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Security Kritik Index — samucts-topprannon Lab Securitization K: INC Shell 4 Links: Links- States 5 Link- “Us” “Them” Dichotomy 6-8 Link- Terrorist Rhetoric 9-12 Link- Language 13-14 Impacts: Impacts Scenario 15-17 Impacts Caleulative Thought 18-20 Other Impacts 21-22 Alternatives 23-26 ‘Terror Talk: 1NC Shell 27-29 Links: Links- Terror 30-34 Links- Imperialism 35-36 Links- Random 37-39 Impacts Impacts- Terror 40-47 Impacts- Imperialism 48-53 Impacts- Generic Extensions 54-59 Alternatives 60-65 Ad Preemption 66 US using Dialogue 67 No Dialogue 68 Middle East not Cooperate 09 AFF 70-74 pros Security K of wels/Topp/ Fannon Lab Linle- The IAC sets up a Same worte weeamiich Aha °s basech in Weskern thayhts of Seturity: The AEE attempts fe creat lwans hae it eon conto! and sole oo Dillon, 96(Michael, a professor and writer Ph.D., Politics - University of Lancaster, 1976, M.A., Political Science - Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S. Canada, 1971, Post-Graduate Certificate in Education - Hull University, 1968, B.A. Hons., History/Politics - University of Liverpool, 1967 Politics of Security: isa political philosophy of continental thought, p. 22-3) [Not least of hese isthe way i which the questo ales s © tat wan» rior othe question, the source ofthe question ise to which the question isn facttespordng Tat which prior bere that in which weave already immersed, the oblignoy freedom of human being: what hs happened to i whataight happen fo i the effort to secure i td what might become of iagw i 30 SEES ta win a coats Hee obey coco ‘mee vry Bought of security, ther an fst story ors genealogy, and how to let ourselves int the trugee ofthe dality which ental in secuiy ‘hat sto sy, the insoluble relation between secutiy and insecurity whichis, 8 you shall Se, even contained within the word itselt - rom aces 0 wich we ate secured forthe moment, however, by security. This movement, itera 0 vesting, consequently caries us beyond tbe grclogia tat anunt ‘Eaon ye ueton ive dived om (Mas we eer secu? oes 2 way Tia, perap, che way a opening the quien oh pola. “Mist we ecme security then ton question amongst many ahs Neither te queson tha los uo one the exgonse which demands {> gene ot the dates sat he ats fhe nernaoal Relais of ola Modernity. To embrace thi question dels ws ward an exploration ite inkterwoen Se pbspieaT sb te polices Weseasought Mfrs oconier ef Te sn saved predicament. 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The subject was never a firm foundation for justice, ‘much less hospitable vehicle forthe reception of the call of another Justice. It was never in possession of that self-possession which was supposed to secure the certainty of itself, of a self-possession that would enable it ulti- ‘mately to adjudicate everything. The very indexicality required of sovereign subjectivity gave rise rather to a commensurability much more amenable to the expendability required of the political and material economies of mass ‘societies than itdid to the singular, invaluable, and uncanny uniqueness ofthe self, The value of the subject became the standard unit of currency for the political arithmetic of States and the political economies of capitalism:.”” “They fade in I so devastating global effec, The echnologisation ofthe paler bocome maniestand gba economtes-of evanOR TECessarily require calculability>® Thus no valuation without mensuration and no mensuration without indexation. Once rendered calculable, however, units of account are necessarily submissible ‘not only to valuation tion, Devaluation, logi- Tally, can extend tothe point of counting as nothing, Hence, no mensuration ‘without demensuraon either There fs nothing abstract bout this: the ‘declension of economies of valve leads tothe zero point of holocaust. How eer TES snd cmancipating systems TS HF value Crighis>—mig} be, fran jose oni ate Cosi. tiie invaluable may then Tose Its purchase on life. Herewith, then, the neces- = ‘dealing always with whatever exceeds measure.” But how does that, necessity present itself? Another Justice answers: as the surplus of the duty to answer to the claim of Justice over rights. That duty, as with the advent of another Justice, is integral tothe lack constitutive of the human way of being. J 1