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Morse: Breslin Addicted to Insurance Industry $$$
Lobbyists Prescribe More Middle Class Pain and Suffering
New BOE Data Shows Breslin Getting Over Twice As Much Money From Insurers and Insurance Lobbyists As Any Other Senate Democrat Troy, NY- Democrat Shawn Morse, who is challenging longtime incumbent Neil Breslin in a Democratic Primary in the 44th Senator District, today pounced on new Board of Election data showing Breslin raking in funds from the insurance industry at a far greater rate than any other Democrat in the New York State Senate. Breslin raised nearly a quarter of the funds in his most recent campaign finance filing from insurance companies and their lobbyists. His total take was more that twice as much as any other Democratic Senator, and nearly 7 times the average, as the chart below clearly demonstrates. “Senator Breslin must be doing something to earn such loyalty from the insurance industry, as they shower him with cash and squeeze middle class families,” said Morse. “He’s addicted to their money, and their lobbyists prescribe actions that lead to more middle class pain and suffering.” “I’m a Democrat. I want to make health care more affordable for working people and the middle class, but Senator Breslin wants to line his pockets with money from a Republican-dominated industry that keeps passing higher costs and burdens onto us.” “Senator Breslin is too focused on getting funds from big-business lobbyists to get his job done,” said Morse. “We need someone who can win the fight to raise the minimum wage, end unfunded mandates, cut property taxes, and get our fair share of school aid and infrastructure funds. That’s the Senator I’ll be—the kind of Senator that Breslin has failed to be.”

Contributions to Democratic Senators from the Insurance Industry and Insurance Industry Lobbyists
Source: NYS BOE Campaign Finance Filings, January – July 2012

Average Valesky Stewart Cousins Stavisky Squadron Smith Serrano Savino Sampson Rivera Perkins Peralta Parker Oppenheimer Montgomery Krueger Klein Kennedy Huntley Hassell-Thompson Gianaris Espaillat Duane Dilan Diaz Carlucci Breslin Avella Addabbo Adams $$10,000.00 $20,000.00 $30,000.00

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