Syllabus for PET Examination (Faculty of Computer Studies

Paper- I
Multiple Choice Questions on Following Topics (UG Level) 1] Computer Fundamentals Basic Logic Gates (AND, OR, NOT), I/O Devices, Memory Types, Types of Computers, Language Translators (Compiler Assemblers and Interpreters). 2] Computer Network Introduction Of Computer Network, Cables Types, Network Topologies, Function Of OSI Model Layers, Internet Basic. 3] Operating System Introduction to Operating System, Linux And Windows Operating Systems. 4] Programming Languages Introduction to C & C++ 5] Database Management System Introduction to DBMS, ER Model, Object Oriented Model, Concurrency Control, Database Security 6] Data Structure Arrays, Stacks, Queue, Tree, Searching Algorithm, Sorting Algorithm

Section – B (30 Marks)

Introduction to Java . Multi dimensional & Memory representation) Stack & Queue (Insertion and Deletion) Operations 4] Database Management System Structure of DBMS. Network Topology. Network Model 5] Programming Language Concept Overview of C Programming. ER Model. Attempt Any Two Questions (PG Level) 1] Operating System Features of Operating System. Memory Management & Device Management. Introduction to TCP/IP Model 3] Data Structure Introduction.Section C 30 Marks Select Five Descriptive Questions on Following Syllabus. Types of Cables. Array (One Dimensional. Two Dimensional. Comparison of Linux And Windows Operating System. Each Question will be of 15 Marks. 2] Computer Network OSI Reference Model. OOP Concepts. Types of Network. Relational Model.

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