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Competency Sub Competency

A. Selecting, A1. Selecting video A2. Operating A3. Caring Video
operating and caring camera Camera Camera
for a video camera
B. Menerapkan B1. Applying B2. Taking The
Teknik Pengambilan Technique Picture Picture
Gambar Taken

C. TV script writing C1. Describe image C2. Prepare Script C3. Presenting
program (News into a script (script for TV news Script (VO /
program) writing news) Dubbing /
D. Make a Story D1. Describe the D2. Revising and
Board (Regular script into images Finishing Picture a
Program) Script
E. Implementing E1. Preparing audio E2. setting and E3. Deactivated
Audio in TV devices operating Audio Audio until the
production production process
is completed
E4. Preparing for E5. Recognize the E6. Editing audio
the digital audio work area. Opening
software (for taping) and saving digital
audio (for Taping)
E7. Export the audio
file to the media

F. Applying lighting F1. Selecting the F2. Lighting up TV F3. Treat and store
techniques in film type of lamp for Production equipment
and TV production lighting

G. Apply techniques G1. Plan Design G2. Preparing G3. Preparing and
in the artistic artistic indoor or Property Settings Shooting
production outdoor area

G4. Make-up beauty G5. Outrageous

and character Effect outfits or prepare
Competency Sub Competence
H. Presenting H1. Be able H.2 Be Able H3. vocal and
Television Program presentation technic Interview Technic capable of body
(VJ / Presenter/ language (gesture
HOST ) and Diagfrahmatic
I. production of TV I 2. Mempersiapkan I 3. Mengenal menu I 4. Melakukan
programs editing Software digital dan area kerja. Penyuntingan Video
Video Membuat,
menyimpan file
Video digital
I 5. Menyiarkan
Hasil penyuntingan
J. Merencanakan K 1. Preparing K2. Managing
dan mengelola Digital Video Process TV
proses produksi Software Program Production
program TV
L. Product TV L1. Identify the L 2. Identify trends L 3. According to
Program market audience market of Audience the TV program
Target audience

M. Make Resensi M1. Analyzes the M 2. Analyzing the M 3. Analyzing the

TV Programs themes and Program Technical Aspects characteristics
Flow Image, Brand
Image, Icon, and the
excellent program in
the TV station