DiseaseSign Whipple's disease Oculo-Masticatory Myorhythmia TetanusRisus sardonicus Rheumatic feverAschoff nodules Rabies Hydrophobia and Negri

bodies Pyelonephritis White blood cell casts Pleural Effusion Stony-dull percussion Pericarditis Pericardial friction rub Patent ductus arteriosus Machine-like murmur Parkinson's disease Pill-rolling tremors Neurofibromatosis I Plexiform neurofibroma Multiple Sclerosis Bilateral internuclear ophthalmoplegia Meningitis Kernig's sign and Brudzinski's sign Measles Koplik's spots Lyme Disease Erythema chronicum migrans[5] LeprosyLeonine facies (thickened lion-like facial skin) Inclusion body myositis Filamentous material seen in inclusion bodies under electron microscopy Hypocalcemia Trousseau sign and Chvostek sign Hodgkin's lymphoma Pain within minutes[6] after drinking alcohol.[7] Reed-Sternberg cells (giant mono- and multinucleated cells). Enteric fever Rose spots in abdomen Diphtheria Pseudomembrane on tonsils, pharynx and nasal cavity Cytomegalovirus infection Owl's eye appearance of inclusion bodies[3][4] Congestive heart failure Third heart sound Chronic hemorrhagic pancreatitisGrey-Turner's sign (ecchymosis in flank area) Cholera Rice-watery stool Cholecystitis Murphy's sign (pain on deep inspiration when inflamed gallbladder is palpated) Bulimia NervosaChipmunk facies (parotid gland swelling) (Chipmunk facies also seen in marrow expansion secondary to Beta Thalassemia Major) Angina pectoris Levine's sign (hand clutching of chest) Acute Myeloid Leukemia Auer rod

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