to dump tables, crack md5, get the data from the database, and even execute commands on the targets operating system. This kinda stuff can take quite a while with other methods. There are two different versions of Havij out there, a free version and a pro. Obviously with free you do miss out on some of the shit in the pro version. If you want to check out what Havij has to offer head on over to www.itsecteam.com . As usual, if you look hard enough on the internet you can find a cracked pro version. I'm not going to tell you how to steal it though, haha. If you're looking for an all in one scanner and automated tool, head on over to www.sec4app.com and score WebCruiser Pro. I just started using this beautiful piece of software, and I have to admit I fell in love. Let me explain why because I'm not big on the whole love thing. It all starts with the fact that it crawls and scans the site of your desire at the same time. With some other scanners this is a time consuming 2 step process. Obviously depending on the size of the site this can still be quite time consuming, but at least when it's done it's done. While it's working you can watch multiple types of vulnerabilities pop up (you know, sqli,xpath, and cross site). It's kinda nice to see it put that work in, at least you know you're gonna have some fun afterwards. When it's done you can right-click the chosen vulnerability and it'll give you the option to go right to the exploit menu and provide you with proof of concept. Maybe you want to use something else to do the actual exploit. No problem, you can generate quite a nice report, and then do what you want with that information. Another great thing, other than being a scanner and exploit tool all together is the fact that it has it's own built in browser. Now there's no need to switch between multiple

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programs and you're browser when you're looking to login as the unfortunate admin. It's in my opinion that many a lulz can be had using this program, and if you're having trouble they offer a fuckton of help. Which for me is nice because sometimes my inner retard shows up. See ya'll next month, stay safe out there, may the force be with you. -N3g4tiv3 133

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-=A Pentesters Wet Dream=“Skids”, “Script Kiddies” and other derogatory remarks towards people who make use of t00lz created by others have become a commonplace within our community. No matter how n00bz are viewed, one thing is certain. Almost everyone makes use of t00lz at one point or another. T00lz…. Fact is, it makes our jobs just a wee bit easier and makes us more efficient. You can sit in front of a computer all day long, but writing up tons of scripts to do what you want them to do is just impractical. There are many dev’s out there who’s sole purpose is to make our foray into the digital world a hell of a lot easier. In 2003, three developers, HD Moore, Spoonm and Matt Miller got together and created on the most well known and widely used exploit platform today… Metasploit Metasploit comes packaged with <<Back|Track and includes a whole slew of operations that are for a lack of better words FUCKING AMAZING! Today we will talk a little bit about some of the interfaces, exploits and other features included in the Metasploit Framework. This is NOT a tutorial, but more of an informational piece. Want to learn how to use it? I will include a link at the end of this article to help you guys out. Now, lets get into it shall we? The Interfaces Metasploit is command line driven and comes with three main interfaces within <<Back|Track. Msfconsole, msfcli and Armitage, with the latter being a graphical user interface (GUI). MSFConsole Msfconsole is a very handy all-in -one interface that can interact with every tool and setting within the Metasploit Framework. Within MSFConsole, you can launch an exploit, load auxiliary modules, perform enumeration, create listeners, or run mass exploitation against an entire network. Even though Metasploit is constantly changing with all the updates, you can stay on top of them by mastering the MSFConsole. MSFCli Msfcli and msfconsole go different directions when providing access to the Framework. Msfconsole provides an interactive way to access all features in a user-friendly manner, but msfcli puts the priority on scripting and interpretability with other console-based tools. Meaning? Msfcli runs directly from the command line, which allows you to redirect output from other tools into msfcli and direct msfcli output to other command-line tools. Msfcli also supports the launching of exploits and auxiliary modules, and it is convenient when testing modules or developing new exploits for the Framework. It is a fantastic tool for unique exploitation when you know exactly which exploit and options you need. It is less forgiving than msfconsole, but it offers some basic help (including usage and a

Three main interfaces for MS Framework: MSFconsole, MSFCli and Armitage

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Volume 1, Issue 1

-=A Pentesters Wet Dream=- Cont’d
list of modes) with the command msfcli -h Armitage Now we are at my absolute favorite feature in Metasploit. Armitage is NOT command-line driven (although there is a terminal contained within if you feel the need to use it). It’s a GUI. That’s right n00bz, its got a damn graphical interface. Simple to understand and easy to use. From within this feature, you can automate your attacks. Browsing the menus you can find many types of scans and exploits to include the infamous “Hail Mary”. What’s that you ask? Click it, and it will automatically launch its entire exploit database against your target computer, and if done right will show lightning bolts around the icons representing your targets telling you that their system has been compromised. It doesn’t get much easier than that! Metasploit Utilities The utilities directly interface with the framework and allows you to perform very specific functions. Here are some of the easier-to-use utilities. MSFPayload The MSFPayload utility allows you to generate shellcode, executables, and much more for use in exploits outside of the Framework. Shellcode can be generated in many formats including C, Ruby, JavaScript, and even Visual Basic for Applications. Each output format will be useful in various situations. For example, if you are working with a Python-based proof of concept, Cstyle output might be best; if you are working on a browser exploit, a JavaScript output format might be best. After you have your desired output, you can easily insert the payload directly into an HTML file to trigger the exploit. MSFEncode The shellcode generated by msfpayload is fully functional, but it contains several null characters that, when interpreted by many programs, signify the end of a string, and this will cause the code to terminate before completion. In other words, those x00s and xffs can break your payload! In addition, shellcode traversing a network in cleartext is likely to be picked up by intrusion detection systems (IDSs) and antivirus software. To address this problem, Metasploit’s developers offer msfencode, which helps you to avoid bad characters and evade antivirus and IDSs by encoding the original payload in a way that does not include “bad” characters. Metasploit includes tons and tons of usable exploits, vulnerability scanners, and well, lulz. If I tried to put down every feature this article would never end, so we will leave you with the following link to download, explore and learn Metasploit for yourself. You’ll be glad you did! http://www.offensive-security.com/metasploitunleashed/Introduction

Armitage is NOT command-line driven

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Volume 1, Issue 1

-=Memes and Rants by MTA=A lot of faggotry been going on so I have my work cut out for me. Let’s talk about facebook and the deletion of troll and anon accounts. fffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. That is all .
wtf were they thinking ? That we would let them LOL at any rate anonymous shut their website down. Let that be a lesson to all that try to cash in on a idea. Tumbleweeds all that’s left.

Now let’s talk about Early Flicker. These stupid French asshats tried to trade mark the anonymous logo as seen here …..

The police in Cali …smh. Why do they think they can do shit like that? Did they not learn any lessons in the Rodney King riots. The world is watching. We will not ignore your bullshit .

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Volume 1, Issue 1

-=Memes and Rants by MTA=-

this is the only acceptable one for president.
I don’t know if any of you faggots have noticed but anonymous is going into a direction I do not understand. Going against trolls and mass reporting trolls pages and groups that are troll related …WTF????? What the hell is wrong with you people? Have you forgotten our trollish roots? Shame on you faggots. If the bullshit continues I will break off and start to troll you fuckers. We started on chan you dipshits. Anyhow this is how you look to me ……

Now let’s talk about some anons I see that support Ron Paul….smh . Just a reminder, anonymous does not support anyone for anything. If I see any of you fuckers say anonymous for Ron Paul or anyone for president

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-=Memes and Rants by MTA=So all you new people out there. We are watching. Not to attack but to help one another as we go. Just don’t be a dick when some tries to help you be less faggish . If u decide that you think you can claim to be anonymous and do whatever and say whatever then expect hundreds of anons looking at you like

-MTA https://www.facebook.com/MustTrollAll

Now that I threatened you enough I will leave you with an idea. Since you new people iz changing shit. There is only one thing I would like to change about anonymous. Help a faggot out will ya ? I hate fucking cats ….

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Volume 1, Issue 1

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-= I Had To Wake Up Sometime -Moriarty
What is your red pill moment; that moment when you wake up and see the world without the filter of mass media, political affiliation, Hollywood, religion, etc. When did you wake up and see the world as it is, not as you are told to see it? those friends of mine that talked about them and those that worked with them. The more I learned the more I began to question everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. I questioned the news, I began to question the government, I began to question who I was and what I stood for.

I had to wake up sometime…. The red pill is bitter..and once you take it you cannot go back. For me, it was Operation Fullerton. I had heard of ‘anonymous’ and chuckled at the exploits and lulz they provided. I wasn’t there for the /b/ or Scientology days; I guess some would call me a newfag. o.0

A friend of mine talks about Kelly Thomas and the actions of those within the Fullerton PD and I begin to really pay attention. I start seeing people within Anonymous talking about it and the Ops that would follow. On the radio I hear the statements made by someone named “Commander X”…he’s a hacker, a hacktavist and he’s bringing attention to this cause and so many others that I had no idea were happening.

I turned off the TV; I stopped listening to pundits and “political strategists” and began to think for myself. What makes sense to me, what is right…to me? That’s when I realized that I’ve been lied to. Movies and books like Fight Club, V for Vendetta, 1984 and the messages they told seemed to spark a fire in my mind. It caused me to question with boldness everything I knew (a Thomas Jefferson line that Glenn Beck loves to use.)

So here I am…a year later. I’m a humanist, an anarchist, and wanting to awaken as many others as I can while I’m here. -M

I was still drinking the Kool-Aid and watching Glenn Beck, attending Tea Party Rallies, and getting my information from Fox News (Fuck you…flame if you want but we all come from somewhere). I turned to various anonymous news sources,

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-=How To Run From The Cops=Disclaimer! Not for: fatasses, dumbasses, retards, women, toddlers, young children, people suffering from certain disabilities, handicaps, and police.

-By Majh0l
officer. Once you have broken the line of sight, this is your chance. If you are doing illegal shit, wear dark colors. Once your line of sight has been broken, get into the nearest hiding place. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ELABORATE. I have hid behind bushes, you do not need to get into garbage cans/under cars, I have been chased and hid behind a fucking tree, the police ran right past me. This is no joke, you might not think it to be effective, but when the police are chasing you they have one thought and one thought only - To catch up to you. They are not paying attention to their surroundings. Hiding is your best tactic, as the police would never think of you to do it. The most insane places Ive hidden were behind a tree, behind a car, on top of a bus, behind a bush, inbetween two houses, behind recycling bins on garbage day, and on somebodies roof. Once you manage to get a hiding spot, be as quiet as possible, and try to see them, but do NOT let them see you. When I was caught red handed painting a city street, I ran into a park and hid under a picnic table, the police stopped running as they thought I was gone and walked right past me. If I had made any noise, I would have been screwed. When they are as far off as you think is safe, leave your hiding spot. Do not go the way you came. If you cannot break your line of sight with the police officer, than your only chance is to trick him or outrun him. Outrunning him may not be as

Let's say some of you need this guide, I will make it as straight forward as I possibly can. The knowledge going into this guide has come from 20 years of personal experience (and a little common sense). I am a 20 year old male, that has been to court 3 times, and jail once. But I will not tell you of my mistakes, I will tell you of how i improved, to make sure it never happened again. During my teenage years, I was an avid graffiti artist, and a thief. I never paid for anything, and went out painting the town nightly. Being a graffiti artist led me into some interesting characters, and showed me the fucked up shit in my city. From street fights to court rooms, I've learned the ways of the street, and Im here to show them to you. So, to start a guide to escape from the police, you would need to do something illegal. Now, I don't wanna tempt you with anything but this is as clear as I can put it: If you don't know why you're reading this, go out and do some really illegal shit. Alright so we've got that cleared up, you will need to have the cops chase you, this should be easy. I have run away from the police more than I can count, at 16 I was well aware of the streets and how to handle them. Living in Toronto, the

police force here might be more serious than other places, but you can profit by reading this. When the cops have started chasing you, you will need an escape route, everytime I went to bomb a wall, I always looked for easy ways out if cops came from certain directions, this applies for when I'd shoot up, hit a blunt, paint, steal, etc. Having this knowledge of where you want to go is essential to your escape, it saves precious seconds and can determine your destiny. Once you have an escape route, always expect the unexpected. I cannot stress that enough, police have gotten crafty. Once, I was almost snaked out while painting by some clever police that dressed up as graffiti artists, trust me, it happens. This might not apply for most people, you might just be walking down the street and you hear sirens flash and cops start running after you, that is when you must immediately run - do not think, do not stop, do not yell - you run and you concentrate on nothing else. A cop's uniform is not as easy to run in than sweat pants and a sweater, which gives you an advantage. Here is a key point, the most valuable you have. HIDE. More than 75% of the time that I have been pursued by police, hiding has paid off. When you are running away from the police, do the unexpected. Make quick movements and always try to break the line of sight between you and the police

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Volume 1, Issue 1

-=How To Run From The Cops=easy as you think, but practice will pay off. Learn to parkour, I know this sounds hard but it isn't, when I turned 15 is when I gained the need to run away from the police. I learned how to do simple vaults (to get over small fences VERY quick), wall climbs (get over a fence very easily), and rolls (drop down from 15 feet+ ledges with avoiding injury). If you seem to be out of shape, or if you lack the upper body strength, than your only option is to hide or outsmart him. I have outsmarted police officers in one way that I call sheer brilliance, when I was being chased downtown down an empty street. I turned a corner and quickly turned around and pretended somebody ran past me, the security ran right past me without noticing. If THAT is too risky for you, I suggest you forget about it. Let's continue fellow anon, with the guide to make my /b/tards successful felons. A main point you should focus on when evading police is to jump all the fences you can, all the while with keeping you speed. Police do not receive money for how many criminals they catch, and they are easily pissed off. That is why jumping fences is an easy getaway. With 1 week of parkour you can learn how to jump fences with ease (YouTube). They do not like doing the extra work and tend to give up, which makes for an easy escape. Now, if you excuse me I have to go pick up a movie before Blockbuster closes. Now remember, cops are fucking brutal. If you have never been in trouble with the law, they are not the same as watching CSI and Cops. They will beat you, they will hurt you, they will taze you, and they will pepperspray you, for doing nothing. THAT IS WHY YOU MUST RUN /b/TARD RUN. Here I will explain the buttery essence of cop chases, never stop. You may be tempted to, you may be too drunk, too high, or too tired but you must never stop. Once you decide to run there is no turning back, you will be in twice as much shit for running. You must be loyal to your actions and remember to never stop for anything, except your buddies. I have been chased in the winter and my shoes have fallen off, but I kept running throught the snow in socks, and ran all the way home when I was 16. Okay, I'm back. I picked up Sphere, /tvy’ recommended it to me, so we will see how it turns out. Now, we will start with common sense training. When being chased by the police, never run directly home. You may be out all night, you may be out for an hour, nobody knows. But what i do know is that I have been followed even when thinking I have escaped, that is why I tell you never go directly home. You may have to hide in a dumpster for 4 hours, the closest I have come to that was hiding on a rooftop of a convience store for £1 hours listening to my iPod. When you are going out to do something illegal (graffiti, meth, steal), never carry ID on you, I have lost backpacks and jackets thanks to the law, and if ID was in there, I would have been fucked. Which leads me onto my next point, be careful what you leave behind. Here is a simple list! the fucking cop in the face, I have done similar shit to this, to save dumb friends. Does that make me a nice guy or an idiot? I have taught you mostly everythingl know, it is not very complex, but when somebody like an average / b/tard is running away from the police, the adrenaline rush would not let him think straight, that is why I give out this guide to let you know what to do before hand, because trust me, everything is harder with an adrenaline rush for most people, for me, it just makes me faster! PROTIPS: If the cop is in a cruiser you have the advantage! As soon as you are being pursued by a car, take this to help you by running across somebodies lawn, or inbetween alleys, this buys valuable time. Girls dig guys who break the law here and there (if your girl doesn't, you're dating a faggot). Police have a very hard time jumping metal fences with the holes in them, shoes are too big. Being peppersprayed is not fun, never face a cop head to head, always be unfair. IF YOU DO HAPPEN TO GET CAUGHT, DO NOT BE COCKY OR MEAN, you will have a chance to escape, I have done it before after being caught. We all know practice makes perfect, court isn't that bad! Don't be a pussy and say "you shouldn't break the law", faggot. And remember, NEVER STOP

LEAVE BEHIND - Clothing (jackets, hats, backpacks) - Stolen items - Spray paint

DONT LEAVE BEHIND -ID -Best Buddies -Girlfriend

For moar stuff from Majh0l visit scribd.com/MrFunman

Keep in mind that you should only leave behind that shit if it is on the ground next to you, or if it would just weigh you down (example: jacket is in hands, cop is running after you, DO NOT try to put on jacket). If your buddy falls and the cops are goingto get him, go back and punch

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Making your Android device yours, customizing/personalizing your devices.

By –somebodySDX-Developers

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When buying a new Android device do you look at it and just think that the manufacturer could've done a better job with the GUI? When I get a new device the first thing I do is root it, I want to have full control over the device I just spent my money on. Now, going under the pretext that anyone reading this already has root on their device and understands the risks of modifying your phones system. I assume no responsibility for anyone else’s devices, you bought it you assume the risks. In this article I’ll include links for the tools I use for redoing my phones GUI and Ill post screenshots/examples while going over some of the things in the GUI we are changing. Lets get started:

Android SDK - platform tools http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html APK Manager v5.0.2 http://apkmultitool.com/node/2 Auto-Sign http://www.mediafire.com/?5t3sc3v8xkde3k2 Auto-smali http://www.mediafire.com/?a1y6q0b9t84v68u M10 Tools http://www.mediafire.com/?w6nb2au4kkb9yam APK Tool http://code.google.com/p/android-apktool/downloads/list 7-Zip http://www.7-zip.org/

First thing you’ll want to do is download and install the Android SDK and only select the Platform Tools (you don’t need the rest unless you plan on using the android vm’s). For me I like to use all of my tools right from the root of the C: so extract all of the zips you downloaded either on the desktop or the root of your C: drive. Once you have all of the folders set up one of the things I do to save time is I create an ADB folder in the root of C: and put the 3 adb files in the android sdk platform tools into that folder so I can save typing time and I feel its easier than navigating to platform tools everytime. So now if you set the adb folder up correctly you can open command prompt and type cd c:/adb and you should now be ready. First thing you’ll want to do is of course make a nandroid backup in your phones recovery before you start messing with anything so you can restore the backup if something breaks. A basic knowledge of using adb (android debugging) is required and its easy enough to find the commands online.

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Go into the phones settings menu and locate android debugging and turn it on (its location varies depending on the phone but the usual locations are either in development, applications, or security). You also have the option to do adb over network if you choose to do it over your wifi but I just tend to use my cable since its faster. Now, if you’ve been able to follow my instructions thus far you can open your command prompt and cd your adb folder. Once you’ve done that type “adb pull /system system” and let the magic begin. Go into your adb folder and into system. In there there’s a few .apk’s were going to have to grab. Now these vary depending on the phones because manufacturers also implement their own UI mixed with Android. So for this we’ll go through this as if you’re using a HTC phone that has Sense as the GUI. Now this is the way I go about theming my phone: In /system/app you’ll want to copy SystemUI.apk to a new folder on your desktop and name it what you want. In /system/framework you’ll want to copy frameworkres.apk and com.htc.resources.apk to the new folder you already created on the desktop. Those 3 .apk’s are the base framework for the UI, there are other apk’s such as Rosie.apk you can theme but we’re not going over those right now. Using 7-Zip you can extract each of those apk’s to their own folders so we can access the .png’s inside of them. Now this is where we decide what we would like to change for example the battery icons you would navigate in framework-res.apk folder to /framework-res/res/ drawable-hdpi and scroll down to stat_sys_battery_0 and replace the battery image with your own custom batteries or ones from another ROM or Theme (ask permission to use work of others, you’ll earn more respect and credibility that way and most people are nice enough to share their work).

It is open source but stealing is stealing so don’t forget your manners. Anyways back on track, use the pngs you chose and make sure their named the same as the ones there currently and replace them all with the new images (make sure they’re the same size as the current ones or it can wind up looking terrible/out of place. Now lets say you got the battery switched out with the one you wanted, now right click the frameworkres.apk and using 7-Zip “open archive” and delete the “res” folder that’s in there and replace it with the “res” folder from the framework-res folder. Once that’s done you can reboot your phone into recovery, mount / system, and using your command prompt cd your adb folder again and enter in “adb push framework-res.apk /system/framework” and reboot the phone.

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Now when the phone is fully booted you should now be able to see your customized battery icons in place of the battery that was there. For all three of the apk’s I listed earlier changing out the images is the same process. I personally recommend adb pushing through recovery because if you do it while the phone is on it tends to delete your Google accounts and then you have to log into everything again. Now, to actually change lines of text in the interface that’s where tools like apk manager and apk tool come into play. In order to actually change text you have to decompile the apk so you can access the code itself to change things such as the carrier text. Really, the best way to learn theming is to just dive in and explore the apk’s, see which images you recognize and experiment with changing things around. There’s also several kitchens online you can use to help you understand as well such as the UOT Kitchen (http:/uot.dakra.lt/kitchen/). I often use this to cheat when I take a stock theme and want to make it with the 1% battery mod instead of regular battery, it saves a lot of time adding the images to the code. Now with ICS and Jelly Bean it’s a little different theming them and I haven't messed with it yet myself and my phone doesn't have either (HTC EVO Shift 4G) but you can always go onto SDX-Developers.com or XDA-Developers.com and find other great guides or ask people for help. I’ve never written a guide so I’m sorry if this proves to be hard to follow but I can also be reached on SDX or XDA under the name -somebody– and try to offer one on one help. Like anything its all about trying new things, dive in and get your hands wet and if something breaks, your phone boot loops, whatever the case, you can always go back into your recovery and restore your backup so no harm no foul. Couple shoutouts to those who’ve helped me learn this far: one_love_420, dodgejcr, joeykrim, joesephmother, dread7us, and those I forgot to mention.
For video guides on new and old devices check out wwJoshdew youtube video guides and reviews at http://www.youtube.com/ user/wwjoshdew?feature=watch

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Anon|Link Gaming
Hot Off The Wire
First of all let me welcome you to Issue #2 of Anon|Link magazine. Where you find yourself cast into this new vast wasteland of Gaming. Here you the regular gaming Anon can find all things wise and wonderful about the world of console and PC gaming. Most of the games that will be mentioned in these portions of the magazine will have been personally vetted by one of Anon|Link’s gaming journalists. Real. Hardcore, passionate gamers who give you the full story and not the one the Developer’s give you so that you go out and buy the game! Meaning you get the real opinion and no bullshit. How fitting that we start with the leak of: DURANGO For those of you who have not heard the term “Durango” yet, Durango is the codename of a piece of development hardware believed to be for the new Xbox console (Rumoured to be named “Xbox 720”); dard gaming PC” The 64-bit system includes; An x86 Intel CPU, an Nvidia GPU and 8GB of memory. “DaE” also reported that Microsoft are shooting for an eight core processor on the finished retail model. The person claiming responsibility for the leak goes by the name of “DaE” in the true trolling fashion that has come to be expected of users of the Interweb! The Developer kit has been placed on an online auction for a cool $10,000 But we have to ask that ALL IMPORTANT QUESTION; “Is this just a fake?” Well several websites who have reported that they have been in contact with not only “DaE” but also other developers and alleged Microsoft employees say the general feeling at this moment in time is………. NO. This is not a fake. This is being reported to be the real deal. Could this be a break through for the next Generation of consoles? If it is it could certainly see graphics and performance on systems all across the board increase significantly. I guess we shall just have to wait and see my brothers and sisters of the Interweb! Could we be in for a massive overhaul in graphics for the future Xbox system (720)? Or is this just balderdash? Only time will tell, But so far. It looks fuckin’ awesome!

^^ It looks like this, Cool huh? It is said that many of it’s features are to be in line with a “Modern stan-

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Volume 1, Issue 1

Anon|Link Gaming
Skeletor’s Top 5 (Xbox and PC)
In this portion of Anon|Link’s Gaming spread you can find my top five ones to watch out for and ones you must play! As I only own an Xbox and PC I’ll only be covering those two formats, You can look to someone else to get your PS3 exclusive fix. 5. (Must Play) – Skyrim (PC/PS3/Xbox) The colours are sharp, Concise and clear. Makes for a beautiful backdrop and close up scenery. The Gameplay is also a massive improvement from Oblivion with less laggy performance and shorter wait times between loading. This game tickles all those little buttons that the Elder Scrolls faithful look for in the Elder Scrolls Series. Game Rating: 4/5 Skullz

4. (Must Pirate) – CoD: Black ops II (PC/PS3/Xbox)

This masterpiece by Bethesda studios (Who’s past titles include Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and Oblivion) This game is certainly one you Must Play. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past year or so Skyrim is the latest in the Elder Scrolls franchise. With it being the successor to Oblivion it certainly had a lot to live up to. Skyrim takes place in the fictional world of Tamriel. Skyrim is meant to be some 300 odd years after the events that shook Tamriel in Oblivion. This game offers some stunning artwork and graphics to compliment the backdrop in which the game is set: A Viking/Nordic type setting complete with massive snowy mountains and vast forests. (See Below) I really don’t think I even need to say much about this sack of shit. In my opinion Activision are playing way out of their depth with sly shots at Anonymous in the advertisement in this fuck-shit-cunt-balls effort of a game. Personally I lost all interest in the CoD series after Mw3 anyways. As we recall Activision brought out some little teasers for their new release “Black Ops II” due out later this year. Where they said “The enemy could be anywhere at any time” then put up this photo directly after:

The game uses the developer’s “Bethesda studios” very own “The Creation Engine” Which is a significant enhancement from the Gamebryo engine used to create Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

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Anon|Link Gaming
Fair to say legion responded with #OpPirateAllActivision. So that means I don’t have to tell you what to do when this sack of shit comes out. Personally I won’t even be downloading it because it would be a waste of fucking bandwidth. CoD series sucks and it’s dying. Just put a fucking bullet in it’s head Activision and be done with it. Game Rating: 0/5 Skullz Game Rating: 3/5 Skullz

2. (Must Play) – ArmA2: DayZ (PC)

3. (Must Play) – Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection (PS3/Xbox)

Now this was something worth buying for my 360, So I went out and bought it. For anyone who loves the MGS series and doesn’t have this. You have failed in life. These games are timeless classics. Let’s start with MGS 2: Sons of Liberty. I remember getting this game for the Ps2 as a kid. Absolutely loved it then. Absolutely love it now. To be honest the HD upgrade is only visible in some aspects of the game. Other than that the graphics are the exact same, That straight edge type thing going on that we came to expect from the PS2 over the years (At the time though they were some of the best graphics going!) MGS 3: Snake Eater gets pretty much the same treatment, Nothing really new to report apart from the jungle looks a little bit sharper with the HD on there. Not my favourite of the MGS series but wasn’t bad none the less. MGS: Peacewalker was one I hadn’t even heard of when I bought the game. Turns out this game was for the PSP. Which explains why it sucks to high heaven. The graphics are terrible, The sounds are terrible, The gameplay is backwards as fuck and it’s just generally terrible. Not one that should be been included in the HD Collection I think. The storyline is meant to be that of Naked Snake or “Big Boss” – The original Snake. The cutscenes are brilliant and it’s like watching an animated film, But, Sadly the gameplay and graphics let it down severely. So all and all then, MGS: HD Collection: Good for a bit of nostalgia but not really what you’re looking for if it’s high end graphics and new experiences that you seek.

That’s right folks, It’s the most talked about and most played PC game (Well, Mod) out at the moment: DayZ This addon for ArmA2 is the hottest thing out on the PC scene at the moment, With the game putting ArmA’s sales up by massive amounts. The online Zombie mod is designed by one of Bohemia Interactive’s (Developers of ArmA2) staff as a side project of sorts. In DayZ the player is immersed in the post apocalyptic zombie world of “Chernarus” where players must fight to survive. Now when I say fight to survive, I don’t just mean Zombies. Oh no, That’s right. It also features other players as well. Players who would kill you in a second just for a can of beans

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The game works off of Military Simulator Arma2. Please note though that both Arma2 and Arma2: Operation Arrowhead are both required to play the game. ArmA2 is a military simulator created by a Czech company called Bohemia Interactive. They also created the very first Operation Flashpoint (Not the shitty codemasters ones for consoles) but the very first one, Until at least Codemasters and Bohemia got locked into a legal battle of the rights of the name. Long story short: Codemasters got the name and lost the developers. Which subsequently made all the other Operation Flashpoint releases suck. I can’t really tell you much more apart from: Go and get this fucking game. It is BADASS. Seriously one of the best games I’ve ever played for the PC. If you still aren’t convinced it’s for you: go and watch some Youtube videos and see how much fun people have playing it! Game Rating: 5/5 Skullz San Andreas, The general feeling is that the main focus will be on Los Santos (The same kind of thing they done with GTA IV) – Giving it a fresh lick of paint and making it look prettier! Which may well pay off from some of the screens we have seen so far:

1. (Must Watch) – GTA V (PS3/Xbox)

Looking absolutely beautiful so far I must say! It’s that time of year again! GTA time! This latest offering from Scottish Developers: Rockstar North and Rockstar NY promises to be stunningly beautiful. While not much is known about the project the screenshots and the trailer we have seen so far indicate this one might just be the best one yet! It looks to me as if they have taken some of the Graphics and facial movements from L.A. Noire which was released last year. (As long as they don’t include the L.A. Noire driving all will be good) So we venture back to the make believe state of San Andreas (California) to go to Los Santos (The main city in San Andreas) Although the game hasn’t specified if we will get to explore the whole of With Rockstar claiming they want to release by 23 Oct this year, It’s a big ask. Personally I think it will be delayed (Again, As it does every year) and be brought out next year! Only time will tell though folks, Only time will tell. One thing’s for sure though, Keep you’re fucking eyes open for this one, Do not miss it. Game Rating: 5/5 Skullz I hope you’ve found this section of the mag informative and helpful, Or at best just a good read! Thanks very much for stopping by folks, See you in Issue #3!

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The staff here at Anon|Link got to thinking… Wouldn’t it be great to unite with some like minded gamers and not a bunch of twelve year olds screaming “BOOOOMMM HEADSHOT!” every five seconds. Every issue we will unite you, the readers in the gaming world Because none of us are as cruel as all of us! Anon|Link Staff

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Anon_fl3xx xExTr3aM TaL3nT AntiSecOps-133, Negative133, AntiS3curityOps GiveGodCancer

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MW3, Hawx, BF3, Red Dead Redemption Any Mw3 and Gran Turismo gears of war franchise, ghost recon future soldier, max payne 3, mw3, duke nukem forever, battlefield 3

XBOX 360 XBOX 360 XBOX 360


MW3 Any Black Ops1 (2 when it comes out) and open to play other games as well, but I mostly play black ops.


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August 26 – 30 Occupy Wall Street Takes Over Republican National Convention We will Confront Mr 1% and the horrible cauldron of hate at the RNC with Non violent Direct Action and community building! Mayor Bucky and Gov Teabag--WATCH OUT--YOU ARE NOT PREPARED FOR US https://www.facebook.com/ events/308588342562156/ Carpool/rideshare to RNC in Tampa https://www.facebook.com/ groups/398618120185225/ August 26 Community Vigil and March on the RNC kick off party 5:00pm until 8:00pm in EDT Local faith leaders from the Tampa Bay area will convene a gathering concerned citizens from the 99% to voice our hope that the 99% will be heard during the RNC.

The "World's Largest Cocktail Party" is a symbol of everything that's broken about the economy. The richest 1% will get an exclusive party, with face to face conversations wit h politicians who make decisions about the future of our country. Ordinary people can forget about having a chat with our Senators or member of Congress -- we're not even going to allowed to stand outside and watch the party.

6:00pm, we will march down the designated parade route to the "public viewing area", where members of the 99% will give their testimony.

Join us on Sunday, August 26th as we show the world that the RNC will be met by PEACEFUL opposition by the hard working men and women who make up the 99%, who make up the backbone of America.

Champagne and cocktails paid for by corporate sponsors might make it easier for the 1% to forget about the rest of us for a while. But people from the 99% from around the country are losing patience. People are coming to Tampa to remind politicians that they're supposed to work for us, not for their corporate sponsors.

https://www.facebook.com/ events/421297444586995/ August 27 10 AM Perry Harvey Snr Park 1200 N. Orange Ave Tampa, FL The Coalition to March On The RNC cordially invites you to March On The RNC! Join groups such as GetEQUAL, Students for a Democratic Society, Veterans For Peace, and CODE PINK as WE DEMAND:

Members of the 99% will testify and give witness to the pain that ordinary Americans have suffered in this recession caused and prolonged by the reckless greed of the 1%.

Trickle down economics and Bain economics have not worked, do not work, and will not work for the 99%. We can't afford to give out even more tax breaks to the rich. It's time to create jobs. Let's put more money into the economy by raising the minimum wage and putting more money into the pockets of working people.

Good Jobs, We will gather and meet at the parking lot of the UU Church at 718 Arlington at 5:00pm. The Community Vigil will take place at 5:30, as local faith leaders will offer a prayer for a safe march. At Healthcare, Affordable Education, Equality and Peace

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Volume 1, Issue 1

-= #OccupyRNC Schedule=Say NO to the Republican Agenda! Money for human needs, not for corporate greed! https://www.facebook.com/ events/263274840450126/ August 28 5:00 pm FLORIDA CONSUMER ACTION NETWORK On August 27, 2012, while the Republican National Convention selects a candidate for president, we will be marching in the streets of Tampa, Florida demanding good jobs, healthcare, affordable education, equality and peace. We will let the entire world know, “We have had enough of the endless attacks on the rights of working people and our standard of living!” We will defend Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. We will defend ourselves against unionbusting. We will defend our children's right to an affordable, quality education. We want money spent on human needs, not on wars overseas and corporate greed. RALLY AGAINST VOTER SUPPRESSION at the RNC RAINBOW PUSH COALITION COALITION OF IMMOKALEE WORKERS Public Event • By Florida Consumer Action Network TIME TO STAND UP AGAINST VOTER SUPPRESSION! STUDENTS WORKING FOR EQUAL RIGHTS MORE WILL WE STAND BY AND LET THE REPUBLICAN WAR ON VOTING GO BY UNCHECKED. JOIN US ON AUGUST 28TH AS WE SAY "NO TO VOTER SUPPRESSION!"

https://www.facebook.com/ events/197361853724022/ 8 PM Celebration of Resistance at the RNC Join us as we celebrate the struggle for diversity, tolerance, peace, social and economic justice (and of course the right to RAISE A LITTLE HELL) on the opening night of the Republican National Convention in Tampa:

On Monday, the attention of the entire world will be focused on Tampa, Florida. The Republican National Convention brings together some of the worst politicians that this country has to offer. We're calling on all those ready to fight back against the attacks launched by the Republican Party and their corporate masters to take to the streets and demand a better future for our families, our communities and our children.

As the Republicans gather for their party in Tampa this August, we will be standing up for the most fundamental American right: the right to vote. For years, the Republican party has been engaging in a coordinated national effort to suppress the votes of millions of Americans. With an extreme agenda that the majority of Americans reject, the Republican Party has decided that their only way to retain power is to suppress the votes of people who don't agree with t hem. They've focused on systematically targeting African Americans, Latinos, Immigrants, Students, lower income Americans, and other groups, making it harder for people to register to vote, stay on the voter rolls, and vote on election day. Through voter registration restrictions, burdensome voter identification requirements, and witch hunt style voter purges, the the national Republican party is hard at work at their goal of taking away a right that so many people have fought and died for.

David Rovics Freedom Hall Vermin Supreme Ritt Momney VJ Flux

For More Info: MarchOnTheRNC@gmail.com http://www.MarchOnTheRNC.com/ http://twitter.com/marchonthernc

Rovics: He has shared the stage with a veritable who's who of the left in two dozen countries, and has had his music featured on Democracy Now!, BBC, Al-Jazeera and other networks. His essays are published regularly on CounterPunch and elsewhere, and the 200+ songs he makes avail-


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-= #OccupyRNC Schedule=able for free on the web have been downloaded more than a million times. Most importantly, he's really good. He will make you laugh, he will make you cry, he will make the revolution irresistible. Centennial Park let's dance like this world is ending and another one is being born. we are radical anarchists asking republicans to dance " 'cause what's the chance of anybody moving from right to left if the only moves they see are NBC and CBS?" Bain Capital Companies:

Outback Steakhouse Carrabba’s Italian Grill Bonefish Grill Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine Burlington Coat Factory Clear Channel Communications Dunkin’ Donuts Baskin Robbins Gymboree

Freedom Hall: Unique blend of inspiration, on point jazz hip hop, poetry and soul...from South Florida http://freedomhallblog.wordpress.com/

Vermin Supreme: The NEXT Emperor of the Universe VS. Ritt Momney: King of the 1%!!

no cover (except your mask if you want one) and if you aren't affiliated with anarchism or the republican party, you are welcome to come too, the only requirement being ready to live a night without borders, without walls, open to the possibilities that are born inside us when we realize we are the ones we've been waiting for and bring your mp3 player, ipod, etc. with your own music, so if the beats get shut down, the dancing won't be. ; )

Radically Trippy Visual Projections by VJ Flux

11pm - ? https://www.facebook.com/ events/367584136633839/ August 30 8 AM National Call to Action: Shut Down Bain Capital Bain Capital http://www.baincapital.com/ was co-founded by Mitt Romney. It has taken part in many "hostile takeovers" which included laying off workers and selling companies for spare parts.

Hospital Corporation of America http:// www.hcahealthcare.com/ Michael’s Craft Store Toys’R’Us Staples The Princeton Review Work ‘N Gear

+a performance by the Autonomous Playhouse...

All this and more TBA!

This event will be LIVE Streamed @ http://mobilebroadcastnews.com/NewsRoom/ MBN-LIVE

https://www.facebook.com/ events/301490649940613/

https://www.facebook.com/ events/137523789712640/ 11 PM Roving Radical Dance Party

Occupy Tampa and the Tampa Bay Regional General Assembly passed through consensus to make Shut Down Bain Capital a national call to action on the day that Mitt Romney accepts the RNC's nomination.

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-= #OccupyRNC Schedule=This story can fit 150-200 words. One benefit of using your newsletter as a promotional tool is that you can reuse content from other marketing materials, such as press releases, market studies, and reports. While your main goal of distributing a newsletter might be to sell your product or service, the key to a successful newsletter is making it useful to your readers. A great way to add useful content to your newsletter is to develop and write your own articles, or include a calendar of upcoming events or a special offer that promotes a new product. You can also research articles or find “filler” articles by accessing the World Wide Web. You can write about a variety of topics but try to keep your articles short. Much of the content you put in your newsletter can also be used for your Web site. Microsoft Publisher offers a simple way to convert your newsletter to a Web publication. So, when you’re finished writing your newsletter, convert it to a Web site and post it.

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Food not Bombs World Gathering A week before the Republican National Convention, chapters from every corner of the globe will be convening in preparation to feed the thousands upon thousands of protesters flooding into the city.

Brunch will be served everyday at 10 am at Voice of Freedom Park and dinner preceding General Assembly at 7 pm. Warm-ups at 9 am including yoga & other light exercises will be offered as well.

5 pm on Monday, the 20th there will be a "Kickstarter" with performances, info. tables, kickball, etc. at Voice of Freedom.

Workshops/Skillshares/Classes will be at varying locations throughout the week. It's a great chance to get to know the city! These will include, but are not limited to: bee keeping, Free Skool Breakdown, How to Start a FNB Chapter, Mass Media: Enemy or Tool?, Street Medic Training, Conflict Transformation, gardening/ permaculture, canning/preserving/pickling, clowning & puppetry, Cop Watch training, bicycle maintenance & repair, parade puppet scavenger hunt, parade puppet construction, DIY solar panels, traveling w/ medicinal plants, organizer training, movie night, squatting & tenant's rights, beer brewing, nonviolent communication, survival tactics, basic knot tying, basic sewing techniques, legal observer training, and know your rights.

Performers: David Rovics (www.davidrovics.com), Unchecked Aggression (http://www.facebook.com/UncheckedAggro), Vermin Supreme (http:// www.verminsupreme.com/), Autonomous Playhouse (http://www.facebook.com/ autonomousplayhouse), Dead Cat Lounge (http://www.facebook.com/DeadCatLounge/ app_2405167945), Brixton Paradox.

Sunday @ 8:30 pm Vermin Supreme & Occupy Tampa Education Workgroup will be showing his film "Vote for Jesus".

"The Future of Food Not Bombs" will be a scheduled discussion topic. Performers: The Wild (www.thewildatl.com), Kill All Humans, Will Kilgore, Ophelia, Kersey Williams, Cuba Luna, Tom Earl Tables: IWW, Florida Voices for Animals, Tampa Anarchist Collective, Resist RNC, Food Activists Revolutionizing Meals (FARM), Veterans for Peace, Coalition to March on the RNC, I Am Choice, Nix Six

Friday @ 9:30 pm our friend Jake's going to surprise us with an art film.

You can stay at Voice of Freedom Park (2101 West Main Street). This is the home of Occupy Tampa. Space is limited, so we are asking people bring sleeping bags, but no tents...so we can pack you in like sardines...and keep the space versatile for daytime activities. : P If and when we have no vacancy at Voice of Freedom, Romneyville in downtown, is another available encampment.

8 pm on Saturday, the 25th we're having a FREE ALL AGES concert at Market on 7th in Ybor:

Invite as many people as you can! Let's make this spread like wildfire.

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Volume 1, Issue 1

-=Food Not Bombs World Gathering= tampafnb@gmail.com http://www.foodnotbombs.net/gatherings.html http://www.resistrnc.org/ 9am Morning Warm-Ups yoga/meditation/tai chi/etc. Voice of Freedom Park TreeHouse/ Edgar/Evan and more to come. 10am Brunch 10.30 am Conflict Transformation & Nonviolent Communication Training via Restorative Circles Process. An attitude of nonviolence. The Roosevelt??? Mercedes Frace 2 pm Survival Tactics & Basic Knot Tying With a focus on edible & medicinal plants & insects found in Florida. Ybor Centennial Park Em Dishongh 4 pm TBA 7 pm Dinner & General Assembly Voice of Freedom Park 10 am Brunch Voice of Freedom Park 10.30 am Clowning & Puppetry clown bloc/rebel clowning/protest theater Salcines Park Patches/The Autonomous Playhouse 2 pm Cop Watch Training Voice of Freedom Park Tarpon Springs Cop Watch 4 pm Bicycle Maintenance & Repair Salcines Park Tampa Bay Bike Cooperative 7 pm Dinner & General Assembly Voice of Freedom Park 10 pm Parade Puppet Scavenger Hunt for the parade puppet workshop the following morning. Meet @ Voice of Freedom Park Patches/The Autonomous Playhouse

A big thanks to Tampa Free Skool and Occupy Tampa for working with us!

Event Name Description Venue Host

Fri., Aug. 17th - Sun., Aug. 19th Stage Building + Park Prep Let's get shit lookin' spiffy. Bring lumber, tools, rope, tarps, tables, chairs, shade awnings, & sidewalk chalk. Voice of Freedom Park World Gathering Week

Fri., Aug. 24th Wed., Aug. 22nd 9 am Morning Warm-Ups yoga/meditation/tai chi/etc. Voice of Freedom Park Treehouse 10 am Brunch Voice of Freedom Park 10.30 am Traveling with Medicinal Plants Main St. Community Garden Robbie Pelchat 1 pm Animal Liberation Voice of Freedom Park Roger Butterfield 2 pm gardening/permaculture Lykes Gaslight Park Eric Stewart 4 pm canning/preserving/pickling The Roosevelt 2.0 Cole Bellamy 7 pm Dinner & General Assembly Voice of Freedom Park 9 am Morning Warm-Ups yoga/meditation/tai chi/ etc. Voice of Freedom Park Treehouse 10 am Brunch Voice of Freedom Park 10.30 am Parade Puppet Construction Voice of Freedom Park Patches/The Autonomous Playhouse 2 pm DIY Solar Panels Main St. Community Garden Hannah Springer 4 pm Organizer Training Skills learned from I.W.W. training. Lykes Gaslight Park Nick Stonecypher 7 pm Dinner & General Assembly Voice of Freedom Park 9:30 PM Movie Night Something artsy Jake picks out. Voice of Freedom Park Jake!

Mon., Aug. 20th 10am Brunch Voice of Freedom Park 11am Bee Keeping??? Will let us know closer to the date. Voice of Freedom Park Tomo 2pm Free Skool Breakdown What is it? How do you start one? Voice of Freedom Park Tampa Free Skool 4pm How to Start a Food Not Bombs Chapter Voice of Freedom Park Local Chapters 5pm Kickstarter Meet & greet. Ice breakers. Kickball. Music. Info. 7pm Dinner & General Assembly Will flow after the kickstarter; combination of the 2 events. Voice of Freedom Park

Thurs., Aug. 23rd 9 am Morning Warm-Ups yoga/meditation/tai chi/ etc. Voice of Freedom Park Treehouse Sat., Aug. 25th 9 am Morning Warm-Ups yoga/meditation/tai

Tues., Aug. 21st

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-=Food Not Bombs World Gathering= chi/etc. Voice of Freedom Park Treehouse 10 am Brunch Voice of Freedom Park 11 am tba 1 - 3 pm One Struggle South Florida Teach-In onestrugglesouthflorida.wordpress.com Teachin and discussion of various topics (electoral politics, ecocide, more) from an anti-capitalist perspective MacFarlane Park Jeff Weinberger, Patches Sitty, other OS members. onestrugglesouthflorida.wordpress.com 2 pm Street Medic Training Curtis Hixon Riverfront Park Yael 4 pm Beer Brewing The Roosevelt 2.0 Mary Mac 7 pm Dinner & General Assembly Voice of Freedom Park 8 pm Variety Show Market on 7th 9 am Morning Warm-Ups yoga/meditation/tai chi/etc. Voice of Freedom Park Treehouse 10 am Brunch Voice of Freedom Park 11 am Legal Observer Training Riverfront Park Amphitheatre NLG 1 pm Home Protest of Unique Carriers Unique Carriers is the only ground transporter of nonhuman primates in Florida. They transport kidnapped monkeys from airports to laboratories, where the primates will be tortured and eventually killed. In May, the monkey traffickers were given two weeks to respond to a reasonablyphrased letter requesting they stop shipping primates. In July, nine activists, including 'Take Your Blinders Off' from Orlando, protested peacefully at the traffickers' home. We are working to bring the press this time and will continue showing up until Unique Carriers stops transporting kidnapped primates to Primate Products, Inc. 4101 Meredith Drive, Valrico, FL Contacts: Katie Christofilis/Vivian Taylor 2 pm Mass Media: Enemy or Tool? Many radicals have a conflicted, even confused stance when it comes to the mass media. While corporateowned media outlets are often dismissed as agents of distortion and propaganda, many radical actions (such as those associated with the RNC) seem intended to attract the attention of these outlets. This discussion will ask whether fundamental social critiques can be mounted through the mass media. It will also review the basics of media strategy for activists, and explore ways to retain the most possible control of your own messaging. Café Hey David Morris 4 pm Know Your Rights Riverfront Park Amphitheatre NLG 7 pm Dinner & General Assembly Voice of Freedom Park 8.30 pm Occupy Tampa Movie Night "Vote for Jesus" with Vermin Supreme Voice of Freedom Park Occupy Tampa Education Workgroup

Sun., Aug. 26th

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