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Materials Science and Engineering Quiz

1. Which of these is an object made with polymers? The outside of a computer A penny An oven-proof casserole dish A piece of paper 2. What do you call a material that is hard but brittle and is a good insulator? polymer semiconductor metal ceramic 3. Motors inside cars are mostly made out of this material polymer ceramic metal none of the above 4. Microchips inside computers are made with silicon which is an example of a polymer semiconductor metal composite 5. The outside of a modern car is made from fiberglass which is a material called a polymer semiconductor ceramic composite 6. What unit is one thousandths of a millimeter? a micron a meter a nanometer an inch

7. What unit is one millionth of a millimeter? a meter a micron a nanometer a centimeter 8. The Space Shuttle is covered with special tiles which prevent it from burning up upon its return to the atmosphere. These tiles must be a metal polymer semiconductor ceramic 9. Which of these subjects is important to the field of Materials Science and Engineering? Physics Chemistry Math all of the above 10. How can you become a Material scientist? Keep taking Science and Math classes Continue to be a good problem solver Look up colleges with Materials Science departments all of the above


1. The outside of a computer 2. ceramic 3. metal 4. semiconductor 5. composite 6. a micron

7. a nanometer 8. ceramic 9. all of the above 10. all of the above